az7chat night!02:26
kwadrokepretty quiet in here02:58
az7looks like it02:58
kwadrokewe it tonight?02:58
az7good question?02:59
kwadrokeguess so03:20
kwadrokegot some lurkers, but looks like we're the only active ones03:21
kwadrokewell, I'm kinda active :)03:21
az7only slightly active03:22
az7YES !03:23
kwadrokegot someone else03:23
kwadrokeso what's everyone up to?03:24
az7not so much03:30
kwadrokenot a whole lot here either03:34
Ahmuckjust waiting for weather03:34
kwadrokewe're out of weather03:34
kwadrokeran out03:35
kwadrokeit's on backorder03:35
Ahmuckur to dry?03:35
kwadrokethey shipped us heat instead03:35
kwadrokepretty dry03:35
Ahmucksame here. cracks in the ground a quarter size wide03:36
Ahmuck"size of a quarter"03:36
kwadrokenot quite that dry here03:37
kwadrokewould anyone be interested in a Gaming LiveDVD?03:41
kwadrokeI'm thinking about working on one again03:42
kwadrokemostly to be used for lan parties03:45
kwadrokefps's, 3ps's, racing games, etc03:46
kwadrokeI did one before, but didn't distribute it much03:46
kwadrokethere's one based on Arch, but Arch can be a pain03:46
kwadrokeI'm wanting to do a Linux LAN party sometime in the future03:47
kwadrokeif there's enough interest that is03:48
kwadrokemay make it a online event03:52
az7that'd be pretty sweet03:54
kwadrokechecking out mumble for it right now03:56
kwadrokehas anyone used mumble?03:59
az7haven't actually, sorry04:14
az7just the humble indie bundle (speaking of linux games)04:14
kwadrokeIt's like Ventrillo/TeamSpeak. may include some of the FLOSS games from HIB on the DVD04:20
az7ah, gotcha04:21
kwadroketalk to you guys later. time for bed.04:47
Ahmuckback today, finally, and awake !20:32
kwadrokeI'm back, just not awake20:32
Ahmuckheh, a good cup of copy coffee fixed me.20:51
kwadrokeI wish I was asleep anyway20:55
Ahmuckhow's things going?  looks like i'll be in AR soon :)23:18

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