qclibreHi, trying to upgrade a regular ubuntu-11.04 laptop to meet all the ubuntustudio requirements. Have installed jackd/qjackctl/etc. However, I'm wondering how to make sure that jackd starts first and that pulseaudio runs on top. The "upgrade" wiki page doesn't seem to mention anything about this.17:44
astraljavaqclibre: I don't have my studio desktop with me at the moment, so can't really say. Does jackd have a /etc/rc2.d entry? If it does, then make sure its number is smaller than pulseaudio's.18:53
qclibreno - pulseaudio and jack both seem to be started per-session. However I noticed that I could simply prevent pulseaudio starting up at all and everything else continues working (eg. the systray applet for sound control, all apps, etc). That seems to be the key.18:55
astraljavaqclibre: Sure, why not. There's also a jack module for pulse, so you can fiddle with that if you like. Like I said, can't really tell more about it at the moment, but have a look and ask if you got problems with it.18:57
astraljavaqclibre: Anyway, glad you found a solution. :)18:57
qclibreyeah, thanks. I'm on to the next problem, real-time kernels. (Oh, and having to work at the same time as setting up all this far more important audio stuff...) :-)18:58
astraljavaOh how I hate that too. I mean, there I am, helping people at #ubuntu, trying to think about packaging, doing other development-related things, and I'm supposed to _work_ while _at work_?! Goddamnit! (oh and jussi didn't see this, okay?!)19:05
qclibreyeah, most bosses misunderstand the benefits of having professional-grade audio when working on ... umm ... other stuff.19:31
astraljavaHehehe. :D19:50

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