gamerchick02will it be done by 9? (history detectives nerd here. hah)00:00
gamerchick02but i'm here.00:00
greg-gyeah, it should be00:01
greg-galright, so, lets go00:01
greg-gMEETING TIME!00:01
greg-gwelcome to the meeting, the agenda is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-michigan/79/detail/00:01
gamerchick02guten tag00:01
greg-gheya widox :)00:01
greg-gSo, agenda item number 1, Team Reports00:02
greg-gthese need to be done by October so we can be reapproved00:02
greg-gI have put some time into creating the ones found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichiganTeam/TeamReports/00:02
greg-gI don't know how far back we should go, really, probably just a year or 1.5 at most00:02
greg-gI mean, to get initiall approval that is sufficient00:03
greg-gSo, here are some ideas:00:03
greg-g1. I know I missed some stuff/activity that might not have been directly LoCo focused but LoCo people were involved in. I think that stuff should be recorded. So, lets go through the mailing list and see if there were any announcements that could be listed in a report00:04
widoxI used Ubuntu in 2010!00:04
gamerchick02so'd i, widox, but i don't think that really counts.00:04
widoxah, shucks00:05
greg-g2. who wants to take the reigns and get the "big events" listed back to May of 2010?00:05
greg-gor maybe, April, to get the release party00:05
gamerchick02what about future events? i'd like to have a local-ish ubuntu hour for Saginaw/Bay/Midland00:05
greg-ggamerchick02: definitely! I think you should pick a time/date/location and "Just Do It" (TM)00:06
greg-gafter the first couple people will start showing up if we announce it00:06
gamerchick02ok. gotta look at my calendar, thanks.00:06
greg-gI can help with announcing if you want, but I think you should do the email to the list to get your name associated with it00:07
greg-g(man, it is tough to type with slightly oily hands)00:07
greg-gso, who wants to help with the two ideas I listed above?00:07
gamerchick02i can go through my email and see what was announced.00:08
gamerchick02when do you need it by?00:09
greg-galright, I'll put some time into number 2, awesome, thanks gamerchick0200:09
greg-ggamerchick02: sooner the better, but hard deadline is late August/early September to get on the agenda for the LoCo Council meeting in October00:09
greg-ggamerchick02: if you need help with the wiki part of it, let me know. Or just sending me links/dates/details is useful too!00:10
gamerchick02ok. i've got a gene kelly blog post to write by friday this week, and some other stuff... but i can work on it this week and next and see where i am next friday.00:10
greg-grock, thanks00:10
gamerchick02i might just opt for sending you the dates etc.00:10
greg-gOk, I think that is enough Team Reports for now...00:11
greg-gAgenda Item #2: Global Jam is Sept 2-400:11
greg-gwe've been consistently getting about 15 people at SRT each Jam, and I think we should definitely get this one going00:12
greg-gI'm almost convinced of just keeping it at SRT for consistency's sake00:12
greg-gbut I'd be willing to deviate if people think it would be wise00:12
greg-gof note: I'll be out of town that weekend (sister's wedding), not that it matters a whole ton. Someone should just be in charge of making sure the room is available/open and that people are greeted :)00:13
greg-grick_h_: snap-l jrwren you 3 wanna make sure that the Global Jam happens on the weekend of Sept 2-4th?00:14
gamerchick02what day are you looking at?00:14
greg-gwe usually do the saturday00:14
greg-gseems to work. We've done sundays as well00:14
gamerchick02ok. i'd like to attend one of these. i'll see if one of those days works for me. thanks.00:16
greg-ggamerchick02: cool, just let me know :)00:16
greg-gI'll email those 3 in a bit to see what we can get going00:16
greg-gagenda item #3: Google Calendar Decomission00:16
greg-gthis is mostly snap-l and Wolfger's baby.00:17
greg-gI think if we just start linking to the LD calendar everwhere, we have effectively decommissioned the GCal one.00:17
gamerchick02i think that makes sense, greg-g00:17
greg-git could live on for some people if they want a calendar that has the MUG/MDLUG stuff, but I won't worry about keeping it updated00:17
gamerchick02will this be an i-cal or something so you can sub in like thunderbird?00:18
greg-gcool, well with gamerchick02 and I's votes, this motion passes ;)00:19
greg-gvery efficient meeting with two people :P00:19
