bazhangany clue what kierge just asked?00:07
bazhangset permissions without sudo. sounds like thats not going to happen00:09
bazhangArch_NME, hi00:09
bazhangArch_NME, how can we help you today00:09
Arch_NMElol, guess00:10
Arch_NMEor wait you probably don't remember me sorry00:10
Arch_NMEI forgot I was going under another nick the other day00:10
Arch_NMEanyway, I'd just like to be unbanned from the main #ubuntu channel00:11
bazhangwhat nick00:11
Arch_NMEjust doug I think00:11
Arch_NMEbanned for asking about new zealand, that guy, that's me00:12
bazhangthen went off in the -offtopic channel, right?00:13
Arch_NMEI don't know about went off00:13
Arch_NMEbut yeah I hung around there and was a dick to people for a while00:13
bazhangthat would be what I meant00:13
Arch_NMEyeah, I was told 48 hours00:14
bazhangArch_NME, never saw any support issues from you , what's the need to get back into #ubuntu00:14
bazhangyou were just asking about NZ the whole time, and giving people a hard time00:15
Arch_NMEjsut for asking support questions00:15
rwwWait, when did you get banned?00:15
Arch_NMEidk, a while back like two or three weeks ago00:15
rwwoh, okay. never mind :)00:15
* rww thought you meant a couple of days ago and was confused00:15
Arch_NMEno I asked to be unbanned a couple of days ago00:16
Arch_NMEand was told by idleone wait 48 more hours00:16
Arch_NMEbazhang, you not sastisfied with that answer would you like the specific question I have on my mind to day00:17
bazhangArch_NME, I just recall when you first came here to be unbanned you were quite abrasive, then when refused, went to -ot channel and continued til a multitude of people had to warn you to stop. How can we be certain you wont immediately start that if allowed back into #ubuntu ?00:18
Arch_NMEbazhang, umm, if I do you can jsut ban me again you know, the channel is moderated and it's only a mouse click away00:19
Arch_NMEbazhang, I would remind you that I was banned for a relatively minor offensive originally00:19
Arch_NMEit's not like I was going in the channel trolling or being an asshole00:20
Arch_NMEI asked a simple question that was off topic00:20
Arch_NMEthen I did it again after beign warned not to00:20
bazhangArch_NME, thats not what the logs say.00:20
Arch_NMEyes it is00:21
Arch_NMEthat's eactly what the log says we have been over this whole thing00:21
bazhangArch_NME, okay. well not comfortable with unbanning you at this point in time.00:21
Arch_NMEyou said jsut wait 48 hours00:21
bazhangyep. and then come back here to discuss.00:21
Arch_NMEwhy are you being like this isn't it a little much00:22
bazhang!guidelines | Arch_NME please have a read again00:22
ubottuArch_NME please have a read again: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:22
Arch_NMEI already read it00:22
bazhang!coc | Arch_NME and this too please00:22
ubottuArch_NME and this too please: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct00:22
Arch_NMEwhat do you think I don't know?00:22
bazhangArch_NME, your current attitude does not lend much confidence that you would be amenable to moderation in the main channel.00:23
Arch_NMEyou reap what you sow00:23
Arch_NMEI came in here and nicely asked to be unbanned00:23
Arch_NMEyou refused00:24
Arch_NMEyou expect me to be nice to you after that?00:24
bazhangArch_NME, if there is nothing else at this time, please part the channel00:24
Arch_NMEnothign else?00:24
Arch_NMEexcuse me?00:24
bazhangArch_NME, let me be 100% clear00:25
Arch_NMEwhy are you cutting me off in th middle of a conversasion00:25
bazhangArch_NME, you will NOT be unbanned at this time.00:25
Arch_NMEthat would be nice00:25
Arch_NMEand the reason being?00:25
bazhangas such, there is really nothing left to discuss.00:26
Arch_NMEI have not groveled enough?00:26
Arch_NMEyes, I need to know what to do to sastisfy you master00:26
bazhangas per the /topic please don't idle here. thanks very much.00:26
Arch_NMEI'm not idling I'm discyussing an issue00:26
Arch_NMEyou like an immatturechild seem to jsut want to refuse to talk about it00:26
bazhangArch_NME, what is left to say. Please tell me.00:27
Arch_NMEI jsut did00:27
Arch_NMEwhat do you need to be sastified?00:27
bazhangsomeone who does not immediately start calling names and making threats would be a good start.00:27
