jyoAnyone have any cable crimping advice?00:33
erichammondjyo: Yeah, buy molded cable exactly the length and colors you need.  Here's the Cat.5E page of my favorite inexpensive supplier: http://www.bestlinknetware.com/store-detail.asp?categoryID=60&subcategoryID=0500:38
philipballewit is way to hot here in ca. and this laptop here is not helping. maybe in other parts of ca its better03:34
* sn9 is in SF atm03:35
grantbowerichammond: nice, thanks for the link03:35
philipballewsn9,  auburn hit tripple digits today. I assume sac was just as bad. sf sounds like a nice place now03:36
sn9i stopped in dixon and it was 10203:37
sn9gnome clock-applet is currently reporting 61 for SF03:39
sn991 for sac03:39
philipballewnothin like 92 in auburn at 8:45 pm!03:43
sn991 is like 9203:43
BrightAmbitionTo me it's not that hot03:51
BrightAmbitionThe weather that is03:51
pleia2I have to say it was nice coming back to SF after a weekend in sonoma where it was in the mid 90s05:16
sn9how warm does philly get?05:22
pleia2it's been in the 90s for a few weeks05:22
jyoAt least we don't get crazy humidity in CA.05:22
pleia2jyo: yeah, the humidity is what makes the northeast awful in the summer05:27
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pleia2rww: not sure if you saw the other day: 09:17:25 < pleia2> rww brought it up during the meeting - yes we discussed goals last time, and they were added to the application, they just all seemed short term rather than long term, and were added accordingly17:26
rwwI didn't, thanks17:26
pleia2so if any were missed, please feel free to add them :)17:26
rwwI'll admit to not actually looking at the application last meeting, I was multitasking :(17:26
pleia2ah, gotcha :)17:26
pleia2I'll drop a mail to the list with the link so others can review it17:27
rwwfurther evidence that I'm still not fully Americanized: I still think "biweekly" means twice a week ):17:33
pleia2heh :)17:38
rwwI think I'm going to go to https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/LinuxDiscussion today. Does anyone else go to it here?20:36
pleia2I go maybe once a month, but can't tonight because my todo list is seeking revenge for my unplugged weekend :)20:37
pleia2grantbow is usually there20:37
pleia2MarkDude: when is our next geeknic? this month is already getting away from me23:41
sn916th i think23:41
MarkDudewith jug band after23:42
MarkDudeWe should get Jono to jam with them23:42
pleia2ok cool23:43
MarkDudepleia2, Gio Gonzales was named to the All Star team -23:54
pleia2I saw!23:55
MarkDudeHis parents were there today, my Grandma is going to Phoenix with them to see the game23:55
* MarkDude is not23:55
pleia2yay, good for her!23:55
MarkDudeOSCON messed up my timing23:55
* pleia2 nods23:55
MarkDudeI know I am stoked23:55
MarkDudeAfter meeting his parents, I see why he is such a class act23:56
MarkDudeHis dad was giving me ideas of pics to photoedit23:56
MarkDudeAfter OSCON and CLS, I want to pull out schedule and start planning a few more games to go to23:57
* pleia2 nods23:58
pleia2oh, saw this on my weekend trip http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/590957631023:58
pleia2ta ca :(23:58

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