gamerchick02is that all who's taking part?00:19
gamerchick02so, do you have meetings with yourself some months?00:19
greg-gno, sometimes others do it without me :)00:20
gamerchick02and yes, i'm horrible, because i miss them all too often.00:20
greg-gthis one was weird because we moved it to today because of the holiday weekend, they are normally sunday nights00:20
greg-gwhich explains the low turnout00:20
gamerchick02sometimes i'm around Sunday night. sometimes not.00:20
greg-gthough widox and _stink_ suspiciously disappeared after we started assigning tasks to people :P00:21
gamerchick02if it's second Tuesday, i generally can't make it (Nile).00:21
snap-lSorry, was traveling between parents and here00:21
snap-lsorry. :)00:21
gamerchick02hey, snap-l's back!00:21
greg-gsnap-l: no worries :)00:21
widoxgreg-g: doh, got side tracked00:21
widoxgreg-g: down with gcal!00:21
greg-gwell, you guys read the scroll back real quick, not a whole lot to it, and tell me what you think :)00:21
snap-lYeah, I think the Google calendar has outlived it's usefulness for our purposes.00:22
snap-lI'd say we should retire the current calendar, and then if someone wants to make a new local activites calendar, that would be awesome.00:23
greg-gdidn't/doesn't SRT do that for A2 stuff?00:23
snap-lkind of00:24
snap-lNot sure who to contact over there to put up events and what-not. Maybe Dianne?00:25
greg-gyeah, would assume so00:25
greg-gany other comments on anything from anyone?00:27
gamerchick02i'll look into an ubuntu hour for Saginaw/Bay/Midland. if i get a decent date would someone be willing to at least sit with me so i'm not alone in the coffee shop?00:28
greg-git is a bit of a drive for me :/00:28
gamerchick02well, i was hoping someone a little closer to me.00:29
gamerchick02but i could do a saturday or something.00:29
snap-lYou might want to announce to the list to see who is in the area00:29
snap-lI think the list doesn't get used for as much as it should.00:29
greg-gyeah, ditto00:29
greg-g(like announcing tonight's meeting, my bad)00:29
gamerchick02ok. i'll look at my calendar.00:29
greg-ggamerchick02: thre was one person who responded to the idea initially, right?00:30
greg-glocal to you00:30
gamerchick02i've got a couple things going on in the next few months00:30
snap-lgreg-g: No worries. :)00:30
gamerchick02a guy at SVSU or Delta or something.00:30
greg-gright right00:30
greg-gI think it'll fly (by that I mean, it won't be just you)00:30
gamerchick02i'd feel a little silly just sitting there on my own.00:31
gamerchick02but i will have my laptop, so i can just look like another computer user in the coffee shop.00:31
greg-ghey! feature request for loco directory! Send an email to the team's list the day before a scheduled meeting with a reminder and the contents of the agenda (if any)!00:31
gamerchick02good idea.00:31
greg-ggamerchick02: tip: if you can, print a little peice of paper to fold on the table you are at that says "Ubuntu Hour" on it00:32
gamerchick02i can do that.00:32
gamerchick02i think i have the official artwork too.00:32
greg-gsometimes people who aren't on the list see that and speak up/ask questions, too, which is awesome00:32
gamerchick02so i can make up a poster or something in libreoffice00:32
snap-lSo, who owns the Ubuntu calendar now?00:33
snap-lI only have edit on it00:33
greg-glooks like me, snap-l00:35
snap-lOK, want to remove it, then?00:35
greg-gsure thing00:35
greg-gshould be gone00:36
snap-l(Does anyone else not like the new theme for Google Calendar, btw?)00:36
gamerchick02i'm getting used to the new theme.00:38
gamerchick02it's... different.00:38
gamerchick02same with the new email interface.00:38
snap-lYeah, overall it's not bad, but the dark letters don't work well for me.00:38
greg-gyeah, not sure about it here, either.00:40
greg-gBTW: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/80626200:40
greg-gconfirm that sh!t00:41
greg-galso do the "affects me too" thing!00:41
snap-lAnd did that too00:41
gamerchick02oh yeah.00:42
snap-lI've been to bug jams. ;)00:42
gamerchick02i did the affects me thing too00:42
greg-gyay, snap-l learned something at them!00:42
snap-lI am smart. ;)00:43
greg-gI am so smart, S M R T00:44
snap-lDoesn't work well over IRC.00:44
greg-gyeah, not so much :/00:44
gamerchick02hah, snap-l and greg-g00:45
greg-gthanks for being at the meeting, though, everyone!00:45
gamerchick02you're welcome00:46
snap-lThank you, fearless leader greg-g !00:46
