TLEhallo everyone, back from Roskilde festival09:18
andrejzhello TLE09:18
andrejzDoes anyone know where certain string from pritning dialog in evince are located12:27
andrejzI am interested in the last two tabs, since they are not translated, but all other tabs are translated12:27
andrejzi couldn't find the strings in question in either gutenprint or system-config-printer12:27
andrejzwhere else should i look?12:28
kelemengaborandrejz: I think those are from gutenprint, and bug #513168 is about translating these, and comment #8 explains why are they not translated12:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 513168 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "Printer options and other strings are not translatable (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 9)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51316812:47
andrejzthanks a lot, kelemengabor12:47
andrejzkelemengabor do you know where these strings might me coming from? it seems bug is rather inactive12:50
kelemengaborandrejz: what strings exactly? screenshot?12:50
andrejzit seems to be, strings are not included in one of the templates for some reason12:51
kelemengaborI'm pretty sure that those must be from gutenprint, but I can be wrong too...12:51
andrejzis it possible to determine where they come from and raise issue directly at upstream?12:53
kelemengaborwell, there is no exact science behind this, but grepping /usr usually helps :)12:54
kelemengaborand then dpkg -S on the found files12:54
kelemengaborso it is not impossible, but not so quick either12:54
andrejzmaybe we could try to focus and triage some of the most prominent translation bugs on translation meetings12:55
kelemengaborsure... or discuss what to do about them12:57
kelemengaborI can think of a lot of bugs that would need a lot of love from devs, but I don't really know how to activize them :(12:58
kelemengaborso, I support this idea :)12:58
andrejzsince you have done a lot of work in bug triaging recently, do you think it's possible you make a list of most noticeable translations related bugs in 11.04 till the next meeting and then we can discuss about them*13:00
kelemengaborsure, I can do that :)13:02
kelemengaboror at least give it a try... so many bugs :(13:03
andrejzi can imagine, that's why i said most noticeable/serious :)13:04
andrejzif we manage to solve 5 or ten extra bugs per cycle that would be fantastic!13:05

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