nuvolari2011-07-09 10:37:39 (423 KB/s) - `openejb-3.1.4.tar.gz' saved [21869975/21869975]08:38
nuvolarithat's on my phone08:38
nuvolariI just wish my data card would connect08:38
kbmonkeyawe still no connect with the 3g nuvolari ? :( 08:41
nuvolariye kbmonkey 08:44
nuvolariand it's not just me08:44
nuvolarilady from work that lives in Umhlanga has the same issue08:44
nuvolariand I tried with 2 data cards08:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: heh, but this time I'm connected with my 'droid. I gave up on the Sony Ericsson P1i... the speed is as good as no connection at all08:45
nuvolariand to think it was fast back then08:46
* Symmetria just listed speedtest.tenet.ac.za08:56
nuvolarioh wait09:02
nuvolariSymmetria: why did it go to speedtest.net?09:03
kbmonkeyis that your 'droid speed test?09:04
Symmetrianuvolari huh? speedtest.tenet.ac.za go speedtest.net?09:06
nuvolariSymmetria: nevermind :P I clicked on Umhlanga09:06
nuvolariafter the initial test09:06
nuvolarithen it went to speedtest.net09:07
nuvolarikbmonkey: ye09:07
Symmetriakbmonkey here is a scary speedtest 09:07
Symmetria:P that was a test from bloemfontein to speedtest.tenet.ac.za 09:07
nuvolarikbmonkey: that first one of mine was from here to umhlanga09:07
Symmetriaafter we modified the file download size slightly to actually scale up09:07
nuvolarithe second one is Symmetria's test09:08
Symmetriaheh that UFS test is truely nuts though09:09
sakhihttp://mirror.ac.za/speedtest-uwc.jpg  ?09:11
Symmetriasakhi heh, you'll need to run one from UWC09:12
SymmetriaI dont have access to a box there09:12
Symmetriato test09:12
Symmetriaand uwc is better to use speedtest-cpt.tenet.ac.za I suspect09:12
sakhi:)50.78 Mbps09:13
Symmetriais that to cpt or to the joburg one?09:13
sakhiI'm doing Joburg now and its 22.72Mbps09:14
Symmetriathats your latency slowing it down09:14
nuvolariugh :-/ need to go out. Hate shopping09:30
nlsthznSpeed... give me what I need ... YEAH!10:20
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nuvolarilo oom Kilos 12:41
Kiloslo nuvolari  dog jy gaan af wees die naweek12:42
Kilosmoelik nĂȘ12:42
nuvolariKilos: ja nee oom. het maar 'n exstra data bundle vir my foon gekoop12:42
Kilosafternoon all12:42
Kilosdaai g+ soek en eiteindlik ingaan het my data gedooi dis hoekom ek so laat hier opkom12:43
Kilosek dink dis all die prentjies12:43
Kilosavatars en goed12:44
Kilosmaar dit werk darem nou12:44
nuvolaridis goed oom :D12:46
Kilosja man dit was n groot stoeiery12:47
nuvolarinou kan gemoedere rus, oom is deel van ons sirkel :)12:47
Kilosja ek kry epos dat hele paar my al in hulle sircels gesit het12:47
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:49
* Maaz flips the salt-timer12:49
KilosMaaz, coffee for all12:49
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already12:49
Kiloslo kbmonkey  hurry for coffee12:50
Kilosnuvolari, koffie?12:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!12:53
KilosMaaz, ty12:53
MaazEnjoy Kilos12:53
* Kilos sips on my lonesome12:53
nuvolariKilos: seblief oom!12:58
nuvolariopi foon12:58
kbmonkeylo Kilos nuvolari and Maaz 12:59
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on12:59
* Maaz washes some mugs12:59
kbmonkeyMaaz, do my laundry too?13:00
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*13:00
kbmonkeyha ha just kidding, i did it already13:00
nuvolarilo kbmonkey 13:01
* nuvolari munch beestong13:01
nuvolarimy ma het saamgebring13:01
kbmonkeybeestong? yuck :p13:03
Kilosdis lekker man13:03
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!13:03
Kilosbeter as bees poepol13:04
kbmonkeyha ha13:04
nlsthznPaul Scott... He in the Loco?13:14
nlsthznJust someone I see a lot of comments on in Google + ... so was thinking he might be part of the Loco...13:15
