RinsmasterQuick question: Is there an easy way to make postfix read user:password lines from a passwd file? (but not /etc/passwd)00:01
patdk-laprinsmaster, postfix can't do that00:10
patdk-lapbut you can configure dovecot-auth to00:10
Rinsmasterpatdk-lap, I've got dovecot working, it reads from its own passwd file. But I can't get postfix to read from that too00:10
patdk-lappostfix doesn't do that at all00:11
patdk-lapyou have to configure postfix to use dovecot-auth00:11
patdk-lapthere are examples both on postfix and dovecots website, on how to do so00:11
RoyKiirc sasl can be used for postfix00:11
RinsmasterI'm actually using sasl right now: "smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot" In postfix's config00:13
RinsmasterBut it doesn't seem to work, and I can also not figure out how to debug it00:14
patdk-lapfirst two google hits00:15
RinsmasterI know, I've read through those a few times, but I can't get it working. Thanks anyway :)00:15
patdk-lapthen your going have to post your dovecot -n and postconf -n configs00:15
RinsmasterAlright, I have to go now though, 2:17 AM already -.-00:17
RinsmasterThanks for the help, I'll probably be back soon though00:17
erichammondutlemming: Just read the last server team minutes.  Congrats on the new position.00:25
erichammondutlemming: Are you working with smoser?  The description wasn't clear.00:26
pr0zoid Hey guys i'm running openvpn on an ubuntu server and every few days i have to clear the iptables because i can't hit any sites after i've connect  to the vpn.  i took a dump of the ip tables right before i reset and here is what is there http://pastebin.com/JhQSX79k . I'm not sure how to resolve the problem but someone mentioned removing ufw???00:44
pr0zoidhow do i do that?00:44
pr0zoidbut still have iptables00:44
patdk-lapman, I dunno how people can use firewalls like that anymore00:53
patdk-lapmine are way too complex for that anymore atleast00:54
pr0zoidwith ufw?00:54
pr0zoidi just disabled it00:54
patdk-lapufw is nothing more than almost plain iptables00:54
patdk-lapI find it odd resetting your firewall fixs the issue00:54
patdk-lapmost of my issues with openvpn are dropped routes00:54
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sp00fzanyone can help me with the error when i want to connect on ftpd. It says "421 Service not avalible, remote server has closec connection"01:06
a1faanybody know any service ala dyndns, that runs on your own dns servers?01:07
flybackwhats the program that runs on login01:16
flybackI need to disable that01:16
flybackthe sysinfo type program01:16
flybackcause it hangs for 5-10 mins on this embedded board01:16
flybacknm think I found it01:18
flybackstill can't find it01:35
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lifelessflyback: what does the program do? Have you looked in /etc/init?03:12
flybackit was in update-mod something like that03:14
flybackI just -x all the programs03:14
flybackunder that dir03:14
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linux_newbyi have added the following rule into iptables but nat is still not working iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE08:49
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rurufufussI take it putting ~/bin is dangerous11:03
rurufufusswhat's the proper way to install your own binary to the system?11:03
rurufufuss(that is, so that I can just type its name instead of its absolute path)11:04
rurufufussmy bad, ~/bin was already registered, but only got into #path because It didnt exist11:06
RoyKrurufufuss: ~bin shouldn't be in $PATH by default, but then, there's no harm in doing so11:15
rurufufussis there any way to check outgoing mails in the past hour or so?11:56
rurufufusse.g ones that were invoked using the sendmail command etc11:56
oCeanrurufufuss: try /var/log/mail.info and mail.err12:05
linux_newbyhow can i get ip forwarding to stay enabled after a reboot?12:27
hurpcan ubuntu-server be installed from usb? it's not working for me, using http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/12:29
RoyKhurp: there's a howto on how to copy the iso to a usb stick on the ubuntu download page - no need for other software12:30
hurpwell thing is, i can boot from the usb stick12:30
RoyKlinux_newby: add it to /etc/sysct.conf12:30
