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trakinascan someone confirm this? try this: add the keyboard led applet to the panel. Activate all 3 indicators (right click - KeyLed settings).03:19
trakinasturn on/off number lock. turn on/off caps lock. see if they will obey your keyboard.03:20
trakinastry turning on/off a few times. here, sometimes the key led does not obey the kb leds.03:20
trakinaswell.... nm! I have to go to sleep. I will look forward it tomorrow. thanks, anyway03:23
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Gyrostarhi everyone15:20
GyrostarI've a question... I'm trying to delete completely windows to work on lubuntu15:21
Gyrostarthere i've 2 partitions in ntfs that i want to format and i was wondering if i should keep them in ntfs or format it in ext415:22
Gyrostarplus i want to increase the size of my linux swap and i was wondering if i should create one linux swap for each partition or just one is enough15:25
apanda_i've just installed lubuntu on an old centrino vaio laptop and it has crashed twice in the first minutes. i think it ran fine from the live cd20:56
apanda_by crashed i mean completely froze20:57
bioterrorrun memtest20:57
apanda_ok, but i dont think its a hw issue, it runs fine with every other os i've tried so far20:58
Unit193apanda_: Do you happen to know your video chipset? Or can you run    lspci |grep VGA   ?20:59
apanda_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)21:00
bioterrorUnit193, close call :D21:01
Unit193bioterror: Short line and it was worth a shot...21:02
bioterrorapanda_, does that computer reply to ping when it freezes?21:02
apanda_i will try that later, if it crashes again. as i will memtest :)21:02
apanda_but i remember the HD was accessed briefly a few seconds after the first freeze, if that helps21:13
bioterrorcheck dmesg21:15
bioterrorif it prompts any errors21:15
bioterroror use disk utility to check possible SMART status21:16
apanda_the only line with "error" i have from dmesg is this: [   36.992513] EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=021:29
bioterrordoes not sound good21:30
apanda_is there something to view smart info in lubuntu? i mean preinstalled21:31
bioterrordisk utility should have that21:33
elroslubuntu has been very stable for me even in oneiric, so perhaps it's a hardware issue21:33
apanda_is disk utility under system tools? i have the german version, it says laufwerksverwaltung, which translates to disk management21:35
bioterrorgive it a shot ;)21:35
apanda_yep i did, but i dont see any smart info there21:35
bioterrorparalimpset or what was it's real application name21:35
apanda_ah now i saw it21:36
apanda_had to scroll to the side21:36
apanda_ok one sector was relocated21:37
apanda_the rest is "good"21:37
bioterrorgo buy yourself a new hdd21:37
bioterrorthat's like a cheating person, if it can cheat once, it can cheat again21:38
elrosit will break soon21:38
elrosyou can get fairly big hdds cheaply21:38
apanda_ok thanks for the advice - but it cant crash twice because of one relocated sector can it?21:38
bioterroryou will have more bad sectors ;)21:39
bioterrorif you have important data, back it up now21:39
apanda_well at least i've made a backup before resizing the ntfs partition21:39
elroswell, it works for now, but 50-80 euros is not that bad for a new hdd21:39
bioterror+1 for that21:40
apanda_i dont think i will buy another hdd for this laptop, its pretty old21:40
apanda_and the wireless is very flaky with anything encrypted21:41
elrosif the hdd gets bad sectors its a sign that it's coming to the end of its life cycle, and it's good to invest a new hard drive21:41
apanda_it ceased to work in windows completely now21:41
apanda_yep i know21:41
apanda_i wanted to wait with buying a new laptop until intel has processors with their new "3d" transistors tho :/21:42
apanda_well maybe i can get a used ssd.. but probably not for this ide bus21:42
elrosthen consider buying a new laptop if you need one, the cheapest ones come in at 200-250e (9-10 inch screens)21:43
bioterrorskip the netbooks ;)21:43
apanda_i would go for something 13".. but those are expensive :/21:43
bioterrorgrab something second hand21:43
bioterrorand wait for the one you really want21:44
elroslubuntu is a good distro for second-hand laptops21:44
bioterrorI mostly use recycled laptops21:44
apanda_ok thanks for the help21:45
Dogwar1984any one know how to get the panel back i did acidently deleted it22:00
elrosone way is to remove the current config files for lxpanel and login again22:04
elrosthen it copies the default configs for you on login22:05
elros~/.config/lxpanel/ is the folder22:05
Dogwar1984oki did work nice thx alot22:13
kristian-aalborgdid Lubuntu get the transparent panel?23:24
kristian-aalborgand congrats on the "official" status coming closer... will there be a party? ;)23:25
Unit193Only if someone has the Vodka....23:26
Unit193And what transparent panel?23:26
kristian-aalborgUnit193, lxpanel23:29
kristian-aalborgseems to be in effect here... picture is from lubuntu.net23:30
Unit193kristian-aalborg: It's works in 11.04 (Just did it in a VM)23:34
kristian-aalborgit's by no means a central feature, but it looks smooth... also helps downplaying that "XP SP1" look23:36
Unit193It's not full transparency, but it works23:36
Unit193If you put windows behind it, you don't see them behind the panel23:37
kristian-aalborgah, ok23:53
kristian-aalborgI'll see when I install23:53
kristian-aalborganyone dual-booting with Win 7? Will the installer "take care" of things automatically?23:57

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