ubuntufreak21usr 13 : are seeing my message?00:00
ubuntufreak21in your private chat?00:00
demoxNobgul-bnc, what am i looking for?00:00
Nobgul-bncumm system -. restricted drivers00:01
Nobgul-bncit may be under administration00:01
szalubuntufreak21: learn to tab-complete nicks; if they don't match you're likely not to get a reaction due to not highlighting the addressee00:01
JesdiscipleDetox... unless I'm mistaken those are FQDNs00:01
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent stercor here's something, persistent (not quite you asked for) but there are the command line hints00:02
JesdiscipleDetox__ ^00:02
szaldemox: what exactly is a "gma 3150"?00:02
demoxszal, a graphic card00:02
szaldemox: what chip maker?00:03
bazhanghttp://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-3150.23264.0.html szal00:03
grmrgeckoOk, I think I determined the problem now...00:03
demoxNobgul-bnc, it says no properity drivers in use00:03
grmrgeckoIt is the partition map00:03
grmrgeckothe partition map on mine is unformatted00:03
szaldemox: lspci | grep -i vga00:03
grmrgeckoand the partition map on my dads usb is master boot record00:04
Detox__quick question,,,,, name based virtual servers using apache,,, do the name-based servers need to be FQDN? or,,, if the main site is myplace.com..... can I just add inot apache  bob.myplace.com ;; or sueplace.com?00:04
grmrgeckoHow can I change the partition map?00:04
JesdiscipleDetox__ ... unless I'm mistaken those are FQDNs00:04
Jesdiscipleall three00:04
mortezahi. i;m looking for a linux related programming channel00:04
thedevilDetox__: try #httpd00:04
grmrgeckoI am able to boot into Ubuntu00:04
bazhang!alis | morteza00:04
ubottumorteza: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*00:04
demoxszal, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller00:05
Detox__ok t hanks00:05
mortezathx bazhang00:05
szaldemox: Intel graphics drivers are in the kernel; pretty much no way you can do anything about them00:05
OsmodivsWhy can't I open alsamixer if I already have alsa-utils? cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:06
demoxszal, so everything is how its supposed to be i guess?00:06
minimecdemox: There is no property driver for inte GPUs. Intel was the first company to collaborate with opensource developpers...00:06
demoxminimec, but why does it look so shitty? :x00:06
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/19607/how-to-enable-opengl-2-0-and-webgl-on-gma-3150 demox00:06
Osmodivsminimec: Well, for some reason Ubuntu - The open sourcer- Wont find my INTEL onboard sound card00:07
bazhangdemox, no cursing please00:07
kiergehow do i set permissions on a directory share with guest access over samba so that it can be copied over samba unto a windows 7 machine without needing admin privelleges00:07
kiergeon ubuntu00:07
demoxbazhang, ok sorry and thank you00:07
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kaellanwhat program to use to play games like "world ofwarcraft" thats already en instaled in windows ?00:08
Jesdisciplekierge, #samba exists00:08
minimecdemox: With new versions of xorg there were regressons on Intel cards. ATI cards were hurt too. We are at the end of a major transition with GPU Kernel Mode Settings ond so on.00:08
minimecdemox: You might try to disable KMS (kernel mode settings) and use mesa instead of gallium*D00:09
Mac-Rumourshi. any recommendations for disk cloner? i've just tried cloneziller but it tells me the target partition is smaller than the source (i set them both as 50GB)00:09
demoxminimec, im kind of new so i dont know what does it mean or how do i do it, you think it will improve the grpahics though?00:09
Jesdiscipleminimec, are you talking about recompiling the kernel?00:11
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underHow can I get wifi networks in shell?00:11
minimecJesdisciple: No. You don't have to do that.00:11
bazhang!wifi | under take a read please00:11
ubottuunder take a read please: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:11
bazhangMac-Rumours, apart from clonezilla what have you tried? or just that00:12
filo1234Mac-Rumours: you want a clone or an image too? if you need to clone hd, destination need to be equal bigger00:13
Mac-Rumoursi tried g4L but it's too complicated00:13
minimecdemox: Jesdisciple: I am not the Intel 'pro' on the #channel here. Start with this ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting00:13
filo1234equal or bigger*00:13
underHow can I get wifi networks in SHELL ?00:13
filo1234under: ?00:13
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: they *should* be the same size but there must be a difference00:14
Mac-Rumoursbut the partition only have a basic ubuntu installation so it's nowhere near full00:14
underfilo1234, cosa non capisci?00:14
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OsmodivsWhy can't I open alsamixer if I already have alsa-utils? cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:15
NewHELLO ANYONE THAR!?!??!?!?!00:15
bazhangunder, I gave the link to you, please read it00:15
JesdiscipleNew, yep00:15
bazhangnew no need for the caps00:15
underbazhang, you linked a gui stuff00:16
NewOh ok00:16
DodgydaveEvening all, Ubuntu newbie here. need help with a clean disc install00:16
underI need shell based00:16
Newawesome sorry hehhe00:16
bazhangunder, you did not read it carefully then00:16
JesdiscipleDodgydave, unless you have special conditions I doubt you'll need help00:16
Jesdisciplepoor hardware or something00:16
OsmodivsPulseAudio says: Monitor of Dummy Output00:16
OsmodivsI hate Dummy output, I hated even more after I installed a codec and Alsa 1.2400:17
filo1234Mac-Rumours: make target partion bigger than source partition00:17
Dodgydaveit seems to have gone ok but now I am at a black screen, similar to a dos command screen. How do I get to the nice purple desktop etc00:17
NewCan anyone kinda tell me general stuff about this? 0-000:17
kaellanwhats npviwer.bin ? its uing 80%cpu :O00:17
JesdiscipleDodgydave, it should have booted to a graphical login screen, has it restarted since the install?00:18
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: can i resize when it's the first partition (of 4)?00:18
minimecdemox: Jesdisciple: http://www.ivankristianto.com/os/ubuntu/install-intel-latest-driver-to-your-ubuntu-10-04/1278/00:18
Dodgydaveyes, but to a blck screen asking me for user and password. then It takes me to a command line similar to the ubuntu terminal00:19
bazhangnew general stuff about what, ubuntu?00:19
bazhang!wiki | new00:19
ubottunew: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.00:19
bazhang!manual | new00:19
ubottunew: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:19
Newoh hey thanks !00:19
bazhangnew those be good starting points00:19
minimecdemox: Jesdisciple: The xorg-edgers ppa will give you the 'bleeding edge' driver version00:19
bazhangerr should00:20
NewBut why things for me come in red I mean how?00:20
filo1234Mac-Rumours: if have free space at right or left side of partition yes...or you need resize some other partition for create free space00:20
demoxminimec, whats a ppa?00:20
JesdiscipleDodgydave, if you don't get an answer here try the GimpNet network, #gnome channel00:20
bazhangnew because I add your nick to my messages00:20
minimec!ppa > demox00:20
ubottudemox, please see my private message00:20
Jesdisciplefor some reason GNOME isn't starting00:20
JesdiscipleI wouldn't know why though00:20
Dodgydaveshould I be using a sudo gnome command ?00:21
Jesdiscipleyou shouldn't have to, but it might work to do something like that00:21
JesdiscipleI would try to find out why it doesn't go graphical automatically  as it should00:21
qin!who > Jesdisciple00:22
ubottuJesdisciple, please see my private message00:22
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: it's the first partition so no space either side. but the source is probably only 10% full. can any software resize the partition to fit? what about simply copying the files across – would that work?00:22
demoxminimec, any idea how i apply the guide to 11.04?00:22
filo1234Mac-Rumours: gparted00:22
minimecdemox: hang on a moment...00:24
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: can gparted resize an image of partition or only actual partition? i'd rather not mess with real partitions in case the whole disk gets wasted.00:24
Sven_Hallo, spricht hier jemand durch zufall Deutsch?00:25
Newbantu: thanks for all that!00:25
NewDeutsch? nu. :(00:25
ubuntufreak21hey user 13 are you still there?00:25
Sven_Does anyone speak German?00:25
minimecdemox: Open a console (gnome-terminal) and type... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa00:26
ubuntufreak21user 13 : are you still there?00:26
NewQuen aqui hablas espanol?00:26
StevenRSven_: there's probably a #ubuntu-de00:26
qinusr13: ubuntufreak21 ask for you.00:26
filo1234Mac-Rumours: an image of partition? what you mean?00:27
minimecdemox: That will add the xorg edgers ppa.00:27
Sven_Thx a lot @StevenR ;o)00:27
DodgydaveJesdiciple......on the initial install from the CD should I be installing Ubuntu server or Cloud Enterprise ? Its for a stand alone laptop00:27
filo1234Mac-Rumours: gparted resize partition00:27
jjgalvez__shouldn't env NAME=Jose echo $NAME print Jose? when I do that I get a blank line00:27
StevenRSven_: no problem :)00:27
demoxminimec, how do i add myself to the sudoers? :p00:27
minimecdemox: Afterwards install the tool ooa-purge... sudo apt-get install ppa-purge00:27
ubuntufreak21how  do you private some one00:27
minimecdemox: After install default user is a sudoer00:27
StevenRNew: #ubuntu-es for Spanish :)00:28
ubuntufreak21how do you privately message someone?00:28
qinubuntufreak21: With no permission, we do not.00:28
NewAwesome :300:28
minimecdemox: ppa-purge might be usefull, if we had to removbe the ppa again.00:28
NewI just wanted to know though xD00:28
DodgydaveCan anyone help please ???? on the initial install from the CD should I be installing Ubuntu server or Cloud Enterprise ? Its for a stand alone laptop00:28
qinubuntufreak21: Try: /help in your client00:28
NewSteveR: yeah thanks just wanted to know haha00:29
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: i've already made an image but i guess it's a few bytes bigger than the source partition. if i could resize the image then it's non-destructive to disk. last time i resized partitions i lost 3 OSs and had to spend a week recovering.00:29
qinDodgydave: Ubuntu desktop00:29
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JesdiscipleDodgydave, I'm no expert, someone else here will certainly know more... however, I'm surprised there's no "Desktop" option00:29
demoxminimec, this is a new user i added00:29
Dodgydaveqin, dont have a 'desktop' option only server and cloud00:29
Mac-Rumoursi suppose i could resize the 2nd partition (source) and then try to clone again - better than trying to increase target partition size00:29
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qinDodgydave: Where did you get iso from? And what version?00:30
Dodgydavethats from the 64 bit download on ubuntu's site, no other options00:30
Dodgydaveversion 11.0400:30
qinDodgydave: Did you download server iso?00:30
minimecdemox: You don't have to add any user. During install you had to create a default user. This user is a sudoer.00:30
minimecdemox: during ubuntu install...00:30
Dodgydavelet me check00:30
ncypherHaving trouble installing 11.04 on a freshly formatted HDD, any suggestions on a how to get the Ubuntu Live CD to boot00:31
Jesdisciplencypher, boot into your BIOS00:31
Jesdisciplencypher, you might need to change boot order00:32
ncypherI have, DVD Drive is first00:32
Dodgydaveqin...got it here  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download00:32
Mac-Rumoursboot order and make sure CD/DVD is enabled to boot00:32
Jesdisciplencypher, then I yield to someone else :p00:32
chrisvjIs the network manager started before or after you log in on ubuntu?00:33
demoxminimec, could you please keep the links you gave me? ill relog with the sudo user i had on install00:33
ncypherI want to just throw windows through a window and install ubuntu so any suggestions on how to do this is welcome00:33
qinDodgydave: Where are you in installer?00:34
Sven_Need urgent help00:34
qinchrisvj: Before00:34
chrisvjncypher: download the installer from the ubuntu website and follow the directions on the page where you download it00:34
chrisvjqin: how to I set a script to execute after the network manager, but before i log in?00:35
DodgydaveI went all the way through answering the questions that I thought were correct. Having done that I get to a black screen similar to the terminal. someone suggested Gnome hadn't started for some reason00:36
qinchrisvj: root crontab, or init, with if networkmanager (or ping ok) up do stuff00:36
minimecdemox: Whenever you want ;)00:36
chrisvjDodgydave: have you ran ubuntu since you installed it?00:37
JesdiscipleDodgydave, if you have Server then I think GNOME not starting is normal00:37
qinchrisvj: Adding delay in script mostly works too00:37
JesdiscipleI was assuming it was Desktop00:37
DodgydaveI have started a fresh install of Server and am currently at "your network is probably not using DHCP"00:37
qinDodgydave: Server do not contain gui (here: gnome)00:38
chrisvjDodgydave: if you have server and it just pulls up a black screen, its working correctly00:38
lapagaDodgydave, you to not want to install server - you want to install desktop00:38
JesdiscipleDodgydave, you should probably go get Desktop and erase Server00:38
DodgydaveJesdiciple, where do I get desktop. When I search in google all links lead to here ....http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download00:38
chrisvji found that out by installing it, thought it was ubuntu customized for running a server00:38
JesdiscipleDodgydave, that's where I'm getting it too00:38
Sven_Can anyone tell me what to do? I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on Win7. It worked well until i need to install the drivers for my nvidia card. After the reboot, my Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor won't work. I cannot do anything. I cannot Reinstall Windows cause the CD/DVD-Drives won't work. I cannot see anything cause the Monitor is Black. The Keyboard won't work so no Bios or boot sequence can be set or changed... What can i do?? Please help me00:38
Mac-Rumoursfilo1234: if i use dd to copy from 1 partition to the other will it have the same issue?00:39
DodgydaveI cant find any other option to download00:39
JesdiscipleDodgydave, I see options for 32 and 64-bit00:40
Dodgydave11.04 ? 32 bit or 64 bit ?00:40
qinDodgydave: OK, when you finish install, we will see what to do.00:40
bazhangDodgydave, what is your cpu00:40
lapagaDodgydave, I went to the url you gave and it is there real big - just choose 11.04 and 32 or 6400:40
Dodgydaveyes, which should it be00:40
JesdiscipleDodgydave, 32 is default, and if I choose 64 and click download the ISO that offers to download is a Desktop release00:40
ParadigmUltrachrisvj: I bet for most people it woule be better to install Desktop and then install whatever servers you need independently through app server or synaptic00:40
JesdiscipleDodgydave, you can tell it's desktop when it has "desktop" as part of the filename00:41
Dodgydavehang on, I'm looking now00:41
chrisvjParadigmUltra: ah ok, ty. i was going to just install xammp (xampp?)00:41
ubuntufreak21where did user 13 go/00:42
=== x_ is now known as demoxx
ubuntufreak21where in a middle of a task00:42
demoxxminimec, hey so ive installed those00:42
Dodgydavejust tried it again, it seems to be downloading a desktop version now00:43
minimecdemoxx: ok. you can update your system now. It should update some xorg and intel packages.00:43
minimecdemoxx: sudo apt-get update00:43
adekWe made it, HURRAY!00:43
DodgydaveI will try and burn a new dvd and see what happens00:44
minimecdemoxx: tehn sudo apt-get upgrade00:44
Sven_Can anyone tell me what to do? I cannot reinstall anything cause the CD/DVD's won't work. The Keyboard and Mouse and the Monitor is DEAD. Please, what to do? I need my PC.00:44
demoxxthanks minimec :)00:44
demoxxafter its done i just reboot and thats it?00:44
Dodgydaveshould it install similar to Windows, to a standard desktop interface ?00:44
minimecdemoxx: Let's hope it works ;) no problem...00:45
redeyyezIm running win7 ult with truecrypt bootloader, entire FS is encrypted.  trying to install ubuntu with wubi? Once it rebooted made it through bootloader into final install of ubuntu, now it says it can't find the iso it downloaded.00:45
in0culais ubuntu 100% gnu software?00:45
JesdiscipleDodgydave, yep00:45
JesdiscipleDodgydave, different enough to require learning though00:45
Dodgydavefingers crossed then, thanks for the input00:45
DodgydaveI have used it in the past, but had to do a new install as I managed to break the last one :)00:46
DodgydaveI seemed to screw it up somehow trying to install Google Chrome for Linux. Didn't like it and lost alot of functionality such as Software Centre00:47
ubuntufreak21hey will someone whisper to user1300:47
ubuntufreak21saying that to read private message00:47
Jesdiscipleodd...  I suggest avoiding Chrome though, I couldn't find any good reason to keep using it00:47
Jesdiscipleit crashed all the time for me00:47
ParadigmUltrahuh, google chrome for linux?  How you do that?00:48
JesdiscipleDodgydave, and I tried like 2 or 3 separate times00:48
lapagause chromium00:48
JesdiscipleChrome proper is also distributed by Google00:48
ParadigmUltraI didn't know they made a version for linux00:48
DodgydaveI use it extensively on my windows dektop and never had a problem with it, I like it. Maybe the Linux version is still a bit buggy00:48
JesdiscipleChromium is the opensource, unbranded version00:48
Sven_Anyone listen to my problem?00:48
onlineamateurI use Chrome for Linux and love it00:48
onlineamateurThe most noticible difference between it and chromium is the logo.00:49
ParadigmUltrawhere do I get linux chrome?00:49
Dodgydaveyeah all shades of blue, not tri colour00:49
JesdiscipleSven_, try entreing it again00:49
zakwilsonEither google.com/chrome, or apt-get install chromium-browser for the fully open-source version.00:50
ParadigmUltraI will try it because I want the google toolbar00:50
qinSven_: Can you boot to grub menu (hold shift)00:50
ParadigmUltraI have all my bookmarks in google, so I need the toolbar to retrieve them.00:50
JesdiscipleParadigm... er... nevermind00:50
Jesdisciplebah, I'll go ahead and say it... Firefox has a Google Toolbar available00:51
ParadigmUltranot 500:51
Sven_Hello, can anyone Help me out?00:51
Jesdiscipleaah I see00:51
ParadigmUltra:-( 5 doesn't have it yet00:51
JesdiscipleSven_, try entering your question again00:51
qinSven_: Can you boot to grub menu (hold shift)?00:51
ubuntufreak21where is usr 13 its getting late00:51
onlineamateurActually Chrome doesn't have google toolbar (or any toolbar for that matter)00:51
Sven_Can anyone tell me what to do? I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on Win7. It worked well until i need to install the drivers for my nvidia card. After the reboot, my Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor won't work. I cannot do anything. I cannot Reinstall Windows cause the CD/DVD-Drives won't work. I cannot see anything cause the Monitor is Black. The Keyboard won't work so no Bios or boot sequence can be set or changed... What can i do?? Please help me00:51
ParadigmUltraoh, well then forget that.00:52
Scribbled2xWhat package does Locale fall under?  I am getting errors because for whatever reason - Locale is not installed?00:52
DelrayneAlright, so I've got three partitions: DellUtility 109.79MiB, RECOVERY 10.00GiB, and OS 222.78GiB with 1.18Mib of unallocated space...someone please tell me I can get rid of some of that if I want to dual boot with vista.00:52
qinScribbled2x: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales00:52
Scribbled2xqin - thanks00:53
Sven_No, cannot boot anything... After i see my G-Card info ( PC starts, then it shows me my nvida info, what card and so on... then the Monitor turns black and all is dead )00:53
DodgydaveChrome does have a bookmark manager as well as an import and export bookmark facility00:53
ubuntufreak21hey do you whisper with  a backslash?00:53
qinSven_: Is it desktop?00:53
Sven_My PC? Yes it's a Desktop PC.00:54
qinSven_: Do you have also onboard graphics (second rgb plug)?00:54
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: ok, delete all that and creat 2 partitions.  Primary partition should be windows and have about  60 - 80 gigs max, the rest give to linux00:54
minimecSven_: After BIOS screen press <left>shift key. choose the newest kernel in recovery mode and drop ro a root shell. then dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:54
Sven_I cannot chosse my BIOS...00:54
Scribbled2xqin - http://pastebin.com/tGHKkiNV  < what all does that mean  -- wow they were just coming out with Locale when I stopped using Linux the first time00:54
unallocatedOkay, I'm ahving some difficulty with audio on Natty. AC97 audio isn't working with Pulse Audio. It's onboard Realtek. Any ideas or help? Links?00:55
DelrayneParadigmUltra: Was told anything over 20Gigs is a waste for linux.00:55
qinSven_: What? Are you able to post picture of back of your pc?00:55
ParadigmUltraDelrayne:  LOL, sure, if you don't want to run any games, or anything good00:55
DelrayneParadigmUltra: Not to mention vista is already installed...so I just need to resize it rather than delete it, yeah?00:55
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
unallocatedThe audio shows "Internal Audio", but just doesn't output.00:55
Scribbled2xDelrayne - depends on the application - a database will chew up 20GB with a quickness00:55
ubuntufreak21is it 2050 yet?00:56
minimecSven_: Ok. Did oyu try to suspend or hibernate. Press On button on the PC until it shutsdown. Plug the AC! Wait 10 seconds. Plug again and boot.00:56
minimecSven_: Unplug the AC ;)00:56
Sven_One second i'll try00:56
ubuntufreak21sure feels like boring coming along00:56
=== root____2 is now known as BingBong
Delraynescribbled2x: ParadigmUltra: What do you recommend for partition sizes to dual boot with vista for someone who's starting to delve a bit deeper into the coding/programming world?00:57
JesdiscipleI can't copy or md5 the ISO... I get "Input/output error" every time00:57
ubuntufreak21tell him i can connect using remote desktop00:57
JesdiscipleI guess that indicates corruption *sigh*00:57
DelrayneScribbled2x: ParadigmUltra: by the way, I have no experience with partitions what so ever, so I hope one of you can walk me through it.00:57
ubuntufreak21la la la polly00:58
Scribbled2xDelrayne - there are way too many more knowledgable and experienced users here for me to suggest - I am stubbling through this usually with my head up my butt00:58
Delrayneheh, anyone care to speak up then?00:58
qinScribbled2x: sudo locale-gen your_lang, or sudo dpkg-reconfigure localeconf00:58
redeyyezIm running win7 ult with truecrypt bootloader, entire FS is encrypted.  trying to install ubuntu with wubi? Once it rebooted made it through bootloader into final install of ubuntu, now it says it can't find the iso it downloaded.00:59
qinScribbled2x: What version is it?00:59
bazhangDelrayne, with partitioning using cfdisk?00:59
Scribbled2xqin - thanks and it is oneiric00:59
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: I have a rather small hard drive on account of it being solid state, but I have 160Gig total,  80 for linux and 80 for windows.  Honestly if I had more space I would have the rest of it as a NTFS storage partion that can be accessed by both.00:59
ubuntufreak21will someone  pop me some popcorn cause its gonna be a long one lol00:59
Scribbled2xqin - it is a live build in a chroot environment00:59
qinScribbled2x: /j #ubuntu+100:59
Jesdiscipleany suggestions for ensuring I get an uncorrupted ISO?00:59
Sven_Hmmm... Seems to work... gimme a few more seconds ;os01:00
JesdiscipleI can't even md5 it because of an I/O error01:00
qinScribbled2x: I do not suspect there is known solutions to most of alpha issues01:00
DelrayneParadigmUltra: thats my ultimate goal. I've got 250gigs to work with, I figure 80-100 for vista and 80-100 for linux and the other 50 for roam by both.01:00
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: Yeah, that sounds god01:00
Jesdisciple*idea* maybe Firefox or Ubuntu is somehow bugging and screwing things up...  I'll try on Windows, but be a little sad if it works01:01
redeyyezDelrayne: if you were going to install an M$ Os why would you choose that to be Vista rather than 7?01:01
Scribbled2xqin - yea sorry bout that - I didn't think that this was a version specific issue01:01
DelrayneParadigmUltra: Ok, well I've got gparted open in the liveCD should I try to resize/delete now or wait until installation?01:01
Delrayneredeyyez: vista is already installed.01:01
qinScribbled2x: did you chroot oneric?01:01
pushpopanyone have a google + invite to give me =P01:01
redeyyezDelrayne: Ah, makes sense.01:02
bazhangpushpop, wrong place to ask01:02
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: Since you don't want to lose your vista install I suggest using GParted01:02
nit-witDelrayne, you might take a screen shot of gparted a pastebin it just so your helpers know the partitioning setup as of now01:02
pushpopi figured01:02
Delraynequick steps on how?01:02
bazhangpushpop, try #ubuntu-offtopic perhaps01:03
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: I don't think the installer will preserve your data durring it's partitioning01:03
Delraynepastebin I get..never pasted anything but code up there though.01:03
daveregBack again !¬!!!01:03
Scribbled2xqin yes I am working in chroot01:03
tomcInstall upgrade problem:  Somehow the upgrade manager is trying to upgrade from lucid _to_ hardy and won't do it... help!01:03
nit-witDelrayne, there is an image bin as well .01:03
ubuntufreak21(crying) what am i supposed to do waaaaaaa!!!!01:03
Delraynenit-wit ah, ok...so whats the keys for a screenshot?01:03
Jesdiscipletomc...  that's downgrading...01:03
onlineamateurLucid to Hardy is NOT an upgrade.01:03
qinubuntufreak21: Ask proper question.01:03
Logan__!please | ubuntufreak2101:04
ubottuubuntufreak21: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude01:04
daveregI seem to have downloaded a desktop version but now I am having difficulty burning a DVD in windows 7. Ubuntu webpage assumes you are using Ubuntu, anyone help with windows 7 ?01:04
nit-witDelrayne, use the screenshot in the menu and image bin  http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add01:04
ParadigmUltraubuntufreak21:  I'm not sure if you need #utuntu or #Jesus01:04
Jesdiscipledavereg, I see a guide for Windows right in front of me01:05
gisliyou have seven windows  davereg? Make sure to burn it as an image disk01:05
tomcThanks onlineamateur ... so is there a downgrade manager... my intention was/is to get to 11.0401:05
ubuntufreak21i need usr 1301:05
Logan__ubuntufreak21: What?01:05
Scribbled2xqin - is there a package that i am missing?  For example something that establishes locale ---> better question actually might be: is there something I can read to provide me with background to this01:05
Jesdiscipledavereg, go to ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download and find "Burn your CD or create a USB drive"01:05
jmwpcWhat is the proper way to make ubuntu boot to a console. I did update-rc.s -f gdm remove, but it still loads...01:05
daveregI must be blind.... can you paste the link ?01:05
ubuntufreak21i  need to send usr13 a message01:05
Jesdiscipledavereg, select the radio buttons CD and Windows, then click "Show me how"01:05
gislidavereg: Scribbled2x just pasted it01:06
onlineamateurCan some admin shut up ubuntufreak2101:06
jjgalvez__do you have to use env when setting te WINEPREFIX ?01:06
daveregDOH !!!!!01:06
ubuntufreak21you people dont know about user 13?01:06
ubuntufreak21he is in idle right now01:06
DelrayneParadigmUltra: nit-wit: http://imagebin.org/16221701:07
Jesdiscipleusr13, but no I don't know anything about the person01:07
onlineamateurtomc: I am not aware of a downgrade manager.01:07
ParadigmUltra"You people"  What do you mean by "You people"?01:07
ubuntufreak21he is supposed to be helpping me guys01:07
nit-witDelrayne, thanks hod on01:07
Delrayneubuntufreak21: what about him? he helped me earlier.01:07
qinScribbled2x: em, man locale? lc_all is less, failsafe, locale, you can ignore it.01:07
ubuntufreak21is he still on?01:07
onlineamateurtomc: Are you sure that's what it says?01:08
