maverickpiGood evening :D04:49
willwh howdy04:55
KombuchaKipSubset of the Avaneya Crew Handbook now available on www.avaneya.com including recovered images from the Viking Lander.04:55
willwhyah I got yer mail mate :)04:55
willwhhow goes KombuchaKip ?04:55
KombuchaKipwillwh: Nice. Things are good. Excited about how this Avaneya Crew Handbook is coming along. It's at 150 pages now and packed with a lot of information.04:56
willwhvery nice04:57
willwhI just got home from the hospital :)04:57
KombuchaKipwillwh: How's Callum?04:57
KombuchaKipwillwh: Pinch his cheek for me eh?04:57
willwhI did, as instructed, haha04:58
KombuchaKipwillwh: Nice ;)04:58
willwhhe's well.... wriggly tonight04:58
willwhand lots of hiccups :]04:58
KombuchaKipwillwh: haha04:58
willwhI didn't realize how much my world would shrink04:58
willwhhe is about all I can think about atm04:58
KombuchaKipwillwh: Paternal instinct hardwiring.04:59
willwhit's rather awesome... and I hate leaving him there :(04:59
KombuchaKipwillwh: I would do. Hospitals aren't the best places for anyone.04:59
KombuchaKip*would too04:59
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=== AcmeOne is now known as IdleOne
willwhhi guys :)16:34
willwhso I have an xbox kinect hooked up - using openkinect bits16:34
willwhI am thinking there must be a way to use the main camera and mic for video/voice16:34

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