aadityaMarkDude: thanks!00:36
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* MarkDude is headed to DVLUG tonight01:50
MarkDudewill be late- to avoid traffic01:50
rwwMarkDude: I'm not, the heat is still annoying me01:51
akkIt cooled down nicely down here in santa clara county.01:55
MarkDudeIt has cooled down here01:57
MarkDudeNot too bad01:57
grantbowMarkDude: too bad, you missed a special guest02:03
* MarkDude is leaving now02:12
MarkDudeHiring in SF at Minted >> http://www.minted.com/jobs all sorts of stuff20:14
MarkDudepleia2,  ^^^20:15
rwwpleia2: (re: twitter) I came to the conclusion a while back that everything in California causes cancer.23:38
pleia2ignorance is bliss23:38
pleia2I think every single building has one of those signs too23:38
rwwWARNING: The thought processes used for ignorance may contain thoughts known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.23:39
pleia2I think it went like this: "you know this prop will mean we need to put labels on EVERYTHING because our threshold for danger is so low, right" "it will be good for the lolz" voter: "dangerous chemicals?! I want to know about those!"23:40
rwwSomeone should do a study on how much money California's proposition system has cost in total.23:40
pleia2I think I read somewhere that props and other voter ammendments take up like 40% of the budget23:41
pleia2I wonder why we're in so much debt :)23:42
pleia2MJ made me read through all the voter stuff last time with him, it was the worst thing ever, it's very hard to be an informed voter here23:43
pleia2but I get to go to the cool #1 fire station in SF to vote, so voting is cool23:43
akkIt is hard to read through all that stuff.23:43
akkI bet not 1% of voters do.23:44
akkAnd the official summary often differs quite a bit from what's actually in the text of the proposition.23:44
rwwpleia2: apart from my usual blaming of all the politicians, I blame the "spend money on this!" and "freeze taxes on this!" propositions for a lot of our problems, yes23:44
pleia2not exaggerating, the booklets we got totalled about 200 pages23:44
pleia2plus all the junk we get from prop people and candidates23:45
akkThat goes straight to recycling.23:45
pleia2yeah, here too23:45
rwwNone of my house is registered to vote (because we can't), so we don't get any of that :)23:45
rwwi grab the booklets from the library and read them, though23:46
pleia2for fun?23:46
rwwbeing able to rant about things is fun :P23:46

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