bazhangthere is no unban *on demand*00:28
Arch_NMEwhat ability to I have to threaten you let alone even make a threat00:28
bazhangyou reap what you sow seemed threatening.00:28
Arch_NMEthat was an answer to your question you asked just before00:29
Arch_NMEit might that people were rude to me and I was rude back00:29
Arch_NMEsorry if that confused you but it was not a threat00:29
bazhangArch_NME, please. this is not a debate. You will not be unbanned at this point in time.00:29
bazhangyes, that's fine.00:30
Arch_NMEso it's not an automatic ask to be unbanned channel00:30
Arch_NMEand it's not a debate00:30
Arch_NMEhwo are things supposed to work exactly because I'm confused00:30
bazhangArch_NME, we ask people to discuss why they were banned before removal of said bans.00:31
Arch_NMEokay... and is that not what we are doing here?00:31
bazhangit's a very large channel, and moderating it so everyone can use this shared resource is of paramount concern.00:32
bazhangas such, making sure people understand the channel guidelines is a very big issue.00:32
Arch_NMEif someone else hasan issue at this time I'll step saide until later00:32
Arch_NMEwhat do you think I don't understand about the general guidelines?00:33
bazhangwhy you were banned, first of all.00:33
Arch_NMEIknow exactly was I was banned00:33
bazhangfor repeatedly ignoring others asking you to stay on topic.00:34
Arch_NMEI'm not phrasing a certain way to make you policies sound ridiculous00:34
Arch_NMEthat's correct00:34
Arch_NMEwhy would you think I didn't know that00:34
bazhangwhen that became an issue, ie, you became unpleasant to them, you were removed and banned.00:35
bazhang#ubuntu-nz is where you would find people from New Zealand.00:35
Arch_NMEas we discussed the other day I went there and it was empty at the time00:36
Arch_NMEalso as we discussed the other day I don't care anymore about finding anyone from NZ00:36
bazhangthere are 18 users there currently00:36
Arch_NMEalso, as we discussed the other day and today I realize that the channel is jsut for ubuntu support realted question ONLY00:37
bazhangso #ubuntu-offtopic or use alis to search for -nz channels00:37
Arch_NMEas I stated I'm not concerned with new zealand or that channel at thistimeand I know how to search but thatnk you for trying to be helpful00:37
Arch_NMEbut we are getting off the current topic00:38
bazhangif you are only just realizing *today* that #ubuntu is support only, I suggest you re-read the code of conduct and guidelines yet again.00:39
Arch_NMEanyway... so you understand that I understand the first point about only asking ubuntu support related question yes?00:39
Arch_NMEI am not only jsut realizing that today I knew that all along00:39
Arch_NMEI knew it before I made the offense00:39
Arch_NMEI knew it whenI came it here and said that what I had done wrong and when I came in here today and said it again00:40
Arch_NMEis that the issue that you honestly think I don't know that?00:40
bazhangArch_NME, well, the issue is unchanged. you wont be unbanned at this point in time.00:41
Arch_NMEunchanged from what?00:41
Arch_NMEand whywon't I be unbanned at this time?00:41
bazhangfrom what was said some 20 minutes ago. about not being unbanned00:41
Arch_NMEare there reasons behind your decision?00:42
bazhangthat has been made amply clear, I won't rehash it.00:42
Arch_NMEso that's a eys there are reasons00:42
Arch_NMEyou state you reason is I don't know why I was banned00:42
IdleOneWe believe you when you say you know the rules and that you understand why you were banned. The issue is we don't believe you care or that you will follow the rules. IMO00:43
bazhangArch_NME, the discussion has come to an end. you were repeatedly offtopic and unpleasant to those asking you to stop in #ubuntu .00:43
Arch_NMEIdleOne, now what makes you say that?00:43
bazhangIdleOne, I got this00:43
IdleOnesure thing.00:43
Arch_NMEokay and so I'm banned forever then bazhang?00:44
bazhangArch_NME, there are rarely perma-bans.00:44
Arch_NMEcus jsut say so and I'll stop bothering00:44
Arch_NMEwill is this one or is it not?00:44
bazhangArch_NME, just to give a hint, bit of advice, if you are so amenable00:44
Arch_NMEare we playign a game?00:45
bazhanghow to proceed in future00:45
