CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-baseapps] Philip Muškovac * 177 * debian/ (changelog copyright) Add MIT license for kdepasswd/passwd.h00:05
kubu2shouldn't the ppa for 4.6.5 be qualified more to say kubuntu-ppa/ppa ninstead of just kubuntu-ppa?01:23
kubu2IIRC adding just kubuntu-ppa will open up backports, beta, experimental and staging which may not be what you want?01:36
kubu2oh well..01:52
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QuintasanGood morning06:27
Quintasanbambee: \o07:14
QuintasanScottK: ping07:15
bambeehey ;)07:15
apacheloggerQuintasan: first you ask for a vote on licensing, then you complain about copyright, I do not follow07:36
apacheloggeron a general remark: this is more complicated than you might think07:37
Quintasanapachelogger: When did I complain about copyright?07:37
apacheloggerlike saying copyright rests with kubuntu developers07:37
QuintasanAnd it does not?07:37
apacheloggerwhich I have seen not only kubuntu developers use07:37
apachelogger2 problems with that07:37
apacheloggera) if the person who uses it is not a kubuntu developer there would need to be an explicit copyright assignment07:38
apachelogger"I ronald mcdonald assign all might copyrights to the kubuntu-developers ...."07:38
apacheloggerwhich directly leads to 07:38
apacheloggerb) kubuntu developers is no legal entity, as such it leads to a bazillion questions regarding excution of rights07:39
apacheloggernow WRT licensing07:39
apacheloggeras yofel already said, if you have Files: debian/* then that license applies to everything in there07:39
apacheloggerincluding patches, manpages and whatnot07:40
apacheloggeryou licnese gpl3+ but upstream is gpl2, can the patch even be gpl3+ now?07:42
QuintasanIn short this leads to a licensing PITA07:43
QuintasanWhat's the advantage of debian/* being under the same license as the rest of the source?07:44
apacheloggerupstream can simply pick patches and include them07:44
apacheloggerwithout us ever doing anything07:44
apacheloggeralso it prevents license incompatibility issues (for the better part)07:45
apacheloggerat any rate, the KC could not force people into licensing or copyrighting anything anyhow07:46
apacheloggerScottK: did you by any chance see mterry's reply on grantlee MIR?07:50
apacheloggerthe current package is highly confusing indeed, however I know that unpatched version leads to compile error on ARM (tried that already :D)07:50
apacheloggerQuintasan: did you upload anything?07:55
apacheloggerthe wiki doesn't look much different07:55
Quintasanonly kwordquiz and okular07:55
Quintasanapachelogger: Mostly because it gets rejected07:56
Quintasansome packageset magic as ScottK07:56
Quintasanor I misunderstood something07:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: yep, i know, altho i still have to figure out how to make it work over LAN07:57
apacheloggerQuintasan: cool07:58
apacheloggerQuintasan: I do not understand though07:59
apacheloggeryou should be able to upload all new packages07:59
apacheloggeras they end up in universe and you are motu07:59
QuintasanLast time I tried to upload okular it got rejected07:59
apacheloggerQuintasan: cause it is in main07:59
apacheloggerokular was uploaded already08:00
QuintasanThen I tried retrying kwordquiz build on armel but it turned out I do not have permissions08:00
apacheloggerthat is also in main :P08:00
QuintasanApparently, Kubuntu Developers have access to main08:01
QuintasanAt least the Kubuntu seed08:02
shadeslayermorning :)08:03
apacheloggerQuintasan: the package set, not the seeded packages08:03
apacheloggerthen you'd also be able to upload linux cause that is part of our seeding chain08:04
apacheloggershadeslayer: yo08:04
apacheloggershadeslayer: is rocs fixed yet?08:04
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes08:04
apacheloggershadeslayer: did you up the new tar to the ppa?08:04
shadeslayeri fixed it last night, but Quintasan was going to bed so he couldn't upload it08:04