* widox claps00:47
snap-lThe logs appear not to be up to date yet.00:48
snap-lI'm sure it'll catch up00:50
gamerchick02i hope so.00:53
gamerchick02ok, it's almost time for ice cream and History Detectives.00:53
gamerchick02see ya'll tomorrow. i'll have to buckle down and write. hah. and go through those ubuntu-mi posts.00:54
greg-ghave a good night, gamerchick02 !00:54
gamerchick02i will. see everyone tomorrow!! :)00:55
snap-lGoing to go clean the coffeepot for tomorrow, and get this inbox down to 0 (note: not e-mail)00:55
greg-gColonelPanic001: go read the scroll back and tell me what you want to volunteer for! ;)01:09
ColonelPanic001porn reviewer01:11
ColonelPanic001wait, where the "volunteering" part?01:15
greg-gColonelPanic001: Team Reports, mostly :)01:17
ColonelPanic001so,coming to CHC, then? :P01:23
ColonelPanic001TOO FARS01:23
ColonelPanic001I do a Downriver CHC with a former coworker, actually01:23
greg-gquiet morning :)12:02
snap-lDidn't get a lot of sleep last night12:06
greg-gtoo hot?12:06
snap-lNo, he has Parkinsons, and gets stuck12:11
snap-ler, my Father In Law, rather12:12
snap-lso when he gets stuck, or falls or whatever, he calls us12:13
snap-land when he doesn't get sleep, he tends to freeze up more often12:13
snap-lwhich in turn nets us less sleep12:13
greg-goh, so sorry :/12:25
rick_h_I don't think he sold his cause in that title there12:26
rick_h_snap-l: rough night? Ugh12:26
WolfgerAw man... I forgot it was IRC meeting night last night12:29
greg-gWolfger: then you get to help with the Team Reports! :)12:43
Wolfgerwait, what?12:45
snap-lgreg-g: rick_h_: Thanks. No worries, though12:54
snap-lWe're looking seriously into assisted living at this point.12:54
snap-lIf only temporary. I'm still holding out hope that with some therapy and willingness on a stubborn man, we can make this work.12:54
ColonelPanic001I always thought the idea of nursing homes, etc, sounded horrible, until I met my gf, heard about her grandfather12:55
ColonelPanic001sounds like he was happier, better cared for, etc. Better for everyone.12:55
snap-lWell, it depends12:55
snap-lthere's two schools of nursing homes12:55
ColonelPanic001but then, that was alzheimer's (guessing the spelling), not parkinsons12:55
snap-lone type of nursing home leaves folks alone12:55
snap-lthe other tries to be more active and open12:55
snap-lwe're looking for something more active, obviously.12:56
snap-lBut also one that isn't insultingly active12:56
ColonelPanic001I'd offer to find the name of the one her grandfather went to, but it's down here out of your area anyway12:56
snap-lie: bingo and other curmudgeonly sports.12:56
snap-lYeah, thanks.12:56
snap-lWe have several options12:57
ColonelPanic001good, good12:57
snap-lMy grandmother was in an American House after she took a tumble, and my parents realized she couldn't be left by herself12:57
snap-lshe also had lung issues from years of smoking12:57
brouschcrap. i missed last night's meeting12:58
ColonelPanic001no worries, I don't know how to spell it offhand either12:58
ColonelPanic001or type. damnit.12:59
snap-lFunny thing is some of my childhood was at a nursing home12:59
ColonelPanic001snap-l started life senile.13:00
ColonelPanic001then he... well, got older.13:00
snap-la) my great grandfather was in one, and b) my aunt's kids and I would play Santa's Helpers at the nursing home13:00
snap-lso I got exposed to it early on13:00
ColonelPanic001ah. never been in one13:00
snap-lYeah, I think a lot of folks haven't.13:01
brouschgreg-g: sorry i missed the meeting, especially since i was the one that requested the move to that date13:01
snap-lso they think thy're essentially old people asylums13:01
snap-lbrousch: Boil some pasta and whip thineself with a freshly cooked noodle13:01
snap-lSomething for the youth group?13:02
brouschi don't think that would actually hurt13:03
snap-lWow, this thread gets ugly quickly.13:03
snap-lbrousch: And you must post photos online13:03
snap-land video13:03
snap-lso I may have content for pastawhippers.com13:04
snap-land charge folks $9.95 per month13:04
brouschoooh, there's not even a squatter site at pastawhippers.com13:04
brouschgo for it13:05
snap-lbrousch: You are a braver man than I13:05
snap-lI didn't even want to do a whois on it. ;)13:05
Wolfgerafraid you'll learn of a new fetish?13:05
snap-lWolfger: The Internet has taught me a great many things13:05
snap-lsome of which I'd now like to unlearn13:06