hurpbut when i click "install to hard drive" all i get is a *beep* sound12:30
hurpsame if i try to run it from the usb stick12:31
RoyKthen something is fucked up12:31
RoyKtry with a CD if you have an optical drive12:32
RoyKor another usb stick12:32
hurpwell reason i use usb is because it's the only option..12:32
linux_newbyso i just add echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward on a new line in sysct.conf?12:33
RoyKerm ... no12:34
linux_newbyhow would you do it?12:35
RoyKin sysctl.conf (or preferably a new file under /etc/sysctl.d), add net.ipv4.ip_forward = 112:35
RoyKpreferred way is to use a new file under /etc/sysctl.d12:35
RoyKso that an upgrade can update /etc/sysct.conf12:35
RoyKso that an upgrade can update /etc/sysctl.conf12:35
linux_newbyok, what should i call the file?12:36
RoyKdoesn't matter, something descriptive12:36
linux_newbyahh, ok12:36
flybackman what was ubuntu server 10.04LTS compiled with? --with-buttplug?12:41
flybackseems they went with optimizations for newer cpu's that REALLY CRUSH older cpu's12:41
flybacknot so bad for servers and desktops that are too damn old anyways but for embedded gear it's CAUNCKED12:41
flybackCANUCKED even12:41
dob_is there any ipv6 package mirror12:44
stgraberch.archive.ubuntu.com, gb.archive.ubuntu.com, se.archive.ubuntu.com probably some others12:46
jpdsdob_: Of course.12:47
dob_ah just. de.archive.ubuntu.com did not work12:48
dob_what about security.ubuntu.com?12:49
jpdsdob_: Try: http://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/mirrors/ubuntu/12:49
jpdsdob_: No.12:49
RoyKflyback: works for me...12:49
stgrabersecurity is v4 only and it's one of those things that's not mirrored (to avoid delays when pushing a security update)12:49
jpdsstgraber: It is mirrored, all the -security repos are on all the mirrors.12:50
stgraberjpds: Indeed -security is on all mirrors (as it's on archive.u.c) and packages usually get copied to -updates quite quickly to avoid killing security.u.c. I guess what I meant it that on a default install you won't be using a local mirror for security but you'll for everything else.12:52
linux_newbysudo iptables-save > /etc/firewall-rules gives me a permission denied error?12:52
linux_newbyi am running it as sudo with 110% sure password12:53
dob_thank u guys, everything seems to work for me!12:53
dob_changed to ftp.uni-erlangen.de12:53
stgraberI know cjwatson spoke to elmo at the sprint to get AAAA records added to archive.u.c (pointing to one of the mirrors that has bandwidth and v6 connectivity). The same should probably be done for security.u.c as well.12:53
linux_newbyecho 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward gives same permission denied error12:56
hurptried another usb stick same problem RoyK12:56
hurpno way i can check what's actually wrong?12:57
Aisonwhy is mysql so extremly slow on my server?!?  eg. restarting mysql takes minutes. but htop reports cpu usage almost 0%13:10
hurpbtw, i have a windows server i want to change into linux, will my windows (ntfs) partitions, and raids still work under linux?13:16
Aisonhurp, ntfs itself works, but I don't recommend it13:18
hurpwhy not? and how can i fix it13:18
Aisondo you use hardware or software raid?13:18
AisonI mean REAL hardware raid like some adaptec thing13:18
hurpareca 1880 and a sas expander13:19
Aisonwell, I guess this array still works13:19
Aisonbut ntfs should be changed to some linux file system13:19
hurpcan you convert it on the go?13:19
hurpwithout formatting?13:20
Aisonno idea, but I guess not :(13:20
hurpnot like i have 30TB of space available for backup:\13:20
hurpwhat's the cons with ntfs?13:20
hurpany performance issue, or just formal stuff13:21
Aisonwell, all the things with the rights13:21
hurplike permissions?13:21
Aisonthen writing to ntfs with linux maybe cause problems13:21
hurpmy idea was to have 2 seperate hdd's, 1 with my old windows install, another with linux, and being able to swap back and forth with the same file system for storage, sort of like dual boot, with 2 drives13:23
hurpso kind of need the file system to be windows compatible as well13:24
RoyKlinux_newby: add 'sudo' in front of that command13:31
mcahornsiruphi. is there a nice way to display the ip connections for a specific port constantly?13:33
RoyKmcahornsirup: iptraf13:35
mcahornsirupThanks! I hope this works on a vm too...13:38
