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knightwisemorning everyone05:27
MartijnVdSSsh! Speak Flemish.. or he'll understand us! :P05:30
knightwisemorning martijn05:30
MartijnVdS\o knightwise05:30
knightwisehmmz , i moved my automated twidge jobs to another server , and now they appear NOT to work :(05:31
knightwiseits not the scripts , they work fine manualy , i just dont know if the crontab works05:31
MartijnVdSdo you get emails from cron?05:32
knightwiseno , i dont think so05:32
MartijnVdSis there anything in /var/log about cron doing its thing?05:32
knightwisenothing in there that says cron or anything05:33
MartijnVdSknightwise: is cron running? (ps ax)05:33
knightwise8794 ?05:34
MartijnVdStry restarting it05:34
MartijnVdSalso, check if the job really is there using crontab -e05:34
knightwiseyep , did both05:35
knightwisewait , lets check the time on my machine05:35
knightwisetime on the machine is correct05:36
knightwise15 2 * * 1 /home/knightwise/twitterscripts/script105:36
knightwisethese are the lines for example05:36
MartijnVdSknightwise: is the script executable?05:37
MartijnVdSknightwise: ls -l /home/knightwise/twitterscripts/script105:37
knightwise-rwxr-xr-x 1 knightwise knightwise 181 2011-07-05 21:31 /home/knightwise/twitterscripts/script105:38
MartijnVdSknightwise: it's only running at 2:15 in the morning, and the only if it's Monday05:38
MartijnVdSwhich might be why it didn't run last night..05:38
knightwisei know05:39
knightwisebut i also have this one05:39
knightwise30 7 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /home/knightwise/twitterscripts/goodmorning05:40
knightwisethat one didn"t run either05:40
MartijnVdSknightwise: grep CRON /var/log/syslog doesn't return anything?05:40
knightwiseblank line :(05:41
MartijnVdSMine returns an anacron run every hour at least..05:41
MartijnVdSyou can try restarting cron05:41
MartijnVdSsudo invoke-rc.d cron restart05:41
knightwisetried that too with sudo restart cron05:43
MartijnVdSI think you need "service" in there (service restart cron)05:43
MartijnVdSYou can make a small cron job like this:05:43
MartijnVdS* * * * * /bin/echo "HI THERE!"05:43
MartijnVdSthen your mailbox should fill up..05:44
knightwiseok , i'll try05:44
knightwisejust did your restart line and rescheduled the job for 7 4505:44
knightwiselets see if it turns up in the feed05:44
MartijnVdStail -f /var/log/syslog.105:44
MartijnVdStail -f /var/log/syslog05:44
MartijnVdSoh good idea.. check if your logs have been rotated :)05:45
MartijnVdSif they have, cron is working at least a little05:45
knightwiseJul  6 07:45:01 nostromo CRON[9318]: (knightwise) CMD (/home/knightwise/twitterscripts/goodmorning)05:46
knightwiseJul  6 07:45:03 nostromo CRON[9315]: (CRON) error (grandchild #9318 failed with exit status 1)05:46
knightwiseJul  6 07:45:03 nostromo CRON[9315]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)05:46
knightwiseno mta installed ?05:46
MartijnVdSmail transfer agent05:58
MartijnVdSpostfix, nullmailer, etc.05:58
knightwiseshould not be a reason for failure06:00
MartijnVdSbut it's trying to tell you what's wrong06:01
MartijnVdSand it can't06:01
MartijnVdSbecause it can't send mail06:01
knightwisesudo apt-get install mta won't do the trick i think06:02
MartijnVdSknightwise: no, you need to choose and configure one06:04
MartijnVdSknightwise: like nullmailer (very simple program that doesn't do much, except send mail if your machine needs to06:05
MartijnVdSpostfix is also available, but it's a monster to configure06:05
MartijnVdSsame with exim, sendmail, etc.06:05
MartijnVdSyou can also change your cron job to be something like this:06:07
MartijnVdS/path/to/your/cronjob >> $HOME/some_logfile 2>&106:08
MartijnVdSthen it'll create (and append to) that file for every run06:08
MartijnVdSand you can read the errors there06:08
MartijnVdSknightwise: ^06:08
knightwiseno mta installed ? holdon06:08
knightwisei'll try that06:08
knightwiseit creates the file ,06:11
knightwisethere is however nothing in it06:12
MartijnVdSyour script should be more verbose then ;)06:12
MartijnVdSoff to work!06:12
knightwisethanx :) i'll try looking around a little more :)06:13
knightwisethanx again martijn06:13
malcolm_hay do any of you guys know what is ment by06:14
malcolm_FATAL: Module rt2800lib is in use06:15
malcolm_when i was trying to install drivers06:15
malcolm_using the command make wlunload06:15
malcolm_was trying to like install patched drivers06:17
TheOpenSourcererHey cool - Giant Wombats on steroids! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-1404034906:23
popeyMorning all06:23
malcolm_damn so hard to find the right info sometimes : (06:25
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: sounds like a made for TV film staring some actors who used to be famous06:28
popeymalcolm_: why are you "trying to like install patched drivers"?06:32
malcolm_trying to see if i can get somthing to work06:40
popeythats somewhat vague06:42
