Pythonhi how to speed up kde ?00:02
bazhangPython, thats a very vague question; please give some details. speed up *what*00:04
Pythonspeed up. hmm performance..00:04
bazhangPython, getting vaguer..00:08
Pythonstuff loads faster, bazhang00:09
bazhangPython, really. if you want some assistance you need to give concrete details. 'stuff' and 'performance' are not exactly clear.00:10
Pythonbazhang: nevermind00:11
kjartanonir: u here ? :D00:36
lucas__Hello all!00:58
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maverickcoe cambada02:26
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bigbrovarhas anyway one upgraded to kde 4.6.5?03:49
szalbigbrovar: as of about 6 hours ago it wasn't in the repos yet03:57
bigbrovarszal: its there now according to the kubuntu news page03:58
bigbrovarszal: so run quick install while still out and come back and tell me if it broke anything so I know if its safe to upgrade :p03:59
szalbigbrovar: no, I won't..  I'll update when I see fit :P04:00
szalbigbrovar: but just so you know it..  by experience, dot upgrades are painless, and I've been through a few since 4.2.004:01
szal(and in KDE3 before that, for that matter)04:01
bigbrovarszal: yeah same here never had issues with any dot upgrades, But I did see someone on identica complain about some activity issue. which doesnt really bother me cause I dont use activity04:02
LINKSWORD2Greetings, all. :)05:17
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, is there a way to change the background and text colors in Konsole?05:31
szalLINKSWORD2: Settings -> Configure Profiles05:43
LINKSWORD2I'm not finding it?05:46
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LINKSWORD2szal: I've got a few different options. System Settings. Global Settings or Software Management Settings.06:01
LINKSWORD2Neither of which is leading me to "Configure Profiles."06:01
szalLINKSWORD2: did I say 'Systemsettings'?06:02
LINKSWORD2szal: LINKSWORD2: Settings -> Configure Profiles06:02
LINKSWORD2Problem is, I'm not finding an option to configure profiles.06:03
szalLINKSWORD2: exactly, find 'System' in 'Settings'.. ;)06:03
szalLINKSWORD2: on failing to do so, you might wanna check the Konsole menu06:05
LINKSWORD2... Found it. lol06:07
LINKSWORD2Now, I feel like a dumbass.06:07
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nirGood morning07:22
gcrmam kubuntu 64bit , flash-a udalo mi sie zainstalowac ale jak bire film na youtube na fullscreen to zawiesza mi X-y07:22
gcrco mam zrobic?07:23
tsimpson!pl | gcr07:24
ubottugcr: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:24
scrakCiao a tutti / Hi all07:27
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LINKSWORD2!it | ScRaK_ITA07:51
ubottuScRaK_ITA: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:51
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TanteIngeGermany Deutsch Room??11:07
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:07
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wtfmanhello. i wanna install kubuntu via usb .. i had a software once for windows where you could select lots of distros and then dl + prepare the stick12:34
wtfmananyone which software I mean?12:35
BluesKaj!usb | wtfman12:35
ubottuwtfman: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:35
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ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:52
szal!info fotowall13:41
ubottufotowall (source: fotowall): simple application for creating collages and compositions. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-1 (natty), package size 806 kB, installed size 1956 kB13:41
RedDemon1970can anybody tell me how i can adjust my monitor settings, i've installed the properetary drivers for my ati card and kubuntu won't accept anny change i make in the settings13:41
sithlord48RedDemon1970:  alt+f2 type in kdesudo amdcccle  use their toold for your settings13:42
RedDemon1970thx sithlord4813:43
sithlord48RedDemon1970:  your welcome13:43
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cuqahey. i was just going to install kubuntu along with windows  713:48
