zoidfarbCan somebody tell me what I need to do to stop Xubuntu from trying to remember everything I had open the last time I shut down? I'd much rather it just started up with a clean desktop and no open applications (beyond standard startup)00:47
charlie-tcaWhat is the version of Xubuntu?00:47
zoidfarbCharlie, I'm running 11.0400:54
zoidfarbAbout... says it's "Xfce 4.8.0 distributed by Xubuntu"00:55
charlie-tcaOkay, before you shut down again, close all applications, then go to menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Sessions and Startup00:55
charlie-tcaGo to the Sessions tab, and save session00:56
charlie-tcaThen go to the panel, right-click it, left-click panel, left-click logoff00:57
charlie-tcauncheck save sessions00:57
charlie-tcafrom now on, it will open with the desktops blank, unless you save a different session00:57
zoidfarbwon't that still have the Sessions and Startup Helper application running?00:57
zoidfarbcool, thanks for the instructions, I'm going to give it a try00:58
zoidfarbthanks for the advice, but that didn't seem to work01:04
zoidfarbI closed everything, clicked "Save Session" in the session and startup tool.  Logged out. Logged back in. Unchecked "Automatically Save Session", logged out, and logged back in. Then, I opened Chrome, and logged out. When I logged back in, it started up Chrome again.01:05
zoidfarbI just checked and the "Automatically save session on logout" box is still unchecked01:06
zoidfarbany other ideas? Where does it store the session data? Can I just delete that file?01:06
charlie-tcadelete ~/.cache01:07
charlie-tcaand also ~/.gconfd/saved_state01:08
zoidfarbkk, let's give that a shot01:19
zoidfarbThat got it. I think I missed the fact that there's another "Save session" checkbox on the logout screen itself01:21
GridCubei have a problem, my left clic on the desktop brings up the application menu instead of the desktop configuration menu03:02
fdsgfganyone there?03:08
Phospheneslol, I didn't really mean it!03:11
Unit193I'm sure not here03:18
GridCubesomething is broken for sure03:18
Unit193GridCube: Did you check the desktop settings section of Settings Manager?03:19
GridCubeand it says i should also have a trashbin icon, and i dont have that either03:19
GridCubei fixed it03:22
GridCubeweird stuff03:22
GridCubeif you choose not having any icon displayed on your desktop then you dont have menu's either03:23
GridCubethats stupid03:23
GridCubeoh well "The more you know!"03:24
PhosphenesWhat's the console command to delete a folder?03:30
orngjce223rmdir [something]03:30
orngjce223But if there is stuff in it03:30
orngjce223You'll want03:30
orngjce223rm -r [something]03:30
PhosphenesIt's empty03:30
orngjce223What about it?03:31
GridCubethats a big nono on ubuntu channels03:31
GridCubeit can get you banned03:31
Phospheneslol, forbidden magic03:31
PhosphenesWhat's wrong with it?03:31
GridCubeits dangerous03:31
PhosphenesHow so?03:32
Unit193GridCube: No, IIRC sudo rm -rf is (Don't do that one!)03:32
GridCubea single error whit that and you can delete your whole disk03:32
GridCubewhy Unit193 why!03:32
PhosphenesWell a --help on it says :-r, -R, --recursive   remove directories and their contents recursively03:32
PhosphenesNothing about -rf though...03:33
PhosphenesDoes sudo apt-get dist-upgrade do the same thing as the update manager or are they for different things?03:37
charlie-tcaPhosphenes: they are very different in Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu03:38
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.03:38
charlie-tcaThey are the same in Debian, though03:38
PhosphenesWhere do I find !upgrade? What do these exclamation points mean?03:39
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:40
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:40
PhosphenesI was trying to find a way to do updates through the terminal instead of the GUI because the update manager runs slow on my netbook.03:43
PhosphenesIs there no single command that could do the same?03:44
GridCube!info apt-get03:44
ubottuPackage apt-get does not exist in natty03:44
PhosphenesWhat are these exclamation points for?03:44