WolfgerYou know there's a law that states that simply by imagining a fetish, it springs into existence on the internet, right? So.... thanks a lot. You just inflicted that on the world.13:06
snap-lIn the immortal words of John Hodgeman: You're Welcome.13:07
WolfgerHey, wasn't somebody here a big Big Lebowski fan?13:08
Wolfgerif so, check teefury.com today.13:09
snap-lI do like the Tie Life design on the right13:10
Wolfgerit's funny.... I remember when people would actually *say* "HTTP colon slash slash" when giving a url. Now we completely drop the http:// and the www. and just cut to the chase.13:10
snap-lOr they say "HTTP:\\..."13:11
WolfgerThat one's good, but I'm a bigger fan of Admiral Ack Bar13:11
snap-lSaying \ instead of / makes me stabby.13:11
Wolfgeras well it should13:13
WolfgerThirteen thousand dollars in unpaid parking fines? That's... a little excessive. http://www.freep.com/article/20110706/NEWS01/107060332/The-5-people-who-owe-Detroit-most-parking-tickets13:17
snap-l Janice Suber, 33, of Detroit, who has 154 tickets totaling $11,450. After the Free Press knocked on her door in North Rosedale Park, she e-mailed: "I was a student at Wayne State University at the time. I will begin recompense immediately."13:19
snap-lI'd love to know where she parked to amass that many parking tickets13:20
snap-lI mean, it's not hard, but just curious.13:20
WolfgerI can understand getting (and not paying) one ticket... but to do it 154 times.... There's something wrong with your brain.13:29
snap-lI love it when people bitch and complain about Unity, then tell you you're brainwashed when you try to tell them that you like it and can make useful things with it14:32
rick_h_well, you are brain washed14:32
rick_h_you SABDFL hippie14:33
snap-lFrankly, I wish I was driving some of the design decisions14:33
snap-lI think there's good bones here, and some really awkward design14:34
WolfgerBah. Remove your GUI completely. You can do what you need from CLI14:48
* rick_h_ looks at both monitors and see's the only thing that's gui is the stupid pidgin window for work14:52
rick_h_but do have browsers on other workspaces14:52
nullspaceanyone have a altnernative fro gnome-do, don't say unity15:01
rick_h_gmrun is a basic light weight thing I use15:01
rick_h_not nearly the features, but same idea to just launch binaries15:01
nullspaceok, how do you launch, conifg , run this thing15:04
rick_h_I've set it up in my WM to launch on ctrl-space15:05
rick_h_you can test it from a terminal15:05
rick_h_just run gmrum15:05
rick_h_and it'll popup a little box that's like a terminal with some completion15:05
rick_h_just type the name of the binary15:05
nullspaceok ok, so how do I edit the key bindings15:05
rick_h_up to your WM15:05
rick_h_I do it in my awesome config15:05
rick_h_in gnome there's some keybindings in the keyboard settings if I recall15:06
_stink_in gnome, to set up a keyboard shortcut for an arbitrary binary, is a PITA15:07
nullspaceI had not issue15:07
_stink_maybe it's better lately15:07
_stink_when i did that, i had to use gconf-editor15:07
nullspacekeyboard options, add, command "gmrun" pres add then edi teh shortcut15:07
_stink_then they fixed it15:08
_stink_probably a papercut15:08
nullspaceso yeah it can't finr terminal15:08
rick_h_because it's called gnome-terminal15:09
rick_h_it's the raw command line, so none of the prettifying of the names15:09
rick_h_just for me it's actually urxvt, but I just have a custom shortcut that ctrl-enter will get me a new terminal15:09
rick_h_since there's never a day that goes by without a few of those15:09
brouschunity has ctrl+alt+t for new temrinal15:10
rick_h_I always hated that, gnome terminal has an equally akward combo15:10
nullspaceuntiy hates my gfx card, so it lost my vote15:10
Wolfgernullspace: Katapult :-)15:10
rick_h_three keys for one hand is too much to hit15:10
nullspacerick_h_: grow bigger hands15:11
rick_h_was going to work on that, but decided I have a hard enough typing on my phone kthx15:11
snap-lY'know, I'm a little irritated that reporting bugs against Natty is no longer possible.15:12
snap-lTry this: ubuntu-bugs unity15:12
snap-land see what happens. :)15:12
WolfgerI mean, I know they won't *fix* any Natty bugs at this point, but when did they stop allowing you to file them?15:13
rick_h_remind me why filing is ok when they won't fix them?15:13
Wolfgerit makes noobs feel better ;-)15:14
Wolfgergives them false hope and a naive sense of accomplishment15:15