cuqaduring install process however the 'guided install' said that it would use all disk space. I have nnot seen any info about the existing partitions13:48
szalif you have any clue about partitioning, use custom setup13:49
BluesKajcuqa, don't use guided , use themanual partition option13:50
cuqabut not sure if all data is lost then_13:50
cuqaalso in manual install i didnt see any info about the existing partitions13:50
BluesKajcuqa, did you format13:50
cuqathere is still C,D and E at windows 713:51
cuqai wanna have both installed13:51
BluesKajok , download a burn gparted live cd , and use it to partition your drive before installation13:52
cuqai have like 160 gb unused disk space on the hard disk. probablz because of old linux installations13:53
cuqacould I use that for the installation or do I have to create a partition with the unused space first?13:54
BluesKajcreate a pertition in the unused space first  yes13:55
BluesKajthen the install cd should see the the parition , also format it to ext4 ,that will speed things up some13:57
BluesKajBBL ..gotta clean this KB13:58
cuqathx BluesKaj. cya14:03
grusumright clicking on desktop no longer allows change of background - instead brings up KMenu. I did it and now don't remember how. What to do to revert to normal action ??14:38
BluesKajgrusum, dunno , reboot ?14:41
grusumBluesKaj: tried that and have searched and tried all I know to resolve my problem that I created...14:42
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cuqastrange, that gparted doesnt show me any partitions neither14:47
BluesKajcuqa, describe no partitions , what does it show?14:50
cuqait just shows the hard drive, no allocated space or something14:50
cuqaand it displays the total size of the harddisk14:50
BluesKajclick on the hardrive14:50
cuqai did actually. but wait. gonna check it again. cant really describe14:51
BluesKajgrusum, did you lock your scrn or some such, do you recall?14:52
grusumBluesKaj: i edited a setting in some file and now memory of that event is gone. KMenu is fine but would like to change background . . .14:53
BluesKajgrusum, was it a system settings edit ?14:56
grusumBluesKaj: yes, I thought with ubuntu-tweak but might have done it in System Settings ... have searched far and wide ...    :-(14:58
BluesKajgrusum, are you on gnome or kde ?15:00
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grusumBluesKaj: kde 4.6.515:01
wtfmanit just says allocated space15:02
wtfmanwhen I select the harddrive nothing happens15:02
wtfmanrightclick hard drive gives me the possibility to select new or information15:03
BluesKajchoose info , wtfman ...but no ntfs partition listed ?15:05
wtfmanno nothing15:05
BluesKajyofel, we need some kde expertise , right clicking on the desktop oly brings up the kmenu , grusum has this problem , and I have no idea how to help .15:06
BluesKajwtfman, you said there was a windows install on that drive , correct ? If so I wonder if it's bootable...somehow I doubt it 15:08
wtfmanwell, I use it right now :)15:08
BluesKajstrange that gparted doesn't see it as NTFS15:09
BluesKajis this windows partition encrypted by any chance ?15:10
BluesKajgrusum, I see you're listed at #ubuntu+1 as well , maybe you could ask there too15:12
wtfmani ran kubuntu from usb stick, didnt find the partitions at install progress, but it did find them in the KDE15:12
BluesKajwhich windows wtfman ?15:12
wtfmanjust ran it from usb then.. windows 715:12
grusumBluesKaj: thank u for your effort. I wish u well.15:14
BluesKajI'm not real familiar with usb installs ...my pcs are too old to use them15:14
BluesKajI can't boot from usb in other words15:15
wtfmanok tx for ur efforts15:15
wtfmanletting this be for now15:15
wtfmanjust formatted win 7 yesterday. dont rly want to give me that stress agin :)15:15
BluesKajwtfman, formatted w7 ?15:16
BluesKajso there 's no data on the partition15:16
wtfmanthere is of course15:17
wtfmanI reinstalled it15:17
wtfmanformatted C: then installed windows 7 again15:17
BluesKajwtfman, did you try to resize the windows partition to make room for kubuntu , was there an option to resize?15:20
BluesKajno option or no you did't try15:20
wtfmanno option15:20
BluesKajdo you have a cdrom drive or is this a netbook?15:21