TheOpenSourcerer'somewhat' being the understatement of the day so far ;-)06:42
malcolm_ive been messing about with aircrack-ng06:44
malcolm_and i keep running into a problem06:44
malcolm_when i try to connect to my ap06:44
malcolm_i get06:44
malcolm_well keep getting put on channel -106:44
malcolm_and the patch fixes this06:44
malcolm_but im having modual loading problems it seems06:49
AlanBellmalcolm_: you probably need to unload the active module first06:50
malcolm_yeah i'm not sure how to do that yet : )06:50
AlanBellyou do realise you are going to end up with a system with broken networking?06:50
AlanBellrmmod unloads modules06:51
malcolm_well i can always just uninstall the drivers06:51
knightwisemornin everyone07:00
knightwiseforgive me my friends for i have sinned07:03
knightwisei have installed .. linux minr07:03
knightwiseand .. i like it07:03
_serial_add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next (or firefox-stable depending on your pref) :)07:13
AlanBellknightwise: but it is just Ubuntu with the media codecs installed right?07:13
knightwisebut i am looking at the rolling debian isntall too07:14
_serial_you choose when on install when to install the media codecs, mint also gives you the ability to install on the welcome screen07:14
hoovermorning all07:29
popeyAlanBell: there are other bits they have too07:35
popeyAlanBell: like a different menu, and a backup tool07:35
AlanBello/ czajkowski07:48
AlanBellI just broke a hard drive :(07:49
AlanBellexternal enclosure, dropped it maybe 30cm onto carpet07:49
czajkowskiwell done07:49
czajkowskinot a good start to the day AlanBell07:49
AlanBellnot the best, but it was only backups07:50
czajkowskioh would ye all like a laugh07:51
czajkowskiit again involved delays and trains going fecked up to get me home to ireland again like at xmas07:52
czajkowskithough not to the same extent07:52
czajkowskikarma gods seem to think it's funny07:52
czajkowskiarrived at london bridge at 3:30 for 4:05 train no train driver till 4:3007:55
czajkowskimy 6:50 flight didnt take off till 8:15 when it should have been landing07:55
czajkowskiamusing i can fly anywhere with no delays except to ireland07:55
shaunolast time I flew to the UK, aer fungus were flying every 2 hours, but running 2 hours late07:57
shaunoso everything looked like it was on time :/07:57
AlanBellyay, external enclosure now has 500GB sata drive fitted08:09
JGJonesczajkowski, I seem to be lucky then - when I was living in N.Ireland - I didn't get any delays etc, in fact my planes nearly always arrived early. Once I arrived a day late though - I got on the wrong train08:13
czajkowskiJGJones: it never happned me before till xmas and since then every time there has been some delay08:14
czajkowskianoying as i'm always early08:14
JGJonesAh that might be where you're going wrong ;-) I always turn up "just in time" ;-)08:15
hooverheh, interesting flamewar between the LAS and Linux Outlaws guys ;-)08:18
* hoover gets himself some popcorn08:18
AlanBellis it on identi.ca by any chance?08:21
popeyis this due to one person saying in Linux Format that Linux Outlaws is the best linux based podcast?08:24
* popey notes that UUPC got a brief mention as "useful for distro hoppers"08:24
popeywhich I find somewhat odd08:24
* jpds watches popey install Gentoo while he's at it.08:24
danfish_note to self - "scp foo* dest && rm foo*" good08:28
wintellectpopey: what was odd about it? That you're classed as "useful" or that it was only a "brief mention"?  :P08:28
danfish_"scp foo* dest & rm foo*" not so good :(08:28
hooverpopey: yep08:29
AlanBellwintellect: the "distro hoppers" bit08:29
hooverI thought the whole thing was a bit tongue in cheek to begin with ;-)08:29
AlanBellif anything uupc is useless for distro hoppers as it doesn't talk much about other distros08:30
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popeywintellect: its a uk magazine, and barely mentioned a UK podcast that has had ~1.5 million downloads over 4 years08:34
knightwisehey everyone :)08:34
popeyhowever, its just one guy who did the review08:34
popeyand he doesn't seem to give a toss08:34
popeyAlanBell: we have interviewed people from red hat and centos fwiw08:35
dwatkinsheh, I'd forgotten about the concept of "swapiness" until just now... :)08:36
dwatkinsgreat name08:36
daubersGood podcasts seem quite hard to come by08:41
daubersLO == Fab ranting with Dan trying to be sensible for an hour and a half.... been so long since I listened to LAS can't remember why I passed on it08:42
* daubers grabs a recent ep08:42
popeyThe great thing about Linux podcasts ...08:43
* popey decides to tweet this instead of here :D08:43
popeythere we go08:44
dwatkinsheh, yeah, choice is good - most of the time ;)08:47
JGJonesHmm...when you pasted that URL...08:48
oimonhave never listened to linux outlaws08:48
JGJonesI looked at my phone08:48
oimongot abotu 5 minutes into 1 show and thought it was very ....meh08:48
