tenachGreetings, even.20:48
valoriehey tenach22:32
tenachHello valorie :D22:34
valoriehow is your summer going?22:36
valoriehot here today22:36
tenachvalorie: it is going well! I've been doing a TON of bike riding down the waterfront with my younger brother and I may have a job finally!22:36
valoriebike riding sounds good22:38
valoriemy bike was stolen years ago and I never replaced it22:38
tenachIt's currently 79 here.22:38
valoriewhere are you going to work?22:39
tenachDarn. I've had my bike for about ten years now, I'm amazed it still works.22:39
tenachOut on the Key Peninusla, for a company called Skazy (pronounced scuzzy).22:39
valoriewill you move out there, or commute by ferry?22:39
tenachI'll be commuting across the bridge with my friend who already works there.22:40
tenachI live near the Narrows, so it's not too bad. It's about a 25-30 minute drive.22:41
valoriesounds good22:43
valorieand money, good also22:43
valorieeating, shelter, all that good stuff22:43
tenachMost definitely...22:45
tenachI can finally get back on my feet, as it were.22:45
* valorie goes afk for a few mins22:47
tenachHello MarkDude 23:33
MarkDudeHello tenach 23:33
valorieMarkDude: do you know if we have an ubuntu table for OSCON?23:39
valorieit costs money to do the venue-only pass this time23:39
MarkDudeI will bug them again, thx for the reminder23:39
MarkDudeI think they are hella busy, as am I23:39
valoriedon't want to pay if there is no where to hang out23:39
MarkDudeNo doubt23:40
valoriealso, we have a banner I can get if we have a table23:40
MarkDudeThey are pretty good with passes and stuff23:40
valorieI hope23:40
MarkDudeLyz has the new one that Cali got also23:40
valoriewell, the website says it's $2523:40
valoriewe bought our own23:40
MarkDudeWith her Princess Leia magic23:40
valoriesince we're still not official23:40
valorieI got stickers from her for U-W23:41
MarkDudeDid you hear she is engaged now- she's almost official23:41
valoriesounds like it was a great weekend23:43
* MarkDude calls her bf Mamoth hunter23:53
valorieoff to dinner then PFLAG23:53
MarkDudeSo I told her congrats on soon being mrs Mammoth Hunter :)23:54
MarkDudeHave fun23:54

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