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bdmurrayAny core devs about?  I seem to have indirectly (of course) broken suspend in oneiric01:59
bdmurrayI've a debdiff that fixes it at http://people.canonical.com/~brian/tmp/toshset_1.76-1ubuntu1.debdiff01:59
bdmurraybryceh: still about?02:01
infinitybdmurray: Is that tested to DTRT?02:02
infinityOh, I'll let bryceh handle it.  Good timing. :P02:02
bdmurrayinfinity: yes, I've installed it and suspended successfully02:03
bdmurraythe backstory is I fixed inhibit in pm-utils and revealed this bug in toshset02:03
infinityHow dare you create bugs while fixing others.02:04
bdmurraybryceh: I just need a debdiff sponsored02:04
brycehbdmurray, ok, is there a bug # to associate with this?02:05
infinitybdmurray: Build-depends seem to imply it's a quiltish package, but your patch isn't in patches/series?02:05
bryceh(or, what was the original bugfix that uncovered this?)02:05
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brycehinfinity, good catch02:05
brycehwait, no it's in series02:05
bdmurraythere was already a patch that created novatel so I just modified it02:05
bdmurrayrather than creating a patch of a patch02:06
infinitybdmurray: Oh, no, you were editing a patch that's already there.02:06
infinitySorry, was one indent level back. ;)02:06
infinityI'll go back to building things out of wood and metal.  It's too late in the week to use my brain.02:07
bdmurraybryceh: I'll forward the patch to debian on monday02:08
brycehbdmurray, ok everything checks out; looks good, uploaded.  I elaborated the changelog entry a bit.02:17
brycehbdmurray, probably don't want to sru that pm-utils fix, at least not right away :-)02:20
bdmurraybryceh: oh heh, probably not the first thing to do ;-)02:24
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Quibushi all10:32
Quibustumbleweed: thanks to your help, openMSX now compiles in thumb2 mode on ARM :-) See http://openmsx.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/openmsx?view=revision&revision=1220210:32
penguin42question for a glib type person - what should an _unref function do - does it just reduce the count and free if necessary?  What happens if hte poin11:49
penguin42what happens if the pointer it is given is NULL?11:49
cjwatsonpenguin42: I don't think you're supposed to implement your own _unref nowadays - you're supposed to set things up such that g_object_unref works, aren't you?12:10
penguin42cjwatson: Thanks, I'm not trying to implement one - I'm trying to fix indicator-datetime that on my machine is passing a bad pointer to unref; it's doing that because the object was never created and currently has a pointer value of 0x1 for it; I was wondering if I just needed to make sure it was NULL or actually check before unref'ing12:12
cjwatsong_object_unref will just do nothing if passed NULL12:12
penguin42ok, good12:12
cjwatsonalthough I don't think that's documented12:12
cjwatsongiven the lack of documentation of that, I think I would be inclined to check explicitly12:13
* penguin42 has been having unity-panel-services crashing at startup for the last couple of weeks; turns out that for some reason I don't have an /etc/timezone and indicator-timezone segs if it's missing12:14
* lamont tries to understand what on earth the sound controls icon in the panel is supposed to be12:38
penguin42right, added patch to bug 804754 - now time for breakfast :-)12:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 804754 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_date_time_unref()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80475412:38
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penguin42ok, now where the heck did lp put the old builds of packages16:41
penguin42ah there16:42
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anli__Can I put suggestions in here?19:51
anli__Ok, I try, what I really miss in gnome is a open or save dialog where you can also delete files19:53
anli__So when an open dialog for instance pops up, you can mark a file and press delete, then you can cancel the open dialog if you want19:53
penguin42anli__: You can open a bug which will be a wishlist item19:53
penguin42anli__: You could do that on launchpad or on Gnome's bug tracker; you might also want to suggest it on the ayatana mailing list that's about UI design19:54
anli__trying that19:54
anli__If it is not cumbersome19:54
anli__It should not be, then I give up19:54
penguin42anli__: Shouldn't be too bad19:54
anli__I prefer to open a bug rather than being on a mailing list...19:55
anli__What I hate with those bugzillas is that you have to create an account to file a bug19:56
anli__Its not commitment free so to say19:56
penguin42anli__: You need a >little< commitment to get an idea through - not much!19:56
anli__But what about no commitment :)20:00
anli__Is there a finesse requiring me to create a username or password just to file a bug20:00
anli__There are a lot of places around the internet where the user is required to create an account even if the user really doesnt know what to protect20:01
anli__enhancement request commited20:06
penguin42anli__: Thanks - it means that someone can come back to you and ask you whether they understand your idea correctly, or if they reject the idea you can ask them why20:06
anli__Hm, must report some bugs, I hate the volume slider20:07
anli__It slides above the level that I point to with the mouse20:07
anli__Maximizing the volume without me wanting it :)20:08
anli__hm, indicator applet is not on the list20:08
ScottKcjwatson: We've got a significant part of the way through getting KDE 4.7 into the archive.  It involved a lot of package renames, so we've kubuntu-dev who can't upload the new packages since they aren't in the packageset.  What's the best way to get that resolved?  Wait and you'll get to it?  Ping you to update the packagesets?  Put together a list and give it to you?21:24
cjwatsonif they're in the relevant seeds, it's probably just a matter of me running a script21:25
cjwatsonwhich I've just done21:25
cjwatsonhappy to be pinged to do that21:26
cjwatsonif there are others beyond that, give me a list21:28
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.  There are some like kde-workspace that are renames (of kdebase-workspace).  Will the script pick them up after the obsolete source is removed?21:28
ScottKThere are others, so I'll get you a list.21:28
cjwatsonI expect if you've split up anything that I previously had an exception for (http://paste.ubuntu.com/640963/) then I'll need to adjust the exceptions list manually21:28
ScottKYes.  Some of those are affected.21:29
ScottKWill get you a list.21:29
cjwatsonwaiting for me to get to it is probably in general not a good plan here :-)21:29
infinityWhere does this packagesettery business live?  I'm happy to be a redundant Colin after poking at it and being sure I know what's going on under the hood.21:31
ScottKUnfortunatley since there is no redundant Colin at the moment he's the only one that can answer most of that.21:31
cjwatsonin this particular case it unfortunately lives in ~cjwatson in various places21:32
infinitycjwatson: Smooth. ;)21:32
cjwatsonI *really* need to remove the SPOF in this case21:32
cjwatson(and actually, ideally hand it over to somebody else to drive on a regular basis since it needs to be improved in ways I don't have the time to do)21:32
infinitycjwatson: I see some in ~cjwatson on cocoplum.  By "various places", how many do you mean? :)21:32
cjwatsonI think most of it is there21:32
infinitySuch confidence.21:33
cjwatsonpoke me about it during the week and I'll try to get it shifted into ~lp_archive and public bzr21:33
* infinity nods.21:33
infinityThe latter would be good for folks like Scott.21:33
cjwatsoneven though the code is frankly embarrassing21:33
infinityWell, and the former just for redundancy across a team being able to drive it.21:33
infinityEmbarrassing is no excuse to not release.21:33
infinityIf it was, none of my code would EVER be public.21:34
cjwatsonthere's a cron job, that part should live in a team dir21:34

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