Wolfgerand a reason to upgrade, to answer the inevitable "is this bug still present in the current version?"15:17
snap-lI guess my take is that there's no support for dev releases, save for securty fixes and show-stoppers15:17
snap-lHmm, I'm not sure if I'm missing a disc or not15:18
snap-lNot sure if I'd filed Weather Report with the rest15:18
snap-lBah, I need moar storage15:18
Wolfgerto the cloud!15:19
snap-lClouds don't store jewel cases.15:19
Wolfgerclouds render jewel cases obsolete15:20
snap-lsure, keep believing that.15:20
Wolfgersome day, children will ask "what's a disk drive?"15:21
Wolfger^^^ I don't know why some people find regex incomprehensible.... :-D15:22
snap-lWhat the fuck sort of regex is that?15:23
snap-lAh, n/m15:23
snap-lI see what you did there.15:23
snap-l<- firing on only a few cylinders.15:23
WolfgerDoesn't help that in some fonts (like the one I have right now) the \/ looks a lot like V15:25
nullspaceis that really considered regex when all there is are some \ escapes within a search replace15:39
nullspaceregex gets funky when it comes using $1 $2 $3 placments within a replace15:40
nullspacethat and I get sed and perls regex syntax mixed up15:41
=== nullspace is now known as bmcmahon
=== bmcmahon is now known as nullspace
WolfgerPerl syntax is the one true syntax. :-p15:53
jcastrorick_h_: snap-l: any of you guys doing EC2?15:54
rick_h_jcastro: yea, do some15:56
jcastroI am doing ensemble this cycle15:57
jcastroit's basically apt for ec215:57
Wolfgerwho is Casey Anthony, why do I care, and why does everybody think she is guilty except for the court?16:04
_stink_some woman, you don't, because people don't understand the criminal justice system16:05
rick_h__stink_: waldo323_ widox Blazeix snap-l don't forget CHC16:06
rick_h_jcastro: cool, I've not looked at it yet tbh16:06
rick_h_since I don't run much of the server stuff at work16:06
rick_h_not really played with larger scale deployment stuff atm16:07
jcastrorick_h_: LMK when you want to play with something new in amazon16:07
jcastrolike when boss is like "omg, check out hadoop" or something16:07
rick_h_heh, yea I've been trying to get them down that path16:07
rick_h_did a sample hadoop thing for them, but used the aws streaming hadoop service16:07
jcastroit's like 5 commands to get hadoop up on AWS via ensemble16:09
jcastro(I just started playing with it today)16:09
rick_h_ah, cool16:09
Wolfger_stink_: Thanks. It's exactly as I thought, then. :-)16:12
WolfgerCNN is asking "was the defense awesome, or did the prosecution suck?" and I'm like.... maybe she's actually not guilty? I dunno...16:14
Wolfger"innocent until proven guilty" doesn't apply to the court of public opinion.16:15
=== mpiccinato_ is now known as mpiccinato
snap-lWolfger: The trial was very close to the OJ trial, afaict16:25
snap-lnote: have not followed it16:25
snap-lof course it'll be like the Jon Benet Ramsey tabloid bullshit16:25
WolfgerI'm still confused how OJ was "not guilty" in the criminal trial, but guilty in the civil suit.16:26
snap-l"reasonable Doubt"16:30
snap-lYou need to prove beyond it for criminal16:30
snap-lcivil isn't as rigorous16:31
snap-lAlso, iirc, the civil trial wasn't juried.16:32
snap-lI <3 that the only documentation I have for our new REST interface is SOAPUI data files that have been handed around like an oral tradition17:07
* Wolfger senses sarcasm17:08
snap-lHere, let me turn up toe volume so it'l be blatant.17:09
WolfgerHey, oral traditions aren't all bad...17:18
WolfgerThough storytelling around a campfire is not the best way to ensure adherence to software standards17:19
rick_h_wow, this facebook announcement is so painful17:27
rick_h_they should not let zuck talk any more17:27
nullspacewhat is this facebook and why should I care?17:28
rick_h_because they're anouncing skype integration and such17:28
rick_h_I really don't care since I don't have an account17:28
rick_h_but curious on the google+ vs facebook vs normal people stuff17:28
nullspaceso two sucky services want to combine and make a unified suck17:28
WolfgerSkype doesn't suck.17:30
nullspace your right it blows17:30
WolfgerFacebook doesn't *completely* suck.17:30
nullspaceenough to take the chrome off a trailer hitch17:31
rick_h_no, they're just one of the top 5 evil companies currently out there17:31
Wolfgersure, but as a product, it serves a purpose... with great mediocrity.17:31
jrwreni ahte facebook.17:32
