ChogyDan_asdf_: np00:00
aabbccdwewho can tell me how to create email server with POSTFIX ,what i need to do after this commend - sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix ?00:00
szal!caps | _asdf_00:01
ubottu_asdf_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:01
lashaomfg after all this time i think i fixed this BS00:02
QinxuI am attempting a USB install on an HP mini 311. Upon boot,, the system freezes at the boot menu. Any advice? Haven't found anything helpful on my own.00:02
lashathanks guys but grub is a real headache00:02
szallasha: it's 'os-prober'00:02
OerHeksaabbccdwe, al i know there is a wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto00:02
szalseems I misremembered the name00:03
tzhuangCan anyone help me with this:00:03
tzhuangRegarding Ubuntu 11.04 installation: I partitioned around 100MB as a boot partition for which I specified to mount /boot. I then said to install the bootloader to sda7 (the boot partition). During the installation, the installer said I could not install the bootloader to the partition. The gui wouldn't work at that point so I was forced to reboot. Then I tried to install Grub2 manually through a terminal to no avail.  The error I get is "Sector 50 is already in 00:03
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aabbccdwethanks for the link.00:04
szaltzhuang: if you split your message such that all of it is readable, we would appreciate that00:04
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szallapaga: before I forget that - thanks :)00:06
tzhuangszal: I did that last time and someone sarcastically told me not to use the enter key as a punctuation.00:06
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tzhuangRegarding Ubuntu 11.04 installation: I partitioned around 100MB as a boot partition for which I specified to mount /boot.00:07
gohdancan i rate limit the bandwidth usage of apt?00:07
pdtpatrickLooks like we are stuck with the Unity dock? Can't move it in 11.04 nor is it planned to be moved in 11.10 .. Saw a note from Mark Shuttleworth: “I’m afraid the location of the Unity launcher is fixed by design. We want the launcher always close to the Ubuntu button.” .. anyone know of a hack to hide it?00:07
squarebracketwhat's the best partition type to use for windows / linux cross-compatibility?00:07
tzhuangI then said to install the bootloader to sda7 (the boot partition). During the installation, the installer said I could not install the bootloader to the partition.00:07
tzhuangThe gui wouldn't work at that point so I was forced to reboot. Then I tried to install Grub2 manually through a terminal to no avail.00:08
tzhuangThe error I get is "Sector 50 is already in use by FlexNet; avoiding it. This software may cause boot or other problems in the future. Please ask its authors not to store data in the boot track."00:08
KM0201tzhuang: no need to make a mountain out of a molehill, just put grub on the mbr..00:08
tzhuangKM0201: thanks i'll look into that00:09
tzhuangKM0201: Do you know why it wouldn't let me install grub into my boot partition? I was told it was good partitioning pracitce to have a separate boot partition.00:10
KM0201tzhuang: i've been using linux for almost 7yrs, and never one time have I set up a /boot partition for grub..00:10
tzhuangKM0210: iwas following one of the partition schemes on the ubuntu website, the example it gave specified a boot parititon of about 100MB00:11
QinxuInstalling via USB is causing hand at boot menu on my HP Mini 311. Any advive?00:12
riddlerI want to remove games on my lubuntu so I went to Synaptic Package Manager and "mark for complete removal", after that it tells me "Mark additional required changes? the chosen action also affects other packages. the following changes are required in order to proceed. To be removed: lubuntu-desktop  cancel/mark"   do i select it and mark or just hit mark, what will happen, will it remove my lubuntu desktop?00:12
gohdan!tell Qinxu about alternate00:13
ubottuQinxu, please see my private message00:13
wildbatQinxu: should you be in hosiptial ?~ you just lost a hand ;p ~j/k just you haven't make a boot USB successfully ~ try other method of make it.00:14
Qinxugohdan. I am using USB boot00:15
QinxuI am using the specified method. It bppts and gives me the menu. It hangs when I hit a key.00:16
ejoSo... I'm scp'ing a small file (3 MB) over to my account on a server, and scp gets to 100%.  I wait a few seconds and I get a cursor back in my shell but no prompt.  It then takes another two minutes, nearly, to get my prompt back.  Is that just a result of buffering or something in the transfer?00:16
ejoI'm guessing 100% shown by the progress display was only referring to 100% of it having entered the buffer, and it hadn't actually been all transferred at that point.00:16
squarebracketwhat's the best partition type to use for windows / linux cross-compatibility?00:16
squarebracketerr, filesystem type00:16
wildbatsquarebracket: you don't have choose ~ FAT32/ ntfs is all windows can use00:17
gohdansquarebracket:  you can use ext3 if you install the appropriate drivers in windows00:17
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QinxuI used the same stick to insyall on my Eee 90000:17
squarebracketok, so between fat32, ntfs and ext3, which is the best to use? it'll mostly be for storage / backup; windows and linux OS's have their own partitions | wildbat gohdan00:18
squarebracketor does it even matter if performance isn't a huge issue?00:19
tofaffyHello, I'm running Gnome3 in Ubuntu 11.04 and I am trying to figure out what the old "Apperance" program was, as it is no longer installed.00:20
aeon-ltdtofaffy: gnome-apperance-manager iirc00:20
wildbatsquarebracket: i would pick ntfs ~ i don't like ext3 under wins ~ it mount as ext2 ~ fat32 is kinda outdated ~ not files >2GB.00:20
gohdansquarebracket:  ntfs doesnt have the limitations of fat32 and ext isnt native to windows. (although ntfs isnt native to *nix either) ntfs would be the "sane" choice00:20
tonyyarussosquarebracket: Whatever you're using natively.  So, backup the Windows to NTFS, and the Linux to ext3.00:20
aeon-ltdtofaffy: *properties not manager00:20
tofaffyaeon-ltd: That isn't installed, and isn't available in the repos.00:21
squarebrackettonyyarusso, sure, but that would require separate partitions. i don't want to have to juggle partition size, cuz that's /never/ an easy task00:21
squarebracketwildbat, gohdan thanks for your help00:22
simpleblue"ifconfig" in terminal = "bash: ifconfig: command not found" .. using arch. any ideas?00:22
aeon-ltdtofaffy: its part of gnome control centre00:22
simplebluei know i'm missing a package for it. just don't know which one :/00:22
gohdansimpleblue: this is an ubuntu support channel. if you need arch support please use their channel00:23
simplebluegohdan, the programs would be similiar, but i'll leave if you want me to00:23
squarebracketsimpleblue, i've heard arch is a bit difficult, good luck! :)00:23
simplebluei'm finding that out, lol00:24
gohdansimpleblue: they are radically different. and we can not support another distro here. particularly one with such poor security and pkg management practices00:24
westzi'm trying to find someone who might be interested in coding a blog, staying on for support and hopefully making some money in the long term00:24
simplebluealright gohdan, tc00:24
Blue1westz: have you seen my blog?  http://www.pkill-9.com00:24
westzand yeah, i know this isnt the channel for that00:24
gohdansquarebracket: arch is pretty easy. a lazy mans gentoo00:26
westzgohdan,  HA00:26
TrevIncMy sister tried to install Gentoo. She cried.00:26
squarebracketgohdan, hahaha00:26
squarebracketthat's one way of putting it :)00:26
westzgohdan, just as difficult as gentoo really, but a better package manager (imho)00:27
RPG-MasterWhat's the best file system for sharing between Ubuntu and OS X?00:27
StevenRRPG-Master: what's your criteria for "best" ?00:28
RPG-MasterBesides FAT and its limited self.00:28
gohdanwestz: packman _is_ pretty nice.. all those unsigned pkgs it pulls in.... not so much00:28
StevenRRPG-Master: and define "sharing" too00:28
gohdanwestz: https://igurublog.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/archs-dirty-little-notso-secret/00:29
RPG-MasterStevenR: Well, something other than NTFS, but is still easily read able between the two, on an external HDD.00:29
amfcostais there anyway to get the current state of the messages (chat, mail) indicator?00:29
RPG-MasterUnless NTFS is the only easy-to-set-up-and-read FS...00:30
StevenRRPG-Master: so, really you mean "What FS should I use for my external hard disk to allow my mac and my ubuntu box to read it" ?00:30
amfcostapreferably in C... but in pyton will also do it...00:30
RPG-MasterStevenR: Sorry, yeah that about sums it up.00:30
RPG-MasterListening to metal while writing...00:31
squarebracketwestz, gohdan, i've actually debated trying arch just because packman sounds intriguing... but that security issue is good to know00:31
RPG-MasterIt messes with ya'00:31
StevenRRPG-Master: it's cool, just making sure I captured your question correctly :) ... you might try the mac-native fs (HFS+ or whatever it's called?) I think the Linux kernel can read that00:31
RPG-MasterStevenR: Googling it now...00:32
StevenRRPG-Master: or there might be a fuse package for it00:32
gohdansquarebracket: it is even more troubling because the arch lead dev has been rooted on numerous occasions... because of changes he and his teams have made to pkgs in the repo defaulting to the least secure settings, and overwritting any secure confs a user previously had00:32
StevenRRPG-Master: sudo apt-cache search hfs   suggests a few things too00:32
westzsquarebracket, dont let that get to you, it's a very upstream distro so it's inevitable. it's a really good distro, i used it until i broke it, but i didnt have the time to get it set up again (no internet at home, and i leave for the military in a week)00:33
RPG-MasterStevenR: I have read about this MacFuse thing, and how it'll let you use most file systems on a Mac. But I couldn't figure out how to set it up.00:33
StevenRRPG-Master: it's probably easier to let the mac use something native, and let the ubuntu box deal with it :)00:33
RPG-MasterStevenR: Probably. :P00:34
squarebracketgohdan, WOW... that's crazy00:34
squarebracketwestz, maybe i'll set it up in a vm.. just to play it safe :)00:34
gohdansquarebracket: bettter drop a vm in a vm in a vm to be sure. after all... its arch :300:36
RPG-MasterStevenR: Scratch that. Linux can only read HFS+. Linux /can/ write, but you first must turn off journaling. Not good...00:39
squarebracketgohdan, don't worry, i'll throw windows in the mix somewhere... just to throw them off the scent ;)00:39
ubuntunoobie2903How does a program get into the Ubuntu repository? Who is in charge of updating the repository when a new version of a program comes out?00:39
squarebracketoh man, i'm excited to try running the source engine under linux... finally getting a decent install of ubuntu going on my desktop00:41
gohdanubuntunoobie2903: a majority of the pkgs come from the upstream debian repo. the people in charge of updates in ubuntu are the ubuntu package maintainers (aka ubuntu developers)00:41
ubuntunoobie2903So when someone comes out with a new version of their program, are they responsible for submitting that update? Does the update have to be approved?00:43
sdubuntunoobie2903 i believe it does have to be approved otherwise some programmers can put bad code on your computer00:45
gohdanubuntunoobie2903: the maintainer is in charge of obtaining the package, approving, testing, configuring and patching it to work with ubuntu.00:45
squarebracketgohdan, how hard is it to get vetted as a maintainer? i remember at one point there was a package that was not actively maintained, and i wanted to see if i could package it.00:46
temporehi, is there any self-installing software for ubuntu vpn?  because openvpn and fppt dont work neither connect in my ubuntu00:48
gohdansquarebracket: you start off by bug squashing and building a name in the community. eventually you can request or be offered a mentorship and begin that way.00:48
ubuntunoobie2903gohdan: So how do I figure out who is maintaining a particular package?00:49
StevenRRPG-Master: in that case, it's probably the mac-fuse thing you need to look at then, or a format both can read.00:49
StevenRRPG-Master: I'm gone now. (it's nearly 2am here!)00:49
RPG-MasterStevenR: Thanks and goodnight. :)00:50
gohdani believe there is a nice episode about this process on the "This Week in Debian" podcast.  | ubuntunoobie2903 squarebracket00:50
temporehi, is there any self-installing software for ubuntu vpn?  because openvpn and fppt network vpn dont work neither connect in my ubuntu00:50
amfcostaso, is there anyway (in C or Python) to get the state of the messages indicator in 11.04? I mean, to know if there's a notification or not?00:51
Logan_ubuntunoobie2903: http://packages.ubuntu.com/distro/package - e.g. http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/pisg - it displays the maintainer in the right column.00:51
squarebracketgohdan, oh cool, thanks for the tip00:51
gohdanubuntunoobie2903:  the developer in charge of a pkg is noted on packages.ubuntu.com00:51
gohdanit may be in the documentation pulled down by dpkg too00:52
ubuntunoobie2903gohdan: thanks00:53
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asdf486Hi, Im having trouble configuring comcast wireless with mint 11, anyone want to help?00:56
KM0201asdf486: comcast wireless?00:57
gohdanalthough, i am not privy to how difficult it is to break in as an ubuntu developer. most of them are the original debian maintainers and canonical just rsyncs the repo but ubuntu does have many pf there own. debian is the most accessible and easy distro to become active in.00:57
tempore hi, is there any self-installing vpn software for ubuntu ?  because openvpn and fppt dont work  in my ubuntu00:58
gohdanany changes made to debian will more than likely make its way into ubuntu00:58
Gryllidatempore, please describe your problem.00:59
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KM0201asdf486: why don't you state your problem... how do you usually connect via the comcast wireless?.. an internal wireless device, to a router, or an usb wireless device to a router, or what?00:59
ugly_duckonLY started a little while ago00:59
szal!mint | asdf48601:00
ubottuasdf486: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:00
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ugly_ducki have rebooted01:00
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szalKM0201: we don't support Mint, so no use asking01:00
temporeogryllida, ok, hi, is there any self-installing vpn software for ubuntu ?  because openvpn and fppt network vpn dont work , dont connet  in my ubuntu01:00
asdf486i was told any ubuntu help is still applicable in mint01:00
quidnuncWhat is the easiest way to make an autheticated proxy server (HTTP or socks)01:01
KM0201oh i didn't see he was using Mint01:01
szalasdf486: then you were told wrong01:01
KM0201asdf486: usually iti s, but people in #ubuntu, don't support Mint, you need to go to the mint channel01:01
asdf486my card driver is working already, i see the wireless netowrks, there is just some extra authentication or something im not doing because it doesn't accept my sign in credentials01:01
ugly_duckany one?01:01
temporegryllida, a vpn self-installing  client for ubuntu ?01:02
Gryllidatempore, ask the channel and not me; I'm not really knowledgeable in that.01:02
szaltempore: "don't work" is NOT an error description..01:02
Gryllidatempore, I only asked you to say why they can't connect, what is going on exactly.01:02
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.01:03
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asdf486can someone help me out?  the linux mint chat room is much smaller, the probbability of getting the help I need is fairly low01:05
ugly_duckman! anyone even listening01:05
asdf486and ubuntu help for this also applies for mint01:05
KM0201ugisozols: naa.01:05
szalasdf486: Mint != *buntu, period.01:05
Scribbled2xAnyone have a suggestion: perl : Depends: perl-base (= 5.10.1-17ubuntu4.1) but 5.12.4-1ubuntu1 is to be installed as to how to cure this ill?01:05
ugly_duckONE secoND thE kEYboard Is fine, the next its wacked01:06
greyfiendI want to set the ability to drag windows into other virtual desktops, but I can't find any virtual desktop settings in 11.04 studio, anyone got suggestions?01:06
squarebracketugly_duck, that is a hilarious problem, but i'm afraid i can't help you01:06
squarebracketugly_duck, maybe something's wrong with the actual keyboard? have you tried it with another machine?01:06
gohdanugly_duck: clean your keyboard once in a while and this wont happen01:06
ugly_duckits on my laptop01:06
temporeszal I found a VPN client for self-installing ubuntu but commercial and everything is self-configuring01:07
squarebracketugly_duck, i have to agree with gohdan then, it could be a sticky caps lock key01:07
Erealzas some of you might be in the i.t field what the defecto standerd of backing up reinstalling a users desktop installed apps and update and so on...?01:07
bazhangtempore, thats not possible01:07
ugly_duckit would stay on caps then, wouldn't it01:07
ugly_duckbut its not, it can change on any letter as i type01:07
ugly_duckbut oh well01:07
squarebracketugly_duck, it could be a problem with the actual contact of the caps lock key.01:07
temporebazhang i have the link of this vpn client for ubuntu01:07
temporeand i have the file01:08
squarebracketugly_duck, so small vibrations could trigger it, i.e. typing01:08
bazhangtempore, did you have an actual support question? you were trying to run a vpn through wine the other day01:08
gohdanugly_duck: 1)remove shift key cap. 2) clean area under key cap. 3) replace keycap 4) ???????? 5) PROFIT!01:08
* ugly_duck finds another keyboard and replaces it01:08
bazhangtempore, there is no self-installing vpn for ubuntu. please stop.01:09
squarebracketugly_duck, type numbers and see what happens. if they're always numbers it's caps lock. if you get symbols sometimes, it's shift key. but seriously, try what gohdan says, it could just be dirty01:09
ugly_ducksquarebracket: yeah< WHEN I aM typiNG thiS IS WHAT COMES UP$$@!@$# WITHOUT THE CAPS LOCK ON01:10
temporebazhang yeah i have a vpn with wine in ubuntu now01:10
asdf486please does anyone have any ideas on how to configure linux wireless with comcast?01:10
bazhangtempore, take chat elsewhere. this is a support only channel.01:10
asdf486**linux with comcast wireless01:10
temporebazhang is may only vpn in ubuntu yet and ruk becase wine do it01:11
gohdanugly_duck: stop trolling01:11
temporeand run01:11
bazhangasdf486, what version of ubuntu01:11
asdf486here here godhan01:11
ugly_duckgohdan: what ever, this iS A REaL PROBLEM mate01:11
asdf486no its not ugly_duck, can someone help me?01:11
bazhangasdf486, answer my question please01:11
Erealzas some of you might be in the i.t field what the defecto standerd of backing up reinstalling a users desktop installed apps and update and so on...?01:12
ugly_ducki will boot off a live cd and see if that changes things, then i'll know if its the keyboard or software error01:12
ugly_ducksee, i typed that whole sentance without an error01:12
bazhangErealz, depends on what you need. clone?01:13
bazhang!clone | Erealz this may help01:13
ubottuErealz this may help: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:13
Erealzinstalled apps everything that is saved in home dir the whole shabang01:14
bazhangErealz, aptoncd may help01:14
bazhang!aptoncd | Erealz01:14
ubottuErealz: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline01:14
asdf486bazhang can you repeat the question, I cant seem to find it01:14
bazhangErealz, or simple backup ie sbackup01:14
bazhangasdf486, what version of ubuntu01:14
bazhangErealz, really depends on your needs. you could also look at something like clonezilla01:15
asdf486its not ubuntu, its linux mint 11 but I was told for the wireless config it would be the same, and linux mint irc is not being helpful01:15
tom719cohello.  i have a ubuntu 9.04 box and have been having problems installing software and have been told to upgrade the distro01:15
bazhangasdf486, mint is not supported here. try the mint support channels01:15
bazhang!mintsupport | asdf48601:15
ubottuasdf486: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:15
tom719comy question is if i had so much trouble with repositories and dependancies, will a distribution upgrade work?01:16
ParadigmUltraYAY YAY YAY, my Steam is working and so far it looks great!  it's updating the orange box now, so excited to have my game back!01:16
bazhangtom719co, please specify the troubles01:16
squarebracketParadigmUltra, oh man, i'm just about to do the same thing. did you follow any particular guide or anything?01:16
tsimpsontom719co: you need to follow a slightly different procedure to upgrade: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:16
bazhangtom719co, not found for the repos?01:16
tom719coi tried installing webmin, proftpd, and vsftpd, all with trouble with dependancy issues.. it would say things like dependancy xxx needed but not installed01:17
tom719coalso i would get errors on the "apt-get update" commmand01:17
locodir-userCan I get help here?01:17
tom719coi tried making a new sources file with the "old-releases" repositories but it didnt help01:17
bazhanglocodir-user, ask first01:17
bazhangtom719co, that is end of life. please see tsimpson 's link above01:18
ParadigmUltrasquarebracket: http://www.fsckin.com/2007/10/15/how-to-run-team-fortress-2-half-life-2-hl2-ep-12-in-ubuntu-using-wine/01:18
tom719cook thanks01:19
squarebracketParadigmUltra, thanks! literally -just- finished installing linux on my desktop :)01:19
ugly_duckam i better to download and install kbuntu or just install kde on this ubuntu install?01:19
bazhangugly_duck, for what01:19
ParadigmUltrasquarebracket: Good, now you can get to the important stuff like Team fortress 2!01:19
ugly_ducki want kde desktop01:19
bazhangkubuntu-desktop is the package ugly_duck01:19
bazhangugly_duck, install then choose at login window01:20
ugly_duckkeyboard seems to have come right, wahooo01:20
locodir-userMy wireless keeps connecting and disconnecting.  And its not my modem, I believe it the ubuntu I recently downloaded. I have Ubuntu 11.04.01:21
nemorkubuntu will have all the kde applications01:21
nemorwould have01:21
a1fai am trying to purge perl, http://pastebin.com/KH4qXthJ01:22
a1fabut its giving me problems01:22
bazhanglocodir-user, whats the wifi chipset01:22
a1fahow can i remove this package from the database01:22
nemordo you want only to see and try kde or use it as main01:22
asdf486I have the same problemas locodir,there is some basic (probbably universal linux) wireless config that needs to be done to get wireless working with linux.  Im surprised no body knows how to do it...01:22
Simon___Hi, can someone PLEASE help me install a network printer on Lucid Lynx?01:22
bazhangasdf486, this is not mint support please dont ask here01:23
bazhangSimon___, which model number01:23
asdf486I just tried an ubuntu live usb, it does the same thing01:23
Simon___Printer? Brother MFC 782001:23
bazhangSimon___, what does linuxprinting.org database say abou t that01:23
ubunI think i messed up... i was trying to get kdenlive to work correctly and maybe i installed or uninstalled something. i cant install anything that has to do with ffmpeg.  it says this in software center "items cannot be installed or removed until the package catalog is repaired, do you want to repair it now?" when i hit repair it does nothing01:24
Simon___Sorry, I'm new and I've read everything from the Ubuntu forums, but nothing seems to work.01:24
bazhangubun, kdenlive installed from where? PPA?01:24
bazhangSimon___, that is the linuxprinting.org database, no connection to ubuntuforums. please have a look01:25
ubunbazhang: idk i got it from software center01:25
Simon___Sorry, I'm so new that I don't even really understand what you're telling me (although I think it means I'm in the wrong group...?)01:26
bazhangubun, try installing from the terminal and then pastebin the messages01:26
ubunbazhang: k01:26
bazhangSimon___, open a browser---> go to www.linuxprinting.org  click link database, enter printer model and search for number , hit enter, tell us what you find01:27
Simon___ok, thanks01:27
asdf486ok I no longer have mint11, now I have ubuntu.  Does anyone want to help configure comcast wireless with ubuntu?01:28
KM0201asdf486: lol, you're lying, you can't install ubuntu that fast01:28
ubunbazhang: this is what i did "sudo apt-get install kdenlive" and this are the errors Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  kdenlive : Dep01:28
ubunbazhang: kdenlive : Depends: libkdeui5 (>= 4:4.5.85) but 4:4.5.5-0ubuntu2 is to be installed             Depends: libmlt++3 (>= 1:0.7.2+git20110530) but it is not going to be installed             Depends: libmlt4 (>= 1:0.7.2+git20110530) but it is not going to be installed             Depends: ffmpeg but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages01:28
Gryllidaubuntunoobie2903, Got cut off. packages have unmet dependencies:  kdenlive : Dep.01:28
Gryllida!pastebin | udun01:29
ubottuudun: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:29
gohdanasdf486: 'uname -a'01:29
candyalways they want a real ip why why why in this site ? becase they are the dictators of this site but they are anonymous for the another users always01:29
Gryllidaubuntunoobie2903: Sorry, I'm talking to ubun01:29
Gryllidaubun: Please read what ubottu said above.01:29
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oysterI have a question about downloading and installing Linux. Can someone help me?01:29
GryllidaGuest52836: What is your problem? What site you referring to?01:30
gohdanoyster: dont ask to ask, just ask01:30
Gryllidaoyster: If you ask.01:30
Simon___bazhang, you wanted me to enter my printer model in the printer database, right?01:31
Simon___Recommended Driver: Postscript-Brother (Home page, View PPD, directly download PPD, Driver packages: All architectures: 20101122 (RPM for LSB 3.2), 20101122 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (How to install)) Generic Instructions: CUPS, LPD, LPRng, PPR, PDQ, no spooler01:32
itaylor57KM0201, o/01:32
bazhangSimon___, correct01:32
oysterIf I pick the "Run it with Windows" option when downloading Linux, and download then install it. Then it won't replace Windows, I will have the option to boot  from either Windows or Linux at startup, right?01:32
Gryllidaoyster, Right.01:32
bazhangoyster, thats wubi, so yes01:32
ubunGryllida: how do i post bin here?01:32
fauncybillupsI am creating a chef recipe to install postfix.  I would like to install postfix via aptitutde and automatically select the "No Configuration" option that pops up in the ncurses dialog.  Is there any way to do that programatically?01:33
gohdanwubi is like a vm-ish thing right?01:33
Gryllidaubun, Paste the new URL that you get after submitting.01:33
bazhangubun, paste.ubuntu.com and give us the url01:33
oysterOk, thanks!01:33
Gryllidagohdan, Yes, that's correct.01:33
ubunbazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638632/plain/01:33
Simon___(Just so you know, I've tried going through the 'Add New Printer' routine - using the printer's IP address, and it does add my printer name, but it never seems to communicate and actually print anything.)01:33
asdf630ok i did uname, it displays my system information...01:35
gohdanasdf630: paste the output in here01:36
ubunI get this when i try to uninstall ffmpeg http://paste.ubuntu.com/638634/ (ill mention that i did have it before, but after trying to get a good video editor i must have done something wrong)01:36
ParadigmUltraSimon___: I'm no expert, but make sure that you have any SAMBA requirments that there might be.01:36
ubuncorrection install01:36
Simon___I did run SAMBA and made an exception for it in my Firewall.01:37
ParadigmUltraSimon___: You may need to setup a host file with the names of devices, or run a DNS server01:37
tom719coI don't see 10.04 (non-LTS) on this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases01:37
Simon___Man, that's all way beyond me01:37
tom719coAm I missing something?01:37
szaltom719co: there is no 10.04 non-LTS01:37
ParadigmUltraOr maybe a DNS client rather than server, I'm sure someone here knows.01:37
tom719cook so what is the oldest free version of Ubuntu?01:37
Simon___I wonder why the native "Install New Printer" sequence doesn't work01:37
tom719cothat is still supported01:37
szaltom719co: all versions of *buntu are free01:38
ubuntom719co: why do you need to know that?01:38
tom719coszal: but isnt LTS long time support - paid support?01:38
szaltom719co: no01:38
greyfiendI want to set the ability to drag windows into other virtual desktops, but I can't find any virtual desktop settings in 11.04 studio, anyone got suggestions?01:38
szalLTS says nothing about paid or not01:38
TheNanderAnyone know how to update your version of ubuntu if you use wubi01:38
gohdantom719co: it just means that the release will be maintained01:38
tom719coubun: because I have a Ubuntu 9.04 system and I don't want to upgrade it all the way to current version.. but instead to the oldest supported version01:39
tntcis there a way to remove duplicate songs from Banshee?01:39
tom719coso how do they make any money at all?01:39
ParadigmUltraSimon___: Might need some additional config for network printing, however alas, I did manage to setup network printing and file sharing on my last incarnation of Ubuntu, by following a guide I found online, and I'm no wiz.  I wish I had the link, but it was in google toolbar which I can get anymore :-(01:39
KM0201tom719co: oldest supported is 10.04 i do believe.01:39
ubuntom719co: have you tried 10.0401:39
tom719cothat's what my plan was01:39
ANONYMOUSIPalways they want a real ip why why why in this site ? becase they are the dictators of this site but they are anonymous for the another users always01:39
szalon the desktop: 10.04 LTS, for server use: 8.04 LTS is still supported as well01:40
ubuntom719co: is it a question of old hardware?01:40
ParadigmUltraI kept all my bookmarks in google toolbar, now I can't install it with the new firefox.  sux01:40
tom719coubun: it's a server and i dont want to take an unneccasry risk01:40
ShariffHi there01:40
ubuntom719co: i dont know anything about that.01:40
ShariffHow can I get a list of packages that I can install with apt?01:40
tom719coubun: it's a production server01:41
gohdantom719co: then you should run debian stable01:41
Shariffi.e. list all packages starting with foo*01:41
tom719cogohdan: i didnt pick the OS..01:41
ParadigmUltra!network printing01:41
ubunso can anyone help me  figure this out -----> http://paste.ubuntu.com/638634/01:41
EmuAlertCan I fairly safely replace one Ubuntu installation with another?01:41
KM0201EmuAlert: define "fairly safely"01:42
gohdanEmuAlert: and replace in what manner?01:42
ANONYMOUSIPin windows i can be anonymous ever because  i have many vpn clients but in ubuntu i only can be anonymous with a vpn client to run with wine, why?01:42
EmuAlertKM0201: As in, wipe the current Ubuntu installation and replace it entirely, while keeping the same parition size and not screwing up my other partitions01:43
tsimpsonShariff: use apt-cache01:43
KM0201EmuAlert: its very easy... if you pay attention.;01:43
szaltom719co: there is no supported upgrade path from 9.04 to 10.04 any more, so you basically have 2 options: keep 9.04 running but be aware that it's out of support, or reinstall w/ 10.04, that'll keep you running till 12.04, upgrade to which will be supported, or till approx. spring 2015 at the latest01:43
tsimpsontom719co: see the guide I gave you01:44
gohdanEmuAlert: then, yes. you should also probably use a separate '/home' partition01:44
KM0201gohdan: not really01:44
ANONYMOUSIPhow ubuntu can be sure if is so difficult to install a vpn client native?01:45
tom719coszal/tsimpson: i'm getting conflicting information ...  the link shows an upgrade path to 10.04 still.   I dont *require* it to be upgraded fully.. It's just that I couldn't install anything. But after using the sources.list provided in the EOL document, I can now install what I needed.. So I'm not sure if I should proceed01:45
szalANONYMOUSIP: there is no such thing as anonymity on the Internet; there'll always be a way to find out your IP, you can only make it more difficult01:46
tsimpsontom719co: you should, as you will get no security updates with 9.0401:46
ubuntunoobie2903Could anyone help me figure out where scid is putting its configuration file. The program has an error at start up because it is trying to execute an invalid command, it promptly freezes, and automatically closes out. I have tried permanently removing the package, restarting, searching for any scid files and deleting them, but when I reinstall it still executes the invalid command (open a chess engine that I was tr01:47
ubuntunoobie2903ying to get it to run) and crashes. I can't find the damn ghost of a configuration file.01:47
ANONYMOUSIPszal ok but my vpn client in ubuntu with wine is the most sure of all?01:47
gohdanANONYMOUSIP: running anything in wine on *nix is almost certainly not "sure" at all01:48
szalwhatever "sure" is supposed to mean in this context01:48
KM0201ANONYMOUSIP: why on earth would you run a vpn clien tw/ wine?  that seems extremely reckless01:48
ParadigmUltraWow, Team Fortress 2 is now free!01:48
ParadigmUltraFigures, when I mature and actually start paying for games instead of stealing them, they become free.01:49
* gohdan insert copying is not theft argument here01:49
szalANONYMOUSIP: also, the purpose of a VPN is not anonymity but inability for 3rd parties to break into sensitive connections01:49
ANONYMOUSIPyeah but i only have in ubuntu this vpn althoug be a risk to run with wine in ubuntu01:50
gohdanANONYMOUSIP:   'apt-cache search vpn' stop running things in wine01:52
KM0201ANONYMOUSIP: if you're that concerned about security, the last thing i wouold do, is run a VPN via wine01:53
ANONYMOUSIPfor now only with wine in ubuntu i can have a vpn for ubuntu why why why becase im very silly for use ubuntu native?01:53
bazhangANONYMOUSIP, please stop asking this01:53
ANONYMOUSIPbazhang ok but i can have a vpn client for ubuntu for now01:54
bazhangANONYMOUSIP, first of all, its not possible to do in wine, as the helpers in #winehq have told you.01:54
ANONYMOUSIPi cant01:54
ParadigmUltraANONYMOUSIP: I believe the point is that while Ubuntu is relativley secure, windows is not and niether is Wine.01:55
szalANONYMOUSIP: you can't what?01:55
KM0201ParadigmUltra: bingo...01:55
bazhangANONYMOUSIP, thats enough01:55
ANONYMOUSIPbazhang can you see my network now ?01:55
ANONYMOUSIPi use a vpn with wine now is true01:56
ANONYMOUSIPsince ubuntu01:56
gohdanANONYMOUSIP: i already gave you a command to find native vpn solutions for ubuntu. or you can search the ubuntu package archive at packages.ubuntu.com. the options are legion. otherwise, please stop asking this question after we have given you plenty of answers to your question01:56
* KM0201 knew that was coming01:57
brewsterwhat is the rdp port on ubuntu?01:58
ParadigmUltraIs it just me, or is everything just more pleasant in Ubuntu?01:58
ParadigmUltraWhen it works, anyway01:58
szalParadigmUltra: more pleasant than where?01:59
brewsternevermind :]02:00
ParadigmUltraIt's a bit more  fun than my windows 7.  Maybe it's all the free apps to explore, or how my transparant triangle of virtual desktops with an animated panaramic nature background  makes me feel like I'm in the woods. I dunno.02:01
thetruebazhang ; someone modify this vpn to run on wine with Ubuntu I downloaded the file and works better than windows02:02
KM0201thetrue: lol... you just can't let it go.02:03
tom719coso i'm tryin to upgrade 9.04 to 9.10, but get:02:03
tom719co"An upgrade from 'jaunty' to 'lucid' is not supported with this tool."02:04
tom719cowhy isnt it trying to upgrade to Karmic?02:04
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.02:05
thetrueKM201 what???02:05
DaekdroomMaybe it's because Karmic reached EoL02:05
bazhang!ot | thetrue02:05
ubottuthetrue: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:05
tom719cook but i'm following EOL process to bring it to a supported release02:05
=== tum is now known as Guest84368
bazhangthetrue, you've been asked to stop many times now.02:05
sdjoin #ubuntu-offtopic02:06
thetrueok but i have a vpn with wine now in ubuntu02:06
* gohdan facepalm02:06
bazhangsd /join02:06
thetrueand you say me not02:06
bazhangthetrue, great. please stop talking about it here02:06
=== Guest86646 is now known as jeno
tsimpsontom719co: are you following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Jaunty ?02:07
krypton_caostem alguem que fale portugues aqui?02:07
gohdanjeno:  ahoy hoy02:07
szal!pt | krypton_caos02:07
ubottukrypton_caos: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:07
thetruei hate to have a vpn with wine now because ubuntu wont do it easy02:08
bazhangthetrue, last warning. please stop02:08
tom719cotsimpson: yes exactly.  at step "sudo do-release-upgrade" i get the error because it's trying to upgrade to lucid02:09
crazybrainmy audio stopped working in browser :(02:11
n-iCeany idea?02:11
n-iCesudo iwconfig wlan2 txpower 30mW02:11
n-iCeError for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) : SET failed on device wlan2 ; Invalid argument.02:11
=== FORTHELULZ is now known as Koopa516
crazybraincant hear songs on Youtube or any other website02:12
crazybrainin any browser02:12
alexleonhey ppm :) im cating with samsung support cuz i want to set up my printer's wi fi with ubuntu but i think they will not be able to help me :P02:12
