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JonathanDGood morning Philadelphia!08:45
JonathanDwell, PA rather. Wrong channel08:47
rmg51morning JonathanD08:57
rmg51your early today08:58
JonathanDgoing to get josh.09:04
JonathanDfrom summer camp09:04
JonathanDand maybe have a http://www.flickr.com/photos/85201403@N00/5466434969/in/set-72157625981239503/lightbox/09:04
PennBotTitle: Dobb's bacon cheeseburger deluxe | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (at www.flickr.com)09:04
rmg51I'm just getting ready to go shopping09:11
rmg51I don't like shopping in crowds :P09:12
TheEvilPhoenixso out of curiosity what ever happened in terms of the meeting regarding reupping the loco?23:29
ChinnoDogYou are in charge now.23:30
TheEvilPhoenixthe hell i am23:30
ChinnoDogIts funny that everyone finds that to be bad news.23:31
TheEvilPhoenixi could care less if i'm in charge23:31
TheEvilPhoenixbut everyone else would care23:32
ChinnoDogTheEvilPhoenix for president. All for?23:32
pleia2you're in DC, you don't get a vote23:34
ChinnoDogIf votes are limited to people in PA there won't be any votes at all.23:34
TheEvilPhoenixexcept maybe mine23:35
TheEvilPhoenixand perhaps we should make my vote count for a thousand because i am at PA's capitol 5/7 days a week23:35
TheEvilPhoenix5 out of 7 *23:35
JonathanDI think you only get 5/7ths of a vote, actually.23:40
JonathanDor is it 2/7ths...23:40
TheEvilPhoenixconsidering I live in Pennsylvania anyways23:40
TheEvilPhoenixdoesnt matter :P23:40
TheEvilPhoenixi'm ALWAYS in Pennsylvania23:40

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