canthus13Cheri703: Have you gotten hangouts to work? It crashes firefox every time for me. :(04:15
Cheri703it worked perfectly fine til my camera crapped out04:16
Cheri703which version of ff are you running?04:16
Cheri703and do you have the plugin installed?04:16
canthus134.0.1.. and the plugin is installed as far as I know.  It locks up right after the cam test is done.04:17
canthus13...Unless the plugin is different from the regular google talk plugin?04:18
Cheri703uhm, I think it may be a new version? I'm running ff504:19
Cheri703try updating?04:19
canthus13Hmmm... I'll try it.04:20
canthus13bah. Firefox is being kept back. :/04:23
canthus13gotta figure out why.04:23
canthus13...or just use chromium. :)04:24
Cheri703someone said they had issues using chrome04:25
Cheri703are you doing a sudo apt-get upgrade?04:25
Cheri703are you using your weird thing instead of gnome?04:25
canthus13I think it has to do with me using a ppa for ff4 since maverick has 3.6...04:26
Cheri703because I have found that often, if something is held back from updating with apt-get, it'll work with the update manager04:26
canthus13And yes.. I'm using Openbox. :)04:26
Cheri703hang on, let me check my ppa04:26
canthus13I'm sticking with Maverick.  Natty doesn't like my laptop.04:26
canthus13at least, liveCDs of Natty don't.04:27
canthus13Hrm.. weird. I *thought* I had a ppa...04:29
Unit193apt-cache policy firefox  ?04:32
Unit193Terminal command apt-cache policy firefox will tell you what versions are in ALL your repos04:36
Cheri703my knee hurts and I am mad at it04:36
canthus13Eh? Wait.. apt-cache policy says I'm using the mozillateam ppa.04:39
Unit193They don't update for Maverick, only Lucid and Natty04:40
canthus13Ah. makes no sense, but whatever.04:40
Cheri703try the other one?04:44
Cheri703wait..I was distracted, you're using the one I mentioned?04:50
Cheri703mine says maverick...04:51
Unit193Changing email addy for all Ubuntu things, not so easy...04:59
Unit193And now my IMAP accounts are out of sync...?05:41
thafreakMorning Ohio14:04
dmcgloneHello all :-)14:05
dmcgloneSold my house and moved in the past couple weeks14:07
thafreakwhere'd you move to?14:07
dmcgloneMoved farther south over by SR 66514:08
dmcgloneKnow where Rickenbacker AFB is?14:09
thafreaknope, i'm from NEO14:10
dmcgloneOh Ok. Well its about 4 miles south of where I used to live14:11
thafreakgotcha, why the move? Closer to work, or just time for a different house?14:20
dmcgloneMoved because I was tired of taking care of a house.14:25
thafreakha, dude I so know what you mean14:25
thafreakyard work alone is a  total PITA14:25
dmcgloneand it's a whole lot cheaper!14:27
thafreakwell, that's always a plus :)14:28
dmcgloneIt's funny, I moved to a bigger and cheaper place compared to that small and expensive place14:29
dmcgloneand it's nicer too14:30
dmcgloneI will only miss the cul-de-sac14:30
thafreakyou closer or further from the ubuntu hours now? :)14:34
dmcglonefarther :-/14:34
thafreakdoesn't sound like much though14:35
dmcgloneI'm about a 20 - 25 minute drive from the north end of columbus14:35
paultag← 12 hours away :(15:53
deejoepaultag: oh?15:55
deejoeyou back in the Bay state?15:55
paultagdeejoe: I am, my friend15:55
thafreakgoogle+ http://imgur.com/gallery/Zdh5I17:58
Unit193skellat: What reply did you get fropm the loco council?18:15
Unit193And howdy!18:16
skellatYou mean the forum council?18:16
Unit193Yep, too many councils18:16
skellatThey're looking into it and are unsure if the software supports bridging18:16
skellatI don't where to go from there18:25
skellatThe High Council of Ubuntu Ohio was copied on the reply I got18:25
Unit193I guess you wouldn't report to there...18:25
skellatWhat's new out your way?18:26
Unit193It's stinkin hot and I like my laptop...18:27
skellatWhat sort of laptop is it?18:28
canthus13It's only 90 here.18:28
skellat72.9 degrees here in Ashtabula18:29
Unit193It's an old Pentium M with 1G and Xubuntu18:29
canthus13Lucky you.18:29
Unit193Temperature: 86°F / 30°C (Heat Index: 86°F / 30°C)18:29
skellatIn my case it is probably the trailer leaking aircon past our thermometer's outside sensor18:30
skellatAnybody see good fireworks on the 4th?  I got to watch Mentor's show out in Lake County.18:41
Unit193Nope, but I got good ones on the 2nd18:41
canthus13They had fireworks for my birthday? Cool!18:43
Unit193And I may be going to more the 9th18:47
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dmcgloneHello folks :-)22:25
dmcgloneI had to switch to AT&T internet and now I can't send mail I get an Error22:37
dmcgloneCould not connect to mail.dmcentral.net: No route to host22:37
canthus13dmcglone: they're probably blocking port 25.  Try 587.22:38
canthus13we block 25.  It supposedly reduces spam.22:38
dmcgloneI see no option in evolution to change the port22:39
canthus13Hmm. dunno. It should have an option.22:40
canthus13apparently, just put :587 at the end of the servername.22:44
dmcglonethanks. gonna test now22:45
dmcgloneThat worked. At first it didn't. I had to restart evolution22:46
dmcgloneDid I miss anything good while I was moving?22:49
canthus13we're starting an openbox metapackage...22:50
canthus13It's a little stalled at the moment, mainly because it's too damn hot for me to work at the test machine in my basement, and vnc is painfully slow on that machine for some reason...22:51
dmcgloneWho all is involved?22:51
canthus13Me, mainly.. but Unit193 and skellat are in on it, too.  possibly stlsaint.22:52
Unit193dmcglone: He likes taking all the credit22:52
canthus13Oh.. Bodhi-zazen has been putting in a bit too...  there's a thread on the loco forum.22:54
Unit193But that's ok, I'll give him all the blame too ;)  I don't know yet how to help so I'll wait and see22:54
dmcgloneis it being written from scratch?22:55
canthus13Nah. We're basing it off the Natty mini CD right now....22:56
dmcgloneAh solid start :-)22:56
dmcgloneI'm leaving for Myrtle beach friday night :-)22:57

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