charlie-tcacody-somerville: sorry about those emails coming out00:35
Unit193astraljava: I just got back, but I'll have time to run a few01:45
Unit19332bit LiveCD didn't work for me02:59
Unit193GridCube: How did your testing go?02:59
GridCubei have just turned on my computer since saturday03:00
Unit193Libgnome-control-center1 Is in the updates...03:28
Unit193charlie-tca: You won't like it, but I have done desktop and alt installs today05:13
astraljavaUnit193: Why would he not like it? Every bit of testing is good, by nature. :)06:29
Unit193astraljava: I have never used the QA tracker so I just put in in the GDoc :P (I did make a QA account)06:37
astraljavaUnit193: Okay. But the tracker should be real simple to use, if I'm thinking of the right thing. Basically you just mention what happened in your testing, either PASS, or FAIL, and if latter, then possibly the relevant bug #, if any. If no bug is filed, then maybe some free speech explanation of why it/what failed.06:40
astraljavafree speech? seriously? I dunno what I was thinking there. :D06:42
Unit193astraljava: Aye, it does seem simple to use I just don't have any bug # on what I have (One was reported by another person so I have that one). And maybe you were thinking freehand06:46
Unit193This one http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/06:52
Unit193astraljava: Hmmm... You think I can just about paste my doc report?06:57
astraljavafreehand sounds a lot better. :)07:01
astraljavapaste where?07:01
Unit193ISO tracker :P Nice and short...07:02
astraljavaUnit193: There's the comment field, so IMHO you can fill that up as you like. Basically the more information the better, but of course keep it coherent still. :)07:04
Unit193Does this make any sense? (And thanks for the help!) "Save Session in the logout menu was checked by default. Guest account doesn't login (Changes to LightDM wallpaper)"07:10
astraljavaUnit193: Sure, it does to me, even though I am not fully aware of all the implications. But someone who is should understand immediately what's that about.07:12
charlie-tcaUnit193: Thanks for the tests. astraljava is correct. Every test helps.12:20
charlie-tcaYes, your comments made complete sense to me. You did a good job with them.12:20
astraljavacharlie-tca: Thanks for reminding to download the images. :D12:23
astraljavaI would have forgotten otherwise. :)12:23
GridCubei finally did a test yesterday15:17
charlie-tcaBoth Mythbuntu and Kubuntu will be skipping alpha2, too many issues with it.17:30
Unit193charlie-tca: Thank you. Do I need to file bug reports on those other ones?17:53
charlie-tcawhich ones? I lost track now17:59
Unit193Save Session and Guest Account (The other bug isn't exact, but it's  just about)18:01
charlie-tcaguest account should have one filed, yes18:01
charlie-tcasave session is questionable. It works part time18:02
Unit193I find it annoying for it to be default though...18:03
charlie-tcaYou can file it as wishlist for a change, if you really want to 18:04
charlie-tcaIt is quite tricky to turn off and on18:05
Unit193I thought this has changed in Oneiric but I could be wrong...18:08
astraljavaWhat application provides the session-saving in Xubuntu? Yes, I could google, but I prefer talk^Wchatting. :D18:58
Unit193Ctrl+w didn't work for you...19:06
charlie-tcaSessions and Startup in settings manager19:06
charlie-tcaThe name of the exec is xfce4-session-settings19:07
astraljavaUnit193: I know. :) I don't think it's supposed to, it's kind of a joke really... ;)19:11
astraljavacharlie-tca: Thanks!19:11
charlie-tcano problem19:12
astraljavaHehe, I'm not too sad about GNOME 2 going away, really. For instance, I set gnome-terminal so that it's default profile has -geometry=94x43, which it would execute so that the first instance would provide that, but all following instances would have 94x41.19:14
astraljavaSo, I reset the profile. Changed preferred applications' system with custom entry, defining that there.19:14