nullspacemediocrity is but a prelude to suckage17:32
jrwrenonly reason I use facebook is its spam free email to my mom and aunt and sister.17:32
WolfgerThough I must say that Google+ is making FB look like.... I dunno.... something some college kid slapped together. :-D17:32
rick_h_man, this is just painful to listen to17:32
jrwren"mediocrity is but a prelude to suckage" --QFT!17:32
rick_h_funny that they're now trying to be an 'infrastructure' play17:32
Wolfgernullspace: ++ on that quote!17:32
rick_h_bwuhahaha, terminal scrolling by so fast. Thank you celery, rabbitmq, and node.js18:04
WolfgerI would say "let's scrap IRC and move to Huddle"... but then I recall G+ is blocked at work and I don't get cell reception at my desk :-p18:25
rick_h_and it's mobile only and I hate typing on it18:25
rick_h_they need to get the web client side of that working18:25
rick_h_spoiled by the GV chrome extension18:25
_stink_yeah - i just tried to get to yours, Wolfger, but no luck18:26
WolfgerI used Huddle on my laptop. It has voice and video.18:26
_stink_says it's supported on symbian s60 but no dice this time18:26
rick_h_how did you use it on the laptop?18:26
_stink_yeah, looked like it said mobile only18:26
rick_h_you mean hangout?18:26
Wolfger_stink_: You may have tried after I left18:26
rick_h_hangout != huddle18:26
Wolfgerrick_h_: Oh.18:26
WolfgerI guess I got confused there18:27
WolfgerHangout.... Huddle.... too close18:27
WolfgerAlso, kinda lame. They should be the same.18:28
brouschhangout is nice. too bad i dislike audio and video communication18:28
_stink_too close to reallife18:28
rick_h_huddle is for the buluga and such group chat apps18:29
rick_h_they're not really related18:29
rick_h_it's like saying that skype and SMS should be the same18:29
brouschit's uncomfortable when no one has anything to say. rick_h_ and i just sat there staring at each other for a few minutes18:29
WolfgerI thought huddle was just a chat-only version of Hangout. Like you can chat in Skype without voice or video18:29
rick_h_no, it's not18:30
rick_h_there's a bunch honestly18:31
Wolfgerbrousch: Yeah, I wanted to Hangout with somebody, but then I realized I was embarrassingly devoid of clothing. Not really an issue with the head-shot, but all the same...18:31
brouschand i'm not comfortable video chatting with you while you surf for porn18:31
snap-lI think Facebook has finally found something to be afraid of18:32
Wolfgerlike you could tell18:32
_stink_*accidentally shares desktop*18:32
_stink_OH GOD18:32
Wolfgersnap-l: Isn't it rather obvious they're terrified?18:32
snap-lRight, I'm saying now they are18:32
WolfgerThere's desktop sharing in Hangout? Cool.18:32
snap-lBefore they were the unassailable Myspace18:32
rick_h_no, but it's in the works18:32
snap-lbefore MySpace became "Hey, check out my shitty band"18:33
_stink_i saw snap-l's desktop the other day18:33
_stink_i think18:33
_stink_when he had twit.tv on18:33
snap-lNo, I was sharing a Youtube video18:33
_stink_ahh ok18:33
snap-lthat wasn't my desk18:33
WolfgerI can't believe snap-l just said "unassailable MySpace"18:33
snap-lAt one time it was18:33
snap-lNow it's just a shell of itself18:33
snap-lPretty sure the only reason Murdoch bought MySpace was to keep up on the underground metal scene18:34
snap-lThen he found out Nevermore was on the rocks, and said "Fuck it, I'm selling".18:35
snap-l"Warrel Dane can do whatever he wants, but I'm not listening to another fucking Sanctuary album"18:36
snap-lAlso, he was crushed when he heard Sanctity was no more18:36
gamerchick02another what?18:37
snap-lgamerchick02: You came into the channel in the middle of a joke18:38
gamerchick02ah. sorry.18:38
* gamerchick02 wanders back to a table and sits back down.18:39
gamerchick02lol. i love how my signon says that i'm from sgnwmi18:39
WolfgerWow. That took me several seconds to parse as Saginaw, MI, and I know where you're from.18:40
_stink_THE 'NASTY18:41
gamerchick02maybe i should hide that.18:41
gamerchick02it is the nasty.18:41
gamerchick02well, it's not completely nasty18:41
gamerchick02i'm from the suburbs *snooty snooty*18:42
Wolfgersounds like I should set it on fire and yell Opa!18:42
gamerchick02as long as you provide gyros, beer, and Greek pastries, i wouldn't be opposed.18:42
gamerchick02oh, and try to miss the Greek restaurant downtown. hah!18:43
_stink_gamerchick02: i may have PMed you about this before, but long ago... but i went to Heritage.18:43