PhosphenesIs that the command?03:45
GridCubeno, that exclamation is for ubottu03:45
orngjce223It's a command to call ubottu03:45
PhosphenesIt's actually a robot03:45
PhosphenesI didn't realize that before. Cool.03:45
GridCubei guess you should try >sudo apt-get upgrade03:46
Unit193sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    is what I use...03:46
PhosphenesIs && just used to separate commands?03:47
GridCubedist-upgrade wont send you to do a whole upgrade to a new *buntu version?03:47
Unit193GridCube: That's do-release-upgrade03:48
orngjce223&& is "do the second command /and/ the first"03:50
orngjce223|| is "do the second command /or/ the first", which in practice means the second is basically a retry/failover type... thing.03:50
PhosphenesCool, thanks03:50
PhosphenesI am learning much today. ;)03:50
orngjce223So a piece of code like this could work:03:50
orngjce223fuse-mount [options] || echo "Mount failed."03:51
orngjce223If I have it correct anyway :v03:51
PhosphenesWhat does echo do, I see that a lot.03:51
orngjce223It just prints it to whatever you're going to dump it to.03:52
orngjce223Which is usually the terminal, though if you have it set up right you may end up using it to print to logfiles03:52
Unit193Phosphenes: Try    echo $USER   in the terminal03:52
orngjce223Also I am enamored with the unix pipe for some reason so :v03:53
PhosphenesI never even knew what the pipe was before I started using linux.03:54
orngjce223Yeah, it's "what is that key on the keyboard for anyway"03:56
PhosphenesI think we should start making keyboards that replace the windows key with a picture of tux.03:58
Unit193Phosphenes: How about this? http://www.system76.com/images/bonp2_keyboard_large.jpg04:00
orngjce223I actually took a few bottles of nail polish to mine04:00
PhosphenesThat works too lol.04:01
orngjce223It looks terrible, but it gets the "NOT WINDOWS" point across. ;v04:01
john_ramboHow can I change the appearance of the system tray ? Everything else changes but not that04:13
PhosphenesIn what way? Transparency, colour?04:14
PhosphenesOh, you don't mean the entire panel, just the tray?04:15
john_ramboPhosphenes, One sec04:15
PhosphenesGridCube: DO WANT04:19
GridCubePhosphenes, http://zareason.com/shop/Tux-Keyboard.html04:19
john_ramboPhosphenes, Everything is going haywire here .....cant even copy a file from one location to other04:20
Phospheneslol, probably better off asking someone else then, I haven't been using for too long.04:21
john_ramboPhosphenes, Ok04:21
GridCubejohn_rambo, what version of xubuntu are you on?04:21
john_ramboGridCube, I was running Lubuntu ...installed xfce4 over it04:22
GridCubewhat version ?04:22
PhosphenesThat's the same thing I did, it worked fine for me.04:22
GridCubeok so you are using xfce version 4.804:22
GridCube:P im starting my vbox whit 11.0404:24
john_ramboGridCube, Roger04:24
GridCubejohn_rambo, you want to change its color?04:25
john_ramboGridCube, Yes04:25
john_rambothe system tray's colour04:25
GridCubeoh system tray04:25
john_rambowhen I change themes using the appearance too everything else changes but not the systray colour04:26
GridCubeyes, i see what you mean04:27
GridCube:/ i guess you need to manually tune a config file04:27
GridCubetheres other people here who know a lot more about that04:29
GridCubeochosi for example04:29
GridCubebut he is away04:29
john_ramboI don't  know know how but nautilus opens instead of Thunar04:30
GridCubeyes, that happens sometimes04:30
GridCubepurge it04:30
john_ramboIts better that I go away too & download the Xubuntu ISO04:30
GridCubesudo apt-get purge nautilus04:30
GridCubeyou could try theming it04:30
GridCubewhit a theme :P04:30
GridCubei recommend you to try the latest greybird and help us on testing it :D04:31
john_rambohttp://xfce-look.org/ ?04:31
GridCubethats the latest xubuntu theme that xubuntu people is testing to make it default04:33
john_ramboOkay ..... Okay I guess I will try fixing the other stuff first then try that theme ......04:33
john_rambosee ya later04:34
PhosphenesHow do I get a command to recognize a space between a folder's name?05:39