JGJonesinstead of opening it in browser....the habit of checking twitter via phone is strong :)08:48
hooverI think all shows have their place08:48
hooverI even managed to ignore Fab's terrible accent and swearing after a while08:49
Myrttioimon: +108:49
daubershoover: That just made me angry :(08:49
dwatkinsI found the Security Now podcast interesting, although it's not OS-specific it has some interesting stuff about networking and security08:49
oimoni don't like to listen to people who swear a lot. which is why i disliked lugradio, just sounded like loads of drunk guys in a room swearing a lot08:50
hooverdaubers: what exactly? Something I said?08:51
daubershoover: No, the constant swearing in lo08:51
daubersAfter a certain point it just seems to imply that the people doing so can't make their point effectivley using acceptable english.08:52
popeyPip pip!08:52
popeyWe have had complaints about inappropriate language on uupc ☺08:52
popeywell, _A_ complaint08:52
popeybecause someone said "damn" I think08:52
knightwiseseriously ?08:53
knightwiseand thats bad ?08:53
popeySome religious people think so, yes.08:53
knightwiseoh please08:53
* oimon wonders if the regular messages from the major are always the last thing in the show..then i know i can stop listening when the najor comes on and won't miss anything else08:53
knightwisefor christ sake ! :p08:53
popeynow now ☺08:54
popeywell, on the ubuntu-users list I found out recently that "w*nker" is seen as a very tame word down-under08:54
popeywhereas in the UK it's seen as quite a sweary word08:54
* knightwise has nothing againt religious fanatics or anyone else with imaginary voices in their heads telling them what to do08:54
popeythose silly colonies and their misuse of our langiage ;)08:54
* popey shrugs08:54
hooverpopey: religious people.... *sigh*08:55
* hoover looks forward to his place at the foot of the beer volcano eventually08:56
* knightwise sends his praise to the flying spaghetti monster ! Ooooh-Maaahh OOOO-Maaahh08:56
oimoni don't really follow the news - can someone explain how NotW "hacked into people's phones?" are they referring to voicemail pin codes?09:27
bigcalmGood morning kids :)09:28
Laneyi wonder how it was done really09:29
oimoni heard a 7/7 survivor saying ""My wife and I were kind of all over the place, we were chatting to friends on the phone, in a very personal and deeply emotional context - and the thought that somebody may have been listening to that just looking for a cheap headline is just horrendous." - surely the wife doesn't leave massive voicemail messages, rather just says "how u doing, call me"09:30
JGJonesBest security against voicemails? Mine is completely uncrackable.09:43
dwatkinsYou turned off your voicemail, JGJones?09:43
JGJonesNo idea09:43
JGJonesNever used it :D09:43
dwatkinsYou never use it?09:43
JGJonesNo point if you're deaf ;-)09:43
Laneywhat if people leave you messages?09:43
dwatkinsJGJones: I assume you mostly use your mobile for texting, or are you only partially deaf?09:44
popeyLaney: i suspect most people leave their pin as default09:45
dwatkinsmostly as in "as opposed to making calls"09:45
JGJonesNo-one that know me would do that, and if it does happen, more likely to be a wrong number. Either way it'll not get used.09:45
popeyLaney: there has also been comment that they use "social engineering" on people who work at call centres09:45
dwatkinsI often get calls from my bank etc. but I guess if you've told them not to call they shouldn't do that09:45
JGJonesdwatkins, in the early days, just texting, now quite a lot - ie email, twitter, google+, IM (googletalk), video calling and so on09:46
dwatkinsIs there an online video conferencing system which is fast enough for sign language?09:47
JGJonesplus when I give out numbers to banks etc - I give them 0123456789009:47
dwatkinsI do the opposite occasionally - give out the number for my answerphone so people can't call and can only leave a message - not done that for some time though09:47
JGJonesdwatkins, aye - Google+ Hangout is awesome for a group, although need to test with a larger group (I had 5/6 people)09:48
JGJonesjust a matter of bandwidth though - video resolution is 320x240 so not brilliant, but my wife does regularly call her deaf friend in canada via Skype - the quality's decent enough.09:49
dwatkinsnifty, I have yet to test this myself. I work with a product which includes video conferencing, but I suspect it's not fast enough to catch everything someone is signing.09:49
popeygoogle hangout is good fun09:55
Davieypopey: Yeah, i had a pretty good experience with it yesterday.. I was in two seperate hangouts, the first one with 3 people worked great - the second with one person suffered sound issues.09:57
DavieyThe face switching works pretty damn well tho09:57
popeyyeah, and echo cancellation09:58
popeyi just used the mic on my webcam09:58
bigcalmStill waiting for access to google+. Am I missing anything?09:59
popeyits quite good fun10:00