Kilosquite a few names i dont know either. but peeps hide behind nicks normally13:16
nlsthznMy reason for asking... :)13:20
Kilosand maaz dunno either13:20
nlsthznMaaz doesn't like me so he woudn't tell in any case13:21
Kilosmaaz likes everyone13:21
MaazKilos: What?13:21
Kilostwit bot13:22
KilosMaaz, whois nlsthzn 13:22
MaazKilos: What?13:22
Kiloslo |3o|3 13:22
|3o|3hey Kilos, what's up?13:23
Kilosall good ty and there |3o|3 13:23
Kiloseveryone is g+ mad13:23
|3o|3the weather has improved which is good :D13:23
Kiloswish it would improve here13:23
Kilosnights are still too cold13:24
Kilosans sun only lekker if you out of the wind13:24
nuvolariweather is nice here13:29
nuvolarinot much sun though13:29
kbmonkeyim being summoned to westville, il have to catch up later :]13:30
Kilosgo safe13:31
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Kiloshi ludo15:55
Kilosoh hi Guest36050 15:55
Symmetriato buy new car16:01
Symmetriaor not to buy new car16:01
Symmetriathis is the question :P16:01
Symmetria(and I been tempted all day but lol, mustttt saveeeee moneyyyyy, but car is sooooo sweet)16:01
Kilosbig decision16:01
Symmetriahaha, impulsive :P I get like this, and lol, will probably end up doing it as well, but will resist the urge for as long as possible16:02
* Symmetria wants that car :P16:02
highvoltageSymmetria: don't you have a fancy car already?16:04
Symmetriahave a 335i 16:10
Symmetriathinking of replacing it with a 1M 16:10
SymmetriaBMW just came out with that 1M Coupe 16:11
Symmetriaand its soooo pretty16:11
Symmetrialook at that, its stunning 16:13
nuvolariSymmetria: if you really want to buy it, but already have a nice car, still buy it and donate it to charity. problem solved. :P your buy urge is solved16:37
Kilosand your pocket wont itch anymore16:38
nuvolarisee, even oom Kilos knows what i mean :P16:39
Kiloshe just wears the wrong make of denims16:39
Kilosneeds to get some with tight pockets16:39
SymmetriaI would need to trade in my car to afford it :P16:40
Symmetriaits kinda stupid expensive :P 16:40
Symmetriaparticularly with the extras I want on it16:40
Kilosprice Symmetria ?16:40
Symmetriawith the extras I want? 654k 16:40
Symmetriaand I'd be lucky to get like, 375 for my current car :(16:41
Kilosdo they lose value so quick16:41
Symmetriabut lol, there is something really appealing bout a car that can do a thousand meter sprint from standstill in 23.6 seconds 16:41
Kilosthat one isnt 2 years old yet16:41
Symmetriaheh, current car wasnt new when I bought it, had 16 thousand on the clock, so it had already lost a lot of value16:42
SymmetriaI paid 460 for current one 16:42
nuvolariSymmetria: if you really need a smart car, get an Audi A616:42
Symmetriaso *shrug* not 2 bad 16:42
Symmetrianuvolari heh, the A6 isnt *NEARLY* quick enough for me 16:42
Symmetriamy current car does 0-100 in 5.716:42
Symmetriathe 1M can do it in 4.9 16:42
nuvolariSymmetria: you have enough money, mod it16:43
Symmetria(heh, and my current car is chipped, it does top true speed of 308)16:43
Symmetrianuvolari LOL, I'd rather buy the 1M and mod that :P 16:43
nuvolariand it's not like you can use that acceleration in ZA without breaking the law16:43
Symmetrianuvolari LOL, ummm when it comes to cars, the latter part of that sentence hasnt really made much difference in my life :P16:43
Symmetriathere are very long stretches of open road where you aint gonna find cops :P16:44
nuvolaribmw's are only for windgatte and Symmetria :P16:44
* nuvolari makes sure Symmetria does'nt know where he stays16:44
Kilosi know the feeling16:44
Kiloscalled need for speed16:44
Symmetria:P I dont need to know where you stay, I just need to find your IP :P16:44
SymmetriaLOL kilos, you know the average speed calculator in a car?16:45