Quintasanapachelogger: Then what can I actually do with Kubuntu Developer powers?08:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/rocs_4.6.90+repack.orig.tar.bz208:05
shadeslayerpackaging from bzr08:05
shadeslayerrocs upstream has also agreed to move all LGPL 2 licensed code to LGPL 2.108:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: you should add those to the wiki :P08:05
apacheloggerQuintasan: is workspace uploaded?08:05
Quintasanapachelogger: I just uploaded it08:06
apacheloggerQuintasan: wiki update please ^^08:06
shadeslayerlemme update if first :P08:06
debfxQuintasan: the package sets aren't updated automatically, once all new kde packages are uploaded we can ask cjwatson to update it08:06
QuintasanOh, I see08:07
CIA-52[rocs] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110709080741-34u357dsp3bwekc0 * debian/copyright merge08:07
Quintasanyofel: Apparently, kde-l10n-nl tarball was update08:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: srsly, get a proper editor :P08:08
shadeslayerwhat happened? :P08:08
QuintasanHe is using emacs08:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: you are using emacs?08:08
CIA-52[rocs] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110709080931-71k6uhez11uweqn2 * debian/copyright fix formatting08:09
shadeslayerwth bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn't resolve host 'xmlrpc.launchpad.net' [Errno -2] Name or service not known08:10
CIA-52[rocs] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110709081059-g7e6vmihe1magtn6 * debian/copyright more format fixes08:11
shadeslayerwhat are you fixing anyways? 0.o08:11
apacheloggeryour editor is incapable of ensuring newline at eof and no mixture of tabs and spaces08:12
apacheloggerare you using notepad.exe?08:12
apacheloggeroh noes :/08:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: rocs copyright is still not right08:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: whats the problem now?08:13
QuintasanReal man use vim08:13
apachelogger       src/Tests/TestDataStructure.cpp08:13
apacheloggercopyright sez it is GPL308:13
apacheloggerfile sez it is GPL3+08:13
apachelogger    <one line to give the program's name and a brief idea of what it does.>08:14
apachelogger    Copyright (C) <year>  <name of author>08:14
apacheloggeryou got to be kidding me08:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: i know08:14
shadeslayeri did a git blame08:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: make a choice08:14
apacheloggera) we reject the package entirely and bash upstream into fixing their shit or b) you fix this stuff08:15
apachelogger       src/Tests/TestDataStructure.h is also gpl3+ whereas copyright sez GPL308:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: I recommend you review the copyright file yourself again08:16
apacheloggersrc/Tests/TestDynamicProperties.cpp is also gpl3+ btw08:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: and get the copyright notes fixed08:17
apacheloggeryou choose how08:17
shadeslayeri'll let upstream know, best if they fix it08:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: then reprot a bug not just a mail08:17
apacheloggerthen they have to deal with it one way or another08:17
kubotushadeslayer meant: "ok"08:17
Quintasanapachelogger: Why is kde-runtime still not in archive?08:17
apacheloggerQuintasan: becuase the other packages have higher priority08:18
Quintasanone way or another kde-workspace is in NEW08:18
apacheloggeryeah, but it does not require that much review as it is mostly just a rename ^^08:18
apacheloggerwhereas rocs for example is a completely new package with all messed up licensing business08:18
* apachelogger will have to go for lunch in a ibt08:19
apacheloggerQuintasan: it would be great if you could review the new packages I did and comment on them in the wiki08:20
apacheloggerI do not feel comfortable uploading them without any review08:20
debfxapachelogger: kde-runtime is missing breaks/replaces nepomukcontroller08:20