Arch_NMEthat is the direct question I asked you00:45
Arch_NMEso yes, I'm interested int he answer00:45
bazhangnope, no game. just a bit of advice if you wish to hear it.00:45
Arch_NMEyeah, go ahead00:46
bazhang#ubuntu is a shared resource.00:48
bazhangbeing on topic is of paramount importance, thus the existence of the offtopic channel00:48
Arch_NMEI actually do understand that00:48
bazhangthats good.00:49
Arch_NMEit's a very busy channel and is barely legible when it's on topic00:49
Arch_NMEI've stated that I understand this00:49
bazhangand being helpful and pleasant to others is of significant importance as well.00:49
Arch_NMEI've also stated that I will not get off topic in the future00:50
Arch_NMEI'm normally very helpful and pleasant00:50
bazhangArch_NME, just a moment please00:50
bazhangos2mac, hi00:51
Arch_NMEanyway... as I stated before you know it's petty easy to just ban me again00:51
Arch_NMEa few mouse clicks should the need arise00:52
bazhanglets revisit this again in 24 hours.00:52
Arch_NMEwe've drug this discussion about this incident out over several hours on two seperate days00:52
Arch_NMEisn't enough enoguh00:52
bazhangso please rejoin in 24 hours time, and we can go forward from there.00:53
Arch_NMEwhat will be different in 24 hours time00:53
Arch_NMEwill you have put me in my place by then00:53
Arch_NMEwill I have learned to bow and grovel properly before you mighty one00:54
Arch_NMElets not make this a personal thing00:54
Arch_NMEsorry for breaking the rules I'll follow them in the future00:54
Arch_NMEif I don't it's hardly a chore to rememdy the situation00:54
Arch_NMEagain it's not like I came in purposefully trolling or making trouble00:55
Arch_NMEjust asked an offtopic question as I was desperateat the time to talk to someone from NZ00:55
bazhangArch_NME, then waiting for 24 hours is not a big issue.00:55
Arch_NMEwhich I do understand is bad00:55
Arch_NMEas I have said00:55
Arch_NMEwhat will 24 hours bring though?00:56
bazhangdepends on you.00:56
Arch_NMEare we going to go through this whole charade again00:56
Arch_NMEI'm not going to change00:56
Arch_NMEI promise you00:56
bazhanghopefully not.00:56
Arch_NMEI don't think I'm being such an unreasonable person right nwo though00:56
knomei don't think bazhang is being unreasonable either00:56
Arch_NMEnot totally no00:57
Arch_NMEbut somewhat yes00:57
bazhangArch_NME, well, there is really nothing else to say at this time. please re-visit in 24 hrs time00:57
knomeplease stop the senseless debate please00:57
Arch_NMEit won't be anymore sensible tommrow00:57
Arch_NMElets jstu get it over with for good now00:57
bazhangArch_NME, please part the channel.00:58
Arch_NMEmakea decision one way or the other00:58
Arch_NMEbanned forever or unban now00:58
Arch_NMEis that so much to ask00:58
Arch_NMEI'd like to to make a decision first please00:58
Arch_NMEI'll take it fine and go either way00:59
Arch_NMEno hard feelings00:59
bazhangArch_NME, not at this time.01:00
Arch_NMEjust stop the games though and say one way or the other so this can be done with01:00
Arch_NMEthat's very immature of you bazhang, really01:00
Arch_NMEthere is no need to make this personal01:00
knomeArch_NME, please leave the channel01:00
Arch_NMEand put you ego into it01:00
Arch_NMEbanned forever then is that you final answer?01:01
knomeIdleOne, thanks01:01
bazhangthanks IdleOne01:02
IdleOnedon't thank me. I was hoping he would get the clue and part instead he insisted on digging deeper01:02
knomebazhang, and sorry for interrupting :)01:03
bazhangknome, I appreciate the help :)01:03
knomenp :)01:03
knomewhen the discussion starts to be in the hour scale and it's pretty much yes-no-yes-no, it's become way too far already...01:04
bazhangknome, you know about -ops-team channel , right?01:04
knomebazhang, ermm, i suppose i do. i'm op in #xubuntu and #xubuntu-devel only, though01:05
bazhangknome, heh ok01:05
knomejust chiming in the discussions only when it starts to be totally senseless/not leading anywhere01:06
knomeif that's discouraged, i might as well stop that :)01:06
bazhangunity can be uninstalled?01:35
rwwyes, if you're okay with removing ubuntu-desktop metapackage (see also !ubuntu-desktop)01:36
bazhang* [ParadigmUltra] (~kvirc@6532216hfc242.tampabay.res.rr.com): Paradigm01:39
bazhangterminal_ perhaps?01:39