Delraynenot sure, don't see a way to see active users in the room.01:08
Scribbled2xqin - I am checking that out now01:08
Scribbled2xthank you01:08
qinubuntufreak21: Do you know that there is /ignore command too? Maybe, like not many of us, he have a life?01:08
gisliubuntufreak21: please stop spamming! And we are here to help if you need anything so if you want stop spamming and bring a question...usr13 is idle so he's not available at the moment01:08
tomcI can post the error messages... I've done it several times and checked the forums...01:08
Delraynegisli: How did you check that/01:09
Sven_minimec & qin: Thx a lot. Don't know why, but unplugging was the problem solver... Thx a lot... ;o)01:09
ubuntufreak21i need some one to look at my usb problema01:09
gisliDelrayne: ubuntufreak just said it a couple of lines ago. I don't know how to see it in irssi-client01:10
nit-witDelrayne, the partition you would resize is half full, the paging and unmovable files are going to be pretty far onto that partition. Just a resize of it=sda3 has some danger without setting it up coeewctly for resizing. Are you completely backed up?01:10
gisliubuntufreak21: what's the problem with your usb?01:10
bazhangubuntufreak21, what usb problems, please be very clear01:10
Scribbled2xqin - I think I understand - locale basically configures how programs / OS will react according to geographical constraints associated with the users language?01:10
ubuntufreak21there is no root hub01:10
Delraynenit-wit: no, but there isn't anything on there I can't afford to lose..assuming I don't lose the operating system.01:11
bazhang!details | ubuntufreak2101:11
ubottuubuntufreak21: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:11
minimecSven_: no problem. It shocked me the first time too ;)01:11
ubuntufreak21 when i try to insert my usb nothing happens01:11
alphai upgraded firefox by adding ppa:firefox-stable. But now I can't start firefox! How do I fix this?01:11
Delraynenit-wit: I have defragged it today though.01:12
p_resalpha: can you roll back version using synaptic?01:12
bazhangalpha, upgrade to what01:12
gisliubuntufreak21: does the drive show up in nautilus?01:12
nit-witDelrayne, if it was me I would turn off the paging reboot it then defragg it then shrink it with gparted leaving a open space for a extended partition to put linux in01:12
alphap_res, how do you roll back?01:12
ubuntufreak21whats that/01:12
bazhangalpha, purge the ppa. fx5 is in regular repos01:12
alphabazhang, I think I have firefox 5.0 right now.01:12
Delraynenit-wit turn of paging? how do I do that?01:12
bazhang!info purge-ppa | alpha01:12
p_resalpha: search in synaptic for "firefox" then when you right click on it, you should be able to do it in one of the tabs.01:12
gislithe ubuntu file manager. Go to places on the top left of your screen and click "Coomputer"01:12
ubottualpha: Package purge-ppa does not exist in natty01:12
bazhangalpha, ppa-purge is the package01:13
OogyPoogymsg NickServ identify bapida01:13
p_resalpha: i don't use synaptic, so can't talk you through exact process.01:13
qinOogyPoogy: owned?01:13
ubuntufreak21what is nautilius01:13
ramadanjoin #ubuntu01:13
Jesdisciplethe file explorer01:13
LoshkiOogyPoogy: ouch... Been there, done that. Choose a new password, please...01:13
bazhangalpha, install the package ppa-purge, run it, then install fx5 from the normal ubuntu repos01:14
alphabazhang, it tells me purge-ppa does not exist in natty01:14
dbrunsusr13, I was able to get the partitions on my hard drive deleted.. I tried with a completely unpartitioned drive and the installer didn't like it.. I made a single linux partition and made it bootable and the Ubuntu 11.04 installer still doesn't like it.  /dev/sda is an option when it asks you which drive, but there are no partitioning options available01:14
gisliubuntufreak21: I just told you !!! it's the ubuntu file manager. Go to places on the top left of your screen and click "Coomputer"01:14
bazhangalpha, yes, it was a mistype, its ppa-purge01:14
bazhang!info ppa-purge01:14
ubottuppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB01:14
bazhangalpha, ^01:14
daveregOH YES, UBUNTU IS BACK IN DA HOUSE !!! Thanks for your help guys, Jesdisiple and Qin :)01:15
Jesdiscipleno problem :)01:15
ubuntufreak21iits not there01:15
tomconlineamateur, or someone, can you look at the errors ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/640486/01:15
nit-witDelrayne, you turn it off do the rebot to remove it and defragg again, follow this on how to turn t off. When your finished installing Linux you can turn t back on. http://www.mydigitallife.info/tweak-windows-vista-virtual-memory-change-or-disable-paging-file-size/01:15
bazhangubuntufreak21, are you using ubuntu?01:15
gisliubuntufreak21: try another usb port then...you are using Ubuntu right?01:16
alphabazhang, I'm looking for this ppa-purge package. I does not seem to be such a thing in synaptic01:16
bazhangubuntufreak21, nautilus is most certainly there if you are01:16
Sven_But I'm glad that i had a LapTop to get here to ask for help... And I'm proud that there's a chat for helpless and you're so helpfulll ;o) Thnaks a Lot. I don't know what I#ll do without your help ;o)01:16
alphabazhang, (Im using 10.04)01:16
ramadanI have an hp pavillion pv6pbroadcom 802.1101:16
bazhangalpha, thought you mention natty earlier01:16
p_resalpha: type in terminal firefox --version01:17
ubuntufreak21dbruns what os do you have?01:17
p_reswhat version does it report?01:17
dbrunsI'm trying to install 11.04 . I had win 7 installed taking up the entire hard drive in this box, so I used fdisk to remove all partitions and add a single linux partition (bootable)  now when I run the installer from the live CD,  although the HDD space check succeeds, it offers no partitioning options and does not display the partition i created on dev/sda01:17
jjgalvez__what is the difference between setting an environment variable using "env" or just declaring it. What is the difference between saying env NAME=Jose and just saying NAME=Jose at the command line01:17
dbrunsubuntufreak21,   I"m on the unbtu 11.04 desktop live CD right now... nothing on the HDD atm01:17
ubuntufreak21do you have a pen drive?01:17
nit-witDelrayne, peronally i have my paging file off altogether I just clone my setups regularly and, and stor everything externally.01:17
ramadanHP pavillion dv6233se with the Broadcom 802.11 wlan... guess what problem i'm having...01:17
onlineamateurtomc: Where are you getting these errors?01:18
alphap_res, http://pastebin.com/RxgFwvjj01:18
ubuntufreak21db runs do you have a usb stick?01:18
p_resalpha: odd.01:18
p_resalpha: did you try my synaptic suggestion?01:19
OogyPoogyIts far too easy to miss that /01:19
dbrunsubuntufreak21, yep. i have a 8GB usb drive right next to me. but I'm booting to the ubuntu 11.04 CD right now.. why?01:19
irreverantQuestion: Does anyone here have experience with a Dell Mini 9 and Ubuntu? I have been doing research about it and its almost like Dell stopped supporting it and documenting anything on it all together?01:19
qinOogyPoogy: We did not miss it.01:19
OogyPoogyqin: haha01:19
OogyPoogyqin: I was able to change it01:20
ubuntufreak21can still get to the internet?01:20
dbrunsubuntufreak21, yes . . . why?01:20
gisliubuntufreak21: just wanted to point out that if he's on this IRC-channel than he (dbruns) most definetely is connected to the internet...01:21
ubuntufreak21ok good what you need to install ubuntu to harddrive using yumi multiboot01:21
Delraynenit-wit: alright, headed to go turn paging off, defrag and then come back for further instructions.01:21
ramadanI had wireless before the last Ubuntu 10 update and then it just stopped working, so i installed 11 thinking that they might have resolved the problem but it has persisted ever since. I've tried some things from the web but the 1 that actually did work only worked until reboot.01:21
ubuntufreak21just go to http://pendrivelinux.com01:21
irreverantCan anyone direct me to a update list of supported minibooks for Ubuntu?01:22
dbrunsubuntufreak21, why can I not install from the CD01:22
alphap_res: I seem to be able to force another version of firefox, I'll try that01:22
Israfel-LaptopI used the "script" command to record my actions and ouput to a file. But that file has command and special characters.. How do I remove them?01:22
ubuntufreak21cause your cd may be corrupt01:22
Loshkijjgalvez__: env is a unix command which sets an environment variable just for the duration of the command it runs (see man env). NAME=Jose is a bash assignment which sets the variable for the rest of the session. Hope that helps...01:22
p_resalpha: yes, do.01:22
kellnolais there any way to enable compiz and desktop effects in classic desktop (natty)? Even with a brand new user it doesn't work ... yes I have all the compiz packages installed and ccsm ...01:22
ramadanwireless switch is on, so i'm not one of those01:22
dbrunsubuntufreak21, if the CD is corrupt, why am I in ubuntu right now?01:23
ubuntufreak21or had change the default application to open the cd with01:23
jjgalvez__Loshki: Thanks it all makes sense now01:23
ubuntufreak21ok what does is say?01:23
qinIsrafel-Laptop: output of script can be replayed with script, be specific what you want to do.01:23
Israfel-LaptopHOw do I remove special characters from a script file? I can "cat" it out and it looks fine because BASH takes the commands literally and prints it properly.01:24
demoxthanks a lot minimec :)01:24
gislidbruns: what's your problem exactly...sorry to do this but ubuntufreak21 doesn't seem to know anything about this01:24
lothcrimsonhow do i get rid of the annoying taskbar thing that shows up on the left hand side of the screen?01:24
dbrunsthe problem is:  in the "Allocate drive space" step of the installer, nothing shows in the big box and when I select the only option "/dev/sda", it says "No root file system is defined, please correct this from the partitioning menu01:24
kellnolaIsrafel-Laptop, what about with "cat -A"?01:24
demoxquestion, i dont feel my netbook is much faster on ubuntu from windows7, if ill change WM would it make a big difference?01:24
minimecdemox: can you run unity with effects now with that intel?01:24
Israfel-Laptopqin, So I use script to show script? I need to alter the file because I need to put it into a report.01:24
kellnolaIsrafel-Laptop, sed can remove anything01:25
demoxminimec, whats unity? :p01:25
p_resdemox: depends on the wm you choose.01:25
gislidbruns: have you tried partitioning the drive from the install-disc?01:25
ubuntufreak21why dont just download ubuntu to your usb stick along with yumi multiboot installer ad reboot your copmputer press f12 to go to boot menu01:25
p_resdemox: i use naked unity with awn, runs great.01:25
minimec!unity > demox01:25
ubottudemox, please see my private message01:26
=== D3Mc4 is now known as Scoop3
minimecdemox: happy for you ;)01:26
ramadanYou guys are like House MD'01:26
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, How do I get it to use the output properly? Because I need the output to look how it looks in the CLI. So I need more than just cutting the commands. I need it to shower properly.01:26
ubuntufreak21and launch your usb then wait until yumi starts then click on linux distributions and click on  ubuntu01:26
dbrunsgisli, how??   the "New partition table" "add" Change" buttons are all unclickable...01:26
gisliramadan: only with more knowledge ;)01:26
irreverantIn order to remove a package do I use the synaptic package installer or can I just delete the folder of the application like in OS X to just remove it?01:26
kellnolaIsrafel-Laptop, not sure what you mean ... what are you displaying it to?01:27
jrmcmhow to upgrade to natty from the cl?01:27
demoxminimec, oh yeah it runs a lot better now01:27
p_resirreverant: synaptic.01:27
deckstaris it possible to find an encrypted home drive's passphrase while logged into that account?01:27
gisliirreverant: remove it with apt-get or aptitude or synaptic or the software center01:27
=== MC8 is now known as zuzak
demoxp_res, whats awn?01:27
qinIsrafel-Laptop: scriptreplay01:27
ubuntufreak21and sit back and wait for a few seconds then when it prompts to install just use regular install01:27
kellnoladeckstar, it is at first set to your login password01:27
p_resdemox: avant-window-navigator01:27
ramadanwireless help? broadcom? hp? looks like everyone's helping someone else.01:27
demoxif ill get something like fluxbox, will it be much faster?01:27
ubuntufreak21then watch the loading begin01:27
deckstarkellnola: thanks!01:28
minimecdemox: It will get better with future Ubuntu distributions...01:28
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, "script" records everything, even command characters. (Backspace etc) I need the output to be readable.01:28
p_resdemox: fluxbox is old. don't got there,01:28
p_resdemox: can be fiddly to setup sometimes.01:28
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, So if I "cat" it out, BASH uses the backspace and makes it look proper, but the file still has the character.01:28
KuzadI installed something on Unetbootin today, and I was wondering what key combination I had to hit to force 11.04 to access GRUB.01:28
deckstarIs it possible to autoboot into the an account that has an encrypted home drive? last time i tried all sorts of bad things happened01:28
demoxp_res, whats the alternative?01:29
KuzadWhether it was escape, f8, control c, control D, etc.01:29
gislidbruns: there must be something wrong with the way you used fdisk then. You should be able to delete the partition table in the installer and create new partitions01:29
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, I tried running "cat file.script > file.txt" but it still has the command characters.01:29
demoxIsrafel-Laptop, you from israel?01:29
minimecdemox: e17 is the way to go...01:29
Israfel-Laptopdemox, No.01:29
ramadangisli: agreed!01:29
alexleonwho have patience nd wanna teach me how to write a script? :)01:29
p_resdemox: strip unity naked.01:29
qinIsrafel-Laptop: cat 'file' ?01:29
Israfel-Laptopdemox, My brother lives there though.01:29
qinIsrafel-Laptop: iconv ?01:29
p_resdemox: remove the panel and launchers and install awn.01:29
demoxminimec, how about openbox? thats no good?01:29
dbrunsgisli, well  it didn't like the win7 partitioning.. it complained that the 2nd partition ended in the middle of a sector, so I had to use fdisk to delete the previous partitioning01:30
Israfel-Laptopqin, generic file name. I named it 11-0500.script01:30
kionalexon what type of script?01:30
ubuntufreak21im gonna have to leave he is not coming back by all01:30
gislidemox: openbox is good...very minimalistic and nice01:30
demoxp_res, is there any easy way to do that?01:30
irreverantp_res: gisli: is that becaues it will remove all the associated files with it? Does it remove it completely or does it behave similar to the windows registry and merely remove the hash mark or logical hooks to the file itself? I know linux doesnt have registry but I want to understand the underlying process of removing it using the package manager.01:30
ubuntufreak21ill be back on probably tomorrow01:30
alexleonkion to activate shift + f9  at start up01:30
alexleoni want my woter effect to start with ubuntu01:30
p_resdemox: yeah, just use synaptic to remove unity and then install awn.01:31
qwerHow to export everything out of thunderbird in ubuntu??01:31
kiondo you know how to activate it on a terminal?01:31
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, Here's a line: drwxr-xr-x 3 israfel israfel 4096 2011-06-08 11:42 [01;34mdcim[0m01:31
p_resdemox: then run awn from a terminal and set it to run at startup.01:31
ramadanmaybe another day. thanks!01:31
p_resirreverant: what?01:31
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: you could try deleting all non-printing characters by running it through tr -d -c '[:print:]'. Make sure you don't lose the original file in case it doesn't work...01:31
irreverantsorry irc was freaking out01:31
alexleonkion nop i got ubunto this week i know just little01:31
minimecdemox: I used fluxbox for some time, but e17 gives me a lot more. You have a decent pager like in fluxbox and you can configure everything in the settings... everything! But you need some time to understand the menu philosophy of the settings.01:31
gislidburns: sorry I'm not familiar with dualbooting winblows and ubuntu at all :( have only had linux for eight years now. Sorry mate01:31
dbrunsgisli, i'm not trying to dual boot . ..01:32
p_resdemox: my desktop looks like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/705/201107090833381680x1050.jpg01:32
Jesdisciplegrr, I got an uncorrupted ISO on Windows but it's too big for my USB drive to transfer...  maybe I could send it to Ubuntu over the network?01:32
kionalexion what does sift + f9 does?01:32
dbrunsgisli, i'm trying to get rid of win7 entirely   it was on here to test it out back when it was in beta..   i haven't used this HDD since01:32
p_resdemox: and this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/842/201107090815161680x1050.jpg01:32
Israfel-LaptopLoshki, simply deleting the command characters leaves it a mess, I need to have backspaces erase the last character.01:32
gislidburns: than just wipe the whole disk with gparted and partition it in the installer01:32
jrmcmhow to upgrade to natty from the cl?01:32
daanishDoes anyone have any clue when the kernel bug with the overheating will be fixed?01:32
alexleonkion it activates the water effect's rain01:32
kellnolaIsrafel-Laptop, Oh! That's ANSI color crap form the terminal.01:33
demoxlooks good and simple.. im runnning a n450 1.66 and 1gb ram so i need something simple01:33
dbrunsgisli, thats the problem.. the installer partitioning seems broken01:33
bazhang!upgrade | jrmcm01:33
ubottujrmcm: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:33
demoxand small screen so i need to have that working for me too :/01:33
Alexsanderfreedts and tsql (command line access to MS SQL Server from Linux), anybody?01:33
p_resdemox: what working?01:33
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, There's other command characters too.01:33
kellnolaIsrafel-Laptop, if you switch the TERM to something simpler, like, VT100 you won't get those01:33
w30wow, every Linux distro and every HP printer always seem to install very easiely, I do belive I will stick with HP and their rediclous ink prices01:33
demoxp_res, the little size of the screen01:33
WallyIs there any major bugs in Ubuntu Networking I should k]now about01:33
gislidbruns: allright...than boot into the live CD and run gparted from there...strange though that the partitiong part is broken01:33
dbrunsw30, its not ink.. its unicorn blood01:34
kionnot shure how to do that with a script01:34
bazhangWally, something specific?01:34
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, That's only an example of one. The others are much messier and I didn't want to paste it here.01:34
Crimson22so.... I uninstalled Unity, but didnt reinstall gnome before restarting. what do i do now?01:34
p_resdemox: awn is fine for that because you can set it to hide behind windows etc.01:34
gislidbruns: than you start the installer from inside the live CD01:34
irreverantdbruns: i have some experience dual booting what are you asking about?01:34
daanishDoes anyone have any clue when the kernel bug with the overheating will be fixed?01:34
kionbut would look for an option within the compiz manager01:34
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, ]0;israfel@israfel-horn: ~/Forensic/11-0500israfel@israfel-horn:~/Forensic/11-0500$ md5sum 11-0500.img 11-0500.img.md5[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K[K>11[K[K 11-0500.img [K.md501:34
dbrunsgisli, well i am booted to the live CD and i've been using fdisk (i'm old school).  i'll try gparted01:34
WallyWell mainly just VNC protocol, I had a lot of troubles connecting.. I'm actually leaning towards more an OSX issue01:34
bazhangCrimson22, uninstalled? how was that done exactly01:34
w30dbruns, You have a well made point01:34
dbrunsirreverant, FUUUUUUUUDGE>>> i'm not dual booting!!!!!!!!!!01:34
alphap_res: success! thanks (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1672361). Also thanks to bazhang01:35
Crimson22bazhang, software center thing01:35
alexleonkion i couldnt find any option on ccsm01:35
WallyI am doing the updates anyway01:35
kellnolaccsm just does not work at all for me (in classic desktop)01:35
irreverantdbruns: sorry then I miss read it. What are you doing?01:35
gisliirreverant: sorry it took a while to answer but by using tools like synaptic the system removes only the packages it can remove so the system doesn't break. It makes sure there are no dependencies.01:35
p_resalpha: nice.01:35
=== rcmaehl is now known as creeper
demoxubuntu-netbook - should i install this package?01:35
p_resdemox: no.01:36
irreverantgisli: that01:36
p_resdemox: that's old and deprecated.01:36
Crimson22is there a keyboard shortcut to bring up terminal? I have no interface at the moment01:36
irreverantgisli: that's the answer I was wondering about, thanks for answering.01:36
dbrunsirreverant, installing ubuntu 11.04 fresh on a HDD that used to have Win7.. i want to get rid of it entirely.. at first the installer didn't like the fact that the 2nd partition for win7 did not end at the end of a sector, so it ignored the /dev/sda   I used fdisk to remove all partitions and the installer still didn't like /dev/sda  now i'm trying gparted . . .01:36
demoxp_res, any tweaks or packages or such for netbooks?01:36
bazhangCrimson22, ctrl alt t01:36
kionalexlon I would google reading input from stdin or sending keystrokes with a script01:36
Crimson22bazhang, perfect, thanks01:36
irreverantare you using fdisk off the ubuntu startup cd?01:37
kionand then when you get the script just put it on /etc/init.d01:37
irreverantor fdsk?01:37
gislidbruns: hehe I too consider myself "oldschool" but fdisk is just something you don't really need except you're using ssd's and want that extra 0.01% power01:37
dbrunsI haven't used ubuntu desktop for years and this new version is very different . . . is there an easy way to take a screenshot of what I"m seeing to upload somewhere so you guys can see what i'm talking about?01:37
p_resdemox: nope. just set awn to hide behind open windows.01:37
Israfel-Laptopkellnola, That line is supposed to print the MD5 sum, but it's garbage text in the script file. But if I cat it out, it's fine.01:37
alexleonkion i did but i dont understand :/ so i need a human who can tell me step by step :)01:37
dbrunsgisli, well I prefer cfdisk    but it really didn't like the win7 partitioning so i had to use fdisk . .01:37
minimecdbruns: http://imagebin.org/01:37
daanishDoes anyone have any clue when the kernel bug with the overheating will be fixed?01:37
kionalexlon let me do a quick research to see if i can be of any help01:37
gisliirreverant: happy to help01:37
bazhangdaanish, bug link please01:38
alexleonkion ok01:38
dbrunsminimec, but how do I take a sshot in this new ubuntu UI?   printscreen doesn't seem to do anything01:38
daanishbazhang -01:38
ParadigmUltra!sdrawkcab gnipyt m'I nosaer emos roF ,mU01:38
ubottuParadigmUltra: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:38
daanishbazhang - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/760131 (sry abt previous try)01:39
irreverantdbruns: im in the same boat! Ive found after using windows now for a while that returning to linux has been a large learning curve, ive read the ubuntu handbook several times now including the unix bible and im still having some issues with simple core concepts and i feel retarded.01:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 760131 in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Power consumption raised significantly in natty" [High,Triaged]01:39
qinParadigmUltra: Not funny.01:39
minimecdbruns: gnome-screenshot or something 'take screenshot' in unity dash01:39
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: try some of the stuff here: http://superuser.com/questions/99128/removing-the-escape-characters-from-gnu-screens-screenlog-n01:39
ParadigmUltrano, i'm serious!01:39
ParadigmUltraoh it stopped :-001:39
ParadigmUltrathat was wierd01:39
irreverantdbruns: just printscreen and post it on postbin or pastebin01:39
gislidbruns: without having tried the new crappy ubuntu UI I think you push the super button (winblows button) and type screenshot in the search box01:39
gislidbruns: then you use the built in scrsht application01:39
dbrunssee how there is nothing int he big box and the buttons for partitioning are greyed out...01:40
Israfel-LaptopLoshki, Problem is, I need the command character actions to be used on the text. Otherwise it's still a mess.. I can easily cut out the commands themselves, but they're needed.01:40
irreverantdbruns: are you using windows right now? if you are you just hit the prntscrn button that will capture it and then in the run box type mspaint and ctrl c it to mspaint, that will copy the captures creen to it.01:40
ParadigmUltraAnyways, I need a help with my unity/compiz desktop.  for some reason I keep losing the focus of every app and I can't click on anything until I press TAB several times, or rotate to another desktop and then back again.01:40
dbrunsirreverant, no  i'm not using windows i'm booted to the ubuntu liveCD01:41
Israfel-LaptopIs there a way to directly capture the text output of the command line? piping into a text file doesn't seem to work.01:41
dbrunsI DO NOT USE WINDOWS      I'm simply using a HDD that used to have win7 on it . . .   i hate windows  SCREW WINDOWS01:41
minimecdbruns: should be something like /dev/sda1 sda is the whole harddisk. Partitions are numbered01:41
bazhangdbruns, lose the caps01:41
gislidbruns: THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!01:41
p_resminimec: that's the spirit!01:42
ParadigmUltraIsrafel-Laptop: have you tried "command > output file?01:42
irreverantdbruns: your using unity. I havent really played with it.01:42
dbrunsbazhang, caps are good for yelling... i was yelling.. it was appropriate01:42
ParadigmUltra[command] > outputFile  ?01:42
midhunomy bluetooth adapter not descovered please help me01:43
daanishlol, Yeah! Windows sucks! Stick it to the man!01:43
Israfel-LaptopParadigmUltra, omg, yes yes I have...01:43
bjorkintoshi just installed 11.04 and i'd like to disable some of the effects01:43
qinParadigmUltra: He just said: piping seems to not...01:43
dbrunsminimec, i know how HDD partitioning works..   the HDD is partitioned to 1 primary ext4 bootable linux partition...  the installer apparently doesn't agree . . .01:43
gislidbruns: I'm sorry but I'm just not familiar with the new installer. But if I were you I would close the installer and open gparted and partition  sda again01:43
daanishIsrafel-Laptop - is this sameer??01:43
bjorkintosh... from unity. but i don't see a way to modify the damned thing01:43
Israfel-Laptopdaanish, No, this is Jeff.01:43
ParadigmUltraI know, but I always think of | when they say pipe01:43
dbrunsgisli, yeah.. thats what I"m doing.. if this doesn't work I guess i give up :(01:43
qinIsrafel-Laptop: What command?01:43
daanishIsrafel-Laptop, oops.01:43
midhunomy bluetooth adapter not descovered please help me01:43
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: also, try: command > file 2>&101:44
gislidbruns: never give up :) It's soooo worth it!01:44
p_resmidhuno: try lsusb01:44
rwwParadigmUltra, qin: | is piping. > and < and friends are shell redirection. Different things.01:44
Israfel-Laptopqin, "script" to record. "cat" to output, "cat file.script > file.txt" doesn't work.01:44
ParadigmUltrayeah, I know01:44
dbrunsThe whole goal was to see what this Unity interface was all about..    i use OS X mostly (being a web developer I need photoshop and I just don't like the VM options in linux for photoshop)   gotta have some 'nix based OS though.. i despise windows01:44
qinIsrafel-Laptop: scriptreplay -- does it work properly01:45
minimecdbruns: What kind of software are you running. I don't recognize the interface. Dumb question. Are you running that interface with sudo rights. I step into conversation. I may have missed something before.01:45
Israfel-LaptopLoshki, Nope, double piping didn't work.01:45
gislidbruns: IMHO the unity thing is horrible. And that's why I'm switching to debian at the weekend01:46
dbrunsmimico, i booted to the new 11.04 liveCD01:46
midhunop_res Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:46
midhunoBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:46
midhunoBus 003 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)01:46
midhunoBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:46
midhunoBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:46
FloodBot1midhuno: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
midhunoBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub01:46
Israfel-Laptopqin, I need it output to a text.01:46
JesdiscipleI have nautilus-share installed but can't figure out how to use it...01:46
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: next try: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/2318/fix-a-typescript-file-created-by-the-script-program-to-remove-control-characters01:47
Israfel-Laptopqin, That's to run the recorded script in terminal. I want the text output.01:47
ParadigmUltraAnyone know why sometimes my mouse can't click on anything on a particular virtual desktop until change workspaces or hit TAB several times?01:47
stercorWhen the machine boots from a USB drive it issues this message ("/" separates lines): "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot"/"vesamenu.c32 not a COM32R image"/boot:01:47
dbrunsgisli, :-) well i just built a new computer out of spare parts laying around last night for my home gym for fitness tracking.. i wanted to put some distro of linux on and since I use ubuntu server for my web servers, i figured I'd go that route..   the only distro i've used for serious desktop use was gentoo back in the day when I contributed to the gentoo project..   I figured ubuntu being as popular as it is would have the best default s01:47
dbrunsupport for this random hardware combo I threw together01:47
Crimson22_how can i get the old style System/Administration/etc taskbar to show up. It was there when I first installed ubuntu, but after I updated graphics drivers it disapeared and got replaced by taskbar on the left with the massive icons01:47
Israfel-LaptopLoshki, Give me a second to try that one, for some reason that text is actually an image file... Those assholes.01:48
bazhangCrimson22_, choose classic at the login window01:48
dbrunsOddly, the ubuntu installer program doesn't show up in my "alt-tab" menu in this Unity UI01:48
gislidbruns: one question...is your hard drive PATA(IDE) or SATA?01:48
dbrunsgisli, sata01:48
bsmith093how so i upload a theme i customized?01:49
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: I was able to cut&paste the line as text using firefox...01:49
gisliokay dbruns01:49
ParadigmUltraCrimson22_: relog and chose "classic".  Also once you get used to the unity tool bar, it's really easy.01:49
dbrunsdon't most ata drives end up as  /dev/hdx01:49
gislidbruns: have you gotten anywhere with the gparted partitioning scheme?01:49
LoshkiIsrafel-Laptop: cat typescript | perl -pe 's/\e([^\[\]]|\[.*?[a-zA-Z]|\].*?\a)//g' | col -b > typescript-processed01:49
dbrunsgisli, nope :( just tried installer again and no luck..01:49
Crimson22_bazhang, cheers01:49
ParadigmUltraCrimson22_:  In the Unity app window on the upper right you can chose the System category to see all those apps too01:50
gislidbruns: hmmmm now that's a puzzler! You sure your HDD is working fine?01:50
Crimson22_ParadigmUltra, oh neat, thanks01:50
bjorkintoshcan ubuntu's new interface be modified?01:51
dbrunsgisli, it worked fine when I turned the computer on .. it booted to win7 (surprisingly.. i didn't know if there was an OS on this HDD or not) and everything worked just fine last night as I used it for basic web browsing01:51
Israfel-LaptopSweet, looks like it worked. Thanks. I've been searching on google and bing for a few hours. Is there any better way to record terminal input/output than using "script"?01:51
Israfel-LaptopLoshki, thanks01:51
bjorkintoshIsrafel, transcript01:51
bazhangbjorkintosh, not much. choose classic if you want the old gnome (at login window)01:52
dbrunsI have a few other HDDs laying around so I can try a different one. but this one is a decent 250GB seagate drive that never got much use I think its the only unused sata drive I have01:52
DrDamnitUpgraded to 11, and there are few things acting funny (Like kterminal crashing the machine when I attempt to maximize it). Want to go back to 10.10. I have a RAID array setup, should I do anything special? Planning on wiping the system drive and installing from fresh.01:52
bjorkintoshclassic? okay.01:53
Israfel-Laptopbjorkintosh, I'm only seeing transcriber in the repositories.01:53
gislidbruns: than the HDD is not the problem it seems. I have to admit that I'm absolutely stumped. Hopefully some brainiac will be able to help you ;)01:53
ParadigmUltra11, when did 11 come out??  crap I just got 10 last weekend!01:53
bjorkintoshIsrafel, you don't like script?01:53
dbrunsgisli, long ago, i used to be the brainiac helping people here :p01:53
bazhangParadigmUltra, 4th month, this year 201101:53
DrDamnitgisli: what's your problem /question?01:53
ParadigmUltraI feel like I'm in the best buy comercial.  My daughter is going to say "You downloaded the wrong one silly head"01:53
mrdebdoes turning on extra effects speed up apps01:53
bazhangParadigmUltra, 11.0401:53
dbrunsgisli, mostly in #php and #linux but #ubuntu sometimes also ;-)01:54
bazhangmrdeb, no01:54
dbrunsDrDamnit, he was trying to help me troubleshoot my issue.. i'm trying to install 11.04 (i'm booted to the live CD) but it doesn't seem to like my SATA drive01:54
gislidbruns: hehe things change :D but I'm off to bed...work in 3 hours. DrDamnit: actually dbruns needs your help so I'll let him tell ou his problems01:54
mrdebwhy not01:54
ParadigmUltraMaybe I'm just confused.  Isn't there a "version" command or something to confirm my version?01:55
DrDamnitdbruns: join the club with 11.04 issues. I got mine to install, but it was via an upgrade. It has a whole bunch of driver issues. Gnome crashes entirely, but KDE still works. ergo... I am reverting.01:55
bazhang!version | ParadigmUltra01:55
ubottuParadigmUltra: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:55
irreverantwhats the syntax to install the newest version of flash? apt-get install flash ?01:55
ParadigmUltrathanks!  I have 11.4.  I'm just losing my mind, ignore me01:56
DrDamnitdbruns: not the help I think you wanted. Give me more details about your issue? make / model SATA drivers, etc...01:56
OogyPoogyAny of you try out Thunderbird Conversations 2.0? Fantastic. Really gives Tbird a google-ized facelift01:56
bazhang!ot | OogyPoogy01:56
ubottuOogyPoogy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:56
midhunobluetooth not working anybody helpme01:57
bazhang!details | midhuno01:57
ubottumidhuno: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:57
ParadigmUltramidhuno: What have you tried sofar?01:57
DrDamnitmidhuno: Have you tried blueman?01:57
dbrunsDrDamnit, I think i'm just going to install an older version or a different distro... This is a computer I tossed together with spare parts last night for my home gym in the garage.. just need something with a web browser to watch videos and enter in statistics as I work out01:58
dbrunsDrDamnit, I'm pretty confident in my ability to troubleshoot issues and I think this might just be either A) a bug with the installer that I don't want to tackle, or B) a hardware issue that I also don't want to tackle01:58
midhunoi am using ubuntu 11.04 my computer says that the bluetooth is disabled i can't able to enable it01:59
kionAlexlon are you still here?01:59
DrDamnitdbruns: I agree with you. I'm no noob (although I learn something new every time I come in here). I am reverting to 10.10. (Downloading via torrent as I type this).01:59
dbrunsI've had a few people here confirm my troubleshooting methods were good, so I think I'm just going to cut this one loose01:59
dbrunswell I am not a heavy linux desktop user anymore, but I'm a linux server admin and web developer and I've been doing it for 11 years, so I know my way around 'nix02:00
nT4BRits possible set a custom resolution for screen in ubuntu 10.04? my laptop screen has a resolution of 1366x768, and have't this option in graphical tool02:00
midhunoanybody help me please02:00
DrDamnitnT4BR: it's a function of your graphics card and if the driver supports it. nVidia, for instance, has a utility for that.02:00
ParadigmUltramidhuno: Is it a laptop?02:00
bazhangmidhuno, you have not answered our questions02:01
DrDamnitmidhuno: have you tried blueman?02:01
dbrunsnot saying I know everything, but since no one has suggested an easy solution and I've had multiple people verify my hunches, its just not worth anyone's time at this point. it could easily be a bad HDD .. i haven't used it for a year... or issue with 11.04 (which there seem to be many)02:01
midhunoi am using ubuntu 11.04 my computer says that the bluetooth is disabled i can't able to enable it02:01
bazhangmidhuno, just repeating help me will get no help02:01
dbrunsgnight all..02:01
princej88hey guys simple question, I just installed deja dup on my desktop and i have scheduled it to perform a backup to a home file server every week. Now does deja dup only backup files that have changed since the last backup or will deja dup backup everything each time?02:01
DrDamnitdbruns: like I said a minute ago. I think you're right.02:01
EriksenSo i guess this chatrom is all about wow ?02:01
bazhangEriksen, no02:01
irreverantits apt-get install adobe-flashplugin02:01
midhunoya it is a net book02:01
midhunoi tried blue man02:01
minimecdbruns: I am thinking about your problem. Can you mount /dev/sda1 to /mnt? If yes, we could at least verify, that the loaded system can work with that partition. Then you could even try to 'cp' something.02:02
bazhangEriksen, ubuntu support only02:02
DrDamnitmidhuno: which netbook.02:02
nT4BRDrDamnit, i'am running ubuntu in a virtual box instance, and i have installed the additional package for support some drivers, i a first moment, works fine but after reinitialization, i have this problem :/02:02
midhunohcl ME netbook02:02
nT4BRafter reboot*02:02
ParadigmUltramidhuno: Some computers like my HP, have a switch to turn on/off bluetooth and wireless network.  Look for a switch or something on the side of the netbook02:03
DrDamnitnT4BR: I am not familiar with virtual box (I use VMWare for servers and MS Virtual PC for desktops), but the logic should still hold true.02:03
alexleondid u find something?02:03
nT4BRDrDamnit, i will try MS Virtual =]02:03
DrDamnitnT4BR: It is a driver issue either way. VirtualBox's virtual driver may be conking out o you.02:03
nT4BRmaybe this is a problem in virtual box DrDamnit02:04
midhuno<ParadigmUltra> i tried all but no use my netbook have same switch for bluetooth and wifi wifi is working nicely02:04
DrDamnitnT4BR: M$? BLASPHEMY....  I am surprised the ubottu didn't boot us for typing that.02:04
ParadigmUltraMidhuno:  there are so many netbooks out there, they are like fly by night computers, there is a new one everyday.  There may just not be any drivers for your particular device.  But I hope that isn't the case.02:05
DrDamnitnT4BR: video and virtual machines don't mesh well in my experience. You can get them working pretty good, but when there are issues, you just have to reboot. Got Quake running in a Windows instance on Virtual box on ubuntu once, but it wassn't easy.02:05
Delraynenit-wit: You still around?02:05
DrDamnitmidhuno: Do lspci (or the relevant command) and see if it tells you what chipset / manufacturer made the bluetooth.02:05
midhuno<ParadigmUltra> when i used the command sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart it work for 1 time....when i disabled bluetooth and then enabled again it will not02:06
nT4BRDrDamnit, thnx, i'll make anything for this later because i need code :]02:06
ParadigmUltramidhuno: You should run a google search on your netbook model and bluetooth in ubuntu, and see what comes up02:06
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
ParadigmUltramidhuno: Well that's interesting that it worked once.  That means it can work again. hmmm..  you've tried rebooting?02:07
ParadigmUltraMidhuno: are you duel booting?02:08
midhuno<ParadigmUltra>no onnly using ubuntu02:08
DelrayneAnyone experienced with partioning, mind giving me a hand?02:09
ParadigmUltramidhuno: ok, cause I was thinking maybe there is a problem with ubunto enabling it in the BIOS after it's been disabled.  If that's the case, disabling/re-enabling it in another OS might get it working again, or maybe checking for a setting in the BIOS directly02:10
ReighnakjI am just about reformat by butting for CD and I figured I would join.02:12
midhunoDrdamnit http://paste.ubuntu.com/640512/02:12
ParadigmUltramidhuno: Do you still have the bluetooth icon in the notification area?02:12
ReighnakjOn my last attempt I was getting I/O errors, so I created a new CD and joined this channel just incase it happened again.02:12
midhunobut it is disabled02:12
ParadigmUltramidhuno: and it won't let you enable it again?  then I would try checking the BIOS02:13
midhuno<ParadigmUltra>no...when i click set up device or sent files it says no adapters found.How to check bios??02:14
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: I had the same issue.  I was using windows 7 to burn the CD, and it either failed to complete the burn or it crashed during install wih an I/O error.02:15
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: I had to download a free ISO burning on my xp box and burn a copy from there.  The build in windows 7 burner sux02:16
ReighnakjI just started from the disk02:17
Reighnakjand it looks like it is doing something different ParadigmUltra.02:17
YellowGTOHow can you rotate a single monitor in twinview mode?02:17
YellowGTOAnyone have an idea?02:17
ReighnakjI am going to give it 10 minutes or so, since I am about to raid in WoW, then I will do what you said, Paradigm.  Ty.02:17
ParadigmUltramidhuno: When you restart your computer, at the manufacturer's logo screen it will say "Press __ to enter setup" or something like that.  that's setup screen it leads you to is the system Basic Input Output System.02:18
Delraynecan someone take a look of this screenshot http://imagebin.org/162236 and help me partition my hdd to be 100Gigs vista, 100Gigs linux, and 50Gigs shared space?02:19
timCan anyone recommend a good web designer for Ubuntu?  I'd like to create my own web pages...02:21
ParadigmUltraSorry Delrayne, my only experience with gparted was trying to recover a partition table from a messed up external hard drive, and it didn't work.  But I'm sure someone else here will know or arrive eventually.  But if you don't get an answer you might be better googling help with gparted02:22
dorktim: if you're looking for a 'what you see is what you get' editor, like the ones that basically let you drag and drop pictures etc, i don't know of any decent open source ones. but if you're actually interest in learning how to do html i'd suggest using bluefish02:23
timSimpler is better but I'll take a look at bluefish.02:23
ParadigmUltratim, there are also online options that are OS independent02:23
metap0dtim: The tutorials for HTML/CSS at w3schools are awesome and it doesn't take long these days to produce your own websits02:23
dorkwhat metap0d said02:24
dorkavoid stuff that won't make you learn, like online options02:24
ParadigmUltrawhat dork said02:24
DelrayneParadigmUltra: I'm sure I can get the size and such like I want, I just don't want to delete somthing cause I think it isn't important and it be something critical.02:25
ReighnakjParadigmUltar:  (initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs02:25
timlearning I like - it's why I chose Ubuntu.  Time I don't always have...02:25
Reighnakjshould I try getting the ISO off XP PC?02:25
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: when are you getting that message, after doing what?02:26
dorktim: i personally think bluefish and w3c tutorials are an excellent approach for you02:26
metap0dtim: HTML is about as basic and easy as it gets ... there aren't really any concepts involved either. It is one of the few things where you could open up a .html file, start changing/moving things and understand what you are doing.02:26
dresdenQuestion, I added an external HD to fstab. I also see that the volume manager also added the same mount (different name) for the same hd. Any ideas how to make the volume manager stop adding this external hd?02:27
ReighnakjJust booting from the disk.  I litte the screen set there while it is loading with the little red bubbles and "Ubuntu" logo Paradigm.02:27
ReighnakjAfter it tries to load for awhile, it when to that.02:27
ReighnakjI get errors.02:28
eiriksvinhello, I have a Digital camera question, how do i use my Slick Digital Video Camera on Ubuntu?02:28
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: Yeah, that sounds about like what I was getting.  Yeah I would recommend burning it from anything other than the built in CD burning application.  Use roxio or something.02:28
ReighnakjFinal message from the errors, "No init found. Try passing init- bootarg."02:28
ReighnakjI have been buring it off Windows7 and putting it into my other XP desktop Para.02:29
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: using the built in burner?02:29
ReighnakjI will get an ISO burner on my XP PC and use that computer to burn it and reformat that way.02:29
ReighnakjShould I just downlaod a ISO burner onto Win7?02:29
timThanks.  I'll give it a go...02:30
timHow do you answer a post here?02:30
ReighnakjI will.02:30
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: ok, that could be why.  Also I recommend using "track at once" method which is usually the default.  I set it to "Disk at one" and it didn't work.02:30
ReighnakjWhat software did you use that ultimatly made it work?02:31
ParadigmUltrahold on a sec, I'll have to pop over to the xp box and look02:31
aabbccdwesomeone can help me?02:31
aabbccdwe[*] Started reverse handler on ******:444402:31
aabbccdwe[*] Automatically detecting the target...02:31
aabbccdwe[*] Fingerprint: Unix - Samba 3.0.28 - lang:Unknown02:31
aabbccdwe[*] We could not detect the language pack, defaulting to English02:31
FloodBot1aabbccdwe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
aabbccdwe[-] Exploit exception: No matching target02:31
eiriksvincan anyone help me find out how to get my Slick digital video camera to work on ubuntu?02:33
tmh1979I have a full root partition and no matter what I delete, it still shows up as full. Any ideas what might be causing this?02:34
ParadigmUltraIt was called "Active ISO burner" www.disk-image.net02:34
mrdebtmh1979: try disk analyzer02:34
tmh1979mrdeb: Is that a commandline tool? At this point I can't log into a gui, presumably because of errors triggered by the full disk (lots of components of gnome don't work right with a full disk)02:35
dunkel2im having a little problem with my audio over usb speakers, it sounds fast, what can i do?02:35
AruthaCan someone point me in the direction of a file manager that allows for two panes and a tree, but the panes are top/bottom, not side/side?  Everything two-paned based that I've found seems locked to side-by-side :(02:36
DelrayneAnyone know the terminal command to find my RAM size?02:37
dorkDelrayne: free -m02:37
tmh1979To be clear about the problem df shows 0 bytes available; I then delete a file shown to be 17MB large; then I run df again and it still shows the partition with 0 bytes available.02:37
dunkel2do anyone know how can i solve my audio problem?02:37
dorkArutha: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-cache search file manager02:38
dorkArutha: not sure which ones do that but i use Thunar02:38
myk_robinsonanyone able to get an Alps Glidepoint Trackpad to work for scrolling in Natty?02:38
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ParadigmUltraI'm back, sorry bout that, I had some input issues02:39
=== joshlets is now known as joshlegs
NorthernenHow can I find the version of ATI drivers my graphics card is currently using?02:39
dymIs it usual that a rented Vserver is missing /dev/ptmx ?02:39
joshlegssup all02:39
dymWhy would one remove the pseudoterminal?02:39
joshlegsso im looking to learn a bit of programming02:39
joshlegsanybody got any suggestions?02:39
dorkjoshlegs: on what, languages?02:40
tmh1979joshlegs: Any particular project in mind? It probably helps to start with a simple, manageable task for yourself.02:40
ParadigmUltraThe program I used was called Active ISO Burner, by Disk-Image.net02:40
joshlegsyeahhh. i learned a little html in high school (10 years ago)02:40
joshlegsbut thats about all the language i know02:40
dorkjoshlegs: i prefer python for, basically everything, from web framework to systems to large scaled projects02:40
joshlegskinda want to get into actual computer language, but im not really sure02:40
joshlegscool. i hear a LOT of good things about python02:41
joshlegstmh1979 you say its good for web too?02:41
joshlegsi mean dork02:41
ParadigmUltraHoly molly!  I think firefox 5 is stealing my mouse!!02:41
NorthernenLearning a programming language is quite different from learning how to write programs.02:41
tmh1979joshlegs: I'm a python programmer myself.02:41
dorkyes, most of google and the larger social networking sites are all python based02:42
joshlegssweet. i'll probably go with python then.02:42
tmh1979joshlegs: django is certainly and easy web framework to use.02:42
dorkpython is the shit.02:42
tmh1979joshlegs: Also, "How to Think Like A computer Scientist" is a useful beginner's book that has been "translated" into python and is available for free02:42
joshlegsive got blugriffon, a WYSIWYG web editor .... but thats obviously not good for anything other than actual layout02:42
IdleOne!language | dork02:42
ubottudork: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:42
ParadigmUltraI keep loosing my ability to click on anything on my desktop although the keyboard shortcuts all work.  Then when I close firefox I get all functionality back02:42
joshlegsoh really tmh1979, where can i get it?02:42
dorkalso learning python from beginner to novice02:42
Aruthapython... indentation as flow control annoys me lol .. Then again, the python I've written was done in nano, so I may be biased by lack of an ide helping me.02:42
dliI disabled boot time splash long ago, how do I get splash back?02:43
dorkArutha: use vim02:43
joshlegsso im still new to linux. what are the basics i should know?02:43
tmh1979joshlegs: http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkCSpy/02:43
NorthernenI prefer indentation (auto-indentation if you use an IDE), to having to put curly braces around everything, like in Java.02:43
ParadigmUltraI actually do both, In java, I always nest statments and use indentation to make it easier to read02:45
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NorthernenWell, yes, of course, but indentation isn't necessary in Java, it's just for readability.02:45
ParadigmUltraHas anyone else had mouse issues in Unity?02:47
ralliasParadigmUltra: What kind of mouse issues?02:48
dorkParadigmUltra: my synaptics works fine but only in natty02:48
=== vDubG is now known as vDubG__Gone
dorkmaverick it is broken02:48
joshlegsthis how to think like a computer scientist or whatever seems pretty handy02:48
ralliasdork: You were using unity in maverick?02:48
dorkrallias: nah02:48
ParadigmUltrasuddenly I'll be unable to click on anything rallias.  Although I can tab to things and hit space bar or enter to select them.  But the mouse will just stop clicking at all.02:49
tmh1979joshlegs: Glad to hear it.02:49
ralliasParadigmUltra Erm...02:49
ralliasparadigmultra can you get into mouse settings?02:49
neonlightningis it possible to have mplayer playing a video in a tty and have my programs running in another tty or even better would be to be able to use mplayer in a screen session but i know thats not happening02:49
ParadigmUltrarallias: I am suspecting that it's Firefox related, because often, if not alway, when closing firefox the issue goes away.02:50
tmh1979All: When I finally cleared enough data, I was able to get control of my hard drive back, so I guess my question is relevant. The question (which is not just idle curiosity) remains why linux continues to show "0" bytes available after deleting files that are in the 10s of MBs of size...02:50
ralliasParadigmUltra Try installing Chromium02:50
ParadigmUltraI did.  I guess using that for now would be a good solution, and see if it still happens.02:50
dorktmh1979: what's showing that? df -h?02:51
misterxhi there02:52
joshlegschromium (and chrome) are much better anyway !!02:52
* joshlegs dislikes firefox02:52
* joshlegs HATES internet explorer02:52
tmbgI'm leaning towards opera these days since firefox has turned into netscape all over again (bloatware)02:52
orwells-iphoneFirefox is great02:53
misterxim using lubuntu and want to change the path to the directory which is shown on my desktop02:53
dorki hate mosaic02:53
* dork shakes a fist in anger02:53
joshlegstmbg i agree02:53
misterxanyone any idea how to do that?02:53
kchikmohello evryone. I just updated to 10.04 and now my windows dont have any controls/ I cant minimize, maximize, move nor close any window. what can I do???02:53
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joshlegssorry misterx im learning ubuntu and linux too :S02:53
dorkmisterx: why do you want to do that?02:54
dorkmisterx: you're in a world of pain donny02:54
dorkif you do that02:54
misterxkchikmo: gconf-editor if gnome02:54
kchikmomisterx: thx02:54
misterxdork: well, i want to get it back to ~/Desktop since they localized it02:54
nytek_Does anybody run just ubuntu 10.10? Should I update to 11.04?02:55
misterxnytek_: depends.02:55
joshlegsnytek ive got 10.1002:55
nytek_Everything works great right now.02:55
dorknytek_: that's a personal preference02:55
UABobQuestion: Ubuntu says the Nvidia driver is activated but not currently in-use. the xorg.conf shows "default device" rather than the Nvidia driver. How do I fix this?02:55
joshlegsjust upgraded from like 9.something02:55
misterxnytek_: im fine with 10.10 and wont use 11.04 standard02:55
nytek_I really like this stability. Been a while since I've been in a complete linux env.02:55
nytek_misterx: why not?02:56
misterxnytek_: dont like unity. its fine for netbooks but useless with 2x23" monitors…02:56
dorkyea not a fan of unity02:56
joshlegsso if i learn python i can make games or whatever in linux right?02:56
misterxand im too lazy to get some other desktop thingies02:56
dorkhonestly natty was a disappointment02:56
orwells-iphoneWhat's some good resources for getting started with setting up a TAP/TUN02:56
nytek_misterx: cant you use a different theme?02:57
nytek_I hope the make it optional.02:57
Devil_Pummbaunity is bad?02:57
dorki'm not a fan02:57
nytek_Devil_Pummba: I prefer not to use it also.02:57
kchikmomisterx: can u plz repeat the line u gave me? i had to close all open windows and for some reason was not in the clipboard02:57
joshlegsdevil_pummba its a matter of personal taste really02:57
Devil_Pummbai need test ubuntu 11.1002:57
misterxkchikmo: gconf-editor02:57
tmbgUABob: I think you run nvidia-settings, and move the config file it generates to /etc or /etc/X11. it gives you some instructions02:57
misterxkchikmo: maybe play around with it (like: gconfeditor or sth)02:57
misterxkchikmo: … if you're using gnome02:57
tmbgthen you'll have to restart X02:57
joshlegsjoshlegs this message is for you (test)02:58
UABobcool. Can I run that from a terminal in unity? Or do I have to exit Unity completely?02:58
nytek_I run a simple clearlooks theme and it screams. I love all the open source free software :D02:58
ParadigmUltrarallias: It just did it again!!!  I closed other program and it didn't help, then I closed Chromium and I got mouse control back.  So maybe it's web realated in general.  Some common thing that they are using.02:58
misterxkchikmo: otherwise, search the net for the biiiig fat discussion if the window control buttons should be left or right02:58
misterxthere you'll get a bunch of tuts how to change that02:58
misterx…maybe your config is crippled somehow…02:58
kchikmomisterx: i guess i am, i havent made any changes to std ubuntu02:58
misterxdork: so, back to the Desktop-thing02:58
misterxin 11.04 they have translated it02:59
Devil_Pummbafinerrecliner, no use unity...hehehe02:59
joshlegsspeaking of distro versions .... how i get rid of the 3 old ones ive got on my system?02:59
enyawixanyone install 11.4 on a eee pc?02:59
dorkenyawix: which one02:59
misterxso it's not ~/Desktop but ~/Arbeitsfläche (german…)02:59
enyawixdork: 900hd02:59
dorkmisterx: oh03:00
misterxenyawix: running lubuntu11.04 on eee1016P03:00
Devil_Pummbaunity is good for netbooks and notebooks03:00
misterxdork: yepp. i just don't know why someone would like to change that03:00