Wolfgerhow 'bout if I just provide beer?18:43
gamerchick02whoa. you're like local!18:43
gamerchick02sort of.18:43
gamerchick02way cool. that's where i graduated from, _stink_18:43
gamerchick02wolfger, i wouldn't be opposed.18:43
gamerchick02miss the White Crow though.18:43
_stink_gamerchick02: in fact - now my facts are getting fuzzy - but i recall your name from the forum or something.  you were in band?  i was in orchestra.18:44
gamerchick02no, my brother was in marching band18:44
_stink_ah, ok18:44
gamerchick02i was in art. :-D18:44
gamerchick02oh, remember the game day they used to have in May or June?18:45
* gamerchick02 reminisces.18:45
_stink_FIELD DAY18:45
_stink_of course18:45
gamerchick02HELL YES!18:45
Wolfgergame day in a field? Cow tipping? ;-)18:46
_stink_i remember mostly some angsty crappy high school bands trying to play along the back between the school and the stadium18:46
gamerchick02oh shit, yes.18:46
gamerchick02they were SO BAD18:46
_stink_phew, wasn't just me18:46
gamerchick02and the kids who were sneaking smokes behind the bleachers18:47
_stink_hah yes18:47
gamerchick02i was a straight up nerd, but i had friends that were artsy/angsty/hipsters too18:47
_stink_i floated too18:48
gamerchick02they liked to smoke behind the bleachers. i never smoked, but it was nice.18:48
_stink_when did you graduate?18:48
gamerchick02i fit with the science kids and the art kids18:48
* gamerchick02 is old18:48
_stink_i was 200018:48
* gamerchick02 shakes her cane18:48
brouschdamn spring chickens18:48
gamerchick02wolfger is going to smack me18:49
brouschthat's when i graduated college18:49
WolfgerYou graduated in 99 and you call yourself old?18:49
_stink_yeah most of these others are older than us18:49
_stink_so CAREFUL18:49
gamerchick02i'm going to be 30 this month. yes, i'm old18:49
Wolfgerdamn punks18:49
* Wolfger graduated HS in '8818:50
brouschdamn, you are old18:50
Wolfger41 as of 2 days ago18:50
gamerchick02wolfger, i was in 2nd or 3rd grade then.18:51
gamerchick02i think18:51
* gamerchick02 ducks18:51
WolfgerI'm pretty sure I was programming an Atari 400 when you were born18:51
jcastrois there a shortcut to format a line/paragraph to 80 columns invim?18:51
gamerchick02i was born in 81. you are probably right18:51
rick_h_jcastro: :set textwidth=8018:52
rick_h_highlight it18:52
rick_h_and then gq18:52
_stink_writing that one down.18:53
rick_h_well textwidth is just a setting that everyone should have at 79 or 80 :P18:53
_stink_gq, i mean18:53
rick_h_so it's really just highlight, gq18:53
Wolfgerwhat exactly is gq?18:53
gamerchick02for me GQ is Gentleman's Quarterly; the man's version of Cosmo.18:54
WolfgerThat was *my* smartass comment that I refrained from making....18:54
gamerchick02wolfger *is* going to smack me...18:54
gamerchick02i'm full of it today, forgive me.18:55
* snap-l isn't the oldest in the channel18:56
WolfgerI'm just wondering what to call this gq command, such that I might actually remember it.18:56
Wolfgersnap-l isn't???18:56
gamerchick02hah. we have some silverbeards in here.18:56
snap-lNope. :)18:56
WolfgerPlease don't tell me I'm the oldest18:57
snap-lgamerchick02: I'm very much incapable of growing anything called a beard, thank you.18:57
snap-lWolfger: I'm younger by ~3 months. ;)18:57
brouschWolfger: it's ok. we still love you even though your Depends are stinky18:57
gamerchick02sorry, snap-l18:57
WolfgerMy beard is mostly still dark brown, thank you...18:58
gamerchick02you can change that, you know... :-P18:58
gamerchick02i'm being a punk kid again.18:58
snap-lDon't make me come over there and beat you with my Atari 40018:59
gamerchick02come over here with your Atari 400 and we can hook it to the TV and play.19:00
snap-lOur computers had to pass FCC inspection and get lead shielding. And we LIKED it.19:00
gamerchick02lead shielding?19:00
snap-lOh yeah19:00
snap-lTake apart a 400 / 800 some time19:01
Wolfgerbrousch: my only Depends are in my .deb file19:01
snap-lThose suckers are lined with heavy metal19:01
devinheitmuellerI think you'll find that unless your electronics emit gamma radiation, aluminum shielding is just as effective for RF.  :-)19:01
snap-lWell, I think it was aluminum, truth be told19:01
gamerchick02hrm. now i wonder what i can get from my laptop...19:02
snap-lbut it was pretty heavy duty stuff19:02
WolfgerOK, time to head home.19:02
snap-lLater they make the shielding pretty thin19:02
Wolfgergamerchick02: Stay off my lawn!19:02