apacheloggerdebfx: not uploaded yet anyway08:20
bambeehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/640680/  (note: I have just installed some project-neon packages and after that it does not work anymore)08:20
kubotubambee: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"08:21
apacheloggerbambee: you need phonon from git08:21
apacheloggerkde-buildsystem poked around in the build system making it incompatible to earlier versions08:21
bambeeahh ok :)08:21
apacheloggerScottK: so, I think the best solution for grantlee is to just deactivate tests on armel08:22
debfxI know, I'll upload it now08:22
apacheloggercause I recon the enormous amount of template tests makes gcc fail08:22
shadeslayerkde bug 27740108:26
ubottuKDE bug 277401 in general "Rocs licensing is messed up" [Minor,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27740108:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: looks like i just need to switch GPL-3 with GPL-3+ ....08:28
shadeslayereverything is GPL (v3 or later)08:28
apacheloggerperhaps I only looked at the files I told you about08:28
apacheloggera review would be very nice08:28
apacheloggerof all files08:28
apacheloggerand about the oh08:29
apacheloggersince dep5 is parsable08:29
apacheloggerwe could build an app to help with reviewing that stuff08:29
shadeslayerwell, yes08:29
apacheloggersplit view, on one side you have the copyright file, on the left you could have the file currently focused08:29
Quintasanapachelogger: Where do I get your repacked tarball for blinken?08:30
bambeeapachelogger: I am not sure, but the "PhononBackend" service type is not found into neon08:32
bambee(I've just installed project-neon-phonon and THAT ALL)08:32
bambeethen when I try dragon08:32
bambeedragonplayer(11980)/kdecore (trader) KServiceTypeTrader::defaultOffers: KServiceTypeTrader: serviceType  "PhononBackend"  not found 08:32
bambee(phonon-gst is installed into /opt/project-neon)08:33
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/rocs] Rohan Garg * 7 * debian/copyright Everything is GPL-3+08:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^ fixed08:42
bambeein fact, kbuilsycoca4 fixes the problem ^^08:44
bambee(I am an idiot)08:44
shadeslayerhah :P08:45
shadeslayerok gtg and have lunch, cya08:45
debfxapachelogger: in kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer: raw/parse.c doesn't have a license and debian/copyright doesn't mention Volker Krause08:54
yofeldebfx: I added breaks/replaces on nepomukcontroller08:55
yofelgood morning btw.08:55
debfxyofel: yes, but only to -data08:55
debfxgood morning08:55
yofelah, that was the only conflict I got08:55
debfxapachelogger: kdegraphics-thumbnailers: debian/copyright doesn't contain the full text of GPL-108:57
yofelQuintasan: kde-l10n-nl tarball on ftpmaster is the same as the one I uploaded, so either he didn't change it or we were so late that we already got the fixed one09:01
Quintasanapachelogger: Where do I get your repacked tarball for blinken?09:01
Quintasanyofel: Oh, okay09:01
debfxhm is GPL-1 even compatible with GPL-2?09:03
apacheloggerdebfx: IIRC parse.c is from libopenraw09:07
apacheloggerwhere it also doesn't have a license ^^09:07
apacheloggerdebfx: <debfx> apachelogger: kdegraphics-thumbnailers: debian/copyright doesn't contain the full text of GPL-109:09
apacheloggerthat I do not understand09:09
apacheloggerQuintasan: ppa09:10
apacheloggerQuintasan: if you add deb-src to your sources.list bzr builddeb will actually fetch it automatically09:10
debfxapachelogger: common-licenses doesn't contain GPL 1 so you need to quote the full license09:16
debfxbut I'm not sure if that file is actually GPL-1 licensed09:17
apacheloggerdo I say GPL-1?09:17
apacheloggercause if I do not then it is not09:17
debfxthe file says GPL without a version which is effectively GPL-109:18
apacheloggerthere is almost no GPL-1 software as the GPL-1 only was used for like 2 years and the replaced by the much superiror v209:18