mcahornsirup@RoyK ... just stumbled over iptstate ... like top for connections...13:50
RoyKmcahornsirup: not really, it's an iptables wrapper, it won't show connections unless iptables is setup to manage them13:52
brixsathello i have a problem with wackamole " Conf_init: My proc id ( is not in con$ Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)" any one able to help?13:59
linux_newbygoodnight... thanks everyone14:01
mcahornsirupok. I understand... I stay with iptraf : )14:03
pr0zoidmy iptables seem to revert back after only a few hours of me making changes... not sure what is modifying them to default.  here is what i need them to stay as http://pastebin.com/09PavYP8 here is what i woke up to this morning http://pastebin.com/jEBMFXL014:43
alamarpr0zoid: check your cronjobs?15:01
RoyKpr0zoid: iptables rules doesn't change unless you reboot15:02
Aisonhurp, does it make sense to switch a server between operating systems?15:12
Aisonhurp, if you need some special things from windows, maybe install windows server on a virtual box?15:13
hurpi want the opportunity to change back if i don't like it to start off with15:14
hurpi first tried installing ubuntu in vbox on the server, but performance was poor so trying with a full isntall15:15
RoyKperformance probably won't be very good with ntfs on linux15:16
RoyKuse ext415:16
RoyKext4 and samba should work fine15:17
hurpi am mounting exsisting volumes dude15:17
hurpi'm not creating new ones15:17
RoyKthen you won't get very good performance15:17
RoyKntfs3g uses fuse, meaning it runs in usermode15:18
RoyKthat adds a few layers of abstraction, and more code to be run for each request15:18
hurpwell i'm sure it'll beat the 15 MB/s i got from vbox15:19
RoyKwell, try15:19
RoyKand monitor the system during testing15:20
hurpyeah i'm trying15:20
RoyKwith 'htop' or even old 'top' or something more fancy ;)15:20
hurpall the space on the partitions are showing up as "unknown" though15:21
RoyKwith what tool?15:21
hurpinstalled gnome and used the disk utility that comes with it15:22
RoyKdo you have ntfs-3g installed?15:22
hurpunless it comes with 11.04 by default, no15:22
RoyKapt-get install ntfs-3g15:23
RoyKand btw, for servers, it's usually recommended to stick to LTS releases, meaning 10.04 for now15:23
hurpyeah but 11.04 had native support for my raid controller15:23
RoyKok, ic15:23
RoyKsimplifies things a bit ;)15:24
pr0zoidalamar: what should i be looking for in the cronjobs?15:24
hurpsure does15:24
RoyKpr0zoid: if you haven't created a cron job that manipulates iptables, then never mind15:24
pr0zoidRoyK: i did reboot but after the reboot i applied the rules i needed a few hours later everything was reverted.. will  check the last reboot time15:24
hurpi already had ntfs-3g15:25
RoyKthen mount -t ntfs /dev/blah /mountpoint15:25
RoyKhurp: make sure you have a backup15:25
hurpbackup of the partition?15:26
RoyKhurp: can you pastebin the contents of /proc/partitions?15:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:26
pr0zoidroyk: uptime is 7 hours.. changes were made 6 hours ago when i applied the new rules.15:26
RoyKpr0zoid: that's strange indeed15:26
RoyKnever seen iptables 'lose' rules15:26
pr0zoidis there a way of logging iptable changes15:27
pr0zoid(getting an audit trail going)15:27
hurpRoyK https://pastee.org/5rkhq15:28
RoyKwhat controller is this?15:30
RoyKlooks like linux sees each drive, not the array as a single disk15:30
hurpareca 188015:31
hurpit sees the full parititons, they show up as 10TB each in the gui utitily15:31
RoyKdo you have three 10TB logical volumes?15:32
hurpno 215:33
hurp+ some smaller15:33
RoyKtry to mount /dev/sdb315:33
RoyKmount -t ntfs /dev/sdb3 /somewhere15:33
hurpno workie15:34
hurpNTFS signature missing15:34
hurpthey are GPT btw15:34
RoyKGPT should be supported, but if those are 'dynamic' volumes, that may be the problem15:35
hurpthey are dynamic yes15:35
pr0zoidroyk: i think my approach has been incorrect15:36
pr0zoidfix issues i've been flush my iptables... but i think this command is only temporary15:36
pr0zoidalways run this fw.stop script -> http://pastebin.com/JkMTJHSE15:38
RoyKhurp: hm... AFAICT that's LDM partitions, and that should be supported15:38
RoyKhurp: why do you want to move this server to Linux?15:39
hurpstability issues with windows15:39