nuvolariSymmetria: no need to, vodacom already mess up my service16:45
Symmetriathat if you sitting doing 120 over a long distance normally sits at around 90 odd?16:45
KilosSymmetria, no?16:45
* Symmetria looks to see if he has this picture16:45
Kilosi rode bikes for speed16:45
Symmetriaheh kilos, if your car has an average speed calculator, and you do 500 or 600 kilometers, you're likely to hit an average of around 9016:45
Symmetriaif you doing 120 all the way16:46
Kilosoh yes that goodie inna dash16:46
Kilos16v jetta had one16:46
Kilosgives ambient temps etc as well16:46
Symmetrialook closely at that thing :P16:46
Kilosi cant browse at the mo16:47
Symmetriaheh kilos, 682 kilometers, average speed, 130.5 16:47
Symmetriathat was going windhoek -> .za border 16:47
Kilosthats good16:47
Symmetriakilos LOL, I was flying low to do that kinda average speed16:47
Symmetria(like 200+)16:48
Kilosyou dont do bikes?16:48
Kilosmuch more fun. stretches your arms16:49
Symmetrianah, I like fast cars, not fast coffins :)16:49
Symmetriaand heh, I do long distance, a bike on long distance isnt exactly pleasant 16:49
Symmetria(particularly when you talking a thousand kilometers at a time)16:49
Kilosno very tiring16:49
nlsthznNight all17:23
cocooncrashinetpro: Nothing wrong with sending to other media (although you should mention the original tweeter), but on Twitter itself manual resends lose metadata ;-)17:38
inetprococooncrash: that's where I do not agree, I don't know the original tweeter and am not aiming to get involved with him or her17:40
inetprofor me it's all about the story which I find interesting17:40
cocooncrashinetpro: Sure, but I didn't really discover it, someone else injected it into the system and IMHO they should be able to track how/where their content/whatever spreads.17:42
inetprococooncrash: well you obviously found it interesting didn't you? And since I know you, in a way, I don't mind choqok adding your name17:43
inetprothat is how it was done on twitter for a very long time17:43
cocooncrashinetpro: I did, which is why I decided to spread it17:44
cocooncrashinetpro: But the original RTs were a hack17:44
inetprosays who?17:44
cocooncrashSee how it tracks who retweeted it, so you can determine the popularity of a post17:45
cocooncrashTraditional RTs firstly don't allow that to be done easily, and secondly only work up to one level of the chain.17:45
inetprowell I honestly don't really care about the popularity17:45
inetproand twitter got popular without the retweet function17:46
cocooncrashTBF, AFAIK traditional RTs chained the list of tweeters, but that gets out of hand quickly.17:46
cocooncrashinetpro: Sure, but why can't it be improved? :)17:47
inetprococooncrash: well it's definitely not perfect as it is17:47
cocooncrashTwitter in general?17:47
inetprococooncrash: search for "why it's a mistake to use retweet"17:49
cocooncrashinetpro: Ye, I skimmed that article and mostly disagreed ;-)17:49
inetprowell there are more of those articles17:50
inetproand I happen to agree with some of the points raised17:51
inetprobut one big reason for me to manually resend is so that the post will automagically appear on facebook17:52
cocooncrashFair enough17:52
cocooncrashinetpro: Does Choqok do Facebook?17:53
inetproI have had many a post cause a nice unexpected conversation on FB after tweeting it17:53
inetproor even after a manual resend17:53
inetprococooncrash: I doubt17:54
cocooncrashinetpro: So how do your posts get to FB?17:54
inetproon FB  installed a twitter app if I remember correctly17:54
Kilosnight all. keep warm17:55
inetproand I have researched how to pull in retweets but have not found the solution, yet17:55
inetprohi Kilos, bye Kilos17:55