apacheloggerdebfx: it is effictively any GPL09:18
debfxwell at best the license header is unclear09:21
debfxas "the GNU General Public License" doesn't exist09:22
apacheloggerno argument there09:23
apacheloggerso is the license of application icons for the better part though09:23
apacheloggerthe ghostscript package is also not more descriptive on the matter09:24
apacheloggerI am off09:24
debfxyou could add a link to GPL-2 in debian/copyright09:25
debfxScottK: could you please reject kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer, it contains a file without licensing header09:26
Quintasanapachelogger: blinken looks good, uploading09:44
yofeldebfx: uh, common-licenses does contain the GPL-1 here09:48
debfxyofel: you have a /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-1 file?09:49
yofelah, debian bug 436105 fixed in oneiric09:49
ubottuDebian bug 436105 in debian-policy "Include GPLv1 in common-licenses" [Wishlist,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/43610509:49
yofelso oneiric has it09:50
debfxah, nice09:51
debfxthough I wonder if it's enough to include GPL-1 in debian/copyright since it's most likely incompatible with GPL-209:53
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Quintasanapachelogger: since you wanted me to comment on the wiki then I shall do so11:14
* Quintasan goes on a break11:27
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KRFjust curious, is oneiric going to ship calligra?12:40
apacheloggerdebfx: it is v312:47
shadeslayerKRF: depends if someone gets around to packaging it and everything12:47
apacheloggerdebfx: actual copyright holder of dscparse is artifex12:47
apacheloggerit is original distributed via ghostscript12:47
apacheloggerif you take a look at ghostscript's copyright file you will find an entry License: GPL-3+~Artifex12:47
shadeslayerdebfx: heh, i had the same dilema last night, apparently its broken in natty12:47
apacheloggerdebfx: also gpl2 is almost certainly compatible with gpl1 as they ensure the same level of freedom12:48
apacheloggergpl2 only adds additional non-US mumbo jumbo untop of what gpl1 provides12:48
apacheloggergone again12:50
* yofel tries to fix kate14:45
shadeslayeryofel: need to figure out which all libs are public and which are private14:46
yofelah :/14:46
shadeslayerthe symbol generating part is easy, but the figuring out the public/private lib mess needs time14:47
yofelstuff in /usr/lib isn't private IMO unless it's in kde4/14:47
yofelI'll leave that to you then14:47
shadeslayerif its not release blocking, i would like to take it up on monday14:48
yofelnot really, just that old kate + new kdelibs is useless in oneiric14:48
Pythonwhat is the latest kde version ?15:00
ikoniaPython: look in kde.org15:20
ikoniaPython: you've been told this is a "development" channel, not support15:20
skfinPython as a nickname doesnt sound a very good.15:23
ikoniaPython: do you understand this is not a support channel ?15:33
shadeslayeryofel: ahoy15:53
shadeslayeryofel: did you get any errors when creating a qemu image using rootstock?15:55
shadeslayerfor ARM that is15:55
shadeslayerbecause i get this at the end : http://paste.kde.org/9387115:55
yofelno idea, was ages ago, got the howto at hand? Then I'll try again15:55
shadeslayeryofel: just run this : http://paste.kde.org/93877 , but here's the wiki link : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch15:56
shadeslayeryofel: best to add --copy-package-cache to that to save on a bit of bandwidth15:58
yofeldeboostrap running16:01
shadeslayerlol : W: Bad Bad Qemu, trying second stage one more time (LP #604872)16:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 604872 in qemu-linaro (Ubuntu) "qemu-system-arm segfaults emulating versatile machine after running debootstrap --second-stage inside vm" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60487216:04
yofelhm, we have no bzr branch for meta-kde16:06
* yofel creates16:06
yofelah, now I'm getting chown errors too :(16:08