dorkmisterx: just change your locale to english?03:00
misterxdork: well, i like my german keyboard-layout03:00
misterxyou know, the z switched with the y and stuff…03:00
dorkunity is crap for netbooks compared to xubuntu, the netbook spin thing was a joke anyways03:01
dorkanyone who owns an eeepc uses xubuntu03:01
nytek_misterx: are you dual booting or anything?03:01
enyawixDevil_Pummba:  wifi is not working on rtl8187se chip set many reports on google03:01
misterxnytek_: no03:01
tightworkHi I am using libvirt 0.8.8 on ubuntu server kernel 2.6.38-8, I used virt-install to create the initial domain, connecting through VNC it shows the CentOS bootcd but after grub its just a white screen and goes nowhere. What can I do?  I tried Ubuntu cd also... same thing, i see only parts of the guest OS, then all white.03:01
misterxnytek_: 10.10 is my desktop, 11.04 is my netbook03:01
nytek_misterx: Linux only is the only way.03:01
Delrayneso, about how long does a normal partition resize take?03:01
misterxnytek_: actually my old laptop runs win7 for gaming :)03:01
redeyyezwhat are the pros / cons to using wubi to install your dual boot setup.  Or is it better to manually setup the dual bood via OS install?03:02
nytek_Delrayne: Depends on the size of the hd. But, not too long.03:02
misterxused it linux-only till i got my netbook03:02
enyawixshould i install easy peasy ?03:02
misterxdork: also, i'd have to do some complete reinstall to switch it03:02
nytek_misterx: Nice, I'm running a mbp with UB 10.10 as my main and only machine.03:02
dorkredeyyez: pros are it does the work for you, cons are you learn nothing about what you're doin and greater risk of destroying the partition you want to retain03:02
AruthaSpeaking of gaming... Does anyone have recent experience with Wine, and whether it's worth trying to mess with for gaming?03:02
ParadigmUltraI have windows for 1 game and 1 game only.  City of Heroes.  Other than that, I don't use it.03:02
misterxArutha: pain in the ***03:02
dlimy kernel cmdline parameters are 'root=/dev/sda1 ro irqpoll pci=routeirq quiet splash', but my screen is blank during booting, before X starts03:02
nytek_redeyyez: Wubi is great, I've had great sucess with it.03:02
ParadigmUltraI run the orange box nicely using Wine.03:02
dorkmisterx: beats me man, never ran into that problem because i'm american and barely speak english03:03
redeyyezmynotes, dork thanks for the input.03:03
enyawixmisterx: what chipset is your wifi?03:03
Aruthamisterx: that makes me sad, as that's my quest for the evening.  I'd rather be playing games, not banging my head into a wall03:03
tertl3ParadigmUltra, do you run TF2 in ubuntu 11.04?03:03
ParadigmUltrayup, but I do have a few issues with it.  But it's worth it03:04
misterxdork: err, what do you mean by "american" and "no english"?!03:04
misterxenyawix: second…03:04
misterxArutha: well, what do you wanna play?03:04
kchikmohello evryone. I just updated to 10.04 and now my windows dont have any controls/ I cant minimize, maximize, move nor close any window. what can I do???03:04
Devil_Pummbahow hibernate on ubuntu 10.04? I have problems03:04
dorkmisterx: being facetious, but basically i wouldn't do that because it would probably violate the integrity of the system by changing the paths03:04
nytek_Devil_Pummba: I would update to 10.10. :D03:04
misterxdork: kay…03:05
Aruthamisterx: rift, maybe some fallout... They're listed on wine's list of games, I just haven't played with wine in years.03:05
ParadigmUltratertl3: The sounds cuts out, so I have to go into options and change something, anything, and the sound comes back.  Also I can't run it less than my max rez.  If I lower the rez it crashes when a level loads.  But I can still window it.03:05
misterxenyawix: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wirelass LAN Controller (rev 01)03:05
misterxenyawix: worked ootb actually03:05
misterxArutha: well, give it a try. :)03:05
misterxsometimes it works :)03:06
deckstarto autologin to my account, I have to remove the password, then the encrypted home drive won't open. Anyone know how to autologin in this case?03:06
tertl3ParadigmUltra, interesting, I might have to try that03:06
dewmanHey there. Is there a pretty simple tape backup software that is pretty simple to configure? All I would like to do is backup some docs,photos,etc to dds ( yes, I am old school and I like tape)03:06
Fordiuscan I ask something ?03:06
misterxdeckstar: "don't"03:06
FordiusI'm a nub to linux03:06
misterxFordius: only if you don't ask for permission to ask questions ;)03:06
FordiusI was wondering which thing is the OWNER ?03:06
joshlegsno you cant ask fordius!!03:06
dorkFordius: context?03:07
joshlegsgrr :P03:07
Fordiusthe real name part or that other thing ?03:07
dlideckstar, I use lxdm/gdm to autologin03:07
joshlegsok just kidding fordius :)03:07
deckstardli: thanks, i'll look into it03:07
Fordiuswell I want to install something but than I have to add OWNER into the file03:07
Fordiusso not sure what name I need to put in there03:07
misterxFordius: what do you want to install o_O03:07
ParadigmUltratertl3:  I just wish I could fix the crashing below 1366X768.  My laptop doens't have a lot of video memory and it runs smother with lower rez03:07
Fordiusit's an autostart script03:08
dliParadigmUltra, intel video?03:08
Fordiusso in a few files I need to put OWNER so it logs to the owner or something03:08
Fordiusbut I don't know what part is the OWNER :P03:08
Fordiusso trying to figure that out :P03:08
tertl3ParadigmUltra, i am dual booting and using Vista to play03:08
joshlegstertl3 I abhorrrrrr vista03:08
joshlegsit literally crashes about once a week if i use it regularly (on my laptop)03:09
ParadigmUltratertl3: Yeah you should try it on Wine.  Running vista is, well, embarasing. lol03:09
UABobOkay great. That worked for the driver, Nvidia x config says it's using it, shows info :D Awesome....03:09
tertl3ParadigmUltra, i dont mind it03:09
FordiusAnyone ?03:10
kchikmohello evryone. I just updated to 10.04 and now my windows dont have any controls/ I cant minimize, maximize, move nor close any window. what can I do???03:10
UABobNow...sound....I've got an Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe board (old system, I know) with onboard realtek AC97 audio. Ubuntu 11.04, fresh install. Audio just doesn't work--period.03:10
UABobSpeakers work, volume's up, it's unmuted.03:10
UABobJust....no audio03:10
UABobany place to start?03:10
joshlegsgood question kchikmo. i have no clue buddy :(03:10
dorkUABob: lspci showing it?03:10
FordiusAnyone ?03:10
Fordiuswhich of the accounts is the OWNER ?03:11
ParadigmUltrakchikmo: Sound like you need your window manager to start.  Anyone know the command for that?03:11
Fordiusthe real name or that other ?03:11
dorkFordius: explain what you're trying to do so we understand how to approach the problem03:11
joshlegshey whats the quickest way to learn about troubleshooting ubuntu? chill out in here and read all the questions and answers ??03:11
UABobYes. It shows nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller.03:11
Crimson22Even as admin, I can't move or edit root files from explorer, how do i change this?03:12
=== creeper is now known as rcmaehl
misterxjoshlegs: i think its more "solving your own problems" :)03:12
foxbuntujoshlegs, it really depends on what troubleshooting to want to learn...03:12
foxbuntu...and that03:12
ParadigmUltraCrimson22: run your file system navigator with sudo03:12
joshlegswell i just want to be familiar enough with ubuntu to be able to kind of reason my way around some general problems03:12
misterxCrimson22: login as root. but why would you change root's files?03:13
joshlegslike, what the crap /etc is lol03:13
dorkjoshlegs: google03:13
joshlegs:D dork great answer lol03:13
Fordius# chown yourusername /var/keys03:13
misterxjoshlegs: he's right.03:13
kchikmoParadigmUltra: I tried startx but then I get an error saying that its already started, but when i try to show the desktop i get another error stating that "Your window manager does not support the show desktop button, or you are not running a window manager."03:13
Fordiusthat's what I wanna do03:13
joshlegsi do that a bit03:13
joshlegsbut sometimes i dont know what theyre talking about03:13
Fordiusbut which of the 2 do I need to add :p03:13
joshlegsill see if i can find an example03:13
misterxFordius: the one you log in with03:13
Crimson22misterx, want to change what files run at startup (init.d) but can't add anything to folder since it is apparently root03:14
FordiusWell when I login to the desktop03:14
ParadigmUltraCrimson22: Go to command line and type "sudo nautilus"03:14
Fordiusit tells my real name03:14
Fordiusbut when I go over my real name03:14
Fordiusit tells a different name03:14
dorkCrimson22: sudo -s03:14
misterxFordius: your username03:14
Fordiuswhen I go to Users03:14
dorkCrimson22: root up and do it03:14
Fordiusit shows my real name big03:14
tightworkscrew apparmor03:14
Fordiusand under it it tells a different thing03:14
tightworkfking pos03:14
misterxFordius: open a terminal03:14
misterxFordius: there should appear your name and the name of your computer03:15
Crimson22ParadigmUltra, cheers03:15
misterxlike fordius@machine:$03:15
Fordiusis that the name I need ?03:15
misterxthe latter is the host. the former is the user03:15
misterxthe user, that's your username, that's the one you need03:15
misterxalways, when working with the system03:16
Fordiusthat's also owner name right ?03:16
misterxyes, since it's the user who should own the file03:16
ParadigmUltrakchikmo: no no, X is the GUI system not the window manager.  The window manager is the program that decorates with windows.  That's usually something like metacity or compiz.  Can you get to your compiz config?03:16
Fordiusowkey :D03:16
Fordiusnow I got another question03:16
FordiusI used an autostart script to install most03:16
TechnicusHello . . . there is a machine that I maintain for a friend and all of the sudden it won't boot properly.  During the boot process, when mounting the hard drive, it fails.  What is a proper trouble shooting process to resolve this issue?03:16
misterxFordius: linux is a multi-user system so any file has to have a connection to some user. therefore the "owner"03:16
Fordiusbut when I do following step to test if it worked03:16
FordiusI cant seem to be able 2 connect :(03:17
dliTechnicus, boot livecd, and fsck the root partition03:17
alexleondonde stas03:17
misterxFordius: uh. no idea.03:17
ReighnakjParadigmUltra:  I used Active Burner and put the CD into my other computer and now it is just sitting at the ubuntu logo with the loading dots.03:17
Fordiushmm I guess I have to keep trying that than :P03:17
Fordiushow can I make an Static IP ?03:17
joshlegsim looking how to remove old kernels, and found this So I can remove all kernels, and headers and sources except 2.6.24-19-generic03:18
joshlegsIn practice, I like to keep at least one "old" kernel, in case I find that the latest one has broken something that used to work with the older kernel.03:18
joshlegsfrom here: So I can remove all kernels, and headers and sources except 2.6.24-19-generic03:18
joshlegsIn practice, I like to keep at least one "old" kernel, in case I find that the latest one has broken something that used to work with the older kernel.03:18
misterxFordius: is ALWAYS __YOUR__ machine03:18
joshlegssorry, here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/need-to-remove-old-versions-of-ubuntu-kernel-466660/03:18
joshlegsbut i dont know what headers and footers are ..03:19
joshlegsheaders and sources, i mean03:20
Technicusdli: ok I'll try that!03:20
ReighnakjMy ubuntu is not loading when I try to boot from CD.  Could anyone help me?03:20
dresdenwhats the error?03:20
joshlegsreighnakj do you just run ubuntu from the cd or do you have it installed on your harddrive?03:21
joshlegsor are you trying to install it ?03:21
Fordiusyeah but thatś why I need :16001 and if i can succesfully contact to that03:21
Fordiusit would mean I installed the CCcam server right03:21
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: The dots might be there a while, but I don't think that's a good sign.  I was getting that too, it took a LOOOooong time but then eventually went to the next steps.  But then it would fail.  You should just wait and see what happens.03:21
Fordiusbut can't seem to get that working :P03:21
ReighnakjI just used the Dell Recovery System on my Dell desktop03:21
Fordiusso how do I create a static IP ?03:21
Reighnakjand I am trying to boot from a disc.03:22
joshlegsboot from a windows disc or ubuntu disc ?03:22
NorthernenFordius, 11.04?03:22
Reighnakjubuntu disc jsoh.03:22
dorkFordius: you'll probably just need a static local ip so whatever your router is handing out, go to your network manager and change it from dynamic to manual and add an ip03:22
joshlegs... idk. i tried updating my ubuntu to 11.04 and it would literally sit on one screen for 24 hours or more and do nothing03:23
NorthernenFordius, "Network connections".03:23
ReighnakjThat is what I am afraid off.03:23
eli_the videos i record with my new webcam keep skipping when i play them back, i use guvcview03:23
ReighnakjHave you been able to get around that loading screen?03:23
Delraynereighnakj: Are you getting a black screen? or is it just freezing?03:23
joshlegsi had to just update using the update center03:23
Devil_Pummbatomorrow i go event about Java languagem, PBJUG(PB Java Users Group) see web site www.pbjug.com.br03:23
ParadigmUltraDelrayne: Reighnakj:  It's at the loading screen with dots moving across.03:24
ReighnakjSo, that would involve me making a partition through XP, installing ubuntu there, and leaving XP on my HD?03:24
ReighnakjParadigm: Delrayne: Yes.03:24
eli_the videos i record with my new webcam keep skipping when i play them back, i use guvcview03:24
DelrayneParadigmUltra: Reighnakj: I can only help with a black screen, and only then in a small way. Good luck man.03:24
Reighnakjjoshlegs: Previous Question.03:25
ParadigmUltraReighnakj: I believe that it will continue after a while.  It shouldn't take 24 hours03:25
ParadigmUltragive it 10-20 minutes or so03:25
joshlegsrighnakj i think i did get past that screen .... but it was a different screen i got hung on03:25
ParadigmUltraAs long as the dots are still moving it's not hung up03:25
ReighnakjI have a question that relates to this.03:26
ReighnakjWhen I press ESC, what is that?03:26
Jesdisciplehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1800414 <-- full details on my issue, in case anyone in here can help...  I'm hoping I can get this fixed before turning in for the night,03:26
eli_anyone know about webcams?03:26
joshlegsidk reighnakj. whats it look like03:26
ReighnakjIt is like pressing ~ in Counter Strike 1.6.03:26
joshlegslol i never played that03:26
ReighnakjIt is almost like a cmd promt type thing that is giving me info.03:26
ParadigmUltrahmm, probably a command line03:26
joshlegsohh yeah, sounds like it03:27
Jesdiscipledebug console03:27
joshlegssorry eli_ i dont03:27
eli_anyone know about webcams?03:27
ParadigmUltraI know what he means.  In counterstrike, Quake, etc, ~  gives you a pull down command line that covers the top half of the screen03:27
eli_what programs are good for recording?03:27
ReighnakjAnd you can enter commands and such.03:27
joshlegs<Reighnakj> It is almost like a cmd promt type thing that is giving me info.03:27
ReighnakjIt also shows you what is going on.03:27
eli_that didn't work03:27
eli_it shuts down03:27
eli_by itself03:27
ReighnakjIt is running.  If you could see the info, I think you guys would agree, ty.03:28
ReighnakjI will let you know how it turn out after a while.03:28
ParadigmUltraok, good luck Reighnakj:03:28
eli_i want to record a cover for my youtube03:28
joshlegsbest of luck reighnak03:28
eli_i just need a simple recording program03:28
eli_with video03:28
joshlegsoh theres a few out there eli_03:28
ReighnakjOOOOHHH I can help!03:28
eli_such as?03:28
joshlegsill see what i have on mine03:28
Reighnakjlol, jk03:29
eli_oh, isn't that not allowed, to say google03:29
redeyyezI keep getting this can't find the iso error after reboot when ubuntu is finializing its install.  Using Wubi, anyone have any suggestions?03:29
eli_google sends me here03:29
Jesdisciplethe omni-answer, Reighnakj?03:29
joshlegsoh i think i have cheese as well eli_03:29
ReighnakjHehe, yes.03:29
ReighnakjEnd all.03:29
eli_cheese shuts down by itself03:29
eli_when i try to record03:29
Delraynenit-wit: paging off and defragged. Now I've deleted the DellUtility and RECOVER partion and resizing the OS partition to about 125 GiB03:29
eli_most of the time it doesn't register03:29
joshlegshave you tried software center eli_ to find others?03:30
nit-witDelrayne, sounds like your on the right track Vista still boots correct?03:30
eli_yes, it only provides a few03:31
szaleli_: run from terminal & observe errors when it misbehaves03:31
eli_if i can get one working i'll be great03:31
Delraynenit-wit just started the resize about 5 minutes ago...I have no idea and afraid to test it.03:31
eli_sure if i knew how to read klingon i could troubleshoot from terminal03:31
joshlegshm. eli_ all i could do is google it and tell you what comes up03:31
joshlegssorry bud03:31
nit-witDelrayne, if it doesn't boot it is an easy fix. Sometimes that recovery has oart of the boot.03:31
eli_i did google03:31
eli_this is my last resort03:32
eli_what do you use?03:32
Jesdiscipleeli_ try looking for a multimedia channel?03:32
UABobOkay. Nothing I've tried works...03:32
bazhangeli_, record desktop? or what03:32
nit-witDelrayne, you have a vista disc correct.03:32
Delraynenit-wit: sounds good...if it doesn't boot i'm not going to fight it to hard...i'll just wipe it for more ubuntu space03:32
Delraynenit-wit negative03:32
UABob11.04, pulse audio, nVidia CK804 AC'97 device. No sound output. The system acts like it's working 100% fine. lspci shows it, sound panel lets me test speakers.03:32
eli_no, i want to record video of me playing guitar03:33
UABobJust no audio. Volumes are not the issue. Speakers work (tested with phone)03:33
joshlegseli_ did you try VLC ?03:33
ParadigmUltraUABob: Try ALSA03:33
szaleli_: if you don't wanna be helped, fine..  we can't guess what error msgs come up there03:33
bazhangeli_, using a webcam?03:33
UABobParadigmUltra: is there a way to switch?03:33
eli_i dont know terminal commands, i'm sorry03:33
UABobgoogle? or is there an easy link you know of :P03:33
eli_i can pastebin03:33
nit-witDelrayne, W7 is not bad I never use it but would if  have to. It is installed for understanding, and for the few times I need ms word for college papers.03:33
eli_like always03:33
bazhangeli_, record using what?03:33
joshlegseli_ search for VLC in software center, that should do it i think03:33
ParadigmUltraUABob: In Unity, search for Sound03:34
joshlegsbazhang using his webcam03:34
bazhangeli_, please answer my question03:34
ParadigmUltraand run the sound app03:34
eli_guvcview and cheese has each their own problem03:34
eli_please wait03:34
eli_i cant type fast03:34
Jesdisciplebazhang, yep, it's with webcam03:34
bazhangeli_, what have you tried, and stop using the enter key after two or three words, its impossible to follow03:34
Delraynenit-wit no way i'll just outright buy W7, Vista, or any other OS like that without it being pre-installed on a shiny new computer.03:35
eli_bazhang, i sincerly apologize, may you please forgive me?03:35
tightworkwell, I could not get VNC working with libvirt .. but for some strange reason I was able to add a 3rd party repo, install qemu-kvm-spice and get qxl working03:35
bazhangeli_, what is your specific webcam make and model.03:35
JesdiscipleDelrayne... too bad the shiny new computers don't come cheaper without any OS =\03:35
joshlegseli_ try this site  .. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/    or search VLC in software center .. maybe it will work ... other than that answer bazhang's question ;)03:35
eli_its a knock off, but it works very well03:35
ParadigmUltraHmm I don't see an option there now.  I though I knew, guess I don't03:35
eli_i can show you where i bought it and the amazon page03:36
ParadigmUltraAnyone know how to switch from pulse audio to ALSA?03:36
bazhangeli_, lsusb t o paste.ubuntu.com and give us the url03:36
szaljoshlegs: since when does VLC record?  to my knowledge it's a player03:36
JesdiscipleParadigmUltra, look under Sound in Unity03:36
shawny_Hello All, I'm new to this chat, is it a general question asking sort of spot?03:36
Delraynenit-wit about how long does it take 222.78GiB to resize down to 123.63 GiB?03:36
JesdiscipleParadigmUltra, when I tried I was advised to compile the kernel03:36
bazhangshawny_, ubuntu support03:36
joshlegsthe description says "read, capture, broadcast your multimedia streams" szal03:36
JesdiscipleI never did get done03:36
eli_i have installed vlc03:36
UABobParadigmUltra: I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem to let me choose ALSA over Pulse searching for sound?03:37
bazhangeli_, we need that pastebin03:37
eli_how do i start recording?03:37
ParadigmUltraJesdisciple: Haha, thats what I said about looking for sound in unity, but I can't see the option03:37
eli_one sec bazhang03:37
bazhang!enter | eli_03:37
ubottueli_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:37
JesdiscipleParadigmUltra, woops lol - was passing on your words, had forgotten who said it03:37
Fordiusnah I've got 10.0403:37
Fordiushmm by networking connection03:37
Fordiusitś missing that CONNECTION tab03:37
Fordiushow else can I add an static IP ?03:38
JesdiscipleParadigmUltra, there is a compile option on the kernel to use different sound03:38
Jesdisciplebut it's a pain in the rear03:38
joshlegsjesdisciple all of linux is a pain in the rear :( lol03:38
NorthernenFordius, open the application named "Network connections".03:38
Jesdisciplehey now03:38
joshlegsor at least for me [the noobz] it is :D03:38
Delrayneyou wouldn't happen to be josh "crazy legs" conte or whatever would you?03:39
NorthernenFordius, then go to either 'wired' or 'wireless' and 'edit' the connection.03:39
joshlegslol i dont know who that is delrayne  ... i got my name from a joke i made up a long time ago cuz im really skinny :P03:39
eli_bazhang, this -- http://pastebin.com/Vu9e6rgK03:39
Delraynejoshlegs haha, definitely not him...he's a professional eater or something like that.03:40
bazhangeli_, output of lsusb <------ nothing else just lsusb to paste.ubuntu.com03:40
bullgard4What program uses the environment variable XKBOPTIONS in /etc/default/keyboard?03:40
eli_that is not proper syntax, i get nothing03:40
mrappleup ip a a dev eth003:41
bazhangeli_, sure it is. lsusb will list something03:41
joshlegseli_ it will look like this http://pastebin.com/g5s05acD03:41
Jesdisciplebullgard4, Google?03:41
mrapplequick question, what does /29 refer to in this line up ip a a dev eth003:41
shawny_does anyone know a good brute force password cracker that will run well on 11.04?03:41
mrapplethat line is from /etc/network/interfaces03:41
bazhangeli_, and the output of lspci as well please03:41
joshlegsdelrayne, we were talking about those guys at work the other day ... they take that junk SERIOUSLY lol03:41
Northernenmrapple, your subnet mask.03:41
redeyyezwubi install failed, guess im going to install virtual box03:41
bullgard4Jesdisciple: You are yet another BOFH. Beat it!03:41
mrappleNorthernen: thanks03:42
Jesdisciplebullgard4, no, just have to make sure03:42
bazhang!google | Jesdisciple03:42
ubottuJesdisciple: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.03:42
eli_i stand corrected http://pastebin.com/R3ZpuK3N i put lsub rather than lsusb03:42
c0demonk3yHello i need to install fluxbox as default desktop03:42
Jesdisciplegoogle-fu my foot... it's a single term03:42
bazhangc0demonk3y, then install it03:42
bazhangJesdisciple, dont advise google here. people know about it. better to not answer if you simply do not know03:43
eli_bazhang http://pastebin.com/R3ZpuK3N03:43
joshlegsa sigma micro webcam then?03:43
bazhangc0demonk3y, apt-cache search fluxbox should list some results03:43
bazhangUABob, ?03:44
joshlegsbazhang eli_ it seems there have been issues with this webcam before ? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-897967.html03:44
c0demonk3ywhat's best avant , or ducky03:44
bazhangc0demonk3y, theres no best, just what suits you. try them and find which one that is03:45
ParadigmUltraUABob: Jesdisciple: Someone had the same question about audio not working, and someone showed them how to enable ALSA, I just wish I remember how it went03:45
eli_joshlegs, i get sound and video03:45
eli_it just doesn't recrod03:45
bazhangeli_, record using what application03:45
joshlegsi think he was trying cheese, and maybe another one bazhang03:46
sbeckMy printer "HP LaserJet 6L" stopped working in (K)Ubuntu 11.04. It doesn't matter if I do a upgrade or a fresh installation or which version of Ubuntu 11.04 is used. Until 11.04 the printer was working fine and out of the box. Any idea ?03:46
dliParadigmUltra, cat you do in a terminal: cat /proc/asound/cards03:46
bazhangjoshlegs, thanks03:46
eli_ bazhangguvcview outputs out of sync video, and cheese randomly crashes03:46
eli_ bazhang guvcview outputs out of sync video, and cheese randomly crashes03:46
Reighnakj:-(  I had to reboot.  I press alt+f4 and I couldn't get back to the loading screen.03:47
joshlegswb reighnakj03:47
joshlegscan you boot into windows normally and then read CDs reighnakj?03:47
bullgard4[Natty] What command-line command determines it I am using Unity or GNOME 2?03:47
mrappleNorthernen: ive just googled to no avail... how would i perhaps get that magic '29'?03:47
bullgard4[Natty] What command-line command determines if I am using Unity or GNOME 2?03:47
ReighnakjI will not read guides and try thing on my computer that is trying to boot from CD.03:47
ReighnakjYes, Josh.03:47
Reighnakjtry things*03:48
joshlegswelcome joshp1 great name!03:48
ReighnakjShould I make sure that I can still load my windows after it did all that other stuff?03:48
ReighnakjOr just boot from CD again, after my restart after part of the boot from disk?03:49
joshlegswell i was thinking it might have been a cd driver issue, but if you can use it in windows i dont think it is03:49
joshp1thanks joshlegs03:49
ReighnakjNo, no, no.03:49
ReighnakjI didn't explain myself.03:49
ReighnakjI pressed alt+f4, which opens another consle03:49
bullgard4!prefix | staykov03:50
ubottustaykov: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:50
Reighnakjand I couldn't get back to the ubuntu logo.  So, I just restarted my computer. Lol.03:50
rww!quietxchat > ladder9903:50
ubottuladder99, please see my private message03:50
szallol, since when does Alt+F4 open terminals?03:50
rwwladder99: PS: FloodBot is not sentient.03:50
ReighnakjI am at the ubuntu install screen after booting from disk.03:51
eli_can anyone help, i have to record, hopefully soon03:51
=== josh__ is now known as joshlegs
ReighnakjWhen you press left alt+f4, it opens the 4th counsle.03:51
eli_i have vlc installed, how do i record with that?03:51
joshlegssorry, i hit alt f4 and it quit xchat lol03:51
joshlegseli_ im not sure ... i heard you could do it but i think i was mistaken. sorry ... im tryng to help out how i can ... probably doing more harm than good03:51
szaleli_: again, run cheese from terminal & paste errors when it crashes03:52
ReighnakjThat was just on my other computer that is at the screen after booting from disk with the ubuntu logo and red/white bubbles.03:52
eli_may you give me the inputs to do that task?03:52
szaleli_: 'cheese' should do03:52
ReighnakjI am actually just going to let it run now without touching anything.03:52
eli_i uninstalled it03:52
bullgard4What program uses the environment variable XKBOPTIONS in /etc/default/keyboard?03:52
joshlegsnp reighnakj .... im trying to remember if my pc got hung up somewhere like that ... i dont know that it did03:52
ChogyDaneli_: if you are trying to get cheese working, you can try running gstreamer-properties03:52
ChogyDanto test03:53
sbeckjoshlegs, "alt + f4" works in the way Reighnakj told if you're already in the concole. In the grapical user interface it just closes the acive program. ;-) Try "ctrl + alt + f4" instead.03:53
eli_ok, give me a sec, i just would like a working program, but i have to reinstall03:53
ReighnakjDid it just take awhile to get past the page where it was "loading"?03:53
szaleli_: sudo apt-get install cheese03:53
szalif that is the correct name of the pkg03:53
eli_i just used software center03:53
Reighnakjjoshlegs: "cp: read error" Input/output error".03:54
bullgard4!print | sbeck03:54
ubottusbeck: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:54