astraljavaNow every instance would appear as 94x41. So I set the options as -geometry=94x45, and now it is as I wanted, meaning 94x43. :D19:15
astraljavaGood riddance, gnome-people, I say. :D19:15
charlie-tcaxfce terminal you can set in ~/.config/Terminal and it works for every instance you open19:16
astraljavaWould that make them hobbits?19:16
astraljavacharlie-tca: I believe every other terminal would.19:16
charlie-tcaum, I thought hobbits and gnomes are different ;)19:16
Unit193But gnome-terminal does have a bell...19:17
charlie-tcaWe do too, if you turn on all the stuff it needs to beep19:17
astraljavacharlie-tca: In a Tolkien-world, they would. But elsewhere?19:17
charlie-tcaUnit193: same file to turn on bell, plus turning on system sounds19:18
Unit193I couldn't track them all down... And it might be nice to just have the taskbar blink19:18
charlie-tcayeah, that ain't gonna happen19:19
charlie-tcahm, maybe use screen/byobu to control it. It works19:20
Unit193I know, it just might be handy19:20
charlie-tcaI turn off all those annoying sounds most of the time19:20
Unit193Aye, I just have to check the terminal every now and then to see if any of the channels have anything19:22
charlie-tcaweechat uses terminal too19:23
charlie-tcabut I got a bell that tells me when you hit my name, at least19:23
astraljavacharlie-tca: Cool, I suppose weechat has the support for that, then. I guess irssi might have, too, but since I run it on a remote server, to which I connect from my machine, I guess it loses somewhere down the road.19:30
charlie-tcaIt's a plugin19:30
charlie-tcairssi may not have that beeper plugin available19:31
Unit193astraljava: /set bell and /set beep    should show you what you want19:31
Unit193I get the beeps on Konsole in Kubuntu (Dual boot that I almost never use) and PortablePuTTY (Flash drive for windows computers)19:33
astraljavaUnit193: Okay, can you hilight me, please? (and pardon for the rest of the channel, but it's quiet out there right now)19:34
Unit193astraljava: Never19:34
charlie-tcaastraljava: 19:34
charlie-tcaquiet, in #xubuntu-devel?19:34
astraljavaNah, doesn't work. Probably the screen/remote thingie what loses it. Thanks anyway!19:34
Unit193Seems to be just us 319:34
charlie-tcawell, the rest are just being quiet ;)19:35
Unit193astraljava: C-a C-g19:35
astraljavaUnit193: Okay, can you try again, please?19:38
Unit193astraljava: Sure!19:38
astraljavaNope, still nothing.19:38
astraljavaOh well, I'll manage.19:38
Unit193astraljava: Did you switch to audio bell or visual bell?19:38
astraljavaIt said "switched to audible bell" when I hit that combo.19:39
astraljava...or something like that anyway.19:39
astraljavaBut it probably now beeps in the server hall up in some ISPs dungeons. :D19:39
charlie-tcalucky fellows19:45
Unit193I found that finch is binging away when I get a message on the computer it's running on :P19:47
astraljavaWell, I believe the machine my session is running on is actually buried so deep inside some rocks that nobody cares. Nobody hears, either, unless someone's there to do some maintenance. But then I believe I'm not the only one doing so, so they probably wear protection anyway. :D19:53
Unit193I just have mine running from home with an uptime of just over 30 days (Not much, but I was having issues with it that are fixed now)19:55
astraljavaUnit193: Yeah. I tend to move around a lot, so I prefer having it constantly open and accessible from all around.20:11
astraljavaOkay, desktop 64-bit install drops to a shell.20:11
astraljavacharlie-tca: I see where you were coming from when deciding not to do alpha-2. :D20:12
astraljavaNo wait!20:12
* Unit193 invites astraljava to #xubuntu-offtopic 20:12
charlie-tcano, we are doing alpha220:13
charlie-tcamythbuntu and kubuntu decided against it, though20:13
charlie-tcaAt what point did it drop?20:13
astraljavaSorry, it continued after quite some while showing just a ubuntu@ubuntu: prompt in a shell. It's going now.20:14