yofelwhich is somehow to be expected for /proc ...16:09
* yofel tries with natty16:10
shadeslayerseems to be building fine with natty16:17
yofelshadeslayer: natty VM is running without errors so far (configuring packages now)16:17
yofelheh ^^16:18
shadeslayeri guess its that same issue that plagues the pbuilders16:19
shadeslayeri could probably dist-upgrade it :P16:20
yofelI'll try that too16:20
shadeslayer( dist upgrade the natty qemu )16:20
yofelmore like, looks like that's the only choice that's left right now16:20
* yofel creates an image on his server too16:21
yofelmight make more sense thinking of the build times ^^16:21
yofelI: Done16:22
shadeslayerwill it blend? :P16:23
yofel925524 433M -rw-r--r-- 1 yofel root  1.0G 2011-07-09 18:22 qemu-armel-201107091810.img16:23
yofel924118 156K -rw-r--r-- 1 root  root  155K 2011-07-09 18:08 rootstock-201107091801.log16:23
yofel925525  40K -rw-r--r-- 1 root  root   39K 2011-07-09 18:22 rootstock-201107091810.log16:23
yofelhm, I forgot the kernel :(16:26
shadeslayerwhat kernel?16:26
yofelnvm, didn't read the wiki page properly16:27
shadeslayeryeah, you don't need the kernel :D16:27
yofelnow... the kernel seems to boot, but that's it :/16:29
shadeslayeryou don't get to even a tty?16:29
yofelah wait, it didn't automatically switch to one16:30
yofelnow I have the login prompt16:30
yofelshadeslayer: :D http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/qarm.png16:31
shadeslayeri'm still stuck at python-minimal here :P16:32
* yofel makes a backup of that image NOW16:33
shadeslayerI: Installing core packages... 16:33
yofelhm, now my keyboard input doesn't work right o.O16:34
yofelhm, 1GB is a bit small of an image :/16:37
shadeslayeryofel: fix config in /etc/default/keyboard to match that of your native system?16:37
yofelshadeslayer: nah, the keyboard mapping was total chaos suddenly16:37
yofelhad to reset qemu16:37
* yofel doesn't have problems with US keyboards16:37
yofelgreat, no network :/16:38
yofeldunno, only lo is up16:39
shadeslayerdidn't it read ports.ubuntu.com sources when the tarball is generated16:39
yofelfunny thing: resolv.conf is set right, just eth0 is down16:40
shadeslayeryofel: there are instructions on how to bridge connections on the wiki page16:40
shadeslayerI: Qemu image saved as /home/shadeslayer/qemu-armel-201107092151.img16:40
yofelshadeslayer: I'll do that later on my server, got a bridge already running there16:40
shadeslayeryofel: how did you boot the image? 16:40
yofelthe command is below on the wiki16:41
yofelqemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -cpu cortex-a8 -kernel ./vmlinuz -hda qemu-armel-201107091810.img -m 256 -append "root=/dev/sda mem=256M devtmpfs.mount=0 rw"16:41
yofelyay, network up after 'ifconfig eth0 up && dhclient eth0 && vi /etc/resolv.conf' ^^16:42
yofelnow to figure out how to create an image >> 1G16:43
yofelah -i16:43
yofelapt-get install aptitude16:45
yofelthen let's see if dist-upgrading works16:45
yofelhm, I should script fetching the newest kernel that's out when booting the VM16:46
skfinThou shall not use aptitude.16:46
shadeslayerhmm, i have to figure out how to bridge connections first16:47
yofeldo that, I'll tell you if the image died or not16:48
shadeslayeri get permission denied when running your command :P16:49
yofelfunny system you have again16:50
yofelesp. since I'm on natty right now16:50
shadeslayerrunning each command seprately works :/16:50
yofeloh, the network stuff? I did that as root, sorry16:50
shadeslayerwell, i did it as root too16:51
yofelnote: qemu-system-arm is SLOW...16:51
yofelthen again, real ARM wouldn't be faster I guess16:51
* shadeslayer notes that he is very bad with vi16:54
yofelheh, use nano16:54
shadeslayercan't, no network access yet :P16:54
shadeslayermight as well just echo the entire string16:54
shadeslayeryofel: i see network activity, but when i ping a ip address,  it gives me a 100% packet loss16:59
yofelhere too, qemu doesn't like ping, try apt-get update17:00