UABobhm, so does anyone have any clue as to why I get 0 audio on 11.04? lspci shows it, the sound mixer sees it, all volumes up....just...no output.03:55
Reighnakjjoshlegs: when I open the console that shows me the info just by pressing the right arrow, I see some input/output errors.03:55
UABobThink it's driver related but not sure. A PCI card worked at one point but we're trying to get the onboard to work.03:55
sbeckubottu, thanks. But the problem started with 11.04. In 9.10, 10,04 LTS and 10.10 the printer worked well and it still does so in Windows XP.03:55
ubottusbeck: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:55
sbeckbullgard4, thanks. But the problem started with 11.04. In 9.10, 10,04 LTS and 10.10 the printer worked well and it still does so in Windows XP.03:55
Reighnakjjoshlegs"/scripts/casper-bottom/10adduser: line 25: db_set: not found"03:55
eiriksvinhow do I test my digital camera/mic in ubuntu?03:56
AruthaUABob: Are all items unmuted?  I know when I install ubuntu, by default one of the s/pdif items is muted, but needs to be unmuted for sound to work (it's over hdmi)03:56
eli_szal http://pastebin.com/eSrM4JT603:56
=== josh__ is now known as joshlegs
Reighnakjjoshlegs: "Can't locate strict.pm in @INC (@INC contains" /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/per1/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl...03:56
Aruthauabob: when looking at it in alsamixer, at least03:56
joshlegs:S i hit ctrl alt f4 and it took me to a command line interface or something03:56
ChogyDaneli_: try gstreamer-properties03:57
joshlegsgot rid of my GUI totally!! :o03:57
Reighnakjjoshlegs: "install: invalid user `ubunt'03:57
Reighnakjjoshlegs"/scripts/casper-bottom/10adduser: line 25: db_set: not found"03:57
eli_chogydan-- how ?03:57
shawny_alright, I'll try a different question.....does anyone have any experience running hydra 6.4 on 11.04?03:57
Reighnakjjoshlegs: "cp: read error" Input/output error".03:57
ChogyDaneli_: on a terminal03:57
joshlegsim sorry reighnakj what are those? i closed out on accident03:57
eli_what do you mean, what do i type03:57
bullgard4sbeck: I have no idea what Ubuntu 11.04 (cups) does differently from 9.10, 10.04, or 10.10.03:57
ReighnakjWhile I was at the loading screen with, I pressed the right arrow key to open a console that is show me info.  Those are what are showing up.03:58
eli_how do i get names to be typed automatically?03:58
ChogyDan!tab | eli_03:58
ubottueli_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:58
szal!tab | eli_03:58
Reighnakjjoshlegs: "cat /var/lib/locales/supported.d/de: Input/output error"03:58
sbeckbullgard4, me, too.03:58
joshlegsohhh ok reighnakj .... maybe try updating your cd drivers? :S i dont know man03:58
eli_tab isn't working, it just puts a list of names on the screen03:58
joshlegsi dont think that will fix it, but its the only thing i can think of :(03:59
ReighnakjIs this stuff in the console just maybe informatoin that it gets and then fixes?03:59
eiriksvincan someone please help me find out how to get my digital camera/webcam capable device working?03:59
eli_what do i type to use that03:59
ChogyDaneli_: gstreamer-properties03:59
Fordiushow can I install network configuration ?04:00
joshlegs... idk reighnakj. to be honest im reallly new to the linux thing myself. i just remembered i had a problem with ubuntu 11.04 installing from cd ...04:00
bullgard4sbeck: You can file a bug report against cups in Launchpad although I am convinced that somebody else will have done so before.04:00
Fordiuswhat command was it ?04:00
Fordiussudo network-admin ?04:00
Devil_Pummbago sleep04:00
joshp1eiriksvin: have you downloaded drivers for it?04:00
joshlegssorry bud :(04:00
ReighnakjI will just wait for my computer to blow up.  Otherwise, I will just let it keep going.04:00
eli_chogydan, its open what do i change04:00
ZellysHas anyone had any issues with the update manager having trouble with updates from launchpad.net?04:00
eiriksvinI have windows based drivers on an install cd04:00
Reighnakjthis is where I got stuck last time when I pressed left alt+f4...04:01
joshp1eiriksvin you will need the ubuntu drivers04:01
=== somebody_ is now known as GuilhermeCunha
joshlegshave you booted from cd before on your computer reighnakj? i know when i did that it took a while cuz i had a crappy system04:01
eiriksvinwhere would I find those drivers?04:01
ChogyDaneli_: go to video, mess around with the input setting.  click test04:01
Reighnakjjoshlegs:  "Please provide a name for this Disc, such as 'Debian 5.0.3 Disk 1':"04:01
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dee27i put a dvd movie in the drive but doesn't play04:02
dee27what could be wrong?04:02
ReighnakjI tried to type something in, but I couldn't, so pressed alt+f4.04:02
eli_it says testing, then it does nothing04:02
dengxHi , anybody give me a /etc/bash.bashrc source code, thank you .04:02
joshp1eiriksvin: the best places to find is to search the ubuntu forums sometimes you can find them at the camera's site04:02
joshlegsreighnakj so when you put the cd in and boot from it, it just goes to the loading dots and thats all ?04:02
eli_it also say click okay to finish04:02
Fordiushow can I install NETWORK ?04:02
kionhow does .bash_login work ?04:02
Fordiusfor the desktop :)04:03
ReighnakjI pressed esc to open a console, now I am pressing right arrow to open a console.04:03
FordiusI forgot the command for it04:03
dengxHi , anybody give me the file /etc/bash.bashrc source code, thank you .04:03
ReighnakjThe bubbles are still moving.  But in the console it says "Please provide a name for this Disc, such as 'Debian 5.0.3 Disk 1':"04:03
ZellysHas anyone had any issues with the update manager having trouble with updates from launchpad.net?04:03
eli_chogydan, its not doing anything, a screen with colors and white noise comes up, that is all04:03
bullgard4dengx: Just a moment please. I will try to find out this for you.04:03
joshlegsreighnakj what does it do when you just let it boot from disc normally ??04:03
ReighnakjWill it auto name?04:03
ChogyDaneli_: input, not output04:04
ReighnakjI have it set to boot from CD normally now.04:04
ReighnakjShould I try booting to HD?04:04
eli_chogydan, i swear that is what i did and am doing04:04
joshlegsyeah try booting from hd and see what happens :S im not sure what its doing from the cd04:04
ReighnakjAnd maybe update my CD drivers or something to see if that does something with all these input/output errors?04:04
eli_i've used the webcam, the programs are the problem04:04
eli_chogydan, that is what i'm doing04:05
ZellysHas anyone had any issues with the update manager having trouble with updates from launchpad.net?04:05
ReighnakjWould it be better to install it along side windows?04:05
Amy_Ive got the top and bottom panel accidentally disabled, how do i re-enable those two bars for the desktop?04:05
joshlegsreighnakj thats what i did. i like it that way i have options of switching back and forth.04:05
ChogyDaneli_: well, clicking output should give you the color bars and white noise.  The input should show webcam video on the screen.  If you can't get it working, cheese won't work either04:05
joshlegsamy_ what do you mean disabled?04:05
ZellysHas anyone had any issues with the update manager having trouble with updates from launchpad.net?04:05
joshlegsamy_ do you mean you made them disappear?04:05
joshp1zellys I haven't try doing a manual update sudo apt-get update04:06
Amy_they're not there anymore. Yeah, they seem to have disappeared04:06
eli_chogydan, i dont even have an option to test output, it only says input, furthermore the webcam works04:06
ChogyDaneli_: oh!  make sure it isn't on test input.  Make sure you select different plugins04:06
eli_i've used it before04:06
joshlegsamy_ i did that too before ... cant remember what i did ... give me a sec and ill see if i can remember04:06
=== Guest15652 is now known as Logan_
Amy_joshlegs, thanks :)04:06
ZellysI get the following message...along with others in Update manager: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/neil-aldur/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found04:06
eli_chogydan, it says cannot get video buffers04:07
joshp1zellys just checking are you online on the same conection if not does your conection work04:07
szaleli_: apparently the underlying issue is a long-standing bug in libv4l04:07
ZellysI am on my Ubuntu machine right now that is having the update problem, yes04:08
szaleli_: do you happen to be on Lucid (10.04)?04:08
bullgard4dengx: 1. 'cd /usr/local/src/' -- 2. '<usr>@<hostname>:/usr/local/src$ sudo apt-get source <bash>'04:08
mrapplecan anyone assist me with this error? http://pastebin.com/YPKfRANS04:09
ackleeZellys: try to change the Software source may help04:09
eli_szal, no i'm on 11.0404:09
joshlegsamy_ open up a terminal ... on my system its CTRL+ALT+T04:09
joshlegsand let me know when you do that amy_04:09
joshp1zellys what update manager are you using04:09
szal!info libv4l lucid04:09
bullgard4mrapple: I will not. Please put a specific question here.04:10
Amy_joshlegs, term open04:10
ubottuPackage libv4l does not exist in lucid04:10
ZellysUbuntu 11.0404:10
joshlegstry pasting this in there          gconftool –-recursive-unset /apps/panel            just copy/paste it, hit enter and tell me what it does04:10
dlimrapple, does rebooting help?04:10
dlimrapple, any relevant info in dmesg?04:10
joshlegsif there are any ops in here, ladder99 says he can't chat in the room in here ... idk how to help him04:11
pksadiq!Find libv4l04:11
Reighnakjjoshlegs: Could you help me install it?04:11
szal!info libv4l2 lucid04:11
ubottuPackage libv4l2 does not exist in lucid04:11
joshlegsamy_ did you paste that in there?04:11
joshp1zellys I meant the update manger terminal, software center,synaptic04:11
Reighnakjjoshlegs:  I just logged onto my freshly reformated windows xp desktop.04:11
eiriksvinI found Cheese, now my cam is working, I'm testing Skype now04:11
joshlegsreighnakj, it shouldnt be too difficult. it should have directions ...04:11
joshp1sorry manager was the end of the sentence04:12
pksadiq!find libv4l04:12
ubottuFound: libv4l-0, libv4l-dev04:12
bullgard4dengx: I made a syntax error. Please do: 1. 'cd /usr/local/src/' -- 2. '<usr>@<hostname>:/usr/local/src$ sudo apt-get source bash'.04:12
ZellysAh...I go into System Administration/Update Manager in the Gnome desktop. Doesnt give me any version info on it.04:12
szal!info libv4l-0 lucid04:12
ubottulibv4l-0 (source: libv4l): Collection of video4linux support libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 92 kB, installed size 332 kB04:12
szal!info libv4l-004:12
Amy_joshlegs, press CTRL+ALT+T when I get the term open? or was there a paste that i didn't catch?04:12
ubottulibv4l-0 (source: v4l-utils): Collection of video4linux support libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.3-1 (natty), package size 87 kB, installed size 352 kB04:12
joshlegsno, you missed the paste amy_04:12
Reighnakjjoshlegs: Found it.  Didn't see the "Windows Installer" tab in the downloads section.04:12
joshlegsamy_ try pasting this in there          gconftool –-recursive-unset /apps/panel            just copy/paste it, hit enter and tell me what it does04:12
ZellysI have used both Software Center and Synaptic depending on what Im doing.04:12
szalsubstantially different version; one should think that any error has been sorted out in the meantime04:13
joshlegsok reighnakj ... hopefully that works man .... best of luck04:13
szal*any such04:13
ZellysI am pretty new at linux so its mostly been basic things.04:13
Fordiuswhat can be the reason that I can't connect to ?04:13
joshp1zellys ok have you tried doing it manually though the terminal?04:13
joshlegsamy_ tell me what happens after you paste this into terminal               gconftool –-recursive-unset /apps/panel04:13
Amy_joshlegs, pasted, no error, no change.04:14
joshlegsok .... now try pasting this .....          rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel04:14
joshlegslet me know once you ve done that amy_04:14
bullgard4Fordius: Porbably /var/log/dmesg will tell you.04:14
ZellysNo...Im not familiar enough with the linux commands really. Kinda why Im here.04:14
DevilSunforceflow, maybe you don't have a service running on port 16001?04:15
Amy_joshlegs I also have been doing a bit of investigative poking, and with r-click on desktop,  applications -> settings -> XFCE manager, there's an icon for panel, but clicking it brings up no panel, nor a configuration menu/display.04:15
joshp1zellys ok try typing this. sudo apt-get update04:15
DevilSunFordius, maybe you don't have a service running on port 16001?04:15
DevilSunforceflow, apologies04:15
Amy_joshlegs, I did try the paste though,it appeared to do nothing.04:15
joshlegsok one more then amy_ then the chain of commands should be done04:16
ZellysSame error messages...its like the directory that the update is expecting to find are not there.04:16
ackleeZellys: open Software Center and click on Edit menu bar then select Software Sources...04:16
joshlegsnow paste this into terminal amy_                pkill gnome-panel04:16
Amy_joshlegs, pkill gnome-panel executed.04:16
joshlegsdid the panels come back amy_ ? ...04:17
joshlegsderp. :( ok let me try something else04:17
Zellys"Failed to download repository information" window popped up04:17
szalGnome stuff still interfering w/ XFCE?  that was a showstopper for me 6 years ago w/ XFCE 4.004:17
bullgard4dengx: I do not know what you should do. You should know yourself what you are wanting to do with this source code.04:18
ZellysSame messages as update manager issue and with the apt-get command in the terminal04:18
ackleeZellys: can I help you?04:18
Fordiusbullgard access is denied04:18
FordiusDevilsun Iḿ running a server ( installed by autostart script )04:18
szalZellys: for what repository exactly?04:18
Fordiusit tells meh to connect to that04:18
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
Fordiusbut it doesn't load04:19
szalFordius: what exactly does it tell you?04:19
Amy_joshlegs, figured it out. I just had to run xfce4-panel, though your suggestion of gnome panel put me on the right track!04:19
bullgard4Fordius: So probably the address is wrong, the address does not exist.04:19
DevilSunFordius, drop into the command line and try "telnet 16001"04:19
bsmith093i just tweaked my theme to be, basically white to black, black to white, colors stay. how do i remove the ugly seperator in the gnome panel'04:19
szal!pm | Zellys04:20
ubottuZellys: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:20
joshlegslol well glad i could help out a LITTLE amy_    i couldnt remember how to do it when i did it04:20
DevilSunFordius, while you are on the command line do "netstat -tulanp | grep 16001"04:20
Amy_joshlegs, though, I do have to ask. How do I have that run permanently in the background. When I close the term, it kills the command04:20
Fordiusas root or ?04:20
kionhow do i run a script after login ?04:21
joshlegshm. if you can get panels, try adding a new one amy_  ... then see if it stays when you close the terminal ... i think you can right click on a panel and tell it to add a new one04:21
kiontried .bash_login04:21
DevilSunZellys, I get 404s for those URLs as well04:21
szalZellys: next time use a pastebin instead of a PM window04:21
kionbut seems to not be working04:21
alexleonhelp with kion ppl :(04:21
bullgard4!pm | dengx04:21
ubottudengx: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:21
unknown_and_slowAmy_, nohup command04:21
FordiusDevilsun when I type that in Terminal04:22
Amy_unknown_and_slow, nohup xfce4-panel?04:22
Fordiusit doesn't do anything04:22
szalZellys: other than that, what do you need these PPAs for anyway?04:22
DevilSunFordius, what about the netstat command, anything returned?04:22
unknown_and_slowAmy_, yes. nohup makes a process to continue after parent shell's death04:22
DevilSunszal, all those URLS 404 for me as well.04:22
bullgard4dengx: I do not understand your remark: "then recover again". Say it in other words, please.04:22
joshlegs:D nice unknown_and_slow  i didnt know that :P now i do!04:23
Fordiustelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused04:23
alexleonhow do i run a script after login ? -.-04:23
Amy_unknown_and_slow, Just tried that, but after closing the term I entered the command in, the panels disappeared again04:23
Fordiusdo I first have to make static IP ?04:23
joshp1zellys I read your error message then I click on the link the site doesn't exist. In the software center; software sources is canonical checked04:23
DevilSunFordius, what about the command "netstat -tulanp | 16001"04:24
Fordius(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info04:24
Fordius will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)04:24
Fordius16001: command not found04:24
DevilSunFordius, copy and paste that command04:25
m4dc0d3r_is there a way to properly extract UDF isos with a native linux application?04:25
=== ghost is now known as Guest92075
Fordius16001: command not found04:25
DevilSunFordius, sorry "netstat -tulanp | grep 16001"04:25
DevilSunFordius, it's late :)04:25
m4dc0d3r_mount -o loop works but then i only get like 35 mb out of 7 GB04:25
Fordiuswithout the " I presume ?04:25
DevilSunFordius, what does "netstat -tulanp | grep 16001" return?04:26
Fordiuswhen I do as root04:27
DevilSunFordius, then you don't have anything running on that port04:27
Fordiushow can I get that port working ?04:27
Guest92075i have two os running on my laptop i just recently lost my grub but i got it back my linux part work but when i try to get into my windows os it will not let me how do i fix this04:27
DevilSunFordius, I have no idea what service you are trying to run04:27
Fordiuscause the autostart script should have done most to install it04:27
unknown_and_slowAmy_, i know nothing about panels. nohup makes a process not exit after his parent shell death.04:28
DevilSunFordius, I don't read dutch04:28
Fordiusyeah I know :p04:28
Fordiusbut it doesn say much besides :p04:28
m4dc0d3r_anyone? help?04:28
Fordiusthat you have to autostart script it04:28
m4dc0d3r_linux native way to properly extract udf iso?04:28
Fordiusthan do an static IP04:28
joshp1Guest92075 sudo apt-get install grub04:28
Fordiusthan do
Fordiuscould it be that I haven done static IP first04:28
Fordiusthat itś not working ?04:28
JoeR1I put a cd in my optical drive and linux is not brining up the window for the drive and I cannot find the drive - any advice?04:29
DevilSunFordius, no04:29
unknown_and_slowFordius, nothing listens on port 1600104:29
joshlegsbrb peeps. restarting04:29
Guest92075i tried dat put my windows part still will not work04:29
DevilSunFordius, nothing to do with a static IP. Believe me, is as static as it gets04:29
Guest92075i tried that but my windows part still will not work04:29
DevilSunFordius, whatever script ytou are running is not starting a service on that port04:29
joshp1guest92075 if grub can't find it you may of over wrote windows04:29
Fordiusbut with an autostart script it should do it right :p04:30
Fordiusstupid thing04:30
Fordiuslike 100 people said it works :(04:30
Fordiusonly I get screwed over lol04:30
DevilSunFordius, I don't know what to tell you04:30
unknown_and_slowFordius, to have something listen on some port, you need no static IP. localhost AKA is enough04:30
Guest92075it shows up in the grub but when i click the windows os to start it give me a message04:30
Fordiusowkey :P04:30
Fordiusguess Iḿ doing something wrong prolly :p04:30
Fordiusanyways another question04:31
JoeR1I I put a cd in my optical drive and linux is not brining up the window for the drive and I cannot find the drive - any advice?04:31
joshp1guest92075 what the message04:31
Fordiusthe autostart script that I had installed04:31
Fordiushow can I delete it ?04:31
szalFordius: what distro are you on?04:31
Fordiusor undo it ?04:31
FordiusUbuntu Server 10.0404:31
DevilSunFordius, how did you run the "autostart script"?04:31
DevilSunFordius, was this a script you downloaded?04:31
Guest92075it says04:31
=== josh__ is now known as joshlegs
joshlegsok back04:32
JoeR1ok, how about this, commands to mount an optical drive04:32
Guest92075windows could not start because of a disk hardware config problem04:32
FordiusI first did chmod 755 /tmp/UbuntuInstall.sh04:33
Fordiusthan did /tmp/UbuntuInstall.sh04:33
Fordiusit installed a bunch of things what I need ( and I had checked that with manual install it was the same stuff )04:33
DevilSunFordius, I'd ask on the cccamforum if I was you04:33
bullgard4What program uses the environment variable XKBOPTIONS in /etc/default/keyboard?04:33
DevilSunFordius, since that seems like what you are trying to get going04:33
szalFordius: btw, that forum post is almost illegible04:34
DevilSunszal, Fordius here's a better one http://www.cccamforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4185604:34
DevilSunalthough, that page makes my eyes bleed04:35
Fordiusbtw 1 more thing04:35
Fordiuswhen I do sudo -i04:35
Fordiusit should ask for my password right ?04:35
Fordiusbut it isn't now04:35
Fordiusit just goes to root04:35
joshp1guest92075 I found this it may help http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-918119.html04:35
DevilSunyeah, because you are root04:35
potatoesHello. I have finished a minimal install of Ubuntu, and I was wondering what applications ubuntu uses to autodetect hardware and then make recommendations as to what should be installed? I'd like to install this application.04:35
DevilSunDevilSun, it shouldn't ask for your password04:35
Fordiushmm you sure ?04:36
Fordiuscause I first go from my username04:36
Fordiusthan put sudo -i04:36
DevilSunFordius, yes. Because then you aren't root04:36
Fordiusthan it becomes root@compname04:36
Guest92075ok ill check it out04:36
potatoesDoes anyone know what application it is that Ubuntu uses to recommend hardware drivers?04:37
potatoesI've just finished a barebones installation, but would be interested in getting myself that app..04:38
kionhello everybody04:39
m4dc0d3r_hi kion04:39
m4dc0d3r_again, how do i extract UDF disk images in ubuntu?04:40
Fordiushmm strange I sort of was thinking it asked ww before04:40
amin`hi guys I am using GPT I wanna know if I can install ubuntu without changing the tree partition?04:40
qinpotatoes: jockey-gtk04:40
potatoesqin: thanks!04:40
Fordiusubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo -i04:41
Fordius[sudo] password for ubuntu: >fill in your password.<04:41
joshlegsalright folks. i hope you all have a great night. i'm out. its late. talk to you all later04:41
Fordiusactually it says here aswell04:41
Fordiusmeans I have to fill in password04:41
Fordiusthatś what I was remembering myself aswell04:41
potatoesqin: are there any command line methods to go about it as well (I'm asking this for the sake of information)04:41
qinpotatoes: jockey-text, man jockey-text04:42
potatoesqin: Awesome! :D04:42
potatoesqin: Huh, jockey-text isn't available through Synaptic though...04:43
potatoesqin: Do I have to enable special repositories for it?04:44
qinpotatoes: jockey-common, I think it installs text04:44
=== jeremy is now known as Guest89642
Fordiusbrb going to reboot04:45
amin`GPT and ubuntu install?04:46
bullgard4What program uses the environment variable XKBOPTIONS in /etc/default/keyboard?04:49
potatoesqin: Worked out beautifully!04:49
potatoesqin: Thanks a lot :)04:50
qinpotatoes: Welcome.04:50
joshp1amin are you installing a new OS or upgrading04:53
=== user_ is now known as Logan_
jordan_does anyone know how to put your ringtones on a iphone 4?04:54
westzhello #ubuntu04:54
westzjordan_, tried bitpim?04:55
joshp1jordan_ this is a ubuntu room you can't use iphone with linux unless you root it04:55
jordan_i mount it with ifuse04:56
jordan_i can put music on it with gtkpod04:56
joshp1jordan_ their should be a folder called ringtones put it in there04:58
jordan_ill mount it right quick04:59
joshp1jordan_ just a note in case you don't know you stand a chance of corupting it05:00
villaFirefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (mms) isn't associated with any program.05:01
villawhat's going on? what should I do?05:01
joshp1villa mms is microsoft media server use media software or firefox extension05:02
jordan_joshp1, i dont see a ringtones folder anywhere05:02
jordan_what should be the location?05:02
joshp1jordan_ could you pm or post the file tree?05:02
AntoJoseMy Ubuntu 11.04 installation gets stuck when I click on shutdown/restart. The machine is a HCL ME Icon L54 laptop. How can I solve/debug this problem?05:03
jordan_wait a minute how do i copy a tree?05:03
villajoshp1, then what should I do? It works well before I reinstall the operating system.05:03
joshp1jordan_ I don't know what program your using try highlighting the text copy then post05:04
_numbersmy webcam is showing black. Bus 008 Device 003: ID 046d:0870 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express05:04
_numbersworked before i upgraded to natty05:04
IanLiuI'm trying to open gedit in another language, so I do this: "LC_ALL=pt_BR.utf8 gedit", but nothing happens05:05
IanLiuany help?05:05
_numberscan't build qc-usb its no longer compatible with 2.6.38 kernel05:05
joshp1villa is microsoft installed on the computer you got ubuntu on05:05
_numberssupposedly a driver supported in kernel now, but my cam not workin05:05
FordiusI managed to fix it05:05
FordiusI totally had forgotten to open 16001 on router :p05:06
jordan_joshpl /home/jordan/ipod/Recordings/?05:08
jordan_but i dont see any of the default ringtones?05:08
joshp1jordan_ your using a ipod I thought you said Iphone?05:08
jordan_Im using a iphone05:09
jordan_iphone 405:09
jordan_i have the files loading up at ipod05:09
jordan_when i mount it05:09
jordan_ermmm hmm im using kubuntu05:10
jordan_not ubuntu05:10
straceI am on Lucid and I need to know what package efivars is in. Anyone know?05:10
jordan_im kind of lying05:10
Guest92075hello how can i get back a erased file on my external hard drive05:10
joshp1jordon ok go to the ipod directory and post that sorry about my mistake what are you lying about this is a ubuntu room kubuntu is ubuntu with kde instead of gnome/unity05:11
Fordiuswhat does this mean ?05:11
Fordius/tmp/RebootCCcamFix.sh: 35: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting "fi")05:11
rajuGoogle it you'll get some dam solution . . . All my movies are gone05:11
jordan_well i know your file manager mounts everything05:11
aabbccdwewhich is the biggest chat room in the list?05:11
jordan_dolphin doesnt05:11
rwwaabbccdwe: here05:11
rajuI think this05:11
th0rFordius: it means a programming error....you didn't close an if statement05:12
joshp1jordan_ did you get my first question i kinda ran all my sentences together sory05:12
jordan_dont know05:12
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?05:12
jordan_where should the ringtones be located?05:13
joshp1jordan_ got the the ipod directory and post that outcome05:13
Shocarhi all05:15
Shocarhow much should I charge someone to install Ubuntu?05:15
rwwShocar: try asking #ubuntu-offtopic05:15
d_atharva_hi...is there any software for LAN CHATTING,LAN VIDEO CONFERENCING etc ?05:16
jordan_joshpl, i look through the entire directory i dont see anything with ring on it05:17
bullgard4d_atharva_: Yes. Empathy.05:17
rwwd_atharva_: Empathy's "People near me" feature can do text chat on a LAN. It may also do video chat, I haven't looked.05:17
aabbccdwewho can help me?-i just need to make ip adress to go to another in my network,example,when i go to www.google.com  it changes to a different address like
rwwaabbccdwe: add a line " www.google.com" in /etc/hosts05:18
d_atharva_bullgard4 , rww : can u please guide me about how to use it ?05:18
jordan_i have Books , DCIM , Downloads , iTunes_Control , PhotoData , Photos , Podcasts , Purchases , Recordings and Safari05:19
aabbccdweoh ok05:19
bullgard4d_atharva_: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/empathy05:20
rwwaabbccdwe: no, /etc/hosts05:20
aabbccdwedosnt work05:20
joshp1jordan i found this for 3gs this is the directory n it /media/iphone/iTines_Control/Ringtones I hope this help for iphone4 I think their a type in it05:20
aabbccdwei have router and my ip is 10.0.0.x05:21
jordan_dolphin mounts it as a camera :X05:23
d_atharva_bullgard4 : Thanks....its working....and I wanted one more thing....Can I view the desktops of the computers on LAN without let the person know about my viewing ?05:23
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jordan_josh i thank you for helping05:23
jordan_im going to worry about this later05:24
joshp1jordan_ I should of asked this first what are u naming your ringtones05:24
