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jsjgruberThanks for being here to help test the new version of Lernid (
jsjgruberJust a reminder, the next three weeks have three intriguing week-long events, starting next Monday with Ubuntu Developer Week. I'll be back for that one myself.00:01
jsjgruberTo start with, you can see which version of Lernid you are running by looking in Help->About window.00:02
jsjgruberAnyone else with us to test lernid?00:04
jsjgruberlet's work on getting it.00:06
jsjgruberIf you don't have the lernid-releases repository in your list, you will have to add it to get the new version. Here's how:00:06
jsjgruberOpen a terminal (CTRL-ALT-T will do that, or, if you are using an older Lernid version, you can use the Terminal tab.)00:06
jsjgruberEnter the following command:00:06
jsjgrubersudo add-apt-repository ppa:lernid-devs/lernid-releases00:06
jsjgruberOnce you have the repository (or if you have had it all along) you can install the new Lernid:00:06
jsjgruberJust enter:00:06
jsjgrubersudo apt-get update00:06
jsjgruberand then:00:06
jsjgrubersudo apt-get install lernid00:06
jsjgruber(you can use the Ubuntu Sofware Center or synaptics to do these things, too)00:07
lyzthis text shouldn't be bold00:08
jsjgruberAs I mentioned before there are just a couple of us here, so please take your time, and please let me know in the chatroom if you have any questions.00:14
jsjgruberthis should change the web page http://yahoo.com00:16
jsjgruberBy the way, one of the first diffences you might have noticed was a line in the connection dialog telling you that it can take a minutes to connect to the classroom. It takes awhile and some people were disconcerted. Most of that time is waiting for the irc servers we use to do their best to identify each of us. Other IRC clients experience a delay starting up, too. A little bit more time may be spent negotiating for an unused nickn00:17
jsjgruberOn the main screen you should be able to see two new items. The Question00:19
jsjgrubercontrol on the bottom right is now a checkbox, and the name of the classroom and chatroom to which you have attached will be displayed with the titles of those two "widgets". There are at least two sets of rooms in wide use -- #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat & #ubuntu-classroom-es and #ubuntu-classroom-chat-es00:19
jsjgruberDid anyone have to drag anything around to see the two IRC "panes" on the bottom. I saw that problem before this release but I hope it's fixed with this release00:20
jsjgruberYou should also have seen an notification come up saying that you were joining the classroom, and if the class was underway you would have seen (first) the introduction to the session underway (this testing session). Finally when you actually connected to the classroom and chatroom you should see a change in the color of the IRC windows at the same time you have seen the number of users pop up over the chatroom. This point in time s00:23
jsjgruberhould be more obvious than with previous versions.00:23
jsjgruberPlease check the checkbox and send a comment.00:28
jsjgruberQUESTION: So... cats or dogs?00:30
jsjgrubercats, but they make me sneeze.00:30
ClassBotpleia3 asked: So... cats or dogs?00:30
jsjgruberNeither, my doctor says they aren't on my diet00:31
ClassBotpleia2lernid asked: Cake or pie?00:32
ClassBottoddc asked: I am so confused00:32
jsjgruberAre you really confused, or was that just an example?00:32
jsjgruberLet's switch to the schedule page, there's something to try.00:34
jsjgruberI'll wait a couple of seconds00:34
jsjgruberIf you had already switched to the schedule, you should have gotten a reminder on the bottom to switch back to the session tab, and the session tab should have highlighted. Do you guys see that?00:37
jsjgrubernow to try something that might not be good. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom00:44
jsjgruberplease try to scross that page once it comes up. It may work ok for todd, me and for one of leia's computers but not for a lucid computer00:44
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.00:50
jsjgruber[slide 2]00:59
jsjgruberIs this in bold, SergioMeneses? It should be in bold for toddc, too if he reconnected after the top of the hour to "All Ubuntu Classroom Sessions" I think I have the name right.01:17
jsjgruber[slide 2]01:22
jsjgruber[slide 2]01:22
jsjgruberhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergioMeneses belongs to SergioMeneses01:24
jsjgruber[slide 3]01:30
jsjgruber[slide 401:32
jsjgruber[slide 4]01:32
jsjgruber[slide 2]01:34
jsjgruberyou should see a slide that says welcome01:34
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.01:40
jsjgruberI'd like to thank you guys for helping me test lernid. I really appreciate it.01:47
pleia2[slide 4]02:15
ClassBotLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/06/06/%23ubuntu-classroom.html02:15
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