shadeslayerthat is some weir shit17:00
shadeslayeryofel: oh btw are these changes in real time?17:02
yofelwhat changes?17:02
shadeslayerlike the image is getting updated as i update the files in qemu17:02
yofelsure, that's a mounted filesystem17:03
shadeslayerah .. hmm17:03
shadeslayeri need a better res on this thing17:07
yofelhm, somehow qemu-system-arm doesn't seem to like -curses :/17:08
shadeslayeryofel: blank screen?17:11
shadeslayeryofel: seems like you can't use more than 256 MB's17:19
shadeslayerqemu crashes here if i use 512MB's of mem17:19
yofellemme try17:19
yofelcrashes badly... ouch17:19
ScottKdebfx: Rejected.17:19
shadeslayerthe output looks like the register map17:20
ScottKapachelogger: I did not read the reply on the grantlee MIR.17:21
ScottKapachelogger and Quintasan: On Monday I'll ask cjwatson to re-run the magic packageset script so Quintasan will be able to update the new packages.17:22
QuintasanScottK: Awesome17:22
yofelshadeslayer: O has different kernels - any idea what to use? http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/oneiric/main/installer-armel/current/images/17:25
shadeslayerafaik that depends on what you want to emulate17:25
yofelwell, 'versatile' is gone17:25
shadeslayerPlease note: rootstock will not automatically give you a kernel package. You will have to include the kernel package you need for your hardware. For instance, for OMAP3 based hardware, you will need to include "--seed linux-image-omap" somewhere in your rootstock command.17:26
shadeslayerupgrade to oneiric is 40 Megs17:27
shadeslayeryofel: why do we want the kernel package btw?17:28
yofeldo we want it? I didn't install it17:28
shadeslayerme neither17:29
shadeslayeri don't understand what its for anyways, i guess we don't need it since we are only emulating everything17:29
shadeslayermight just be needed on actual hardware17:30
yofelwell, O boots with old kernel too17:31
* yofel does some rc.local fiddling for network17:35
shadeslayeruh, you don't need that17:36
yofelerrr right17:36
shadeslayeryofel: look at the wiki, it has instructions on how to setup the network17:36
yofelthat's for the outside world, the network doesn't start up in the VM on boot17:37
shadeslayerwill have a look at that after the image is done upgrading to oneiric17:38
ScottKBTW, looking at New again.17:39
yofelok, -curses still doesn't work, but with network now starting at boot I can ssh in 17:39
yofelyay :)17:40
yofelnow to find out which O kernel to use17:41
shadeslayeryofel: wait, how does one ssh into qemu ? i mean, just ssh ubuntu@localhost or sth?17:42
yofelonce you have tap set up the VM will get a real IP from the router17:42
yofelI already had a setup that I could simply switch to this one :P17:43
yofelthe bridget networking17:43
shadeslayeroh ok17:43
yofelbah, shutdown -P now doesn't actually close the VM :S17:44
shadeslayeryofel: i think you might have to install libncurses to get a curses to work in qemu17:48
ScottKapachelogger: Is debian/rules for blinken right?  It is rather more sparse than I'm used to seeing.17:48
shadeslayers/a\ curses/the\ curses\ option/17:48
kubotushadeslayer meant: "yofel: i think you might have to install libncurses to get the\ curses\ option to work in qemu"17:48
yofelthat sounds resonable actually...17:48
yofelwell, nvm17:49
shadeslayeri'm just too lazy to setup bridges on my system right noq17:49
yofelhm, seems the O linaro-vexpress kernel is for "ARM Versatile Express for Cortex-A9"17:59
yofelpanicks :(18:00
shadeslayeryofel: again, why the need to choose a kernel?18:00
yofelwell, true18:00
yofelnvm then18:00
shadeslayeryofel: btw it panics because you use cortex-a8 in the cpu type :P18:04
shadeslayerso you probably want to change that to cortex-a9 i guess18:04
yofelnah, switched to cortext-a9, still panicked18:05
shadeslayerfor me, it doesn't even panic, just doesn't boot18:07
yofelbecause you forgot to switch -M (machine type)18:08
yofelanyway, forget it18:08
shadeslayerkernel panic :P18:10