hurpand other stuff15:39
hurpi'll have to do more research on this later, goto run now, if something hits your mind you can always q me, i'll idle here15:41
RoyKhurp: is sde1 also an ntfs partition?15:42
hurpall are15:42
hurpcept for the OS one15:42
RoyKtry to mount sde115:42
hurpoh wiat, i have my OS on that one15:44
hurpso it's already mounted15:44
hurpit's the only one not NTFS15:44
hurpbut i really goto run15:45
RoyKhurp: the thing I don't understand is what those small partitions do15:45
RoyKfor instance15:45
hurpstoring RAID info15:45
RoyKnot likely - the raid controllers stores that on hidden sectors15:46
hurpwell they are hidden in windows15:46
RoyKI have areca controllers in some of my systems, and there are no such partitions there15:46
RoyKI guess Windows might be using them15:46
RoyKwhich windows version is this?15:47
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dob_is the ubuntu dhcp3-server ipv6 compatible?16:00
dob_is there any isc-dhcp v4 package for lucid?16:13
alamarpr0zoid: for things that  reset or modify your iptables?16:22
alamardob_: dhcp server? what about dhcp3-server?16:23
dob_not ipv6 compatible16:23
alamaryou asked forr ipv416:23
dob_alamar: no i asked for isc dhcp version 416:24
dob_and not isc dhcp version 316:24
dob_version 4 is ipv6 compatible16:24
alamarv4 reads to me like you want ipv4. sorry for that16:24
dob_no problem16:25
dob_i found a ppa16:25
dob_and ppa's are not ipv6 compatible YEAH :-(16:25
RoyKdhcp in ipv6? I thought that was covered by SLAAC16:35
pr0zoidalamar: yeah17:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #808053 in amavisd-new (main) "package amavisd-new-postfix 1:2.6.5-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80805317:12
ChmEarlgeany can work in lucid-server via ssh forwarding?17:14
ChmEarlfixed it! added `X11UseLocalHost no` to sshd_config17:36
ChmEarl~/.Xauthority was no longer created when ssh'ing in17:37
RoyKChmEarl: didn't know that was needed - I use X forwarding on most of my servers...17:42
ChmEarlRoyK, geany via ssh threw error: `cannot open display` without it17:43
RoyKstrange - works for me...17:44
ChmEarlRoyK, its broke since june 20... not sure what happened. yes it worked before without that param17:44
RoyKChmEarl: I just tried to ssh into a server that was updated today, ran xeyes (my favourite test app) and it worked well17:45
alamarRoyK: no slaac is not something you always want17:46
alamaralso you previously needed dhcpv6 in addition to slaac to provide a dns server17:46
alamar(rfc 5006 iirc changes this)17:46
RoyKI thought slaac was the preferred one17:46
alamarpreferredis whatever the usecase requires17:47
RoyKwhen would you want dhcp over slaac or the other way around?17:47
alamarRoyK: you want slaac in your homelan for example. you want dhcpv6 prefix delegation to provide your different pops (and the home router that will do the ra) with prefixes17:49
alamarand you want dhcpv6 for everything you want to statically configure17:49
alamaryou don't want different ips for a service if you change the network interface17:49
alamar(like mail or http or whatever)17:49
RoyKfor those I'd use static17:50
alamarstatic is easier managable with dhcp17:50
RoyKthat depends on whoever's the boss - my boss doesn't like that for some reason17:51
alamaryour boss might be an idiot17:51
RoyKbut then - if I only need a few machines on static and the rest dynamic, would slaac be just as good as dhcp?17:51
RoyKmy boss isn't really an idiot, but there are several other idiots in the IT dept and he tries to keep a low profile and not move everything to new ideas at once, something I can understand17:52
RoyKthe elder ones are dying out soon anyway, so we can wait :P17:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #808067 in amavisd-new (main) "package amavisd-new-postfix 1:2.6.5-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80806717:56
alamaralso in hosting environments you don't necessarily want to send out RAs17:56
alamar(and have everybody configure for v6 without them knowing)17:56
RoyKbut again, with non-static dhcp, will that be necessary with slaac?18:02
RoyKtalking about a private LAN with some 200 hosts or so18:02
alamarwill what be neecessary?18:02
RoyKwhat can dynamic DHCP do that SLAAC can't?18:02
