canthus13Cheri703: You around?19:37
Cheri703I am now20:34
canthus13My wife would like an invite for g+... I don't have any yet.20:35
Cheri703ok, pm me her email address20:35
Unit193Stupid 18+ rule...20:39
Unit193I got an invite just before they closed, but my stupid age! (Will change soon \o/ )20:43
Unit193But then I would have to sign up for the draft :(20:43
canthus13Unit193: the likelihood of a draft is ~0%.20:44
canthus13Unit193: Signing up for selective service is silly, but you're in no danger of being drafted.20:44
Unit193canthus13: I know, means I'll just have to give out more info to the creeps20:46
canthus13Unit193: Meh. it's nothing they don't already know.20:46
Unit193Looks like stl will be a big help! (I'm going to give up on packaging before I really start)20:49
canthus13I really need to tie up a bunch of stuff here so I can get back working on this thing... of course, it would also help if my basement weren't so freaking hot.20:51
Unit193Again, I would be glad to help if I can! (I'm sure you know this but also know I can't help... Yet)20:52
canthus13Unit193: You'll be plenty of help when it comes down to testing and breaking stuff.20:55
Unit193canthus13: I'm good at breaking stuff! Just take a look at a few bug repots :P  (I'm still not great at bug reporting, but I am good at avoiding it :D )20:56
canthus13Well, you'll get practice.20:56

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