vychunehey guys15:33
* wrst is liking him some linux mint 1121:14
* Unit193 isn't/wasn't fond of mint21:16
Unit193Anything change?21:16
wrstUnit193: well I'm not as fond of it as I am arch and gnome 3/shell but its soooo much better than unity its not even funny21:19
wrstit works really well21:19
Unit193I still have yet to use Unity... I really need  to (For that matter, I also need to try me some arch...)  . L/X are great21:21
wrstyeah lubuntu is good very good never been a great big fan of x but that's just preference on my part21:22
chris4585I don't see why xubuntu even exists anymore..22:18
wrsthey chris458522:20
cyberangerchris4585: to assist in estlabishing lubuntu22:24
Unit193I like Xubuntu, but it's not really lightweight22:24
wrstafter using mint i'm going to have an awfully hard time not installing it for people now22:25
chris4585I don't even have to use lubuntu to know its greatness22:28
chris4585I don't even have to use lubuntu to know its greatness22:31
cyberangerchris4585: openbox ;-)22:33
chris4585lxde :)22:34
chris4585that too22:34
chris4585I'm actually using openbox to a wonderful suprrise22:34
chris4585with awn and nautilus, it feels like the same exact thing like gnome22:35
wrstchris4585: i'm a resource hog user, gnome shell baby :)22:57
chris4585I would love to use gnome shell but nvidia is a poopy head and doesn't work with 3d acceleration with the newest kernel23:47

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