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topyliIRCC meeting now? or is my calendar confused?10:01
tsimpson1 hour10:02
topyliah ok10:02
StevenRtsimpson: the fridge calendar suggests it's now10:16
tsimpsonit's wrong, 11:00 UTC is the meeting10:17
topyliok, i suppose it's now time for the IRCC meeting11:02
topylimy network is a bit flakey, but if i disappear it won't be worse than a minute or so11:02
LjLi am here! are you happy?11:04
topylii would prefer if the actual IRCC were here too, but this isn't bad as it is :)11:05
topylijussi: elky tsimpson? i see nhandler is away11:06
topylialright. please ping me if you get around11:08
LjLtopyli: appoint yourself dictator for this meeting and proceed11:08
topylihmm sounds like a plan. who votes against? :)11:11
LjLwell i have to vote against, it's my nature11:12
topylioh yeah, shouldn't have given you the chance11:12
LjLtopyli: what do you think about pointing out in the op application documents that if you've been banned "recently" (for some definition of recent), the chances of being an op are low, unless the council decides to make an exception?11:19
topyliLjL: i'm not sure, it's one of those things that we can either document or just rely on the so-called 'common sense'11:21
topylii'm not particularly fond of documenting and bureaucratizing stuff, even though i often come off as sounding otherwise11:21
topylialso, we don't currently suffer from huge amounts of ridiculous or malicious op applicants. there are a few, but it's not a big job to weed them out11:25
topyliif you want, you can put it on agenda of course, for second opinions11:27
jussibah, my google says meeting is now?11:57
jussitopyli: ?11:58
LjLtopyli: well, i'm just thinking that in this case it might be a facilitation rather than a bureaucratic hindrance, so that people don't waste their time applying when they realistically have no chance12:04
ikoniait's my fault - I was moaning about this12:05
ikoniaI just wish we'd use a little more reasonable approach, eg: the user python wanted to apply - it is pointless to make him go through the application process as he's not grasped any of the nature of the hcannels12:06
ikoniarather than give him that feedback, we just point him to blindly apply and sit in no-mans land for 6 months12:06
ikoniaI'd just like to see a little less pointing at procedure, and actually use common sense12:06
ikoniait's my fault this has re-appeared,12:07
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