Kilosmorning superfly and others06:15
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 06:15
superflymorning oom Kilos06:15
Kiloswhat is an OCR program?06:19
KilosMaaz, define OCR06:21
MaazKilos: OCR Optical Character Recognition 06:21
KilosMaaz, ty06:21
MaazEnjoy Kilos06:21
Kilosmorning maiatoday Tonberry 07:07
Kilosyou well girl?07:08
Kiloshi morgs Squirm 07:27
morgshi Kilos07:27
maiatodayhi Kilos and everyone else07:30
superflyhi morgs, Squirm and maiatoday07:37
morgshi hi07:37
* Kilos greats the lurkers as well07:40
kbmonkeyhello maiatoday en almal07:41
Squirmhello superfly 07:41
kbmonkeyMaaz: coffee for everyone07:41
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?07:41
kbmonkeyme thinks Maaz should learn to take batch ordes ;)07:42
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:43
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:43
KilosMaaz, coffee for all07:43
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already07:43
SquirmMaaz: coffee please07:45
MaazSquirm: Yessir07:45
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and Squirm!07:47
KilosMaaz, gracias amigo07:47
Maaz¬°de nada compadre07:47
Kilosevryone else missed out07:47
SquirmI need it to wake up07:48
Squirmek's moeg07:48
Kilosso vroeg in die oggend Squirm 07:48
Kilosslaap jy nie in die donker tyd nie07:48
Squirmfell asleep at about 207:49
Kilostake a quick walk outside, the cold will wake you chop chop07:49
kbmonkeysame here Squirm, when night falls, I wake up. creatures of the night we are07:54
Kiloslol you rocky horror peeps07:54
Squirmkbmonkey: night time is great, it's the one time it's peaceful, where I have absolutely no distraction07:57
nuvolario/ Squirm, Kilos, kbmonkey 08:10
Kiloslo nuvolari 08:10
Squirmhello nuvolari 08:11
* kbmonkey waves08:15
Symmetriajuniper screwed up and shipped my router with DC PSU's08:27
* Symmetria bangs his head on the desk 08:27
Kilosi sent that google.com/+ to my fone and went to the link via fone but dont see the google goodie that nuvolari added me too10:27
Kilosgot mail and maps and igoogle and calender and docs and baraza10:28
Kiloswhere is thye fb kinda thing?10:28
Squirmisnt it called Buzz?10:31
Kilosmust you type in buzz in the search window?10:32
SquirmI dunno10:33
Kilosnuvolari, ping10:33
Squirmnever used it, couldnt find it in the google apps list, but I remember seeing it in Gmail, so I checked10:33
Squirmit looks kind of like twitter, the whole "follow" thing, I dont even know if it's the one you want10:34
Kiloshe sent me this link 10:35
Kilossec need to keep swopping glasses10:35
Kilosi went there and it has a "send to fone" button10:36
Kilosi did that and signed in with my google id10:36
Kilosbut i dont see the chat goodie they say is like facebook10:36
Kilosmurphy lives here full time10:37
Kilosmaybe i must enter something else in the fone browser10:38
Kilosor the nokia 2730 cant do it10:38
* Kilos waits to jump on nuvolari 10:39
Kiloshe enjoys rattling my brain10:39
superflyit's called Google+10:42
SquirmKilos: superfly is right, the whole of google+ is the social network10:43
Kiloslol and if i go mail it wants to install gmail to fone10:43
Kilosi dont want mail in my fone as well10:43
Kilosi use evolution for mail, or must you have mail install for the plus goodie10:44
Kilosi try that superfly 10:44
Kilosaw same thing. i get to where you do profile info and then it keeps going continue over and over from the same page10:48
Kiloshi ghostknife 10:50
Kilosmethinks maybe the fone cant handle it10:51
nuvolariwhy do you want to kill me Kilos ?11:07
Kilosthat google goodie makes me sukkel m ore11:09
nuvolari:/ why oom?11:09
Kilosmaybe the fone cant handle it11:09
Kilosor must i install the mail part before it works11:10
