brycehtjaalton, pst push xserver to git00:03
tjaaltonbryceh: can't, need to rebase first.. and please don't push such changelog entries if you know I might have the commit :/05:27
tjaaltonbut, sorry for not pushing it anyway! :)05:29
tjaaltonit was an easy merge anyway, pushed now05:30
tjaaltonbryceh: sorry, let me try another entré _after_ the breakfast..05:50
brycehsomething's up with vmware - 805777 and 798830.  needs rebuild?06:12
tjaaltonabi hasn't changed, probably just unity fail06:16
tjaaltonnote that if it's using lightdm, it doesn't actually restart the xserver06:17
RAOFHm.  It sounds not totally unlike Robert's ‘nothing draws after I log out on radeon’ bug that I'm trying to reproduce once the box finally finishes updating.06:20
tjaaltoni should have vmware workstation licenses somewhere..06:22
brycehI'm seriously weirded out at how few -intel bug reports there are against oneiric right now06:22
brycehthe apport hook has to be  broken or something06:22
tjaalton3.0 is working ok, it seems.. after the catastrophic .38 that is :)06:23
brycehyeah most reports being filed against xorg are ending up being bugs in something else06:25
tjaalton"unable to initialize module building library", so much for trying out vmware workstation06:52
tjaaltonprobably multiarch related06:53
_asdf_someone there?09:18
_asdf_i installed the driver but i think im kinda not useing it :S09:18
SarvattRAOF: so wait, we dont ship pipe_*.so in libegl1-mesa-drivers anymore?14:19
Sarvattalso started getting a new build failure in the past few days with 7.12, do we want to ship these files? http://paste.ubuntu.com/638909/14:20
Sarvattso is adding foreign-architecture i386, doing a apt-get update and installing wine:i386 supposed to be the way to go now for amd64?17:03
Sarvatterr adding that to /etc/dpkg/dpkg.conf17:04
Prf_JakobI know its kinda of a long shot to ask here, but does anybody know how to make dkms packages that also installs a udev rule?18:07
SarvattPrf_Jakob: it totally depends on how the packaging is done, for most things these days just throwing packagename.udev in debian/ is enough and you can add an override_dh_installudev line in debian/rules to adjust the priority it installs to if need be. man dh_installudev might help or looking at another package doing the same thing (virtualbox maybe?)19:22
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Prf_JakobSarvatt: thanks!19:51
RAOFSarvatt: Correct.  We don't ship pipe_*.so in libegl1-mesa-drivers because they're not built :).  egl_gallium now contains *everything*22:49
SarvattRAOF: well now gbm ships them :P23:11
RAOF /o\23:12
Sarvatthad to add a echo "dri/usr/lib/${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH}/gbm/*.so usr/lib/${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH}/gbm" >> debian/libgbm1.install.in hook to the edgers packaging23:14
RAOFHave you enabled gbm's gallium support?23:15
Sarvatti'm using origin/ubuntu packaging at the moment, trying not to have to maintain a packaging fork this time around23:16
Sarvatti'll give it 2 more weeks before it's changed enough that I have to at this rate :P23:16
Sarvattthe build system has changed in fun new ways breaking the packaging at least once a week every week since UDS, been a pain in the butt :)23:17
RAOFFiddling 'round with configure flags is *much* more fun than trying to automake/autoconf the buildsystem :/23:20
SarvattRAOF: oh http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=b18b2994eff2f51588abe29c7a2209220c9ee9c523:20
Sarvattguess disabling gallium would have been the better option23:20
Sarvattcoming soon to a 7.11 near you :)23:20
Sarvattthank you so much for working on the 7.11 packaging, massive amounts of changes in the span of 2 weeks right before branching made me not want to even look at it. fix it, broken next day, repeat23:23
SarvattPhysical id 0: +98.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)  23:24
RAOFMmmm, sweet!23:24
Sarvattshoving a 45w quad in a chassis designed for 35w dual cores makes for some sketchy mesa building :)23:24
RAOFAlthough my 7.11 packaging has included a bunch of crazy mistakes :(23:25
Sarvattyou saying i should look at the contents of the debs and not just blindly accept its right because it builds? :P23:26
RAOFNO!  I didn't mean to git clean -xdf!  My beautiful build objects!23:29
RAOFOk, new plan.23:33
RAOFScrounge a power cable from the netbook, and use the shiny dell.23:34
Sarvattoh right I gave you a US lead, whoops23:34
brycehRAOF, one day I'll swap you that US lead for an aussie one23:35
RAOFTa :)23:35
RAOFThe US lead wouldn't be such an issue if it didn't have a ground pin.  My universal connector doesn't do grounding :)23:36
SarvattRAOF: bend it off? :P23:36
Prf_JakobSarvatt: still around?23:44
RAOFHm, ok.  The dell seems a little hardlock happy.23:48
SarvattPrf_Jakob: kinda, it's well past beer o'clock so you'll have to forgive me if I'm not too helpful :)23:50
SarvattRAOF: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/lp761065/23:50
SarvattRAOF: absolutely essential on sandybridge :(23:50
RAOFThat's in the oneiric kernel, right?23:51
Sarvattthere's a natty one in there23:51
Sarvattits the 2 patches that are desperately needed23:51
Sarvattthey'll be in 2.6.38-1123:51
RAOFWell, I upgraded to oneiric at the sprint.23:52
Sarvattoh crash happy on the oneiric kernel?!23:52
RAOFYeah.  On whatever kernel I happen to be running.23:52
Sarvattyou must be looking at desktop crashy, i'm using the same machine23:52
Sarvatt(and haven't upgraded in a week and half)23:52
Sarvattbtw if you swap a SSD in you'll probably need to pin natty's udev, oneiric udev doesn't work on this machine for me23:53
Sarvattsomething tells me it would if i was using a slow hdd23:53
Prf_JakobSarvatt: okay, are you up for some noob packaging questions?23:54
Prf_Jakobdebian packaging*23:54
RAOFAlways :)23:54
Prf_Jakobif not I'll go and bother somebody else.23:54
Sarvattof course, whats up? I'm a noob packager myself but other people might be able to help if I can't :)23:55
Prf_JakobCool, well I just created a vmwgfx package with dkms mkdeb which was suprisingly painless, but I need to get a udev rule in there.23:55
Prf_Jakob(udev rule is because the drm rules doesn't work for the standalone vmwgfx driver).23:56
Prf_Jakob(which includes drm & ttm in some sort of unholy combination).23:56
Sarvattdid you dkms-ify drm too?23:57
Sarvattoh that's going to be fun23:57
Sarvattwe tried that for nouveau in lucid, had to patch udev and plymouth too23:57
Prf_Jakobit just builds it into one binary so it works okay.23:57
Prf_JakobOooh, hmm plymouth might be a problem, if its not running ontop of fbdev.23:58
Prf_Jakobexcept for the udev rules23:58

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