* Cheesehead just checked the IRC logs and saw h00k's earlier 'hello'02:33
h00kCheesehead: yes yes02:35
h00kCheesehead: hello02:35
CheeseheadSee, somebody else occasionally checks here.02:36
h00kIt's amazing, really!02:38
h00kHow was your fourth?02:38
Cheeseheadh00k: Most fabulous. Grilling, sunburn, all the good stuff02:39
CheeseheadAnd yours?02:39
h00kSame here, I'm hurting today02:39
h00kI missed the fireworks, had to drive back home.02:39
CheeseheadAh, they were great02:40
CheeseheadDidn't see the end, kids wore out02:40
h00kWhere did you see them?02:40
CheeseheadI watch the big MKE ones from South Shore Park.02:40
h00kAh, cool02:41
h00kI was up near Bayfield02:41
h00k*in Bayfield02:41
CheeseheadSame spot is good for the annual air show, too02:41
h00kDown there?02:42
Cheesehead15 Years, and I've missed the EAA show EVERY year02:42
CheeseheadI'm gonna go before I die. I'm sure I will02:42
h00kI went there once02:43
h00kthe Discovery Channel interviewed me02:43
h00kI was there with the Boy Scouts02:43
CheeseheadYou were a scout? Or a chaperone?02:44
CheeseheadThe show in MKE is capped by the Blue Angels' performance02:46
CheeseheadFunny, I saw the Air Force do just as cool stuff for no audience at all.02:47
h00kThat is awesome02:48
CheeseheadWell, it was understandable. It was Iraq, and they were getting shot at.02:49
CheeseheadStill really cool to watch, though.02:49
* h00k facepalms02:50
h00knot what I expected02:50
h00kbut yeah, point02:50
CheeseheadThat was the time I upgraded to 6.1002:50
CheeseheadNo available network, so I had to download it packagae by package02:51
Cheeseheadand zip-drive it to my laptop02:51
Cheeseheadand dist-upgrade manually02:51
h00kthose were the says02:51
CheeseheadLearned a lot that week!02:51
CheeseheadI don't miss them02:51
CheeseheadThough I don't listen when people complain that 85 is hot.02:51
CheeseheadLooking back, I got *really* luck with that upgrade02:52
CheeseheadIt could have gone wrong so many ways02:52
* Cheesehead leaves to attend to kids02:57
h00kI have these vegetable chips at my desk, delicious13:46
h00kthey're dehydrated stuff13:46
CheeseheadWhat kind of vegetable?13:46
CheeseheadNo, wait13:46
CheeseheadWhat kind of desk?13:47
h00ksweet potatp, squash, carrot, green bean, taro (no clue), purple sweet potato, non-hydrogenated canola oil, dextrin, salt13:47
h00kerm, my work desk13:47
CheeseheadBut...you're not working13:48
h00ksure I am13:48

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