popeysend me an email to my first dot last at gmail dot com10:00
popey(from your gmail account)10:00
Davieybigcalm: you are missing out big style. :)10:00
Davieydoes that help?10:00
bigcalmpopey: cheers, one mo10:01
* popey deletes all the messages on G+ about bigcalm sucking donkeys10:01
hooverhey biggi10:01
bigcalmHey hoovie10:02
MyrttiI don't get huddles10:02
bigcalmI like huggles10:02
Myrttiie. understand10:02
bigcalmDaviey: you're a treasure :)10:03
Davieybigcalm: aye, i am10:03
bigcalmMaybe you'll get to tell me the cream egg story in August (if you're going)10:04
popeybigcalm: did that work?10:07
popeyI added you to my "Friends" circle10:07
bigcalmI see nothing :(10:07
JGJonesMyrtti, huddle - just a group text chat app for mobiles only (currently only Android) - invite all folks in a circle or selected people and have a IM group chat.10:07
JGJonesit's just like g+ hangout...except for the video and audio :)10:08
davmor2morning all10:08
bigcalmMy android tablet has a front facing camera, would be nice to be able to use it for such things10:08
bigcalmHi davmor210:09
oimonbigcalm: how u getting on with teh tablet?10:11
davmor2bigcalm: which tablet?10:11
davmor2MooDoo: how's things dude10:14
bigcalmoimon: waiting for somebody to port CynogenMod onto it. I've got it rooted and Clockwork recovery running ok though10:16
oimonbattery life?10:16
bigcalmdavmor2: Kogan Agora 7" capacitive POS10:17
bigcalmoimon: poor. It keeps waking itself up to look for a 3g signal. The device has no 3g hardware. I think they rushed to get 2.3.3 onto it before shipping10:18
bigcalmMy phone is more useable than the tablet, which is why I rarely bother to turn it on now10:19
oimonthis is the problem with cheapo tech...we buy it to fulfil an urge, hoping it to be better than it is10:20
oimoni was tempted by it too10:20
oimonsurely it's better than a joggler though :P10:20
oimonwonder how many irc users have that word highlighted :)10:21
popeywonder how many jogglers are sat in boxes10:22
popeyI jailbroke my ipad today10:22
popeywhy did I do this?10:22
popeybe nice if I could run Arm Ubuntu on it. but unlikely I guess10:22
oimoncan you run android on it?10:22
oimonone of my friends dual boots windows mobile and android on his HTC phone10:23
gordcan you not install applications that  you couldn't install before?10:24
popeyi wouldn't want to run android on it10:24
bigcalmThe tablet has HDMI out, so I guess it might be useful as a presentation device10:24
popeygord: i guess10:24
gordseems to be the only use case for jailbroken iphones as much as i have heard10:24
popeygord: not quite figured out what apps would be useful over and above the ones I have "legitimately"10:24
gordmaybe flash?10:24
oimonwifi hotspot?10:24
gordi know adobe had a flash before, not sure if it got out in the wild10:25
popeywifi hotspot?10:25
popeyits not a 3g device10:25
gordbut yeah, there are eight squillion apps in the app store already, you prolly don't need more10:25
popeyi kinda stared at the cydia store and thought... "I dont need this stuff"10:26
gordi don't even root my android device, whats the point?10:26
oimoni thought ipads were just for reading the guardian and that bloke from QI's tweets anyway10:26
gordthey seem to make good cat toys too :)10:26
oimongord: i am considering it so that i can do a full image backup of the phone10:26
popeyoimon: yes, that's a common misconception from people who dont own them10:26
gordwhich gave me an idea the other day, cat amusement park.10:26
oimonpopey: due to the marketing10:26
popeyer, no10:27
bigcalmgord: to improve upon the stock OS. Some features in CynogenMod have gone back into stock I think10:27
popeydue to the closed minds and lack of imagination of apple haters :D10:27
popey"It's an ipod, *sheesh* can't be good for anything" </assumption>10:27
gordseriously, no one is interested in cat amusement parks? i thought it was a great idea10:28
oimonpopey: i was more joking than trolling10:28
oimonbut i do hear that the ipad version of twitter app only has an RT button and nothing else ;)10:29
oimonand you automatically follow stephen fry when you sign in.10:29
shaunothat explains everything10:30
gordfine, non of you can be part of the million dollar cat amusement park for cats of all ages10:30
* oimon is a dog person10:30
oimonalthough my dog acts like a cat so i get all the benefits of both10:30
popeymy cat is on twitter10:31
shaunowhy on earth did I click that10:32
popeybecause you want to be updated whenever my cat tweets?10:33
* dutchie listens to popey's cat's audioboo while waiting out the first night in new minecraft world10:33
dutchie*munch munch munch*10:33
shaunoalso, why is goggle's new blackbar different shades of grey in different apps.  what on earth are they up to10:34
oimondunno but i like it on my dark ubuntu theme10:35
shaunoI don't mind the new layout at all, just not sure why it's not consistent10:36
gordits the same shade of black in in chrome/firefox for me10:39