ParadigmUltraCrazybrain, have you checked your sound/ALSA settings?02:13
=== felipe__ is now known as kidslax
crazybrainits working fine with movie player02:13
ParadigmUltraok, then check if your firefox has the ALSA plugin02:14
tom719cowhat is the best FTP server for allowing 1 web developer (who wont just use SSH..) FTP access to a specific account that's already in the system?02:14
szaltom719co: tell that person to use scp ;)02:14
=== esigeen is now known as xsign
palhmbsI'm still having problems with my fonts even after re-installing all of them...02:17
palhmbsit's weird, my browser displays most pages fine - yet google search results are all squashed up02:18
tom719coszal: well we at least said he had to VPN in if he had to use FTP.. not sure why02:18
palhmbsand I thought I had it fixed through re-installing - but now, after a reboot it's back :(02:18
bobweaverhi there I am trying to find a list of all things installed any one know where that is ?02:22
gohdanbobweaver: in synaptic they are listed in the 'status' > 'installed' tab02:23
bobweavergohdan, thatnks but I am looking for something in the file system02:24
bazhangbobweaver, dkpg -l will do that as well02:24
bazhangwhoops thanks szal02:25
bazhangbobweaver, dpkg -l02:25
gohdanbobweaver: or are you trying to find the /location/ of a recently installed pkg?02:25
bobweavergohdan, no dpkg -l works great02:26
alexleoncan someone download this driver and see if i can use it in ubuntu?02:26
alexleoncuz it says for linux02:27
alexleonbut i cant find the way to install it02:27
gohdanbobweaver: you mentioned file system so i wasnt entirely sure what you meant.02:27
szalalexleon: (1) use it for what?  (2) unpack & read the included documentation; it most probably tells you how to install it02:27
KM0201alexleon: what is that driver for?02:28
alexleonfor my printer02:28
bazhangalexleon, what printer model and number02:28
alexleonthat samsung support person told me to download02:28
bazhangalexleon, check linuxprinting.org   ---> first02:28
bobweavergohdan, thanks for helping my bad with the way I wrote the question02:29
bazhangalexleon, check the website I just linked for you02:29
bazhangalexleon, their database.02:29
szalalexleon: http://www.openprinting.org/printers02:30
szalperhaps someone should put that in a factoid02:30
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows02:30
alexleonill check it out02:30
bazhangszal, ^02:30
szalI bookmarked it to save some clicks because I only knew the old URL linuxprinting.org that doesn't go straight to the printer database02:31
bazhanggood point. feel free to suggest edits to the factoid szal02:31
szalbazhang: replace http://linuxprinting.org by the above URL given by me02:31
alexleoni found it02:32
alexleonit says02:32
alexleonSamsung 3185FW02:32
alexleon 02:32
alexleonBlack & White printer, this is a Paperweight02:32
FloodBot1alexleon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
alexleon 02:32
bazhangalexleon, paperweight is not a good sign02:32
i2iotI play guitar and use Adobe Audition in windows to lay tracks over others.... is there an ubuntu alternative sound editing and capturing software?02:33
hamneggaSound support sucks in linux02:33
bazhang!equivalents > i2iot02:33
ubottui2iot, please see my private message02:33
szali2iot: ardour, so I've heard..  I don't use it myself02:33
gohdani2iot: ardour02:33
hamneggaso I've heard.  I've had to mess only with standard oss and alsa myself02:33
i2iotThanks, will check it out!02:34
gohdani2iot: might also want to consult the package list for ubuntu studio edition02:34
hamneggawierd we both used the same phrase02:34
szalhamnegga: it does, but install the -rt (or was it -lowlatency?) kernel & run the stuff w/ JACK & you'll be surprised what you can get out of it02:34
szalhamnegga: provided you have decent hardware, that is02:35
hamneggaI was actually just thinking of compiling and trying linux-3.0-rc502:36
hamneggaIs there anything I need to consider in compiling the kernel for amd64, or should that be fine, make make modules etc.02:36
* szal would guess that somebody else already got their hands dirty w/ kernel 3.0 & you just need to search for a PPA that has it02:37
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)02:37
hamneggaI don't have a dedicated sound card, just nforce 6150SE02:37
i2iotCan someone help me with this02:38
i2iotYour system has a limit for maximum amount of locked memory. This might cause Ardour to run out of memory before your system runs out of memory.02:38
i2iotYou can view the memory limit with 'ulimit -l', and it is normally controlled by /etc/security/limits.conf02:38
hamneggaI wanna see ubuntu get some nvidia drivers that'll support both onboard and dedicated GPU's, simultaneously, for CUDA purposes.  I use CUDA with my GTX 460, but unlike windows, x won't boot unless I disable the onboard card02:38
gohdani2iot: it should be fine under most circumstances.02:39
szalcan Ardour run w/o JACK?  because installing JACK should modify limits.conf automatically (it did here)02:40
hamneggaThe point is to use the bleeding edge kernel, not download and install the ubuntu package source manually.  Jeez02:42
alexleon:O i could print a test page02:43
gohdanszal: i dont think you can. it seems to be highly dependent on jack02:44
ledjoHi I can't mount anything usb any more, I can only see usb device when I type lsusb and thats all, I tested fat usb stick, ntfs usb flash02:44
L1nuxRulesledjo error when attempting to mount?02:44
ledjoand psp and its the same no auto run, not in /media/usb nothing02:45
ledjojust nothing happens02:45
L1nuxRulesledjo how you trying to mount?02:46
alexleonif my printer works with usb can i set it up with wi fi?02:46
ledjoput inside and wait and nothing happens than I want to manually mount it but I dont know what /dev it is02:47
odie5533is there a way to ls files with two extensions? like avi files and mkv?02:47
L1nuxRulesledjo pastebin your fdisk -l or if thats all you need that will show you all the disk devices02:48
L1nuxRulesledjo probably need to run it as sudo if its an ubuntu desktop02:48
ledjoI said I dont know what /dev obviously I used fdisk l to check02:48
jribodie5533: ls *.avi *.mkv02:49
L1nuxRulesok well what /dev is mounted and whats not thats listed in fdisk02:49
ledjoand its not listed02:49
L1nuxRulesledjo sounds like your usb device is dead then02:49
=== thesheff17 is now known as thesheff17|AFK
ledjoIm talking about 3 devices and they all work on windows desktop02:50
szalledjo: did you try to reboot & see if that brings it back?02:50
ledjoif u dont know what to say then pssst02:50
L1nuxRuleslmao fu was only trying to help02:50
bazhang!attitude | ledjo02:50
ubottuledjo: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:50
gohdan!tell thesheff17|AFK about afk02:51
ubottuthesheff17|AFK, please see my private message02:51
ledjoof course I rebooted and did everything I can I wouldnt ask questions here02:51
bazhangledjo, please be civil02:51
thesheff17|AFKgohdan: sorry about that02:52
ledjobazahang Im ignoring u cause people here told me to02:52
stercorI just upgraded from 10.04->10.11->11.04.  Shortly after the boot process begins, the monitor displays "Sync. Out of Range".  I have a terminal, so I can repair things.  What to do?02:52
odie5533jrib: thanks02:52
ledjoI have a serious situation here I dont need lectures02:52
=== thesheff17|AFK is now known as thesheff17
gohdanstercor: sounds like maybe the display resolution is set too high or too low02:53
L1nuxRulesledjo reinstall your usb drivers then help with that > /dev/null02:53
ledjowhat 'usb drivers' ?02:54
stercorgohdan: There's no config file in /etc/X11...I remember from the bad old days setting up a monitor...I hope I don't have to go through that again.02:54
L1nuxRulesledjo go back to windows02:54
stercorgohdan: But I will if necessary.02:54
ledjoIm using only ubuntu here02:54
ledjoon laptop02:54
ledjowindows is desktop02:55
L1nuxRulessell your laptop then02:55
stercorledjo: do you dual-boot?02:55
gohdanstercor: im probably not the best person to assist you with troubleshooting X issues02:55
stercorledjo: What's the problem?02:55
ledjocant mount any usb device02:56
stercorgohdan: Thanks.  That's better than trying things and breaking them further.02:56
ledjoi.e. fat flash, ntfs flash and psp02:56
szalstercor: what gfx card?02:57
stercorgohdan: Issue the 'mount' command.02:57
gohdanstercor: but, IIRC there is no Xorg.conf generated if you use the proprietary nvidia drivers. but dont quot eme on that02:57
stercorszal: I don't know.02:57
ChogyDanledjo: have you checked dmesg when you plug in the devices?02:57
szalstercor: lspci | grep -i vga02:57
stercorszal: Is there a way to find out?02:57
ledjoyes, its everything fine02:57
stercorszal: Mental telepathy...02:57
gohdanstercor:   'lspci | grep VGA'02:57
ledjoi see devices when I type lsusb02:58
szalgohdan: the nVidia driver itself does not generate one, but nvidia-xconfig does02:58
ledjothey are just not mounted02:58
GucciSERVER -h02:58
stercorszal: gohdan: GeForce 6150 noforce 40] rev 202:59
L1nuxRulesledjo have you just upgraded your kernel?02:59
szalstercor: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig <- then reboot03:00
stercorszal: Oh, for cut-and-paste in the terminal window... :-~03:00
ChogyDanledjo: I really don't know.  So Im just throwing ideas.  Does dmesg tell you what /dev assignment it gets?03:00
ledjojust a sec03:00
ChogyDanledjo: here is my dmesg when I plug in a drive: http://pastebin.com/hSKvQQK0   It is connected as sdc03:02
fission6is there a package for pypy (python interpreter)03:02
stercorledjo: what file systems do you have?03:02
stercorledjo: NTFS and something else...03:03
ledjoon usb?03:03
stercorledjo: Do you have a command-line interface?03:03
stercorledjo: On the USP.03:03
L1nuxRulesthe file system wouldnt cause this problem03:03
L1nuxRulesyoud get some kind of error if it was the file system03:03
ledjothats right thats why I said its ok03:04
TML-prvPardon if this seems like a silly question, but I'm more comfortable on Debian than Ubuntu, and I can't seem to find the Apache debug symbols on Ubuntu - on debian, it'd be in apache2-dbg, but natty at least seems to have no such package03:04
stercorLinuxRules: but the correct mount command would help.03:04
fission6i am running lxde whats the best way to update from karmic to the latest ubuntu?03:04
stercorledjo: cd /dev03:04
edbianfission6: sudo do-release-upgrade   (assuming it's installed and karmic isn't dead)03:04
fission6assuming what's installed?03:05
fission6well ill try03:05
L1nuxRulesstercor yes but if the command was wrong it would sderr03:05
stercorledjo: If you do an ls you'll get a whole bunch of output.  What you're looking for is /dev/sd* with a 1 as the last character.03:06
=== D34X is now known as Dommer
fission6it is edbian is there anything else i should be aware, like closing things down etc.03:06
fission6and do i risk more memory usage by upgrading03:06
ChogyDanledjo: can I see your dmesg from when you plug in the device?03:07
edbianfission6: I don't remember the exact benchmarks (nor do I know what number karmic is and what release comes after it).  I doubt you'll notice more memory consumption unless you have memorized how much ram you are typically using for different activites03:07
stercorL1nuxRules: I'm telling ledjo how I'd approach the problem.  There most certainly is a better way; and I would like to find it out.03:07
ledjoI know till yesterday it was sdc103:07
fission6wonder if its worth it edbian03:07
sirdanHello. I'm trying to figure out why my wireless insn't working. I've tried to follow directions on the help boards, but I'm very new to this OS. In fact, I can't even seem to find out what wireless card I have. Suggestions?03:07
edbianfission6: You can run things while the upgrade runs.  You might notice some strangeness but a restart (or IRC help) can fix anything that drops up03:07
szalfission6: Karmic is dead, so it's definitely worth it03:07
edbianfission6: It's worth it because it's fun and exciting.  Also, karmic will eventually die and no longer be supported.03:08
fission6let me give it a go03:08
stercorL1nuxRules: I would look for the /dev/sd*1 file and mount -t ntfs /dev/sd*1 /somedirectory03:08
L1nuxRulesstercor wasnt having a go or anything was just trying to fil you in on the situation as I thought you hasd just joined03:08
Scribbled2xCan someone explain why I get this error and cannot install perl properly:  I know it is basic, but cannot find a solution03:08
Scribbled2xperl : Depends: perl-base (= 5.10.1-17ubuntu4.1) but 5.12.4-1ubuntu1 is to be installed03:08
edbianfission6: or it's dead now!  which means do-release-upgrade won't work I think03:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:08
ledjoit says: [ 1724.528041] usb 1-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 503:08
szaledbian: don't see why it wouldn't, as Lucid is still alive & kicking03:08
L1nuxRulesstercor ye which would produce an error regarding the filesystem if it was /ext4 for example03:09
edbianszal: Is lucid what you go to?  IDK know the names anymore03:09
szalstercor: how about you finish your nVidia driver installation? ;)03:09
L1nuxRulesstercor no error messages are produced03:09
szaledbian: if I read correctly, fission6 has Karmic (9.10) and wants to upgrade to Lucid (10.04)03:09
fission6i kicked off do-release-upgrade03:10
fission6its doing its thing03:10
edbianszal: he definitely has karmic03:10
fission6is there anything i should do post upgrade?03:10
edbianThis conversation is moot03:10
fission6run anything else03:10
ChogyDanledjo: that's it?    well, regardless, here is another stab in the dark idea: sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd03:10
edbianfission6: explore! :D  (restart too, but I think it makes you do that)03:10
fission6hmm ok, cool.03:10
ChogyDanScribbled2x: try: apt-cache policy perl-base03:10
edbianfission6: You like Ubuntu?  You have a very old version.03:11
stercorszal: I've installed nvidia-current; it couldn't find the other package, but nvidia-current pulled in some packages that seem to be appropriate.03:11
fission6edbian, what am i missing? probably not much03:11
stercorszal: I guess it's reboot time...03:11
szalstercor: what other pkg?  nvidia-xconfig is not a pkg, it's a command that comes w/ the nVidia driver03:11
Scribbled2xChogyDan it produced more stuff I have never seen before - I am new to apt-get so I am kinda retarded03:12
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
L1nuxRulesstercor sudo service gm restart then init 5 when you login from the bash login03:12
edbianfission6: Ubuntu changes a great deal from release to release.  You'll see default apps change, features added everywhere, old bugs fixed and replaced by new bugs.03:12
cpruittJust starting with first try at an Ubuntu server and kind of in the deep end.  I'm troubleshooting intermittent system crashes/lockups and am a little stuck with troubleshooting.  I'm trying to verify that we're using the right drivers & such for our hardware raid.  I'm looking at things like this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man4/amr.4.html but don't know how to tell if this is already installed or not.  Not to ask a dumb03:12
cpruittquestion but... umm.... can anyone help out the new guy??? :-)03:12
ChogyDanScribbled2x: you are welcome to pastebin it, and I can look03:12
edbianfission6: In Ubuntu 11.04 there is an entirely new interface.  That's about as big a change as one could make!03:12
stercorszal: Oh, I misunderstood.  I'll do the nvidia-xconfig.  Thanks for the heads up.03:12
Scribbled2xwhat is pastebin - yet another thing that has changed since I have done this03:12
fission6edbian, true but i am using lxde cause i have 1 gig of ram03:13
ChogyDan!paste | Scribbled2x03:13
ubottuScribbled2x: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:13
ledjochogy dan: FATAL: Module ehci_hcd is builtin03:13
edbianfission6: I have 1Gb of ram and I run gnome (or I could run KDE)03:13
Gryllidacpruitt, "apt-cache show packagename"03:13
edbianfission6: Really, 1Gb is plenty03:13
dr_willisive ran ubuntu on 1gb03:13
edbian512Mb is neough!03:13
ubottuScribbled2x, please see my private message03:13
=== Alternative is now known as Guest88939
cpruittGryllida: Thanks, I'll give that a shot03:13
fission6well chrome and playing music seems to eat up my memory and get glitchy - at least in karmic03:13
fission6maybe there were some leaks and 10.4 will run better03:13
stercorszal: the xorg.conf looks _MUCH_ better than the 2-line one I had before.03:14
edbianfission6: perhaps, 10.04 is a LTS so it is more stable03:14
Scribbled2xChogy working through that now - thank you - let me see if I can get it up there03:14
L1nuxRulesa gnome install can use around 700mb of ram without tweaking so if your just browsing the web that would be fine with 1gb03:14
cpruittAre raid drivers installed just like any other package?  Seems like they should be all complicated & linuxy...03:14
edbianfission6: Also, it is actually supported03:14
dr_willislubuntu has seeen a lot of improvements03:14
L1nuxRulesIve had to work on xp machines with less!03:14
fission6what do you mean by suported03:14
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:14
edbianfission6: updates are being written03:14
pat201i cant get WINE to run, any tips?03:14
* szal finds 2 GB barely enough to run one of the 'fat' DEs on03:15
stercorszal: reboot time. BRB.03:15
stercorledjo: I haven't forgotten you.03:15
fission6eh i doubt chrome, my 8 terminal windows, totem, and irc client will run under gnome smoothly - lxde has been great for low memory03:15
szalpat201: you don't run Wine, you run (Windows) applications w/ Wine03:15
Scribbled2xChogy-Dan I have it in paste bin, but what do I do with it - how do I get it to you03:15
ChogyDanScribbled2x: post the web address into the chat03:16
dr_willisfission6: =my netbook could do that fine with 1gb ram03:16
Scribbled2xI see now03:16
cpruittGryllida: apt is telling me it's not installed. Any tips on tracking down what driver is being used?  I tried using dconf to see if I could glean any insight and about had a stroke from the volume of info.03:16
gohdanpat201: #winehq03:16
ledjoehci_hcd is for sure not the /dev name...03:16
fission6dr_willis, im glad thats the case for you - again maybe under 10.4 i can do it too we'll see03:16
Scribbled2xI built a live CD from scratch but I am having some problems installing packages - something to do with dependencies and all...03:16
ChogyDanScribbled2x: how did you install perl-base?03:16
ledjoits just wrong03:17
ChogyDanledjo: no, that is the driver03:17
fission6hahahaha "34 packages are going to be removed. 222 new packages are going to be03:17
fission6installed. 1592 packages are going to be upgraded.03:17
Scribbled2xapt-get install perl-base03:17
Gryllidacpruitt, what is 'it? If it's not installed, why not just install it?03:17
ledjoonly 1st time worked automount03:17
Scribbled2xI did it wrong Itake it?03:17
dr_willislxde-lubuntu in 11.04 is very nicely done03:17
ledjoi did amont03:17
ledjobut obviously it doesnt work03:17
L1nuxRulesregarding the usage of X Im running gnome on mine and Im using 497gb03:17
ChogyDanScribbled2x: somehow, you have the oneiric version of perl-base installed03:18
cpruittGryllida: It's the driver for our hardware raid.  I want to be careful because if I hose our raid then the box is dead in the water and wont be able to access the HDDs03:18
=== BlackZ is now known as Guest64497
cpruittI'm reluctant to just arbitrarily start changing raid controller drivers03:18
Scribbled2xit should be - that was the goal - but now im thinking I missed something in my planning so to speak03:18
ChogyDanScribbled2x: maybe it is from the livecd you made?03:18
Scribbled2xit is - that is a chroot environtment03:19
ChogyDanScribbled2x: are you trying to run natty or oneric?03:19
Gryllidacpruitt, drivers are preinstalled in linux and usually work out of the box; if it's otherwise, you would need to give a short description of what you're doing; please ask the channel rather than me because I'm not particularly knowledgeable in that.03:19
ledjotill yesterday I had to use sudo mount -t; -r -v every time I connect the dev but since today its not even listed03:19
fission6so why would i upgrade to lucid and not 11.0403:19
cpruittGryllida: No problem.  Thanks for the reply none the less.03:19
Scribbled2xthat is where I am getting messed up - i keep seeing natty wharhal crap everywhere03:19
ChogyDanScribbled2x: well, you sources are natty, that is the problem03:20
L1nuxRulescpruitt Id take your questions to a more advanced Linux channel if I was you03:20
L1nuxRulesin fact mail Linus T :)03:20
Scribbled2xWell that is why we have rm  for - so we can start over and reread what we apparently missed the first time03:21
cpruittL1nuxRules: Not a bad idea.  Any channel you'd recommend?  I just ended up here cause it's the distro we're using.  Is there a more generic Linux channel?03:21
ledjomounting usbs and sambashare are 2 things I hate in this ubuntu...03:21
dr_willisits the same as earlier releases ledjo  ;)03:22
Scribbled2xChogyDan these versions are somewhat difficult to keep track of, mainly because I just picked this back up after a 10 year break in using it03:22
Gryllidacpruitt, you didn't include much details in your question; I still don't see what you're after and why and what doesn't work; if you just ask here with more information, it may work.03:22
L1nuxRulescpruitt no I dont sorry, I only use the distro based chans good luck with the probs though03:22
Scribbled2xBut thanks - I appreciate the help - I will re read everything and try to figure out what the heck I am doing wrong03:23
ChogyDancpruitt: you can look at what drivers are in use with sudo lshw03:23
ChogyDanScribbled2x: I don't know about livecd creation03:23
kwtm2ledjo: Have you found a way around the usb mounting?  It used to be beautiful on my Kubuntu box until I installed Evolution, and then apparently somehow Gnome had to get involved every time I plugged in a usb mount or SD card --not sure what Evolution has to do with mounting USB.03:23
ledjoI meant in this ubuntu distro, i used fedora and debian and didnt have these problems03:23
cpruittGryllida: Sorry I thought I'd posted a description in my first inquiry but I'm happy to rephrase03:23
Scribbled2xChogyDan - I did it 10 years ago but in a lot of ways it was easier and in many ways it seems to have been harder.  Overall, if I can get through this crap this will obviously be the better way to do it.03:24
ledjowhich I dont understand theyre all debian :)03:24
zeppelin101i got a question about curl.. how is it possible that if 'curl www.somesite-a.com' produces output, I can easily pipe it to a file (> a.txt), but somesite-b, which also produces output (in terminal), upon output redirection, generates a 0 byte output file?03:24
rypervencheDebian <303:25
cpruittI'm setting up my first Linux box as a server.  I'm troubleshooting the box because it intermittently crashes without any real indication of why in the logs I've known enough to check.  Grasping at straws we're trying to at least verify that all of our hardware is fully supported and that nothing needs to be patched.03:25
szalledjo: Fedora is Debian? :o03:25
dr_willisledjo: fedora is not debian03:25
kwtm2ledjo: Ubuntu is special. They like to change things around to say, "Hi!  I'm Ubuntu!" --even when Kubuntu is working fine. Very strange. :P03:25
kwtm2Anyway, good luck ledjo.  Gotta run.03:25
ledjobut tis not SO other than deb03:25
cpruittWe're using a hardware (not software) raid and I'm currently trying to verify that there's nothing wrong with the hardware we have and the software that's making the OS aware of it.03:26
dr_willisi   normally have kde and gnome both on my ubuntu boxs and rary have issues with the automounter03:26
cpruittChogyDan: Thank you for the tip.  I'll give that a shot03:26
tzhuangHello guys. Anyone famliar with irssi want to tell me what the command to leave it is? quit and exit don't seem to work03:26
dr_willisits /quit03:27
dr_willistime to check the irssi   homepage. ;003:27
xdude_I have a satellite t115D-S1125 that works in Ubuntu Classic (no effects) but not ubuntu or ubuntu  classic, did dependency build, apt-get install, updates, upgrades, am lost any ideas03:27
tzhuangNever mind I'm a total retard.03:28
xdude_me too03:28
dr_willisxdude_:  video chipset is?03:28
szalxdude_: "doesn't work" is NOT an error description..03:28
robin0800xdude_: in classic try alt+f2 metacity --replace03:29
cpruittThis is a good example of where I get lost.  lshw tells me my raid driver is 'megaraid' but reading some info (http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Hardware/sata#intel-icp) it seems like I should be using 'megaraid2'.  Not sure if this is, in fact, a different driver or not, or if the info I'm reading is even valid.03:29
teddyroosebeltquite a few upgrades shelled out today o.003:30
alexleonmy printer works with usb but i cant set up the wifi :(03:30
ledjonow I have to pray to god that samba too wont let me down to send my music to windows desktop pc and then connect psp to windows desktop pc and then send files to psp which is very convenient..03:30
xdude_ATI Technologies Inc Rs780M/RS780MN [Radeon HD 3200 Graphics]03:31
dr_willisledjo:  you can use winscp instead of samba shares if youwant somthing easier to get going03:31
* szal runs a Samba server on this box (Natty) sharing his media files to Windows XP03:31
szaldr_willis: I don't think that'll work for instant access; you sure don't want to copy everything over if you just want to play media ;)03:32
fission6dr_willis, so why shoul di upgradet o lucid rather than 11.04 or whatever the latest is03:32
ledjoin winscp is ubuntu not visible on 703:33
dr_willisHe said somthing about copying to a    psp03:33
ledjoI said03:33
szalfission6: because direct upgrade from Karmic to Natty is not supported03:33
dr_willisfission6: i never upgrade i do clean installs. Lubutu has been getting better in every new release03:34
xdude_metacity --replace result in  --> Window manage error: Unable to open X display03:34
szalfission6: if you want Natty, save your home directory and other configuration files you might need & reinstall03:34
* KM0201 agrees w/ dr_willis 03:34
fission6hmm ok03:34
dr_willisledjo:  use winscp to connect to ssh server on linux. Install ssh of course first.03:35
hhbuitragoif you want to have access to your music form everywhere in your network use some of the streaming and sharing protocols supported by your player device03:35
fission6dr_willis, so if i am upgrading to lucid but running lxde how would i just run lubuntu for a tighter integration03:35
robin0800xdude_: sudo service gdm start03:36
ledjono Im installing fedora xfce spin und auf wiedersehen!03:36
dr_willisTo play files.      Not just copy. You would waant a samba share setup03:36
xdude_-> start: Job is already running: gdm03:36
fission6dr_willis, any ideas?03:36
dr_willisfission6:  that made no sence to me. Lxde is ubuntu+lxde03:37
robin0800xdude_: startx03:37
dr_willisLubuntu = ubuntu+lxde03:37
fission6oh so i am already doing it then? just buy using lxde and having ubuntu, i thought it was a flavor of ubuntu like a "forked" distro03:38
KM0201fission6: or just go to http://www.lubuntu.net and download/install it03:38
KM0201fission6: it is.03:38
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:38
fission6right, so i have ubuntu running and lxde but i set it up independently - its not "lubuntu" in the formal sense, does that make any sense?03:39
KM0201fission6: it'll be a "Official" Ubuntu release for 11.10, instead of a community release.03:39
xdude_a few lines  ...   XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0" after 7 requests (7 known processed) with 0 events remaining.03:39
dr_willisI always install all 3 of the de's . Gnome, kde, lxde03:39
golagodaOpenbox > all ;)03:40
xdude_I can not seem to stop the gdm...   error says to use stop gdm  wouldn't I have to stop this process before using startx?03:41
ledjoand xfce?03:41
robin0800xdude_: sudo service gdm stop03:41
dr_willissudo service gdm  stop03:41
glaksmonoguys, when you create a shell script, how do you wrap the given command parameter with another one?03:41
glaksmonoso i want it such that i can run this shell script with parameter03:41
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
dr_willisAbs guide should have examples glaksmono03:42
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/03:42
stercorszal: What was that nvidia command again?03:42
xdude_mouse on dark screen after doing the startx03:42
stercorszal: What was that nvidia command again?03:42
ugly_duckwell, apprently i dont have the hardware to run kbuntu desktop03:44
ayakaI want to get some video linear editing, please tell me some\03:46
xdude_was able to get out of startx (ctrl-c)  did a sudo service gdm start, log in screen came up  select was defaulted at ubuntu,   back to original problem,  no unity  just backgroun mouse and no alt - f203:47
ugly_duckunity, thats the thing it complained about03:48
ugly_ducksaid i didn't have the hardware to run it03:48
ugly_duckwhen i logged in, came up with a terminal window and that was it03:48
xdude_I have unity working great on my desktops,  I actually like the touch and the feel, but who am I but a pawn on this internet03:49
cpruittCan anyone more experienced let me know if this (http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/APIC) is still valid information?  I've seen a VERY similar problem to the one I have but the discussion is from 2006 and is Ubuntu 6.06.1 whereas I'm running 10.04.203:49
xdude_This like Satellite, is being a bit difficult though03:50
xdude_bye all03:50
cpruittIn case it helps this is the description that is very similar to our issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28867103:50
dr_willisKubuntu dosent use unity ugly_duck03:50
^MikeHow can I have Evolution consolidate all my email accounts into a single unified inbox?03:50
riz0nI have an Ubuntu Server, and have some email aliases in the aliases file. Is there a way to create a wildcard alias? (like, for instance, account-??? would accept from account-000 or account-123 etc. to the address accounts)03:50
simple-sleeptc xdude03:50
xdude_thanks for the advise, will be back03:50
* ugly_duck is now confused03:51
dr_willisSo are we ugly_duck03:51
cody1233can anyone tehh me what i have to do to install glibc 2.11 on ubuntu 9.1003:51
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.03:51
veekIs there some way i can speed up scrolling in xpdf? Can i preload pages? Or convert the pdf to some format which makes display very fast03:52
dr_willisveek: there are other pdf readers.03:52
veekwell xpdf was the fastest.. foxit?03:53
dr_willis!find pdf2htlm03:53
ubottuPackage/file pdf2htlm does not exist in natty03:53
veektheseare images03:53
KM0201!info pdf2html03:53
ubottuPackage pdf2html does not exist in natty03:53
veekOCR pdf03:53
ayakaAre there good video edior in ubuntu?03:54
dr_willis!info kino03:54
ubottukino (source: kino): Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.4-1ubuntu4 (natty), package size 3938 kB, installed size 9308 kB03:54
tensorpuddingpitivi is in ubuntu, but it's not good03:54
tensorpuddingcheck out avidemux, maybe03:54
dr_willisDepends on how       you are editing them. I guess03:55
dr_willisChanging stuff or just converting03:55
tensorpuddingif you want to do transcoding, just use arista03:56
ugly_duckdr_willis: Xorg is the log i should be looking at for errors on starting kde desktop?03:57
bazhangayaka, for what exactly? dv? conversion? something other?03:57
ayakabazhang, dv, cut03:58
surferdudeAnyone OpenVPN gurus around?03:58
dr_willisugly_duck:  yes normally03:59
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ParadigmUltraI keep having this annoying problem with the mouse.  It just stops clicking buttons.  I can use tab to select buttons and space bar to push them, but the mouse stops clicking them.04:03
ParadigmUltraare we having a netsplit?04:06
IbyssIt might just be a coincidence. xD04:06
CapsoI'm trying to load ubuntu from pxe. which file should I serve over tftpd?04:14
Capsothe vmlinuz file is too big (4 MB) for pxe load04:14
danny_heithhow do i enable / install extra graphic effects on 11.04 like on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7gZ1AwRJRQ04:17
bazhangdanny_heith, ccsm04:17
bazhang!ccsm | danny_heith04:17
ubottudanny_heith: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:17
danny_heithokay i check it04:18
latagoreHi, I can't seem to mount my Windows boot partition04:18
danny_heithi am new to ubuntu...can you tell me exact command to download it04:19
bazhangcompizconfig-settings-manager  danny_heith install that from synaptic package manager04:19
danny_heithokay thanks dear04:20
Capsoany ideas about my question?04:21
latagoreI get a busy error or already mounted error, and the mount point is not busy04:21
eekTheCatjoin #xmonad04:22
hoverbearHey all, I've got a fresh ubuntu-server installation on this laptop (Don't ask) and I need some help getting my intel wireless card working. It has an in-kernel driver.04:23
bikcmphi all04:23
bikcmpi have a o2 midi keyboard04:23
bikcmpand i want some keyboard software for ubuntu.04:23
bikcmpi have no idea if it needs a driver or not.04:23
Capsowhere can I get pxelinux.0 ?04:24
Capsodoes it come with ubuntu cd?04:24
Gryllidabikcmp, did you try it?04:24
bikcmpGryllida: what good is it if i don't have an application to use it with?04:24
ttuttlehey guys, I just finished installing 11.04, and apparently managed to screw up the lvm-on-dm-crypt setup, because it dumps me into an initramfs shell and I have to cryptsetup and vgchange -a y manually04:24
ttuttleshort of reinstalling, how the heck do I fix this?04:24
Gryllidabikcmp, what is its full name, `o2 mini`, right?04:24
bikcmpone min.04:24
tntcIs there a replacement for the Windows Domain within ubuntu? Handling user logins to a domain, rather than a local account on a machine, plus some managment stuff?04:25
bikcmpjesus this crap is dusty04:25
bikcmpm-audio o2 usb midi controller.04:25
bikcmpit's dusty as hell04:25
GSF1200SWhats the best way to troubleshoot a desktop taking almost 30 seconds to logout to gdm?04:25
GSF1200Severything else is fine, but something must be hanging04:26
hoverbearHey all, I've got a fresh ubuntu-server installation on this laptop (Don't ask) and I need some help getting my intel wireless card working. It has an in-kernel driver intel ultimate-n 3000.04:26
ttuttleGSF1200S: ssh in, run top, see what's hanging?04:26
ttuttlehoverbear: that "should" work with the stock iwlagn driver.04:26
DatzHi, is there no ServerLimit directive in ubuntu's apache2 configs?04:26
hoverbearttuttle: I can't ping google.com unfortunately.04:26
ttuttlehoverbear: what does iwconfig say?04:27
hoverbearttuttle: Ah, hold on, been out of linux a fair spell.... iwconfig says it's there, says it's wireless, looks like I just don't have it configured.04:27
=== arrrrcanum42 is now known as Guest57397
hoverbearttuttle: Is there a command line config tool for wireless on ubuntu server, or am I stuck manual?04:27
GSF1200Sttuttle: how will I know whats hanging? the process wouldnt appear any different than normal running processes04:28
bikcmpGryllida: luck?04:28
=== Guest57397 is now known as arrrcanum42
ZykoticK9hoverbear, wicd has some sort of cli or ncurse option04:28
latagoreI can't mount my windows partition, though the partition is not mounted and the directory is not busy04:28
hoverbearZykoticK9: Sadly, wicd is not installed by default and I have no repo access04:29
ttuttlehoverbear: do you have wpa_supplicant?04:29
latagoreGSF1200S: If you use ps or another program, you can filter for all of your processes04:29
ZykoticK9hoverbear, manual it is then ;)  hope you don't use wpa, or already have wpa supplicant installed.  Good luck.04:29
DatzHi, is there no ServerLimit directive in ubuntu's apache2 configs?04:29
hoverbearttuttle: That I do have. I couldn't remember the name... Thanks I'll take a look04:29
ttuttlehoverbear: sure04:30
ttuttlehoverbear: there should be a config file /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf; you should be able to configure it in there and get wpa_supplicant to connect for you04:30
latagoreGSF1200S: If you do that, then near the very end, you should be able to figure out what is the last process to terminate04:30
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=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest69514
GSF1200Slatagore: sounds good- anyway to have ps loop?04:32
GSF1200Si guess I could use htop04:32
Gryllidabikcmp, there are resources on it working, and there are resources on it not working. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2231491&postcount=3 and an attempt to make it work, come here with errors, etc. would most likely get it running if it doesn't do that out of the box.04:32
latagoreGSF1200S: You could also change top settings, but that was what I had in mind04:32
hoverbearttuttle: Oh god I totally forget how to use this04:32
ttuttlethis is thoroughly broken04:33
ttuttlehoverbear: wpa_supplicant?04:33
hoverbearttuttle: Yeah haha04:33
ttuttlehoverbear: is your network WPA?04:33
hoverbearttuttle: wpa2 aes04:33
ghufranHi, is there a way to stop showing " Laptop 15" " and " Acer 19" " from the top of both the laptop and monitor screens whenever i connect a monitor ?04:34
hoverbearttuttle: Ah yay, found a guide. :)04:34
ttuttleokay, you want something like "network { ssid="foo" key_mgmt=WPA-PSK psk="passphrase" }04:34
hoverbearttuttle: Right04:34
ttuttlehoverbear: on different lines, of course04:34
ttuttleI think the last thing I do with this ubuntu install04:35
ttuttleis going to be unetbootin-ing a different distro >.<04:35
ttuttleunless anyone has any ideas on how to fix it without reinstalling?04:35
ttuttleI don't like grub error -> graphical boot -> "(initramfs) ".04:36
