tgm4883Just an update, 0.25 will not be released in time for 11.1002:19
tgm4883Technophil1, that was NOT released, so it will still be 0.24 that is included02:40
Technophil1Woops, sorry I missed the "not"!02:40
Technophil1Something about psychological expectations getting in the way....02:40
dewmanAll i heard was something about the 30 day freeze....I thought that hell would take longer to freeze then 30 days... ;)02:49
Zinndewman: Please watch your language.02:49
petethepirateIs there an easy way to update a i386 install to a amd64?15:17
=== petethepirate_ is now known as petethepirate
=== petethepirate_ is now known as petethepirate
tgm4883petethepirate, going from one architecture to another requires a reinstall17:51
tgm4883no way around it17:51
petethepiratetgm4883: thanks.17:58
quentusrexAnyone know if changing the channel number from the mythweb ui will cause the channel to be unwatchable?22:34
tgm4883quentusrex, I don't know why it would23:50

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