alamarprovide dns information? (and other stuff) at least until rfc 5006 will be implemented in both clients and routers18:03
RoyKheh - better try dhcp, then...18:03
RoyKwe got some address blocks at work, and I'm trying to get that stuff implemented18:04
RoyKproblem is the company that setup the checkpoint firewall knows nada about ipv6 and in fact little about checkpoint :(18:04
alamarwho wants firewalls anyway it's all about end to end connectivity again!!!!!!18:06
RoyKupgraded the firewall recently and the consultant installed IDS on all interfaces, including the internal ones, and separated the two address blocks we use internally (one official, the other rfc1918) so that NFS mounts triggered IDS on internal systems18:06
RoyKwith some rather eldritch systems installed, you want a firewall18:07
RoyKwe have an old HP/UX system running, hasn't been patched for years18:07
RoyKsome windows 2000 machines, some win98, a win95 box, some VAX...18:07
RoyKstill solaris 8 in production - not fun18:09
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alamarwell most of those don't speak v6 anyway ;)#18:13
RoyKnah :)18:14
ntoombshey. I dan't ping google.com18:52
qman__can you ping
qman__how about yahoo.com?18:53
qman__or ubuntu.com18:53
qman__sounds like DNS is failing then18:53
smwntoombs, can you resolve google.com?18:53
smwntoombs, dig google.com18:53
qman__try dig google.com18:53
ntoombsqman__: you were helping me with network problems like  2 weeks ago18:54
ntoombsand nope dig google.com doesn't work either18:54
ntoombsand ping times out with unknow host or something like that18:54
smwntoombs, that is a dns problem18:54
alamardo you have a dns server configured?18:54
alamarcheck yourb resolv.conf18:55
ntoombsmy gateway is and my nameserver is
alamarwell it seems your nameserver does not resolve names correctly18:55
RoyKntoombs: try nameserver
ntoombsRoyK: That fixed it thanks18:56
alamaris a public recursor?18:56
smwalamar, run by google :-)18:57
alamaryes i know but i didnt know it was a public recursor18:57
smwalamar, who else could afford such a great ip? :-)18:57
ntoombsthat's the dns1 server for my isp18:57
alamarjust thought authoratative for google domain or something likethat18:57
alamargood to know18:58
uvirtbotNew bug: #808090 in mcollective (universe) "mcollective dependencies and other misc things" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80809019:07
b0nghittris it a bad idea to install 11.04 on a production server? if so, why? thanks19:57
jpdsb0nghittr: You can if you want.19:59
jpdsb0nghittr: It just won't be supported as long as an LTS release will be.19:59
b0nghittrok, cool ty20:01
jpdsIt's all about choice.20:02
b0nghittrfrom a security standpoint, would 11 be safe?20:02
jpdsYes, it will receive security updates.20:03
b0nghittrawesome. i hope there are PPA repos for 11.04 soon, i could really use FreeNX :p20:04
jpdsWell, PPAs aren't officially supported by Ubuntu, so you use them at your own risk.20:04
ikoniahaving a server with an OS life span of 18 months is a terrible idea in my view20:05
jpdsikonia: 'tis a long time.20:05
ikoniaadding unsupported software to it makes it worse20:05
ikonia18 months is the blink of an eye20:05
jpdsI guess time is relative.20:05
b0nghittrikonia: yeah, i plan to stay on top of it though20:05
ikoniab0nghittr: on top of it ?20:06
ikoniawhat's your plan for when support ends and all the security updates stop20:06
ikoniain 1 years time20:06
b0nghittri figure there will be another release by then20:06
ikoniaand your sure you'll be able to upgrade more so using PPA's ?20:07
b0nghittrgood point20:08
alamarjpds: 18 months is nothing20:12
jpdsalamar: It's 18 months.20:12
alamarenterprise distributions (rhel / sles) normally have support times between 5 and 7 years20:12
ikonia8 years for rhel20:12
alamarhoping every 18 months that everything still works after an upgrade and doing immediate fixes etc. really sucks20:12
ikoniadepends on the role of the server though20:13
ikoniabedroom server - who cares,20:13
ikoniaproduction database server.....people care20:13
lifelessalamar: thats why we have LTS as well :)20:13
ikoniaLTS is only 5 years20:13
lifelessikonia: depends on the DB type too ;>20:13
lifelessikonia: like, if you're running twitter or something, you're growing your cluster so fast, probably running your own build of the db engine etc20:14