pleia2just let me know when we have text for alpha2 announcement and I'll make sure it gets on the site tomorrow20:14
charlie-tcaI have ubuntustudio 386 and 64 both running installs 20:14
charlie-tcapleia2: email it to you?20:14
pleia2charlie-tca: sure, lyz@ubuntu.com20:14
astraljavacharlie-tca: Did you choose any of the suites when asking what to install?20:14
charlie-tcaI have the draft already20:15
pleia2charlie-tca: oh great20:15
charlie-tcaastraljava: it didn't ask yet20:15
pleia2I'm on california time so it won't be put up super early, but it'll get up some time tomorrow :)20:15
charlie-tcaWe will have pity on those who skip the release notes, at least until they file duplicate bugs 20:15
astraljavacharlie-tca: It failed for me when I chose them all.20:15
charlie-tcaOh, I usually just pick the first one20:16
Unit193I guess I'll have to run more today. CDs the same?20:51
charlie-tcasame as yesterday, yes20:53
Unit193I guess that was a stupid question...20:53
charlie-tcastart reading the motu documentation on the wiki20:54
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU20:54
charlie-tcaoh, never mind20:54
charlie-tcathat was the wrong answer, though20:54
astraljavaBecoming a MOTU isn't a bad thing, but isn't necessarily a main target for a tester. :)20:56
Unit193Yep! I'm going for testing and support (Support more on #lubuntu because there are less people to see me being stupid :P )20:57
charlie-tcaOh, com'n. Just watch me, and then you won't even worry about that part20:57
Unit193Making packages doesn't sound all that easy20:57
charlie-tcaI don't make any, but I do make some dandy mistakes20:59
charlie-tcaThat's what I get for scrolling back a long way to find things20:59
astraljavacharlie-tca: Want me to still update the spreadsheet while reporting to iso.qa.u.c ?21:40
astraljavaHow does the testing procedure go now, that you can install updates while the installation is happening? I mean, what do we do to ensure the installation is flawless?21:44
Unit193I do updates after and depends on the 3rd party stuff21:44
Unit193knome: I guess I can close that PM with you ;)21:46
charlie-tcaWhat happens is that the updates are downloaded during the install. They are not actually installed until you run update manager after the restart21:46
charlie-tcaSo we don't change the daily testing.21:47
charlie-tcaYou can update the spreadsheet if you want to. Otherwise, we will simply count those days as iso testing days21:47
astraljavaOkay, thanks!21:48
astraljavaKinda weird, though. Why is the workflow like that?21:48
charlie-tcawhich workflow like what?21:49
charlie-tcaI am confused again... 21:49
Unit193Kinda sad that you don't get points for testing :P21:49
astraljavacharlie-tca: I mean why are the updates downloaded _while_ installing, if they are not applied at the time, though?22:02
charlie-tcaSaves time, since it can download them while doing other stuff. When the user logs in the first time, instead of waiting minutes for them, they are immediately available to install22:03
charlie-tcaNot all users will want them downloaded, though. Thus the "opt-in" option. Many places have data caps, and that can cost a user a lot of money22:03
charlie-tcaAlso gives the user a chance to view them, and decide if they really want to install them.22:04
charlie-tcaplantoschka: sent the reply to the notes. Really hope you can make what I added sound right?22:09
charlie-tcaWhatever you do to it will be the final now. I will be getting it into pleia2 for the release tomorrow22:10
plantoschkai'll look at it right now22:10
charlie-tcaI have made the changes to the TechnicalOverview too, so that is finished22:11
GridCube:D My work interview went awesome :D im now a real librarian!22:16
astraljavaBut if the user has data caps, it will bite him/her in the 4$$ at some point anyhow.22:16
pleia2GridCube: congrats!22:16
GridCube:D thank you22:16
astraljavaGridCube: Excellent! Conga-rats! :D22:16
Unit193GridCube: Have fun with the funny people! ;)22:16
GridCubei will have money now!22:16