shaunomine's giving me a much lighter grey in gmail10:40
gordoh right yes, but thats because gmail has a light theme going on10:40
oimongmail is white for me10:40
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:43
shaunohttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/23042/gmail.PNG   that's what I'm getting.  just different enough to be head-scratching10:45
shauno(yes, I'm fussy)10:46
dwatkinsshauno: isn't that because you're logged in on one and not on the other?10:57
danfisha broadband speed map http://maps.ofcom.org.uk/broadband/10:57
dwatkinshandy, danfish10:58
daubersAh, tea is the best invention evah10:58
gorddaaang handbrake-gtk doesn't work anymore10:58
gordtime to learn the CLI version. or heaven forbid... ffmpeg =\10:58
dauberspopey: I know someone who was given an ipad, and she says its the best tray for carrying around 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine at the same time10:59
shaunodwatkins: nope, logged in on both  (and just double-checked they're the same user)10:59
popeyi frequently carry coffee back from the restaurant on mine10:59
DavieyI use mine to jack up the car to change the wheel, there is an app for it.11:00
dwatkinsshauno: they look different for me11:00
dwatkinsshauno: I mean that I do see much more similar tabs in Google search compared to Google+, as opposed to what you are seeing11:01
gorddoes anyone happen to know why we hide dvdcss? i mean i get that its not installed but not in the repo's seems crazy11:02
oimondoesn't restricted-extras install it?11:09
gordno its not in the repos11:10
gordhuh, handbrake runs 2/3 times faster on linux than it does on windows for me, neat11:13
mattiAlanBell: Thanks, but I don't have G+ account ... I think :)11:22
mattiDaviey: :)11:22
oimoncan i replace a AMD sempron 3400+ processor socket M2 with an athlon 64 X2 processor?11:43
directhexoimon, you mean AM2?11:44
directhexyes, some 2006-2007 athlon64 x2's are AM211:45
oimoni have a good machine with crappy processor11:45
directhexeven a few from 200811:45
oimonhow would i know what's compatible?11:45
penguin42oimon: I'd check on the website for the manufacturer of your motherboard11:54
penguin42oimon: It might also need a BIOS upgrade if you get a more recent processor than was around when it was bought11:55
popeygord: hide?11:55
popeyoh, it's in medibuntu or something isnt it?11:55
popeyit's a circumvention device, so i guess there's some legal reason11:55
shaunothey should put it in the repos, but with some geoip-fu, so when americans try to download it, they get E_LANDOFTHEFREE  </troll>11:56
gordif you install libdvdread4 you get a script in /usr/share/something that goes to some website (i guess medibuntu) and downloads it. its just crap11:57
davmor2gord: oh you mean /usr/share/docs/libdvdread4/libdvdcss_install.sh or something along those lines11:58
popeythats the one11:59
popeyhehe shauno11:59
davmor2popey: hey I was close12:00
gordat the very least vlc/totem should pop up a thing saying "i'm so sorry about this, its horrible i know, but could you press Okay to agree to download and install this small library so i can play your dvd properly? again, very sorry!"12:01
gordmaybe less verbose12:01
popeyfile a bug ☺12:01
popey(I agree with you)12:01
popeyjockey should do it12:01
popeyor whatever does codec stuff12:01
gordwell right now its through gstreamer i think, maybe its something for jockey though yeah12:02
oimoncan anyone suggest an irc room that might be useful for processor upgrade questions?12:04
shaunoman, efnet's nowhere near as bad as I remember.  is the internet actually getting old and boring?12:37
* penguin42 seems to remember there was a program that sat in an X connection and showed you what all the X commands sent were - but I can't remember the name - anyone?12:44
hooverhang on12:44
penguin42that's just events isn't it?12:45
hooverI guess12:45
* penguin42 wants the commands going in the other direction12:45
hooverah sorry12:45
tugriktry xspy, xpusher, and possibly xtester12:47
tugrikfrom memory getting them to compile might be "interesting"12:47
penguin42oh I can get anything to compile with a large enough hammer12:47
tugrikafair they're for keystrokes though... that might not be what you meant by "commands"12:48
penguin42no it's not12:48
penguin42I want things like the command from the app that changes the mouse pointer shape12:48
penguin42X protocol decoding12:49
tugrikah, then I don't know, but... inevitably... I'd be interested in the name of the app when you find it12:49
* penguin42 thought there was a proxy like thing at one point12:49
shaunoxmon.sf.net looks prehistoric, but their last update was this month, so may be workable12:50
penguin42ah - xscope12:50
penguin42shauno: OOh promising12:50
mattiMartijnVdS: Can I ask you to try to invite me to G+ if you still can?12:53
penguin42shauno: Well xmon's last update was 8 years ago in that cvs :-)12:53
shaunoyeah, I just noticed that.  sf.net/xmon said first of july :/12:54
