bjsnideryou're missing something in the distro if there's a 20% speed improvement00:05
brycehperformance optimizations have tended to be at the root cause of a fair number of the freeze bugs we get00:06
Sarvatt6 months between releases, 3-4 month windows where the newer versions have to be released between to even get considered, hundreds of commits modifying the code giving those kinds of improvements so it cant just be backported, etc00:06
Sarvattyep that too :)00:07
brycehif upstream were better at making those sorts of things configurable, it'd help00:07
bjsnidermaybe x-updates is too conservative00:08
brycehor if upstream didn't delete all of the existing code as soon as they've finished writing something new00:08
brycehbjsnider, I think it's more a labor limitation there.  we could definitely be more active at updating that if we had more time00:09
Sarvattprobably but I have more than I can handle alone just doing xorg-edgers and thats what I'm most interested in00:10
bjsnideri still send stuff in there lol00:10
bjsnideri guess i'm the only one00:10
Sarvattlots of things to worry about in there too, things arent as self contained once you move out of the luxury of the binary drivers :P00:11
brycehbjsnider, keep it up :-)00:11
brycehwe should look for new recruits, too.  I used to be more active at snaring people and pulling them into the team00:12
bjsniderwell, maybe there should just be one ppa and a "let the buyer beware" attitude towards it00:12
Sarvattto update a ddx you need to update libdrm usually and screw up other things (hello nouveau), update mesa you potentially regress tens of other drivers, that kind of crap00:12
brycehSarvatt, yep.  Also, a lot of the improvements are in the kernel drm or mesa, which are hard to do in -updates00:12
brycehmesa rc1 already, nice.02:19
brycehSarvatt, regarding bug #807306 here's a list of packages the guy upgraded - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/807306/+attachment/2198342/+files/dpkg.txt02:25
ubot4bryceh: Error: Bug #807306 is private.02:25
brycehSarvatt, there's a minor udev update in there and a major xserver update.  He tested the kernel update and it seems innocent.  Could it be an xserver bug?02:25
stefanlsdis the prop nvidia / multiarch sorted yet, or still broken. missing xorg-edgers...06:49
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