bullgard4d_atharva_: No, you cannot.05:24
=== bryan is now known as Guest41857
Guest41857hi everyone05:25
d_atharva_bullgard4 : I wanted a software just like wiredred epop (windows).05:25
=== Guest41857 is now known as bryaniac
bullgard4d_atharva_: I do not know much about Windows. Can you give me a link that describes that program?05:26
=== Robin is now known as Guest78348
qind_atharva_: vnc have an option to let people know or not of another login05:29
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?05:30
AntoJoseHi, My Ubuntu 11.04 installation gets stuck when I click on shutdown/restart. The machine is a HCL ME Icon L54 laptop. How can I solve/debug this problem?05:30
aabbccdwewho can help me?-i just need to make ip adress to go to another in my network,example,when i go to www.google.com  it changes to a different address like,I tried to add www.mysite.com  to the host file but it does not work...05:31
bullgard4AntoJose: 1. Analyse /var/log/dmesg.0. 2. Analyze05:31
Shocaranybody here running Kubuntu 11.04 on a netbook with Intel graphics chip?05:32
Shocarperformance is bad then gets disabled05:33
Shocardesktop effects get disabled05:33
bullgard4AntoJose: 1. Analyse /var/log/dmesg.0. 2. Analyze /var/log/pm-powersave.log.105:33
rwwShocar: There are several different types of Intel graphics chips. One of them in particular is used often in netbooks and is crap on Linux.05:33
rwwShocar: iirc, the model number is GMA 500, codename Poulsbo05:34
AntoJosebullgard4, Thank you! I will check and get back on this05:36
Shocaryea - I think I got the bad one - Intel 945GME05:36
Shocarworks fine in 10.1005:36
aabbccdweis there backtrack irc chat room?05:37
d_atharva_bullgard4 : no site found to describe wiredred epop. But it has features like remote desktop support (just like team viewer) chatting etc ON LAN05:37
hamedi want to convert my keyboard to dvorak05:37
rwwaabbccdwe: #backtrack-linux; you'll need to register/identify with Nickserv to talk in it.05:38
Shocarthat was a show stopper for 11.04 - currently installed is 10.10 but have 11.04 on a USB stick & check updates every now and then05:38
hamedhi every body05:38
hamedi want to convert my keyboard to dvorak05:38
dradecaabbccdwe, #backtrack-linux05:39
bullgard4d_atharva_: You can install TeamViewer on Ubuntu computers also. But you cannot view another's Desktop in Linux without his user's permission.05:39
PirschHello. I have a Dell Vostro 1000. How can I enable wireless? I'm running 11.04 64bit05:39
aabbccdweand how i can register ?05:39
hamedxubuntu want to convert to dvorak05:39
rwwubottu: tell aabbccdwe about register05:39
ubottuaabbccdwe, please see my private message05:39
bullgard4!wireless | Pirsch05:40
ubottuPirsch: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:40
rwwhamed: We heard you the first time. Please don't repeat your question more than about every 15 minutes.05:40
* Shocar needs another Hopslam05:40
d_atharva_bullgard4 : but teamviewer requires internet connection. epop did the same on LAN connection.....05:40
hamedoh i am really sorry i thought i was asking in another rome05:41
Pirschubottu: thanks. I'll check it out05:41
ubottuPirsch: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:41
lites301anyone here know how install a iso to a usb?  :s05:41
hamedbut no one reply me (when i opened Configuring keyboard-configuration) i didn't find dvorak05:42
Shocarhamed - I think that has to be done during install but don't quote me05:43
unknown_and_slowlites301, check out this: System menu -> Startup disk creator. It installs iso images onto usb flash sticks05:44
Shocarlites301 http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ has how to's05:44
lites301im on lubuntu at the moment.05:45
unknown_and_slowlites301, no need for howtos. Do you have Startup disk creator menu item?05:45
lites301I dont05:45
bullgard4d_atharva_: Probably the X window system can do that. But I did not test that myself.05:46
d_atharva_bullgard4 : ok...thanks for your help.......05:46
ShocarI use Kubuntu & I 2 startup disk creators on my 'system' menu.  I've wondered why there are 2 of them05:47
unknown_and_slowlites301, I don't know what's 'lubuntu'05:47
hamedok another problem when i am downloading adobe flash player he open window to choose the application05:47
bullgard4Shocar: Probably #kubuntu can tell you why.05:48
Shocarhamed, if you do not mind running non open-source software, do you have the restricted extras installed?05:48
=== IdleOne is now known as AcmeOne
hamedxubuntu firefox and i am very beginner05:49
=== AcmeOne is now known as IdleOne
ejoI hate how Gnome Terminal (default from 11.04) does not always put keyboard focus in the tab that I switch to if I switch with the mouse :(  Any suggestions for replacing it?05:51
aabbccdwehey what is the command to update metasploit?tnx';05:52
Shocarhamed, from the command prompt05:52
hamedi am working on this xubuntu from few hours and i couldn't watch youtube because i couldn't download flashplayer05:53
Shocarsudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras05:53
=== prometheus_ is now known as prometheus_9600
Shocarit will install flash along with several other useful programs05:53
hamedhow can i do from command05:53
Shocarsudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras05:54
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?05:55
Shocarlites301 - I just restarted my netbook into gnome - I see your issue05:55
unknown_and_slowShocar, he left05:56
Shocarlites301 - I just restarted my netbook into gnome - I see startup disk creator on the administration menu05:56
Shocarbullgard4 X config is a weak area for me - I wanna know how to enable the right ALT key05:57
ShocarI know it works in 11.04 but I haven't go around to upgrading yet05:58
Shocarand you're slow unknown?05:58
d_atharva_bullgard4 : I am able to chat on empathy people nearby...but the audio,video call option is disabled.I have connected the mic and web cam to computer...plz. guide me.05:59
bullgard4Shocar: I do not know how I could put your message to good use.05:59
* Shocar working on 3rd Hopslam - hehe05:59
dradecaabbccdwe, http://www.metasploit.com/learn-more/how-do-i-use-it/05:59
unknown_and_slowShocar, lites301 has left the channel05:59
ShocarI got that - just a little slower here06:00
bullgard4d_atharva_: What Ubuntu release do you use?06:00
d_atharva_bullgard4 : 10.10 mavrik06:00
Funkmaster7I got this error when trying to install sqlite306:00
Funkmaster7Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/sqlite3/sqlite3_3.7.2-1ubuntu0.1_i386.deb Something wicked happened resolving 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)06:00
Funkmaster7What's going on?06:01
bullgard4d_atharva_: I have one computer using Ubuntu 10.04 and another one using Ubuntu 11.04. I know that there has been and is heavy development in Empathy. So I cannto help you.06:02
ShocarFunkmaster7 - have you tried again?06:02
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Shocardamn - it got quiet in here06:08
* ejo hears crickets06:08
wildbatmeow !06:08
Shocarthat's what my cat said06:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:09
Shocarback to my original question/issue - anybody here running Kubuntu on 11.04 on a netbook with Intel 945GME graphics chip?06:13
rwwSUBIN: don't advertise here, please.06:15
szalrww: I think he was warned about that yesterday or the day before already, posting the same URL06:17
ilgaÂîçìîæíî ëè óñòàíîâèòü 32 ðàçðÿäíûé deb ïàêåò íà 64 ðàçðÿäíóþ ubuntu?06:18
SUBINhow to uninstall ubuntu?06:18
Someguy2did you use the wubi installer to install ubuntu?06:19
szalilga: please fix your encoding, so we can at least identify your language06:19
ShocarSUBIN - why would you want to?06:19
SUBINi want to uninstall ubuntu 10.0406:19
SUBINhow to do that?06:19
Someguy2did you use the wubi installer for windows?06:19
szalSUBIN: how did you install it?06:20
SUBINby upgrading06:20
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?06:20
ZitokuGo on windows and uninstall..06:20
szalSUBIN: and how did you install *buntu in the first place?06:20
Someguy2from what version 9.10?06:20
ZitokuSZAL use wubi06:20
SUBINfrom my computer shop06:20
szalZitoku: I didn't ask you06:20
rwwSUBIN: boot into Windows, go to its Add/Remove Programs control panel applet, and remove the "Wubi" program.06:20
ZitokuSZAL then learn to read06:21
szalSUBIN: format the disk06:21
eag1207I'm new to linux, and I've been trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on an SSD, without luck. any ideas?06:21
ejowhat goes wrong?06:21
Someguy2or go to X:/Ubuntu and double click the uninstall program06:21
Shocarsubin - windoze will let you format your hard drive - that'll get rid of it06:21
aabbccdwei made nice software called GOXvoice(google traslate) who want test to it?06:22
Someguy2X is your C drive06:22
SUBINi have another problem06:22
rwwaabbccdwe: That's offtopic for this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic.06:22
bullgard4eag1207: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/SSD06:22
ilgaÂîçìîæíî ëè óñòàíîâèòü 32 ðàçðÿäíûé deb ïàêåò íà 64 ðàçðÿäíóþ ubuntu? êîäèðîâêà utf-806:22
eag1207when I boot from the install cd, the screen shows the ubuntu logo, seems to load, and then my screen becomes pixelated06:22
eag1207and it freezes06:22
Someguy2ilga wtf is your language?06:23
szalilga: again, please fix your encoding, so we can at least identify your language06:23
gogeta1szal: lol nhe has no clue what you said06:23
Shocareagl1207 - what OS is installed and does it run OK?  or do you get a lot of BSOD?06:23
rwwilga: Your encoding is not set properly, and #ubuntu-ru is Ubuntu Russian channel anyway, not here.06:23
szal!ru | ilga06:23
ubottuilga: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:23
eag1207windows 7 pro was installed on it before06:24
unknown_and_slowilga: vasha kodirovka slomana i ne chitaeetsya06:24
SUBINi upgrade my ubuntu 9.10 and a new ubuntu 10.04 was appeared on my boot menu with 9.10 and windows xp i boot ubuntu 10.04 and it telled to type the user password i typed the ubuntu9.10 user password but can't log on what is the password?06:24
Shocareagl1207 - and have you verified disk integrity?06:24
gogeta1eag1207: 7  woot06:24
aabbccdwe Cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned)06:24
eag1207how would I go about doing that?06:24
Flannelaabbccdwe: Ask in #ubuntu-ops06:24
nkhhi, anybody can tell me how to use a patch before compiling a source ?06:24
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html | See also !Shortcuts06:24
Shocareagl1207 - it should be an option when you boot06:25
Shocarthe cd06:25
Blue1bad LINK guys --06:25
eag1207it just boots right into the ubuntu loader06:25
Someguy2How do i upgrade my current GNOME in Ubuntu?06:25
Someguy2I like to update to GNOME 306:25
bullgard4!upgrade | Someguy206:26
ubottuSomeguy2: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:26
ubottuPatches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.06:26
Someguy2Is GNOME Ugrade instructions there?06:26
rww!gnome3 | Someguy206:26
SUBIN i upgrade my ubuntu 9.10 and a new ubuntu 10.04 was appeared on my boot menu with 9.10 and windows xp i boot ubuntu 10.04 and it telled to type the user password i typed the ubuntu9.10 user password but can't log on what is the password?06:26
ubottuSomeguy2: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.06:26
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SUBIN i upgrade my ubuntu 9.10 and a new ubuntu 10.04 was appeared on my boot menu with 9.10 and windows xp i boot ubuntu 10.04 and it telled to type the user password i typed the ubuntu9.10 user password but can't log on what is the password?06:26
SUBINplease help06:26
FloodBot1SUBIN: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:27
szal!repeat | SUBIN06:27
ubottuSUBIN: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:27
szalSUBIN: I thought you wanted to get rid of *buntu, why do you need a password then06:27
=== kerberos is now known as kerwonz
Someguy2What does GNOME 3 supports?06:27
SUBINif i cn't fix ubuntu i will get rid of it06:28
szal!gnome3 | Someguy206:28
ubottuSomeguy2: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.06:28
kerwonz!gnome3 | vooze06:28
ubottuvooze: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.06:28
a111Someguy2, u from /g/tv?06:28
Someguy2whats /g/tv?06:28
Someguy2im just new to linux06:29
ShocarSUBIN - your password should be what you entered during install - we can't tell you what that is - it's a secret06:29
voozekerwonz: ??06:29
kerwonzsorry vooze06:29
voozenp :)06:29
SUBINit didn't ask me for password06:29
ilgaÂîçìîæíî ëè óñòàíîâèòü 32 ðàçðÿäíûé deb ïàêåò íà 64 ðàçðÿäíóþ ubuntu?06:30
Shocarobottu - that's what I find when I google my issue with Kubuntu 11.04 & Intel 945GME issues06:30
Flannel!ru | ilga06:30
ubottuilga: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:30
Shocarnot easy solution - it should just work06:30
Someguy2Where can i find the ubuntu souce code?06:31
eag1207shocar, are you there?06:31
kerwonzi love ubuntu (:06:31
Someguy2Where can i find the Ubuntu Soucre code?06:31
FlannelSomeguy2: `apt-get source package` will download the source for that package06:31
eag1207can someone help me please?06:31
kerwonzeag1207: for what?06:32
eag1207I'm trying to install 11.04 on an SSD06:32
eag1207without luck06:32
szal!pm | SUBIN06:32
ubottuSUBIN: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:32
eag1207i get the ubuntu logo when booting from the install disc06:32
eag1207and then my computer locks up06:32
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?06:33
Shocareagl1207 - how did you put Ubuntu on SSD?06:33
kerwonzhave you ever try with another live cd?06:33
gogeta1Shocar: easly06:33
gogeta1eag1207: it sounds like the video is crashing06:34
Someguy2Can i dual boot Ubuntu with Mac OS X?06:34
ilgaWhether probably to install 32 bit deb a package on 64 bit ubuntu?06:34
gogeta1Someguy2: yes06:34
gogeta1ilga: you can06:34
kerwonzilga: you can, but 64bit on 32 you can not.06:34
shellos99how do I dual boot W7 with Ubuntu?06:34
shellos99on 32-bit06:35
gogeta1shellos99:u buntu will handel it for you06:35
shellos99ok thx =)06:35
Someguy2shellos99:Use thee wubi installer06:35
gogeta1shellos99: as long as you dont go slecing use thew whole drive option heh06:35
gogeta1shellos99: even nativ can do it06:35
Someguy2I wonder why Xchat for ubuntu is buggy06:36
kerwonzilga: because when you are trying to run 64 bit deb on 32 bit the memory collaps and didn't work but, when you are trying to run 32 bit on 64 bits all are be ok.06:36
LasersSomeguy2: Use VirtualBox on MacOSX -- Learn Ubuntu first from there.06:36
ShocarSomeguy2 - are you talking about DCC issues?06:36
Someguy2DCC Inssues?06:37
Someguy2what is the world is DCC Issues06:37
LasersSomeguy2: He wanted to know why you think Xchat for Ubuntu is buggy.06:37
Someguy2What does DCC issues stands for06:37
ShocarI tried using DCC the other night and I couldn't get a file to transfer06:37
Shocarwhat's your bug?06:38
gogeta1Shocar: i havent used xcgat in a good wile pidgin irc is decent enough06:38
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Someguy21.i tried connecting to my BNC but it does not ask for a password and gives me invalid password and i did not type any pass 2.it hangs for no reason06:38
ShocarDCC is a file transfer protocol used mainly for file sharing06:39
Shocaron IRC06:39
gogeta1Shocar: yep06:39
Someguy2Is there a terminal based irc client?06:39
gogeta1Someguy2: lots06:39
ShocarI haven't tried IRC on pidgin06:39
Shocarmust do06:40
FlannelSomeguy2: irssi is popular06:40
szalPidgin is NOT an IRC client, even if it claims to work w/ IRC06:40
Someguy2is irssi available for ubuntu?06:40
Shocarmaybe that's why I never tried it06:40
gogeta1szal: works fine supports all the base command even ddc someting empithy fails at06:40
szal!info irssi06:40
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.15-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 814 kB, installed size 2856 kB06:40
szal@ Someguy206:40
LasersSomeguy2: Irssi, weechat.06:41
Someguy2are they stable and not buggy?06:41
Someguy2like xchat06:41
szalthere is no such thing as bug-free software..  but Irssi served me well for >4 years06:42
semeionSomeguy2: http://www.weechat.org/screenshots/06:43
Someguy2Apperently XChat for ubuntu has alot of problems on connecting in a irc bouncer06:43
gogeta1szal: was a xchat man for years but i soon just droped it being pidgin did everyting well enough why have 2 apps that do the same thing06:43
crackerjackzi've never installed ubuntu using wubi before... where it says installation size by default its set to 4GB. i'm guessing that means it's going to create a 4 GB partition and install ubuntu to that?06:43
gogeta1crackerjackz: yes you can make it larger if you wish06:44
crackerjackzgogeta1: thanks :]06:45
aukAnyone know of a software that I can download/install for the purpose of "counting". A utility, something like a calculator, except it's just for convenience sake (It saves from having to use a notepad of some sort).06:46
aukLike counting pennies06:47
gogeta1auk: a calculator06:47
aukIt has that feature?06:47
eag1207so what should i do if my video card is crashing?06:47
eag1207get a new card?06:47
aukI do not mean in "text digital number addition/subtraction".06:47
eag1207which ones would be compatible with 11.04?06:47
auklike a GUI where you can set up as many counters as you need. (counting "chips")06:48
gogeta1eag1207: no you may have to install the driver from bash to get everything running06:48
gogeta1eag1207: is it the live installer cd failing?06:48
eag1207i dont think so06:48
eag1207i made a new one06:48
eag1207from a new iso06:48
eag1207same result06:48
gogeta1eag1207: so as in it crashing lol06:49
crackerjackzauk: what are you trying to count06:49
gogeta1eag1207: ok it is you might have to use the alt text instalkler then installer your driver for your card from bash06:49
eag1207how do i do that?06:49
gogeta1eag1207: can you still drop to bash when the cd glicthes?06:49
Nainodecamis here in freenode a channel also about IT but for windows?06:49
gogeta1eag1207: ctrl alt 106:49
gogeta1ctrl alt f106:50
dirtydawgNainodecam: ##windows06:50
crackerjackzauk: try something like sudo apt-cache search calculator *not sure if that's the right command or not haven't used ubuntu in a while*06:50
aukcrackerjackz, a good example of this is like an online card game, and it's not easy to keep track of "counting chips on a card".    So you could instead use a GUI tool to keep track.06:50
eag1207let's see06:50
eag1207i have to put my card back in06:50
eag1207one minute06:50
crackerjackzauk: try something like sudo apt-cache search count  and see what packages it finds06:51
gogeta1eag1207: its ok if you cant you can still drop to rescuse cli mode then get the driver and install it via bash06:51
aukAnd I mean for like "multiple counters to manage". All in the same window.       So far, I'm usign a text editor to keep track whhich isn't easy.06:51
gogeta1eag1207: eyther way you will need the alt cd06:51
gogeta1eag1207: from the live cd have you treyd safe mode06:52
gogeta1eag1207: it normaly doesent try to load the card and just uses a frameguffer06:52
Totem-Schalterauk: put abacus in your look up06:52
Totem-Schaltersounds like u need somthing to act sort of like that06:53
aukAlrighties, thanks.06:55
eag1207how to i boot the cd in safe mode?07:10
entel_eag1207: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions07:13
crackerjackzi guess skype isn't in the repositories any more?07:13
crackerjackzsudo apt-get install skype ... unable to locate package "skype"07:14
ejoapt-cache search skype07:15
crackerjackzejo: i tried that nothing comes up07:15
entel_is there a skype package?07:15
ejo(after apt-get update)07:15
tsimpsonyou have to enable the partner repository07:15
crackerjackzejo: ahh okay07:15
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga07:15
entel_if i recall i had to download the installer from the official site07:15
entel_there ya go07:16
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Briareos1what prerequisites do i have to assure before I can correctly run apt-get install ... in a chroot?07:20
Briareos1I am getting unresolved dependencies error ...07:20
entel_Briareos1: how did u create the chroot?07:21
crackerjackzwireless networks... device not ready (firmware missing) i just installed ubuntu on this laptop07:22
Briareos1entel_: normal install - it's lvm on LUKS07:23
crackerjackzlspci = network controller: broadcom corperation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)07:23
crackerjackzanyone have any idea why my wireless won't work?07:24
entel_crackerjackz: maybe install the wireless driver?07:24
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> same type my wirelles, and stuck with 11.0407:25
Briareos1entel_: so I mounted the root of the disk (ubuntu 11.04) to /ROOT and changed there with chroot /ROOT  - nothing special ....07:25
crackerjackzentel_: how? i thought it was suppose to just "work" i thought ubuntu detected all of your hardware during installation and installed the appropriate drivers... when i installed it on my other computer i didn't have to do anything to get the wireless working07:25
crackerjackzg3n1k_: ???07:26
Briareos1should apt-get install work in a chroot by default? b/c  I also tried to mount proc and devpts ...07:26
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> at ubuntu forum you will get the tutorial for activate the BCM4132 LP-PHY07:28
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir"07:28
entel_crackerjackz: some drivers arnt in the main repository07:29
crackerjackzg3n1k_: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+BCM4132+LP-PHY&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a (your search did not match any documents)07:29
MSltry my beta Text to voice maker http://www.mediafire.com/?7an2vo4pvaagfg5 ,check it.run with the terminal.07:30
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:30
FlannelMSl: Please don't advertise here.07:30
rwwMSl: You've already been told that's offtopic for this channel.07:30
crackerjackzentel_: so i have to use modprobe or something? but that only loads a driver for that session right? what would be the correct way to go about installing the driver and how do i figure out which driver i need?07:30
logvelci'm trying to get wireless working under ubuntu. I think it will suffice to install one package 'bcmwl-kernel-source' (name not relevant). The only way of communicating with the internet for me however, is a web browser capable of downloading files to a usb stick. How should I do for perform the equivalent of 'apt-get install bcmwl-kernell-source' with this restriction?07:30
entel_crackerjackz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide07:33
entel_that should be a good starting point07:33
mongylogvelc, if during installation you tick both boxes to get updates and install 3rd party codecs during install, it installs and enables the bcmwl driver there and then.07:33
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> http://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=ubuntu++BCM4312&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#hl=en&pq=ubuntu%20%20bcm4312&xhr=t&q=ubuntu%20%20BCM4312%2011.04&cp=21&pf=p&sclient=psy&client=ubuntu&hs=idn&channel=fs&source=hp&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=ubuntu++BCM4312+11.04&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=fce33a84b0764b22&biw=1280&bih=60807:33
logvelcmongy: even without an internet connection?07:34
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:34
mongylogvelc, thats the point, yes :)07:34
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175718807:34
mongylogvelc, dkms and bcmwl-kernel-source are on the installation media.07:34
g3n1k_but i ended with downgrade 10.1007:34
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:36
logvelcdownloading the entire ubuntu iso seems a bit overkill, but that's at least a way to do it07:36
crackerjackzentel_: and g3n1k_ ty brb gotta borrow this computers ethernet cable07:36
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> but in debian 6 the BCM4312 LP-PHY work with kmod-wl, but i dont try kmod-wl with ubuntu 11.0407:38
Cradamlogvelc: you trying to upgrade your ubuntu?07:38
logvelcCradam: No07:38
logvelcwireless never worked for me07:38
Cradamthen it isnt overkill07:38
logvelcit's a large file while bcmwl-kernel-source is not07:39
logvelc(i guess)07:39
Cradameven though you can get some bare bones debian branches which i wish ubuntu did07:39
logvelci googled 'apt-get offline' and the results are helpful07:40
Cradamlogvelc: you know that is what the deb command is for07:40
tarohi all, can you please tell me how to start a program using a different language?07:40
crackerjackz_so g3n1k_  you fixed it by downgrading to 10.10?07:41
mongylogvelc, just find and download dkms and bcmwl-kernel-source debs07:41
crackerjackz_g3n1k_, you have the same wireless card as me?07:41
logvelcmongy: will deb tell me what to do with them?07:41
mongysudo dpkg -i dkms*.deb bcmwl*.deb07:42
g3n1k_<crackerjackz_> yup i had that, my wireless card same like u. hope 11.10 will better for BCM4312 LP-PHY07:44
mongyg3n1k_, same as mine.  worked fine all the way back to 8.0407:44
niksany one there to help to configure smpt server in ubuntu desktop07:44
g3n1k_<crackerjackz_> hm.. mybe u can try sudo apt-get install kmod-wl07:45
niksok after installing how to configure07:45
entel_niks: what smtp server?07:46
g3n1k_kmod-wl works when i tried debian 607:46
logvelcok great thanks for your help. I'll try it out now.07:46
crackerjackz_g3n1k_, /var/lib/dpkg/lock (resource temporarily unavailable) unable to lock the admistration directory (var/lib/dpkg) is another process using it?07:46
ajfHi. I keep changing my keyboard settings but when I reboot they revert to what they were before07:46
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:46
niksentel : mail server .. to send mails07:46
ajfEven though I chose Apply System-Wide07:46
entel_niks: no which "mail server" implementation07:47
ajfCan anyone tell me how to fix this?07:47
entel_crackerjackz_: is dpkg already running?07:48
niksentel : thats the i m asking to u which should i use and how do i configure that one help me ..07:48
entel_niks: ah ok, i believe ubuntu comes with sendmail07:49
niksentel : i try to send mails using sendmail but it shows error that cant open mail:2507:49
crackerjackz_entel_, okay i fixed that error.. but now i get this error unable to locate package kmod-wl         g3n1k_07:49
entel_niks: do you want to pastebin the entire thing for me?07:49
niksya i use sendmail but it shows error as cant open mail:2507:50
entel_niks: do you want to pastebin the entire thing for me?07:50
niksyes plz help me07:50
entel_sure pastebin the command u ran and the entire error message07:50
niksok wait i m entering that cmd07:50
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:51
nikspastebin command not found07:51
a121997I don't know, will my Ubuntu 11.04 DVD work on my MacBookPro 7,1? And is it a good idea to use 11.10 Alpha 2 or shall I stay with the 11.04 version? Thanks.07:51
a121997The Alpha 2 has a Mac version, that's why.07:51
entel_crackerjackz_: that is a broadcom card?07:51
entel_niks: pastebin.com07:52
entel_paste ur log on there and give me the link07:52
crackerjackz_entel_, yah broadcom07:52
entel_crackerjackz_: ah yea ive had many battles with that card07:52
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:53
entel_crackerjackz_: check this out http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt07:53
entel_crackerjackz_: if  i remember correcrtly i think the is a b43-fwcutter package07:53
entel_crackerjackz_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:54
g3n1k_<crackerjackz_> entel_  yup better if try b43-fwcutter first07:54
entel_ive had nightmares with that card/driver07:55
entel_seems like that package always ended up easing thing along tho07:55
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?07:56
entel_specifically the ubuntu packae, could never get the fedora or arch ones to work07:57
scottjI start a bunch of apps in .xinitrc, including my window manager, when I exit my wm and go back to the login screen then the progs started in .xinitrc are all still running (except wm that I quit). I'd like them to die when I close my wm/logout. ubuntu 10.0407:57
entel_scottj: what wm?07:58
scottjentel_: stumpwm07:58
scottjit's just the last thing in my .xinitrc07:58
entel_oh i use that myself07:58
entel_doesnt stump have a hook for when it starts07:58
entel_seems like that might be a better place07:59