shaunobummer, the description sounded spot on.  but sourceforge strikes again :(12:54
penguin42shauno: It was - 9 years ago :-)12:55
penguin42looks like xscope is possibly what I want - it's even in git12:55
penguin42heck xscope while updated only 5 months ago has an ancient heritage 'xscope was originally written & used on a  Sun3'12:58
hoovercheers all13:23
andylockrananyone working @ Millbank today?13:43
davmor2andylockran: the people in millbank are ;)13:44
AlanBellmatti: oops, I removed you now, it should stop spamming you13:57
mattiAlanBell: No, I don't mind :)14:13
mattiAlanBell: I could use invite from somebody :)14:13
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
gordmatti, as far as i know, google stopped sending out invites for a bit, so if someone invites you now you won't get in14:16
directhexcartmanland is not a business model to follow, google!14:19
gordha, now i'm gonna have to dig out that episode14:19
mattigord: Oh, thanks :)14:22
mattigord: I did not know that :)14:22
directhexso much to do at google plus, but you guys can't come!14:25
directhexespecially stan and kyle, i hate those guys!14:25
xapel_is popey here?14:50
popeyxapel_: he is14:52
davmor2xapel_: no popey is over there he isn't here14:52
xapel_popey: we were chatting about a magic utility that you are developing to do remote desktop control for mumbuntu...and then you disappeared14:53
popeystill developing it14:53
xapel_popey: hopefully that was to finish the coding quickly14:54
xapel_any idea when it will be ready?14:55
xapel_Will you put it in the Software Centre? ppa perhaps? How can I get it, when its done?14:56
popeyheh, it's barely started14:57
shaunoyou don't just vnc in and ghost-write some stickies for her?14:58
shaunothat's one thing I've always missed in vnc.  a way to pop up a notification saying "don't panic - it's shaun"14:59
shaunopeople get very odd about their cursor moving without them15:00
popeyit does popup15:00
popeyin ubuntu the default vnc server does anyway15:01
shaunoah, ok15:01
shauno(I haven't had mother on linux for years.  she married a windows admin who "knew better", and it all went to pot)15:02
* dogmatic69_ passed bike license \o/15:09
bigcalmWell done dogmatic6915:10
dogmatic69_i can still say ive never failed a driving test before :)15:10
oimonpassed my ITIL exam :)15:12
dogmatic69_what is that?15:13
oimonit's where you learn useless jargon for no reason other than to please managers15:15
dogmatic69_oimon: hehe15:26
dogmatic69_well done then15:26
davmor2oimon: that sounds like a really technical way of saying pebkac and it's a user interface issue15:34
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm[lappy486
=== bigcalm[lappy486 is now known as bigcalm_lappy486
mattioimon: Well done :)16:07
mattioimon: You are man of the process now :)16:07
davmor2oimon: congratulations16:09
oimonthanks - was a bit of anticlimax in the end16:10
daubersGood day all round today16:13
* daubers got his funding for OU stuff through today \o/16:14
bigcalm_lappy486Anybody here use a gmail notifier app that sits in the notification area?16:16
gordbigcalm_lappy486,  https://launchpad.net/gm-notify is what you want16:18
bigcalm_lappy486I'm trying out different ones, wondering if anybody had settled upon a good one16:18
bigcalm_lappy486gord: will have a look, ta16:18
hamitronbigcalm_lappy486: you're on a 486? :D16:19
bigcalm_lappy486Ooo, this does look promising16:20
bigcalm_lappy486hamitron: tis but a geek reference16:20
hamitronnot dedicated enough to retro hardware.... some people16:21
directhexstrongbad, if i'm not mistaken16:21
bigcalm_lappy486directhex: correct16:23
directhexreplacing compy38616:23
=== seeker_ is now known as seeker
bigcalm_lappy486gord: this app doesn't allow for multiple gmail accounts then?16:30
jacobwdaubers: what are you studying?16:33
jacobwdaubers: and \o/16:33
gordbigcalm_lappy486, no idea16:34
gordbigcalm_lappy486, i have evolution/thunderbird hooked up to my gmail account, it tells me16:34
JGJonesThat didn't take long...there's already websites springing up for G+ like this - http://gplus.to/ - give yourself a short simple URL to point to your G+ account16:37
bigcalm_lappy486Who has gpl.us?16:41
popeyJGJones: http://gplus.to/popey :D16:50
* bigcalm_lappy486 grrs16:53
JGJonesmine's http://gplus.to/jgjones - amazingly enough it matches up with my nick in here...imagine that!16:54
penguin42JGJones: Do they steal your credentials at the same time?16:54
JGJonespenguin42, and your entire bank account too - a fair trade I'll say ;-) - nah, it only point to a public page16:54
* penguin42 doesn't have google+ yet :-(16:55
* MartijnVdS has it on the wrong account16:56
MartijnVdSas it's not available yet on Apps16:57
JGJonesMartijnVdS, I have an apps account but also a gmail one so I'm using that and hoping it will be simple to move it over17:05
MartijnVdSJGJones: it's simple to export data.. haven't seen an "Import" button yet :(17:05
