penguin42weird; 'debsums: invalid package name 'binutils' '00:37
Scribbled2xqin - sorry about that - didn't think that error was version specific01:01
Scribbled2xHi - know you all are busy -  http://pastebin.com/tGHKkiNV  < what all does that mean  -- wow they were just coming out with Locale when I stopped using Linux the first time01:07
Scribbled2xI have since run a couple of different commands trying to reconfigure the locale for en_US:en but they are producing exactly the same results01:07
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trijntje_oneiricHi all, I just installed alpha2 but I can't upgrade because that would remove ubuntu-desktop, which is on some kind of blacklist. Does anyone know how I can upgrade?07:32
tsimpsonit's probably just broken while new packages come in and others are updated, welcome to alpha software07:49
alex_mayorgaany use to file another "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in raise()"?08:11
* penguin42 decides to attack unity-panel-service with gdb11:33
penguin42don't suppose you happen to know glib stuff do you BK?11:54
BluesKajglibs ? only that they're the gtk /gnome libraries11:55
penguin42nod, I'm trying to fix in indicator-datetime that's annoying me11:56
BluesKajand if you certain glibs missing then there's trouble11:56
penguin42BluesKaj: Do you have a file called /etc/timezone ?11:57
BluesKajyeah , it has the proper setting ,America/Torornto11:59
penguin42I don't seem to have one - is your box an upgrade or a fresh install?11:59
BluesKajpenguin42, hang I think I have a command for setting that11:59
BluesKajpenguin42, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata12:01
penguin42will look at that in a minute; first I want to see if I can get indicator-datetime to crash less when it's missing12:02
BluesKajmine's an upgrade btw12:02
* penguin42 wonders why I don't have one12:03
penguin42right, with that fixed I have a working Unity again13:30
BluesKajusing nano is a pita , even notepad doesn't work13:33
BluesKajkateis broken i kde13:33
BluesKajso's this damn KB13:34
* penguin42 hands BluesKaj vi13:34
BluesKajdon't need vi , either , both cli apps13:34
astraljavaBluesKaj: I don't understand how nano can be a PITA. It's the world's most intuitive editor. Very limited functionality, yes, but still.14:24
astraljavaBluesKaj: Ahhh... so you're not a fan of CLI? That explains it.14:25
BluesKajoh I am ,but I prefer kate for some functions like accessing text14:26
* yofel checks what kate is stuck on14:26
yofelbah, symbols file inconsistency14:27
BluesKajwell yofel, thanks for small mercies, cuz my other box lacks dolphin access14:29
BluesKajI read the motd , but toolate :(14:31
balachmarHi, I just wanted to test drive ubuntu+1 using virtual box, but I cannot get through the installer. It won't let me type anything into the text boxes...14:44
apshackhi every one ok,ok,i need a software for total security anonimizer under ubuntu .any ideas?14:45
apshackcypher ,tunneling etc..14:45
balachmarapshack: I think you should ask that in #ubuntu14:45
balachmarThis channel is for the development version of ubuntu14:45
balachmarthat is what the +1 in this channel name means14:46
oCeanapshack: you are using 11.10 right14:46
apshackyes i am work with it14:46
KurdistanHey guys and girls how is 11.10 going?14:46
balachmarooh, then never mind :)14:46
Kurdistanthe most important how is unity doing?14:47
Kurdistanstil memory and cpu hungry?14:47
balachmarhowever, I think if it isn't specific for the development version, then maybe you can get better results in #ubuntu14:47
apshackunity have problems with gnome integration14:47
Kurdistanit is not much time left also to lts. so I hope we can get rock solid distro.14:48
Kurdistanlike lucid was and are.14:48
Kurdistanboot time must reduce14:49
apshacklucid is primitive14:49
balachmarKudistan: Lucid was an LTS.14:49
Kurdistanyes so will 12.0414:50
balachmarthat is a little less than a year from now.14:51
balachmarMuch can happen in 6 months14:51
Kurdistanbalachmar, I hope for the better.14:51
Kurdistannatty have got a lot of hate reviews.14:51
balachmaryeah I know, but I must admit I kinda like unity already14:52
balachmarpeople will hate gnome for switching to 3 as well I guess14:52
Kurdistanbalachmar, true, there will always be haters.14:53
apshackthe best OS is Ubuntu server is most potent14:54
balachmarAnd from what I have read, Unity currently is better than Gnome3. However, who knows what will happen in the future14:54
balachmarHowever, does anybody here know why I cannot type in my virtual box installation? (I can't install because I cannot create a user) I am using test drive by the way14:55
DaekdroomThe reviews I read about Unity were mostly "can improve a lot"14:55
balachmarI want to help out squashing bite size bugs, but first need to get something as a development environment.14:56
penguin42balachmar: There are a few bugs of keyboard/mouse not working14:57
apshackthe future is faster boot,solid OS,and super segurity14:57
penguin42balachmar: It doesn't work in X for me in my KVM setup - it works ok in console14:57
balachmarpenguin42: any work arounds? or links to bug reports?14:57
balachmarThat is annoying, I wasn't really planning on going dual boot...14:58
penguin42balachmar: Mine is bug 807306 and there is also bug 807291 that may or may not be related14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 807306 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[oneiric] Keyboard & mouse not working in X" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80730614:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 807291 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Mouse and keyboard unresponsive until re-plugged in" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80729114:58
penguin42no known workarounds yet14:58
* penguin42 must try some more of the suggestions later14:59
balachmarpenguin42 thanks15:02
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gintonicIs it still an option to switch to "Ubuntu classic" in Oneiric?16:14
elrosgintonic: gnome 2 is phasing out in oneiric16:15
elrosa close alternative to gnome 2 in oneiric is xfce16:17
* penguin42 wonders what the xfce guys will do - I think it uses a lot of the gnome libraries16:18
* yofel would think charlie-tca knows more16:19
elrosyup, they have evince / file-roller among others as apps16:19
yofelbut you're right...16:19
elrosan easy way to install it is xubuntu-desktop w/ or w/o recommends16:20
elrosand more support is found at #xubuntu16:20
DaekdroomClassic Gnome is still available in the repos16:33
DaekdroomBut Gnome Panel is no longer customizable.16:33
DaekdroomIt tries to mimic GNOME Shell.16:33
robin0800Daekdroom, that is presumably because it gnome 3 and not 2x16:41
bjsniderbut no one has to use gnome classic anymore. they can use gnome 3 now16:48
bjsniderso there's no problem16:49
DaekdroomThere are people that like neither Gnome Shell or Unity.16:58
* penguin42 actually likes gnome3 less than unity16:59
bjsnideri don't see that "like" has anything to do with it18:33
bjsnidergnome 3 is dead18:33
bjsnidergnome 2 is dead i mean18:33
bjsnideryou must choose between available products, not fictional ones18:33
penguin42bjsnider: Hence I switched to KDE4 on my main machine18:34
bjsniderwell, that's at least a product that exists, not a piece of fiction18:35
bjsniderit's not a good product, but it does exist18:35
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elroskde 3.5 was a good product, and now it's dead21:22
elrosif you want something similar, check gnome 2.32 or xfce, or migrate to kde 4 with all its changes21:23
alex_mayorga"You have some obsolete package versions installed. Please upgrade the following packages and check if the problem still occurs:22:01
yofelapt-get ?22:02
yofelsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:02

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