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TubuHi there18:50
TubuI come to see if there are news about the relooking of the wiki..18:51
rwwpleia2 ^^ I think you were working on that?19:16
Tubuhey pleia2. yes I was but dont know really how it have to happen with the bugs following and after with the upgrade of the main theme... :o)19:30
Tubuwho do what in other words... ^^19:31
pleia2Tubu: sorry, was out of town for a holiday weekend here so I'm a bit behind on things19:31
Tubuow cool, no problem... I will do same next week so...19:32
* pleia2 has a quick look19:32
pleia2Tubu: I think your fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+bug/798834 was good, do you know exactly what you changed to make it happen?19:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 798834 in ubuntu-women.org "mointheme: More padding needed on buttons (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [Undecided,In progress]19:33
pleia2we can walk you through checking in the fix to the theme19:33
Tubuok I go on it19:34
* pleia2 puts some notes together19:35
pleia2hm, is there a good guide somewhere for setting up your bzr environment with launchpad?19:36
pleia2it's been a long time since I set mine up19:36
Tubuwhat is "bzr"!?19:37
macoa distributed version control system19:37
macolike git, but you pull your hair out less frequently19:37
Tubuow... dont have that... :o)19:37
pleia2don't worry, for simple stuff it's not hard to use19:38
pleia2I can give you step by step instructions19:38
svakshaTubu: see http://launchpad.net <- uses bazaar (bzr) for code management19:39
Tubuok i go read that19:39
pleia2that's a bit overwhelming :\19:40
pleia2I'm just trying to figure out the basic steps for setting up a bzr environment with launchpad19:40
svakshaon your localhost 'sudo apt-get install bzr' should install it locally, then you can push your changges to to LP (the link i gave above)19:40
svakshaTubu: ^^19:40
pleia2svaksha: it requires authentication and set up, do you know where the docs are for that?19:41
pleia2setting up your .bazaar/authentication.conf and .bazaar/bazaar.conf19:41
pleia2and you might need ssh keys set up (I do)19:41
JanChelp.launchpad.net has some docs I'm sure19:41
svakshaTubu: do you know how to setup ssh? and push the keys to LP (launchpad )19:42
TubuI will maybe install and configure that after my wekk holiday...19:42
pleia2Tubu: sorry, I didn't mean for this to sound so complicated19:42
pleia2Tubu: I'll go through the docs and email you some simple steps :)19:42
Tubusvaksha: ye i know I just did learn to do that for the wiki css19:43
svakshaTubu: great , so you wont have any difficulty here too :)19:43
Tubumy connection is not so fast, does direct in bzr or other "Git system" go faster then via the launchpad web?19:44
pleia2Tubu: yeah, and you need to use it through the command line to commit changes19:44
JanCwell, there are GUI tools...19:44
pleia2if you'd rather you can just email me the changes and I'll get them put in for you for now19:44
svakshaTubu: you push to the web interface via the cli19:44
Tubupleia2: ye for this time i will just send you the css and the png... I think it will be faster... :o)19:46
pleia2Tubu: ok :)19:46
svakshaTubu: bazaar/bzr is easier than git (on first glance), although the latter has more features. But I digress :)19:46
pleia2I'll get some instructions up to make this easier for other contributors too, I forgot how many steps were involved with configuring bzr19:46
pleia2well, configuring it "the right way for a launchpad project you have direct access to"19:47
Tubui saw that there are lot of reposit-system in fact...19:47
svakshaTubu: first you need to open an LP account19:47
pleia2Tubu: yeah, there are a bunch of them :\ ubuntu uses bzr (bazaar)19:47
Tubupleia2: ok... maybe it can be an article for the wiki also... :o)19:47
pleia2Tubu: agreed!19:47
macoTubu: there are tons of VCSes, but Ubuntu uses bzr almost exclusively (the kernel team uses git, but just because upstream kernel does)19:47
TubuI have already one LP account19:47
macoyou only need one19:48
* pleia2 adds to todo list19:48
svakshaTubu: feel free to ask anything that is not clear :)19:48
Tubusvaksha: okok thanks :o)19:49