piratehi, guys17:32
pirateI love ubuntu17:32
brobostigonFb video calling using skype, hmm.17:33
piratewho has an invite for Google +?17:34
brobostigonhowever, it seems only to be one to one calling, unlike google+'s hangouts, that canbe more than one person tomore thn one person.17:41
brobostigonso FB is behind already.17:41
TheOpenSourcererI had an invite to G+ this morning but the url gives a 404 :-(17:42
JGJonesOK that's my problem sorted...I only discovered that you can have sign in with multiple Google accounts18:08
JGJonesso I can view my apps email and continue to sign in with gmail account for G+ and also sign in with work email (also an app account)18:09
JGJonesbrobostigon, you forgot another key thing - FB's video calling depends on Skype (it's already lagging behind on Linux for example). Google's Hangout - it's planned to move it over to WebRTC and make use of open standards such as WebM - it will be done in browsers, no plugins required (Opera, Firefox as well as Chrome all support WebRTC). Skype will require a plugin18:21
JGJonesThus if you use Hangout in future - in theory it should "just works"18:21
JGJoneswhereas with facebook "you need to install a plugin"....your plugin is out of date, please install etc etc etc18:22
ali1234skype has better telepathy integration today18:22
ali1234also i didn't need to install any plugin to make skype work on my phone18:22
=== Neoti_Laptop is now known as ginger_gimp_1701
ali1234also i am not the least bit interested in using a web browser to do everything18:23
=== ginger_gimp_1701 is now known as Neoti_Laptop
JGJonesali1234, aye that's true. I'm interested in the different method they're using - Skype is peer to peer. Google's Hangout isn't, it use Google's servers.18:23
JGJonesmind you - with webRTC being open standard - in theory you could make an app that meet those standard and have it work on Android etc18:24
brobostigonJGJones: quite true, yes. what is webrtc ?18:25
brobostigonand i would rather use open software, than something closed.18:25
JGJonesbrobostigon, https://sites.google.com/site/webrtc/18:26
brobostigonJGJones: thank you,18:26
JGJonesbrobostigon, ironically you realise that Skype actually use VP8 (webM) for their group video calling (in software)?18:26
brobostigonJGJones: i didnt know that, interesting.18:27
JGJonesDear very very lovely and generous people in here - you all are wonderful18:28
JGJonesJust saying that...in no reference whatsoever to the fact that my birthday's in Nov and I want this http://gradualpanic.com/2011/06/want-want-want/18:28
brobostigonlol, :)18:28
* brobostigon simply wants a nexus s.18:29
brobostigonunlocked, with an engineering bootloader, :)18:30
jacobwcool f1 thing18:30
brobostigonand two way NFC, wouldbe cool asell.18:45
brobostigonor the S2,18:48
AlanBellwe have a meeting scheduled for a few minutes from now18:51
brobostigonaround 8mins,18:52
AlanBellok, so change of plan, lets use this channel rather than the meeting channel18:57
AlanBelland generally work together on the reapproval application18:57
AlanBellwe can use IRC, etherpad, the wiki and perhaps mumble for voice conferencing18:57
AlanBellmumble.libertus.co.uk is the mumble server18:58
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I have a Nexus One, and I've been eyeing the Nexus S.. but I don't want to get it when there are "Nexus 3" rumours around :(18:58
brobostigonMartijnVdS: you have a goodpoint, i couldnt afford one, right now though, either way.18:58
brobostigonMartijnVdS: and with my htc dream, i am used to unlocked and engineering bootloader.18:59
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: My N1 was unlocked when I got it, I reflashed with US stock firmware (instead of UK/EU Voda firmware it came with)19:00
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: (to get updates earlier)19:00
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, yes, :)19:00
MartijnVdSsame with my xoom -- though I had to unlock that (easily) manually19:01
brobostigonAlanBell: it is asking for a password.19:05
brunogirinis the meeting started?19:06
AlanBellbrobostigon: ooh, hang on I will try and log in as admin and delete your password19:06
AlanBellbrunogirin: we are having a slow start!19:06
brobostigonAlanBell: thank you.19:06
brunogirinAlanBell: good, that will help me keep track of the conversation as I'm on a flaky 3G connection :-)19:10
AlanBellbrunogirin: I am just sending a mail to the list19:10
brobostigonAlanBell: i will login with a different username.19:11
AlanBellI am struggling to log on to anything with mumble on my laptop19:13
AlanBellok, so activity focussing on this page http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/reapproval19:20
popeyAlanBell: will join in on mumble shortly, am releasing a podcast19:27
MartijnVdS\o/ releasing a podcast19:28
bigcalm_lappy486Release the zombies!19:32
* MartijnVdS F5s the RSS feed19:32
lubotu3Statistics for #ubuntu-uk: http://ubuntu-uk.org/ircstats/20:02