pvh_sahey there, is there a commandline tool that does what font viewer's 'install font' does? i have a bunch (dozens) of fonts and i don't want to have to click-install all of them. thanks04:36
dr_willisghufran: i think thats a bug in the monitors tool. I recall someone else having to   'kill' a process to make them go away. Perhaps xkill can do it04:36
ttuttlethat gives me 0 debugging information.04:36
ghufrandr_willis, okay thanks.04:36
ghufranlet me check out xkill04:37
DriversBrokenHello anyone here?04:37
DriversBrokenI'm back with yet another dead drive04:37
hoverbearttuttle: I'm seeing in this guide I should have a /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, but it's not there be default, has it been moved orneed it be manually created?04:37
GSF1200Slatagore: that may not help though- the desktop stays active and responsive for 30 seconds, and THEN everything shuts down- those processes would still be running04:37
dr_willisttuttle:  tried the options 'nomodeset noquiet nosplash' to see messages.04:37
DriversBrokenThis is annoying... except this time, the error seems pretty obvious04:37
ttuttledr_willis: can't; grub never gives me a menu04:37
DriversBrokenPartition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.04:38
ttuttle(I could edit the grub config, but I am rapidly not caring.)04:38
dr_willisttuttle:  shift key shold show it04:38
DriversBrokenWhat do I do about that?04:38
DriversBrokenThat's fdisk -l output, btw04:38
GSF1200Sive tried using other login managers (xdm, lightdm), but it does the same. Has to be something in the desktop04:38
latagoreGSF1200S: Well you will know the processes that refuse to terminate and then you can sort through them04:38
dr_willisI always set grub to never hide04:38
GSF1200Slatagore: is there a program which shows what has been sent sigterm but isnt terminating? Im assuming at gdm logout, sigterm is sent to all processes, then sigkill is sent to any that refuse to terminate04:39
ttuttle...why does the version of unetbootin I just installed not offer me the version of ubuntu I installed it from?04:40
latagoreGSF1200S: I'm sure you know more about Linux than I do; can't help you there04:40
latagoreDriversBroken: That message doesn't mean the drive is broken04:41
GSF1200Shaha, i doubt it. im giving it a shot though04:41
DriversBrokenlatagore:  Well then, my drive is broken, and that is not the cause of it...04:41
tripelbhow do I find my version # of adobe flash? thanks04:41
ThisAgainsorry, is anyone having problems playing youtube flash videos?04:41
ThisAgainthey don't seem to be loading for me04:41
latagoreDriversBroken: Anything you can tell me about it? You can't mount it?04:42
DriversBrokenlatagore:  it's an ntfs disk, windows, booting causes bios to start again, mounting gives error code #204:42
iceroottripelb: easiest way is to right-click in a flash-video04:42
DriversBrokendamn I hate these "error codes".  Much prefer the informative java exception style...04:42
tripelbty iceroot04:43
hoverbearttuttle: Wee, I'm connected. Now I just need dhcp04:43
ttuttlehoverbear: dhclient wlan004:43
latagoreDriversBroken: I guess it's more of a legacy thing? I wouldn't know the error code, you could search it up04:44
hoverbearttuttle: Awesome, thanks. Getting super awesome no such file errors for resolv.conf. :-P04:44
hoverbearttuttle: Resolved, thanks!04:44
ttuttlehoverbear: echo -e "nameserver\nnameserver\n" > /etc/resolv.conf04:44
latagoreDriversBroken: I'm having a bit of a problem booting up Windows myself04:45
hoverbearttuttle: Finally I can update =D04:45
tntcMan, I really need a replacement for Active Directory. Is there anything like that? I know landscape handles udpates and stuff, but I need user managment stuff04:45
latagoreI can't mount my Windows partition, I need some help04:46
DriversBrokenlatagore... nice.  I've had 2 computers die within a week - and since I backed up the data to the now dead drives, which were my moms, she says that "A VIRUS MUST HAVE MAGICALLY ACTIVATE ITSELF FROM MY DRIVE"04:46
Gryllidalatagore, describe your problem please.04:46
ovnicrafti lost the windows border in my ubuntu so i cat identify the problem in Xorg.0.log , where i can find more explicit info ?04:46
john_ramboI am running Lubuntu 11.04 .... when I selsect Ubuntu Classic it says ......error falling default mode " << Cant copy paste from there04:46
ovnicrafti know metacity --replace fix my problem04:47
iceroottntc: samba4 replaces ad04:47
DriversBrokenlatagore:  in any case, I found this thread.  Real helpful it is.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10804581#post1080458110804581#post1080458104:47
latagoreGryllida: Mounting it tells me that the device is mounted or the directory is busy, neithor of which is true04:47
ttuttlelatagore: check "mount" and see if it is?04:48
latagorettuttle: It isn't04:48
tntciceroot: I don't really need the windows support though. also, can it handle user managment across hosts?04:48
tntciceroot: I don't need a direct AD replacement (as in, I don't need to support windows clients)04:48
ttuttlelatagore: check dmesg | tail04:48
iceroottntc: also have a look at http://www.univention.de/en/  its a replacement for a nt-domain with user-manangement04:48
latagoreIt's that little weird partition which I believe to be the boot partition for windows04:49
iceroottntc: based on ldap and samba04:49
latagorettuttle: I don't know what I'm looking for04:49
ttuttlelatagore: pastebin it?  http://goo.gl/ixcN904:50
DriversBrokenack, HP decided to make 2 partitions:  a boot and a data...04:50
latagorettuttle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638717/04:51
john_rambo"Xsession error: "unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session" thats what I get while login04:51
tntciceroot: neat! Thanks!04:51
ttuttlelatagore: hmm, that doesn't appear to have any errors related to ntfs04:51
dr_willisDriversBroken: i think thats a win7 idea also. Not just hps04:51
DriversBrokendr_willis:  oh, ok... well then HP decided to rename it HP04:52
latagorettuttle: Apparently I can't mount it as type ntfs04:52
c001is it easy to go from Ubuntu 11.x to 10.4?  I need vmware workstation to work.04:52
latagorettuttle: If I pick hpfs, then it tells me busy or mounted already04:52
dr_willisWin7 setups often have a  -  win7boot - win7 os- thena makers recovery part.04:53
bazhangc001, full reinstall04:53
tripelbThisAgain,  I'm on it04:53
ThisAgainsorry, is anyone having problems playing youtube flash videos?04:53
ThisAgainthey don't seem to be loading for me04:53
tripelb!say | thisagain04:53
DriversBrokencan someone please tell me how to use ntfsfix.  it says that /dev/sda is an "invalid argument"04:53
c001bazhang: theres no way to downgrade from 11 to 10.4?04:53
bazhangtripelb, ?04:53
bazhangc001, just a full reinstall04:54
latagoreDriversBroken: Pick the right partition04:54
latagoreDriversBroken: Not the hard drive04:54
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.04:54
tripelbbazhang, I'm trying to get the ubottu that tells you how to ask a question. Help me :)04:54
latagoreDriversBroken: Or you have to provide options04:54
bazhangtripelb, !gq ?04:54
DriversBrokenlatagore:  Oh, I see what you mean.04:54
latagoreDriversBroken: Try ntfsfix -h04:55
tripelb!gq | tripleb04:55
ubottutripleb: Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.04:55
tripelb!ask | tripleb04:55
ubottutripleb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:55
vivekimsitHello Everyone :)04:56
vivekimsitOk...i hv a problem..04:56
latagore!ask | vivekimsit04:56
ubottuvivekimsit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:56
DriversBrokenIs there a way to force the terminal to add a line break after every command?  It's getting hard to follow...04:57
dr_willisDriversBroken: you could set the    bash prompt to do that befor it prints the prompt04:58
vivekimsitwhen i press alt+f2 a run window appears and we can type the command to run...but i want to come in the available application list so that i need not to type the command everytime to run it...is there any way?04:58
latagorevivekimsit: You might need to change the source for that, which isn't easy04:58
vivekimsitlatagore:okk.u mean there is not any easier way?04:59
latagoreI don't think so, I mainly use KDE, so I'm not too sure04:59
dr_willisUnity has a similer feature to thst i thought04:59
dr_willisGnome do . Also works that way i belive05:00
vivekimsitlatagore : but i can try...if u tell me..05:00
hoverbearttuttle: Any suggestions for fixing "x: user not authorized to run the x server, aborting"?05:00
ttuttlehoverbear: check /etc/group for a group that sounds like it would let you run the X server?05:00
hoverbearttuttle: Right, thanks. :)05:01
DriversBrokenwhy is like nothing selectable in ubuntu -.-05:01
* ttuttle kind of gasping for straws.05:01
DriversBrokengparted is telling me a "segmentation fault" when I try to read a partition05:01
hoverbearttuttle: On another note, my integrated flashlight works05:01
latagorevivekimsit: You'd literally need to reprogram it and then compile it and substitute it with your existing program; it's probably not worth the effort05:01
ttuttlehoverbear: Thinkpad?05:01
ttuttlehoverbear: yeah, that doesn't require OS support, although you can toggle it with a file in /proc, IIRC.05:01
dr_willisSegfalt = bad crash ;(05:02
hoverbearttuttle: Yeah :)05:02
ttuttleooh, what model?05:02
hoverbearttuttle: t420 with the optimus card05:02
vivekimsitlatagore:okk :(05:03
DriversBrokendr_willis:  except nothing is crashed.  It seems05:03
dr_willisGparted is crashing sounded le to me05:04
hoverbearttuttle: Ah, it must be done in a virtual console, not ina  byobo session05:04
dr_willisCould be some weird disk partition layout confuseing ig05:04
dr_willisYou may want to try a gparted liveecd05:05
DriversBrokendr_willis:  no, when I right click the infomation row on /dev/sda2 it says under an exclamation point that ntfsresize had a segmentation fault05:05
dr_willisso thsts the app thats crashing. Defrag and scandisk thst ntfs from windows and tri it agan is my suggestion05:07
dr_willisWin7 can resize ntfs very quickly also.05:07
latagoreI can't mount my windows partition, now I don't know what file system is on it05:08
DriversBrokendr_willis:  the entire reason I'm on ubuntu is because win 7 will not boot05:08
dr_willisDriversBroken: you may have discovered why. Fs may be all buggered up05:09
DriversBrokenand hp is nice enough to not provide an installation disk that would allow me to scandisk/checkdisk, and instead provides another partition hosting a tool that will allow me to reformat and reinstall windows only05:09
ejoIf you have a program that you're about to run on a whole set of files, and the program's default output is to stdout, and it doesn't have a "save to save file" option... what's the shell lingo to direct its output back to each input file, when you run it on an entire directory?  Can that be a one-liner or does it end up needing to be a shell script with a loop?05:10
DriversBrokendr_willis:  Ok, a way to fix it would be nice.  ntfsfix merely just stops working, prints out another username@hostname-$ prompt05:10
dr_willisMs has some rescue cds you can get. Ive seen them.05:10
vivekimsitokk..fellas !anyone with a good knowledge of scripting?05:10
ejosorry, that should have read "save to same file" option05:11
dr_willisNtfsfix just flsds the disk as ok. I dont think it actually fixs anything05:11
latagoreDriversBroken: If you get yours fixed, let me know, I'm stuck too05:11
DriversBrokendr_willis:  That's nice.  and retarded.05:11
DriversBrokenlatagore:  kk, will do05:11
dr_willisvivekimsit:  ask a more detailed question.05:11
DriversBrokendr_willis:  see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Create-a-system-repair-disc.  They want you to go into windows 7... in order to fix w7.05:12
DriversBrokenanyone got a working w7, can burn a disk, rip the iso off and send it to me?05:12
NightLoneWolfhows the ubuntu community doing??05:12
silveringkinghi I have a doubt, Im kinda new to ubuntu I was playing an iso with acetone and kafeine and sometimes the iso blocks a little it passes frames05:12
dr_willisI did download some ms repair iso from ms  - totally legal to use - i thini i fiund it mentioned at the lifehackeer website05:13
DriversBrokennightlonewolf, this is the help channel, so everyone here is either helping or is having a ton of trouble :(05:13
ejo... or just a teaspoon o'trouble05:13
ejoa wee bit05:13
vivekimsitdr_willis:ok...i am wrting a script in which asks for the password ! so, i want to supply password as a parameter in script so that it don't prompt for the password05:13
NightLoneWolftoo bad theres not a general chat channel on here -.-'05:13
vexati0nDriversBroken, there are no FOSS utilities that can repair NTFS at that level.05:14
vexati0nyou need BartPE or something like that05:14
danileigh79Does ubuntu support drag and drop for DVD-RAM burners, or is a program required?05:14
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  I don't care about foss only tbh05:14
dr_willisvivekimsit:  a password in a script is a bad idea. But i recall 'expect' scripts used in that case05:14
vexati0nDriversBroken, i mean there are no free (as in anything) programs that run on Ubuntu that will fix your issue.05:15
silveringkinghumm can someone help me? I am trying to learn I heard about medibuntu plugins but those are highly old05:15
quaisihi, when I try to save a document - gedit / libre office the dialog box takes about 3-4 seconds to start up.  I have a modern computer 4GB Ram etc.  Is this a compiz setting to change?05:15
silveringkingI installed libxine1 all plugins and totem player too just in case ;)05:15
vivekimsitdr_willis: actually its a script on rsync so the password is a mandatory option....and pls can u tell me something more about 'expect'05:16
alexleoni seted up my printer by wifi my miself -.-05:16
vexati0nDriversBroken, if your NTFS is really that borked, you'll be lucky to fix it at all. try BartPE or Hirens. failing those, I would thank the lord that I had a good, recent backup of everything on my machine, reinstall, and go from there.05:16
zelozelossince i cant seem to 'pretty up05:17
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  I have no backup.  This is my mom's disk :(05:17
zelozelosoops gru05:17
alexleonzelozelos watch ur language05:17
DriversBrokenvexat0n:  And she blames me for breaking it, because  I backed up my data onto hers.  And since our drives both failed within a week, it must be some virus in my data, according to her05:18
zelozelosoh..heh loose cord ..anyhow since i cant seem to pretty up grub for some reason id like to try out burg i attempted to install it but the same ol grub keeps loading what did i do wrong?05:18
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  highly unlikely, right?  Much more likely that the heavy io workload just pushed a dying drive over the brink...05:18
alexleonu just need ctrl alt f105:19
vexati0nDriversBroken - most likely is the drive simply got really sick and tired of being forced to run Windows all the damn time, and died on purpose just to inflict some misery back on you people.05:19
Capsowhat usb creator on Windows should I use if I want to install ubuntu from a USB?05:19
Capsowill fedora's liveusb creator work?05:19
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  Well, that can't be right, I was using natty live the days before it died to fix my disk :P05:20
danileigh79Capso: I used wubi05:20
vexati0nDriversBroken - but anyway, you can also find some hope in the PhotoRec/TestDisk - http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download05:20
Capsodanileigh79: will unetbootin work too?05:20
danileigh79Capso: should... it gives you options for which distro you want05:20
Capsodanileigh79: wubi says it'll install ubuntu within my current system?05:21
vexati0nDriversBroken - in that case I would say it is your fault for introducing linux to your mom's computer, and showing it what it COULD have been running all these years. no wonder it lost all will to live.05:21
Capsodanileigh79: I just want to create a bootable usb05:21
vexati0nDriversBroken, it's like living until age 85, only then to discover sex.05:21
danileigh79Capso: it also gives you option to create live usb05:21
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  She actually thinks that linux broke her comp, to be perfectly serious.05:22
vexati0nDriversBroken - i know she's serious about that. it isn't her fault, she has no idea how computers work. to her, it seems logical. we know better, but there'll be no convincing her of that. this is why you never say the word "Linux" to an inexperienced/non-technical user.05:23
vexati0nsaying "Linux" to someone like that will always scare them, even if nothing bad happens.05:23
mrdebno it wont05:23
mrdebonly if they are ignorant05:23
one2enjoyi'm a total newbie and need help installing as86 on Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) thx05:23
latagoreDriversBroken: So does mine!05:23
vexati0nmrdeb, most users are, in fact, ignorant.05:23
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  And what is worse is that she programs c for a living and was angry at me because she couldn't remote desktop in to her vim prompt.05:23
mrdebyes they are05:24
mrdebso you need to help them overcome it05:24
poseidonSo I have a long script on my local computer.  It's in bash.  I want to be able to ssh into a server, run the script, then go into a terminal (while being able to see that info).  So far all I've been able to do is something along the lines of ssh host command && bash.05:24
DriversBrokenlatagore:  the segfault thing?05:24
poseidonAny ideas05:24
danileigh79Capso: sorry gimme a minute, been awhile, i hought i mafe liveusb wih wubi, lemme find what i actually used05:24
latagoremrdeb: Or make a cleaner user interface for the lesser computer users05:24
latagoreDriversBroken: The mom thing :D05:24
vexati0nmrdeb, i'm all for overcoming that ignorance, but the FOSS community should face the fact that they have lost the battle over the word Linux. none of the successfull linux-based products out there say "Linux" anywhere but in very tiny print at the back of a technical manual nobody will ever read.05:25
DriversBrokenlatagore:  oh lol05:25
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  it's partly warranted, because this thing where linux = terminal still exists.05:25
danileigh79Capso: I used Universal-USB-Installer.exe from pendrivelinux.com05:25
DriversBrokenwhen we have a disk error, we dont' say install this or that.  We say "Open up the terminal and go sudo fdisk -l!"05:26
vexati0nDriversBroken, Linux is a great OS, but the FUD has overpowered the community's ability to describe it favorably.05:26
DriversBrokenAnd when we want to clone something, we go dd as;dlkfj;asdlkjfa;skdjf;asfasl;dkfj;sdl options before that05:26
vexati0nyeah and then we wait four hours05:26
vexati0nwhen Ghost can do it in fifteen minutes05:26
vexati0nbut that's besides the point05:27
DriversBrokenAnd I still haven't figured out why chown was failing in virtualbox without leaving any error messages05:27
DriversBrokenAnd.... unity crashed ubuntu thrice.  Ok, we should stop ranting now :P05:27
KM0201vexati0n: what are you crying about?05:27
danileigh79Capso: you still there?05:28
KM0201DriversBroken: if you're running ubuntu 11.4 in vbox.. 3D sucks in Vbox, and thats probably why it crashed05:28
vexati0nKM0201, i'm not crying i was just expounding on my deep philosophical beliefs that Linux is at a popular disadvantage because of the intensity and length of the FUD pushed against it.05:28
KM0201DriversBroken: unfortunately 11.04 does not default to a 2D desktop all the time.05:28
DriversBrokenKM0201:  no, crashed a live disk.  chown failing was 10.1005:28
KM0201oh ok05:29
DriversBrokenactually no, crashed the external hdd installation I'm using right now05:29
vexati0nDriversBroken, likely, you tried to do some kind of advanced triple somersault maneuver with GParted and it killed her partition table.05:29
DriversBrokenvexati0n:  lol wut, it was broken before I opened gparted05:30
DriversBrokenand all I clicked was view information05:30
danileigh79Anybody know of an OSX emulator that can be ran from Linux without using PearPC or suck through Wine?05:30
vexati0nDriversBroken, you never know what is going to make NTFS keel over.05:30
vexati0ndanielete_, yes: you can get it here http://www.apple.com05:31
vexati0ndanileigh79, **05:31
maalacdanileigh79: you can also use the snow leopard version in Debian05:31
maalacit works perferctly on Virtualbox05:31
danileigh79maalac: do you have source for the .deb?05:32
maalacit's an iso file ..hold on..let me give you the link05:32
danileigh79maalac: do you know if said emu will be able to access network? PearPC in WinXP doesn't like to connect via wireless05:34
DriversBrokenok so general consensus is that my partition is fubared05:34
vexati0nif i am the only one voting, then that's your candidate.05:35
DriversBrokenheh ok... why was that question mark on a different line.  I used another line by accident.  Don't kill me!05:35
maalacdanileigh79: yes. user virtualbox. how much memory do you have ?05:36
Alexandercan you watch porn in ubuntu w/o your parents knowing05:37
danileigh79maalac: 512mb shared on 2003 dell laptop 80 gb partitioned for winxp (70gb) and ubunti 10.4 (10gb)05:37
bazhangAlexander, thats not an appropriate question05:37
Alexanderi shuld read the rules05:38
Alexanderi will be back later after i read the rules05:38
maalacdanileigh79:i'm not so sure if this will work for you. but you can try05:40
=== zim is now known as Guest18411
danileigh79maalac: thanks, bookmarked, will look into after repart ubuntu to hve more room05:42
DriversBrokenhey latagore05:42
DriversBrokencheck this out, it mentions busy drives http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1773902&highlight=cannot+mount+error+code+205:42
DriversBrokenoh for pete's sake... how do I make a folder in nautilus05:46
DriversBrokennvm, create folder from right-click menu.  Second question:  why is it grayed out?05:48
latagoreDriversBroken: Maybe you don't own the folder05:48
latagoreDriversBroken: You need to run it with sudo if you don't have permissions05:48
westzi just had what i think would be a glorious idea... could i use freenode's nickserv to login to a blog? i'm designing a tech blog, and i thought it would be helpful if users could use their freenode ID's to login to the site and leave comments05:49
DriversBrokenagh of course /media is owned by root.  And windows would ask for permission instead of going "no!  He is not allowed to press zat button!  I will not allow him to press zat button."05:50
DriversBrokenGoing to try booting windows ago... bye.05:51
bazhangwestz, ask in #freenode05:51
tsimpsonyou usually don't need to ever create a "folder" in /media05:51
=== BlackZ is now known as Guest59611
latagoreDriversBroken: Enjoy05:52
westzbazhang, already did, it's pretty dead right now, i figure maybe someone in here might have some input05:52
westztsimpson, unless you're configuring your own mount points05:52
bazhangwestz, then #ubuntu-offtopic , its not an ubuntu support issue05:52
tsimpsonwestz: then you would likely not use /media, which is specifically for removable devices05:53
d_atharva_hi...just started kdenlive.but at the startup of it gives me message "File '/home/d_atharva/%i' is not readable"...Any idea abt how to fix it ?05:53
aciculad_atharva_: find the file in the filebrowser and enable read permissions?05:54
wells5878anyone in here know anything about ubuntu + apache?05:55
aciculawells5878: yes, but you should just ask your question really05:55
Gryllidawells5878, please describe your issue.05:56
wells5878i'm using php as a cgi module on an apache server, having issues with mod_rewrite only working on basic things05:56
wells5878essentially not working at all -- but it IS running and .htaccess is being read05:57
wells5878all rewrites give me error 50005:57
d_atharva_acicula : Not working dude..05:57
wells5878bare directories without an index also give 500 instead of the typical 'forbidden'05:57
zambai need help setting up a nvidia driver for VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)05:58
zambaadditional drivers says the driver is not activated05:58
zambaand when i try to activate it, nothing happens05:58
aciculawells5878: are you sure the rewrite rules are correct?05:58
aciculaand/or what corresponding log errors do you see05:58
wells5878they work on a local WAMP install and on another webserver. no log errors even when i turn logging on at level 905:58
wells5878rewrite.log is empty -- 0b05:59
aciculad_atharva_: eh does logging into the normal ubuntu work?05:59
wells5878apache error.log shows nothing relevant05:59
aciculaare youm sure mod_rewrite is loaded? think apache has a something_ctl binary that lets you list currently loaded modules?06:00
wells5878it doesn't show as running when i do apache2ctl -l -- but if i try to enable it or define in my httpd.conf it says it's already running06:01
d_atharva_acicula : i didnt get your question..06:01
aciculad_atharva_: my question is can you log into ubuntu, ie do you get the error when you login or is it just the program that gives you an error06:02
d_atharva_acicula : No..just the program...06:03
aciculawells5878: idk, but this has a nice 4 step checklist http://www.webune.com/forums/how-to-fix-mod-rewrite-500-internal-server-error-on-htaccess-file-apache-t718.html06:03
maquishi all. i am running maverick, and just tried installing the nvidia driver using "additional drivers" (under administration). After that, the computer would start up into a non-gui purple "Ubuntu" screen, then go to an all-purple screen and hang there. I ssh'd in and uninstalled nvidia-current and changed my xorg.conf to an old one (I think it was the automatic backup from "additional drivers"), and now it starts to a gui purple screen th06:03
aciculad_atharva_: then you just have some weird filepermissions06:03
d_atharva_acicula : so what's the solution ?06:04
aciculad_atharva_: try to change the fileproperties of the file it complains about, or try moving it to anothre location altogether and see if it will start then06:04
wells5878@acicula tried that earlier, no dice06:04
aciculad_atharva_: find the file in your filebrowser, right click it, select properties, make sure that read is toggled for your user. if its a directory that the program complains about you will need to to toggle it as execute06:04
aciculamaquis: you can reset i think by purging the nvidia drivers and removing the xorg.conf altogether06:05
maquisacicula: mind refreshing my mind on how to find all the nvidia drivers?  should i just remove everything aptitude sees installed that has nvidia in the name?06:06
aciculathough the startup image you see at boot is handled a little differently06:06
aciculamaquis: eh ill have a google but i think apt-get purge nvidia-* should do it06:06
maquisacicula: i'll do that. thanks!06:07
maquiseverything in that looks reasonable. thanks a ton for the help! :)06:08
d_atharva_acicula : did everything as you told..but still not working.06:08
aciculad_atharva_: then i dont know why your program will not work, sorry :/06:08
Cyddanyone here live in the GTA?06:08
d_atharva_acicula : hmm..ok06:09
aciculawells5878: did you check if ctl lists the module? can you try with a really simple rewrite rule as a testcase?06:09
rwwCydd: As you've been told repeatedly in the past, #ubuntu is not for chit-chat.06:09
Cyddyou guys are no fun06:09
wells5878acicula: anything seem odd here? http://pastebin.com/QUGQTQYZ06:09
wells5878acicula: i'm not familiar with ctl06:10
aciculaapachewe apachectl06:10
wells5878oh dir06:10
aciculawells5878: i have no idea wether those are correct or not, again, write a trivial rewrite rule and try that. if that works you know where to look06:12
aciculawells5878: if you remove the Options -Index , does it work then?06:13
wells5878trivial rewrites do work06:13
wells5878i tried RewriteRule   ^test\.html$  test.php [R,L]06:13
aciculawells5878: k, then its your .htaccess file thats malformed then06:14
aciculacan you try it without the -Index06:14
wells5878no change without the -index06:15
wells5878even if those rewrite rules are incorrect, it still doesn't explain why a directory without an index would give me a 500 error06:16
aciculait gives you a 500 error because of the .htaccess file, whats in it does not really factor into that i guess?06:17
aciculatry the htaccess line by line?06:17
wells5878removing the htaccess file altogether still results in a 500 error on empty directories06:18
aciculaah like so06:18
wells5878due to this, and the fact that the htaccess works on a WAMP server, it tells me this is a server misconfiguration.06:18
wells5878and i'm bleeding out my ears trying to figure out what the hell is wrong06:18
aciculawhats the corresponding error in the error log?06:21
=== HammerspaceTroll is now known as HammerSpace
pythonirc101I would like to route all my pidgin traffic thru a ssl tunnel to a machine with static address running ubuntu on which I've an account. How can I do this?06:23
alnron natty on a Xen VPS, upload speed is sub 20KB/s. Provider has repro'd and isolated to just their ubuntu template but dont know why. any known issues or anything I can check?06:23
wells5878acicula: no entries in /var/log/apache2/error.log06:23
aciculawells5878: heh, thats remarkebly unhelpfull. whats the global setting on Indexes if you change/remove it does anything change? could filepermissions be an issue?06:24
dattebayohow can i remove repo from terminal?06:25
wells5878acicula: perms are set to 750 for files and directories, i think the global setting is Options -Indexes. if I paste my httpd.conf would that be helpful? or anything else?06:25
aciculawells5878: not really06:28
latagoreI'm having trouble mounting a partition06:28
aciculawells5878: static content does work?06:28
wells5878acicula: yes06:28
jimmy__what is problems06:28
aciculawells5878: any rendered content works?06:29
aciculaalnr: enabled checksum offloading?06:30
wells5878acicula: if you mean dynamic php, yes06:30
jimmy__help me06:31
latagoreI can't mount my windows boot partition; mount tells me it is mounted or the directory is busy06:31
jimmy__a problems...06:31
jimmy__in ubuntu06:31
rww!ask | jimmy__06:31
ubottujimmy__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:31
aciculawells5878: yes. ok so file serving works, cgi works. some htacces file work, but this particular one does not nor does having an directory listed. Seems the issue revolves around the Index06:31
aciculawells5878: what happens if you just set the global index to +06:32
wells5878acicula: hm... i've never even heard of such an issue. what's the prognosis, doc?06:32
aciculawells5878: also do you have an allowoverride directive set?06:32
wells5878acicula: AllowOverride All in the apache config, tried Options +Indexes same issue06:33
aciculawells5878: then im out of ideas06:36
yangmengi can't open the system in ubuntu 11.0406:37
aciculalatagore: that usually means you already have it mounted under another directory. the filebrowser usually lists any mounted drives in the left pane of the filebrowser window06:38
latagoreacicula: It is not mounted; it's not listed under mount06:38
aciculalatagore: how are you mounting it?06:39
latagoreacicula: mount /dev/sda3 /mnt06:39
latagoreacicula: I've tried mounting it to different folders06:40
aciculalatagore: k, no problems there, the most common cause is an unclean windows shutdown. rebooting to windows and shutting it down again should fix that.06:40
aciculalatagore: there might be something helpfull in dmesg, dmesg | tail to view the last few lines06:40
latagoreacicula: Well that would be great and all if I could get it to show up in grub06:41
latagoreacicula: nothing in dmesg either06:41
aciculalatagore: ah yeah, grub kind of needs windows to be mountable for it to be included by grub06:42
Stormshadowhi all06:42
aciculaat least, the autoconfigure of grub does06:42
latagoreacicula: hm, something interesting showed up in dmesg06:42
Stormshadowim trying to update my system but i constantly get an update error indicating failure due to linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-22-generic . The package no longer exists but its still being reproted06:43
Stormshadowusing 10.04 lts06:43
latagoreacicula: pastebin doesn't seem to be working right now06:44
latagoreacicula: one line should be enough "[ 7229.716412] device-mapper: table: 252:1: sda3 too small for target: start=1936269394, len=1836016416, dev_size=204800"06:44
latagoreacicula: any idea what this might mean?06:45
aciculalatagore: not really sure06:47
aciculalatagore: seems related to lvm06:48
invisibleheroHey is there a way of determining where the packet gets dropped? Because I can't listen on ports and I've used UFW to allow the ports and also even tried IPTABLES command and it still doesn't allow connections. The router allows the port to go forward though (I have the logs proving it)06:49
invisibleheroit like automatically drops once it hits the computer06:49
latagoreacicula: so any idea where I should start? LVM doesn't seem to be installed06:50
aciculalatagore: no, just ignore lvm then, but googling the message isnt telling me anything. Id start with trying getting into windows06:54
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:54
aciculathe procedure usually involves using the windows cd in recoveyr mode or your recovery cd. Means you will have to use the ubuntu livecd afterwards to fix grub again though06:54
latagoreacicula: I actually have the windows installer on a hard drive xD06:55
aciculalatagore: well you did boot it in some way i presume?06:55
dongkaiqianghow can i use ubuntu?06:55
latagoreacicula: I did, then I restored grub and updated grub and it didn't show up in grub anymore06:56
aciculalatagore: it does not show up in grub because you can not mount the partition06:57
terje_Anyone know how I can make a bootable usb with Windows 7 on it?06:57
latagoreacicula: So you told me06:58
terje_I can find a whole lot of programs that makes bootable usb sticks for linux06:58
bazhangterje_, try ##windows06:58
terje_thanks, i'll try :)06:59
latagoreterje_: Can you just pick the drive from windows from the CD?07:00
KoltHi! I installed ubuntu 11 64 bit on my girlfriends laptop. (I myself use debian) What repositories should I list for her?07:00
latagoreKolt: You shouldn't need to list any extra repos07:01
Koltlatagore: why not?07:01
latagoreKolt: Because there are repos provided by default07:02
terje_latagore: what do you mean? ;O07:02
yangmengkolt: gstreamer07:02
qinKolt: Enable (like in debian) restricted and multiverse07:02
latagoreterje_: When you are installing Windows from the CD, you should be able to pick the drive you want to install it on. Plug in a USB when booting and try and install like that07:04
latagoreKolt: Well, unless you need manufacturer drivers for your hardware, I don't see the need to07:05
terje_sounds like a lot of effort lol, in linux u can make bootable usb's with simple programs(UNetBootin), same in windows07:05
Koltqin: Alright I enabled everything that was listed by default. ty.07:05
terje_would be weird if u cant make a 'crossover'07:05
Koltlatagore: How do I do this 'mark all upgrades' thing in ubuntu software center?07:05
latagoreterje_: Do you mean make an installer on a USB or install the OS on the USB?07:06
latagoreKolt: You probably need to go into synaptic, you can run it in terminal07:06
latagoreKolt: though you need root privileges07:07
terje_latagore: I want to install windows 7 from a usb stick :)07:07
RentonSo, Gnome 3 is replacing Gnome 2 in Ubuntu 11.10, isn't it?07:07
Koltlatagore: I have. I use synaptic. I'll try that07:07
rwwRenton: yes07:08
ubottuOneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+107:08
terje_latagore: I got a windows 7 iso file which I want to make bootable on a usb stick07:08
latagoreWell things like Unetbootin only create installers, not the OS07:08
RentonDayum shame07:08
latagoreterje_: Oh wait, I misread that07:08
latagoreterje_: I did that with my hard disk, though it's a bit annoying07:08
yangmengkolt you can make a dvd07:08
invisibleherobah I don't think I'm going to get it working07:09
yangmengthen use the dvd make a usb os07:09
vishnushey..Im using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows.. :(07:09
yangmengand you can use the usb install win707:09
latagoreterje_: Lemme see if I can find the tutorial for you, I don't know any programs that do it for you07:09
Koltyangmeng: mabe you wanted to msg terje_07:09
terje_latagore: alright, thx07:09
yangmengso sorry07:10
terje_yangmeng: if I make a dvd with w7 on it, I dont need the USB any longer :s07:10
yangmengwell ,you can use a usb data card with grub07:11
latagoreterje_: It'll be hard for me to find it, I can explain instead07:11
terje_latagore: pm07:12
yangmengterje_:uss the grub ,you can make the iso work07:12
latagoreGeez, I came to get help, not to give it lol07:12
pratzhey guys i have installed 11.04 and now i am in a deep problem07:12
yangmengterje_:for example map /windows7.iso (0xff)07:12
yangmengmap --hook07:12
yangmengchainloader (0xff)07:13
terje_yangmeng: sry im not that experienced.. dont really know what you're talking about now :\07:13
pratzthis morning i started my computer and i am setting console with busy box v.1.17 and there is no gdm and not even terminal07:13
faLUCEhi. Is it possible to assign some keyboard shortcuts ONLY for a specific workspace?07:14
yangmengterje_: so sorry ,my english is very pooer07:14
pratzhey guys how to i normally log in now ??07:14
yangmengterje_:maybe you can google "grub iso"07:15
terje_yangmeng: thx07:15
vishnussomeone reply to me :(07:15
yangmengterje_:you are welcome07:16
pratzhey guys i am dropped into busybox shell, how should i log in normally now ??07:16
