_marx_new compiz; loading flounder up to try to induce a lockup00:57
_marx_only channel owner can op00:58
_marx_or give op status00:58
_marx_okay the command works00:59
holsteinhey _marx_ :)00:59
holsteinsorry you're having such a rough time of it00:59
holsteinwe'll be here though whenever you get things more stable :)00:59
_marx_slowly sinking00:59
_marx_just sent email to the team list01:00
holsteinyeah... i just read it01:00
_marx_work in hickory next week gotta find something that doesn't require so much driving01:01
_marx_after a 0 hr week and a 12 hr week I'll take it01:02
_marx_holstein: you want the channel?01:03
holsteinsure, im usually around01:03
holsteinand i manage another channel01:03
_marx_okay, let me look at my logs to find out how to change that01:04
_marx_gotta storm coming through and i need to go be nice to su01:04
_marx_spousal unit01:04
_marx_damn tired of looking at ribeyes and buying canned tuna01:06
BugeyeD2nd gargantuan storm of the day. loud and obnoxious. i love it - wish i could be camping right now ...01:31
_marx_nice rain keeping the garden wet02:08
_marx_hum betty ford has died; the fords have a house just down the road from me02:09
_marx_one of the sons anyway02:16
_marx_wow, $5k bid email reply, can you come by tomorrow?...02:27
BugeyeD_marx_: do it. i'd take $5k over coffee any day.02:29
_marx_nah, scheduled for later02:29
_marx_don't know how i'd cover the materials though02:30
BugeyeDgi irritant at 0900?02:30
BugeyeDisn't that called "advance" ?02:30
_marx_home row02:30
_marx_half up front is tough02:30
_marx_i usually do 1/302:31
_marx_i want it; lots more work on that house02:36
_marx_easily triple for everything that needs to be done02:37
_marx_drink some coffee and go sell02:37
_marx_not my forte as it often includes lies02:38

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