snap-lWolfger: Safe travels, sir19:02
devinheitmuellersnap-l: probably high gauge folded aluminum, which was cheaper to create offsite.19:02
ColonelPanic001gamerchick02: I noticed you g+ invite last night - thanks19:02
gamerchick02i will stay off your lawn, don't worry!19:02
gamerchick02you're welcome!!19:02
gamerchick02there needs to be more people signed up to it. that's what killed buzz.19:03
jrwreni wear a tin foil hat to protect me.19:03
devinheitmuellerI do all my work in a 10x10 faraday cage.19:03
devinheitmueller(since I need to protect my computers as well as my brain)19:03
gamerchick02that's what they're putting people in now? I thought it was a cubicle...19:03
devinheitmuellergamerchick02: 10x10?  Are you nuts?  Most cubicles are much smaller than that!19:04
gamerchick02well... yeah. unless you share with a bunch of other people.19:04
devinheitmuellertoo true.19:04
brouschhow about gq: groupify quickly19:04
snap-ldevinheitmueller: http://www.digitpress.com/library/techdocs/Atari_400-800_Service_Manual.pdf19:05
devinheitmuellerI'm shocked that you took the time to find that.19:05
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I'm not. ;)19:05
gamerchick02the cube i was in was reasonably large, but we had me, a SolidEdge modeler, two engineers and a co-op.19:05
snap-lActually, I should have a copy of it regardless. ;)19:06
snap-lAnd yes, it's aluminum.19:06
snap-lThe top casting was pretty heavy-duty stuff.19:07
snap-l(and yes, I took my computers apart when I was yonger)19:08
devinheitmuellersnap-l: who didn't take their computers apart when they were younger?19:08
_stink_those of us who didn't want to explain to mom that the computer didn't work anymore?19:09
gamerchick02doesn't everyone take their computers apart? (except Apple users, ofc)19:09
devinheitmueller_stink_: that doesn't prevent you from taking it apart; it only means you have to reassemble enough of it to not be obvious that it had been disassembled.19:09
gamerchick02but you always have an extra screw or two. i always do.19:10
gamerchick02argh, why is my mouse being slow?19:10
gamerchick02probably the stupid graphics drivers.19:10
snap-lI had to explain to my dad why the Atari 400 didn't work anymore. (though I had the 800 at the time)19:10
_stink_devinheitmueller: i was a nervous kid. :)19:10
snap-lAnd that it had a manufacturing defect (The POKEY chip had a problem)19:10
snap-l_stink_: still are. ;)19:10
_stink_AM NOT19:11
_stink_i mean, yeah.19:11
snap-lOh bloody hell... AARP sent me a card in the mail19:11
gamerchick02the POKEY chip?19:11
* gamerchick02 falls on the floor laughing19:12
snap-lgamerchick02: POKEY was the name for the 4 cannel sound chip19:12
gamerchick02i'm going to get booted.19:12
snap-lalso handled I/O for the Atari19:12
gamerchick02cool. i didn't know that!19:12
gamerchick02i learn something new every day.19:12
snap-lWell, by the time you would have used computers, we were well into Macintosh and IBM PC compatibles.19:13
snap-land the Atari 800 series was getting long in the tooth19:13
gamerchick02we had an IBM at home.19:14
snap-l(that didn't stop them from releasing the XL or the XE series, though. ;) )19:14
gamerchick02no hard disks, it used 5.25" floppies.19:14
gamerchick02autoexec  to run the games off the floppies19:14
gamerchick02ah, good times. we recently put that machine in recycling, god rest it's soul.19:14
gamerchick02grrr, this is getting annoying. i'm going to reboot. bbiab19:19
gamerchick02trying out the nvidia drivers again. was running the open-source ones19:31
gamerchick02before, xorg was eating my cpu for lunch with the nvidia drivers enabled.19:31
gamerchick02well, so far so good.19:44
brouschjjesse: it's thursday19:45
gamerchick02LOL: http://reckless-recluse.tumblr.com/post/731150393719:50
gamerchick02http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1798769 anyone else in here have this issue?20:30
gamerchick02i think I fixed my issue; cleaned the fan.21:20
gamerchick02just by cleaning the fan, i've gone down to 61C on the GPU21:21
jcastrosnap-l: man21:54
jcastrosnap-l: any progress on that kernel bug?21:54
snap-lNot yet, afaict.22:30
snap-ljcastro: ^22:30
* snap-l tries it again22:31
snap-lDoing an upgrade now without the dongle22:35
snap-lappears to be working22:35
brouschyou have no dongle?22:36
snap-lI have a dongle22:36
snap-lJust trying it to see if it'll screw up without the dongle22:37

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