wtfmandesktop pc15:21
wtfmanbut prolly nothing to do with the usb drive15:21
wtfmani just found some posts on google with similar issues15:22
BluesKajnever seen this before15:22
BluesKajI still prefer the live cd instll method ...the best one IMO is the alternate install15:23
BluesKajwtfman, can you see the partition in the windows partition editor ?15:26
yofelgrusum, BluesKaj: I fear I'm clueless how that would happen. I would look in some ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* file15:28
BluesKajok yofel thanks15:29
grusumyofel: BluesKaj: thanks for efforts-will continue to search...15:32
BluesKaj~/.kde/share/config/plasma , grusum15:33
BluesKajor ~/.kde/share/config/ then choose plasma15:34
grusumBluesKaj: thanks - headed there now15:34
yofelgrusum: or maybe .kde/share/config/kglobalshortcutsrc15:35
grusumBluesKaj: yofel: SOLUTION FOUND !!! Click the plasma widget config almond in upper right hand corner, go Desktop Settings, go Mouse Actions and change action for R mouse button back to Standard Menu from Application Launcher -- Problem solved, Thanks gentlemen!  \o/15:46
yofelbah, too many settings ^^15:46
yofelkudos for finding that :)15:46
grusumyofel: that is what I used to think when I was a fan of Gnome but I have learned to like KDE after switch to Unity - NOT a fan of Unity15:47
BluesKajgrusum, you're welcopme I think ,but I didn' thinkof that :)15:47
grusumBluesKaj: sometimes just talking helps, gets one to thinking and if nothing else makes one feel like not alone with annoying problem... I still thank you, sir!15:48
BluesKajamyway grusum good to know15:49
grusumBluesKaj: KDE has much more to explore and many more avenues to try different things... gives me something to do to while away my time . . .15:50
BluesKajgrusum, yes ,i'm an old retired guy and and linux has kept me going and given mr a hobby of sorts :)15:52
grusumBluesKaj: I'm 63 and started with Caldera and Corel LInux back in late 90's - took till about 2003 to break free and use ONLY linux.  Have been using various distros since then. settled on Kubuntu and Xubuntu for netbook.15:57
grusumBluesKaj: got lunch call - thanks and hope u have a nice weekend, old man. <grin>15:59
BluesKajright grusum , nice talking with ya ..same to you have a good one16:01
hoverbearHey all, just wanted to say I'm abundantly impressed with kubuntu so far16:49
BluesKajhoverbear, glad to hear that16:50
hoverbearJust need to deal with power issues, I'm all the way up to 20w16:50
grusumhoverbear: it pleases me too - glad to hear your impressed16:51
grusumhoverbear: 20w = ??16:51
hoverbear20w = 2 times more then I should be using, but 5 w of that is my extra gpu I haven't got offlined yet16:52
hoverbeargrusum: This is a laptop that should be able to pull 8 hours of battery16:52
hoverbearRight now I'm sitting at 4.5 :S16:53
grusumhoverbear: I put xubuntu on my lenovo netwook and get over 6 hrs with a 9cell battery - very impressed with it - does all I wanted to do, email and light surfing16:53
hoverbearAwesome :)16:54
hoverbearYeah I'm on a T420 with dual gpus16:54
hoverbearShould be able to power one off and get down to at least 13w16:54
hoverbeargrusum: Have you gotten hdapsd working on your thinkpad yet?16:55
grusumhoverbear: i turn off things I dont use, sound, camera, bluetooth and run brightness way down and it just keeps on going16:56
hoverbearYeah :)16:56
grusumhoverbear: go not use hdapsd so no16:57
grusumgo = do16:57
hoverbeargrusum: Any reason why?16:57
grusumhoverbear: please bear with an old man, "I don't know what it is." is why <grin> I have not needed it to do what I wish to accomplish.16:58
hoverbeargrusum: Oh. Well, if you have a relatively recent thinkpad they are equipped with a accelerometer that you can configure so that when your thinpad experiences undue acceleration (from say, dropping it) the hard disk is automatically parked16:59
hoverbearhttp://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_protect_the_harddisk_through_APS Theres a (complicated) tutorial16:59
hoverbeargrusum: This is what I used to get it working, you can probably skip the source editing step on yours http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175299317:00