Unit193pleia2: And congrats to you too since I seemed to miss that >_>22:16
pleia2Unit193: thanks! :)22:16
GridCubeyeah i will be on the reference desk so ill be answering people information needs, much like hanging on #xubuntu tho XD22:16
ochosiwhat happened, why is everybody congratulating each other? :)22:16
pleia2ochosi: I got engaged :)22:16
ochosipleia2: woohoo! congrats!22:16
charlie-tcawell, let's see22:16
charlie-tcapleia2 got engaged, GridCube got a job as a real librarian, which is his chosen career, astraljava did a lot of testing, plantoschka wrote the news release for alpha2 and did a really good job on it22:16
charlie-tcaand Unit193 is happy?22:16
pleia2woohoo everyone!22:16
pleia2and charlie-tca is a master cat herder :)22:16
* Unit193 has to get files off an XP install that just went deactivated... Using Xubuntu!22:17
plantoschkacongrats pleia2 22:20
charlie-tcanot easy keeping all things in my poor brain22:20
astraljavaHaha! Top that with a new job and a new town for yours truly. :)22:25
astraljavaThough I'm not so sure that's anything to congratulate for, but don't tell that to jussi. :D22:25
plantoschkacharlie-tca, i added your notes but changed a little bit ;-) hope you like it22:27
plantoschkamabye it's better to say best xubuntu release yet, don't know ;)22:28
charlie-tcaThat's what I hoped for. Oh, I forgot, we want an exciting headline for these things, too. You know, like "What a great milestone Xubuntu released today!" or some such thing22:28
charlie-tcaI know what I want, I just don't have the right words22:28
plantoschkais it insure or ensure? I'm not sure :-D22:30
charlie-tcaplantoschka: That's it! it looks good to me22:30
plantoschkayeah thanks, I'm thinking of a headline..22:30
plantoschka"What a great milestone Xubuntu released today!" --- a little too much for an alpha release? 22:32
plantoschkamaybe: "Another great milestone reached: Xubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 2 released"22:33
plantoschkaor: "The next milestone for the great Xubuntu 11.10 release is done. Alpha 2 is out"22:35
charlie-tcayeah, something like that!22:43
charlie-tcapleia2: which one do you like?22:43
pleia2"Another great milestone reached...22:44
GridCubei like the maybe: one, not the or: one22:44
pleia2GridCube: yeah, that :)22:44
astraljavaplantoschka: Ensure.22:45
charlie-tcan it's way22:46
charlie-tcaOn it's way22:46
plantoschkaok don't forget to fix that charlie-tca  ;) (Ensure)22:46
pleia2charlie-tca: thanks!22:47
charlie-tcapleia2: fix please? need to change insure to ensure22:47
charlie-tcaThanks, plantoschka 22:47
charlie-tcaand many thanks to astraljava, GridCube, and Unit193 for testing22:48
GridCube:) i did one really late, no xubuntu session was sad :(22:49
pleia2charlie-tca: will do22:49
GridCubeand i also got a question i wanted to do to ochosi but now i can't remember it no matter what22:49
plantoschkathink in 2 weeks i can also do some testing ;) after i've finished my exams 22:50
charlie-tcaThis is a tough release to make happen. So many changes happening, lots of stuff breaking22:54
plantoschkamaybe i do an youtube video of alpha 2 tomorrow22:55
Unit193Looks like I'll need to be testin gmore...22:55
charlie-tcaThat would be great!22:55
knomeUnit193, heh sure, no hard feelings about closed irssi windows ;)22:55
Unit193knome: I should also get testing on that still...22:55
knomeUnit193, no problem on that either :)22:56
astraljavacharlie-tca: No need. Happy to help, it's a great way to do good for US at the same time. Considering it as two flies at one strike (or however the original goes). :D23:03
charlie-tcaUM, I forgot... Upgrades to oneiric are failing too for Xubuntu :(23:05
astraljavacharlie-tca: Damn. Yeah, gotta take up those on the list of things to do.23:07
charlie-tcaWell, I guess one little mistake is okay ;)23:07
astraljavaGridCube: What's that about no xubuntu session?23:08
astraljavacharlie-tca: Define little. :D23:08