a121997WHat shall I dooo?07:59
scottjentel_: didn't users used to logout completely when quiting a wm?07:59
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?08:00
g3n1k_<entel_> hm.. mybe i dont remember use kmod-wl with debian 6 or fedora :hammer08:01
mircsucksballsDCC SEND "hahahahahahahahahahahahaha" 0 0 008:03
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.08:03
crackerjackz_entel_, and g3n1k_ thank you my wireless is now working i believe08:05
crackerjackz_when i went to "additional hardware" my wireless card showed up and i just clicked on activate then it just found and installed the driver for me08:06
crackerjackz_i'm still hardwired to the router though.. i'm gonna disconnect for a minute and test the wireless.. i shall return to thank you again08:07
c0demonk3yGuys my ubuntu is so slow08:09
bsmith093i switched my theme basically, from white, to black, to make things easirer to see, but now when i go to rename things, the cursor doesnt; show up, how do i change it to white also?08:12
Name141How would you remove drivers for nVidia or AMD/ATi ?08:12
g3n1k_<c0demonk3y> which version, what computer specs?08:12
Magic_Hobogo to additional drivers and click remove08:13
entel_bsmith093: isnt it in the appearences menu under system pref08:13
c0demonk3yVersion ubuntu 10.1008:14
c0demonk3yHDD 320 GB08:14
Magic_Hoboits under administration>additional drivers08:14
bsmith093entel_: its still black when i rename son]mething, the text cursor08:15
c0demonk3yalso firefox hang all time's08:15
nawrashi guys08:17
nawrasany 1 can help??08:17
cuddlefishnawras: sit and wait :P08:17
mlatelcomhello everybody, I just switched to ubuntu today and once installed found that I'm having an issue with my nvidia card settings.08:17
mlatelcom I applied a new screen resolution (1152x864) and it changed ok.saved it to xorg.conf;08:17
nawrasi have some prob cuddlefish08:18
c0demonk3ycan any one tell me why ubuntu and firefox hang all time and so slow08:18
mlatelcom but once I restarted it changed to an auto resolution( 1024x768). checked xorg.conf and the new resolution is there but it looks like xorg.conf is not read for the system or a hidden file is overwriting the settings...08:18
crackerjackzentel_, g3n1k_ my wireless works.. thank you08:18
mlatelcomI've been googling with no success at all, can somebody help me with this please?08:19
crackerjackzentel_, i also installed skype and my webcam worked great.. i rebooted my computer and now skype doesn't detect it any more.. any idea of why it would be doing that?08:19
crackerjackzi didnt update anything...08:19
crackerjackzskype bugged out and wouldn't close even when i gave it the killall command so i rebooted my computer and now the webcam doens't work08:20
g3n1k_<crackerjackz> which packet u use for BCM4312 ?08:20
entel_crackerjackz: wireless works~08:20
hendrickdes gens parle francais ici08:20
crackerjackzg3n1k_, i'm not sure i clicked on additional hardware and it just did it for me08:20
cuddlefishhendrick: #ubuntu-fr08:20
milen8204Hello everyone08:21
cuddlefishhendrick: type /join #ubuntu-fr08:21
cuddlefishIt's a support channel that speaks French, this one is for English only08:21
milen8204Could I install Microsoft office on my ubuntu ?08:21
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:21
entel_crackerjackz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:21
vltmilen8204: No.08:22
jugadorbuenas noches a todos08:22
cuddlefishmilen8204: No. LibreOffice, which ships with Ubuntu, will do pretty much everything though08:22
jugadortengo un problema en la universidad me pidieron que meta una frecuencia y un voltaje a la pc y la pc tiene que mostrarme la onda de la frecuencia y el voltaje por separado claro me podrían dar algunas pautas en lenguaje c++ y enssamblador  resumiendo tengo que convertir la pc en un voltímetro y un frecuencimetro08:22
crackerjackzentel_, i got the wireless working, thank you :)08:22
vlt!es jugador08:22
Mac-Rumourshi. what's the best way to edit the GRUB menu (and set partition to autoboot)?08:22
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:23
milen8204cuddlefish, but I have to create database which will be used in Microsoft office08:23
eli_how can i convert an .mkv to a .mpeg4  WinFF doesn't work08:23
crackerjackzummm how did someone just join as crackerjackz1?08:24
crackerjackzwith my IP address08:24
vltmilen8204: Then try libreoffice or use MS08:24
tomek_who knows good games website with linux games?08:24
cuddlefishmilen8204: Microsoft Access?08:24
cuddlefishcrackerjackz: yes.08:24
vlteli_: ffmpeg08:24
nawras_any one can help????????????????????/08:25
eli_is that command line?08:25
entel_crackerjackz: good the wireless works, what did the trick?08:25
milen8204vlt, how to convert .odb files in flies which can be read whit Microsoft Access.08:25
milen8204cuddlefish, yes08:25
soreau! help | nawras_08:25
ubottunawras_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:25
mlatelcomsomebody can help me?08:25
crackerjackzentel_, lol i'm not sure how i did it.. i clicked on additional hardware and it detected my card i just clicked on activate and it started installing some stuff08:25
cuddlefishmilen8204: Oh, sorry. that won't work08:26
nawras_I installed gnome 3 and my unity 2D crashed, how I can recover it??08:26
crackerjackzentel_, my webcam quit working though.. i was using it on skype. i rebooted my computer and now skype doesn't detect my cam any more08:26
entel_crackerjackz: ah yea that installed the driver then08:26
eli_how can i convert an .mkv to a .mpeg4  WinFF doesn't work08:26
milen8204cuddlefish, no problem I had to say that  earlyer :)08:26
soreau! gnome3 | nawras_08:27
ubottunawras_: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.08:27
entel_crackerjackz: odd, did u check the link i sent earlier regarding the webcam?08:27
eli_winff is a gui for ffmpeg08:27
crackerjackzentel_, i didn't get it, can you send it again?08:27
entel_crackerjackz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam08:27
nawras_so how I can restore my unity 2D I'm using natty08:28
entel_ehhh gnome 3 not supported? last i checked stable came packed with gnome308:28
entel_that was a while ago tho..08:28
crackerjackzentel_, the odd thing is i didn't make any changes the webcam was working great.. i rebooted and it just didn't work any more.. and the only reason i rebooted was because skype crashed and it wouldn't close.. it wouldnt even take the killall command08:29
eli_how can i convert an .mkv to a .mpeg4  WinFF doesn't work08:29
nawras_is there no t any solution? what if I want to remove gnome 3 and reinstall unity 2D08:30
entel_crackerjackz: you might try googling for your webcam model + ubuntu08:30
abhinav_singhwhat should be the permissions on .ssh/authorized_keys08:31
entel_nawras_: you can remove the gnome 3 package08:31
oCeanabhinav_singh: 60008:31
oCeanabhinav_singh: 700 for ~/.ssh08:31
eli_may i have help08:31
nawras_then the unity restored??08:31
eli_is there a video converter for linux08:31
mlatelcomanyone can tell me why I change the screen resolution and once I reboot it changes back to default one?08:31
=== robert__ is now known as orethrius
tsimpsonabhinav_singh: 600 (-rw-------)08:32
tensorpuddingeli_: try arista transcoder08:32
orethriusI don't suppose anyone's had any luck configuring a WMP300N from CLI on Lucid...?08:33
oCeannawras_: no promises. The gnome3 PPA is an unsupported 3rd party repository08:33
bazhangeli_, handbrake08:33
bazhang!handbrake | eli_08:33
ubottueli_: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr08:33
francis_kyleAnybody here?08:33
crackerjackzbrb gonna reboot08:33
orethriusNope. ;)08:33
nawras_I have many problems with gnome 3:: I can not adjust my screen brightness??08:33
bazhangfrancis_kyle, whats the ubuntu issue08:33
bazhangnawras_, thats not supported.08:33
bazhang!gnome3 | nawras_08:34
ubottunawras_: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.08:34
francis_kyleis it normal that the Ubuntu is taking too long to install08:34
bazhangnawras_, best bet is to reinstall08:34
orethriusOkay, I should clarify; I had the WMP300N working under the full Gnome environment, but XBMClive relies on the Server install.  Is there any way around ndisgtk?08:34
bazhangorethrius, whats the chipset08:34
orethriusbazhang: I feel I should also mention that the system has no LAN conn (14e4:4329, incidentally)08:35
orethriusbazhang: Gotta love Broadcom... or not. ;)08:35
bazhangorethrius, thats broadcom? then install the broadcom drivers;08:36
mlatelcomanyone can tell me why I change the screen resolution and once I reboot it changes back to default one?08:36
orethriusbazhang: b43, b44, and b43legacy don't work.  STA doesn't work.  ndiswrapper doesn't bring up the card.08:36
nawras_ok now I know its not supported but I dont have any choice I must find something to handle my problems, like adjusting brightness and (internal headphone and the external one are work simultaniously))08:36
bazhangmlatelcom, change how it how, using which tools, what video card08:36
oCeannawras_: not supported means no help in this channel08:36
bazhangnawras_, not supported means stop asking here. contact the ppa maintainer08:37
nawras_O GOD08:37
sanguisdexso I upgraded my kernal to 2.6.39 and wifi broke so I unistalled the new kernal and went back to the natty stock kernal and wifi is still broken. can anyone tell me how to fix that?08:37
orethriusbazhang: If I had a GUI, this would be simple, but it's a stripped down Server install, so I'll probably have to pull packages from kernel.org and ferry them over flash drive...08:37
nawras_ok thanks08:37
mlatelcombazhang I explained before at when I entered the room but let me explain it again08:37
abhinav_singhwhen i am doing ls -lh .ssh/ it is showing me permission denied error08:38
mlatelcom I just switched to ubuntu today and once installed found that I'm having an issue with my nvidia card settings.08:38
mlatelcom I applied a new screen resolution (1152x864) and it changed ok.saved it to xorg.conf;08:38
mlatelcombut once I restarted it changed to an auto resolution( 1024x768). checked xorg.conf and the new resolution is there but it looks like xorg.conf is not read for the system or a hidden file is overwriting the settings...08:38
orethriusbazhang: If I sound frustrated, it's because I am.  What's so different about the GUI utils that this would all work in full Ubuntu, but not in a Server install? *rhetorical question*08:38
bazhangmlatelcom, with nvidia-xconfig? with what tool exactly08:39
mlatelcombazhang sudo nvidia-settings08:40
eli_arista transcoder wont covert mkv08:40
eli_what can i use08:40
bazhangeli_, try handbrake as I suggested08:40
redeyyezafter installing and launching a dual boot win7 /  ubuntu 11.04 install.  Both are now bootable.  Both have internet Connection.  VirtalBox install of Natty 11.04 isn't showing me any of the samba resource availible on the lan.08:40
orethriusAm I correct in assuming that nobody else has had to deal with this issue?  If so, I'll keep hacking at it until something gives, record my results and report back...08:40
eli_bazhang, that isn't in synaptic08:41
bazhangorethrius, a server with wireless? no experience with that sorry. just installing the broadcom drivers should do it08:41
=== francis_kyle_ is now known as francis_kyle
mlatelcomeli_ you have to go to the website in order to download and install it08:42
orethriusbazhang: Yeah, I know, it's unusual... but the problem is that it's meant to be a wireless HTPC, so it has no LAN conn.  Also, that's unlikely to change; let's just say the landlord did some stupid, stupid things to the CAT5 here.08:42
orethriusbazhang: Actually, I shouldn't blame her for what the hired help did, lol08:43
mlatelcomeli_  I've used it before and it works good bazhang's recommendation is right08:43
bazhangorethrius, it is indeed hard to install the wireless drivers with no internet connection at all08:43
orethriusbazhang: I thought I had it, but I obviously missed something in either the ndiswrapper or b43-fwcutter stages, and it's come back to bite me.08:44
orethriusbazhang: That's an either/or proposition, btw; I tried both avenues.08:44
mlatelcomeli_ https://edge.launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases08:44
eli_how to add ppa to software sources08:44
crackerjackzentel_, i believe i found a solution but i don't exactly understand how to do it... it involves the use of some sort of script can you show me how to use it?08:44
crackerjackzentel_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147963808:45
bazhangeli_, the instructions are right on the page. please read them08:45
eli_i got it from somewhere08:45
ledjoHi, I still have problem with mounting usb flashes on my notebook with ubuntu 11.04. After reinstalling the sys everything worked fine till the same evening when I couldn't mount usbs anymore so I just closed the lid (suspension) and the next day (yesterday) I could mount devs agin, till last night when it just stopped mounting again and it still doesn't. I really don't know what to do, I reported it as bug but no answer..08:45
orethriusbazhang: I guess I'm just wondering what ndisgtk and network-manager do that's so special that it can't be replicated from CLI.08:45
eli_didn't see that08:45
entel_crackerjackz: normally you'd copy the script into a file and do: sh filenamehere08:45
entel_if u trust it08:45
bazhangeli_, the part about how to add repos. click it08:46
ledjocan CLI use windows wlan drivers?08:46
orethriusbazhang: The ironic part is that I had all this working in full Ubuntu, but XBMC and Natty don't play nice with my Intel graphics.08:46
mlatelcomhave anybody heard about this issue about changing resolutions before?08:47
orethriusbazhang: Picture a flashing that'd make Electric Soldier Porygon look tame, and that's about why I abandoned that idea.08:47
entel_mlatelcom: what's the issue?08:47
c0demonk3yI heard ubuntu backdoored08:48
orethriusI heard c0demonk3y like Tab and Mountain Dew.08:48
eli_sudo apt-get update doesn't work08:48
eli_do you want the output08:48
mlatelcomentel_ I've explained twice :) let me go ahead and do it third08:48
c0demonk3yyes it's true08:48
bazhangc0demonk3y, please stop that08:49
orethriusBig warm fuzzy secret heart? ;)08:49
orethriusSorry, bazhang, my fault.08:49
eli_ bazhang sudo apt-get update doesn't work08:49
mlatelcomentel_ I just switched to ubuntu today and once installed found that I'm having an issue with my nvidia card settings. I applied a new screen resolution (1152x864) and it changed ok.saved it to xorg.conf;but once I restarted it changed to an auto resolution( 1024x768). checked xorg.conf and the new resolution is there but it looks like xorg.conf is not read for the system or a hidden file is overwriting the settings...08:49
bazhangeli_, how did you add the ppa, what command exactly08:49
crackerjackzentel_, excellent! it works again... even though almost everything in that shell script returned an error08:49
entel_crackerjackz: that's good yet disturbing08:50
eli_bazhang the one directly from the webpage sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name08:50
entel_mlatelcom: are u using gnome?08:50
crackerjackzentel_, i thought to my self the same thing.. would you like to see the output of what the shell script returned when ran from the shell?08:51
mlatelcomentel_ changed resolution with sudo nvidia-settings08:51
mlatelcomno I'm using unity08:51
bazhangeli_, you substituted the proper name in those places?08:51
orethrius*glances at bazhang*08:51
entel_crackerjackz: out of curiosity, yes i would08:51
ubuntunoobie2903Did pithos just stop working for other people too? I got an error message "Pandora does not support your client version" and apparently this has happened before.08:52
bazhangeli_, what s the error with sudo apt-get update , please pastebin it (ie dont paste in channel)08:52
orethriusCould be an expired repo maybe...?  Just a thought.08:52
eli_i know not to paste in the channel08:52
crackerjackzentel_, http://pastebin.com/itLqjs9h08:52
bazhangorethrius, I'm using that PPA so no08:52
mlatelcom entel_ and it actually changes and the new resolution is written in xorg.conf file but everytime I restart it changes back08:52
orethriusbazhang: Okay, well, just putting that out there.  ;)08:52
eli_bazhang http://pastebin.com/ic3SNLNL08:53
entel_mlatelcom: quickly, to the log files!08:54
bazhangeli_, do you have other instances of apt running?08:54
entel_/var/log/xorg something something08:54
crackerjackzentel_, interesting, aye?08:54
bazhangeli_, if so let them finish then try again08:54
entel_wait no it's Xorg.0 maybe08:54
mlatelcomentel_ to the log files?08:55
orethriusMight help to specify: Update Manager, Synaptic, or Ubuntu Software Center could all be locking that handle. ;)08:55
eli_ok, i did it, whenm i tried this time it just said done08:55
entel_crackerjackz: i think the errors might just be the rmmod being unable to remove modules that dont exist08:55
orethriusWell then, problem solved. :)08:55
bazhangeli_, now install the package handbrake-gtk08:55
eli_bazhang in synaptic?08:56
bazhangeli_, once you have updated again08:56
redeyyezwell i have gotten 11.04 running in virutal box, 2D Unity tho.08:56
entel_mlatelcom: yes id suggest checking the xorg log file08:56
crackerjackzentel_ahhh i see, well many thanks you have been a great help and you taught me a thing or two08:56
bazhangeli_, your choice08:56
abhijaincan any body helo me for solving font issue for openoffice.org trying to read a file but unable to understand which font will be apply . the doc file is here http://www.gitjaipur.com/u.doc08:56
redeyyezman i really want to run this parallel with windows not within08:56
redeyyezwish wubi would have worked08:56
crackerjackzredeyyez, i just got done installing ubuntu with wubi... why wouldn't it work?08:57
eli_bazhang, but i just updated, it wouldn't let me before because i had software center and synaptic open08:57
eli_and it just said done08:57
redeyyeznot totally sure.08:57
entel_crackerjackz np08:57
redeyyezit would install show up in the control panel08:57
bazhangeli_, close them all. then try from the command line08:57
mlatelcomentel_ how can I do that? and how can I paste it somewhere?08:57
eli_bazhang, that is what i did08:57
mlatelcomentel_ I just saw "pastebin.com"  how can I use it?08:57
redeyyezbut always during the finilization after reboot, it says it can't find the iso08:57
eli_it said done afterwards08:57
crackerjackzredeyyez so what happens when you turn your computer.. it just boots straight into windows?08:57
redeyyeznope, boot manager08:58
bazhangeli_, then sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk08:58
redeyyezubuntu or window 708:58
entel_mlatelcom: i believe its located here  /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:58
crackerjackzredeyyez, when you select ubuntu what happens...08:58
mlatelcomentel_ ok let me find it08:58
redeyyezits loads to finalzing install mode, then it jsut stops, says it can't find the ISO file which it downloaded.08:58
mlatelcomentel_ got the file. how can I use something to show you the log file? it's pastebin for that puerpose?09:00
eli_bazhang, thanks, do i leave the video codec as it is by default in the video options in handbrake09:00
redeyyezI only have one "odd" thing going on.  The entire FS is encrypted.  I use truecrypt bootloader to enter the pw (decrypt) the drive.09:00
entel_mlatelcom: yea pastebin in gold09:00
mlatelcomentel_ what's the syntax?09:01
eli_bazhang, do i switch to ffmpeg09:01
juxtaI have an ubuntu machine which has the wrong system time. Even if I update the clock using ntpdate, it's still wrong - what could the problem be?09:01
bazhangeli_, select the source, then choose what format you want it to output as such as mp4 m4v etc09:01
crackerjackzredeyyez, i don't know... i'm stumped09:01
redeyyezcrackerjackz: me either09:01
crackerjackzredeyyez, maybe something to do with truecrypt but ive never used anything like that before so i can't say for sure09:02
redeyyezcrackerjackz: It told me it could be a computer fragmentation issue to reboot win 7 fully and totally shutdown properly, because it says that this can adversely affect the install.  Even ran chkdsk /r09:02
orethriusbazhang: I guess I only have myself to blame for cheaping out on the WLAN... I'll have to wait till morning to find a decent LAN conn.09:02
entel_mlatelcom: just goto pastebin.com?09:02
entel_you mean to copy the log?09:02
crackerjackzhow does truecrypt work anyways... does it ask you for your key before you even select an OS to boot from09:03
orethriusbazhang: Kinda defeats the purpose of a media center if you can't get details about your media, but meh, it's workable.09:03
mlatelcomentel_ yeah I google it and found I have to register first. give me a few minutes09:04
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:04
entel_mlatelcom: shouldnt have to register09:05
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:05
redeyyeztruecrypt has its own bootloader option installed, prior to the boot manager for OS selection09:06
mlatelcomentel_ you are right ;) http://pastebin.com/b1efJUAn09:06
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:06
redeyyezworks pretty well i like it, allowws for a lot of choices09:06
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:06
fantomasHi all09:06
fantomasI want to record a screencast with sound on Ubuntu using XVidCap, but I got no sound at all. What audio device name should I enter in XVidCap settings?09:06
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:07
ravenecryptfs-mount-private: "fopen: no such file or dir" - what could be wrong?09:07
fantomasWhat is the correct name for sound device on Ubuntu>09:11
zc00giiprobably /dev/audio<some number>09:13
zc00giibut I don't use ubuntu09:13
orethriusRight, well, I'm off to try more ways of banging my head against a rather solid wall.  Luck me wish.09:13
zc00giibut, it's probably the same on all distros, as they all use the same(sure, some patches) kernel09:14
enoch_disciplinejoin /09:15
eli_bazhang, when i covert to mp4 with handbrake and upload to youtube the video is damaged , but it is fine on my computer, is there another extension other than mkv or mp4 i can convert to with handbrake?09:16
eli_ANYONE!, when i covert to mp4 with handbrake and upload to youtube the video is damaged , but it is fine on my computer, is there another extension other than mkv or mp4 i can convert to with handbrake?09:19
mlatelcomentel_ so did you find something wrong in the log file09:22
reflect_how do I configure tor to use only certain nodes?09:23
_W_if I haven't updated my remote server from Jaunty, is there now any hope of updating it, without a reinstall?09:24
Barnabas_W_, apt-get dist upgrade09:24
_W_(given that karmic is also out of support)09:24
Noobmonk3y_Hi alls i'm pretty new to ubuntu ,and using it for qt development, but have some basic noobish wuestions :)09:24
orethriusWell, not much help in the xbmc channel... perhaps they're all asleep.09:24
Noobmonk3y_Why does wireless take soooo long to connect? and is battery management generally bad? as it says i have 1hr 50 left on a full battery, yet dual boot back into Windows 7 and i have 3 hrs 5809:24
oCean_W_: technically possible.09:25
oCean!eol | _W_09:25
ubottu_W_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:25
crackerjackzif the "killall" command doesn't work how do you force a program to quit with out rebooting the computer?09:25
reflect_how do I configure tor to use only certain nodes?09:25
Barnabascrackerjackz, find the PID with ps of the process09:25
Barnabascrackerjackz kill -9 <pid>09:25
reflect_crackerjackz: pkill <program name>09:25
orethriusBarnabas: Or xkill if it's graphical... ;)09:26
FloodBot1reflect_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:26
crackerjackzBarnabas, SKYPE isn't showing up when i use the ps command but it shows up in pstree09:26
crackerjackzahhh pidoof skype09:26
Barnabaswell in pstree you can probably also see the PID09:26
Barnabasopen a terminal09:27
Barnabaskill -9 pid09:27
reflect_crackerjackz: you don't need the pid, use pkill skype09:27
orethriusSometimes, bots are the best comedians.09:27
crackerjackzBarnabas, the PID doesn't show up in pstree however you cann use pidof to get the pid of a process09:27
crackerjackzreflect_, okay09:27
brontosaurusrex!dual boot09:27
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:27
crackerjackzreflect_, it didn't work09:27
orethriusI don't suppose there's one of those for ndiswrapper...?09:28
reflect_crackerjackz: pgrep skype to get the pid then?09:28
mjecHi all, I've just installed 11.04 on a RAID-0 drive with encrypted / (unencrypted /boot). Grub failed during install so I booted into live CD, chrooted and did a grub-install (Grub2). It boots, decrypts drive then drops me to initramfs. Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong?09:28
orethriusOr fwcutter?09:28
tsimpson!wifi | orethrius09:28
ubottuorethrius: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:28
_W_oCean, unfortunately, that page isn't updated for Karmic being EOL09:28
Us3r_Unfriendlyorwells-iphone: having issues with wireless?09:28
_W_oCean, but I'll try to learn from it09:29
crackerjackzkill -9 <pid number> worked09:29
orethriustsimpson: Thanks, but CLI isn't quite working with STA or any of the open drivers.09:29
Barnabascrackerjackz, of cause it did :-)09:29
mjecreflect_: shouting won't help. What's your problem?09:29
Us3r_Unfriendlysorry i meant orethrius09:29
orethriustsimpson: Which sucks, because the GUI approach worked.09:29
crackerjackzBarnabas, and reflect_  thank you :)09:29
tsimpsonorethrius: GUI and CLI use the same driver, so find out what the GUI is using and install that09:30
reflect_mjathree: #tor is dead as dead can be. I'm just wondering what I put in the torrc file to make it so I can use a specific node for my tor traffic09:30
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Sure am, trying to get XBMClive up with a Linksys WMP300N.09:30
oCeanreflect_: I think #tor is on irc.oftc.net09:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: and you have used ndiswrap?09:30
tsimpson_W_: the process should be the same as Intrepid to Karmic, just substituting the release names09:30
reflect_oCean: okay, cool thanks :)09:30
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Yup, no dice.09:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: really?09:31
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: did you extract the .inf file from the windows driver?09:31
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: ndisgtk worked in Natty, but XBMClive uses Lucid... the exact same driver that worked under Natty doesn't seem to work with Lucid.09:31
_W_tsimpson, the problem is that do-release-upgrade balks; "An upgrade from 'jaunty' to 'lucid' is not supported with this tool."09:31
_W_and that tool doesn't have an option for which release to upgrade too, that I can see09:32
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: that seems weird09:32
_W_*upgrade to09:32
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: It's a Broadcom 4329, it uses bcmwl5.09:32
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: is it a "n" signal?09:32
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: So I'm not sure why neither fwcutter nor ndiswrapper work in CLI.09:32
tsimpson_W_: make sure you have "Prompt=normal" in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades09:32
elhoirhola a todos, tengo ubuntu 11.04, me han desaparecido tanto la barra lateral como la superior y no aparecen... como puedo restaurarlas?09:32
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: For my purposes, it doesn't need to be.  I just need a baseline, which I got using ndisgtk on Natty.09:33
_W_tsimpson, it is09:33
Barnabas_W_, how about downloading the relevant isos to the server, and mounting the iso for an update from that media09:33
elhoirhello to everybody... right button bar and upper bar have disappeared.. how can i restore them ?09:33
elhoirim using ubutu 11.0409:33
Barnabasshould still be around09:33
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: So what's diferent here - other than the distros - that I'm missing?09:33
_W_Barnabas, yeah I guess that could work09:33
* _W_ tries09:33
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: sounds completely stupid and i mean no offence but one easy way for me to get wireless is updating the kernel.  if that doesn't work i usually go see if the manufacture has source code for the driver, if still no dice i go the ndis route09:34
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: you did blacklist the original module using the card after install the .inf file correct?09:35