Tubupleia2 do I send you the css & png via e-mail or via irc directly?19:51
pleia2Tubu: email is probably easiest19:52
Tubupleia2: voilà, it's in the box!19:57
pleia2Tubu: great, thanks!19:57
TubuCan I change the status for Bug #798834 to "Fix Commited"?... :o)20:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 798834 in ubuntu-women.org "mointheme: More padding needed on buttons (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79883420:03
Tubudidn't ask anything to u-bot !?20:04
pleia2Tubu: have to wait until I check in the change, I'll let you know :)20:04
Tubuokok whoohoo!20:04
* pleia2 at work at the moment, will have to wait until lunchtime20:04
Tubuow forgot to say (but ye probably you get it) the css has all my addings in it (other bugs)20:06
pleia2ok, in this checkin I'll just put fixes for the buttons20:06
Tubuhere are the bugs related to : #802216 ; #798813 ; #798834 and #78330420:08
pleia2ok cool, I'll check in this change at lunch and refresh my memory on the rest this evening20:08
macoTubu: when you mention a bug number, ubottu makes a  link to it and tells the bug's title20:12
Tubumaco: ow... cool in fact... so every one is refreshed about the problem in discussion20:13
* Tubu reading the bazzaaaaar doc...20:15
pleia2has specific bazaar with launchpad instructions (thanks maco!)20:16
pleia2still, some step by step instructions for this project specifically would be helpful (I know I always get stuck figuring out what to name branches and things)20:17
Tubucool thanks20:22
pleia2Tubu: you can update with "fix committed" now :)20:29
Tubupleia2: I go for it nooooow!20:31
JanCTubu: you didn't come to the EP last Thursday?  ☺20:32
Tubuhey JanC, no I was stuck at work... not far from there but still stuck... :o/ how was it?20:34
pleia2ok, and updated the branch that shows up by default at uw.princessleia.com, so it now has nigel and Tubu's changes for 798834 and 78330120:34
JanCit was nice, meeting some interesting people & all20:34
Tubupleia2: my first fix comitted bug! that's history! lol20:34
TubuJanC: was there lot of ubuntu'ers?20:35
JanCwe were 4 people from ubuntu-be, and several others also used Ubuntu  ☺20:36
JanCthere was only one MEP & one MEP's political assistant who were "new" (not used to open source yet)20:36
JanCbut that's a nice start20:36
JanCalso somebody from Brussels hackerspace20:36
TubuJanC: ye it all have to begin with 1... :o)20:37
JanCand we went out to eat at a small Italian place with a group afterwards, which involved more useful talking of course  ☺20:38
Tubucool on the place du Luxembourg, then  :o)20:39
JanCnearby Place de Luxembourg20:39
Tubuye have to know earlier of the next meeting so I can block my agenda for it20:40
JanCTubu: I'll try to let you know once I know a new date  ☺20:52
TubuJanC: cool, thanks!20:52
JanCmy guess is it will be in October or so20:53
Tubuok i note it already20:55
JanCTubu: are you on the ubuntu-be mailing list?20:58
Tubuyes, but for the EU I didnt saw it on it20:58
JanCit was on the list, but as it was only organised shortly before...20:59
Tubuow... ye maybe i did read it too quicly... :o/21:00
JanChttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-be/2011-June/007489.html was the first mail about it  ;)21:02
JanCso, about a month ago, or 3 weeks before it happened21:02
JanCone problem with EP events is that the best time for them is during working hours, because that's when the target audience is there  :-/21:03
JanCwhich of course clashes with workign hours for most volunteers outside the EP21:04
JanCanyway, this is more a discussion for #ubuntu-be  ;)21:04
JanCand I'm going off now anyway21:05
TubuJanc: slaapwel :o)21:06
TubuI have a question about the SSh key. Is it better to make differents keys, like 1 for each SSH connected workplace for different projects?21:14
pleia2it's a matter of preference, I use one for personal and ubuntu work, and have a special one that I only use for work (I work from home, my work and personal computer are the same one)21:16
pleia2there isn't much harm in using one for everything as long as your private key (the one without .pub) is kept safe21:16

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