paultagcjohnston: yo bro, ping03:30
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cjohnstonpaultag: pong17:02
mhall119AlanBell: make sure you update your clickable maps, the world has a new country today.  Congrats to South Sudan!18:15
AlanBellyes indeed, I had made a note to get that right18:49
czajkowskisoooooooooo full21:46
JanCI wonder how de facto (but for political reasons unrecognized) countries are handled...?22:16
JanC(e.g. Somaliland)22:17
doctormoJanC: Or Palistine?22:41
topylithis is why they removed flags from the gnome keyboard layout applet22:44
topyliand .)22:44
JanCflags were never useful for indicating keyboards  ;)22:45
JanCe.g. there exists no "latin america" flag  ;)22:46
topylii insist on calling my keyboard layout 'finnish'. who cares if it's the same as the swedish one and originally developed for them! :)22:47
JanCI hope they use a hardlink or symlink then, I don't want to waste disk space on such follies!  ;-)22:49
AlanBellI used flags for languages in an application once22:52
AlanBellseemed like a good idea at first22:52
topylii never looked at this properly, but i think red hat basically found it difficult to sell licenses to china when their software included the taiwanese flag (and other similar problems)22:57
topyli(in other countries)22:57
AlanBellI had UK, France, Germany and Japan and they loved their flags22:58
AlanBellthen Spain, so added that flag22:58
AlanBellthen it went to Dallas22:58
AlanBellwhere they speak Spanish22:58
topylioh yes i see your problem :)22:59
AlanBellbut the Mexicans didn't like the Spanish flag, so I changed it22:59
AlanBellthat nearly caused a riot22:59
AlanBellfactory stopped, whole floor meeting, big discussion of the way forward. Puerto Ricans and other South Americans *really* not happy about the mexican flag23:00
AlanBellfinal decision, "please revert to the flag of Spain"23:01
topylibut you never removed flags? :)23:01
AlanBellno, but I never put them in again either :)23:02
topyliright :)23:02
JanCnot to mention what to do with minority languages that have no single country associated with them ;)23:03
topyliit's awkward to put the indian flag on hindi even23:04
AlanBellat the time 日本語 didn't render well on the European desktops23:05
topyliJanC: we also have a dilemma in the irc space about channels like #ubuntu-es23:07
topyliit's much like #ubuntu itself, just spanish. but it's not really associated strongly with the spanish loco afaik23:08
JanCfor support that makes sense23:08
topylinormally, we'd let locos take care of those, but -es is a pretty broad space23:09
topylii think the spanish loco is actually minding it now23:10
JanCin case of -fr & -nl the French & Dutch locos run it, but get help from (people of) other locos that use those languages23:10
JanCso I'm a member of both ubuntu-be & ubuntu-nl  ;)23:11
topyliyeah. fortunately the big languages often have a connection to a big country with a strong loco23:12
topylibtw i didn't mention -es as if it were a problem, just connected to the flag issue :)23:17

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