rick_h_greg-g: https://plus.google.com/112719704219936118281/posts/X7yRazugESb15:14
rick_h_can you see that?15:14
rick_h_if not maybe: https://picasaweb.google.com/deuce868/July9201115:14
rick_h_now what are we going to use it for?15:15
rick_h_I guess if we get a table for lococast at OLF maybe we could use some of it, but I think we've tried to keep that a bit separate15:15
snap-lDidn't Ohio lose one of their booths as well?15:24
snap-lSo if Ohio doesn't have a booth, maybe we coould partner with their loco15:24
rick_h_snap-l: ah, that's true15:24
snap-lMan the booth and make sure it doesn't get legs again15:24
rick_h_will have to check15:24
rick_h_yea, I'm not sure if greg-g had any specific plan for the gear or if it was just since it was offered15:25
rick_h_hang it at events maybe15:25
snap-lMan, unless someone sends me another vote for OMC, I think this episode is done.15:26
snap-lAnd the MP3 is 134MB15:26
snap-lTook about 50 minutes to compress15:26
snap-l(really wish Audacity / Lame were multi-proc)15:27
snap-lOr at least able to allow multiple format export, so I could have one proc handling mp3 and one handling ogg15:27
snap-lI think the intro is killer. :)15:28
brouschdamnit. came back from screen saver to a blank black screen with mouse pointer again16:34
brouschit is weird having people that i don't know follow me on google+22:47

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