ikoniaI think you've missed the point of what I was saying20:14
b0nghittrif i was to have virtualboxrunning on my current OS, and had vbox using raw space on a 2nd empty hdd, could i install ubuntu 10.04 to that 2nd hdd and boot from it on the actual machine? or would i need to make some changes first?20:18
ikoniaI don't know if vbox supports partitions, I know kvm does20:18
ikoniaI think vbox doesn't20:18
b0nghittri have not used kvm by its self before20:19
alamarlifeless: i know. this is why i administrate a bunch of lucid servers ;)20:19
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b0nghittrwould it be possible to install ubuntu 10.04 to a 2nd hdd using KVM, and boot on that 2nd hdd on the actual machine?21:14
b0nghittri have to install 64bit though21:15
b0nghittrthe datacenter will swap hdd's for me21:16
maxbIt sounds potentially feasible, but no promises21:18
maxbYou can't manage to take the downtime of installing more traditionally?21:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #804211 in upstart (main) "package foo2zjs 20110210dfsg-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80421121:32
Bipulis there any one know  any application for video confreing on LAMP server ruing on Ubuntu22:19
ntoombsmy server isn't showing up in my routers attached devices.22:20
ntoombsmy interfaces file is set to autorun eth122:20
StevenRntoombs: how does your server gain an IP address?22:21
ntoombsubuntu was newly installed a few minutes ago22:21
ntoombsi changed my resolv file to
StevenRcan the server talk to the internet?22:22
ntoombswell there's a problem with that...22:22
ntoombsmy server is headless22:22
ntoombsso i had to install it on a different machine22:22
ntoombsand it can connect to the internet there22:22
ntoombsand the interfaces file is eth022:22
ntoombsbut eth0 doesn't work in the server22:22
StevenRntoombs: ok. So really, what's actually the problem you're having?22:23
ntoombsso i had to change it to eth1 which has worked before22:23
ntoombsi have lots of problems but none that you would want to get into fixing22:23
ntoombsmy problem at the moment is the one i mentioned first22:23
ntoombsmy router can't see my server22:23
StevenRok. scan your local subnet with nmap22:23
StevenRfrom another pc22:24
Bipulcan any one look at on my problem ?22:24
ntoombshow about a unix based pc?22:24
StevenRntoombs: yes.22:24
ntoombsi don't know how to do that22:24
StevenRnmap -sP or similar22:24
ntoombsthank you22:25
StevenRBipul: we see your query, if someone knows, they'll answer. Maybe search synaptic for video conferencing22:25
ntoombsSteven nmap will cause me too many complitations to install22:26
ntoombsit requires xcode on a mac22:26
ntoombsunless you know a command that will install a non gui version of it22:27
jmarsdenntoombs: sudo apt-get install nmap     # installs a non-gui version of nmap :)22:28
BipulStevenR,  i am talking about web server video confreincing22:28
ntoombsjmarsden already tried it22:28
ntoombsno command found22:28
jmarsdenntoombs: Please give the *exact* error message?22:28
ntoombsoh it's apt-get that's not found22:29
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jmarsdenOn a ubuntu server?  How did you manage to remove apt-get ??22:29
ntoombsno on a mac22:29
ntoombswhat's the installer for mac?22:30
StevenRntoombs: for I in `seq 1 254` ; do ping -c 1 192.168.1.$I ; done | grep icmp_req22:30
Bipulhttp://www.nefsis.com/Best-Video-Conferencing-Software/server.html << can i able to install such application on my ubuntu22:30
StevenRntoombs: it's ugly, and it'll take a while to run, but it'll give you all the things on your local subnet that respond to ping.22:31
ntoombsseq: command not found22:32
jmarsdenntoombs: or use fink or macports to install their version of nmap... see  http://nmap.org/book/inst-macosx.html22:33
ntoombsyea i like the macports option a lot better22:33
jmarsdenBTW if you don't have seq you can do for i in {1..254} ; do whatever $i ; done    # assuming a fairly modern bash shell22:36
ntoombsrunning it now22:38
ntoombsjust getting a blinking cursor22:38
ntoombsi'm assuming it's just gonna take a long time like you said22:38
StevenRntoombs: yeah, it's 255 * whatever your ping timeout is22:50
StevenRugly, slow, but works.22:50
ntoombsStevenR: I'm still not getting anything. I guess i'll wait22:51