Phospheneseg. cd new folder05:39
PhosphenesBut it thinks new and folder are separate things.05:39
Unit193cd new\ folder/05:40
PhosphenesDid not work.05:41
Unit193Phosphenes: Is the name "New Folder" or "new folder"?05:41
PhosphenesOh sorry, it's New Folder05:42
PhosphenesI tried new folder05:42
Unit193cd New\ Folder/05:42
PhosphenesWorks, thank you.05:42
ubottuFile names in Ubuntu are case sensitive, MyFile is not the same as myfile, and if you put spaces in there and use a console you need to "escape" the space, thus "gedit My\ File.txt"05:43
woozly|jobhow to set two input languages?10:15
woozly|jobCan't find where to do it10:15
woozly|joband how to set default input language10:15
woozly|jobPlease help10:15
ochosiwoozly|job: what do you mean by input language? keyboard layouts for different languages?10:17
woozly|jobochosi yes!10:17
ochosiwoozly|job: go to settings > keyboard > layout and add new layouts there. then you could use 1) either the panel-plugin to switch languages or 2) set a keyboard shortcut that changes the according xfconf property10:18
woozly|joboh, where to setup it? (switching by windows's default 'Shift+Alt') ? :)10:20
ochosihave you already added your second language/layout?10:20
ochosigo to main-menu > settings > settings editor10:21
ochosithen look for the channel "keyboard-layout" in the left column10:22
woozly|jobyeah find it10:22
woozly|jobwhats next? :)10:22
ochosiok, one sec, gotta find the exact command to switch layouts first ;)10:22
woozly|job:) thanks10:23
ochosiok, got it.10:23
ochosiyou'll have to adapt the following command according to the settings-editor page i just showed you:10:23
ochosixfconf-query -c keyboard-layout -p /Default/XkbLayout -s "us" && xfconf-query -c keyboard-layout -p /Default/XkbVariant -s "altgr-intl"10:23
ochosiif you want to toggle two keyboard-layouts you'll have to do a small script that handles that for you10:24
ochosithen you'd only have one keyboard-shortcut to toggle between two (or more) layouts10:24
ochosiideally use notify-send to show notifications about the layout-change10:25
woozly|job=( can't understand10:26
woozly|jobaltgr-intl - which keys?10:26
woozly|jobAlt + what?10:26
ochosialtgr-intl is a variant of the "us"-keyboard layout10:28
ochosialt-gr is the button and intl stands for "international" i guess10:28
ochosiso if you want german layout you'd have to replace "us" with "de" and the variant with the variant code that you can see in the settings-editor10:29
ochosiwoozly|job: maybe this page is better at explaining it than i am: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2009/03/01/xfce-making-great-strides-with-version-46/  (search for xfce4-settings-editor or keyboard layout)10:31
thauriswulfaHELP: I am tired with sound problem, I have updated ubuntu to xubuntu by following instructions on xubuntu website. sound sometimes work and sometimes not. its not working now. I am totally fed up.I have external sound card. I have choosen right device in mixer. and also in pulse audio volume control please help12:40
thauriswulfaHELP: I am tired with sound problem, I have updated ubuntu to xubuntu by following instructions on xubuntu website. sound sometimes work and sometimes not. its not working now. I am totally fed up.I have external sound card. I have choosen right device in mixer. and also in pulse audio volume control please help12:41
charlie-tca!patience > thauriswulfa12:42
ubottuthauriswulfa, please see my private message12:42
xubuntu516c'è qualcuno?13:16
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:16
Costyaïðèâåò! ðóññêèå åñòü òóò?13:29
Costyahello all13:29
Costyaplease help me i have laptop lenovo e43 with integrated intel4 graphics13:31
Costyahow 2 install video card driver?13:32
charlie-tcaIt normally installs with Xubuntu13:33
charlie-tcaIt is not a separate driver13:33
Costyamaybe but perlmon (like cpu-z) says other13:34
Costyaand oracle virtualbox have error13:34
charlie-tcavirtualbox doesn't use the hardware driver13:35
charlie-tcaIt's possible that perlmon doesn't work in VirtualBox, if it needs the hardware driver13:36