cocooncrashinetpro: I'd argue that that's a bug in the Twitter FB app then17:58
inetprococooncrash: and I have thought about breaking the automated link between FB and twitter but I still like the convenience17:58
cocooncrashHrm, I wonder if FriendFeed is pushing my tweets to FB...17:58
inetprothe new retweet takes the "social" out of "social media" by eliminating conversation and interaction18:03
inetprococooncrash: btw, I really like the new google+ way where I can choose the target audience with every posting18:10
marcogcocooncrash: it's not a bug, they filter out RTs and directed tweets (e.g. @user foo bar) on purpose18:43
marcogand i like that18:43
marcogcause i don't want to overload my FB feed18:43
marcoggenerally RTs are something my twitter followers would be far more interested in than my FB friends18:43
Symmetriaman, I wish du had a -g, instead of having to do du -B 107374182419:42
inetprohmm Symmetria,now that you talk about it, I wish I had a du g+ to see the size of my google+ account :-)20:01
inetproSymmetria: doesn't du -h do it for you?20:02
inetpromarcog: I agree with you, sometimes it is nice to do a simple retweet just to your twitter followers20:04
Symmetriainetpro only if you have less space than X number of terabytes20:07
Symmetriaotherwise -h shows you terabytes not gigabytes20:07
Symmetriawhich can be annoying20:07
Symmetriabut you can do -B 1G 20:07
inetproI guess that can get annoying 20:08
inetproSymmetria: who maitains coreutils?20:09
Symmetriainetpro dunno20:12
Symmetriaheh inetpro check this:20:13
Symmetriathen for more redundancy I used md to do a software mirror on sdc and sde20:13
Symmetrialol, its pretty :)20:15
Kerberotime for more space it seems20:30
Symmetriabtw, if anyone is looking to buy REALLY nice harddrives20:32
SymmetriaI recommend these:20:32
Symmetriaprobably the fastest non-SSD disks you're gonna find 20:32
Kerberolooks like a normal hdd to me with a high price20:38
SymmetriaKerbero heh, nah, its got SAS firmware on it20:39
Kerberoo ok20:39
Symmetriafull sync read/write, they are fast as hell :)20:39
Kerberonot for normal users then20:39
Kerberofor that price i would rather buy a ssd20:40
Symmetriaheh, I have 3 at home in my home server, my desktops use other disks20:40
SymmetriaI wouldnt use SSD's for 99% of things20:40
SymmetriaSSD's have limited number of writes, you can kill those things pretty damn fast :)20:40
Kerberoi use hdd's for storage20:40
Kerberoand ssd's for os's20:40
Kerberoi won't care if i lose my OS20:41
Symmetriayeah SSD for operating system works ok, still a lot more expensive than those SAS disks though in terms of price per meg20:41
Kerberoeven my desktop is symlinked to a hdd20:41
Symmetriabut if you're only use it for OS you dont need huge space20:41
Kerberomy netbook only has a ssd20:41
Kerberothe chipset can only do 140MB/s20:42
Kerberothe ssd about 25020:42
Kerberoa waste of ssd, but nice if you throw the netbook around20:42
Kerberoand use it in a car20:42
SymmetriaI managed to flatline the NIC in mirror.ac.za reading directly off the disks, but thats only because of the numbers of disks it can read off similtaneously with the arrays20:43
Symmetriathink I peaked it out at about 9.6gigabit/second directly off the disks20:43
KerberoSymmetria: if you have a router in AMS, do you also have a fiber going there?20:43
SymmetriaKerbero 10G leased wave from lnd to ams20:43
Kerberoahh ok20:44
Symmetriadirt cheap to lease a wave between those 220:44
Symmetria(like, 2.2k euros a month)20:44
Kerberoso theoretically i should be able to get my full 100mbps from groningen to stellenbosch campus?20:44
SymmetriaKerbero even without the AMS router you should be able to do that if your tcp window sizes are big enough and if stellenbosch isnt limiting anything20:45
