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pleia2so, I have a lot of planet posts to get through to flesh out the google doc03:35
pleia2hopefully my internet will stop being horrible (comcast is sending out a second tech tonight)03:36
pleia2otherwise I'll do some coffee shop hopping tomorrow ;)03:36
pleia2there are 5 starbucks' in the 2 block radius, plus independent shops, if I order a small thing in each one...03:37
nhandlerI'll update the non-article sections04:12
pleia2thanks, you can try out my new security script :)04:17
nhandlerpleia2: I already did ;) I still want to improve them a bit. I had to manually go through the list to find the ones for the past week.04:32
* NRWlion waves into the round14:36
NRWlionany1 there?19:24
pleia2ok, populating the doc with some new planet stuff now21:15
pleia2pulled brainstorm and ask ubuntu stuff from last week, we can fill that in again tomorrow21:33
pleia2we'll need the "ubuntu stats" there for now so tomorrow we can update with +/- "since last issue"21:33
pleia2or since last week21:33
pleia2"In other news" seems to be all generic "linux" news, how do we feel about that?22:01
holsteinpleia2: i put some in like that22:02
holsteinsome things i thought were relavant22:02
holsteinunless you wiped it all22:02
* holstein looking22:02
pleia2didn't wipe anything :)22:02
pleia2just added22:02
pleia2anyway, everything I liked from planet is now there22:03
pleia2need summaries :)22:03
holsteinyeah... i was just trying to find things22:03
holsteinblow those out as you see fit22:03
pleia2oh, I did delete the link to the FCM podcast (we covered it last issue)22:03
holsteini was grabbing and summarizing as i went over the weekend22:04
pleia2I'm going to wander off and work on other things, tomorrow morning I'll check back on how we're doing summary-wise, and maybe see if I can find some more news articles22:12
pleia2we're looking good though22:12

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