latagorepratz: You might need to reinstall grub, it's been a while since I had that error07:17
pratzlatagore: i have running 11.0407:17
vishnusi cant shift to Ubuntu without fixing this issue :(...07:19
latagorepratz:  You might need to reinstall, people here might be able to help you07:20
latagoreinstead of having to reinstall07:20
pratzhey guys anyone i am dropped in busybox shell , how should i log in normally now ??07:20
latagorepratz: Have you tried google :P07:21
herkupuspratz: if booting stops at busybox shell, something went wrong. probably the root filesystem could not be found.07:21
Gryllida!google > latagore07:21
ubottulatagore, please see my private message07:21
g0tResults for > latagore on Google:07:21
rwwg0t: Talking scripts are not allowed in #ubuntu. Please disable yours.07:22
bkerensaIs it possible to install Ubuntu over Windows while maintaining files/data? I have some weird friend who has a messed up  windows install and I'm trying to recover his files?07:28
bkerensaI'm assuming no due to NTFS07:29
aesmilehi ;)07:29
pratzguys tried searching on net, not much help, anyone , i am dropped in busybox shell, how can i log in normally ??07:29
LilleCarlbkerensa, you can take your pc and burn a live linux cd of a live linux distro07:30
herkupuspratz: if booting stops at busybox shell, something went wrong. probably the root filesystem could not be found.07:30
LilleCarlthen you can access the hdd and move files as you want to07:30
bkerensaLilleCarl: You genius... I totally forgot!07:30
herkupusbkerensa: yeah, using a live cd would be better in that case07:30
html-inprogresspratz,  whay do you need ?07:30
pratzherkupus: can you please tell me a solution for this ??07:30
pratzhtml-inprogress: i need to boot normally07:31
herkupuspratz: no, since not finding the root filesystem may have many reasons07:31
herkupushtml-inprogress: pratz's system stops booting at the busybox emergency shell, probably the root fs isn't found07:31
pratzherkupus: what do you suggest, should i reinstall the system ??07:31
=== eitch0000 is now known as eitch
html-inprogresswith what ?07:31
bkerensaherkpus & LilleCarl: Thanks... There damn BOOTMGR is dead and they didnt have a win cd so I was like ffs07:31
bkerensaGood thing I have a Natty LiveCD :)07:32
html-inprogressas in evobuntu ?07:32
LilleCarlkbrosnan, i think they were smart enough to remove "boot.ini" it is restorable without reinstalling if you know howto (sadly i dont)07:32
LilleCarlbkerensa, ***07:33
herkupuspratz: would be the easiest way. but something went wrong during this install, so why should it be different next time?07:33
herkupuspratz: maybe your storage hardware is not fully supported07:33
LilleCarlherkupus, you know a second try always helps ;)07:33
pratzherkupus: what you mean by storage hardware ??07:34
herkupuspratz: harddisk controller07:34
pratzherkupus: is it a hardware problem07:34
pratzherkupus: but i though linux has good support for hardware07:34
html-inprogressim lost what os are you haveing trouble with ?07:35
pratzherkupus: *various hardwares07:35
LilleCarlpratz, it does but that does not mean your stuff is supported? :P07:35
pratzhtml-inprogress: ubunut 11.0407:35
villaanyone who can help me07:35
veeki'm trying to do: ls *.ps|xargs -I{} mpage -2 {}>{}m0.ps anyway to get it to work??07:35
veekbash -c xargs..07:35
herkupuspratz: well, not each and all. it depends on how much the hardware manufacturers are cooperating with the open source driver developers.07:35
villaI want to show ibus on the panel, but I have no idea how to do07:35
LilleCarlveek, i tihnk #bash would be better for you07:36
pratzany other solution than reinstalling the system is appreciated, i am waiting for 60 mins for your help, else i will reinstall the system07:36
pratzthanks guys07:36
veekLilleCarl: thanks07:37
html-inprogressvilla,  then drag and drop07:37
LilleCarlno problems veek :)07:37
villahtml-inprogress, ...07:38
faLUCEis there a way to trigger when I type some consecutive keys? for example: if I type "script1" I want to execute script1.sh automatically07:38
villawhat you mean07:38
html-inprogresspratz,  then foucs on me and tell me all07:38
pratzhtml-inprogress: k, dude07:39
html-inprogresspratz,  then foucs on me and tell me all:)07:39
pratzhtml-inprogress: just hold07:39
LilleCarlvilla, html-inprogress private conversation <3?07:39
LilleCarland dont get that message wrong now xD07:40
pratzhtml-inprogress: i started my computer this morning and got "os choose option" which i never had before, it has options , normal boot and recover mode, i tried both but they drop me to busybox shell07:41
html-inprogressvilla,  just like it says , and one of windows gui that is no by default:) but linux is , ( if you have a gui tthat does so)07:41
LilleCarlpratz, you are talking about grub, thats all i can tell you07:42
pratzLilleCarl: i do not think it is grub, it is busybox shell07:42
html-inprogressdid you udate grup ?  tobisha brand in my exerance always needs it07:43
pratzhtml-inprogress: LilleCarl but i can drop in grub shell07:43
LilleCarli dont know07:43
html-inprogressfixes a lot of problems indircertly07:43
pratzhtml-inprogress: LilleCarl in fact i am currently i am in grub shell07:43
LilleCarlWell im completley lost there so sorry07:44
LilleCarlmaby #grub can help you07:44
zambai'm trying to set up the nvidia driver by using nvidia-xconfig and then restarting X (/etc/init.d/gdm restart).. but i don't get X running.. "no screens found"07:44
LilleCarlzamba, invalid config i guess, happened to me in debian but with ati07:45
zambaLilleCarl: well.. shouldn't nvidia-xconfig do that for me?07:45
pratzLilleCarl: and how do i update grub , whats the command ??07:45
LilleCarlzamba, i said the same to ati, i had a to old card to use the prop driver :S07:46
LilleCarlpratz, no idea, i think i did it via apt xD07:46
pratzLilleCarl: k , dude07:46
LilleCarlpratz, i think a live cd could come handy right now07:46
xrfang while I install mysql-server via apt-get, it ask me to set mysql root password, is there a way to suppress this dialog and use a user/pass via script, or just use some "default" so that I can change later via scripts?07:46
zambaVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)07:46
zambathat's not exactly an old card, is it?07:46
pratzLilleCarl: k, i will try that07:47
LilleCarlzamba, how about to new then?07:47
zambaand it's even certified by ubuntu07:47
=== eitch_ is now known as eitch
LilleCarlno idea then, might be some glitch07:47
zamba"The Lenovo Thinkpad T410 laptop has been awarded the status of Certified on Ubuntu PC (x86)."07:48
yangmenglinux xdriver=vesa resolution=1024*76807:48
zambathat's just bollocks07:48
Rothamhwo can I get wget to output http://testurl.com/file.zip into namedfile.zip ?07:48
kalinkaHi, i'm having a problem with dpkg and msttcorefonts package07:48
herkupuszamba: that maybe refers to the T410 with intel graphics07:48
LilleCarlRotham, i think wget URL > FILENAME07:48
dsatheuse a proper driver07:48
zambaherkupus: check under hardware overview.. and it even mentions "Proprietary Drivers Required"07:49
herkupuszamba: personally i would never certify anything that needs closed source drivers07:49
zambaRotham: wget <url> -O <outputfile>07:49
kalinkawhen I tried to install the msttcorefonts package, apt kept asking for HTTP Proxy, however I can't input anything into the box. Enter took no effect. I had to close the terminal.07:49
zambaherkupus: to get the full 3d experience, yeah.. but i just need something that works here07:49
Rothamthanks zamba that worked :)07:50
LilleCarlkalinka, just try again, gnome-terminal sometimes hungs up07:50
kalinkaNow everytime I want to install something, apt-get forced me to run dpkg --configure -a, and the same HTTP Proxy dialog appear, I can't do anything !!07:50
LilleCarlkalinka, apt-get update07:51
herkupusRotham: put the option first: wget -O <outfile> <url>07:51
kalinkaLilleCarl: apt-get won't work, it keeps asking me to run dpkg --configure -a07:51
vishnushello everyone ... Im using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows. im currently in Windows coz the net is not stable....07:51
vishnus...ping takes 1000+ms whereas in windows its less than 300ms.. while downloading in ubuntu ive got upto 60kbps, but browsing is super slow. mostly goes timed out... please help me with this, without making the data card work i cant shift to ubuntu from windows07:51
LilleCarlkalinka, none of the apt commands? because when a installation hungs up then you need to repair some index or smth07:52
kalinkaI posted a question to msttcorefonts package maintainer in lauchpad, still no luck07:52
LilleCarlkalinka, it might be gnome-terminal! happened to me several times that it just hungs up :S07:52
kalinkaLilleCarl: i'm using kde termial07:52
LilleCarlkalinka, hmm nvm then xD07:53
almoxarifekalinka: why not run the dpkg....... ?07:53
kalinkaI think the msttcorefonts package is really broken, the problem is how to get rid that dialog07:54
kalinkaalmoxarife: the http proxy dialog will appear, and I can't input anything, can't press enter07:54
palhmbsI know this might be a rather off-topic question, but I've just overwrote a important file with echo > -- on a NTFS partition, is there any way to recover it?07:56
almoxarifekalinka: you in a terminal?07:57
palhmbsI've tried looking with debugfs / testdisk....07:57
kalinkaalmoxarife: http://imageshack.us/f/94/snapshot3g.png/ here, the screenshot07:57
kalinkathat dialog won't disappear whatever I do07:58
kalinkaand it comes back everytime I run dpkg --configure -a07:58
KoltHi! I installed Sims3 on ubuntu. The game is running however when I run it, there is no text in-game at all and the graphics are strange. the terminal output is: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fpastebin.com%2FWidLmTHu&h=2AQDUkNT407:59
KoltHow shall I get it working?07:59
Koltno that s not the terminal output07:59
Koltthis is it: pastebin.com%2FWidLmTHu&h=2AQDUkNT408:00
villa*** VTE ***: Failed to load terminal capabilities from '/etc/termcap'08:00
villaI want to know what is going on08:00
Ozikhi there08:01
almoxarifekalinka: and what happens when you press enter?08:01
villaand /dev/disk/by-uuid/**** does not exit  Dropping to a shell08:02
villasystem crash all the time08:02
kalinkaalmoxarife: a little flash, then the dialog still there08:02
almoxarifekalinka: same verbage on the dialogue?08:04
kalinkaalmoxarife: exactly08:04
almoxarifekalinka: you connected to the internet?08:04
dydhi all08:05
dydanyone knows how i can hide my connection info (dipecobackup.economia.unimib.it)?08:06
LilleCarldyd, hide it where and from what?08:06
OzikUbuntu 10.04.01 LTS installed on RAID 0 via PCI card: works ok till shutdown -h. With GRUB legacy I have error 17, with GRUB 2 it keep restarting. recovery helps till shutdown08:07
dydLilleCarl: yep, sorry: i mean hide them in irc08:08
LilleCarlHmm, not sure i only know about VPN tunnels :p08:08
LilleCarldyd, how come you wanna do that anyways? :S08:09
dydLilleCarl: mm, but what can i google to find a solution? "hide my domain"?08:09
kalinkaalmoxarife: of course08:10
LilleCarlhide your domain will lead you to the answer "proxy" or "vpn"08:10
dydLilleCarl: with that info you know that i am in an italian university now08:10
LilleCarldyd, any you wanna play wow or something? :P08:10
dydLilleCarl: lolol :D no, just wanted to avoid people know that :)08:11
dydLilleCarl: i think that if i set up a proxy and connect to a web irc client i can do the trick... but sucks08:11
LilleCarldyd, well that suck balls of steel, then a VPN would be better08:12
gar_onnHey, when I startup my comuter, I use my keyboard to select Ubunutu (it's a dual boot with windows) . then I select the generic one in the GRUB menu, but after selecting here My keyboard and mouse stop working for a couple of minutes, so I've got to wait to login. Couldent find anny solutions for this problem on Google.08:12
gar_onndoes annyone know how to fix this?08:13
LilleCarlgar_onn, if anyone knows they will tell you08:13
LilleCarlhello :)08:13
dydLilleCarl: yep i'm checking out VPN now08:14
LilleCarldyd, vpns are usually not free if you dont set up your own openvpn server08:15
OzikLittleCarl: you say that nobody know answer to my question? :P08:15
DmitRexÝÉ, ÏÈÄÀÐÀÑÛ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:15
LilleCarlOzik, yes noone that is active atleast08:16
DmitRexLilleCarl: òû õóé08:16
DmitRexè ñîñ¸ø ñâîé õóé âñåãäà.08:16
__sephirothhow do I install a graphics driver in a chroot?08:16
DmitRex__sephiroth: ÈÄÈ ÍÀÕÓÉ!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:16
__sephiroth!English | DmitRex08:17
ubottuDmitRex: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:17
DmitRexOzik: âûðàäîê.08:17
OzikLittleCarl: so I stuck :) can't work with wake on lan and ssh if system won't boot :/08:17
DmitRexÌíå ïîõóé!08:17
DmitRexÿ no speak Endlish08:17
DmitRexyou biatch08:18
__sephirothDmitRex, you're going to get banned dude08:18
Ozikgo to link posted by @ubottu08:18
jpds!ru | DmitRex08:18
ubottuDmitRex: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:18
DmitRex__sephiroth: ÍÀÕÓÉ ÂÑÅ ÏÎØËÈ08:18
DmitRexÈ ÕÓÉ ÂÛ ÌÅÍß ÏÎĘ́ÒÅ08:18
DmitRexÏÈËßÒÜ ÍÀÕÓÉ :(((((08:19
LilleCarlOzik, what you mean?08:19
OzikLittleCarl: I'm new in penguin's world :) I want to prepare ubuntu server, get openssh and wakeOnLan to turn it on from somewhere else08:21
mandlaIm running Ubuntu 11.04, iv install lamp-server, but i cant access phpmyadmin, please help.08:21
gar_onnmandla, I've got the phpmyadmin files in the ww folder08:22
mandlaAnyone there??08:22
Bulldog2010Hi all08:22
bsmith093its a really minor thing, but how do i color the  boot text, like in gentoo?08:22
dydanyone knows where is located the perform file for xchat?08:22
LilleCarlmandla, you should install all modules yourself instead of usin lamp in my opinion, and phpmyadmin is a package  that can be installer (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin)08:23
Bulldog2010have a small problem need some help or advice with please08:23
gar_onndyd, .xchar2 or something like that?08:23
LilleCarldyd what you mean with perform file? im using xchat :)08:23
gar_onnBulldog2010,  dont ask to sk08:23
dydit's xchat 2.8.808:23
dydi want to perform some commands at connect08:23
LilleCarlOh, im not sure08:24
kpolinarHey guys, having a problem in file permission using Ubuntu 10.10. I'm new here so spare me.08:24
* sktn07 hi everyone :)08:24
dydok i think i found it08:24
gar_onndyd, you can just set those via the server window of xChat08:24
Bulldog2010have got adam internet as isp graet service just recently got fetch tv and now my ubuntu computer says its recieving 127kbps and i dont know y or where its going08:24
Lasersdyd: I'm certain the client have GUI for it.08:24
sometuxhow to open mdb file (access database) in linux08:24
dydLasers, gar_onn: thank you, i found it ;)08:24
kpolinarI just installed ubuntu and xampp (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=cc9b01005f7f7f99a2189c48f3346ee3&t=223410)08:25
LilleCarlkpolinar, more info please08:25
vishnusLilleCarl: helloo. will u be able to help me :(08:25
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:25
Laserskpolinar: This? ^08:26
kpolinarIn the last section, linking a folder, it gives me a 403 error when I visit the link08:26
Bulldog2010any ideas please08:26
LilleCarlvishnus, with whaT?08:26
dyd/mode $me +x08:26
vishnusIm using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows. im currently in Windows coz the net is not stable....08:26
html-inprogresshow do i make a cloud out of my old computer?08:26
llutzhtml-inprogress: 2kg C4 :)   scnr08:27
vishnusLilleCarl: ping takes 1000+ms whereas in windows its less than 300ms.. while downloading in ubuntu ive got upto 60kbps, but browsing is super slow. mostly goes timed out... please help me with this, without making the data card work i cant shift to ubuntu from windows08:27
vishnusLilleCarl: mobile broadband connection is working. but its tooo slow.. websites are getting timedout.08:27
html-inprogressHUHHUH  (scratch head)08:27
kpolinarLasers: I used this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=cc9b01005f7f7f99a2189c48f3346ee3&t=22341008:28
LilleCarlvishnus, sounds like incompability not sure either since i do not have a mobile broadband08:28
Bulldog2010any sugestions please08:28
Laserskpolinar: July 26th, 2006 -- That article is OUTTA OF DATE!08:28
vishnusLilleCarl: oh...08:28
kpolinarLasers: yes, what should I use then?08:29
Lasers!lamp | kpl08:29
ubottukpl: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:29
Laserskpolinar: Above!08:29
kpolinarLasers: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP?08:30
Laserskpolinar: Yes. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP -- Lamp.08:30
kpolinarLasers: doesn't have 10.10 - To install the default LAMP stack in Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron), 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope), 9.10 (Karmic Koala), 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)08:30
Laserskpolinar: 10.04 LTS -- And if you're on 10.10 -- You should upgrade to 11.04 anyway.  Otherwise, fall back to 10.0408:31
Laserskpolinar: Just a speculation, sir. ;)08:31
kpolinarLasers: np, I'm still new to this environment.08:32
Ozikbumping my question08:33
OzikUbuntu 10.04.01 LTS installed on RAID 0 via PCI card: works ok till shutdown -h. With GRUB legacy I have error 17, with GRUB 2 it keep restarting. recovery helps till shutdown08:33
kpolinarLasers: ??? What should I do? fallback or upgrade? ;)08:33
Laserskpolinar: I'm not familiar with AMP. Just L.08:34
html-inprogressllutz,  what do you mean ?08:34
llutzhtml-inprogress: ignore it, just a lame joke (c4 =high explosive)08:35
kpolinarI see. I'm having a file permission on public_html. Maybe I will change my setup to the above link?08:35
shomonhi, I have 1000 pdfs, and I have to check for one variable in each. I want to download them all as a batch using wget, but what is a good way to convert them to text in ubuntu 10.10?08:35
html-inprogressllutz,  oh ha ha ha ha h ahohoho h ho oh08:36
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
=== dyd is now known as dyd_
Lasersshomon: It's possible. We won't just find it out for you. You're kinda asking us to write a script for you. Work with one PDF. Find out which OCR works great. Look up in forums. When it worked -- then you can use it on the rest of 9999 PDFs.08:37
shomonno, I can write my own script08:37
shomon:) and it's only 1000 of them... But I see when I type pdftotext there are 2 packages it could be in...08:38
shomonand I know there's loads of little utilities like this, but I've not used them in about 5 years.08:38
bsmith0931i would like to add some color to the boot text in lucid, to make it look like the debian bootup screen. how do i do that?08:38
Lasersshomon: Gotcha. :)08:39
Lasersbsmith0931: Let it go. You only see it for some good seconds. If you want Debian bootup screen, use Debian.08:40
teboWELLL...anyways im a noitoroisu troll an d im banned from the official mint linux help  network cause im a ...wellim a  krazedlunatic assholeandI am here tobegyoupeopleto tellme stuff aboutduplex and analog and ...azalia?08:40
Gryllidatebo, please describe your issue.08:40
iceroottebo: if you are using mint this is not the correct place08:41
teboand...well...they say they...ewll im figuring someone ...wellmaybeits paranoida butl.lOK OK GOOD GOOD OK I can ...well I wishid shown screenschots and......08:41
tebowell like I said mint doesnt like me and spotchat.org has banned me cause im a .....youd hav to ....well im sure its a thing that crosses all linux borders but.....08:41
tebook ill ..IVE ....IL TAKE screenshots and ...wait grylla...illa..ok ill....also........imma take a smlallbreak and make acoherent text file to ...explain whatsgoingon....ITS ALL ABOUT audio...and input and output and...illbe right back IHAVE TO LEAVETHECHANNEL ORill just keep babberinglikeanidiot this ishwy they banend me from mint channel08:43
Laserstebo: well like they said we dont support mint because.. youknow... its full of broken stuffs.... broken... broken... im sure you uddy this... but.... so broken.08:43
tebodamnit  im gonna make you  a slideshow....wait...no....a...nevemrind....is LASWERS A REAL..nevermindillbrb DONTTALK TOME I GET CO...nowiat..see...nevemrind..brb..08:44
LasersWhaaaat? :O08:44
Lasersedos4: root is bad, mkay?08:44
faLUCE HI, how can I catch, with a script, when I change the workspace?08:45
faLUCE[10:43] <faLUCE> (the script must listen events)08:45
lalejandHi, I have a E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)08:49
lalejandwhen I try tu upgrade paquages it says : "dpkg : erreur fatale irréversible, abandon : reading files list for package 'xdg-utils': est un dossier"08:50
lalejanddoes someone know what I can do ?08:50
vishnusdoes Ubuntu give dns automatically when setting up mobile broadband ??08:51
=== samba is now known as Guest56801
Gryllidavishnus, I would think so. Anything wrong?08:52
Gryllidalalejand, Please pastebin whole output.08:53
vishnusGryllida: not sure. i have a data card and its damn slow in ubuntu but super fast in windows08:54
lalejandGryllida : http://pastebin.com/RkSnjzCh08:54
Gryllidavishnus, details please?08:54
vishnusGryllida: Im using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows. im currently in Windows coz the net is not stable08:55
vishnusGryllida: ping takes 1000+ms whereas in windows its less than 300ms.. while downloading in ubuntu ive got upto 60kbps, but browsing is super slow. mostly goes timed out... please help me with this, without making the data card work i cant shift to ubuntu from windows08:55
kpolinarIs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for Ubuntu servers?08:55
vishnusGryllida: immediately after connection, the browsing would be of decent speed. after like 30 seconds, it will take so much of time. mostly it will end up saying timed out. i tried in firefox and chrome08:57
vishnusGryllida: i installed ubuntu just 3 days back and havn't done any changes to the default settings08:58
OzikUbuntu 10.04.01 LTS installed on RAID 0 via PCI card: works ok till shutdown -h. With GRUB legacy I have error 17, with GRUB 2 it keep restarting. recovery helps till shutdown08:59
lalejandGryllida : any idea ? (dpkg error 2)09:05
dydwhat parameter do i have to set when i use dd to see what the hell he's doing? :)09:08
=== Guest56801 is now known as try
vishnusGryllida: i'll be back ok. i'll restart and try changing the DNS to opendns or something.09:09
Gryllidalalejand, `sudo apt-get install xdg-utils`?09:10
lalejandGryllida : already installed09:10
zxd_where does ubuntu take the LS colors from09:10
zxd_in the shell09:10
tripFantasticenvironment variable09:11
zxd_where is that set09:11
Gryllidalalejand, sudo dpkg-reconfigure dpkg09:11
tripFantasticcheck ~/.bash_profile or /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d09:11
lalejandGryllida : done, porblem still there if I upgrade09:13
zxd_tripFantastic, dircolors command?09:14
tripFantasticuses it09:14
Gryllidalalejand, problem solved?09:15
lalejandGryllida : nope, still have the dpkg error 2 if I try to upgrade09:15
natrixnatrix89when I try to update, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638793/09:16
natrixnatrix89What does that mean? how do I fix it?09:16
Gryllidalalejand, http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=3911793#p391179309:16
=== try is now known as sambismo
Peddynautilus has "move to..." and "copy to..." in the context menu. Right now there are just "desktop" and "home folder", how can I change this?09:20
tripFantasticright click :)09:21
lalejandGryllida : I don't have the same error, it's not a "n'a pas de retour à la ligne en fin de fichier" error, but a "n'est pas un dossier" error that I get. (so you speak french)09:23
PeddytripFantastic, was that directed to me?09:23
tripFantasticPeddy peRfrences prolby09:24
Gryllida!fr | lalejand probably ask there09:25
ubottulalejand probably ask there: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:25
tripFantasticdamn, my xlator broke09:25
raphaHi all!09:25
raphaI'm trying to install Ubuntu to a USB hard disk with UNetBootin from within Windows, but UNetBootin wont see the hard disk ... can somebody help me?09:26
tripFantastichow come no one has thought to import a foreigner here?09:26
lisa_is there someone please can help me with install problem?09:27
tripFantasticask the real question09:27
Gryllidalalejand, please describe your issue, ask the channel (not me).09:27
lisa_i have install problem with gnome power manager09:27
Gryllidalisa_, can you describe the problem on _one_ line, please?09:28
natrixnatrix89can anyone please help me.. why am I seeing this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638797/09:28
Tyrnisplop all09:28
LoqusWhy would ping not render responses from VLAN interface 2 after dhclient had been run on VLAN interface 1? TCP dump shows the ping going out and comming back on the correct interface, but just not rendered by the ping application.09:28
lisa_I have install problem .it shows an error message (gnome power manager)09:32
lisa_can anyone help?09:32
=== vishnu is now known as vishnus
vishnusGryllida: i guess its pretty ok now :)09:33
vishnusGryllida: gave opendns09:33
Gryllidavishnus, oh, tell your previous dns provider that they fail, please. so they can fix their issue.09:34
vishnuswell, it was default. i dint give any DNS..09:35
vishnusdono which one ISP uses09:35
Gryllidavishnus, so nobody has this issue anymore. you have to tell them.09:36
vishnusyes. i'll drop them a mail! :)09:36
=== Jens is now known as Guest1099
m4dbi7morning all09:40
m4dbi7got issue with fuc##in ath5k cards and 11.04 :/09:41
m4dbi7I got often log timeout09:41
IdleOnem4dbi7: Please don't swear.09:41
m4dbi7on fresh install seems working fine09:42
nightrid3ri've been looking at the mirrors and can't find a netbook edition for natty09:42
m4dbi7after few days started with issue09:43
=== Guest1099 is now known as jbache
hetiiQ: start-stop-daemon have a option --oknodo the question is what it should return when running process return 1 ?09:48
=== D3Mc4- is now known as D3Mc4
zambatwitter client for ubuntu?09:50
zambawhat do you guys use?09:50
bhaveshI cannot tick an update in Update Manager (Docky update) http://i.imgur.com/BXsXx.png09:56
bhaveshthe checkbox remains white even after I click it..09:56
SoftarPaulHi, I'm using Gaupol for editting subtitles. But suddenly it froze and I can't do anything. I tried alt+F4, but it's not possible to click "Save".10:04
hetiihmm im not sure if its a bug or not but start-stop-daemon that have --oknodo arg. and use --startas to run daemon return 0 even when my application return 1 but when i use --exec instead --startas then its seams that the --oknodo is ignored.10:04
hetiicould someone confirm that ?10:05
ntr0pyWhich VNC server is the fastest/most stable/errorfree ?10:05
Kartagismtozses@mtozses-sabanci:~$ whereis perldoc10:07
Kartagisperldoc: /usr/bin/perldoc10:07
Kartagismtozses@mtozses-sabanci:~$ perldoc perlretut10:07
KartagisYou need to install the perl-doc package to use this program. <--- why do I get this?10:07
bil21ali have problem with my launchpad account from where i can get help?????10:09
Stef1hi guys, can anyone tell me how to mount fakeraid? (i installed ubuntu server 11.04 first time it automatically mounted the partion even ask me for the name that it will be shown) but i was forced to reinstall my linux server and nothing like this happen, so my raid1 is still unmounted :(10:12
waiguorenhi, the output for my 'find' command is too long and i cant scroll all the way up.is there a way to fix that ?10:20
pablofbwaioguren: append "|less" to the command10:21
ratcanybody know how to launch a program in root, like sude or gksudo, but without a terminal starting?10:22
whowantstolivefohi people, i have 40 computer in office, and all computers installed with ubuntu 10.04 lts, i need some program same like Netsupport, you can see the features of Netsupport http://www.netsupportmanager.com/features.asp this page, i need some program like this in ubuntu that i can manage and control from my computer, is there any suggestions for me guys ?10:22
waiguorenpablofb, i tried that, but it only showed me the end, i couldnt figure out how to scroll up...10:22
pablofbwiaoguren: It shows the beginning, you can scroll down10:22
waiguorenpablofb, with the mouse?10:23
pablofbyes, with the mouse and with the cursors10:23
waiguorenpablofb, thanks, ill try again10:24
ratcwhowantstolivefo , maybe some free VNC variant?10:24
ratclike ultra vnc10:24
KM0201!vnc | whowantstolivefo  there's a lot of options10:25
ubottuwhowantstolivefo  there's a lot of options: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX10:25
whowantstoliveforatc: if you go http://www.netsupportmanager.com/features.asp  this site, you can understand what i want, i am newbie , i have no problem in my network, i need only tools manage and connect clients, and chat with any client or connect send file etc.10:25
ratcnetsupportsmanager does has a linux version10:26
whowantstoliveforatc:  i know, this is why i ask, is there any tool like this.10:26
KM0201whowantstolivefo: that page you linked to, has linux versions on their site, why don't you use it?10:28
whowantstolivefoKM0201:  i dont want to pay any licence. this is why i turned to linux, i delete all microsoft products from our office.10:28
ratci used realvnc , works good for me, but i don't think it has all those features listed there.10:29
KM0201whowantstolivefo: ok.. thats fine, just didn't make sense yu're asking for a progra "like...." and the program you linked to, has a linux version, but that makes sense10:29
KM0201whowantstolivefo: can't you use the "built in" remote desktop tool in Ubuntu?10:30
whowantstolivefoKM0201: how can i do this ? built in ? i am sorry as i say before, i am newbie :)10:31
KM0201whowantstolivefo: no offense, but as new as you are, are you sure yu're prepared to manage 40 pc's?10:31
zonemacan someone tell how to put this line into bash? openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -days 1000 \          -key ca-key.pem -out ca-cert.pem  the problem seems too be the "\" char!!10:31
KM0201whowantstolivefo: go to System/         / Remote Desktop Connections, and configure remote desktop  (I can't remember if its uner system/admin or system/preferences)10:32
whowantstolivefoKM0201:  yes, now everyone works great, i was using kerio firewall, i kicked this and now i use pfsense.10:32
KM0201whowantstolivefo: but honestly (don't know what your network does).. if you need a secure connection, ubuntu's remote desktop utility, is  not what you want to use... you really need to look at a secure ssh connection10:33
budy_hi any1 can help me pls10:34
budy_i just have 1 simple question10:34
nightrid3rbudy_ not if you don't tell your problem10:34
whowantstolivefoKM0201:  ratc : thanks for help and suggestions i will look internet and get some informations about your comments.10:34
KM0201budy_: rather than telling us how simple your question is, just ask your question, if someone can help, they will.10:34
budy_how do i remove the left side sidebar cause i hate it10:35
budy_sry 4 my bad english10:35
KM0201budy_: i don't think you can.. it's a fundamental part of unity.10:36
pablofbbudy_: If you don like Unity you can always revert to "ubuntu classic"10:38
budy_yaa i'd just google it and it sez i have to relog in gnom10:39
KM0201!classic | budy_10:39
ubottubudy_: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".10:39
the_misfitwhats the big freaking controversy over unity10:39
budy_ya ty guys10:39
KM0201the_misfit: it sucks?  ;)10:39
budy_have a nice day10:39
the_misfitits just a docky/docklet thingy with some handy keyboard shortcuts10:40
the_misfitbeats the menu10:40
dattebayoanybody use wine here?10:40
KM0201the_misfit: i disagree, the menu kills unity, and i'd strongly disagree w/ how "handy" it is.10:40
KM0201!wine | dattebayo10:40
ubottudattebayo: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:40
the_misfitKM0201: eh its a wip10:41
KM0201a wip?10:41
KM0201oh, work in progress10:41
the_misfitwork in progress10:41
KM0201i agree...10:41
the_misfittheres some visceral overreaction to it10:42
KM0201but frankly, Unity sucks... i cannot get used to that crappy interface, after seeing Gnome 3, i see it only getting worse.. so i had to make a change.. start getting used to something else... cuz i will not use KDE>10:42
KM0201the_misfit: why would someone want a "netbook interface" on a 21in monitor?10:42
the_misfitKM0201: good point10:43
KM0201the_misfit: the interface, makes sense on netbooks, and probably for some users, even on some laptops... but on a desktop?  it just looks ridiculous.10:43
the_misfitKM0201: its coming along though, read the unity report (weekly, lol) on omgbuntu10:44
KM0201the_misfit: see, the thing is.. 11.04, unity is obviously very rough... 11.10, it'll probably be a bit better, but by 11.10, they'r egoing to be trying to implement gnome 3... which is liable to make 11.10 suck pretty hard to... my point is, ubuntu may not see a halfway decent release again, until 12.04, maybe 12.1010:45
the_misfitdunno, ubuntu is going for mainstream usability pretty much, and thats the whole point10:45
KM0201the_misfit: i think Ubuntu is trying to be a Mac... which is the wrong direction to go, IMO.10:45
sktn07please help me out:   who set irc channel topic ?...or how to set it?10:46
KM0201the_misfit: oh well, it doesn't matter to me, thank heavens for choice.. i switched to lxde, and love it10:46
the_misfitsktn07: operators set the irc topic10:46
KM0201sktn07: why on earth would you want to set the topic?... if you don't know how to do it, you have no business changing it.10:46
the_misfitKM0201: relax, he's prob new to irc10:46
KM0201the_misfit: if he's that new to IRC, why is he wanting to change the topic on a 1500 person IRC channeL?...10:47
IdleOneKM0201: he never said for this channel10:47
IdleOnePlease try being a little less brusque10:47
sktn07<he_misfit, how to be an operator of a cnannel?10:47
KM0201hmm, then why come here?... it's not really ubuntu related.10:48
IdleOnesktn07: for help with IRC /join #freenode10:48
gaurav_nattywhat is extension for executable file in linux10:49
the_misfitgaurav_natty: what are you trying to do ?10:50
KM0201.bin, sh?  there's several.10:50
gaurav_nattythe_misfit,  i am having perl script file i have 2 save that and execute10:51
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ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.11:00
Scribbled2xWhere could a find a table that breaks down the version / name for each distribution?  For example, how do I know what packages are for oneric versus lucid or one of the other distributions?  I tried to follow the Live CD Customization and somehow installed perl for oneric but everything else for natty << yea donno what happened there?11:00
the_misfitScribbled2x: do you mean the packages that came with the CD for each version of Ubuntu?11:02
the_misfitScribbled2x: something like this ? http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntu11:03
Scribbled2xthe_misfit - sorry no, what I meant was I would like to install oneric without a graphical interface, I tried this but somehow installed components to natty --11:05
the_misfitScribbled2x: oh, like a makeshift custom distro of oneric11:05
Scribbled2xexactly -11:06
Scribbled2xI need to liveCD to perform one specific function - no installer, no X, blah blah blah - but I need it to run a web server, htdig, perl, and all of that.  The problem was that I installed perl for one version of ubuntu and the rest for another version of ubuntu11:07
Scribbled2xprolly cause it was a retarded moment in my life :|11:07
Scribbled2xthe_misfit: like for example, what is vs 11.04 is that oneric or is that something else11:08
chalcedonytop says root is using 100% of my memory?! Ubuntu 10.0411:08
bastidrazorScribbled2x: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/11:09
BluesKajScribbled2x, 11.04 is natty11:09
Scribbled2xok so 11.10 is then oneric11:10
BluesKaj11.10 is  oneiric11:10
Scribbled2xthank you11:10
Scribbled2xone last question: sorry if I driving u guys nutz.  I want to do this live CD - made the first one working, but problems came in because I used wrong dbootstrap .... (i think).  How do I do this so that I am using all files for the correct version?  I mean where exactly was my retard moment so that I don't make the same mistake?11:12
BluesKajto do a live cd , what do you mean, Scribbled2x?11:14
epzil0nScribbled2x: one advise is that you check that you have a md5sum match of the iso-file you downloaded and then burn it at slowest speed and do not use the computer for anything else11:14
epzil0nScribbled2x: then when you boot from the live-cd you will se an option in the bootmenu.. check if media is ok or something, then if all fine you shouldn't have any problem or at least not with the install media ;)11:15
Scribbled2xBlueskaj: I started following instructions for Live CD Customization, during the process it talked about doing things for the various versions.  My version of choice what oneric, but somehow (unwittingly) I used components of natty.  While I could never ask anyone here to know what I did, I am asking if there is a way to download all of the packages for oneric, change my sources.list file to point at my hard drive, and guarentee that I 11:17
phaxhow does one upgrade to the latest version of gcc and g++ on the Ubuntu 10.0411:17
gaurav_nattyis there any themes is available for Ubuntu 11.0411:17
engrxyzhi, i have a hostname in /etc/hostname on ubuntu named as blah, and i wanted it to be changed to blahblah. is there a way for me to implement this changes without restarting the machine?11:18