dirtycookiehello guys, i just made a usb installer for my eeePC and im kinda "stuck" in the main menu where I can choose whether to run Xubuntu (alternate installer) from USB or start the installer. I always get bach to the main menu when I choose either one of them15:29
DarkLordZimquestion, after looking forever on google and forums and stuff... it looks like installing ettercap in xubuntu (or almost any other ubuntu based system) in a 64bit environment doesn't seem to work from any of the repositories. if I install xubuntu 32bit on this same computer would it solve the problem with the following error: "Dissector "dns" not supported (etter.conf line 70)"?16:15
DarkLordZimor is there a way to fix it in xubuntu 64bit?16:15
charlie-tca!info ettercap16:16
ubottuettercap (source: ettercap): Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.3-2.1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 186 kB, installed size 420 kB16:16
charlie-tcano idea, actually16:16
charlie-tcaperhaps #ubuntu-server would have an idea on it16:16
DarkLordZimokay, thanks16:17
PhosphenesIs there a way to put Thunderbird in the system tray?20:35
charlie-tcainstall mail-notification package20:48
charlie-tcaThere may be an option in preferences for it, too20:48
PhosphenesI checked through the preferences and it wasn't there. Trying this package now.20:51
Phosphenescharlie-tca: Whenever I try to add a new mailbox it shuts down.21:01
charlie-tcaThat would be a bug21:02
PhosphenesIs there a fix?21:02
charlie-tcafile it using ubuntu-bug thunderbird21:02
charlie-tcaI have never heard of that issue, which would mean, probably not.21:02
PhosphenesWhere would I file this?21:02
charlie-tcaopen a terminal and type the command in. it will gather logs and everything for you21:03
PhosphenesBut wouldn't it be a mail-notification bug, not a thunderbird one?21:03
charlie-tcasure, if that is what is failing21:04
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug mail-notification21:04
PhosphenesOk, thanks.21:04
Unit193Phosphenes: If you remove mail-notification, does the issue go away? (Or are you adding a folder to mail-notification?)21:06
PhosphenesThunderbird is working fine on it's own. It's just mail-notification that crashes when I try to add a mailbox to it.21:11
PhosphenesI tried reinstalling it and it made no difference.21:11
xrdodrxhi, when I formatted a disk I got as ext3 using gparted there's a folder inside called "lost+found"21:16
xrdodrxis it save to delete it?21:16
knomexrdodrx, the "lost+found" -directories should never be removed21:18
knomethat's part of the filesystem21:19
xrdodrxknome, so, how do I hide it?21:19
knomexrdodrx, there is no way to hide it either...21:19
xrdodrxI searched google and there was some stuff about it being a bug..21:19
xrdodrxso just leave it21:19
xrdodrxokay :<21:19
knomexrdodrx, i have an extra HD mounted to /data, inside that i created a directory with my username, so i don't have to look at the directory21:20
knomealso, it's better if i for some reason want to add more users and they need the extraHD as well21:20
knomedamn, the server is laggy21:20
knomehmm, just got better :))21:23
knomeworth whining in a non-related irc channel then i suppose..21:24
JeZ-l-Leehi, how is everyone today?22:23
GridCube:D awesome22:33
JeZ-l-Leeoh, I got some responses22:39
JeZ-l-Leeworking on my cross-platform open-source multi-player Tetris game now22:40
GridCube:D like netris22:40
JeZ-l-Leedoing this on Xubuntu 11.04 64Bit22:40
GridCube:D awesome22:40
JeZ-l-LeeGridCube - here is my web site22:41
GridCubeoh i really like the "letters fall" kind of game, sadly developero weirdly take the time to add special characters to it like ñ or á, so you cant really play them on other languages22:43
JeZ-l-LeeLettersFall is American English - but can work with other languages with some work22:45
JeZ-l-LeeI live in New York22:46
GridCube:) i live in Argentina22:49
GridCube:P Buenos Aires22:49
JeZ-l-Leelooked at a screenshot of Netris - looks very good22:53
JeZ-l-Leesadly my game does not support Internet/Network playing22:54
plantoschkaoh got my google music invite. looks nice22:55
