* ChinnoDog yawns00:10
rmg51must be past ChinnoDog bed time ;-)00:14
rmg51or at least getting close00:14
ChinnoDogha. Not yet00:14
rmg51then stop making me tired :-/00:15
ChinnoDogandrew: nike sandal repair?00:56
rmg51morning JonathanD10:07
JonathanDhey rmg5110:07
JonathanDHow's the paper10:08
rmg51dead tree version came early today10:09
rmg51otherwise, I'm just getting started10:10
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!10:18
JonathanDMorning SamuraiAlba10:23
SamuraiAlbaI r hating HDMI cable prices @ stores10:25
SamuraiAlbaI can buy a cable for $4 that does the same as a $120 monster cable, but those best buy tards insist the monster cables are better...10:26
SamuraiAlbaDigital IS Digital... NO DIFFERENCE...10:26
SamuraiAlbaIt either works or it doesnt LOL10:26
SamuraiAlbaFiance' dumped me last night10:28
SamuraiAlbagoing back to playing WoW10:28
SamuraiAlbaShe got mad I told my father I got my settlement payment10:28
SamuraiAlbaInisiting my dad will tell everyone, and everyone will have their hands out for it10:29
JonathanDthis was dump-worthy?10:29
SamuraiAlbaIt was 6300+10:29
SamuraiAlbaI'm down to 211.1810:29
SamuraiAlbashe says it is10:29
SamuraiAlbaShe wants me out in a week10:29
SamuraiAlbameaning I will not be able to afford college as my grant is for IN COUNTY only10:29
SamuraiAlbaShe says I can go back to being a hermit in my room at grammies10:30
SamuraiAlbaso... I'm trying to find  camden county place.10:30
JonathanDlovely :/10:31
JonathanDwell, can't help you there, wrong state.10:32
JonathanDSamuraiAlba: have a drink on me.10:38
JonathanDperhaps a pineapple and bacon cocktail.10:38
SamuraiAlbaEX just gave me back my bank card.  $5050 lighter10:51
SamuraiAlbaI paid her ALL the money I owed her10:51
SamuraiAlbaside to side10:57
JonathanDheh :)11:03
SamuraiAlbagoing back to playing WoW :)11:05
ChinnoDogsup lamalex15:06
ssweenyhe can't tell you15:06
ChinnoDogWho can't tell what?15:07
teddy-dbearI can't tell you either :-[15:37
jedijfcrabby joe's in salem - sign - lived & cooked :/ hmmmm16:12
Sadinhey everyone18:59
Sadinhows everyones summer going :)19:00
JonathanDit's goin.19:05
* teddy-dbear is waiting for the next geeknic19:11
ChinnoDogYou live for geeknic?19:11
SadinAnyone here know PHP? im guessing not?19:12
teddy-dbearI live for chocolate19:12
Sadinjust wondering19:12
ChinnoDogSadin: if we did we wouldn't admit it19:12
Sadinteddy-dbear i thought women lived for chocolate19:12
SadinChinnoDog why :O19:12
teddy-dbearand teddy bears19:12
JonathanDgeeknics are life.19:13
teddy-dbearat least this teddy bear :-D19:13
JonathanDlife are geeknics19:13
ChinnoDogSadin: php isn't very pretty19:13
SadinChinnoDog yes i know i preffer rails19:13
Sadinhowever rails is only good for small scale applications get to big with them and the amount of requests is awful....19:14
SadinTwitters developers even admit that lol19:14
SadinAnd besides ChinnoDog php is very pretty if you use Object Oriented PHP :P19:16

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