Kilosi dont wanna kill you man11:10
Kilosjust jump on head a bit11:10
Kilosnuvolari, must i install the mail in the fone first?11:12
nuvolariKilos: hmm11:12
nuvolarias far as I know, i don't know11:12
nuvolaribut I don't think so11:12
nuvolaribecause it's not part of mail reallly11:12
Kilosi get too google but there is no chat goodie in site11:13
Kilosgot mail and maps and igoogle and calender and docs and baraza11:13
Kilosi only see those options to click on11:14
nuvolariKilos: but did you log into the desktop ap first?11:15
Kilosi sent the link to the fone from the desktop11:16
nuvolariKilos: no, but did you actually log in to plus.google.com from the desktop?11:18
nuvolariah, I think that step is necessary oom11:18
Kilosmust i do that first?11:18
Kilosok i will do that ty11:19
Kiloslol. they have exceeded their capacity. please try again soon11:22
Kilosthanks guys. they will notify me by mail11:27
nuvolariKilos: hmm, maybe I need to share something with you again11:37
Kilosok tell me laddie11:46
Kiloshmm maybe i was naughty again now hewants to take me round the corner and beat me with a stick11:52
nuvolariKilos: ping11:54
nuvolariek't weer iets gepost11:54
Kilosnuvolari, pong11:54
Kilosek sukkel met my volk11:56
nuvolariKilos: ek dink oom kan nou weer probeer inlog by plus.google.com11:59
nuvolario wag11:59
Kilosvan die pc nuvolari 11:59
nuvolarija oom11:59
nuvolarivani pc af11:59
nuvolarigaan dan eers na profiles.google.com11:59
nuvolarien vul oom se info in11:59
nuvolariprobeer dan plus.google.com11:59
Kilosmust i leave the stay signed in button ticked12:01
nuvolariKilos: as oom wil12:02
Kilosgan dit dan nie se van die foon ek is klaar daar nie12:02
Kilosmy info is al meer as n jaar daar12:04
nuvolarinee, dit sal oom net vra om in te sign12:05
nuvolarihmm, weird12:05
Kilosmoet ek op die buzz blockie tick12:07
Kilosof net uitgaan12:07
Kilosek is in nuvolari  maar dit se nog hulle vol12:12
Kilosek lees hierdie in n klein venstertjie12:15
KilosAlready invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.12:15
nuvolari:? dis weird oom12:16
nuvolari*sug* ek weet nie wat ons mis nie12:16
Kilosmoet ek try circles gaan of wat12:17
inetpronuvolari: they closed the gates12:17
Kilosek dink dis die interactive tour12:17
inetprono more new users, everybody is talking about it on the web12:18
Kilosdit gaan data vreet12:18
Kilosty inetpro 12:18
inetprothey are still in beta12:18
inetproand I bet they are overwhelmed by the insane demand and the implication on their resources12:20
Kilosoh well lets hope they can increase capacity soon12:20
* nuvolari runs around in circles12:21
nuvolarithat's a bad circle...12:21
inetproand perhaps not only that, perhaps they have also found a few holes and need to plug them12:21
inetprobut I'm making big assumptions, could be many other reasons12:23
inetproI'm quite convinced that the Hangout feature will be very heavy on resources12:29
inetprothe Hangout feature alone*12:30
nuvolariinetpro: well, it's gtalk with a few bells and whistles, not?12:30
inetpronuvolari: with up to 10 video+voice sessions per user, obviously not everybody will use it12:35
nuvolariye, but then again, I don't think their target networks are bandwidth-starved-ZA :-(12:39
nuvolariand the lke12:39
inetpronuvolari: true, and they will have done the maths13:21
inetprowb kbmonkey13:22
kbmonkeyhello hello13:27
nuvolario/ kbmonkey 13:28
kbmonkeyhey nuvolari. I found my indoor heli charger, gonna have a fly around soon.13:30
nuvolarikbmonkey: :D awesome! what heli do you have?13:39
kbmonkeyits one of those unbranded jobbies i got as a silly gift, good times :)13:43
kbmonkeyi'll see about some action shots when I take flight13:43