Scribbled2xepzil0n : the actual creation part was no problem, the iso is fully functional and working  (kinda got lucky there); the problem came in when I went to install other applications onto the iso when I used applications that were intended for a different version11:18
geirhaengrxyz: It'll take effect immediately, but you *must* make the same change in /etc/hosts, or sudo breaks.11:19
epzil0nScribbled2x: ok so you wanted to make a custom lie-cd?11:19
BluesKajScribbled2x, don't change your sources.list , for oneiric do , sudo do-release-upgrade -d , the sources will then autodtae to oneiric as well as all installed packages11:19
gaurav_nattywhat is GtK11:19
tebook I was here earlier...I gae up on that problem. if anyonetells mehow to fix it Ill burn the whole  world/..welll.........I dont tihnk my scrneensohtos wouldve helped...helllo...then why did I come back..im no ....i...nm...11:20
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI11:20
Scribbled2xblueskaj thanks11:20
Scribbled2xepzil0n - yes11:20
engrxyzgeirha: how to do dhta11:20
FxIIIhi all11:21
FxIIIi have a 10.4LTS11:21
epzil0nScribbled2x: i have no experience in creating a custom media so can't help you there11:21
geirhaengrxyz: Hm? You open them both in a text editor and do the change.11:21
tebothis has nothing to do with unvuntu now its more to do with...psychotic rampagesandI wonder if ,,,,anyone has ever tried making their desk higher so they dont have to sit in a seeat...and....welll helll with it..itis witorht a try cause....I...well  sometimes I dont like my chair...so...oooo custom media...11:21
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FxIIIi want to update to 11.4 is it possible in a reasonable safe way?11:21
Scribbled2xepzil0n - I understand - I appreciate your taking the time to try - thank you11:22
epzil0nScribbled2x: np and good luck ;)11:22
nightrid3rFxIII what version are you running now11:23
Jadedwhat is the command to delete the contents of a directory ?11:23
geirha!hostname > engrxyz11:23
ubottuengrxyz, please see my private message11:23
Scribbled2xWell off to work: Blueskaj and epzil0n, bastidrazor, the_misfit --- thank you11:23
zwickeRhey yall11:23
epzil0nJaded: rm -r directory11:24
JadedI just want to delete the directory contents, no the directory itself11:24
epzil0nScribbled2x: have a nice day11:24
tebo hahha. thank you. nolw I ..can...make  anote of whatnot totype to ....welll so I dont accidentallly .....nm11:24
nightrid3rJaded rm -f dirname/11:24
tebooh god........im doing it again....nevermind I WANNA........OKO K BRB11:25
Jadedbut I'm already "11:25
Jaded"inside" the directory11:25
qinJaded: rm *11:25
nightrid3rJaded rm -f  *11:25
FxIIInightrid3r: should be 10.04.2 LTS11:26
tebook ill start with........azalia controller........sound stuff..does that mean anything to anyone?11:26
Jadedrm: cannot remove '989;" Is a directory11:26
ledjoso I still have problem with mounting usb flashes and psp, but usb mouse works just fine, so maybe the file sys IS the cause..11:26
nightrid3rFxIII thats already 2 versions behind11:26
nightrid3rJaded rm -rf *11:26
FxIIInightrid3r: I have to give directions so i prefere if there is a safe way11:27
nightrid3rFxIII try apt-get distupgrade from the cli and see if there is nothing that can't be upgraded11:28
nightrid3rFxIII and backup your date just to be safe11:28
Jadedcheers nightrid3r11:29
Jadedbut now I'm getting 'permission denied' messages11:29
ledjothis is everything I can see: Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0781:5151 SanDisk Corp. Cruzer Micro Flash Drive11:29
nightrid3rJaded do ls -la on those files and see who owns them11:30
vishaltelangreMy site http://vishaltelangre.com is opening under Windows but it's not in any browser (Firefox5, chrome, opera, epiphany) under my Ubuntu 11.04... Please tell me the solution... :(11:30
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linuxnizerhi everyone11:30
ledjoand in dmesg this: [ 4912.748042] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 811:30
Jadednightrid3r: nobody nogroup11:31
ledjoI hate this sys!!11:31
balooocan anyone tell me how to completely remove grub from a harddrives mbr?11:31
nightrid3rJaded sudo rm -rf *11:31
faLUCEhi, how can I add a root environment variable?11:32
MrsBvishaltelangre: The site just says you are working on it, theres nothing to see.11:32
nightrid3rvishaltelangre the site opens fine in firefox on windows11:32
vishaltelangreMrsB: Yep, it works for me under Windows on any browser, but now I'm on Ubuntu and in firefox it says server not found. :(11:33
nightrid3rserver not found means a dns problem11:33
FxIIInightrid3r: what if i see that there are no update?11:33
ledjocause ubuntu is an idiot we all have to admit it11:33
MrsBvishaltelangre: where is it hosted, is it on your LAN?11:33
vishaltelangreOn remote host.11:34
FxIIInightrid3r: normally it updates from 10.4.1 to 10.4.2 and so on11:34
nightrid3rFxIII no idea i have never don a dist upgrade11:34
vishaltelangreMrsB: I mean I bought Linux shared hosting plan from a company, they have CentOS servers11:34
hannofcart__I just installed a package named sqlite-doc via apt-get. Now, where can I find the documentation? How do I access the contents of this package?11:34
phaxanyone upgraded to the latest gcc/g++ on Ubuntu ?11:35
nightrid3rvishaltelangre try a ping to your website11:35
vishaltelangreMrsB: Executing ping on terminal gives this output: ping: unknown host www.vishaltelangre.com11:35
MrsBvishaltelangre: check /etc/resolv.conf .. you should have nameservers set up in there11:35
Dr_Willis|2hannofcart__:  the package manager tools cn show what files went ehere.. i would think it put stuff n /usr/share/doc (or docs)11:35
sktn07is there anything like video bin similar to paste or image bin?11:35
Dr_Willis|2sktn07:  isent that Youtube. :)11:35
rungsshey guys I cant install ubuntu on a new Acer11:35
rungssPlease someone help11:35
Dr_Willis|2!screenshot | sktn0711:36
ubottusktn07: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.11:36
vishaltelangreMrsB: On my ubuntu computer or in my remote directory provided by my host?11:36
FxIIIok nightrid3r11:36
MrsBvishaltelangre: On your machine11:36
hannofcart__Dr_Willis|2, I am afraid apt-get --help does not show any relevant options to print list of installed files.11:37
vishaltelangreMrsB: It outputs as: nameserver
baloooHi,  I tried to install ubuntu as a dual boot and that messed my windows up.  So then I used a recovery usb that i made to restore windows 7's MBR,  I  clicked the Repair Startup option which completed without error.  My problem now is that, windows will only boot if I have the usb in the machine,  if there is no usb in the machine, it gives me a grub error11:37
Dr_Willis|2hannofcart__:  i think its a dpkg option.  I always just use synaptic to see the details on packages.11:37
golterGuten tag leute11:37
Dr_Willis|2hannofcart__:  or use 'mc' to view the contents of the .deb   there is a commandline tool to do it..  i just never use it11:37
Dr_Willis|2!apt | hannofcart__11:37
ubottuhannofcart__: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)11:37
ledjoservus golter11:37
sktn07how to create own website?11:38
ledjothats ubuntu question?11:38
vishaltelangreMrsB: So, what to do to resolve this issue?11:38
golterhab ne frage und zwar wenn ich auf einen Irc Server joine wie kann ich mir die channels anzeigen lassen oder auflisten ? geht das überhaupt ? =)11:38
nightrid3rgolter #ubuntu-de11:38
MrsBvishaltelangre: Its likely some problem with your router. Try using opendns nameserves or googles. Opendns use and
sktn07how to create own website?11:39
goltersry guys for my german xD11:39
icerootsktn07: with html11:39
golterhow can i list the channels of a irc server ?11:40
vishaltelangreMrsB: Where to place these nameservers--in my /etc/resolv.conf? What is correct syntax then?11:40
iceroot!alis | golter11:40
ubottugolter: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*11:40
nightrid3rgolter /list11:40
icerootgolter: also /list11:40
MrsBvishaltelangre: Put them on separate lines11:40
golterthanks =)11:40
sktn07iceroot, want to learn html11:40
vishaltelangreMrsB: Okay11:40
ledjogolter wie gehts wie stehts?11:41
golterwish you a good day bye =)11:41
OzikQ: v10.04.1 works fine until shutdown -h, then can't boot -> GRUB Legacy error 17, or GRUB 2 countinous reset, rescue disk solves untill next shutdown11:41
MrsBvishaltelangre: you might need to leave an empty line at the end, its best to put them in front of the existing one so you don't upset the formatting of the last line11:41
baloooI can't get rid of grub!? :(   how am i supposed to remove it from my windows drive?11:41
nightrid3rsktn07 for help with website join #webdesign11:41
sktn07iceroot, give me link to get learn html from basic11:42
OzikUbuntu is installed on 160GB in Raid 0, BIOS see's the matrix11:42
ledjowhy wont anyone help me with my usb mount issues?11:42
ledjowere can I ask that?11:42
ledjois there a normal email support?11:42
nightrid3rledjo maybe becos we don't know, not all here are specialists, we try to help when we CAN11:43
vishaltelangreMrsB: Yeah, placed those two at last of that line starting with nameserver*, and kept a blank line below that. File saved.11:43
Sidewinder1ledjo, Have you searched/asked at www.ubuntuforums.org?11:43
icerootsktn07: #html and google11:43
icerootsktn07: also see css11:43
ledjook then recommend me another support11:43
Sidewinder1I just did.11:43
MrsBvishaltelangre: Any good?11:44
icerootledjo: repost your question please in one line with usefull infos11:44
ledjoyes i searched everything but there is nothing on how to moubt usb when u cant se which dev it uses...11:44
=== RealEnder1 is now known as RealEnder
nightrid3rledjo does your usb disk work on another computer, cos i have the same and never had any problems11:44
Gryllidaledjo, yes, there is. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users11:44
ledjojust a sec11:44
vishaltelangreMrsB: I tried ctrl+alt+del (deleting cache) and reloading the same url and has got this message again: Firefox can't find the server at www.vishaltelangre.com.11:45
Gryllidavishaltelangre, type `host www.vishaltelangre.com` in Terminal, please.11:45
=== airon is now known as airon90
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  theres always askubuntu.com and the forums11:46
bliket_hey, I wrote my own software to handle some incomming tcp connections and the such. for some reason after making like 5000 connections with maybe 200 or so active connections my sockets stop listening and connections get refused. I heard they may be a limit of maximum processes/files open on a per user basis. I also heard this can be changed with "ulimit -a", my question is there some way to get a user's statistics on how much usage11:46
vishaltelangreGryllida: host: parse of /etc/resolv.conf failed11:46
MrsBvishaltelangre: close firefox and restart networking sudo /etc/init.d/network restart (it might be networking rather than network, its vaires across distro's and Im not on ubuntu now to check)11:46
Delta_my wireless card is not stable. whenever I download for a long period of time at 1MB/s it kind of get stuck and I have to disable and reenable my wireless card to get it working again. I am using a PAE kernel. Can this be the cause?11:46
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  if a usb device when plugged in - does not get a /dev/sdXX entry assigned to it.. then theres somthing wrong with the kernel, or drivers, or device.11:46
aciculabliket_: ulimit shows you the limits11:47
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  unless its some sort of special usb device.  - i cant think of ny usb storage tht dosent use sdXX11:47
Gryllidavishaltelangre, ok, `sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf` and pastebin the file contents, please. This file is related to DNS and may be broken for you.11:47
vishaltelangreMrsB: okay11:47
ledjothose are 2 fat flashes and a psp that all worked untill yesterday, i.e. they were automounted. then yesterday they wouldn't automount anymore. I could see that they were  using dev sdc1 so I could mount them phisically but since yesterday evening that doesnt work any more, so I can lsusb see them..11:47
aciculabliket_: they are set in /etc/security/ somewhere11:47
bliket_acicula: is there any way to tell the current usage?11:47
aciculabliket_: think its called limit.conf11:47
MrsBvishaltelangre: if still no good then log out and log back in again, as a last resort you could reboot. It sounds like you have a 'windows friendly' router11:47
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  does 'sudo fdisk -l' show them?11:47
aciculabliket_: i would guess for filehandlers you can look with lsof11:48
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  then you got a deeper issue..  when you plug them -  wait a moment or two. then check 'dmesg' output..  do dmesg a few times  a few sec apart. and see if any info on the device shows up11:48
ledjoi already did that and showed it to u11:49
vishaltelangreGryllida: http://pastebin.com/haMLjLAf11:49
vishaltelangreMrsB: okay, please a few secons11:49
aciculabliket_: also i think ulimits applies per process11:49
bliket_acicula: /usr/sbin/lsof |wc -l      outputs:398511:50
aciculabliket_: lsof lists every open file, not for just one process11:50
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  i just got off work. :)  from what ive heard so far.. its pointong to either a bad usb port. or cable. or some very weird kernel issue..  a interesting test would be to see if a ubuntu live cd, and some other disrto (like tinycorelinux) could activate the device. IF one of those work.. check the  'lsmod' output to see what modules are getting loaded.11:50
ledjoand in dmesg this: [ 4912.748042] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 811:51
Gryllidavishaltelangre, make a backup, then remove the seconda nd third one IPs, restart networking.11:51
Dr_Willis|2thre should be several lines after that one ledjo eventually11:51
Gryllidavishaltelangre, backup = a file copy11:51
MrsBvishaltelangre: the pastebin looks like you have them all on one line, the should be on separate lines11:51
ledjoI know11:51
ledjothat IS the problem11:51
golterHey guys when I write "/list" that doesn't work. And a Message come and show me this: Doing this is not a good idea. Add -YES option to command if  you really mean it11:51
ledjoI think I have to reinstall the whole sys11:52
goltercan anyone help me pls ?11:52
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  all i can suggest is check with a live cd or 2. check out the lsmod output.. and verify that they do work with a live cd.11:52
vishaltelangreMrsB: I tried closing firefox and executing networking command as http://pastebin.com/qgnyrUw9 and still firefox says server not found at www.vishaltelangre.com :(11:52
Dr_Willis|2golter:  a list of all the channels on this server will flood most irc clients off the network.11:52
Dr_Willis|2theres some list-channel-service.. but i enver use it.11:52
golterand what can I do ?11:52
xanguagolter: tried to do what the message says¿11:53
Dr_Willis|2golter:  i dont know wht you are trying to do...11:53
vishaltelangreMrsB, Gryllida: okay first trying placing them on seperate line11:53
goltersimple to show me all the channels on this server11:53
Dr_Willis|2if you want to get a full listing of all channels and proberly disconnected... /list -YES     like it says...11:53
Dr_Willis|2the freenode web site has a list of most channels11:53
ledjoin lsmod vfat                   17335  011:53
ledjofat                    55505  1 vfat11:53
ledjodm_crypt               22463  011:53
ledjoparport_pc             32111  011:53
ledjoppdev                  12849  011:53
FloodBot1ledjo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:53
ledjoipt_REJECT             12512  111:53
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  thats from the not-working system?11:54
nightrid3rvishaltelangre do you have any network connection on that machine cos it looks like your network interfaces are not setup right11:54
GryllidaDr_Willis|2, /list >50011:54
MrsBvishaltelangre: like this http://pastebin.com/qA5mfJ8311:54
Dr_Willis|2Gryllida:  i normlly know what channels i want to join. :)11:54
nightrid3rMrsB vishaltelangre ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0  <---- might be his problem11:55
vishaltelangreMrsB, nightrid3r:  http://pastebin.com/0QaRHsvD11:58
vishaltelangreMrsB, nightrid3r: And yes, it's working now.11:58
andeeeuk_Helloooo everyone11:58
MrsBvishaltelangre: well done :)11:58
ledjothe only reason Im not using xp on this laptop is that its getting too hot when Im just browsing or watching videos, in xubuntu that doesnt happen. on the other hand in xp u dont have to care about usb or network issues..11:59
MrsBvishaltelangre: Its worth remembering Opendns. It looks like your router doesn't like non windows OS11:59
vishaltelangreMrsB, nightrid3r: Thanking you for your kind help... So that was the problem of nameservers on my local machine.11:59
andeeeuk_im have just bought the microsoft lifecam and am having problems with it11:59
andeeeuk_i keep receiving this error in cheese12:00
andeeeuk_One or more needed GStreamer elements are missing: gconfaudiosrc, gconfvideosink12:00
andeeeuk_anyone any ideas or anyone could shed some light on it?12:00
vishaltelangreMrsB: Yep, it seems my ISP is lol *ucking windows lover! Thank you anyways.12:00
sktn07what is bulkmail box?12:00
MrsBYw :)12:00
ledjoor did someone hear anything about manually mounting usbs in xp12:01
nightrid3randeeeuk_ try #v4l these guy's are experts in all webcam and video related stuff12:01
ledjoor manually do anyth in xp ;)12:01
OttoTheBusDriverFirst time using Irssi and IRC, so please bear with me, but I have two problems with network bridges and KVM.  This may be complicated by having just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 to 11.04. My guest machines used to have network access via the bridge I had setup under 10.04, though everytime I restarted my host, my routing table had multiple default gateways which broke internet access for host and guests until I deleted one.  Since the u12:01
andeeeuk_nightrid3r thanks12:01
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  ive had to manually do a lot in xp.... like ,,,, well thats for the OT channel...12:01
avinashhmHi friends , how to force kill a process .. i am trying to kill acroread using pkill .. but it still is not going .. http://paste.ubuntu.com/638859/ has more logs .. any help please ..12:02
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  i will pass on the discussion for now. I have other things to do.12:02
nightrid3ravinashhm kill -9 $pid12:02
brainwave92i am trying to install binutils in a separate folder called 'avr' so i downloaded the source, and the ./configure --prefix=~/avr --target=avr is telling me that mine is an unknows x86_64 linux host12:02
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ledjomount usb ? use samba? install ndiswrapper? I dont think so..12:02
avinashhmnightrid3r, super awesome .. worked dude .. thanks12:02
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OerHeksledjo, can you repeat your problem ? i can't find it reading back12:03
Dr_Willis|2ledjo:  Not related to 'ubuntu support' so  not rellevant.. did you test that box with a ubuntu live cd yet? compare teh lsmod outputs?12:03
MrsBandeeeuk_: theres somebody with the same problem here and a possible fix - http://tinyurl.com/5vmsb3d12:03
andeeeuk_ok thanks :)12:04
ledjousb flashes wont choose /dev so I can at least manually mount them12:04
ledjothats the problem in short, oerheks12:04
ledjoI dont have working cd rom on this laptop, willis12:05
OerHeksledjo, an usb stick will mount in /media12:06
andeeeuk_MrsB thanks!!! all fixed and working!!!12:06
MrsBGreat :)12:06
Delta_does Chromium-browser support ad block?12:06
GryllidaDelta_, Yes.12:07
astraljavaDelta_: Yes, there's an extension.12:07
xanguaDelta_: there are adbock plugins for it12:07
ledjooh pls!!! dont tell me that 1 + 1 is 2, oerheks12:07
GryllidaDelta_, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jjegmigigagnpcimcbimpefifgplgmge maybe. I remember that it exists12:07
ledjoits suppose to mount there and WILL12:07
Dr_Willis|2if the device is not getting a /dev/XXXX entry  then either its not loading the proper modules, or some quirky kernel bug. or theres some hardware issue.12:08
bazhangledjo, pardon?12:08
ledjoIm reinstalling the sys now12:08
icerootledjo: is the usb-drive listed in /dev/sdX?  is dmesg showing the stick after pluggin it in?12:08
Dr_Willis|2how are you reinstalling if the cd did not work?12:08
Dr_Willis|2and you say the usb's dont work.12:08
ledjoI already tried that all I wouldn't ask questions here12:09
icerootledjo: is dmesg showing the stick?12:09
ledjoover lanP?12:09
ledjoover lan willis12:09
ledjoim installing xp12:09
nightrid3rledjo we ask these thing to narow down your problem12:09
Dr_Willis|2over the lan? thats a neat trick12:09
icerootledjo: is dmesg showing the stick? (last time i am asking)12:09
Dr_Willis|2if hes running the xp installer.. theres not a lot he can tell us for now.12:10
bazhangiceroot, usb wont mount apparently12:10
ledjoand in dmesg this: [ 4912.748042] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 812:10
pentarexhey guys my / directory is full how can I trace what;s going on.. I've delete one file nohup.out that was 8 gb but now its also full my / is 9.2 gb12:10
icerootledjo: then the system is not detecting the stick correctly12:10
Dr_Willis|2pentarex:  thats impressive getting one that large.12:10
ledjoI KNOIW THAT12:10
icerootledjo: is it a usb2 stick? your bus is only usb112:11
icerootledjo: is it a harddisc which needs 2 cable to get power?12:11
ledjoit worked fine till yesterday I already told that12:11
Dr_Willis|2pentarex:   check the log files perhaps? there are some disk scanner tools that show file/dir sizes in use..12:11
icerootledjo: i dont read hundreds of lines to see what you wrote12:11
icerootledjo: but if you dont want my help, then its no problem12:12
ledjothey r usb flash 1 gb, 4 gb and psp12:12
ledjothey all worked fine till yesterday12:12
Dr_Willis|2that seems to point to a hardware problem on the pc.12:12
icerootledjo: have a look at /etc/fstab if there are old entrys for sticks12:12
nightrid3rledjo thats why i asked to try them in another pc12:13
ledjothen they wouldnt automount any more and yesterday evening they wouldnt even choose dev any more12:13
Fudgehi does ubuntu still have inittab somewhere?12:13
Dr_Willis|2Fudge:  not really12:13
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:13
icerootledjo: have a look at /etc/fstab if there are old entrys for sticks12:13
ledjojust a sec iceroot12:13
Fudgeoh thanks doc12:13
tiando you hava a...12:14
bazhangtian, pardon?12:15
tianno no no12:15
bazhangtian, ubuntu support question?12:15
ledjono iceroot there r only / and swap listed in fstab12:16
tianmy english is not good12:16
OttoTheBusDriverHi, where is a good place to go for network bridge / KVM help?  My google foo has let me down12:16
icerootOttoTheBusDriver: #kvm, #networking12:16
nightrid3rtian whats your language12:17
OttoTheBusDriver#iceroot: Thank you12:17
icerootledjo: if you plugin an usb-stick, can you choose it in the boot-menu? so is the bios detecting the stick correctly?12:18
icerootledjo: to see if it is a ubuntu-problem or a hardware-issue12:18
ledjoI cant boot from usb12:19
icerootledjo: ok12:19
ledjono entry in sequence12:19
aciculaOtto the libvirt site has a good writeup on how to setup vms and bridges12:19
ledjothats why Im lan installin os12:19
bryanhow is everybody doing12:20
=== bryan is now known as Guest27381
tiani like wow12:20
Guest27381hey you12:20
ledjome too like wow12:21
bazhangtian, Guest27381 ubuntu support questions?12:21
Guest27381tian  can help12:21
Guest27381can you help12:21
bazhangGuest27381, ask a question first12:21
ledjoand Im going to play it now and then Ill kill ubuntu12:21
Nagwaredoes Ubuntu have a project for children like Sugar?12:21
ledjosee ya guys!12:21
Guest27381i need to get my webcam on skype not working on ubuntu natty12:22
bazhangNagware, edubuntu I suppose12:22
Nagwarewhat happend to sugar?12:22
tianwow can play on ubuntu12:22
Nagwarewhy is there no download?12:22
bazhangtian yes12:22
ledjoon another pc12:22
bazhangledjo, ?12:22
ledjowell not officially12:23
Sidewinder1!wine > tian12:23
ubottutian, please see my private message12:23
ledjomaybe with wine12:23
Dr_Willis|2Nagware:  check the sugar homepage perhaps? its not really  a ubuntu support related question/topic.12:23
Guest27381on cheese prog it work fine but on skype12:23
ledjobut thats not so sexy12:23
bazhangledjo, sure it can. did you want to continue with support? if not , chat in #ubuntu-offtopic12:23
ledjo5 different people that are here all the time told me just to ignore u bazahg12:24
bazhangledjo, here is ubuntu support. please stay on topic.12:25
Piciledjo: Ignoring bazhang doesn't change the fact that you are disregarding the guidelines of this channel..12:25
mmaaxxпривет всем :)12:25
Pici!ru | mmaaxx12:25
ubottummaaxx: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:25
Guest27381omg nobody wanna help ayayayaya12:25
Sidewinder1!ot > Guest2738112:26
ubottuGuest27381, please see my private message12:26
PiciSidewinder1: Thats not helpful.12:26
Dr_Willis|2Guest27381:  skype is flakey.. not a lot we can do about it. there may be workarounds mentioned in the forums . or on askubuntu.com12:26
=== furqan is now known as Guest68530
Sidewinder1Pici, ayaya...?12:27
PiciSidewinder1: what?12:27
Syd23hey everybody i am new to this service12:27
ledjoIm leaving, whish u all but bazhang and pici a nice day12:27
FloodBot1ledjo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:28
xanguaSidewinder1: if you have a support question...just ask12:28
xanguathat was for Guest27381 ;)12:28
Sidewinder1Pici, Sorry, I misread his aya...as play; won't happen again. I should pay closer attention. :-)12:29
=== furqan is now known as Guest22938
PiciSidewinder1: tis okay :)12:29
Nagwarejeez these redhat guys are sure snobby12:29
Nagwareyeah might as well try edubuntu12:30
Nagwarelooks like they dont support the Sugar stuff12:30
Nagwareis possible to install edubuntu todo en espanol12:30
xanguayes Nagware12:31
bazhangNagware, should be, yes12:31
xanguago to language settings and install all languages you wat Nagware12:31
Nagwarei am looking to build 100 systems for a country in south america, what do i need to know before i install ubuntu on them?12:32
dr_willistheir specs... would be handy12:32
Nagware2Ghz 2 gig ram 160Gb hd12:32
Nagwareall in one12:32
dr_willisif they even have cd drives.. hd size.. networked or not.. so on.12:32
Kivi_any idea what is the name of the apache httpd binary in ubuntu12:32
Nagwarebut legal issues?12:32
dr_willisthat should be able to handle most any ubuntu you want. sounds like a fiarly mondern machine12:32
th^^Kivi_: apache2 iirc12:33
Nagwarethey are nice chinese machines12:33
dr_willisLegal from who? Ubuntu is free to use.12:33
dr_willissee the gpl.12:33
Nagwareok, so i dont need to register with canonical or anything?12:33
Kivi_th^^: really?12:33
th^^Kivi_: really :)12:34
PiciKivi_: the binary name is apache2, yes.12:34
th^^Kivi_: /usr/bin/apache212:34
f00dCan I compile .exe files in ubuntu?12:34
f00dTo be used on windows I mean12:34
xanguaNagware: only if you want canonical support12:34
dr_willishttp://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/why-is-it-free  | Nagware12:34
f00dth^^: thanks :)12:34
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Specifications/MassMaintenance Nagware that may help12:34
xangua!appdb | th^^12:34
ubottuth^^: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:34
xanguasorry that was for f00d12:35
th^^xangua: wine is not what he asked about12:35
xanguagrr my yes are bad today12:35
th^^xangua: he asked how to *compile* exes12:35
th^^mingw can cross-compile binaries for windows, we do that with warsow (windows binaries compiled on linux with mingw)12:35
vigneshwarhello everyone12:36
Sidewinder1xangua, You're not the only one. :-)12:36
f00dth^^: Yes, it's what I was looking for!12:36
f00dThanks you :)12:37
belif00d: what you are searching for is named cross platform compiling or short: cross compling or really short x-compiling12:37
Nagwarethanks guys!12:37
th^^f00d: http://www.mingw.org/wiki/LinuxCrossMinGW this might be of interested for you12:37
f00dbeli: I see12:37
* f00d adds new world to vocabulary12:37
madPJKfananyone know how I tell if a) my vidcam is detected, and b) how I get it working in skype?12:39
BluesKajmadPJKfan, usb cam ?12:40
madPJKfanwell, DV cam, with firewire and usb - currently have got it on usb12:40
madPJKfanBluesKaj: well, DV cam, with firewire and usb - currently have got it on usb12:41
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
BluesKajmadPJKfan, ok in a terminal,  lsusb ...look for video device12:43
thauriswulfaHELP: I am tired with sound problem, I have updated ubuntu to xubuntu by following instructions on xubuntu website. sound sometimes work and sometimes not. its not working now. I am totally fed up.I have external sound card. I have choosen right device in mixer. and also in pulse audio volume control please help12:43
Ozikhey ppl tell ne smth: if I have hw raid controller and I'm setting it into raid 0, ubuntu will see one disk or two12:44
madPJKfanBluesKaj: hm - nothing12:44
madPJKfanBluesKaj: weird12:44
madPJKfanBluesKaj: can I force a detect?12:44
CandyClawscan anyone help? my ubuntu pc all of a sudden stopped showing up in Networks on windows. samba is running and all12:47
Fudgehey how do i specify a command to execute after i ssh, is it like ssh host | command12:48
llutzFudge: "ssh user@host command"12:49
Sidewinder1CandyClaws, Have you tried rebooting router/linux-box/windows-box?12:49
llutzFudge: man ssh12:49
Fudgei did see that in the ssh man but i didnt think it was that simple12:50
=== katelyn_ is now known as katelyn
bhaskar00666how is ubuntu 11.04 compared to ubuntu 10.0412:50
CandyClawsSidewinder1: yep, tried reinstalling samba, nothing so far12:50
=== DND_ is now known as Intel``
xangua!unity | bhaskar0066612:51
ubottubhaskar00666: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.12:51
Sidewinder1CandyClaws, I wanted to try, as no one else answered your question; that's about as far as I can go, very sorry... :-(12:51
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1104 bhaskar0066612:52
amitfriends I have a unique problem12:52
myrmidettemy sound broke after messing with it to enable a bt headset12:53
myrmidetteI'm using pulseaudio12:53
amitwhen I run laptop  on battery power; keyboard stops working12:53
amitmyrmidette: is it you andrey?12:53
myrmidette paman says it only sees dummy output12:54
=== RealEnder1 is now known as RealEnder
BluesKajmyrmidette, ask in #pulseaudio12:57
myrmidettety BluesKaj12:57
amitwhen I run laptop  on battery power; keyboard stops working12:58
nightrid3ramit i've never had this problem before, maybe check your settings in powermanagement12:59
myrmidette#pulseaudio is dead as far as I can see12:59
Abhijitamit, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150733212:59
amitnightrid3r: ok12:59
hwq001http://linuxfloat.org/ a Q&A website dedicated to linux industry,welcome to ask linux question on Linuxfloat13:02
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions13:02
OzikI have PCI silicon Raid controller, created Raid 0, ubuntu should see it as one disk right?13:03
=== ticaozinho is now known as tdutra
=== ITXpande1 is now known as ITXpander
Will123456hey guys. my super button's packed up. super, super + W, super + D. nothing happens. it's all properly set in compiz settings. running ubuntu 11.04 with unity13:13
Will123456any ideas?13:13
Will123456where should i start looking?13:13
stickyboyI am having problems removing linux kernels using apt-get or dpkg, etc.  The process seems to hang at zz-update-grub, and I can't control C or anything...13:14
MrsBWill123456: you could try xev and make sure it creates an event when you press it. Beyond that Im stumped though sorry.13:16
Sidewinder1stickyboy, Have you tried removing old kernels in Synaptic?13:16
Will123456MrsB: i have no idea what xev is, but I'll take a look - thanks!13:18
=== PythonSnake is now known as Python
MrsBWill123456: It just shows whats going on behind the scenes.13:19
Will123456MrsB: running it now - it could well help. thanks13:19
Will123456MrsB: every key except super is giving me a blip of text splurge in the terminal13:20
Will123456so that's certainly interesting13:20
dhruvasagarHi guys, I had been using tomboy with sshfs to sync the notes with my server, I had got it setup fine and it was working previously, but it seems that post the upgrade to 10.10 it is just not working anymore, when I try to configure the synchronization it gives me connection errors. The SSH keys etc are all working great, but tomboy doesn't.13:20
tyrezahello buddy13:21
villaI want a BansheeMediaPlayer running ico on the right of the top panel, how to get it?13:21
dhruvasagartyreza: hello13:21
Adaszhello, i have connected to my fritzbox a HDD and aktivated the media Server. how can i use it with ubuntu?13:21
=== glenn_ is now known as glda19
dhruvasagarvilla: doesn't it have an icon already ? It used to. You should check the preferences. If not that, the last resort for you is to use 'alltray' application to achieve the same.13:22
dhruvasagarAdasz: what problems are you facing while trying to use it with Ubuntu ?13:22
DeeslI am trying to install an Ubuntu server domU on a Gentoo dom0, I can boot up from the CD fine, but after the installer runs, its unable to find the CDROM. What could I be doing wrong?13:22
Adaszdhruvasagar, i dont now any programm that can use it13:23
villadhruvasagar, thanks anyway. I will try13:23
tyrezai can't install cacti13:24
Picityreza: Why not?13:24
tyrezathis what i got as error :13:24
adubzdoes anyone know an archive tool for linux that will create an archive and then apply a password to it in .zip format???13:24
Deeslany help for me?13:25
Piciadubz: zip13:25
adubzpici there is an archive tool called zip13:25
adubzis it command line13:25
Sidewinder1!ask | Deesl13:25
ubottuDeesl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:25
tyrezathis is the error when trying to install cacti13:25
tyrezaPici: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638891/13:26
adubzk there is just searched is it command line and will it put files in zip format with password13:26
Piciadubz: Yes, just check the manpage.13:26
Picityreza: Can you run that again, but do: LANG=C sudo apt-get install cacti-cactid13:27
tyrezai have to add LANG=C in front of apt ?13:27
dhruvasagartyreza: did you try installing again ? Did it give you some different error ? you might want to try sudo apt-get -f install13:28
Picityreza: That will put it in english so that I can understand the output better.13:28
Adasz^dhruvasagar, sorry i lost the internet connection13:28
=== demon_spork is now known as demonspork
dhruvasagarPici: don't you use google chrome ? it automatically recognizes if a page uses a different language and asks you to translate :)13:29
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
tyrezaokay here is the error in ENG http://paste.ubuntu.com/638892/13:29
UbuntNetArghow can i search for libraries files from ubuntu ? I tried using the Software center, but I couldn't13:29
dhruvasagarAdasz^: it's ok, I didn't provide much more help, are you unable to mount the HDD ?13:29
tyrezai try several time to autoremove and réinstall same error dhruvasagar13:29
tyrezaseveral time13:29
dhruvasagarUbuntNetArg: what do you mean you couldn't ? You can use `apt-cache search` to search, I generally prefer `aptitude search`13:29
Picidhruvasagar: I do, but it didn't and it doesn't always work great for technical output like that.13:30
Adasz^dhruvasagar, i am able to mount the hdd but i dont know any programm with that i can use the media server funktion of the fritzbox13:30
dhruvasagarPici: yea it did destroy the formatting, but I managed13:30
UbuntNetArgahhh from the terminal13:30
Picityreza: What release of Ubuntu are you using currently?13:31
ChaosSaberI am going to be installing ubuntu on a diff computer today, how do I remove ubuntu from my second drive13:31
dhruvasagarAdasz^: did you by any chance have a look at this - http://www.havetheknowhow.com/ ?13:31
tyrezaubuntu 10.04.213:31
BluesKajUbuntNetArg, http://pkgs.org/download/ubuntu-10.04/kubuntu-backports-amd64/kbruch_4.5.3-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa3_amd64.deb.html13:31
ChaosSaberand make it a windows drive again13:31
tyrezaLTS Pici13:31
Picityreza: Can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy cacti-cactid   please?13:31
UbuntNetArgdhruvasagar:  apt-cache and aptitude search are very different? Sorry if is a silly quiestion13:31
AbhijitChaosSaber, just delete it? and install windows in that space13:32
myrmidettemy sound card has stopped being recognized, can anyone help?13:32
UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  Thanks13:32
ChaosSaberwell it's just going to be my backup drive again, but wasn't sure since linux uses a diff file system13:32
extraclassicUbuntNetArg: i use aptitude search because it'll tell if the package is installed or not13:32
ChaosSaberAbhijit, thanks13:32
Pici!patience | Deesl13:32
ubottuDeesl: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:32
tyrezahere is the policy http://paste.ubuntu.com/638895/ pi13:32
dhruvasagarUbuntNetArg: well the output is different, aptitude generally shows a bit more information about the matching packages such as whether the package has already been installed or not, I find that useful, not sure if apt-cache could be used to show that, but by default aptitude does so I prefer it13:33
RothCan I update ubuntu through the internet without downloading the new version?13:33
AbhijitDeesl, try in #ubuntu-server13:33