GridCubeif you choose the "xubuntu session" you get a standard and broken xfce session23:08
charlie-tcalittle, tiny, small as can be ? I mean, it is just one tiny thing... upgrades are broken completely23:09
charlie-tcaGridCube: that's really a Xubuntu session, it just has a few wrong things from Xfce in it23:09
Unit193I may be able to run that wubi one in my XP VM...23:13
charlie-tcawubi don't work in virtual machines, as far as I know23:13
knomei suppose there is no reason to use wubi under VM, that's why...23:14
Unit193I wouldn't touch wubi with a long pole23:15
Unit193Outside a VM that is. I haven't heard anything good about it...23:16
knomei suppose it's a slight step towards those who are afraid of switching from windows to linux, and i think it's good23:17
knometoo bad wubi is so bad that many get bad first experiences...23:17
astraljavacharlie-tca: I don't get it. Upgrades are broken? How, exactly? Are you talking about "dist-upgrading", or just updates to oneiric since the spinning of images?23:20
charlie-tcaupgrade from natty to oneiric fails23:21
astraljavaknome: Unit193: How exactly is it bad? I've used it only once, and by accident, and not for longer than 5 minutes. :)23:21
astraljavacharlie-tca: Okay.23:21
knomeastraljava, my experiences are that stuff doesn't work under it. never used it myself, though...23:22
charlie-tcaIt installs linux as a windows application, and you can remove it using windows add/remove programs. Unfortunately, it is not made to be permanent, and people try to upgrade it to the newest release. 23:23
charlie-tcaThat causes a lot of issues, since it won't work23:24
astraljavaYeah, after the initial install, it seemed to provide a mostly-functional environment.23:24
charlie-tcayes, but it is not supposed to be a permanent thing. It really is designed as " try this" 23:25
astraljavaBut then I realized the limited space that it got, decided to swim against the company policy current, and installed it as a native OS. :D23:25
astraljavaNot as tough an experience as the first time I installed ubuntu, though. This was in January '05. Wiped the whole hard disk clean. *oops*23:26
astraljavaMind you, it was a company laptop, too.23:26
astraljavaBut enough of OT.23:27
GridCubeif things work properly then no one has to know23:27
astraljavaWell, I really like that Xubuntu (Oneiric) really reboots or shuts down when I tell it to, from the menu. Which can't be said from the vanilla ubuntu.23:28
astraljavaDidn't spot any problems, which is to say the first boot was fine, updates installed (though were downloaded during initial installation), reboot was successful, and it logged into both sessions.23:29
GridCubei dont like the "wait 30 seconds" thing23:29
astraljavaDon't have to, if you hit the button.23:29
GridCubeyep if you take the long route23:29
GridCubeand also the fast shutdown menu is in the same place that the xlose window button23:30
charlie-tcaGridCube: just add action buttons to the panel, and remove session menu23:33
astraljavaWha?! That's not _at all_ how it looked for me.23:38
charlie-tcaHave you got a vpn running, or ssh into something, or logged into a tty, or maybe an external storage thing?23:39
ochosiGridCube: in case you remember your question you can always ping me (even if i'm not here) and i'll read it in the backlog23:39
charlie-tcaochosi: GridCube is not allowed to shutdown from Xubuntu?23:39
GridCubeyes ochosi, i know it was a silly thing23:39
GridCubeno from earlier charlie-tca 23:40
ochosinot allowed to shutdown?23:40
charlie-tcait's working now?23:40
charlie-tcaThat's different, anyway!23:40
* GridCube wants to clarify that ochosi is talking about something i said on this channel earlier, now we are talking about shutting down alpha 223:41
ochosirighty, well anyway, you can also PM me, don't wanna disturb your conversation23:41
GridCubeD: now it works!23:42
GridCubei dont understand23:42
charlie-tcadisturb, I need a break anyway23:42

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