nuvolarikbmonkey: ossum!13:57
nuvolariDo you know any clubs nearby?13:57
kbmonkeyI don't, but maybe Virginia airport hosts a club? 14:17
kbmonkeycatch you all a bit later, time to warm the muscles14:31
KilosMaaz_, coffee on16:54
* Maaz_ washes some mugs16:54
KilosMaaz_, drop the tail16:54
Maaz_Kilos: Excuse me?16:54
KilosMaaz_, fix your nick16:54
Maaz_Kilos: Huh?16:54
KilosMaaz_, restart16:54
Maaz_Kilos: Huh?16:54
KilosMaaz_, reboot16:55
Maaz_Kilos: Huh?16:55
Symmetria<3 16:57
Symmetriamy router upgrade worked 16:57
* Symmetria dances16:57
Kiloswell done16:57
Symmetriathat was a little stressful :P16:57
SymmetriaI had to do 3 seperate firmware updates for each of 3 line cards (50meg firmware update for those circuit boards)16:57
Symmetriaand then switch its operating system 16:57
Symmetriaand do it all remotely :P16:58
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Kilos!16:58
KilosMaaz_, ty16:58
Maaz_Enjoy Kilos16:58
* Symmetria notes that 140meg router operating system image is insanely big :P16:58
Kilosthats a lot of effort he16:58
Symmetrialol, well, considering the router has a configuration on it that is 87 pages long 16:59
Kilosbut satisfying when it works16:59
SymmetriaIm rather pleased that the new firmware/operating system works with all the config16:59
Tonberrythe downtime was also not so bad17:02
* nlsthzn waves17:17
Kiloshi there nlsthzn 17:29
Kilossend some heat17:29
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos :) ... sure... I have bagged a few kg's and it will arrive the 19th ;)17:29
Kiloslol thanks alot17:30
superflyhey nlsthzn17:30
nlsthznnp... hey superfly ... all well in ZA land with all the ZAbuntus?17:32
superflyI think so17:33
superflybeen too busy here for me to notice much going on17:33
nlsthznBusy can be good... I have also noticed Google+ is much more active than Diaspora... must be cause it is new and shiney :)17:35
superflynlsthzn: and almost everyone is already using something Google, so G+ has a pre-existing userbase17:36
nlsthznTrue... and I think it is smart to make it a closed beta like they did with gmail... it really creates a buzz and a hype for the product (while helping them sort out the kinks)... Google is smart that way17:43
marcogit's not really very closed17:44
marcogif you want closed/hype, read up on how fb launched17:44
nlsthznBut FB started off as something else and evolved...17:46
nlsthznand G+ seems closed enough if gaging the amount of people crying for an invite :p17:47
* Kilos cries17:47
Kilosg+ dont want me17:47
nlsthznKilos: to be honest I am not so sure why I am so hyped about it... maybe becuase it is new and "exciting"... in the end it is just another social site on-line... 17:50
nlsthzn... another way to get your info for free...17:51
Kilosi am just hoping it is not as data hungry as fb17:51
nlsthznnuvolari: http://www.linuxtoday.com/it_management/2011070600539OSSWDV (seeing as you are on a GIT mission :p)17:51
nlsthznKilos: I won't know... I can't see it being frugal on data...17:52
Kilosi was hoping that the fone app was lighter nlsthzn 17:53
nlsthznKilos: knowing Google it should be lighter than FB... but just how light is the question...17:55
Kiloseven  fb by cell is heaps cheaper than from pc17:55
Symmetriaoh god17:56
Symmetriafacebook needs to die17:56
Symmetriatheir announcement today is just evil17:56
Kilosuse 1m from cell in 20 mins and 10m from pc in 3 mins17:56
Symmetriathey have integrated the skype video chat protocol into facebook17:56
Symmetriaso you can make peer to peer video chat calls from inside facebook17:56
Symmetriagoodbye to all forms of bandwidth17:57
nlsthznSounds like Google's thingy... (can't remember the name now)...18:03