rwwhow are they linked?01:40
bazhang<ParadigmUltra> !sdrawkcab gnipyt m'I nosaer emos roF ,mU01:41
rwwoh, they're both silly people with keyboard "issues"01:41
bazhangwhich went away immediately01:41
* rww shrugs01:41
IdleOneis it bad I can read that?01:41
rwwno, I can too01:41
ladder99chanserv i have a problem04:45
rwwladder99: hello. I take it you're hear about your inability to talk in #ubuntu?04:46
rwwwow. here **04:46
ladder99i am new to linux know a little unix04:47
rwwalrighty. one second and I'll look into it and see what's going on04:47
ladder99i did nothing wrong i believe04:47
ladder99i am here to explore and learn04:48
rwwAlrighty. It appears that you were quieted because you were talking about things in #ubuntu that aren't on-topic for there.04:50
ladder99so i am banned04:50
rww#ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support and nothing else, and we enforce that rule rather strictly because so many people need technical support and things get confusing otherwise. Does that make sense?04:50
ladder99for trying to learn and be friendly04:51
rwwYou're quieted, but I'm going to let you talk again if you're okay with what I'm saying.04:51
ladder99im trying to translate unix into linux04:51
ladder99i have found the forum helpful04:52
rwwladder99: Please work with me here. #ubuntu is strictly for Ubuntu technical support. If you're okay with only using it for Ubuntu technical support, I will remove your block in there.04:52
ladder99i will look at the protocol and conduct myself accordingly04:53
ladder99thank you04:53
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:54
rwwThere's the link, in case you don't already have it. I'll remove the quiet now; please be aware that if you start talking about things other than Ubuntu technical support again, it will be reapplied.04:54
ladder99im just a novice sorry04:55
rwwWe've all been there, and I know #ubuntu and our rules can be a bit confusing and overwhelming :)04:55
ladder99well hope to make friends and discuss linux a great opeating system04:56
rww#ubuntu-offtopic may be a good place for that. It's for chit chat instead of support :)04:56
ladder99i will try to take chit chat to PM04:56
rwwAnyways, you should be able to talk again in #ubuntu. Please only use it for Ubuntu technical support, and feel free to come back here if you have any questions.04:56
rwwquestions about channel rules **04:57
ladder99that made me feel like dirt04:57
ladder99being muted04:57
rwwAs I understand it, bazhang attempted to contact you about it in PM at the time. It's unfortunate that it couldn't be sorted out at the time.04:58
rwwWe don't like setting mutes either, to be honest. Much better to just get things back on track :)04:58
ladder99rww how do ignore the sign on and quit05:05
rwwladder99: you're on xchat?05:05
ubottuTo disable joins and parts from being displayed in all future channels you join, type /set irc_conf_mode 1 . To apply this setting to all current channels, type /gui apply. To disable the prints for only certain channels, right click on the channel tab and click Settings -> Hide Join/Part Messages05:06
ladder99do this in terminal05:06
rwwno, do it in the box you're typing in right now :)05:06
ladder99no i see right click on the group05:08
ladder99rww how long have you been studying linux05:11
rwwladder99: over a decade05:11
ladder99according to the code of conduct do i PM you05:12
rwwNo thanks. I don't do PM very often :(05:12
ladder99i have questions about the firewall05:12
rwwI don't do support in PM, sorry.05:13
ladder99and how backslash and piping translate from unix05:13
ladder99okay nevermind just trying to learn05:16
=== IdleOne is now known as AcmeOne
=== AcmeOne is now known as IdleOne
ubottuSomeguy2 called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()06:22
rwwPMing user about this ^06:23
aabbccdwe Cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned)06:26
Flannelaabbccdwe: Let me take a look.06:27
FlannelAlright, aabbccdwe, please try joining again.06:29
aabbccdwewhat is Special in this channel?06:31
Flannelaabbccdwe: in which channel?06:31
Flannel#ubuntu is for support, #ubuntu-offtopic is for chatting06:32
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