Deeslso anyone has any idea about why Ubuntu installer is unable to find a CDROM after it has booted off it in a domU?13:33
tzhuangAny gosu irssi users out there want to lend a noobie a hand? Please msg me.13:33
DeeslAbhijit: okay13:33
extraclassicUbuntNetArg: i think apt-cache searches title and description, but aptitude search is just for the title13:33
Picitzhuang: Try #irssi13:33
RothOr would I have to download the whole OS then update from the CD?13:33
AbhijitRoth, yes. both update and upgrade can be done through interent13:33
tzhuangPici: much thanks!13:33
RothAbhijit, how would I do it?13:34
Picityreza: Thanks, can you now pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list13:34
=== xtor_ is now known as extor
dhruvasagarRoth: you can upgrade ubuntu13:34
AbhijitRoth, you want the latest updates to the system and all software installed there OR you want to 'upgrade' the ubuntu to next version?13:34
dhruvasagarRoth: I have been upgrading my box from v7.04 :)13:34
scensis__Hi, what virtualization program would you suggest for Ubuntu 11.04 ? I want to install some guest OS like, windows and another ubuntu (For testing purposes)13:34
UbuntNetArgdhruvasagar:  thanks for you explanation13:34
=== MrNibbles_ is now known as MrNibbles
* Abhijit jelous on dhruvasagar 13:34
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
=== BeRo^fr is now known as rosseaux
RothI want the whole thing Abhijit13:34
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:34
Abhijit!upgrade | Roth13:35
ubottuRoth: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:35
bazhangscensis__, virtualbox13:35
UbuntNetArgextraclassic:  thanks for your explanation13:35
scensis__bazhang, can i aptitude it?13:35
bazhangvirtualbox-ose scensis__13:35
RothBye bye13:35
tyrezahere it is : Pici  http://paste.ubuntu.com/638898/13:35
scensis__bazhang, thanks ;)13:36
DynamicFailHow do I tell what speed/duplex my link is set at?13:36
myrmidettemy sound card has stopped being recognized, can anyone help?13:36
Picityreza: You have repositories intended for dapper (6.06) in your sources.list. I'm surprised that more things haven't broken.  Please remove those, and run apt-get update and then the package name is just 'cacti'13:36
NielsMknhey guys13:37
extraclassicDynamicFail: you can use ethtool13:37
dhruvasagarAbhijit: :)13:37
tyrezaremove what ?13:37
NielsMknHow do I disable the 'Alt + Middle Mouse Button' shortcut for resizing windows in ubuntu 10.10?13:37
dhruvasagarmyrmidette: stopped ? that implies that it was working, what changed in your system ?13:38
Picityreza: From line 14 onwards, delete all the lines that have 'dapper'  in them.13:38
AbhijitNiedar, system->preferences->keyboard shortcut13:38
tyrezadone Pici13:39
DynamicFailthanks extraclassic13:39
villasudo: aptitude: command not found13:39
villawhat's going on?13:39
Picivilla: aptitude isn't installed by default anymore.13:39
NielsMknerm Abhijit, were you referring to me?13:39
=== Johnm_ is now known as johnm
bazhangvilla, it needs to be installed use apt-get13:39
AbhijitNielsen, oh yes13:39
myrmidettedhruvasagar, I messed with alsa/pulseaudio to enable a bt headset. I got it working, then rebooted, and now sound doesn't work at all13:39
villathanks bazhang13:39
myrmidetteaplay -l returns no sound cards13:39
AbhijitNielsMkn, oh yesss!!!!13:39
NielsMknhehe :P13:39
dhruvasagartyreza: you could do ':14,$g/dapper/d' in vim to do that :)13:40
DynamicFailAnyone know what could cause my linux box to be downloading much slower than everything else on my network... ~1 Mb/sec for other machines... ~8kB/s for my linux box. I just checked and it is set to 1000Mb/full13:40
NielsMknanyways, I did check that, but they don't store the mouse combinations13:40
Abhijitoh. my bad. its mouse combinatioon13:40
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
NielsMknso any idea how to fix it?13:41
dhruvasagarmyrmidette: ahhh alsa/pulseaudio has given me quite a few nightmares, but I am not sure I know it enough to help here, you should probably ask again :)13:41
MrsBDynamicFail: check your router log, you might find it is firewalling you13:41
Deeslno one has installed ubuntu server in a domU here?13:41
myrmidette I messed with alsa/pulseaudio to enable a bt headset. I got it working, then rebooted, and now sound doesn't work at all. aplay -l returns no sound cards, but lspci -v recognizes it.13:41
dhruvasagarDeesl: I don't even know what a domU is :)13:42
AbhijitDeesl, thats why i told you try in -server13:42
madPJKfanis there any trick, that is, do you have to do anything special to get a sony DV camera working?13:42
AbhijitNielsMkn, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input13:42
madPJKfanI have it at least detected via usb, but nothing will see it13:42
Deesldhruvasagar: pardon my attitude... but if you were trying to be funny, it is not remotely funny13:42
madPJKfancheese, ekiga, skype13:42
AbhijitNielsMkn, http://www.stokebloke.com/wordpress/2010/04/09/ubuntu-alt-right-click-to-resize/13:42
DeeslAbhijit: I already tried.. apparently everyone is sleeping there13:42
dhruvasagarmadPJKfan: what do you mean trick ? guvcview is a software that has very good support for many many cameras13:42
AbhijitDeesl, try on #httpd13:43
nightrid3rmadPJKfan you could ask in #v4l they are experts on all video and cam related stuff13:43
dhruvasagarDeesl: na I am actually serious :)13:43
teboim  not sleepign no no....but I cant help..im useless...13:43
NielsMknhmm thanks13:43
PiciAbhijit: The question isn't related to that channel..13:43
DeeslAbhijit: what about #httpd? :O13:43
madPJKfandhruvasagar, nightrid3r - thanx guys13:43
PiciDeesl: Just be patient, #ubuntu-server isn't always as active as this channel.13:43
AbhijitDeesl, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142806413:43
AbhijitDeesl, http://www.scienco.org/2008/ubuntu-server-804-as-domu/13:43
AbhijitDeesl, http://www.linuxtoday.com/high_performance/2010043000735OSSV13:43
especially-cornis there an easy way of creating two desktops for two monitors?13:43
PiciAbhijit: stop that13:44
AbhijitDeesl, http://www.aikidokatech.com/?p=3213:44
Deeslthanks for the links13:44
Deeslatleast something to read till people become responsive13:44
PiciAbhijit: Are you done?13:44
AbhijitPici, i was not flooding. it was just four links.13:45
dhruvasagarPici: was that a threat ? :D13:45
teboI QUIT I quit .......b ut I came in here earlier confused as hell and....well I coudlnt even figure out what to ask and...andand...ILLBE MORE  reponseive with.....IS IT SOUND YOU WANT"?! I figuredout the sound!! I m adethe...wait...imnot using ubuntuu..i really should leave before this place calls me a troll too BUT IM NOT A TORLL IM A.........I.....wellits hard to explain and...my.upload..flood four linkss? HWAT?!13:45
myrmidettelol tebo13:45
teboI dont know whats wahapeningI am so ............hey I like l ady gaga tho is that good? DAMNIT NOW THEYLL THINK IM JOKING13:46
mafia_where you go ..????13:46
mafia_i'm not13:46
whowantstolivefohi, i have a question, in my network , we all are use ubuntu, but i want to disable client computers some usb ports, because they bring some music movie and stupid files not about work. i hate it. does it possible to disable unused usb ports ?13:46
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Pici!guidelines > tebo13:47
ubottutebo, please see my private message13:47
pr0toncan i create a hard link for a directory?13:47
pr0tonif so, how?13:47
dhruvasagarDeesl: I read this - http://www.havetheknowhow.com/, but I am still not sure what domU really is13:48
Deesldhruvasagar: in that case you could read through the Xen Wiki in case you are interested to know13:48
xcgmumount /dev/sdXX?13:48
dhruvasagarDeesl: k, will do13:48
Abhijitwhowantstolivefo, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-disable-modprobe-loading-of-usb-storage-driver/13:49
Delorahow to unmount file system hard disk ?13:50
Delorahow to unmount file system hard disk?13:51
whowantstolivefoAbhijit: thank you13:52
Delorahow to unmount file system hard disk?13:52
Delorahow to unmount file system hard disk?13:52
PiciDelora: stop repeating13:52
Delorathen please help13:52
PiciDelora: umount /dev/devicename13:52
xcgmsudo umount /dev/sdaXX13:52
myrmidette I messed with alsa/pulseaudio to enable a bt headset. I got it working, then rebooted, and now sound doesn't work at all. aplay -l returns no sound cards, but lspci -v recognizes it.13:53
myrmidettecan anyone help?13:53
beliDelora: you want help, so be patient and follow the netiquette and rules13:53
DeloraI already tried this13:53
Delorait says drive is busy13:53
PiciDelora: Are you trying to unmount the drive that your root filesystem is on?13:54
Deloraany other method please?13:54
Delorai want to add new partitions so i have to unmount it13:54
PiciDelora: You cannot do that when running your normal system. You'd need to boot from a LiveCD or similar to do that.13:54
Delorayou mean insert the cd and restart it?13:55
MrsBmyrmidette: this might help you - http://alsa.opensrc.org/.asoundrc13:55
jachavezhello guys this morning try to loging in gnome3 but i take one error "Failded to load session gnome-failback" any can help me to resolved this problem13:55
PiciDelora: And boot off the live CD and use gparted from there.13:55
xroHi, i try to get ldns 1.6.6 on ubuntu server 11.04... how to do it?13:55
Delorahow to that?13:55
Delorahow to boot off?13:56
xroor newer13:56
Delorawhen i restart it .only the installation will show up ,which says try ubuntu or install it13:56
Picixro: ldns is 1.6.6 is in the repositories on 11.0413:56
PiciDelora: Try Ubuntu13:56
Delorai got it13:57
Delorathank you guys13:57
xroPici, for server version??? i get 1.6.1-113:57
Picixro: Are you running 11.04 or 10.04?13:57
morthcould anyone suggest a program for a n00b thats learning pyhton?13:59
Abhijitmorth, try diveintopython. and ask in #python13:59
belimorth: what do you mean with program? i would recommend to ask at #python.....and to read the python introductional lessons....they have nice stuff on their site14:00
xroPici, sorry... i just checked again... i'm with Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS14:00
Pythonmorth: Think Python14:00
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Picixro: It looks like there is a PPA that contains just those packages for earlier releases of Ubuntu. (of course all the other caveats of using a PPA apply), but see here: https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/pkg-nlnetlabs14:04
AlexDevilLXWhats application name that makes cow talk in terminal? (Not apt-get easter egg)14:05
PiciAlexDevilLX: cowsay14:05
AlexDevilLXpici: thanks!14:05
The_PugilistAlexDevilLX, what may i ask is cow talk?14:05
pgold36Hi.  I am using 11.04 with the classic interface.  I want to find out if I can rename the four workspaces14:06
Guest57099hi, in lucid lynx, in opening a text file in vim via nautilus, vim's current directory is set to $HOME instead of directory where the file is.. i want to make current directory as the place where file exists, at startup.14:06
amitsomething is eating my bandwidth14:06
amitplzz see14:06
amitI ran chkrootkit14:06
amitand something suspicious shown14:06
Pici!enter | amit14:06
ubottuamit: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:06
AlexDevilLXThe_Pugilist: It's talking cow in terminal. ASCII graphics... Usless14:06
tzhuangAnyone have trouble playing youtube videos in chrome on 11.04?14:06
The_Pugilistsounds pretty cool actually :P14:07
=== GrowLinux is now known as growlinux
AlexDevilLXThe_Pugilist: Search for cowsay14:07
Piciamit: Check netstat -tanp for connections you don't recognize, you may also want to install nethogs, which does the same thing, but show bandwidth for each network connected process.14:08
Pici!info cowsay | The_Pugilist14:08
ubottuThe_Pugilist: cowsay (source: cowsay): A configurable talking cow. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.03+dfsg1-3 (natty), package size 19 kB, installed size 280 kB14:08
pgold36can anyone help with my question about renaming the workspaces?14:08
AlexDevilLXThe_Pugilist: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowsay14:08
The_Pugilistubottu has so much knowledge14:08
ubottuThe_Pugilist: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:08
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:09
tzhuangubottu: you are awesome14:09
ubottutzhuang: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:09
AlexDevilLX!who | The_Pugilist14:09
ubottuThe_Pugilist: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:09
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".14:09
tzhuangPici: can you help me to get youtube working in chrome for ubuntu 11.04?14:10
Picitzhuang: Do you have flash installed?14:11
tzhuangPici: not so sure. it doesnt come with the install?14:12
tzhuangPici: how can I check?14:12
Picitzhuang: No, it does not.  Install the flashplugin-installer package.14:13
DanteviosDoes anyone know how to wget an http directory and its subdirectories on a server? Whenever I try with just the -r option, wget likes to go back up many levels above the subdirectory I specified in the URL and keeps trying to spider the entire website.14:13
AlexDevilLXHow to make cowsay say Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome?14:14
PiciAlexDevilLX: cowsay Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome14:14
AlexDevilLXPici: Thanks!14:14
perlsyntaxDoes anyone know why i can get any inforion from this command lspci -nn | grep 0280?14:15
perlsyntaxi get no output14:15
whowantstolivefocan i connect to any microsoft xp client in my network  via vnc ? same i connect to ubuntu client ? does it possible ? or i need also for xp client vnc software?14:15
AlexDevilLXPici: And is there cat in cowsay14:15
kathieI started having wireless problems on my laptop about a week ago. I think it's a realtek problem but don't know how to fix it. I am fine with ethernet plugged in, and also fine with a USB wireless device. I pasted the output if someone would like to look and see if they could help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/638906/14:16
tzhuangPici: done. should i retart my chrome browser for it to take effect?14:16
perlsyntaxanyone can help me?14:16
Picitzhuang: ure14:16
Picitzhuang: sure14:16
perlsyntaxwhy can't i get any output to that command for?14:16
ZykoticK9perlsyntax, the output doesn't contain 028014:16
PiciAlexDevilLX: cat? Like a cat? or do you want to pipe things into cowsay?14:16
perlsyntaxi see14:16
tzhuangPici: hmm youtube still won't play videos Q__Q14:16
astraljavaperlsyntax: the grep probably doesn't match to anything in that listing14:17
bbeckI was wondering if anyone using Gnome3 from the PPAs has figured out how to get their network manager not to be the ugly old one?14:17
perlsyntaxi was worry how can i tell if my laptop had a broadcom wireless card?14:17
astraljavaperlsyntax: Try to lose some characters until you start seeing something.14:17
ZykoticK9!gnome3 | bbeck14:17
ubottubbeck: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:17
Picitzhuang: Normally I just install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package, if you can spare the bandwidth, its the best way to get things going.14:17
perlsyntaxastraljava,How can i tell if i have a broadcom wireless or tell what driver my wireless card need?14:18
astraljavaperlsyntax: Try `lspci | grep -i lan`14:18
ZykoticK9bbeck, honestly, if you want Gnome3 you should consider using Fedora - Ubuntu/Canonical doesn't supply what you want.14:18
bbeckYeah I know, I'm typically a KDE user, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.14:18
perlsyntaxMy wireless card is not on is that why i can tell what my wireless card is?14:18
perlsyntaxi hope someone can help me.14:19
bazhanglspci perlsyntax14:19
pgold36in 11.04 and gnome is there a way to rename the workspaces?14:19
astraljavaperlsyntax: I don't know, for some reason mine doesn't want to be switched off. Can you try to set it on, and then run that command?14:19
perlsyntaxit is on14:20
perlsyntaxeverything work but the wireless card it a built in one14:20
astraljavaperlsyntax: Just a minute ago you said it is _not_ on. If it now is, then run the command I mentioned two minutes ago.14:20
manthraanyone here for help me :)14:20
Abhijitmanthra, ask14:20
bazhangmanthra, ask a question14:20
astraljava!ask | manthra14:20
ubottumanthra: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:20
manthrai want to run windows setup on linux  :)14:20
m_fulderhow can I run a script on bootup so it don't run as root?14:20
perlsyntaxit odd i can get the geforce driver but not my wireless one that is odd.14:21
bazhangperlsyntax, output of lspci please14:21
taytersis there a command line tool to switch which workspace you're on14:21
bazhang!paste | perlsyntax14:21
ubottuperlsyntax: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:21
manthraanyway to install exe files on ubuntu ??14:21
taytersor something that allows me to do this programmatically14:21
AlexDevilLXWhats DuckDuckGo?14:21
=== basti2 is now known as basti
astraljava!wine | manthra14:21
ubottumanthra: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:21
manthraOh Thanks ubottu14:21
gbilihello, when i download a pdf file from chromium it says "this type of file can harm your computer do you want to download it?". Can someone explain me how pdf is exploited by hackers?14:22
perlsyntaxok i be back and get on the laptop with eth014:22
astraljavagbili: That's not really a support issue with ubuntu, is it?14:23
AlexDevilLXgbili: Binary virus for instance?14:23
Picigbili: ##security would probably be a better place to ask14:23
gbiliastraljava, no you are right, but i dont know where to ask that14:23
gbiliPici, ok14:23
bazhangtayters, why do you need to change workspaces (gui) via the cli14:24
=== dlp is now known as perlsyntax
taytersbazhang, so that I can do this sort of thing programmatically.14:24
edbiantayters: wmctrl14:24
gbiliAlexDevilLX, ok i'll check binary virus14:24
perlsyntaxHow do i paste it now?14:24
beligbili: document code is parsed and interpreted by the application opening it...so malformed data could do harm14:24
perlsyntaxHow do i paste my lspci output14:25
AlexDevilLXCan Conky display content of txt file?14:25
AlexDevilLX!flood | perlsyntax14:26
ubottuperlsyntax: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:26
Piciperlsyntax: What are you asking?14:26
edbianperlsyntax: paste.ubuntu.com14:26
astraljava!paste > perlsyntax14:26
ubottuperlsyntax, please see my private message14:26
* edbian reads...14:27
perlsyntaxi hope that helps14:27
edbianperlsyntax: What is your question?14:27
bazhangedbian, wants to know his wifi chipset14:27
perlsyntaxwhat is the wireless card i useing.14:27
perlsyntaxit a hp laptop14:27
AlexDevilLX!network | perlsuntax14:28
ubottuperlsuntax: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:28
edbianperlsyntax: It isn't listed here.14:28
edbianperlsyntax: Is the killswitch on?14:28
perlsyntaxwhat that14:28
perlsyntaxi don't think so.14:28
gbilibeli, ok thanks, i got a link from #security room14:28
perlsyntaxi got a orange light14:29
edbianperlsyntax: sudo rfkill list14:29
AlexDevilLXIs Logitech HD Webcam C310 compatible with ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Nawal)?14:30
bazhang!webcam | AlexDevilLX check here14:31
ubottuAlexDevilLX check here: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras14:31
AlexDevilLXbazhang: Thanks!14:31
perlsyntaxok i back14:33
UbuntNetArgIs there a waY to make a kind of backup of a installed aplication and then restore it in an identical machine?14:33
whowantstolivefocan i connect to any microsoft xp client in my network  via vnc ? same i connect to ubuntu client ? does it possible ? or i need also for xp client vnc software?14:33
tzhuangPici: Hey I installed the extras package (as well as flashplugin) but youtube still won't work in chrome (14:33
AlexDevilLXHey Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is not listed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCamerasLogitech14:33
tzhuangPici: I also rebooted my system, if that helps any at all.14:34
perlsyntaxnot anything came up14:34
__sephirothUbuntNetArg, why don't you just copy the files that will make it unique from a basic installation and use them in the new program??14:34
AlexDevilLXC625 and C510 also14:34
bazhangAlexDevilLX, checking the ubuntuforums with that model will usually yield results of some kind14:34
mads-When I unzip a zip file I get this error "checkdir error:  /home/mar/test_track/tempDir/http:/sites.tv2.dk/operationx exists but is not directory14:35
mads-                 unable to process http://sites.tv2.dk/operationx/index.htm." - can I set a flag to force it?14:35
Picitzhuang: I'm afraid thats about where my expertise ends.  Ask again and see if someone else where can help you.14:36
tzhuangPici: thanks very much for the help =)14:36
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?14:36
__sephirothPici, you need to read more about ubuntu14:36
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.14:36
Pici__sephiroth: Excuse me?14:37
__sephirothPici, so you can fulfill the users needs14:37
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams AlexDevilLX check the code here14:37
__sephirothi'm just messing with you dude14:37
edbian__sephiroth: Pici hahahah14:37
Pici__sephiroth: :[ :P14:38
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hddHello All, I installed xrdp and it works fine on the first time i try it, when I try it again it doesn't work14:40
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?14:40
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.14:40
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hddI need help with xrdp (remote desktop)?14:41
=== Guest27698 is now known as grekkos
burenanybody having any experience monitoring which applications are using bandwidth?14:42
=== dsafds is now known as thessss
jpdsburen: ntop?14:42
jpdsburen: iftop is also good.14:43
Piciburen: nethogs is handy too14:44
vltburen: iftop is great but you don't see which process causes the traffic. You'd have to look up the port number in "netstat -anp" and then "ps" ...14:44
Picivlt: nethogs will show process information, but it doesn't has as much information as iftop14:45
hddcan anyone help me with xrdp remote desktop?14:47
venolExcusme, I'm install mail server with postfix on ubuntu server 10.4, for monitoring I'm use mailgraph and pflogsumm, But when I test to send 2 email with periodic within 5 menit, why mailgraph just counted 2 email? thanks for your help14:47
venolGryllida: Excusme, I'm install mail server with postfix on ubuntu server 10.4, for monitoring I'm use mailgraph and pflogsumm, But when I test to send 2 email with periodic within 5 menit, why mailgraph just counted 2 email? thanks for your help14:50
KAMI'm running Ubuntu under Virtual Box, and I can see 'vboxguest' and 'vboxuser' under the /dev directory .. What are those ?14:50
sipiorvenol: you sent two emails, and it counted two emails? that sounds right.14:50
hddcan anyone help me with xrdp remote desktop?14:52
dydhi, i've downloaded and compiled an application (Stellarium), but how can i start the application?14:52
venolsipior: Oh, I'm sorry... I'm make mistake, I send 2 email twice for 5 minute, and mailgraph just count 2 email the first, and 2 email after is not shown!14:52
sipiorvenol: i would check your mail logs, and verify that those mails have been handled properly.14:53
venolsipior: ok, wait.14:54
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?14:54
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.14:54
julian_hey which is the best video editor??14:54
coz_julian_,    http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/top5-linux-video-editing-system-software/14:55
UbuntNetArgthanks everybody see you later14:56
alexleonhey ppl help me with this14:56
Rahimjoin #pclinuxos14:56
Abhijitalexleon, with?14:57
alexleoni could set up my printer usb nd wifi14:57
alexleonbut i cant scan anything14:57
alexleonhow do i set up the scaner?14:57
KAMAny idea which driver under ubuntu is the guest additions driver ? Is this even a single driver or a driver per an addition ?14:58
txwikingerSince upgrading to FF5, flash does not seem to work anymore.. any ideas why?14:58
alexleonits an all in one printer14:58
alexleoni love it :)14:58
sipiortxwikinger: likely because the plugin you have installed is for FF4.14:59
alexleoni want to scan something -.- help me14:59
alexleonnd i dont wanna go to windows just for that14:59
bazhangalexleon, what version of ubuntu14:59
txwikingersipior: well.. is there a FF5 plugin in the repo?15:00
coz_txwikinger,  reinstall ubuntu restricted extras15:00
bazhangalexleon, try simplescan and see if it is detected15:00
sipiortxwikinger: i wasn't aware FF5 itself was in the repositories. is that true?15:00
sipiori mean, i imagine there's a ppa...15:00
txwikingersipior: yes it is15:00
sipiortxwikinger: the supported repositories?15:00
alexleonbaz ok brb15:00
bazhangsipior, security update yep15:00
sipiori see, thank you.15:01
txwikingerI think.. I don't think I have anything else in the sources15:01
venolsipior: I'm using amavis for milter15:01
=== rgr is now known as Guest19172
coz_txwikinger,  go to this page   http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/  and see if it says  it is up to date15:01
alexleonwhere do i find simplescan?15:01
bazhang!info firefox15:01
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.2 (natty), package size 14799 kB, installed size 29868 kB15:01
bazhangalexleon, applications--->graphics15:02
sipiorbazhang: it's all right, i believed you :-)15:02
bazhangsipior, :)15:02
alexleonno scanners detected15:02
KAMAny idea which driver under ubuntu is the guest additions driver ? Is this even a single driver or a driver per an addition ?15:02
txwikingerFF5 is in natty-updates and natty-security15:02
venolsipior: mybe the log is very long, I just want know, why mailgraph is not update the last mail? I', often test mailgraph, and always not update last mail. what's wrong ? thanks.15:03
bazhangalexleon, could be it does not work. some of the all in one do not15:03
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners   alexleon check here15:03
alexleonyo can i try to add the scanner just like i did with the printer?15:03
alexleoncuz i cant find add scanner or something15:04
bazhangalexleon, check tha t link15:04
coz_txwikinger,  also there is a plugin for firefox named   flash-aid    install that and it should update or change the plugin if nothning else works15:04
Pythonwhat's the difference between purge and remove15:04
sipiorvenol: i'm not really familiar with mailgraph. do the logs indicate that the messages you sent were in fact queued and sent?15:04
bazhangPython, man apt-get15:04
txwikingerI try adode-flashplugin instead of flashplugin-nonfree15:04
txwikingercoz_: The test said there was an old plugin that was disabled.15:05
txwikingerhowever, the version numbers are the same, which is the odd thing15:05
coz_txwikinger,  ok  then install  flash-aid firefox plugin  or  open   synaptic   hit search  type in ubuntu restricted and mark for complet removal   then research for that same thing and install again15:05
venolsipior: Yes, I have check it. this is the log : Jul  5 08:04:19 mail postfix/smtp[7796]: 105E4217A0: to=<arif@indra.com>, orig_to=<eca@fadil.com>, relay=[]:10024, delay=0.33, delays=0.01/0/0.02/0.3, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok, id=06411-10, from MTA([]:10025): 250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 51450217A4)15:06
zappushello everyone15:06
zappusi have a question about installung ubuntu if someone could help15:06
venolsipior: Or maybe some body can help me? why mailgraph is not updating the last mail?15:06
zappusi try bootr my livecd on my 2nd laptop and it shows the inital loading screen and then it freezes15:07
sipiorvenol: could be a bug in mailgraph, i suppose. or perhaps it's not doing what you think it's doing. you've double-checked the documentation?15:07
bazhangzappus, ask the channel15:07
zappushow is that?15:07
dydhi, i've downloaded and compiled an application (Stellarium), but how can i run the application? i mean, i've searched the application, and found it in "/proc/2333/cwd/builds/unix/src", if i type "stellarium" it won't start15:07
bazhangzappus, md5 the iso then reburn slowly and do the disk integrity check15:07
bazhang!md5 | zappus15:07
ubottuzappus: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:07
guntbertzappus: did you check if the image was ok before burning it?15:07
bazhang!hashes > zappus15:07
ubottuzappus, please see my private message15:07
zappusi tried booting up every distro i have but every distro got stuck15:08
bazhangzappus, then follow what I just said15:08
venolsipior: Hmm, maybe it is not bug. I Think I'm make mistake or anything explain about the problem with mailgraph15:08
ubottuzappus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:08
sipiordyd: you compiled it, and installed it where? (stellarium is also in the repositories, i'm fairly certain, which might be simpler for you)15:08
=== glenn_ is now known as glda19
bazhanghttp://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM zappus15:09
zappusbut the problem is not with corruption of iso15:09
peterhil`Why bash ignores dots when sorting?!?!? WTF?15:09
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes zappus15:09
zappusi installed ubuntu on my main computer 2 days ago from same cd15:09
peterhil`What heresy is this?15:09
bazhangzappus, then try bootoptions15:09
bazhang!bootoptions | zappus15:10
ubottuzappus: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.15:10
sabgentonis there any way to identify a hardrive not by it's cable position?15:10
sabgentonnot fdisk /dev/sda15:10
peterhil`I want dot files first. That IS the alphabetical order15:10
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?15:10
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.15:10
sabgentonbut fdisk /dev/[some cool id]15:10
WiallimHi. Can anybody tell me what Shell happen(active) when me type "ls -l | wc" in shell?15:10
sabgentonkindia thing15:11
bytesaber_workupgraded to 10.10.  where the heck is the screensaver?15:11
sipiorpeterhil`: "man locale"15:11
BedManWiallim: you'll get a wordcount of the long listing from ls15:12
sarahhI'm using ubuntu 11.04 and a Razer DeathAdder mouse. I've used the mouse in other distros perfectly but now it happens that randomly after some time it will start to act buggy and click things things by itself, I have to unplug it and plug it back. Any idea what could be going wrong?15:12
peterhil`sipior: Thanks, will check15:12
bazhangsabgenton, sudo blkid?15:12
bazhang!blkid | sabgenton this?15:12
ubottusabgenton this?: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)15:12
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srelonthelloo..i have a problem with krusader...who can help me?15:13
sabgentonbazhang: what if it's a zeroed drive15:13
bazhangsabgenton, I dont know, what does that show15:13
zappusis it possible that an antivirus installed on windows drive might be blocking the boot of a live-cd distro?15:13
sabgentonbazhang: blkid looks at partions not disks does it not?15:14
BedManzappus: doubtful15:14
bazhangzappus, did you check the bootoptions link?15:14
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?15:14
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.15:14
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.15:14
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zappusi couldnt figure out where to tpye it :P15:14
x32324fhello, is there any archive extractor with dual core support on linux ?15:14
zappusas stupid of me as thjat might sound15:14
WiallimBedMan: yes. I know. but I want to know that about piped. If the father shell created two child process.15:15
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions zappus check there15:15
BedManWiallim: yes, the shell fork's and execs each command, and links the stdout of the first to the stdin of the second, and stdout of the 2nd to the shell's stdout15:16
belix32324f: 7zip15:17
zappusok, what should i look for in my current livecd in bootoptions?15:18
x32324fthanks beli15:18
zappusdoes a different hardware spec need different boot options?15:18
tzhuangCan anyone help me get youtube working in Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04?15:18
tzhuangI have falshplugins and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.15:18
bazhangzappus, which have you tried15:18
zappusthe default ones15:19
sipiortzhuang: chrome comes with its own flash plugin, as i recall. what happens if you point your browser to about:plugins ?15:19
WiallimBedMan: if  the father-shell process first created piped then create the two child process?15:19
zappusit froze by the time loading of CPU0 started15:19
BedManWiallim: no process is required for the pipe itself - that's just a representation of where the file descriptors are getting set durring execution.15:20
subinIs any one uses Thin Clint on ubuntu ..will ,please share your knowledge to configure this server15:21
macosubin: #ubuntu-server may be better. i do have Thin on my webserver, but its as part of Diaspora, so they included all the config files i needed15:21
WiallimBedMan: who create the pipe?15:22
tzhuangsipior: I'm not sure what you mean by point my browser to about:plugins.15:22
sipiortzhuang: type "about:plugins" in the address bar.15:22
genii-aroundsubin: There is also an #ltsp channel, not very many people but fairly knowledgeable15:22
tzhuangsipior: it says I have flash15:23
WiallimBedman: sorry: Who is created the pipe?15:23
tzhuangsipior: Flash(2 files) - Version: 10.3.18115:24
sipiortzhuang: the details button will show more useful information15:24
tzhuangsipior: Do you need me to paste you the detailed information for the flash plugin?15:24
WiallimBedman: Be created by Shell that pipe?15:24
sipiortzhuang: if you like. please use a pastebin, though.15:25
WiallimBedman: Are you in there?15:26
tzhuangsipior: I'm new to both irc and irssi. What is a pastebin?15:26
sipior!pastebin > tzhuang15:26
ubottutzhuang, please see my private message15:26
Wiallimtzhuang: Can you tell me what is irssi please?15:27
aeon-ltdWiallim: a irc client in cli15:27
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bazhangWiallim, irc client cli15:28
BedManWiallim: sorry - afk a sec... a pipe isn't created - it's just a connection between processes15:28
BedManWiallim: a concept, really, not an actual process or anything15:29
tzhuangsipior: hmm not too sure if this is what the instructions meant15:30
tzhuangsipior: !pastebinit http://paste.ubuntu.com/638930/15:30
sipiortzhuang: that's it, thank you (no need for the "!pastebinit", though :-)15:30
tzhuangsipior: haha okay thanks15:31
Ozikhi there15:31
Ozika little help?15:31
sipiortzhuang: can you disable the plugin located at "/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so"? there should be a button located below the entry.15:32
WiallimBedMan. sure. this is the function of pipe. but you know what are pipe from?15:32
WiallimBedMan: what is the afk?15:32
dirtycookiehello guys, i just made a usb installer for my eeePC and im kinda "stuck" in the main menu where I can choose whether to run Xubuntu (alternate installer) from USB or start the installer. I always get bach to the main menu when I choose either one of them15:33
BedManWiallim: afk == away from keyboard15:33
WiallimBedman: thanks a lot15:33
BedManWiallim: I don't understand your question - pipes are a shell concept - and implemented as I stated above15:33
tzhuangsipior: okay i disabled it? do i need to restart browser?15:33
sipiortzhuang: please.15:33
WiallimBedman: :) sorry。 My English is not good>15:34
Pici!zh | Wiallim15:34
ubottuWiallim: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk15:34
BedManWiallim: that's ok - mine is :p15:35
whowantstolivefocan i connect to any microsoft xp client in my network  via vnc ? same i connect to ubuntu client ? does it possible ? or i need also for xp client vnc software?15:35
DolbyShi all... i've buyed an ubuntu vps.. i want install a psybnc on it but... gcc is not in the server... and apt get not found... how i can solve?15:35
dirtycookiehello guys, i just made a usb installer for my eeePC and im kinda "stuck" in the main menu where I can choose whether to run Xubuntu (alternate installer) from USB or start the installer. I always get bach to the main menu when I choose either one of them15:35
Wiallimubottu: 你咋知道我一定时中国人》哈15:35
tzhuangsipior: hmm same effect as before. video window is just a black squre15:35
Ozikholstein: raid 0 from hw controller, I need to log to /dev/mapper/*ff1 to config GRUB 215:36
DolbyShi all... i've buyed an ubuntu vps.. i want install a psybnc on it but... gcc is not in the server... and apt get not found... how i can solve?15:36
Belial_DolbyS: Is that apt-get your typing?15:37
PiciDolbyS: What release of Ubuntu is it running?15:37
DolbyS[root@server ~]# apt-get update15:37
DolbyS-bash: apt-get: command not found15:37
Belial_DolbyS: What does the command "lsb_release -a" return15:37
WiallimBedMan: thanks very much> What are you from?15:38
DolbySUbuntu 10.10 64-BIT15:38
sipiortzhuang: hmm. you might consider trying this: http://whatan00b.com/enabling-flash-in-chrome-on-ubuntu-10-0415:38
BedManWiallim: Denver, CO, USA15:38
sipiortzhuang: you got chrome from the ubuntu repository, i guess?15:38
DolbyS[root@server ~]# lsb_release -a15:38
DolbyS-bash: lsb_release: command not found15:38
sktn07would anyone tell me : why in command "ls /bin" shows something( like su , mount ...) highlighted?15:38
macosktn07: i think red means its a broken symlink15:39
WiallimBedman: really> That great. I like USA.15:39
Milosshsktn07, they may be links, folders, files...15:39
BedMansktn07: because of the COLORDIR settings - look at the ls manpage15:39
sipiorsktn07: those binaries have the setuid bit set.15:39