* nlsthzn wanted to say facetime but knew that was wrong... imagine 500 million users using the video chat at approx the same time :/18:06
nlsthznthanks superfly 18:06
Symmetrianlsthzn heh imagine tenet's 600k students18:07
Symmetriaall using facebook chat :P18:07
Symmetriawith video18:07
* Symmetria cries18:07
Tonberryi would not get worried over stellenbosch18:07
Tonberrynot with what our bandwidth costs...18:08
Kilosits for all the uncapped peeps18:09
nlsthznNo wonder regulators in the states and other countries want to start putting caps on data usage... 18:09
Kiloswill be a killer to use broadband18:10
Kilosno money for food18:10
Symmetria:( all the students gonna be having naked facebook sex in the labs18:10
Symmetriaonce they get webcams 18:10
Tonberryill have to install n few webcams....18:11
nlsthznSymmetria: you say it like it is a bad thing18:11
Tonberrymost students have laptops with built in webcams already18:11
nlsthznbtw, I seem unable to use Google Realtime ... any one else having any issues with this?18:11
nuvolariKilos: oom oom!18:16
nuvolarimy broer kon ek nou ge-add het18:16
Kilosmoet ek hier ingaan seun18:16
nuvolarinlsthzn: thanks for the linkage!18:17
nuvolariKilos: waar oom?18:17
nuvolariis oom se google profile voltooi?18:17
nuvolariok, gaan na https://plus.google.com/18:17
Symmetriathere is gonna be a new song soon....18:17
Symmetriafacebook killed the internet star :(18:18
nuvolariek hoop nie oom kry nou weer daai ander screen nie :/18:18
nuvolariSymmetria: why?18:18
* nuvolari is a bit out of touch with net rumours18:18
Kilosselfde bladsy18:18
nuvolariKilos: :-/ ok, byt vas oom18:18
nuvolariek gaan gou weer try18:18
Symmetrianuvolari LOL, they stuck skype protocol based video chat into facebook18:18
Symmetriakiss goodbye to all your bandwidth :P18:18
nlsthznnuvolari: Kilos: when I was added took 4 hours of refreshing before I could get in18:19
Kilosoh must i just keep reloading then18:19
nuvolariKilos: try once more?18:20
nuvolariI'll ask my ouboet what he did18:20
Kilosi get to the sign in page then it says try again soon18:21
nuvolaribah :-/18:22
nuvolarithis is not right18:22
Kilosits apartheid back again18:22
Kilosnlsthzn, are you in there18:23
nuvolariapartheid in the internet age18:23
nuvolarifacebook vs. g+18:23
Kilosno man you ous in and i out18:24
nlsthznKilos: yup... got an invite and about 4 hours later I finally got in... I knew it was active when I received an e-mail with an update from G+18:24
nuvolariok, but I added oom Kilos like the day before yesterday18:24
Kilosnlsthzn, try invite me too. maybe they think i not popular enough18:24
nlsthznI don't know how to invite to be truthful :(18:25
Kiloswhen i am in this page must i tick anything special18:28
nuvolariKilos: is there a space for your username and password?18:29
Kilosi have already past there and ticked sign in18:30
Kilosthen i get the small window with 18:30
nuvolariKilos: was it a blackish sign in screen?18:30
Kilosi think it was white, this one is blackish18:31
Kilosi will start again18:31
nuvolarion the right track 18:31
nuvolariif it's a blackish sign in screen it's a good sign18:32
Kilosyip its black to sign in18:33
KilosGoogle+ is in limited Field Trial18:34
KilosAt the moment, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure that you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people.18:34
KilosAlready invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.18:34
nuvolarineeee :'(18:34
nuvolariit's not fair18:34
nuvolariok, nee dis oraait oom, moet maar dan net geduldig wees18:35
Kilosok sal more weer kyk. dankie seun18:35
nuvolariplesier oom, jammer dat dit nie nou dadelik werk nie18:35
Kilosgeen probleem nuvolari 18:36