GridCubenetris was old as time itself i remember playing it on a tty back in 9922:56
JeZ-l-LeeGridCube - you do any game programming?23:02
GridCubeno, im just a user :)23:02
GridCubeorngjce223, :D i found an awesome icecast2 streamer: mixxx v1.923:03
GridCubeit has live editing playlist, two play decks and lots of costumizable stuff :D23:06
GSF1200Swhy is it when I exit xscreensaver with xscreensaver-command -exit, the screensaver keeps shutting my screen off? I have noted with the xfce4-task manger that the process exits. I have a shell script that allows me to close xscreensaver and dictate how long I want to wait before enabling (like a nighttime sleep timer), but no matter what, the screen seems to shut off at xscreensavers interval even when its not running!23:10
GSF1200SI guess I dont understand whats killing the screen when the xscreensaver process is running; if I could figure out what, maybe I could figure out a way to stop it?23:11
charlie-tcashuts off = a blank screen?23:11
GSF1200Scharlie-tca, yes, including powering my monitor off23:12
charlie-tcaI suspect that is not xscreensaver, but kernel or bios settings23:12
charlie-tcaxscreensaver should never shut the computer down, it just does stuff to the screen23:12
charlie-tcaTry changing settings in power manager?23:12
GSF1200Scharlie-tca, it doesnt shut the computer down- it shuts the screen off, even when xscreensaver is completely exited. Yeah, I jumped in power manager and tried disabling all control that xfce has there so I could handle it strictly from xscreensaver, but no joy23:14
charlie-tcaTurn the power manager back on, set the things to never for shutdown, screen off, etc.23:15
charlie-tcaThen tell xscreensaver to leave them alone, too. Without power manager handling it, kernel takes over and should be shutting the monitor off in about 10 minutes23:16
GSF1200Scharlie-tca, ok, im going through power manager now to reenable everything. Keep this in mind- if I set xscreensaver to turn on the screensaver in 1 minute, then EXIT the xscreensaver process, sudo killall xscreensaver, etc, it STILL turns off the screen in a minute. If I set xscreensaver to disable screen saver, and then kill xscreensaver, it never turns on the screensaver. Its like their is some ghost process controlling the screen23:18
charlie-tcaYou don't have gnome-screensaver installed also, do you?23:19
GSF1200Sthis is a plain jane install of xubuntu 11.04 too- I have no other screensavers installed, no more gnome-deps than it came with, etc23:19
charlie-tcaI don't think killall is killing it, then23:20
GSF1200Snope- I physically searched all the screensaver options to make sure that I didnt pull one in as a dep or something23:20
charlie-tcatry task monitor to make sure23:20
GSF1200Scharlie-tca, yeah- running the xfce4-task-manager, I can see the xscreensaver -no-splash process, complete with it turning red (when killed), etc.23:20
charlie-tcatask manager, rather. It shows what is running, and I think xscreensaver is still going23:20
charlie-tcaIt should go away if it killed23:21
charlie-tcared isn't dead yet23:21
GSF1200Sright, it goes away completely- I mean, I have verified that xscreensaver is GONE from the task manager, and it STILL kills my screen at the interval set IN xscreensaver preferences. Ive tried htop, top, etc.. they all report it gone23:22
GSF1200Sthis is baffling me..23:23
charlie-tcaThat' s just weird. Have you filed a bug for it?23:26
charlie-tcaGSF1200S: can you try to pull an xscreensaver log and attach it to a bug report?23:27
charlie-tcaxscreensaver-command -exit23:27
GSF1200Scharlie-tca, not yet- I just discovered it earlier today as I had written a screensaver toggle script for a friend. I figured it would be nice to have myself, and then discovered this..23:27
charlie-tcaxscreensaver -verbose -log xscreensaver-log.txt23:27
charlie-tcaThat will re-start xscreensaver and append diagnostics to the "xscreensaver-log.txt" file. When the problem happens again, attach the xscreensaver-log.txt file to this report.23:27
charlie-tcaI see.23:27