yofelbut nice tux logo :P18:10
shadeslayeryeah :D18:10
shadeslayeractually wait18:10
shadeslayeryofel: http://i.imgur.com/VpN0d.png18:11
shadeslayerwrong boot args?18:11
yofelmaybe, no idea (that's what I got too)18:12
shadeslayeralright, i can make qemu crash now18:13
* shadeslayer pokes around bootargs18:13
shadeslayerqemu: hardware error: lan9118: Unimplemented MAC register write: 9 = 0x810018:13
ScottKNCommander or apachelogger: Could you look at ^^^.  I don't recall seeing a failure log like that before.18:14
shadeslayeryofel: Disk /dev/sda doesn't contain a valid partition table :<18:24
yofelforget it then, the old kernel works fine after all18:24
ScottKapachelogger: blinken accepted (re: rules - I didn't know that would work ...)18:27
yofelthat's how most of the neon rules files look like too ^^18:31
ScottKyofel: Would you please have a look at the kalzium build failure on armel.  18:44
yofeluh, sure, now that I have a VM a CAN try to debug those at least18:45
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/meta-kde] Philip Muškovac * 1 * (9 files in 3 dirs) push to bzr19:08
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/meta-kde] Philip Muškovac * 2 * debian/changelog fix changelog19:09
yofelapachelogger: metapackages ^19:22
NCommanderScottK: that's a compiler bug, file a bug on gcc-4.6 with the build log and a test case if possible19:25
ScottKNCommander: Thanks.19:26
ScottKAll I have is the build log.19:26
ScottKNCommander: Any suggestions on text to go with the build log?19:26
NCommanderScottK: poek your head into #linaro and see if someone can help debug it19:26
* NCommander is still avoiding doing work until I'm off vacation on monday19:26
QuintasanDid anyone here got tired simon?19:29
yofelI have no idea what you're talking about...19:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ScottKworkspace and runtime source and binary are in19:39
ScottKNothing waiting in New (source or binary), so bring it on ...19:42
ScottKSomeone should fix the cmake FTBFS, preferable including updating to 2.8.5 final.19:46
ScottKQuintasan_: cjwatson ran the packageset script and it picked up http://paste.ubuntu.com/640960/.  I need a list of what else needs added.  There are a number of manual exceptions in the packageset: http://paste.ubuntu.com/640963/ anything related to those packages we need to give him a list.21:30
ScottKQuintasan_: If you can make the list, I'll talk to him about adding it.21:31
yofelScottK: what architectures are currently supported? i368 amd64 armel ...? 21:47
yofelneed to exclude armel for kalzium and libcompoundviewer21:47
ScottKand powerpc21:48
ScottKSo you want i386 amd64 powerpc21:48
* yofel wonders if using 2 VMs so both cores are used using icecc would speed things up...22:27
ScottKJust build with -j222:34
ScottKActually I find that -j#ofCPUs+1 works best.22:34
ScottKSo with a dual core machine, build with -j3.22:34
ScottKYou still need to build -j# for icecc to help, so save yourself the trouble.22:35
yofeldoesn't help if I can only emulate one core in qemu, it errored out with -smp 222:35
ScottKI missed the bit about qemu.22:36
ScottKMight help then.22:36
yofelwell, build at 95%22:36
ScottK4% left until the point of maximum pain from failure.22:36
ScottKRiddell: It might be about time to deactivate https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members-kde423:07
RiddellScottK: actually it's time for me to go to sleep but I'll keep it in mind for when I'm awake :)23:11
yofelScottK: kalzium fixed in bzr23:11
ScottKRiddell: OK.  Have a good night.23:11
ScottKyofel: Thanks.23:11
yofel(I hope), it built here at least on armel23:11
ScottKyofel: Looking at it.23:26
ScottKyofel: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.23:29
ScottKThat gets us down to only one failure on 4.6.90 and that's a compiler bug.23:30
ScottKWe need apachelogger, Quintasan_, debfx, or someone to sponsor stuff ...23:40

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