hddcan anyone help me with xrdp?14:43
s-foxsorry, I do not know anything about it14:46
hddthx, at least I got a reply14:46
s-foxhdd,  Have you asked in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners   ?  Have you also created a thread on the forums?14:47
hddno one repays 14:47
schauerlichoh hai17:32
schauerlichArtificial_Intel: i see you have some new bling17:32
Artificial_IntelAye ^_^17:33
schauerlichTry not to blow anything up17:33
Artificial_Intelaahhh... There's nothing like new buttons to push :P17:33
schauerlichI think your first order of business should be to ban Joeb454. I think he's letting the power go to his head.17:35

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