Symmetriawithout even blinking 20:45
Symmetriathe london router has 30gig of direct internet access attached to it20:45
Kerberoi will test that20:45
Symmetriaand we've tested a udp stream from sweden over the general internet back to .za at over 6 gigabit/second20:46
Kerberodo you know of the google server farm in the eems haven?20:46
Kerberoright in the north of the netherlands20:46
Symmetrianever actually seen it, heard of it but not much more than that20:47
Kerberoit is located right next to a gas power plant20:47
Symmetriaheh, google typically doesnt let anyone anywhere near their server farms, or even admit where they are :P20:47
Kerberoaccording to rumours it takes up exacly as much power as the entire groningen cirty20:47
Kerberoyeah, that was part of the rumour that google doesn;t itz' theirs20:48
Kerbero*doen't say20:48
Symmetriaheh, I only know for a fact where 5 of the google points of presence are, and all 5 arent server farms, they are all african mini-nodes20:48
Symmetria(don't ask, I won't be able to tell you where they are haha)20:48
Kerberois that like you know the ip but don;t know fisically where they are?20:49
Kerberoi'm typing very badly now20:49
Symmetrialol, no, I know where they physically are, I'd just be breaking a lot of rules by saying where they are :P20:49
Kerberoahh ok20:49
Symmetriabtw, stellenbosch going offline later tonighyt20:49
Kerberothe one is in bree street20:49
Symmetriaif all goes well, it will only be 10 minutes 20:50
Kerberothanx for telling20:50
Symmetriaif everything goes to hell, it will be a coupla hours :p20:50
SymmetriaI'm upgrading both joburg routers, the pretoria router and the capetown router (the main provider edge routers)20:50
Kerberoo ok20:50
Symmetriacomplete with both operating system and line card firmware upgrades20:50
Kerberoi heard about that20:50
Symmetriarouter takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to boot20:50
Kerberosaw your mail about it a few days ago20:51
Symmetriacapetown will be last router to be done20:51
Kerberois the OS buggy?20:51
Symmetriaheh, leaving capetown till last because I got guys in joburg and pretoria on standby if it goes to hell20:51
Symmetriaversus in capetown I gotta drive myself :P20:51
SymmetriaKerbero very at the moment :)20:51
Symmetriawe're trying to sort out about 28 different bugs we know of in the current code20:51
Kerberoso after the upgrade our internet stability should be better20:52
Symmetriaheh, well, stellenbosch hasnt had a bad stability record from our network point of view20:52
SymmetriaI'm not sure that any of the bugs being fixed tonight would directly affect stellies20:52
Kerberowell, my ping graphs disagree20:52
Symmetria*hrm* where have you been pinging?20:52
Symmetriagot graphs I can look at?20:53
Kerberoi'm not in STB atm20:53
Symmetriayou will see big jumps in graphs to internationals if we get backbone failures because traffic will reroute 20:53
Symmetriaso instead of going cpt -> plz -> els -> dur -> mtz -> international20:53
Symmetriait will go cpt -> bfn -> jnb -> pta -> dur -> mtz -> international20:54
Kerberoif i see weird internet latencies in two weeks' time i'll send you graphs20:54
Symmetriaand the secondary path is a HELL of a lot further 20:54
Symmetriaand the telkom path between capetown and durban on that primary route isnt the most stable of paths20:54
Symmetriait probably goes down at least once a week 20:54
Symmetria(assholes in the eastern cape keep stealing the fiber)20:54
Symmetriaanyway :) off to finish movie before the maintenance window20:55
Kerberoi wonder if the scrap metal guys actually pay them for the fiber20:55
Kerberocheers Symmetria 20:55

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