Belial_DolbyS: if you type: /usr/bin/apt-get do you get any output? maybe you have a broken path15:39
macosktn07: nevermind15:39
DolbySBelial_ [root@server ~]# /usr/bin/apt-get15:40
DolbyS-bash: /usr/bin/apt-get: No such file or directory15:40
MilosshDolbyS, what about aptitude?15:40
macooooh broken symlinks are red text + dark background, not the reverse15:40
tzhuangsipior: ummmm i acutally dont remember. it hink i just googled chrome for ubuntu on ffx and took the first link15:40
HalfwayHello everyone15:40
Belial_DolbyS: does "yum" return anything?15:40
macosipior: chromium-browser is the package15:40
BedManBelial_: that's YUMmy ;p15:40
MilosshBelial_, lol15:40
sipiormaco: yes, i know.15:41
sktn07sipior: what you mean by setuid bit set?15:41
qinDolbyS: apt should be in sbin?15:41
tzhuangsipior: i'll try the instructions on the link and see how it plays out. thanks!15:41
DolbySBelial_; [root@server ~]# yum15:41
DolbySLoaded plugins: fastestmirror15:41
DolbySYou need to give some command15:41
DolbySusage: yum [options] COMMAND15:41
sipiortzhuang: best of luck. consider also installing the version from the ubuntu repositories.15:41
DolbySand after all the comand15:41
WiallimBedMan: but i'm not have ever been to USA.15:42
Belial_DolbyS: Bingo, your have likley a fedora/centos VPS, not ubuntu15:42
klingelbarthow can i see, wich useres are in this chatroom?15:42
MilosshDolbyS, are you on fedora?15:42
sipiorsktn07: have a look at the chmod man page.15:42
Belial_DolbyS: Looks like your provider mixed something up :)15:42
BedManklingelbart: /users15:42
DolbySi dont now... i've buyed a Operating System (OpenVZ): Ubuntu 10.10 64-BIT15:42
BedManklingelbart: or /names15:42
MilosshDolbyS, what does `uname -a` output?15:42
dirtycookiehello guys, i just made a usb installer for my eeePC and im kinda "stuck" in the main menu where I can choose whether to run Xubuntu (alternate installer) from USB or start the installer. I always get bach to the main menu when I choose either one of them15:43
Belial_DolbyS: I would go back to your provider and confirm things with them, as yum is usually only installed on fedora/rhel based machines, though possible on ubuntu15:43
klingelbartdoen't work15:43
DolbyS[root@server ~]# uname -a15:43
DolbySLinux server.marklenders.com 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5.028stab091.1 #1 SMP Wed Jun 1 13:20:25 MSD 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux15:43
BedManMilossh: read the man page on it - it's supposed to give information about your kernel and a few other details15:43
WiallimEveryone bey> GOOD LUCK. :)15:43
* sktn07 thank you everyone15:43
Belial_DolbyS: el5, CentOS or the like15:43
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MilosshBedMan, I asked dolbys15:44
klingelbarthow can i see, wich useres are in this chatroom? /names or /users doesn't work15:44
sktn07uiyt, ping15:44
netgeneHi.. how can I specifically install php version 5.3.2 ?15:44
Piciklingelbart: It depends on your IRC client.15:44
BedManklingelbart: what IRC client are you using?15:44
DolbySi can install gcc with yum comand?15:44
klingelbartPici: empathy15:44
netgeneI am trying with apt-get and several repos, but it seems it only installs arbitrartely the one it wants.15:44
klingelbartBedMan: empathy15:44
PiciDolbyS: you aren't running Ubuntu there. You need to talk to your VPS provider.15:44
BedManklingelbart: I've never used that - I use irssi, because it's simpler :)15:45
Belial_DolbyS: You can, but be aware you do not have an Ubuntu VPS, It looks to be a CentOS system, a free rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux15:45
klingelbartis it possible that the options of a program like Edit or Help are no longer in the upper panel but on the top of the window itself?15:46
klingelbartI'm using Unity. is it possible that the options of a program like Edit or Help are no longer in the upper panel but on the top of the window itself?15:47
klingelbartI'm using Unity. is it possible that the options of a program like Edit or Help are no longer in the upper panel but on the top of the window itself?15:49
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:49
glda19how can i downgrade form tb5.0 to 3.1.1115:49
xixorHowdy, I am sshing into a ubuntu system, but the shell doesn't work properly: tab does not auto complete, and the backspace key does not work, it just displays a strange character.  Is there a way I can fix this easily?  Maybe setting TERM=VT100 or something like that?  Any advice, cheers15:50
bazhang!info ppa-purge | glda1915:50
ubottuglda19: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB15:50
werwaffeli have a problem: i just installed Ubuntu and i have a problem with WLAN15:50
werwaffelmy router has been found but when i try to connect the connection fails and he says im offline15:50
dirtycookiehello guys, i just made a usb installer for my eeePC and im kinda "stuck" in the main menu where I can choose whether to run Xubuntu (alternate installer) from USB or start the installer. I always get bach to the main menu when I choose either one of them15:51
werwaffeli typed in the correct Key15:51
werwaffelcould you help me?15:51
ActionParsnipdirtycookie: did you MD5 test the ISO you transferred?15:51
qinxixor: .bashrc and locale?15:51
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: can you ping
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:51
GalaxorIs there a way to make banshee stop putting up notifications for each new song?15:52
werwaffelnothing is happening@ActionParsnip15:52
werwaffelwell im online via Cable now15:52
dirtycookieActionParsnip: from this angle everything is ok15:52
werwaffelthats working... but not a good solution at my home15:52
ActionParsnipdirtycookie: did you test it though?15:52
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: are you fully updated?15:53
werwaffeli use Ubuntu 11.0415:53
dirtycookieActionParsnip:the image is ok15:53
werwaffeland searched for avaiable drivers15:53
dirtycookieinstallation to the usb stick went fine15:53
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade15:53
werwaffelokay i try15:53
ActionParsnipdirtycookie: how did you make the USB device?15:53
Ozikany one tried hardware raid 0?15:53
xixorqin: Here is my .bashrc file, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1781062/bashrc15:54
ActionParsnipOzik: in redhat I've done raid 10 in hardware15:54
Ozikactionparsnip: I have hw Raid0 so GRUB2 won't install, need to do manually, BUT I can't get into root partition15:55
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: Should i do apt-get update AND apt-get -y update? or just one?15:55
xixorqin: locale appears to be en_US.UTF-815:55
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: both, it will get you fully updated in terminal15:55
artrinshave a bug under Krusader...if i want to enter in root mode it say "Cannot execute mode..."...how can i solve that?15:57
werwaffeli'm going to try if i can get a connection...15:57
qinxixor: Is it your server bashrc?15:57
netgeneSo.. anyone.. how can I install specific versions of php...  I need 5.3.2 specifically under Ubuntu 10.1015:57
qinxixor: also echo $SHELL15:58
ActionParsnipOzik: I didn't setup the array or the initial OS but I set some of it up. As far as I know its a bootable card but I'm not 100% sure15:58
klingelbartI'm using Unity. is it possible that the options of a program like Edit or Help are no longer in the upper panel but on the top of the window itself?15:59
xixorqin: echo $SHELL returns "cygwin", I am logging into the ubuntu computer from a cygwin shell on a windows machine16:00
xixorqin: ah, I think the default shell is sh not bash16:00
OzikActionParsnip: As I know GRUB2 should be installed on normal disk, like in Raid1, and raid 0 is stripped, it stops after 50% of installation and tell me that I need to do it manual16:01
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xixorqin: I just used chsh to change the shell to bash and now the keyboard works fine... thanks for the help16:03
qinxixor: np16:03
Pythonwhere can i get drivers for gma hd ?16:04
artrinshave a bug under Krusader...if i want to enter in root mode it say "Cannot execute mode..."...how can i solve that?16:04
werwaffelno my WLAN is always connecting and connecting and theres after some time a window where i have to type in my Key16:05
ActionParsnipPython: intel video drivers are in a standard in stall16:05
Picinetgene: The Ubuntu repositories don't hold packages that go back that far for that release.  Why can't you use 5.3.3?16:06
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: Just after you get that, run:  dmesg | tail    what is output16:06
guntbertupdate manager all of a sudden waits for me to acknowledge the change log (of some packages at least), for this I have to open "details" and press q. Where could I have set this? (aka Where can I turn it off again?)16:06
Piciguntbert: Did you install apt-listchanges?16:06
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: the password is your keyring password, sounds like the link is dropping then reconnecting16:06
qinwerwaffel: first, change you network to open, and try to connect, if this not good, check ip table of router, and try to connect with iwconfig.16:06
werwaffelchange network to open? so deactivating the protection of the router?16:07
werwaffelsry i was windows user -> so noob ;)16:07
qinwerwaffel: temporarly16:07
werwaffeland then try to connect?16:07
guntbertPici: yes, I did :-/, so that is standard behaviour with that package?16:07
qinwerwaffel: Also reset dhcp lease.16:07
Piciguntbert: Yes. You can change it using dpkg-reconfigure apt-listchanges or just remove the package.16:08
guntbertPici: thx16:08
werwaffelah .. well it is working on Windows (i still have installed it)... so i dont think it the problem could be at the router16:08
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werwaffeland my Gateway doesnt work :/16:09
qinwerwaffel: No, but from time to time there is problem on lan, one machine can successfully block another, thats partly dhcp problem.16:09
werwaffelhmm :/16:10
werwaffelokay reset dhcp lease... could you please tell me how? :/16:10
qinwerwaffel: Did you lod to router?16:10
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werwaffelthe gateway log tells me that i dont connected to router... huh? i'm connected to the router now16:11
werwaffeli dont connect to router*16:12
blackoutcan someone tell me if there is a cmd to see how many files are in the database like the msg when uninstalling with synaptic16:12
qinwerwaffel: what ip have eth0 in: ifconfig16:13
qinwerwaffel: looks starange, can you: ping google.co.uk16:14
werwaffelping does work16:15
qinwerwaffel: traceroute google.co.uk, 1. is your router ip, put it in browser.16:15
werwaffelokay first how can i stop ping?16:16
TrDhi all16:16
TrDmy gnome-panel wont autostart since i upgraded to gnome 316:16
guntbertwerwaffel: ctrl+c16:16
qinwerwaffel: Ctrl-C16:16
guntbert!who | werwaffel16:16
ubottuwerwaffel: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:16
mofaloksPlease i need several help on slackware commands16:17
werwaffeloh ok16:17
qinmofaloks: ..16:17
Picimofaloks: Then you should be asking in a Slackware channel, not in #ubuntu16:17
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:18
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werwaffel@qin: You mean the gateway, dont?16:18
TrDany idea ?16:18
bazhangTrD, gnome3 is not supported here16:19
bazhang!gnome3 | TrD16:19
ubottuTrD: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.16:19
Bhavesh_A_Pwhich  is stable version of "ubuntu studio" ?16:19
qinwerwaffel: Possibly
PiciBhavesh_A_P: All released versions are stable.16:19
TrDthank you bazhang & ubottu16:19
werwaffel@qin: yes16:19
werwaffel@qin: I Put it in my browser16:19
qinwerwaffel: Open this ip in browser, log in and find dhcp settings or home network.16:20
TimothyAI have a question; how do I change the password of my root account on a remote box?16:20
TimothyAI barely had the time to secure it down and it already got hacked o.O16:20
PiciTimothyA: We don't support having a root password set, you should be securing it with sudo.16:21
qinTimothyA: disable root login16:21
TimothyAso then how do I do root actions from now on if I can't log in as root in the first place?16:21
PiciTimothyA: Use sudo.16:21
TimothyAPici: i was in the progress of securing it!16:21
qinTimothyA: If you got owned, rebuild server16:21
=== rgr is now known as Guest59329
PiciTimothyA: why not?16:21
PiciTimothyA: Please lose the caps.16:22
qinTimothyA: What program?16:22
PiciTimothyA: stop16:22
FloodBot1TimothyA: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:22
qinTimothyA: Sorry.16:22
PiciTimothyA: The root account is not normally enabled nor does it have a password set by default.16:22
TimothyAPici: then I'm wondering why it was in the first place16:23
TimothyAand I need to recover the account16:23
PiciTimothyA: I see that you're using linode, I'm on one too right now.  VPSes often use custom setups by default.16:23
TimothyAunfortunately, this is not a linode16:23
TimothyAit's a dedicated server at leaseweb16:24
TimothyAI can boot into rescue mode, would that help with anything?16:24
SaiyanHi guys. I have installed Natty using Wubi installer and am sharing a folder on the host computer. I used Samba to share it on the network and have allowed guest access.  There are some users who can access my folder from a windows computer, but other's can't see the folder at all. Do you think that's something on my end or the other computer?16:24
PiciTimothyA: I'm not sure how much that is going to help you. If you are already comprimised, there is no telling what malicious things are lurking on there now.16:25
TimothyAI doubt he could have done anything in 2 seconds16:25
TimothyAI still don't know how he managed to bruteforce a 256 long character password in the first place16:26
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: sounds like DNS to me. If you run:  gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf   delete all the text and add:   nameserver    save the new file, then try web browsing :)16:26
PiciTimothyA: Anyway, if you boot from recovery mode you should be able to change your root password.  You then can work on securing it properly.16:26
qinTimothyA: Fisrt think is to get all logs to review situation.16:26
PiciTimothyA: That does sound fishy.16:26
swebi want just update one package and not want to install all updates. apt-get upgrade XXX not work ? what'is correct  command16:27
Picisweb: apt-get install XXX16:27
werwaffel!tab ActionParsnip are you sure i shoukd do this?16:27
ubottuwerwaffel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:27
Piciwerwaffel: Don't put !tab in front of your messages.16:27
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: yes, the file is generated ny network manager at boot, we can make the change permanent if it works16:27
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: im not the only user in my network... and i dont want to interrupt the other users :/16:28
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: hmm okay16:28
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: im going to try to connect again16:28
slouchersweb - sudo apt-get install thepackagename16:29
Ceno3xhi guys16:30
root____1Hey, i am having some issues with ATI drivers for the millionth time, is there any way that i can completely remove ALL GFX drivers from my machine?16:31
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Ceno3xdoes anyone know where can I get a package for kernel 2.6.39 for 11.04? i used to go to the kernel-team ppa, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be working...16:31
ikoniaCeno3x: why would you want that kernel ?16:31
furqanHi, i want to swap my CapsLock key with left control key.How can i do that in ubuntu 10.4 ?16:31
qinfurqan: xbinkeys?16:32
Ceno3xikonia: I'm having issues with virtualbox and I think it's a kernel bug16:32
xanguaCeno3x: google ubuntu kernel deb16:32
xanguaand use it on your own risk16:32
ikoniaCeno3x: why ?16:32
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: its still not working16:32
furqanqin, what is this. sorry i'm noob?16:32
Ceno3xxangua: is 11.10 running 2.6.39? maybe I could get a package from its reps?16:33
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: Ubuntu is always telling me i need a permission to connect... and i have to enter my Key16:33
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: Then i do it16:33
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: And its connecting very long16:33
ikoniaCeno3x: no16:33
ikoniaCeno3x: do not do that16:33
xanguawerwaffel: automatic login enabled¿16:33
ikoniaCeno3x: why do you think you have a kernel bug16:33
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: does the dmesg output tell you anything?16:33
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: And it asks for permission again16:33
Picixangua: Please don't refer people to google like that.16:33
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: could try disabling ipv616:33
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: what dmesg?16:33
TimothyAof course, it refuses to boot into rescue mode16:34
qinfurqan: Application which let you maniupalate input devices, but better would be to edit keboard layout.16:34
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: just after you re-enter the password, run:  dmesg | tail    what is output?16:34
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Ceno3xikonia: it's a medium sized explanation, are you familiar with virtualbox and how the kernel works, those kind of things?16:34
ikoniaCeno3x: yes16:34
werwaffel@ActionParsnip: I could paste it in pastebin... moment16:34
furqanqin, but how can i do that?16:35
Ceno3xCeno3x: ok, so I was running 10.04 last week and I set up a VM with 10.04 running the xenomai kernel, and all was good16:35
Ceno3xikonia: see above, sorry16:35
ikoniaCeno3x: I see16:36
werwaffel@ActionPasnip: http://pastebin.com/Vq7ak7ry16:36
ViderizeHello, I've been using Ubuntu for a while now (installed with wubi). Today, when I booted Ubuntu; It told me that something is corrupted/missing and told me to do 'chkdsk /r' in Windows. So I did this and rebooted to Windows and again to Ubuntu, but It gave me the same screen again.16:36
Ceno3xikonia: now I installed kubuntu 11.04, and it's not good. I installed vbox, imported my VM, installed the latest guest additions, but my system freezes if I try to do a heavy disk operation like copying a large file, or installing a large program16:36
ikoniaCeno3x: ok, why do you think that is a kernel bug ?16:37
ViderizeAlso my version is 10.04 Lucid16:37
ViderizeI hope I didn't lose all my data and need to reinstall ubuntu...16:37
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: if you drop the @ symbol when addressing people, it will highlight the name like my text does to you16:37
werwaffelActionParsnip: Okay16:38
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: http://adam.rosi-kessel.org/weblog/2008/06/21/a-much-simpler-fix-for-the-r8169-link-down-problem16:38
Ceno3xikonia: because the only difference between ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 from vbox's perspective is the kernel, and there's a big warning saying that due to a kernel bug running an ext4 guest on a ext4 host can cause problems. the warning was always there, but I'm only witnessing any effect now16:38
werwaffelActionParsnip: maybe some things i say sound weird... im german and im trying the best to translate good ;)16:39
ViderizeI also tried looking for the c:\found.0000 But nothing was found16:39
Ceno3xikonia: makes sense? I might be mistaken, and I hope I am, it'd be a lot less trouble for me16:39
ActionParsnipCeno3x: then use ext3....16:39
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guntbertCeno3x: to work around that bug just enable host i/o cache for the virtual  sata controller16:39
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Ceno3xguntbert: tried it, no effect16:39
Ceno3xActionParsnip: that requires reinstalling and I'd like to avoid that16:40
guntbertCeno3x: no, if the vm is corrupted already16:40
ActionParsnipCeno3x: may be the way forward, you can always use !clone + backups16:41
Ceno3xguntbert: I don't think there was any filesystem corruption per se, after the system freeze I loaded it again and it was like nothing hhapened16:41
Syd23ohk bye16:41
Ceno3xActionParsnip: my problem is the custom kernel I'm running, configuring and compiling takes a while...16:41
guntbertActionParsnip: the bug may happen when the host system is ext4 and the sata controller is used16:42
sudokillCeno3x, look at the io schedulers maybe idk16:42
werwaffelActionParsnip: what would change if i solve the problem in the way you sent? (Sry i didnt got the text complete... more complexe english)16:42
guntbertCeno3x: from what you tell me I suspect it is not *that* bug16:42
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: not sure, seems to be a thing I found. Are you plugging an d unplugging the wired connection?16:42
ikoniaCeno3x: ok - so why do you think that bug is fixed in the later kernel ?16:43
Ceno3xguntbert: probably not. but it's probably a kernel thing, don't you agree?16:43
Ceno3xikonia: there's only one way to find out...16:43
ikoniaCeno3x: and the kernel is not the only difference, the libraries that run the OS are different, the binarys that make up the virtual machine are different16:43
guntbertCeno3x: I cannot guess :)16:43
ActionParsnipCeno3x: could try the 3.x kernel16:43
ikoniaCeno3x: no - that's not the way to do it, updating random comre components of the OS16:43
werwaffelActionParsnip: Yes every time i try to connect via WLAN16:43
koffeehaushi, when you have an icon set where is the ubuntu badge stored that shows up on the applications panel?16:43
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: I see, then that explains the dmesg alerts so you don't have an issue there.16:44
dagerivI have to files with lists of names, I want to see which names are missing in one of the lists. diff checks line by line, not what I need. Options?16:44
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: can you give a pastebin of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; rfkill list16:44
guntbertdageriv: sort them prior to diffing...16:44
Ceno3xikonia: indeed, it's just a hunch. that would be easily verifiable if there was a kernel package available... I was going straight to kvm, but I had that idea16:44
sudokillkoffeehaus, not sure, maybe usr share icons16:44
ikoniaCeno3x: a hunch - you've not done any research on it and you want upgrade a core component of the OS16:45
koffeehaussudokill i'm in usr/share/icons/themeN right now, but can;t find the badge16:45
Ceno3xikonia: why are you so shocked with the idea of the upgrading the kernl?16:45
ikoniaCeno3x: there is so much more to incestigate16:45
Ceno3xikonia: yes, but I have a thesis to write <16:46
ActionParsnipikonia: incestigate haaha16:46
sudokillCeno3x, a lot of people use vbox with standard kernel16:46
ikoniaCeno3x: I'm not, I'm shocked at doing it randomly taking your system to an unsupported state with zero reason to believe it is the problem or the fix16:46
luc_new to linux how do i install a game on it16:47
ikonialuc_: what game do you want to install16:47
PiciCeno3x: We can't support you installing weird kernel versions anyway. If you were to go that route, you'd be on your own.16:47
werwaffelActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/JH0eQ96r16:47
luc_big mutha trucker 216:47
ikoniaCeno3x: I can help you with debugging to try to get to the real issue, or at least the ball park16:48
sudokilli agree, i thought the ubuntu kernel ws heavily patched?16:48
ikonialuc_: is that available for Linux16:48
ikoniasudokill: not massivly, but there are patches there16:48
luc_how do i find out16:48
ikonialuc_: go the company that provides it and see if there is a linux version16:48
sudokillluc_, its a windows game afaik you need a program called wine16:48
Ceno3xikonia: ok, that'd be very nice of you. here's what happened. VM boots, wget 1.2gb file, the system freezes , after 5m the VM is aborted.16:48
MiddleCan anyone help me out with ATI drivers?16:48
ikoniaCeno3x: so it's only the guest that locks up - not the host ?16:49
Piciluc_: Linux is not Windows, you can't just run Windows programs on Linux.16:49
Pici!appdb > luc_16:49
ubottuluc_, please see my private message16:49
Pici!wine > luc_16:49
Ceno3xikonia: the I\O operation on the guest causes the whole computer to freeze16:49
sudokillio from wget?16:49
ikoniaCeno3x: does the whole computer come back to life, or is it totally lcoked for ever ?16:49
luc_i have wine how to run it16:50
ikoniasudokill: yeah, that doesn't sound realistic16:50
dee27how u delete your old16:50
Viderizehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/638961/ - Anyone able to help with my problem ;_;?16:50
dee27nick from the account?16:50
Piciluc_: Check the appdb for your application.16:50
Pici!enter | dee2716:50
ubottudee27: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:50
Picidee27: What account? What nick?16:50
Ceno3xikonia: after the VM is aborted automaticaly, the host returns back to life. though my touchpad stopped working normaly while my usb mouse is fine16:50
dee27on this16:50
sudokillCeno3x, sounds like a vm problem16:51
guntbertdee27: help for using the network: in #freenode16:51
Piciluc_: Search for it here: http://appdb.winehq.org16:51
sudokilleven if everything messes up with linux it shouldnt abort vbox afaik16:51
MiddleI am having issues trying to restore my graphics basically. If i boot up in Ubuntu (or safe Ubuntu) i get a black screen, and i have booted up a live USB and chrooted into the linux partition, but no matter what configuration of drivers and removals i do i can't seem to get any life out of it! I have a couple of ideas as to why it might not work, but i woudl really appreciate a second opinion! Thanks : )16:51
ikoniaCeno3x: ok - so here is one suggestion to try - you believe this is a known bug between an ext4 vm and a ext4 host, change your host or your guest to ext3, or xfs and try it16:51
dee27i try to remove the old nick16:51
ikoniaCeno3x: that will guide you towards or away from that bug16:51
dee27but says im not logged in?16:51
ikoniadee27: old nick from where16:51
guntbertdee27: /join #freenode  please16:51
scorchgeekanyone know what this message means? Sound Juicer could not read the track listing on this CD.16:52
scorchgeekReason: Cannot access CD: Error while getting peer-to-peer dbus connection: The name :1.438 was not provided by any .service files16:52
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: ok reboot then run:   dmesg > ~/Desktop/dmesg.txt; gedit ~/Desktop/dmesg.txt    what is output?16:53
werwaffelActionParsnip: okay i'm going to reboot and make a pastebin after....   moment16:53
Ceno3xikonia: not exactly. there's a different bug in running virtualbox on an ext4 host. I believe it may be somehow related, but it's not the same bug.  Is there any way to migrate the ext4fs to ext3 without reinstaling the whole system?16:53
tilerenderingouch - my root pwd seems to be gone16:54
sudokillCeno3x, you can mount ext4 as ext316:54
tilerenderingany idea how to recover that16:54
ActionParsnipscorchgeek: may be related: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-rhythmbox-iphoneipod-sync-issues.html16:54
guntbert!root | tilerendering16:54
ubottutilerendering: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:54
scorchgeektilerendering: well, usually in ubuntu you don't have a root password...16:54
Ceno3xsudokill: really? by changing fstab? how?16:54
ikoniaCeno3x: not really,16:54
ikoniaCeno3x: it's still an ext4 file system16:54
tilerenderingwell but... I cant figure the pwd for sudo either :/16:54
ikoniaCeno3x: ok - lets try a different approach16:55
ViderizeIt's your own password16:55
Picitilerendering: hint, its your password.16:55
scorchgeektilerendering: it's your own16:55
rwwYou can only mount ext4 partitions as ext3 if they don't use extents. It's probably using extents.16:55
scorchgeekif you don't know your own password, well, that's another problem :)16:55
ikoniaCeno3x: instead of doing a wget, do something like a large file copy or an scp see if that causes the io problem you see16:55
Ceno3xikonia: formating the drive is my last resort, my host took forever to install properly, my guest is running a custom real time kernel that I have to compile manualy again16:55
tilerenderingscorchgeek: the problem is, I dont have my own pwd anymore :/16:55
werwaffelActionParsnip: i just tried to use dmesg > ~ ... dmesg.txt wasnt found16:55
sudokillCeno3x, realtime kernel? why16:55
guntberttilerendering: do you own the box?16:56
werwaffelActionParsnip: Should i reboot?16:56
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: dmesg > ~/dmesg.txt16:56
Ceno3xikonia: it does, I've tried multiple ways of trying to get the 1.2gb file into the system16:56
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM16:56
Ceno3xsudokill: I'm writing a thesis on real-time operating systems16:56
scorchgeektilerendering: if you boot in recovery mode you should get a root prompt with no password16:56
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:56
tilerenderingouch ouch ouch :/16:56
koffeehauswhere is ubuntu icon whithin an icon set? plz help16:56
tilerenderingit´s an amazon ec2 instance...16:56
ikoniaCeno3x: run iostat 3 on the host while running the file move, does the io go up ?16:56
tilerenderingI dont want to reboot before saving everything, which means I need su ;/16:56
sudokillCeno3x, you should be able to save the .config file anyway so you wont have to redo the kernel16:56
scorchgeektilerendering: doesn't ec2 have an option to reset your password somewhere?16:57
YatoraHello, I recently installed Ubuntu on my media box, However; video playback is tremendously slow. I have googled around and from what i've seen comprehended that this is a known problem in Natty? Any solutions to this?16:57
tilerendering:/ damn...16:57
scorchgeektilerendering: (no idea, just thinking it seems like there should be)16:57
sudokillYatora, have you tried in fallback / classic mode?16:58
kezzawdhi all16:58
jameshelp me16:58
ActionParsnipYatora: what is the output of: sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a    use a pastebin to hold the text16:58
YatoraActionParsnip: hold on16:58
tilerenderingouch ouch ouch16:58
Ceno3xikonia: i was monitoring the thing with the gnome panel monitor, and the "I\O wait" just to maximum just before the system freezes. is this related or will iostat give different information? i'm not familiar with the tool16:58
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Guest84529how can i install a theme to my pc16:58
ActionParsnip!theme | Guest8452916:58
ubottuGuest84529: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy16:58
ikoniaCeno3x: iostat will give you more info - but I'm just thinking about something you said earlier16:58
Ceno3xsudokill: I know that, but I lost the whole thing and have to do it again, long story16:58
scorchgeekActionParsnip: excellent, same step on sound juicer fixed it, thanks16:59
Guest84529do u like tapes or C.D's16:59
Pici!ot | Guest8452916:59
ubottuGuest84529: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:59
ikoniaCeno3x: here is a thought, you'll have to fill in the blanks for me16:59
Viderizehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/638964/ - Is anyone albe to help; I dont want to reinstall ubuntu...16:59
bullgard4Can you confirm that Ubuntu does not provide a package for DLNA? http://sourceforge.net/projects/minidlna/16:59
Ceno3xikonia: ok16:59
Guest84529do u like tapes or C.D's16:59
sudokillViderize, lol16:59
ActionParsnipscorchgeek: nice17:00
Viderizesudokill: what?17:00
sudokillyour paste made me lol17:00
scorchgeekActionParsnip: heh, should have tried Google first myself I guess17:00
ActionParsnipscorchgeek: no idea what it actually is though :)17:00
tilerenderingomfg I seem to have reset the password last time but dont remember to what ://17:00
scorchgeekyeah, me neither :D17:00
ikoniaCeno3x: on virutal machine guests, time is provided by the host, and it's basically dependant on cpu cycles issuing clock updates, you're running a real time kernel on the guest, in your opinion is it possible the io issue is due to a time (not time as in clock) loop being created between io write acknowledgements and the real time update stuck waiting for the next free cyle17:00
ActionParsnipscorchgeek: yes do, makes you more autonomous17:00
Picibullgard4: a quick apt-cache search says that it has a few packages that can do dlna17:00
ikoniaCeno3x: that's a bit of a scrappy way of explaining it, do you follow what I'm saying17:00
rwwbullgard4: minidlna is not in currently-supported versions of Ubuntu. It will be in 11.10.17:01
Picirww: thanks17:01
Viderizesudokill: but are you albe to help me? :P17:01
Snake__Hi guys what s up17:01
ikoniaCeno3x: eg: the real time clock depends on very accurate timings, by default a vm will not give out accurate timing17:01
tilerenderingok - so is there no possibility to reset this without knowing the original pwd ? I can connect to the machine via ssh with my key17:01
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Ceno3xikonia: I tried with the stock kernel from ubuntu 10.04 and the problem was the same, so I don't think it's related17:01
Snake__I have a prob17:01
Snake__when in the terminal17:02
ikoniaCeno3x: so your guest is ubuntu 10.04 ?17:02
Snake__inputfile is what???17:02
Ceno3xikonia: yep17:02
ActionParsnipSnake__: for what?17:02
szal!enter | Snake__17:02
ubottuSnake__: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:02
ikoniaCeno3x: the reason I'm dubious on this is that if there was a problem with the 11.04 kernel I'd expect many people to be logging a bug that they can't use it with 10.04 guests, but they are no17:03
ActionParsnipYatora: is it slow in all players?17:03
YatoraActionParsnip: it plays well when I use GL output17:03
Yatorabut it's slow in Flash, and all the other outputs from mplayer17:03
ActionParsnipYatora: tried a different output?17:03
werwaffelActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/kbaN6TQY17:04
Ceno3xikonia: i had a tough time phrasing the problem in google to get related information. How would you confirm what you just said? go to launchpad and search the bugs?17:04
bullgard4Pici: I did a quick search using Synaptic before I posted here. I also found that a few packages are DLNA compliant. But a DLNA compliant server is not among them. --  I notice that <rww>  has responded with an outlook to Ubuntu 11.10.17:04
Picibullgard4: Yep, I saw that as well :)17:04
MiddleI am having issues trying to restore my graphics basically. If i boot up in Ubuntu (or safe Ubuntu) i get a black screen, and i have booted up a live USB and chrooted into the linux partition, but no matter what configuration of drivers and removals i do i can't seem to get any life out of it! I have a couple of ideas as to why it might not work, but i woudl really appreciate a second opinion! Thanks : )17:04
YatoraActionParsnip: Yes, all the ones available in Gnome Mplayer17:04
bullgard4rww: Thank you for this valuable information.17:04
ikoniaCeno3x: that's one reason, but I am normally in this channel, and #vbox and it's not being mentioned17:04
Snake__If I m in the terminal and the code is blablablabla <inputfile> blablablabla what is input file???17:05
tilerenderinghey people - I can connect to the machine with my ssh key. but i dont know my pwd. is there a way to recover it ? without booting into safe mode ? I am logged in with my user, I just want to know my pwd17:05
ikoniaCeno3x: that's not "fact" but it's the norm if there was a problem of that size17:05
Snake__If I m in the terminal and the code is blablablabla <inputfile> blablablabla what is input file???17:05
ikoniaSnake__: please start making sense17:05
dr_willisSnake__:  the name of the file you want to use for input...17:05
YatoraActionParsnip: GL was the only one giving a smooth playback, but caused problems with object over video17:05
ikoniaSnake__: ask a proper question with a proper example17:05
smwtilerendering, that would be a security risk17:06
Ceno3xikonia: yeah, I believe you, I was just asking because I was trouble searching about it and it ocurred that maybe I should've gone to launchpad17:06
dr_willisSnake__:  like    'insert  <yournamehere>17:06
tilerenderingso there is now way ?17:06
tilerenderingno way I mean ?17:06
Picitilerendering: Just reset your password17:06
ikoniaCeno3x: it's a reasonable question - I did check launchpad after your second post on the matter17:06
tilerenderingwith passwd ?17:06
Picitilerendering: passwd17:06
tilerenderingthen it asks me my current password.17:06
tilerenderingwhich I dont know.17:06
rwwtilerendering: correct. passwd is coded to require your current password.17:06
smwtilerendering, every option involves you either su-ing to root or physical access17:06
dr_willistilerendering:  you will have to use safe mode or a live cd to set a new password.17:06
tilerenderingholy omfg crap17:06
smwtilerendering, you can do safemode, take out the hd, etc17:07
ikoniatilerendering: control the language17:07
tilerenderingoh my god.17:07
netgeneSo any ideas on how to install specific versions of php.. ?17:07
rwwtilerendering: this is an obvious security precaution: if you could change your password without supplying the current one, someone could change your password if you left yourself logged in17:07
tilerenderingI have no physical access to the instance17:07
Snake__ok let s say I recorded something with my camera and I want to encode it  to another format17:07
smwtilerendering, instance? as in vps?17:07
tilerenderingamazon ec217:07
Snake__is input file the file of the video I recorded with my camera?17:07
