CheeseheadGreetings - looking for Accessibility Team input on a Brainstorm Idea - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/28241/01:35
CheeseheadI can't tell if the submitter has a support request, or a bug, or a valid idea. I lack knowledge in this area.01:37
CheeseheadIf you have an answer, please leave a comment in the idea, or here. If I'm not online, I will be checking the IRC logs.02:16
CheeseheadThanks in advance for your help!02:17
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Fudgegood idea09:18
giuliahas someone seen Hajour recently ?10:38
phillwgiulia: you have a PM10:42
CheeseheadStill hoping for Accessibility Team member input on a Brainstorm Idea - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/28241/13:44
AlanBellhi Cheesehead 13:46
AlanBellFudge said it was a good idea, I kind of agree13:46
AlanBellyou can do gnome mouse themes, there is some kind of theme inheritance that goes on13:47
CheeseheadAlanBell: Okay, then I'll approve the idea for general voting.13:47
CheeseheadThanks for your input.13:47
Fudgewell described 13:50
CheeseheadIdea approved for voting.13:51
CheeseheadI put a link to the Accessibility Team in a comment.13:51
AlanBellgreat, thanks Cheesehead 13:52
CheeseheadI usually try to refer submitters to the appropriate team. They often don't know.13:52
CheeseheadOK, my work here is done. Thanks again!13:52

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