bazhang<ledjo> can CLI use windows wlan drivers?  <-- does that make sense? ndiswrapper?08:47
tsimpsonI guess so08:48
ikoniaoCean: bought a laptop from the source goodwill ?10:10
oCeanhow could he know this? hehe10:10
ikoniawhat is the source goodwill ?10:11
oCeanI think he means goodwill retail (charity)10:12
oCeangoods (sometimes 2nd hand etc) are donated to goodwill, then sold for a small price10:13
ikoniayeah, that makes sense10:13
bazhangperhaps time to reinstate : this is not a support channel in -ot topic10:17
ikoniapeople have stupid /part messages12:40
ikoniawhat idiot really thinks that12:40
ikoniaWindows is just a more buggy version of Mac OS X]12:40
gartrali have a suggestion for floodbot: add a 10~second wait between the flood warning and a kick, that way users can actually read the warning before they get dropped, as an example ubuntufreak21 just got kicked for flooding, but probably didn't have a chance too read the warning... some IRC apps tend too close the channel on a kick/ban13:17
gartraland perhaps PM the offending user instead of posting in channel, that way it's there for a while and can "sink in"13:18
ikoniahe wasn't kicked13:19
ikoniahe was just muted13:19
gartralahh, i was under the impression that floodbots kick a flooding user13:20
ikoniajust muted13:21
gartrali see13:21
ikoniahello os2mac13:21
gartralok, well thank you for clearing that up13:21
ikoniagartral: no sweat13:21
ikoniaos2mac: hello ?13:23
os2macsorry... I need to delete this room from my auto start menu... I don't have an issue13:24
ikoniano problem13:24
ikoniaLjL: I didn't see the language, thank you13:45
oCeanikonia: the mount -o only uses comma separated list of options13:47
ikoniawhat did I tell him to do13:47
ikoniaI'll last it13:47
ikoniaahh, a space13:47
ikoniapeople want / ask such silly things15:47
ikoniathey have no idea why they want to do things, but want to do them15:48
ikoniaoCean: ban him15:56
ikoniakline him15:56
ikoniaexecute him15:56
oCeanwe should15:56
ikoniasomething terrible needs to happen15:57
oCeanikonia: come on, tell him about awk16:01
oCeanall of its possibilities16:01
ikoniaooh, ok, I'll start a fire16:01
rwwbazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic's /topic already states that it isn't a support channel.16:42
ikoniahello rcmaehl16:43
rcmaehlForgot this channel existed16:43
ikoniaoh, well, how can we help ?16:43
rcmaehlI just came here to see if that person would try to appeal his ban.16:44
ikoniawell, it's not a side show, so we don't really allow people to watch discussions like that16:44
rcmaehlI'll leave16:44
ikoniano problem16:44
ikoniathat's just a red rag16:45
MyrttiWHICH BAN17:05
Myrttioh that17:05
ikoniaI'm out for the night the channel is filled with people who can't follow instructions19:04
ikoniaor don't want to but want to keep moaning that it doesn't ork19:04
oCeanseems to be a trend, lately19:18
FlannelI say we just +m the channel and go on vacation for a week.19:24
guntberthi, is blackbuntu supported?21:28
* guntbert doubts it21:28
h00kpretty sure probably not21:29
h00kguntbert: negative21:29
LjLi'm 100% positive it might or might not be supported21:30
guntbertthx h00k21:30
ubottuIn ubottu, onlineamateur said: !touch is <reply> touch simply "touches" a file or if it doesn't exist creates one22:07
ikonia@mark #ubuntu spamming a link across multiple channels on the network22:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:24
ubottuAmpelbein called the ops in #ubuntu (derEwigeJude)22:34
bazhangjust a kick or remove with gateway is needed23:26
IdleOneI didn't bother to whois before banning23:26
rwwhrm, Workrave may help to prevent both RSI and getting mad at users23:36
topyliIdleOne: :)23:36
bazhang<Bipul> like any one can see his face when he open my website  <--- chat roulette?23:45
bazhangyep. thats what he wants23:47
topylii don't think -ot is the place for in-team discussion guys, we have better channels23:56
bazhangthats why I exited.23:57
bazhangnothing left to say, on my part.23:57
topylii did check the link, there is cursing. true23:58
topylihowever, i don't see how this escalated23:58
bazhangmanage the channel as you see fit.23:59
LjLi honestly find it ridiculous that one can't post links that happen to contain cusswords23:59

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