hurpis it possible to mount a dynamic GPT ntfs partition in ubuntu?22:55
jmarsdenntoombs: You could do something like   for i in {1..10} ; do ping -c 1 192.168.1.$i ; done    # as a quick check of the first ten IP addresses, if you think the command is not working as intended.23:00
jmarsdenntoombs: Or use ping -c 1 -w 100 192.168.1.$i    # to set the timeout to 100milliseconds, if your ping command supports the -w option.23:01
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jmarsdenntoombs: But by now you have presumably managed to install nmap using macports anyway, I'd think??23:03
ntoombsi tried macports23:03
ntoombsit needs xcode too23:03
ntoombsand i can't be bothered to install it23:03
ntoombsi'm trying your other command now23:04
ntoombsthe grep is what messed it up before23:04
ntoombsbut it's working fine without it now23:04
jmarsdenThe grep was probably linx-specific, not not mac-specific enough... I don't know enough about the ping command on macs to comment on that...23:05
ntoombsso by the looks of it this just shows me what local ip address have something connected right?23:05
jmarsdenRight.  If it pings something, that thing exists and is on the network.23:05
ntoombsor at least something that i can connect to23:05
jmarsdenSo... where is your server, and is it pingable, is the question... right?23:05
ntoombswell not exactly23:06
ntoombsi don't need to know it's location23:06
ntoombsi just need to be able to see it23:06
ntoombsknow that it's connected23:06
ntoombsmy router is telling me that it's not23:06
jmarsdenRight... Where as in "at what Ip address"...23:06
ntoombsi don't need to know it's ip address23:07
ntoombsjust that my router can see it23:07
jmarsdenif you don't know its IP address how will you ever connect to it?? :)23:07
ntoombsand at the moment it cannot23:07
ntoombsmy router shows me the attached devices in a list23:07
ntoombsright now there is only one device23:07
ntoombsmy laptop23:08
ntoombsergo, my server isn't connected23:08
jmarsdenSo ... it is a server that noone ever needs to connect to...?  Or, you need to know what IP it has to test it further.23:08
ntoombsergo, something is wrong with my servers network settings.23:08
jmarsdenOK.  If it does not show up in the ping responses, it's not "really" active on the network.23:08
ntoombsjmarsden: sorry, i must not be explaing this very good23:08
jmarsdenI'd not trust some random router for network scanning, but OK...?23:08
ntoombsit's seen it before with the right settings23:09
jmarsdenWhat IP do you *think* you configured the server to use?23:09
ntoombsit could be anything23:09
ntoombsit's usind dhcp23:09
jmarsdenOuch... why would you configure a headless server to use DHCP?23:09
ntoombsanything from to
ntoombsbecause my router has the ability to make it static23:10
ntoombsthen i can just ssh into it23:10
ntoombsusing the same ip every time even if dhcp changes it23:10
jmarsdenWhy is that a sane approach to server configuration?  Do you mean you can set a reservation in the DHCP server config for the MAC address of the server??23:11
jmarsdenMost normal people run servers on a static local IP.  As documented in the Ubuntu Server Guide.  Is there some reason you cannot use that approach?23:12
ntoombsalthought i don't know exactly what the reason is :P23:13
ntoombsif you really want to help me figure out how to get a static network configuration working i would very much welcome it23:13
ntoombsalthought it will likely prove to be a headache for both of us23:14
jmarsdenDid you read https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html and note the bit about Static IP Address Assignment ?23:14
jmarsdenWhat part of that does not work for you?23:14
ntoombsthe part where it connects to the internet23:15
ntoombsi just had lots of problems with it23:15
jmarsdenCan you be a bit more specific? :)23:15
ntoombsi've read that gide already and many like it and none of them seemed to do the trick23:15
jmarsdenThat is the official Ubuntu Server Guide.  Ignore the others.23:15
jmarsdenFive lines of text in /etc/network/interfaces.  How hard can it be?23:16
ntoombsthats what i thought23:16
jmarsdenIt works for me, and I've used it many many times...23:16
ntoombshow many times have you tried it on a compleately headless server?23:17
ntoombsnot to mention an hp headless server?23:17