ikoniatilerendering: you can request a password reset17:07
Ceno3xikonia: maybe the problem is me importing the appliance? I'm gonna try to install stock ubuntu 10.04  on a new one and see if the problem persists, the installation is rather quick17:07
smwtilerendering, of course you have "physical" access!17:07
tilerenderingikonia: wheren and how ?17:08
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: I can suggest trying a different wireless channel, may help17:08
dr_willisSnake__:  the program reads the inputfile and outputs to the new file.. yes..17:08
ikoniaCeno3x: I'm not going anywhere, let me know17:08
ikoniatilerendering: through the amazon support resources17:08
smwtilerendering, is it ebs backed?17:08
Snake__ok thanks17:08
werwaffelActionParsnip: how?17:08
tilerenderingsmw - yes, but hand-mounted ebs-volume, root is not ebs17:08
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: change it in your router17:08
smwtilerendering, in that case, you are screwed :-)17:08
tilerenderingso rebooting without making sure that everything is unmounted properly before that is not possible17:08
Ceno3xikonia: ok, thx for the help, I'm downloading the iso now17:09
smwtilerendering, use root ebs ;-)17:09
smwtilerendering, if you do a stop, it will unmount fine17:09
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Guest88032is it possible to install Lamp and Geany in ubuntu?17:09
=== Guest88032 is now known as toothpick
PiciGuest88032: sure, they are both in the package repositories17:10
toothpickI've tried17:10
werwaffelActionParsnip: whats the problem with my wlan? is it the realtek card or just ubuntu?17:10
Picitoothpick: And? Are you having an issue?17:10
toothpickThis error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Futhermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time17:10
nanicoarSo, I just Fedora.17:10
toothpickThis error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Futhermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time17:10
Picitoothpick: can you pastebin the entire message?17:10
nanicoarAnd lo and behold I'm back.17:10
ghshwhat is zeitgeist-datah?17:11
AlexDevilLX|AwayHow to hide evolution to tray?17:11
ikoniatilerendering: you're muted in the channel, please check your private messages17:11
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: the driver may be more susceptible to oise17:11
nanicoarBTW, the ubuntu user community is, pparently, "too friendly".17:11
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: use alltray17:11
werwaffelActionParsnip: which channel should i use?17:12
yassinehi folks17:12
AlexDevilLX|Awaybut applet17:12
werwaffelActionParsnip: the standard was "Auto"17:12
dr_willisghsh:  zeitgeist is a tool that records what you work on and how long. so you can monitor what you have been doing and  other things like that.17:12
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: scan to see what is in use and don't use that one17:12
yassineis it possible to resize the root partition from the recovery mode?17:12
ActionParsnipyassine: you'll need the livecd17:12
AlexDevilLX|AwayHow to hide evolution into mail applet, where pidgin is located?17:12
dr_willisyassine:  you dont resize an in use fileystem17:12
ghshdr_willis: thanks -- time to get rid of that then!17:12
smwyassine, gparted live cd is great for this17:12
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: yes, alltray will do that17:12
dr_willisghsh:  its a neat tool. but i have no use for it.. someone who actually works for a living on their pc may need it.17:13
YatoraAnyway, if any others have had video playback problems on their ubuntu installation, and also tried the classic environment without any luck, it would be nice to know if there is a solution. :)17:13
AlexDevilLX|AwayActionParsnip: And will the icon show, that there is a new message17:13
werwaffelActionParsnip: if i change the channel would it change something for other users of the router?17:13
ghshdr_willis: not me17:13
AlexDevilLX|AwayAre there email clients, that work with mail applet17:13
dr_willisghsh:  you barely even know what it does.17:13
yassineActionParsnip, dr_willis smw thanks i was thinking one can do some remounting with rw permission from the recovery console but apparently there is no way except the livecd one thanks all again17:13
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: it will use the notify OSD as usual17:13
ghshdr_willis: it's at the top of TOP so it's gone17:14
toothpickI just switched over from Mint to Ubuntu and I'm having the worst time trying to get anything to work17:14
AlexDevilLX|AwayActionParsnip: But it doesnt17:14
dr_williswhat you going  to do when 'top' is at the top of top.....17:14
=== Anthraxium-64 is now known as Guest66897
ghshdr_willis: reboot :P17:14
Picitoothpick: let me take a look, one moment.17:15
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: http://gnome.eu.org/evo/index.php/Evolution_Tray  seen that before?17:15
murlidharhi can anyone help me run my gmailwatcher app. it stopped running suddenly and now refuses to start even. it was working gd before. http://pastebin.com/YF7AUZrr17:15
ghshdr_willis: the point is to much memory for something not used17:15
woody73is this the right place to ask questions about postfix/dovecot setup?17:15
AlexDevilLX|AwayActionParsnip: Nope, i'll look at it now17:15
Middlewoody73: /join #dovecot17:15
Picitoothpick: Can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy apache2.2-common17:16
AlexDevilLX|AwayActionParsnip: I need it to hide in applet, where pidgin is stored17:16
woody73thx @ Middle17:16
AlexDevilLX|AwayPidgin works fine17:16
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: yes that is the same place17:17
AlexDevilLX|Awayi'll try17:17
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: did you not websearch any?17:17
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX|Away: I don't even use evolution and I found that..17:17
linuxury1hi every 117:17
toothpickpici: http://pastebin.com/Zb98hYD017:18
murlidharhi can anyone help me run my gmailwatcher app. it stopped running suddenly and now refuses to start even. it was working gd before. http://pastebin.com/YF7AUZrr17:18
MiddleI am having issues trying to restore my graphics basically. If i boot up in Ubuntu (or safe Ubuntu) i get a black screen, and i have booted up a live USB and chrooted into the linux partition, but no matter what configuration of drivers and removals i do i can't seem to get any life out of it! I have a couple of ideas as to why it might not work, but i woudl really appreciate a second opinion! Thanks : )17:18
sarahhI'm using ubuntu 11.04 and a Razer DeathAdder mouse. I've used the mouse in other distros perfectly but now it happens that randomly after some time it will start to act buggy and click things things by itself, I have to unplug it and plug it back. Any idea what could be going wrong?17:19
albe_ciao a tutti17:19
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: have you checked the line mentioned in ~/.fonts.conf17:19
Pici!it | albe_17:19
ubottualbe_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:19
Picitoothpick: Are you rinning Ubuntu or Mint?17:19
ActionParsnipMiddle: add the bootoption: nomodeset17:19
murlidharActionParsnip: nopes17:19
AlexDevilLX|AwayActionParsnip: It's tray, no in applet17:19
murlidharlet me check that.17:19
MrJonesI run ubuntu 10, recently upgraded from 8. I have a script that spawns php for use with nginx using the command spawn-fcgi -f php-cgi -a -p 8888 -u php -g wwwdata. This worked fine on Ubuntu 8. That command is also in /etc/rc.local. Now with Ubuntu 10, while the initial spawn works, I always find after some hours that PHP is no longer running. This is a production server, so a quite odd issue. nothing in /var/log/messages17:19
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: the error points to the file, should help17:20
toothpickubuntu 10.417:20
toothpickI completely reformatted last night17:20
strklibxslt/xsltutils.h anyone ? (can't find in a package, can you?)17:20
dr_willissarahh:  cant say ive noticed that issue with my mouse. but its been a while since ive had that box powered on. You may want to check the forums and askubuntu.com if others have a similer issue17:20
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: my system doesn't have ~/.fonts.conf17:20
Ceno3xikonia: are you still around? the VM was aborted as soon as the installation began17:21
dr_willis!find xsltutils.h17:21
ubottuFile xsltutils.h found in libxslt1-dev17:21
Picitoothpick: Then remove the mint CD from your computer and run apt-get update and then try again.17:21
dr_willisstrk:  there is is :)17:21
ActionParsniptoothpick: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear; pastebinit /etc/lsb-release17:21
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ikoniaCeno3x: yes, I'm here17:22
murlidharActionParsnip: ah well its optional actually. i set it up but now have removed it but it still should work now.. but it isn't17:22
ikoniaCeno3x: ok - so that's a good sign (sort of) that the issue is with the host17:22
strk!find xslt-config17:22
ubottuFile xslt-config found in libmodxslt0-dev, libxslt1-dev17:22
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: weird17:22
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: surely the error is different though?17:22
werwaffelActionParsnip: How can i scan in Ubuntu which WLAN channels are used?17:23
bradj|afkI have a zombie process now owned by init but there are some tcp connections that just won't die, how can I get init to reap the zombie?17:23
citizenD3SKi want to put my user citizen666 in the ww-data group how i may do this ( on a server command line only )17:23
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: sudo iwlist scan17:23
ActionParsnipcitizenD3SK: sudo usermod -a -G ww-data citizen66617:24
toothpickActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/wQv0J6kh17:24
citizenD3SKthank you :)17:25
werwaffelActionParsnip: May a Channel change cause any problems for other users of my router?17:25
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: they will need to re-associate17:25
murlidharActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/dHQjPXZi17:25
toothpickPici: before I reformatted, I did make an apt back up on a cd thinking that it would save time, it isn't in the computer, and I haven't (or don't think that I have) installed anything off of it17:25
murlidharActionParsnip: here is the new pastebin of the error.17:25
Picitoothpick: Then remove it from your /etc/apt/sources.list17:26
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: ok what is the output of:  apt-cache policy gmailwatcher17:26
ActionParsniptoothpick: then why do you have the mint cd in your sources file??17:26
Ceno3xikonia: tried installation with an ext3 partition, it was less agressive but I almost couldn't shutdown the VM. Yes, the VMs are fine, something with the host is at fault. The only thing I have non-standard is the xorg-edgers ppa17:27
pirateare there russians here?17:27
murlidharActionParsnip:  http://ppa.launchpad.net/loneowais/ppa/ubuntu/ natty/main i386 Packages17:27
rwwpirate: try #ubuntu-ru17:27
ikoniaCeno3x: long shot - what about a hardware error ?17:27
werwaffelActionParsnip: doesnt work17:28
ActionParsnipmurlidhar: then you are using a 3rd party repo which we cannot support. I suggest you contact the ppa maintainer17:28
Ceno3xikonia: like a problem with the disk? I doubt it, everything is fine except for vbox...17:28
werwaffelActionParsnip: should i try http://adam.rosi-kessel.org/weblog/2008/06/21/a-much-simpler-fix-for-the-r8169-link-down-problem (i havent yet)17:28
murlidharActionParsnip: okiez17:28
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: thats for the wired link so isn't relevant17:29
werwaffelActionParsnip: okay17:29
ActionParsnipwerwaffel: if the other channel is no good too then switch it back, we are now a little wiser :)17:29
ikoniaCeno3x: I'm thinking more ram - as in reality it's all ram driven17:29
toothpickPici and ActionParsnip - Thank you!17:29
YatoraIs it possible to downgrade Natty?17:30
rww!downgrade | Yatora17:30
ubottuYatora: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.17:30
ikoniaCeno3x: I appreciate that's not the best diagnosis,17:30
Ceno3xikonia: hm, with ext4 the VM was aborted during the formating, does this happen in ram? at some point it has to be commited to disk at least. As a side note, I'm also passing pcie_aspm=force as a boot parameter17:30
Ceno3xikonia: lol I've been at this since yesterday, you still think trying a different kernel is useless?17:31
ikoniaCeno3x: it doesn't happen "in ram" but think about it, your machine is a machine running in the ram of a guest, which has ram allocated to it from the ram of a guest17:31
ikoniaCeno3x: I don't think this is a kernel problem in honesty17:31
ikoniaCeno3x: that doesn't mean I'm right, but there is nothing you've said that points at a kernel issue beyond the hard lock - which makes me lean more towards a hardware issue at this time17:32
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OsmodivsHow lonf does it suposed to take to print something in Ubuntu? I am using Ubuntu 11.0464bits, I want to print something in GIMP, but... http://www.pasteall.org/pic/1463517:32
carbon_Hi,  need help plz.  How can I find out what module my nic is using ?17:32
carbon_i lsmod but its not obvious17:33
toothpickNow here is what I get when trying to install lamp. http://pastebin.com/1BL30Sw817:33
werwaffelActionParsnip: do you have an other idea how i could solve the problem? im getting frustrated :/17:33
MiddleActionParsnip: Oh yeah forgot about nomodeset XD Anyways it allowed me to boot into safe mdoe whcih was nice, however i tried to start X and it just stopped outputting :/17:33
Osmodivs!help |carbon17:33
ubottucarbon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:33
MiddleActionParsnip: Also can i mkake nomodeset permamnent?17:34
bastidrazorcarbon_: lspci -vv and find your nic17:34
safirewhy does aptitude think the latest version of firefox is 3.6?17:34
Ceno3xikonia: the thing is it's related to filesystem operation, there might be some weird thing going on there you see.  Jumping to a hardware problem is I think much more far-fetched, everything was fine 4 days ago when it was a 10.04 host instead of 11.04...17:34
rwwsafire: which version of Ubuntu are you using?17:34
ikoniaCeno3x: I don't disagree, but a hard lock is unlikley, a kernel issue would panic/dump normally, hard lock is normally linked to the hardware (at a very generic level)17:34
thecoolestgurlguys whenever i open banshee it says there was a fatal error17:35
carbon_bastidrazor:  will the -vv show me the module ?17:35
thecoolestgurlhow do i fix it? do i just reinstall?17:35
Dave888Have you guys tried ubuntu 72.10 /17:35
werwaffelActionParsnip: I've read something about a WLAN Bug with 11.0417:35
ViderizerI have Ubuntu 10.04.04 Lucid with Wubi and I got this message suddently today (I have used it earlier today normally)17:35
Dave888its awesome17:35
werwaffelActionParsnip: Should i use 10.10 instead?17:35
rwwsafire: alrighty. two relevant factoids for you:17:35
rww!latest | safire17:35
ubottusafire: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:35
Viderizer"ALERT! /host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk does not exist. Dropping to root shell"17:35
rww!ff5 | safire17:35
ubottusafire: Firefox 5 is available in Natty/11.04 as an automatic update. If you would like to install it in an earlier release, you will need to use the following !PPA: http://pad.lv/ppa/mozillateam/firefox-stable/17:35
piratewho has an invite for Google +?17:35
rww!ot | pirate17:36
ubottupirate: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:36
Dave888@pirate google + is open for everyone right now17:36
Dave888go singup fast17:36
pirateI'm so sorry17:36
rww!ff5 =~ s/following/following unofficial and unsupported/17:36
ubottuI'll remember that rww17:36
Ceno3xikonia: well, let's not hope it's hardware because it's a mac and I'm not very high on money at the moment!17:36
toothpickhttp://pastebin.com/1BL30Sw8 Trying to now install lamp17:36
BluesKajCeno3x, did you upgrade directly from 10.04 to 11.04 or did you clean install ?17:36
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:37
thecoolestgurlguys banshee keeps on giving me a fatal error how do i fix it?17:37
JuJuBeeI have a 4 scripts I want to run every night via crontab.  They need to run in succession.  Should I put them all into 1 script or create a single script that calls each of them in succession?17:37
Ceno3xikonia: anyway, thanks for your interest in the situation, I'm gonna try removing the boot parameter, if that doesn't work I'm gonna go for kvm and start over17:37
ikoniaCeno3x: agreed, it's not a very factual diagnoses, and what you've said about working on 10.04 does move away from it being a hardware problem17:37
piratehow do I upgrade my LibreOffice?17:37
Ceno3xBluesKaj: clean install17:37
bastidrazorcarbon_: did you try he command?17:37
safire10.10 isn't that old.. why do I need to do extra stuff to get firefox 4 support?17:37
ikoniaCeno3x: has the version of vbox changed between 10.04 and 11.04 ?17:37
carbon_ bastidrazor:  many thanks.    lwlagn    :)17:37
BluesKajCeno3x, ok17:37
bastidrazorcarbon_: you're welcome.17:38
pirateor update17:38
safireubottu: The only reason I'm upgrading is because firefox 3.6 + adobe plugin isn't stable17:38
ubottusafire: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:38
rwwsafire: because as the first factoid says, we don't generally upgrade to new major versions of software after release, to prevent introducing bugs or functionality changes17:38
Ceno3xikonia: yes it did, so I removed the package, installed the same version I was running (4.06) and imported the appliances again, to no avail17:38
ikoniaCeno3x: how did you install the same version ?17:39
Ceno3xikonia: got the package from the website17:39
ikoniaCeno3x: from the vbox website ?17:39
Ceno3xikonia: yep17:40
safirerww: the adobe plugin crashes on multiple pdfs, that's not very stable -.-17:40
ikoniaCeno3x: did you do that because you where having a problem with the one packaged in ubuntu, or just to keep the versions the same17:40
alexleonwhats my root login nd password?17:41
ikoniaalexleon: there isn't one17:41
ikonia!sudo > alexleon17:41
ubottualexleon, please see my private message17:41
alexleonswat asks me that17:41
Delta_is it possible to install gnome3 on ubuntu at this moment?17:41
ikoniaDelta_: yes but the packages are from a PPA and not supported17:42
ikoniaalexleon: that can be a problem17:42
bastidrazor!gnome3 > Delta_17:42
ubottuDelta_, please see my private message17:42
Ceno3xikonia: at first I went to the latest from the site, that didn't work, so I removed and installed the one in the repos. Then I removed and installed 4.06 to keep the versions the same17:42
ikoniaCeno3x: what happened with the one in the repos ?17:42
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
Ceno3xikonia: the same behavior. it's version 4.0.817:43
wellsanyone know why directories without indexes give me an error 500 regardless of Options +/-Indexes?17:43
alexleoni go to http://localhost:90117:44
ikoniaCeno3x: that is super frustrating17:44
ikoniaCeno3x: it would be great to test it back on 10.04 - but I appreciate that's not realisitic in your current situation17:44
Viderizerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/638986/ - Is anybody able to help me?17:44
alexleonand it says a username and password are being requested by http://localhost:901. the site says: "SWAT"17:44
Ceno3xikonia: believe it! I've been tearing my hair off for over 10 hours now17:44
thecoolestgurlcan somebody help me? banshee keeps on giving me a fatal error. here is the error: http://pastebin.com/0gdX24Lq17:45
alexleonhow i know my root info -_-17:45
Ceno3xikonia: yes, I understand what you mean, but I need to work, not triage a bug... it's been 4 days now I haven't programmed a thing due to issues like these17:46
ikoniaCeno3x: fully support what you're saying17:46
anonymousHello all17:46
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wells5878anyone know why directories without indexes give me an error 500 regardless of Options +/-Indexes?17:47
ActionParsnipalexleon: how do you mean "root info"?17:47
thecoolestgurldoes anybody know how to fix banshee when it gives you a fatal error?17:47
alexleonlogin and password17:47
ActionParsnipalexleon: there isn't one, use your account and use sudo and gksudo when you need admin access17:48
alexleonswat asks  me that17:48
ikoniaalexleon: he's using swat which does require the root password17:48
Guest81190I have question about Ubuntu 11.04 and System Reserved Partition,my ubuntu have 30Gb HDD , Windows 7 have 200 GB ,so Linux see Windows17:48
Guest811907 partition17:48
yggdrasilhi, im looking for a live cd that starts up and launches an rdp client. is there any thing like that?17:48
ikoniayggdrasil: not an ubuntu one17:48
Guest81190i can download files to this partition17:48
rwwyggdrasil: try asking in ##linux, we stick to Ubuntu in here :)17:49
Ceno3xikonia: do you know of any guide to help get me started with kvm or qemu? or is it easy and I wouldn't need that much help?17:49
dr_willisyggdrasil:  you could proberly make one using tinycorelinux. or a live-flash-drive would be easier.17:49
PiciCeno3x: The Ubuntu docs were handy enough to get myself up and running: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM17:49
b0othow do I set the speed to 100 mb17:49
b0otin ubuntu17:49
alexleonstill cant login17:49
Ceno3xPici: thank you17:50
ikoniaCeno3x: there is some good guides/info on the ubuntu wiki17:50
yggdrasildr_willis: thanks.17:50
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:50
ikoniaah, Pici's just given you one17:50
werwaffelI think i will delete Ubuntu 11.04 and install 10.10 maybe it would fix my WLAN bug17:50
ActionParsnipalexleon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Swat17:50
dr_willisreal mean edit the samba config file :)17:50
dr_willisits not that hard to understand.17:50
sudokillwerwaffel, have you ttried 10.10? if not im not sure itl fix a driver17:51
Ceno3xikonia: I think I'm all set. Again, thank you for your time and interest in my situation, I really appreciate it . cheers!17:51
werwaffelsudokill: i tried ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBOx but not on my real pc17:51
BluesKajGuest81190, you can copy files between linux and windows ,if you're on linux . not so easy on windows 717:51
alexleonEnter the username and password of a user with proper privileges17:51
alexleonwhat does it mean17:51
sudokilljust saying, the newer kernel probably uses exatly the same driver...17:51
ikoniaalexleon: it means you need the root account17:51
werwaffelsudokill: and then should i wait for updates?17:52
thecoolestgurlhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1754843 i found the solution,but where is the home folder in 10.10???17:52
alexleonikonia explain it to my step by step :)17:52
dr_williswhat is the port for swat? i forget.. http://localhost:631   is cups..17:52
sudokillwerwaffel, i dont know anything about wireless but usually theres  a workaround for most things17:52
thecoolestgurlnot the home folder, the USER folder inside the home folder17:52
dr_willisalexleon:  try your admin users name and password.17:52
dimakxmy name is dimakx17:53
werwaffelsudokill: that means the problem would maybe fix itself when i wait and update?17:53
dimakxand you? xD17:53
alexleonmm like the name of my pc and the password that i put everywhere?17:53
alexleoni tried17:53
sudokilldimakx, it says your name already17:53
dimakxnice to meet you17:54
b0otHow would I set eth0 to be 100MB full duplex?17:54
sudokillwerwaffel, i dont know what the problems is :s and being wireless, i wont be able to help :(17:54
Viderizerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/638986/ - Is anybody able to help me?17:55
alexleonpfff i did it17:55
werwaffelsudokill wireless on linux sucks17:55
alexleonit was capslock mistake17:55
dr_willisalexleon:  :)17:55
MaestroI'm having issues with my laptop, it won't recognize when a cable is connected to the ethernet adapter17:55
toothpickI feel like I"m going in a huge circle with the !Lamp link17:55
alexleonthx :D love u all17:55
sudokillwerwaffel, i think wireless in general does tbh but i agree most problems on this channel is regarding wireless17:55
dimakxoky, good bye man! xD17:56
Delta_is it possible to have the classic gnome desktop in gnome3?17:56
werwaffelsudokill i think im going to use windows while ubuntu is going to work on the problems (i hope so)17:57
rwwtoothpick: have you done "sudo apt-get update" recently?17:57
BluesKajMaestro, did you connect before booting in ?17:57
saik0Is there a way to get legacy looking scrollbars back in ambiance?17:57
toothpickyes sir17:57
rwwDelta_: GNOME 3 is not in any currently supported version of Ubuntu, and thus is not supported here.17:57
MaestroBluesKaj, I've done several reboots with the cable still connected17:57
rwwsaik0: remove the "overlay-scrollbar" package17:57
llutzb0ot: ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off duplex full speed 10017:58
saik0rww: it's system wide? I want to disable per-user17:58
rwwsaik0: yes, it's system-wide. I don't know how to do it per-user, sorry :(17:59
BluesKajMaestro,  ifconfig in the terminal , then sudo dhclient eth017:59
alexleonwhats the name of that app that let me customize my desktop like raining wallpaper nd stuff?17:59
b0otllutz, I tried that and it won't take17:59
b0otI have ethtools installed17:59
ZykoticK9alexleon, ccsm perhaps?17:59
alexleoni think so :P17:59
alexleoni ll try it18:00
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz18:00
b0otllutz, nvm18:00
b0otit worked18:00
wildc4rdevenin all18:00
ActionParsnipalexleon: compiz18:01
alexleonjust compiz?18:01
ActionParsnipalexleon: you can set the stuff with compizconfig-settings-manager18:01
MaestroBluesKaj: didn't work. I believe it might be a hardware issue, since none of the leds on the ethernet port ever flashes18:01
ActionParsnipalexleon: compiz is the windows manager which provides all that sort of fluff18:01
alexleoncompiz is already installed18:02
alexleonbut compizconfig is not18:02
MiddleCan anyone help me connect to a WPA wireless network from the command line? (No GUI) Cheers18:02
BluesKajMaestro, what about the network manager , what are your settings ..right click on it18:02
ZykoticK9Middle, do you have wpasupplicant already installed (you'll need it)?18:03
toothpickHelp with installing Lamp http://pastebin.com/w64QsMaY18:03
MaestroBluesKaj: right click where?18:04
MiddleZykoticK9: Yeah i have been trying to get it to work for a while now, but i get an error when i try to test teh connection : (18:04
BluesKajon the networkmanager icon in the panel, Maestro18:04
alexleongot it :D18:05
ZykoticK9Middle, sorry I haven't had to use cli wireless in like 5+ years, this howto/forum might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26313618:05
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MaestroBluesKaj: that only gives me a context menu with About, Remove from panel etc.18:06
toothpickWhere can I install mysql-server to make !lamp (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP) run?18:06
BluesKajMaestro,  in the terminal, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart18:06
toothpickerr how can I, or where can I get it. something, http://pastebin.com/w64QsMaY apt-get sure as hell isn't working18:07
MaestroBluesKaj: I've tried that one before as well, didn't do anything different this time18:07
oCeantoothpick: did you install LAMP by issueing  sudo tasksel install lamp-server ?18:08
tioxI'm having issues hooking up my HP iPaq with Ubuntu, and having it recognized. Here's the results from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638994/18:08
gar_onntartup my comuter, I use my keyboard to select Ubunutu (it's a dual boot with windows) . then I select the generic one in the GRUB menu, but after selecting here My keyboard and mouse stop working for a couple of minutes, so I've got to wait to login. Couldent find anny solutions for this problem on Google.18:08
ZykoticK9toothpick, are you able to install anything currently with apt-get?18:08
MiddleZykoticK9: Thanks i will try that :)18:08
toothpickoCean yes and it says that it depends on mysql-server18:08
toothpickzykotick9: yes except those packages18:09
ActionParsniptoothpick: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP18:09
BluesKajMaestro, ok  , alt+F2 , /etc/network/interfaces , what's listed there ?18:09
toothpickthat is what I'm using18:09
toothpickactionparsnip http://pastebin.com/w64QsMaY18:09
wells5878anyone know why directories without indexes give me an error 500 regardless of Options +/-Indexes?18:09
jhgddhow can i acquire the dictionary which is supposed to come with the default install? it's supposed to be under apps->office, but i dont have it. (relatively fresh 11.04 install)18:09
ZykoticK9toothpick, i'm guessing you've added some 3rd party repo or ppa that must be interfering - have you tried "sudo apt-get update" then tried install mysql?18:09
toothpickeverything installed fine except the mysql-server18:09
wells5878(apache server)18:09
tilerenderinghello again18:09
tilerenderingI actually resolved the password issue.18:10
ActionParsniptoothpick: are there any bugs reported?18:10
oCeantoothpick: installing lamp-server through tasksel will install all required components. Have you any idea what *is* installed and what is not?18:10
tilerenderingfortunately, I had a root login key for ssh - so I re-logged in and changed the password for my users :D18:10
neuticlewells5878: you have any .htaccess files laying around?18:10
Viderizerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/638986/ - Is anybody able to help me?18:10
xanguajhgdd: installed languages on Language settings¿18:10
wells5878neuticle: nope18:10
ubun is there a way to create a system restore point. similar to windows where you can go back to that point?18:11
neuticlewells5878: any mod-rewrite?18:11
ActionParsnipubun: could use partimage in a liveCD to make an image of the partition(s)18:11
toothpickactionparsnip no bugs, just says "broken packages"18:11
wells5878mod-rewrite is enabled18:11
tioxubun: Not entirely impossible, though, there's no real way to do that because of the nature of Linux itself.18:11
ActionParsniptoothpick: I'd report a bug. It should be smooth18:11
toothpickoCean: I've tried, it says $ sudo tasksel install lamp-server18:11
toothpicktasksel: aptitude failed (100)18:11
MaestroBluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/9zgvnrtm18:12
tioxYou're better off rebooting into Ubuntu via CD and copying at least your root partition. Always pays to get a big hard disk just to have a backup partition, that way it one goes boom, then at least the other can have the boot flag turned on.18:12
oCeantoothpick: have you edited your sources.list recently?18:13
tioxUnless anybody else can tell me wrong and give ubun the right answer?18:13
toothpickoCean yes to remove a screw up, and afterwords I updated18:13
Eitanso im thining of using ubuntu as my only OS on my macbook pro18:14
Eitanany thoughts/comments on this18:14
oCeantoothpick: did you run 'sudo apt-get update' ?18:14
toothpickocean: yes18:14
MaestroEitan, test with a live cd18:14
EitanMasetro: good call, hahaha18:14
Maestrounless you're already running it ofc18:15
EitanMaestro: OSX crashed, i have to reinstall anyways, i was just gonna install Ubuntu - cause it aint working as it right now18:15
neuticlewells5878: meh, sorry, can't think of anything besides trying it without mod-rewrite or overrides to see what it does... do all directories do it, or just one?18:15
ubuncan i use the same help (command lines) tutorials found for ubuntu on LUBUNTU? is it all the same except the desktop?18:15
Piciubun: yes and yes.18:15
oCeantoothpick: ok. Just checking.18:15
wells5878all. if i override mod-rewrite with RewriteEngine off in htaccess it still happens18:15
wolfrici need to press f1 in a gnome-terminal however it keeps bringing up gnome help. I've got all the keyboard shortcut keys disabled. Any idea? Can i escape it somehow to send it through18:15
MaestroEitan: if it works out of the box on a live cd, you'll not have much trouble using it18:15
BluesKajMaestro, try,  ifup eth0 in the terminal18:15
ubunPici: thank you.18:16
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oCeantoothpick: the thing is, the aptitude (100) error often disappears when an extra sudo apt-get update is done18:16
wolfricwoops nvm18:16
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sudokillubun, some things may be de related but standard commands are universal18:17
neuticlewells5878: AllowOverride Indexes will cause a 50018:17
EitanMasestro: was reading online, most things work out of the box - few items like wifi need manual install18:17
toothpickis there any way to do something to make sure it isn't me?18:17
Morphjejust a quick question. i wanted to add a nl-NL to my locales, before i did that i ran locale -a and saw that i had quite a few en_* locales installed. However after running apt-get install language-pack-nl my locales reduced to only to en_US and the dutch ones. So where have they gone to ?18:18
MiddleAnyone else know how to connec to WPA from the CLI? I have tried 2 guides and got the same error message both times :/18:18
oCeantoothpick: another one, have you done a   sudo dpkg --configure -a18:18
ZykoticK9Middle, what is the error?18:18
toothpickshould I do it now?18:18
neuticlewells5878: if you just set it as an option it will probably work, but as an override, depending on the other configs, it could cause the issue18:19
neuticlewells5878: or at least it has with older versions... no idea18:19
wells5878neuticle: i'm not sure what you mean18:19
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neuticlewells5878: do you use AllowOverride Indexes?18:20
agentgasmaskHi all. Computer crashed during update. Now Openoffice will not load. The splash screen comes up and the loading bar goes accross, but then it just goes away and nothing hapens. There are no errors output to the starting terminal.18:20
oCeantoothpick: you can try that, it'll try to 'reconfigure' any packages that are not in a configured state currently. Anyway there's tons of information on the aptitude 100 error, meaning that the package metadata is not updated.18:20
wells5878neuticle: i've never tried doing that. we have AllowOverride All in our httpd.conf18:20
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riddleri can't find the trash can on my Lubuntu, anyone know how i can make it show on the desktop?18:20
neuticlewells5878: ah, and then an Option Indexes?18:20
MiddleZykoticK9: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED -Disconnect event - remove keys; I have found another guide so i shall try that : )18:21
neuticlewells5878: meh, I don't know then18:21
wells5878neuticle: yeah, both Options -Indexes and Options +Indexes cause 500 error18:21
neuticlewells5878: sorry man18:21
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shorttechhi everyone18:21
shorttechI'm looking for a VPN software, something similar to my cisco vpn I have for windows.18:22
shorttechany suggestions?18:22
Morphjeshorttech: openswan18:22
Morphjeor are you looking for the client part ?18:22
NaSSiM`hey all18:23
Picishorttech: If you're looking for a client, and you use network-manager, then network-manager-vpnc will work18:23
toothpickoCean  sudo dpkg --configure -a   doesn't do anything18:23
shorttechMorphje, Im not quite sure what you mean when you say client part. I have cisco VPn on my work laptop which is used to connect to different remote desktops18:23
NaSSiM`i have a problem installing virtualbox on ubuntu 10.04 anyone can help me i tried several times and read the docs on the net but still problem18:24
shorttechMorphje, yes I think its a client18:24
sudokillNaSSiM`, what happens?18:24
Morphjeshorttech: well are you looking for a vpn client to connect to remote vpn networks or do you want to set up a VPN yourself18:24
oCeantoothpick: if it just returns the command prompt, it has run. you're fine. You are sure your source.list don't contain any non-standard repositories?18:24
toothpickif it means anything, I did sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ in mint and it installed everything smoothly just a few day ago18:24
someluseris the partition manager in the ubuntu text installer accessible after the the system has been installed?18:24
NaSSiM`E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).18:24
NaSSiM`sudokill E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).18:24
shorttechMorphje, I want to connect to network18:24
coz_NaSSiM`,  are you using the repository ?18:24
NaSSiM`i think i need to install the dependencies18:25
Morphjeshorttech: then take the advice from Pici18:25
oCeantoothpick: you dualboot with mint?18:25
sudokillNaSSiM`, afaik it should do that for you :s18:25
coz_NaSSiM`,   sudo apt-get intall virtualbox-ose18:25
NaSSiM`coz_ i didnt understand .18:25
toothpickoCean no I fresh installed ubuntu last night, I thought that I had graduated and put on my big boy pants..18:25
coz_NaSSiM`,    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/Installation18:25
shorttechMorphje, and I can download the network-manager-vpnc from the software center correct?18:25
NaSSiM`root@vps2451:~# sudo apt-get intall virtualbox-ose18:25
NaSSiM`E: Invalid operation intall18:25
rwwNaSSiM`: install, not intall18:25
oCeantoothpick: haha, ok. So the sources.list is completely fresh also18:25
NaSSiM`didnt see18:26
coz_NaSSiM`,  get out of the root terminal18:26
Morphjeshorttech: i guess, i don't run linux desktops, sounds logical for me ;)18:26
Morphjei only run linux servers18:26