grusumhoverbear: HDAPS - IBM Active Protection System Linux Driver using an acceleratomer <sp>... My S10 does not have an acceleratomer so ...17:01
hoverbeargrusum: Ah ok. :)17:01
grusumhoverbear: I replace the hdd with a sdd and still have the faculties to not drop it <grin>17:03
hoverbeargrusum: Good man. :)17:03
hoverbeargrusum: I figured I'd set it up because what the hell right?17:03
grusumhoverbear: absolutely.. that's why people climb mountains, u know?17:04
hoverbeargrusum: :)17:05
hoverbearYay, got my nvidia gpu off17:05
hoverbearDown to 11.6 w17:05
grusumhoverbear: how are u measuring the wattage used?17:06
grusumhoverbear: gone to lookup powertop I am17:07
hoverbeargrusum: sudo apt-get install powertop, unplug your laptop, then run sudo powertop17:08
hoverbearIt'll give you a rundown of whats eatin the most cpu time on your machine, and give suggestions on how to improve it17:08
hoverbearreally nice like app17:08
grusumhoverbear: Thank you! I learned something today... I didn't know abt it.. will install this PM on netbook17:11
hoverbeargrusum: :)17:17
hoverbeargrusum: Other things to make sure you're using include pm-utils, and laptop-mode-tools17:22
grusumhoverbear: thanks - will do.. have a good weekend17:28
hoverbeargrusum: You too17:29
pm2Hello - I just did an upgrade to Natty, and everything worked except nspluginviewer, which is preventing me from upgrading flash player.  When I do apt-get install nspluginviewer, I get a seg fault with "exit status 139".  Here's the output from apt-get: http://pastebin.com/vD0u87Fe17:35
pm2Any ideas on what the problem might be?17:35
hoverbearGetting horrible power consumption with kubuntu18:44
amichairis it possible to have an exfat usb disk behave like other usb disks, i.e. pop up a notification when it is connected, with options to mount, unmount, etc.?18:55
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seawolfamichair http://udev-notify.learnfree.eu/19:14
amichairseawolf: thanks, can u find the documentation anywhere? or do you know from your own experience that it works with exfat and has a mount button available (screenshots don't show any actions, only notification message)?19:21
hoverbearUsing kubuntu my computer won't properly power off from within kde, it just keeps rebooting19:26
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PythonSnakeHi Ddpbf20:21
DdpbfPythonSnake: hi20:21
DdpbfPythonSnake: you asked yesterday how to speed up KDE?20:22
hoverbearDdpbf: I'm also curious, more interested in how to reduce power consumption though, i've notived kde is signifigantly higher on average then ubuntu's unity.20:23
Ddpbfhoverbear: you could regulatte with power devil20:24
DdpbfPythonSnake: alt+f2 and type kdebugdialog20:25
Ddpbfturn it off all20:25
hoverbearDdpbf: I was trying to get it to save my powertop settings.... What's powerdevil?20:25
Ddpbfit is program for regulation of power consumptioin20:25
hoverbearInstalled by default?20:26
DdpbfPythonSnake: kate ~kde/share/config/oxygenrc20:26
Ddpbfhoverbear: yes20:26
hoverbearDdpbf: Would that be the power management settings in the "System Settings" I've been using?20:26
DdpbfPythonSnake: then find line [Windeco]20:28
Ddpbfhoverbear: yes20:28
DdpbfPythonSnake: UseAnimations=false20:28
Ddpbfadd that20:28
Ddpbfand then kwin --replace20:28
Ddpbfand then alt+f2 and thypekwin -replace20:29
DdpbfPythonSnake: you could also try raster20:29
Ddpbfsudo apt-get install kde-config-qt-graphicssystem20:29
PythonSnakethanks it works =]20:30
hoverbearDdpbf: Right, I've got that setup, but I want to have usb suspend and wireless power savings etc to work.... When I use powertop and do settings through it, they don't save past me plugging in my computer again20:30
Ddpbfafther that go in system settings and click on bomb20:30
Ddpbfhoverbear: linux 2.6.38 has some issues with power consumption20:30
Ddpbfyou could tryay newer or older kernel20:31
Ddpbfin natty20:31
hoverbearI mean, they're working, but it seems like the settings are being reversed by kde20:32
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