Kilosi ticked the notify me button and used another gmail address as well18:37
Kilosso now they can mail 2 places to invite me18:38
superflyKilos: oom, do you have a Google Profile?18:38
Kilosyes superfly havent you seen it18:38
Kilosit even has my blog address in18:38
superflyKilos: can you send me the URL?18:38
Kilosok sec i go find it18:39
Kilosis that it18:40
inetpronlsthzn: google realtime is dead because the contract with twitter has ended18:40
inetproAs Deal With Twitter Expires, Google Realtime Search Goes Offline http://searchengineland.com/as-deal-with-twitter-expires-google-realtime-search-goes-offline-8417518:40
inetproapartheid is back for sure18:41
superflyKilos: is there a "profile" section, or a link to "Create a profile" ?18:41
Kilosnext to my pick is an edit profile18:42
inetprosuperfly: please tell if you know about a backdoor to get a new signup18:42
Kilosi am in the profile page now18:42
superflyyou do have a profile18:42
superflyKilos: can you PM me the url you see in your browser?18:42
inetproI tried all the backdoors I could find to get my wife registered18:43
inetpronothing works, they closed the gates18:44
superflyinetpro: does she have a Google profile?18:44
inetprosuperfly: yep18:44
inetproI even tried through the mobile18:44
Kiloslol me too18:45
Kilosalways told you guys google isnt my friend18:46
superflyKilos: check your gmail18:46
Kilosyou mean via evolution?18:47
superflyKilos: via gmail.com if you can18:47
Kilosok i go see18:48
nlsthzninetpro: thanks for the info... that sucks :/18:49
Kilosi am in there superfly 18:50
superflyKilos: do you see an e-mail from me?18:50
Kilosnot in spam either18:52
Kilossee google is not my friend18:52
inetproMaaz_: last tweet by marcog19:00
inetproMaaz_: coffee on19:00
Maaz_inetpro: "@FreelanceWebDev That sucks, oh well just wanted to give it a try. Not enough activity on G+ yet." 19 minutes and 43 seconds ago, http://twitter.com/marcog/statuses/8867873744866918419:00
* Maaz_ puts the kettle on19:00
KilosMaaz_, coffee please19:00
Maaz_Kilos: Okay19:00
marcogMaaz_: https://twitter.com/#!/marcog/status/8867171522328166419:00
Maaz_marcog: marcog: "Trying to setup #Facebook video chat on Ubuntu, but it wants to download an exe. Bad start. :-/"19:00
inetprohmm... 19:01
inetpromarcog: thanks, that's what I was after19:01
tumbleweedmarcog: did you tweet the same thing when you tried g+ hangouts?19:01
marcogtumbleweed: haven't tried, but that apparently works19:01
inetprohangouts works perfectly on my kubuntu19:02
tumbleweedactually they do claim to support linux19:02
tumbleweedbut one would still have to download some binary19:03
inetpromarcog: where did you get the option to do skype in facebook?19:03
marcoginetpro: https://www.facebook.com/videocalling19:03
inetproahh, thanks19:03
marcogtumbleweed: i think it uses flash19:03
Maaz_Coffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!19:04
tumbleweedmarcog: no, it wants to download a plugin (for me)19:04
marcogtumbleweed: oh, ok19:04
tumbleweedI know it's a new API they are wanting browsers to provide19:04
tumbleweedand the plugin is a temporary solution19:04
marcogoh yes, i know what you're talking about19:05
marcogtumbleweed: can you fix Maaz_'s nick?19:05
inetprodrubin: ^^19:05
tumbleweedI don't think so19:05
tumbleweedMaaz_: help nick19:05
Maaz_tumbleweed: Please be more specific. I don't know if you mean actions or nickometer19:05
tumbleweedMaaz_: help sources19:05
Maaz_tumbleweed: Controls and lists the configured sources. You can use it like this:19:05
Maaz_  (connect|disconnect) (to|from) <source>19:05
Maaz_  load <source> source19:05
Maaz_  (sources|list configured sources)19:05
tumbleweedMaaz_: help irc19:05