ntoombsbuilt for windows home server23:17
jmarsdenNo serial port for a serial console?23:17
alamarhp servers shouldve ilo23:17
ntoombsi bought a SATA cable23:18
ntoombsbut i have nothing to plug it into23:18
jmarsdenHow did you install the OS?23:18
jmarsdenHow do you know it even booted the OS?23:19
ntoombsi removed the hard drive from the server. pluged it into my windows desktop then ran the installer23:19
ntoombsi don't23:19
ntoombsi have no way of knowing anything without the network23:19
ntoombswhich is why this particular issue is such a problem23:19
jmarsdenSo... you have no idea this is actually a network issue at all... after we have spent *how* long on network troubleshooting???23:20
alamar.o(is this for real?)23:21
ntoombsjmarsden: it has worked before using the same instilation process i recently used.23:23
ntoombsi only said i have no way of knowing if ubuntu has booted is because obviously, I can't see if it's booted unless my network recognizes it23:24
ntoombsbecause i didn't change anything in the install process, i know it loads but i can't get the network to recognise it23:25
jmarsdenntoombs: If "it worked before", then by definition either your process accidentally changed, or something about the network environment changed, or your server suffered a hardware failure.23:25
ntoombsright, the netowrk environment has changed23:26
ntoombslast time it worked. i was tinkering with all the networking files and i got it to work with eth1 dhcp in my interfaces file23:26
ntoombsi know i changed other things but that's all i can remember23:26
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jmarsdenntoombs: So you used a semi-random undocumented install process that worked before, but now it doesn't.  You probably need to start over and carefully document what you do, so that you don't have an "I can't remember" issue next time.  You could also try running the dhcp servier on a machine under your control (Ubuntu workstation for example) instead of a closed router, and watching for the DHCP traffic as the server tries to obtain an ad23:30
Bipulcan any one help me?23:38
TheEvilPhoenixit depends on what the issue is23:41
TheEvilPhoenixbecause we cant help you without information23:41
hggdhin other words: don't ask to ask, just ask23:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:41
TheEvilPhoenixi KNEW there was a factoid for that!23:41
alamaroh this thing actually does something besides posting bug notices %)23:41
TheEvilPhoenixthat's a different system :P23:42
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!23:42
TheEvilPhoenixBipul:  what's the issue you're getting23:42
alamaroh yes I see, I mixed it up :D23:42
alamardoesn't seem to be a problem which demands immediate attention.. (or so much of it that he has no time to explain it anymore %))23:46
Bipuli want to install some application on my ubuntu webserver thats allow us to conduct video confrencing23:48
hurpis it possible to mount a dynamic GPT ntfs partition in ubuntu?23:50
lcb!info twin23:51
ubottuPackage twin does not exist in natty23:51
lcbanything like twin on 11.04?23:52
hurpbeen trying to figue this out all damn day23:52
kiichirohey, I'm using ubuntu server to run my minecraft server, how do I go about doing tht23:54
TheEvilPhoenixkiichiro:  easy23:55
TheEvilPhoenixkiichiro:  java23:55
TheEvilPhoenixi run minecraft servers on a centos system, but the same basic requirements are still there.23:55
TheEvilPhoenixkiichiro:  install sun-java6-jre23:55
TheEvilPhoenixthen run the minecraft_server.jar file per the instructions on minecraft's site23:56
kiichiroI only have a text based? is that normal? is there a way to switch to a gui.23:56
TheEvilPhoenixkiichiro:  you dont run minecraft_server.jar via a gui23:56
TheEvilPhoenixit doesnt run in GUI23:56
TheEvilPhoenixit runs ONLY in CLI23:57
TheEvilPhoenixthe client however needs to be run in the GUI23:57
TheEvilPhoenixbut the server is CLI only23:57
kiichiroa guessed, didn't know if you could switch,23:57
TheEvilPhoenixnope, servers for minecraft are CLI23:57
TheEvilPhoenixthe clients are GUIs23:57
* TheEvilPhoenix should know, he runs 6 Minecraft servers23:58
kiichiroalright, how do I cd into my flashdrive? I'm currently testing ubuntu-server via virtual box23:59

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