StevenRhi. I've got some display corruption, pictures seem "ok", but there's some display aliasing, text is all invisible20:04
StevenRI can ctrl-alt-f2 to a console (irssi from there). This only occurred when I un-hibernated my laptop this evening. It's never occurred before.20:04
MartijnVdSmight be a bug in un-hibernating20:20
MartijnVdSWhat kind of graphics chip do you have? Intel? AMD? NVidia? Something exotic?20:21
StevenRMartijnVdS: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)20:22
StevenRit's a toshiba T130 (Intel CULV CPU)20:23
MartijnVdSI sometimes get a black screen instead of my desktop when I un-screensaver20:23
StevenRMartijnVdS: I've been unhibernating and hibernating since november, never seen this before.20:24
MartijnVdStry a reboot20:24
StevenR(it was lucid then, and I went lucid->mav->natty in ~6 hours20:24
MartijnVdScould be a one-off bug20:24
StevenRMartijnVdS: yeah, it came back ok after reboot20:24
StevenRit'd be nice to know what I could do next time though20:25
StevenRI tried closing the lid (suspends to ram) and resuming20:25
MartijnVdS"sudo service gdm restart"20:25
MartijnVdSthat'll stop & restart X20:25
StevenRyeah, killing all my apps, etc20:26
StevenR(ideally I'd like a less destructive solution :D)20:26
MartijnVdSIf you find one, I'd like to know too :)20:29
penguin42hmm I wonder if there is the possibility of adding to Xorg something that completely reinitialises all the backend - or if that already exists20:45
oracologyThat happens to me sometimes, but it's an actual hard lock where I need to physically reset the machine...I'm not sure of any way to solve your problem besides restarting gdm either...I'll keep looking/thinking.20:50
brobostigongpu lockup?20:51
oracologynot sure. I have an asus laptop and the scroll lock button flashes to indicate a proper hard lock. if it happens when I can still see things and work, my mouse stops and nothing responds.20:53
brobostigonhave a look in dmesg, it will say.20:54
oracologypenguin42: maybe one needs to write something to work with HAL or dbus for "helping" reset the backend for Xorg?20:54
oracologybrobostigon: i can never see what happened in dmesg when i restart. when it hard locks, i can't do anything with the machine...:(20:55
brobostigonoracology: loginto it, via ssh and pull dmesg,20:55
penguin42oracology: I suspect between X and the kernel it can have a good go at doing it - it just needs a means of giving it a kick and the drivers writing in such a way to be able to do it - I don't know if that's doable20:55
oracologybrobostigon: can't. it won't let me login via ssh either.20:55
oracologybrobostigon: it's practically like having the machine turned off, except it's still on and completely unresponsive :)20:56
brobostigonoracology: ok, it isnt gpu lockup then, as it only locks up xorg and libdrm.20:56
oracologybrobostigon: right. i had always assumed it was something more universal than just the gpu...20:56
brobostigonoracology: have a look in your backlogs in /var/log20:56
oracologybrobostigon: will do the next time it happens. hasn't happened in a few weeks thankfully.20:57
oracologybrobostigon: thanks for the suggestion. completely forgot about /var/log20:57
oracologypenguin42: it might be doable by writing some sort of hook script to whatever sits between X and the kernel...i suspect hal or dbus again..? i'm not in the know when it comes to kernel stuff though (or Xorg)...just a thought.20:58
penguin42oracology: Oh  I don't think it needs that; you just need to kick either X or the kernel or both20:59
brobostigonoracology: :)20:59
oracologypenguin42: but if you kick X, then that's like restarting gdm. i'm trying to think of a gentler solution like you suggested :)20:59
penguin42oracology: Oh by kick I meant something a bit more subtle20:59
penguin42oracology: more of a tap on the butt than a kick to the head :-)21:00
oracologypenguin42: ah but back to square one now...does such a thing exist...it's a really good question actually. i'll see if i can find some answers (after i wake up in the morning) :)21:00
oracology'night all! thanks for the insight/input/discussion!21:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S04E10  Sun and Steel - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2011/07/06/s04e10-sun-and-steel/21:08
bigcalm_lappy486regex help needed :) /^[a-zA-Z]{3,4}\d{8}[a-zA-Z]{2}$/21:09
bigcalm_lappy486Would that match 1) A to Z, min 3 chars, max 4 chars. 2) 8 digits. 3) A to Z, min/max 2 chars21:10
BigRedSassuming you mean exactly those thre in sequence, rather than each of those three optionally22:18
BigRedSbigcalm[revo]: ^^22:20
Azelphurwhat does C10K actually stand for?22:31
AzelphurI mean, I know what it means, but never heard what it actually stands for22:31
BigRedSit's ten thousand clients isn't it?22:33
BigRedSC = clients, 10K = ten thousand?22:34
Azelphurfun :)22:34

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