Maaz_tumbleweed: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.19:05
tumbleweedI think I can't do it :)19:06
tumbleweedcocooncrash_: *poke*19:06
inetprococooncrash_:  you and Maaz_ have a tail19:06
nlsthznso many nick_ again... freenode acting up again?19:06
Tonberrythe tenet update outage maybe?19:06
inetpromarcog: on my side fb also wants me to fix video with an exe19:07
marcogjason said he got a jar on his mac19:08
marcogso i thought we'd get that as well19:08
drubinMaaz_: change nick to Maaz19:11
=== Maaz_ is now known as Maaz
Maazdrubin: Changing nick to Maaz19:11
drubininetpro: ^19:11
Kilosyay well done drubin 19:12
inetprothanks drubin19:12
inetprodrubin: sorry for the rude interruption19:12
drubininetpro: hahah how is a ping rude?19:15
inetprodrubin: you might have been busy with other stuffs19:15
drubininetpro: If I was that busy I wouldn't notice the ping.19:17
drubininetpro: Don't ever feel you can't ping me.19:17
nlsthzndrubin: ping cause I can (I think)19:18
drubinmarcog: video calling.exe.....19:18
drubinmarcog: /me waits for the fake "try the new video caling application click here" links19:19
marcogdrubin: be glad ben didn't hear that :P19:19
marcoghe's trying to hack his ceo19:19
drubinmarcog: easier ways to do that.19:21
marcognot when the person's aware someone's coming after him19:22
=== Hodge is now known as Hodgestar
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:38
marcoginetpro: https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=211644178877843 "Note that video calling for Linux is not currently supported"19:41
nlsthznI am sure uncle Bill is happy19:42
marcoginteresting that they do support mac though19:42
marcoglets hope it's just the rush to get this out soon after g+ that held them back on linux support19:42
nuvolarimeh. I already stopped using skype at work19:45
nuvolariwhen someone doesn't want to talk to me via gtalk, they can walk to my desk :P19:45
nlsthznbecause of gtalk I also never got into Skype19:46
marcogi only use skype if a meeting's been organised in advance19:46
kbmonkeydo you use pidgin with gtalk nuvolari?19:47
nuvolarikbmonkey: well, I actually use bitlbee bridge for that :P19:48
nuvolariso everything is IRC for me19:48
kbmonkeyand for voice calls?19:49
nuvolarikbmonkey: weall, hardly do those ever. if it needs to be, I have empathy19:50
nuvolarihmm, I should test it19:50
nlsthznnuvolari speaks ASCII over VOIP...19:50
nuvolaridon't think I actually did use the voip stuffs19:50
nuvolarilol!! nlsthzn, ya true19:50
kbmonkeyha ha19:51
kbmonkeywow bitlbee looks nice!19:51
nuvolarikbmonkey: if you're paranoid on security you need to host your own IRC server then :P19:51
nuvolaribut I just use the one provided by bitlbee19:52
nuvolariand the twitter bridge too19:52
Symmetriahuge quake 19:52
Symmetria52 minutes ago19:52
Symmetriatsunami warnings out, 1000 kilometers away from .nz19:52
nuvolariand for the record, there's a skype bridge for bitlbee too, but you need to run skype. so it's redundant19:52
kbmonkeyi don't skype19:53
* inetpro \\o/19:53
inetproA major shift is underway in the automotive industry19:53
kbmonkeya gear shift, inetpro ?19:53
inetproToyota Joins Linux Foundation19:53
SymmetriaMalema is funny as hell19:53
nuvolariyay for Toyota!19:53
nlsthznSymmetria: any damage in NZ from quake?19:54
* nuvolari reads19:54
Symmetrianlsthzn no, just tsunami warnings out19:54
nlsthznSymmetria: thanks... still sucks19:55
Symmetriaheh thats a HUGE quake19:55
inetproSymmetria: where do you get that?19:57
nuvolarimapocoloco NZ tsunami warning after 7.8 quake off Kermadecs http://t.co/ORXpZyw19:58
* nuvolari tips hat20:13
kbmonkeynight :)20:16
inetprogood night nuvolari20:20

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