charlie-tcaI will have to forward the bug report to the developer, and he will want the log if we can get one.23:28
GSF1200Show can I tell what services are running? Like gdm and such.. I dont see gdm in task manager, though I know its running. Im wondering if im killing the xscreensaver process but somehow the service is hidden or elsewhere? I dont think thats possible but I dont want to waste anyones time out of my own stupidity23:29
charlie-tcain the task manager, preferences, check "all processes"23:30
charlie-tcaand "more precision"23:30
GridCubeD: im not autorized to shutdown oneiric23:32
GSF1200Scool (i like xfce4-task-manager for sure..).. yeah, still only that one xscreensaver process. Let me try reenabling all the elements in power manager, a reboot, and some other things. If I cant get it working, ill get a log together, post a bug report, and ping you with the URL. Just launchpad yeah?23:33
charlie-tcayeah, launchpad.23:34
charlie-tcaThat would be great23:35
GSF1200Scool.. gimme a bit. Im gonna try disabling xscreensaver completely and enabling xfce4-power-manager, vice versa, and ill even build an equivalent xscreensaver on my Arch box to see if I can replicate the problem there23:39
charlie-tcaI get notified of all xscreensaver bug reports, so it is not a hurry23:41
GridCubeGSF1200S, are you sure that xscreensaver is shutting down your monitor and not just xfce powersaving?23:43
GSF1200SGridCube: yes. I have turned xfce powersaving completely off AND completely ended the xscreensaver process and it still kills my monitor. Heres the thing: If I set the option in Xscreensaver preferences to Disable Screen Saver, then my monitors will NOT be killed, as its supposed to be. But, if I leave it at 1 minute (or any time) and STOP the xscreensaver process (literally kill -9 xscreensaver -no-splash or kill it from xfce4-task-manager),23:47
GSF1200Sit will STILL kill my monitor even with xfce4-power-manager disabled as well23:47
GSF1200Sits crazy... I have done this a couple times to make sure im not missing anything- its reproducible. Ive logged out a couple times and rebooted once so far to make sure, and it happens every time. Maybe something messed up on my system? This install comes from a checksum-verified livecd and its less than 5 days old. Aside from the thunar bug, I have no other issues with this install23:49
GridCubethis is what the manpage for xscreensaver says: Before launching a subprocess, xscreensaver stores an appropriate value for $DISPLAY in the environment that the child will receive. (This is so that if you start xscreensaver with a -display argument, the programs which xscreensaver launches will draw on the same display; and so that the child will end up drawing on the appropriate screen of a multi-headed display.)23:50
GridCubeso im guessin here, but i guess that xscreensaver stores a shotdown order somewhere that do not depend of xscreensaver but on x?23:51
GridCubeTo change your power management settings, run xscreensaver-demo(1) and change the various timeouts through the user interface. Alternately, you can edit the ~/.xscreensaver file directly.23:51
GSF1200Sthat sounds like it could be it.. I am multihead-seperate x sessions. I have tried everything in xscreensaver itself- incidentally Power Management options on the Advanced tab make no difference. The only thing that seems to affect the screens being killed is the primary tab.23:53
GridCuberead this GSF1200S23:54
GridCubeit might help you, the part on gdm sounds interesting related too23:54
GridCube>In this situation, the xscreensaver process will probably be running as user gdm instead of root. You can configure the settings for this nobody-logged-in state (timeouts, DPMS, etc.) by editing the ~gdm/.xscreensaver file.23:54
GSF1200SI just had xfce4-power-manager work as it should- if I select Disable Screen Saver in xscreensaver, and enable only xfce4-power-manager, it will at least kill my screens when I tell it to do so. I can fix my problems with my script, but im still trying to figure if this is a bug or just me..23:55
GSF1200Syeah, reading now..23:55
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