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: None taken, I cheaped out on the card and now I'm paying for it.  Doesn't make much sense to me that it'd work in the GUI, though, unless Natty added something...09:35
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Well yeah, I blacklisted b43, b44, bcm43xx, b43legacy, and ssb for good measure.09:35
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: it honestly should work, i fear something else is the culpret09:35
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: I'm wondering if I have to blacklist the Atheros drivers, too, even though it doesn't use that chipset...09:36
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: see if it's being used first09:36
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: sudo lshw09:36
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Well, until now, I never tried it with Lucid; I assumed XBMClive was Maverick, which it isn't...09:37
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Yeah, no lshw in Ubuntu Minimal.09:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyxbmc is something different09:37
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: I know, weird, right?  It's a weird combination of trying to make a kludge work in a rented environment.09:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: lsmod?09:38
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Yeah, that worked.09:38
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: What am I grepping for?09:38
irreverantelhoir: hablamos espanol.09:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: grep for wireless and see if that comes up anything09:39
Us3r_Unfriendlyor wire09:40
tsimpsongrep for 8021109:40
orethriusYeah, I grepped lspci for Network, it kicked back that the controller's a Broadcom BCM43XG.09:40
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: nice09:41
orethriuslib80211 is loaded, btw.09:41
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: and you blacklisted the bcm43xg?09:41
orethriusI should clarify.  There's no bcm43xg module.09:41
oCean!fr | gilles09:41
ubottugilles: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:41
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: sorry missread09:42
orethriusDon't be, I think you hit on something I missed.09:42
orethriusSTA is giving me "unknow symbol in module" when I try to load it, too.09:45
yeshuahBuilding a bash script to install a web production environment from scratch. Is there anyway when installing postfix with apt-get to skip the configuration dialogs (do default config - because the bash script will change these configurations later anyways)?09:46
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=328437309:46
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Those directions worked in 11.04 GUI with minimal adjustments.09:46
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: lsmod isn't that nice...well i've steered away from it and used lshw and that'll give me a nice output on what is being used on my hardware09:49
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Still, I feel like I'm missing something...09:50
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: it's a nice tool and i'm surprise it isn't installed?  lsmod is good for seeing the modules in play...and good if you know which one your searching for09:50
mjecFixed my grub problem. For the record, I was giving it a different mapper name when chrooted >_<09:50
Us3r_Unfriendlyi love me some chroot'in09:51
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: have you update the kernel yet?09:51
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: i'd update the kernel and install lshw maybe for better output on what's being used on your card09:52
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: That goes back to the whole "my household LAN is a pile and the landlord prevents me from tearing up the walls to fix it"09:52
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: i'm confused09:52
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: how are you with us right now?09:53
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Though I can probably SneakerNet lshw and dependency deps to the tower.09:53
orethriusLaptop. ;)09:53
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: wireless?09:53
elhoirhello, how can i restore the applications bar in ubuntu 11.04?09:53
elhoirit has disappeared and i cannot restore it09:53
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: right click and add to panel09:53
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: The problem is on a Minimal install of 10.04 on an HTPC.  I'm communicating over a graphical copy of 11.04 on my laptop. ;)09:54
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: where? I CANNOT SEE THE UPPER BAR TOO09:54
elhoiri just can see the desktop09:54
elhoirno bars, no panels....09:54
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: alt+F2 "gnome-panel"09:54
elhoiralt+f2 didnt work too last time i tried....09:55
elhoiri must have done something wrong...09:55
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: ...and though I'd like the two to be directly related, no, bcmwl5 doesn't work on the tower, even though it works with the 4318 on the laptop...09:55
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: tight situation you have09:55
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: something isn't right...09:56
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: another thing - i have tested with the root user, i cannot get bar & panels with this user.. so it must be something global....09:56
orethriusWell, the frustrating bit is that the 4318 will work with b43, but the 4329 has no such luck - it needs STA or ndiswrapper.09:56
orethrius...and right now, neither of those works...09:56
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: ctrl+alt+F109:56
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: aha, ok, im gonna try09:57
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: cd ~/Desktop/;nano ./fix09:57
Sidewinder1elhoir, I don't run 11.04, but perhaps this might help: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/things-to-tweak-fix-after-installing.htm09:57
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: well first log in09:57
soulis77-SEHi all. I'm having a problem with installation Netbeans on Ubuntu 10.04 server. No graphical interface only SSH. I use the sudo apt-get netbeans and it installs. But then I try and run netbeans and i get display error.09:57
Sidewinder1!classic | elhoir09:57
ubottuelhoir: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".09:57
soulis77-SESomeone suggested the following but now I get server error: export DISPLAY=localhost:009:58
Us3r_Unfriendlywow i forgot i'm still using 10.1009:58
l0nwlf_How do I automount a partition in Ubuntu 10.04, I used visudo and is messed up stuff.09:58
elhoirSidewinder1: "Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog  Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog  does not exist."09:58
kichawaany problem with openchrome on old VIA ?09:58
l0nwlf_By default I need to click to make it mounted, I want it to mounted as soon as I log in.09:58
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: i will try ! thanks!09:59
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: I think the commonality here, is that 10.10 works, 11.04 works, 10.04 doesn't work.09:59
Us3r_Unfriendlyl0nwlf_: visudo is for editing your user to using sudo connected to your /etc/group file...09:59
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: do you have both machines with you?09:59
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Which is unfortunate, until I have daylight hours to drag this heap to a decent LAN conn.09:59
l0nwlf_so what shall I do, I can use "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sdaX ~/Desktop/drive" but I need to run it again and again10:00
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Yeah, they''re both here.10:00
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: on both machines type in:  sudo uname -a            and see what the kernels are10:00
OoTLinkyou know, I'm surprised with the number of laptops that have alps trackpads, that the support for them in linux is nonexistent10:00
OoTLinkI've spent the whole day googling this stuff10:00
hellyeahi have a problem when i start my computer before gnu menu comes up i took that message sparse file not allowed press any key to continue. What does that error mean10:00
OoTLinkand itlooks like people have been having problems with the touchpad support since 200510:00
orethrius38-8 on the laptop, 32-29 on the tower10:00
orethriusI wonder what the default shipping is on Mav.10:01
vltmilen8204: What did you try so far?10:01
kaellanhow to skip the ogin screen on boot up? just want to hav eone acount thats automaticly started for faster bootup :P10:01
Us3r_Unfriendlyyour going to want to update the kernel on the machine that is not working10:01
milen8204vlt, I tried to install MS office trough Wine10:02
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Yeah, I'm beginning to see that.10:02
l0nwlf_I need to mount partition without clicking, how can I do so ?10:02
hellyeahmilen8204:  did it work ?10:02
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: I suppose I could build a new XBMClive with the newer kernel...10:03
hellyeahIboS:  you want to control partition from terminal ?10:03
milen8204hellyeah, can`t find starting icons for Access10:03
milen8204I will preinstall10:03
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: on the lucid maching:  sudo apt-cache search "linux-image"10:03
soulis77-SEHi all. I'm having a problem with installation Netbeans on Ubuntu 10.04 server. No graphical interface only SSH. I use the sudo apt-get netbeans and it installs. But then I try and run netbeans and i get display error.10:03
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: or yeah with a newer kernel...10:03
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Even without a conn? ;)10:03
oCeanmilen8204: for support with applications on wine, use the #winehq channel10:04
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: sorry oops i thought you were hard wired in10:04
hellyeahany suggest10:04
dr_willisnetbeans is a gui app?10:04
hellyeahpn for my problem10:04
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: 35-23 is the latest there.10:05
milen8204oCean, i went in online HQwine10:05
milen8204i saw that is bronze raiting10:05
soulis77-SEdr_willis: It looks like the installation needs gui10:05
=== vlt is now known as vltx
oCeanmilen8204: this channel cannot provide support for applications in wine. That's what #winehq channel is for10:05
milen8204oCean, ok thanks10:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: on the lucid machine that isn't connected?  you'd sudo apt-get update to recieve a updated list of packages...from there you could see if a newer kernel was available10:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: sorry i forgot to mention that10:06
milen8204I thing it is going to work10:06
dr_willissoulis77-SE: so use ssh x forarding feature. or vnc i guess10:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyorethrius: and you'd have to be connect to the internets one way or another10:06
orethriusUs3r_Unfriendly: Precisely what I was driving at... :)10:06
milen8204I have succeeded....:D10:06
=== vlt_m is now known as vlt
OoTLinkso nobody here uses a laptop10:07
Us3r_UnfriendlyOoTLink: nope10:07
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: ok i have logged in in Ubuntu... i dont have any .fix file :-/10:07
milen8204vlt,  it is working that way10:07
Us3r_UnfriendlyOoTLink: one day i will10:07
* OoTLink glares at Us3r10:07
elhoirctrl+Alt+F1 does nothing but open a new console session :-/10:07
soulis77-SEdr_willis: ok but can I reset the export DISPLAY=localhost:010:07
Us3r_Unfriendlyelhoir: you should be staring at a nano window correct?10:07
OoTLinkI think the xorg drivers were designed exclusively for thinkpads10:07
OoTLink*rolls eyes*10:07
milen8204but it has to be MS office 200710:07
elhoirUs3r_Unfriendly: yes, correct10:07
orethriusOoTLink: ...and pretty much anything else with Synaptics... like HP, Toshiba, Acer...10:08
kaellanhmm i got 2x 6,5 gig and 1x 4.5 gig partetition on my disk for "work memmory" (dont got english ubuntu so im guesing the name. what one is the one im using? have instaled ubuntu 2 times and Backtrack 5 once so im guesing thats the reason i got them.10:08
OoTLinkuh huh10:08
Us3r_Unfriendlyfirst line:  #!/bin/bash10:08
OoTLinkscrew synaptics!10:08
OoTLinkand their developer friendly source code10:08
orethriusOoTLink: ... ... ...10:08
oCeanOoTLink: do you have a support question? (this channel is not for general discussion)10:08
OoTLinkbut nobody has a support answer10:08
ikoniakaellan: I don't understand your question10:08
rohypnolici hope i didn't brick something.  hard drive boot is one control character and no booting. can still access IO for HD using rescue disk, boot successful, no filesystem errors.  not sure how to proceed.10:08
orethriusOkay, that made me lol.10:09
oCeanOoTLink: you have not asked a question10:09
OoTLinkI was hoping to find some advice for how to disable tap to click on an alps trackpad10:09
OoTLinkI did10:09
OoTLinkI asked if anyone else had a laptop with an alps pad10:09
OoTLinkapparently no10:09
OoTLinkthat makes sense10:09
FloodBot1OoTLink: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:09
oCean!anyone | OoTLink10:09
ubottuOoTLink: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:09
ikoniarohypnolic: what is the problem you are having10:09
OoTLinkocean: Have you ever bought a laptop from a source other than the goodwill? Good day sir.10:09
b0nghittrwhats the best app to defrag ntfs and fat32 mounts? on 11.0410:10
rohypnolici am a total noob first off.  i installed slack curver, couldn't get my wifi to work, so reboot with disk and repartitioned10:10
kaellanikonia: i got 3x partetitions of swap memmory, how to find what one im using ?10:10
orethriusMan, I'd say what I think of him, but the CoC...10:10
ikoniakaellan: swapon -s will show you10:10
rohypnolicthen installed slack again10:10
kaellanikonia: ty <310:10
rohypnolicon different partition system10:10
rohypnolicthat's when it bricked10:10
orethriusYeah, that's one of the rhyming words... ;)10:11
soulis77-SEI got an display error and tried "export DISPLAY=localhost:0" in ssh . Now I'm having server issues. is it possible to reset the value?10:11
ikoniarohypnolic: what's your "ubuntu" problem10:11
rohypnolichelp me get rid of my slack problem10:11
rohypnolicso i can run ubuntu instead10:11
ikoniasoulis77-SE: what is the error10:11
rohypnolicsince i can't handle the 1337810:11
dr_willissoulis77-SE,  that display would be to appear on the local X server.. is there a local X server even running?10:12
ikoniarohypnolic: put the ubuntu livecd in, boot it, click install, follow the instructions10:12
ikonia!install | rohypnolic10:12
ubotturohypnolic: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:12
rohypnolichave done that, still borks10:12
Sidewinder1b0nghittr, You must use Windows defrag to defrag ntfs/fat32 partitions.10:12
dr_willissoulis77-SE,  export foo=""   perhaps10:12
ikoniarohypnolic: define "borks"10:12
rohypnolicsingle ascii char, no booting10:12
soulis77-SEikonia: I think (but I'm not sure that I get some apache2 webdisplay error or something else has happend at the same time.10:12
b0nghittrSidewinder1: damn :( thanks10:12
ikoniarohypnolic: then that suggests either the CD is a problem, or you have a hardware problem10:13
kaellanhow do i make my sd card reader work ? :) thinking of using sd card as swap memmory like i do in windows to boost preformance even more.10:13
Sidewinder1b0nghittr, No problem.10:13
ikoniakaellan: I woulld not advise that10:13
ikoniakaellan: how much RAM do you have ?10:14
orethriusikonia: You have the patience of a saint.  I, on the other hand, have things to sort out.  Night. :)10:14
dr_williskaellan,  i doubt if it will help in any way10:14
rohypnolici'll reburn the CD first because this hard drive is fine i believe, and come to think of it i did interrupt the file transfer via premature burning.  gotta check those md5 for sure. =)  thats it for now10:14
kaellanikonia: 6 gig 1333 mhz ram10:14
dr_williskaellan,  you could put a swap partition on it if youi wanted.. thats rather easy to do.10:14
ikoniakaellan: ok - you will get no benifit from what you suggest10:14
sudokillswap on a n sd card would be dead slow10:14
dr_williskaellan,  the question is - do you ever actually use swap?10:14
kaellandr_willis: have never noticed a single byte in swap memmory xD10:15
ikoniakaellan: ok - so there is certainly no benifit to putting a swap partition on your sd card10:15
soulis77-SEikonia: No, I see now that I have a php error that is creating it. I thank you anyway for the help.10:15
dr_williskaellan,  you would be better off doing other stuff eith your time then. :)10:15
ikoniasoulis77-SE: ahh, well done10:15
soulis77-SEdr_willis thanks for the help10:15
kaellanhehe, yeah ^^10:16
kaellandoes ubuntu gets faster if i buy a ssd hdd? (slowest thing on my laptop is my hdd)10:16
kaellank :)10:17
sudokillssds are ideal for laptops as well10:17
kaellanis there anny intel cpu booster for ubuntu? got quad core 1,7 ghz that can be turned into dual core 2,9 ghz in windows aleast10:19
sudokillno i dont think so10:19
sudokillare you trolling? lol10:19
kaellanjustwoke up ^^10:19
kaellanand im kinda noob :P10:19
sudokillits ok10:20
kaellani rmember in old ubuntu i could play games i had instaled in windows in ubuntu. what was the name if someone know :P10:21
sudokillno actuallt i dont know10:22
sudokillif that works from aaa windows drive10:22
kaellanrecal that name ^^10:22
sudokilli doubt it would because all the reg setting etc will be on the windows drive10:22
urudukaellan: from another partition ?10:22
kaellanthat also10:23
kaellanbuth same disk10:23
sudokilli think youd have to reinstall the game in wine in ubuntu10:23
urudukaellan: what do you mean.  like play a game you installed from a windows partition?10:23
urudukaellan: or use wine?10:24
kaellana friend asked if he could play eve online in ubuntu.10:24
kaellaninstaled the game in windows already10:24
urudukaellan: i lost a friend to that game10:24
=== arrrrcanum42 is now known as Guest61804
soulis77-SEMy php5 don't seem to work. In ssh I type php and get no errors. I type php -version  and gets info. There is no info in the apache2 log. Where can I look for more help?10:25
sudokillpeople lose their lives to rpgs10:25
urudukaellan: i dont think you can...except through wine10:25
JoupiI read it was possible to mount a windows installed partition on Virtualbox, so you could I believe play your game from that windows partition, but I would not advise to do that ...10:26
wildbatkaellan: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=2249 looks you can10:26
kaellannice :)10:26
kaellanubuntu support powns microsoft support!!!!! :D10:26
Joupihehe, sorry for that :p10:27
uruduJoupi: but that defeats the purpose of using ubuntu i guess.  why not just use windows then?10:27
JoupiYes I aqree ...10:28
kaellanwindows is freaking slo and laggy, have to format windows like once every 2nd month to be stabile10:28
kaellanand to mush viruses etc10:28
dr_willismushy viruses are the worst kind.10:28
wildbatkaellan: visit less porn site ! ~10:28
ikonialearn to manage your machine then10:28
ikoniabuy supported hardware10:29
kaellanlearning ;D10:29
JoupiKaellan, I don't know what game you want to play, but I also saw that a few were available to install in playonlinux, just in case ...10:29
dr_willis'learn you will, young jedi'10:29
kaellan*or cras system trying*10:30
soulis77-SEMy php5 don't seem to work. In ssh I type php and get no errors. I type php -version  and gets info. There is no info in the apache2 log. Where can I look for more help?10:30
ikoniasoulis77-SE: enable php debugging10:30
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:30
ikoniasoulis77-SE: the guys in ##php can explain how to enable verbose debugging10:30
soulis77-SEikonia: it should be enabled. That is the problem.10:31
ikoniasoulis77-SE: as I've said, the guys in ##php can explain how to eanble it and confirm it10:31
soulis77-SEthe php is invite only ..10:31
ikoniasoulis77-SE: no it's not ##php is open10:31
dr_willisi bet its 'regiestered nick only' not the same...10:31
ikoniasoulis77-SE: also, be aware that php command line is different from the php web module, and should be treated differently10:31
ivaylovfollow these steps and make sure you restart your web server http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_lamp_for_newbies10:33
ikoniadon't follow those steps10:33
ikoniahowtoforge is poor10:33
ikoniathe official documentation which has already been sent to him is supported10:34
ivaylovi have followed the steps in that article and it worked everytime on thousands of servers.10:34
mjnaphi. does anyone have problem with playing last.fm in banshes?? When first song was played, the next was stopped, and i cannot continue listening.10:35
mjnapubu 11.04 x6410:35
bullgard4How can I determine if X is configured to use the file /usr/share/console-setup/keyboard?10:35
ikoniabullgard4: that's the default file to use10:36
bullgard4Right. But this does not answer my question it thid is the case actually.10:37
ikoniabullgard4: well, it does, as unless you have changed it to not use the default file - it will use the default file10:37
bullgard4ikonia: That is correct.10:37
ikoniabullgard4: so there is your answer10:38
bullgard4ikonia: Thank you.10:38
monooocan someone help me?10:41
dr_willisask a question. (support related) and see.10:41
=== Guest61804 is now known as arrrcanum42
monoooi got issues with my webcam10:42
monoooi use ubuntu 11.01 on a asus laptop10:42
kaellanmonooo: what model ? :)10:43
mjnaphi. does anyone have problem with playing last.fm in banshes?? When first song was played, the next was stopped, and i cannot continue listening. I use ubu 11.04 x64.10:43
kaellanmonooo: i got asus g73jw and i use "Kamoso" from programcentral to use y cam :P10:45
monooois there a way to get webcam working on standard software?10:46
kaellan<-- to noob to know ^^10:46
dr_willismonooo,  you tried using it in cheese? any error messages? so far you ahve told us 'its not working on a K53T'   Not working in what program?10:46
monoooEmpathy 2.34.010:47
dr_willistest it in cheese.  'sudo apt-get install cheese'10:47
monoooi can seem to connect to either msn and gtalk10:47
dr_willis!info cheese10:47
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 62 kB, installed size 260 kB10:47
Mac-Rumourshow can i find out what partition i've booted into?10:48
monooois cheese a driver or?10:48
ikoniaMac-Rumours: type "mount" in a termainl10:48
monooois it a apllication10:48
dr_willisMac-Rumours, see where / is mounted from.10:48
ikoniamonooo: application10:48
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i tried but it lies – says both partitions are sda1 :?10:48
dr_willismonooo,  the bot just told us what cheese is. :)    <ubottu> cheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam.10:49
ikoniaMac-Rumours: please pastebin the output of the command "mount"10:49
dr_willismonooo,  install cheese, run cheese, see if it works.10:49
Mac-Rumoursi'm not on the same computer, but i can type what it says10:49
* dr_willis avoides any cheese jokes.10:49
ikoniaMac-Rumours: please show me what the device "/" is mounted on10:50
monooodr_willis: i installed cheese10:50
monooohow do i run cheese?10:50
ikonia!webccam | monooo10:50
ikonia!webcam | monooo10:51
ubottumonooo: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras10:51
ikoniamonooo: check out that link10:51
TehAndrewRyanNeed soem help, I got tearing windows when moving them around :(10:51
TehAndrewRyanI get*10:52
Mac-Rumours_ikonia: it says /dev/sda1 on / type ext410:52
ikoniaMac-Rumours_: so that's the partition you're booted into10:52
TehAndrewRyanI've tried enabling Sync to VBlank in both Catalyst and Compiz, still doesn't work10:53
dr_willismonooo,  its in the menus.. or from the command line.. the command is.. 'cheese'  :)10:53
monooothnx i got it10:53
monoooit works10:53
Mac-Rumours_ikonia: if i boot into sda2 it says the same (i cloned partition with clonezilaa)10:53
monoooonly the menu is a little buggy10:53
dnivrahello. I just wanted to know why aren't mercurial's packages listed in section "Version Control Systems" of packages.ubuntu.com too? They're listed in development tools.10:53
=== Mac-Rumours_ is now known as Mac-Rumours
ikoniaMac-Rumours_: you won't be booting into /dev/sda2 - as you've probably not updated your /etc/fstab after you cloned it10:53
ikoniaMac-Rumours: it's probably still mounted sda1 as /10:53
Mac-Rumoursikonia: how do i update that?10:54
ikoniaMac-Rumours: it's a text file - you mount the partition on /dev/sda2 somwhere, then edit it's fstab in it's etc filesystem10:54
ikoniaMac-Rumours: make sure you edit /etc/fstab on /dev/sda2 - not /etc/fstab on /dev/sda110:55
TehAndrewRyanAnything else I can do?10:55
Mac-Rumoursikonia: thanks. i'll try that. i thought it was booting into sda1 or 2 as i have different settings in each :?10:56
ikoniaMac-Rumours: I would guess not (from what you've told me)10:56
monooodr_willis:  whats next?10:56
BenukI wonder if anyone can help, my software centre seems to have crashed, its just hanging and not responding. How do I kill the process?10:56
TehAndrewRyanAll of you: How do I fix the tearing windows?10:56
CradamMac-Rumours: you in any way connected to the mac rumours website?10:56
ikoniaCradam: please try to keep it on topic here10:57
Mac-Rumourscradam: yes and no. :)10:57
ikoniaMac-Rumours: Cradam take it to private message please.10:57
dnivraBenuk: Press Alt+F2/open a terminal, run the command xkill and click on the software centre window. should work.10:57
Benukdnivra: thank you :)10:58
Sidewinder1TehAndrewRyan, I believe there's a compiz channel; perhaps someone there could better direct you.10:58
Mac-Rumoursikonia: how do i access sda2 if i'm really in sda1?10:59
ikoniaMac-Rumours: you need to mount it10:59
latagoreHi, I want to remap my keys; are there any GUI utilities to do it?11:00
Cradamlatagore: you want to remap what the alt key does?11:00
Cradami hate the alt key because its used by apps i like and the WM i use11:01
latagoreCradam: ...Did I ask this before? Because it's creepy that the answer is yes11:01
Cradamlatagore: no i just have the same problem and am looking for the same solution11:02
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i tried mount sda2 but says it can't find it etc/fstab11:02
ikoniaMac-Rumours: what command did you use ?11:02
latagoreCradam: How old is your keyboard?11:02
Mac-Rumoursikonia: mount sda211:02
Cradamlatagore: its a laptop keyboard11:02
ikoniaMac-Rumours: sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt11:03
ikoniaMac-Rumours: that will mount it on the file system /mnt, you will see the file you need in /mnt/etc/fstab11:03
latagoreCradam: Hm, try xkeycaps, it MIGHT work for you. You have to make it load on startup though11:03
latagoreCradam: It might not work because the keyboard layouts for it are very old11:05
Cradamthe laptop is about 1.5 years old11:06
latagoreCradam: The keyboards the utility are at least 10 years old11:06
Mac-Rumoursikonia: sorry, where can i find /mnt now?11:06
ikoniaMac-Rumours: it's on the file system /mnt11:06
latagoreCradam: the utility was designed for*11:06
Cradamlatagore: when do you think keyboards were last remapped11:07
monooocan someone help me with my webcam isseus11:07
Cradamprobably about 15 years11:07
latagoreCradam: Well, you can remap your keyboard anytime lol. The last year it was supported though was 200011:08
Mac-Rumoursikonia: thanks. i've opened /etc/fstab – what do i need to change?11:08
ikoniaMac-Rumours: did you open /etc/fstab - or /mnt/etc/fstab ?11:08
Mac-Rumoursikonia: yes, iy's open in gedit11:09
ikoniaMac-Rumours: which did you open ?11:09
caminomasterDoes anybody know any repo for old releases, different from old-releases.ubuntu.com?11:09
quidnuncWhat login manager does Ubuntu use/11:09
Mac-Rumoursikonia: sorry, /mnt/etc :)11:09
ikoniaquidnunc: you can set it to use what your want, but gdm is default11:09
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok so you should see a link in there for /11:10
quidnuncikonia: Doesn't gdm normally give you the option of desktop manager to run? I don't see it11:10
ikoniaquidnunc: depends how it's setup11:10
quidnuncikonia: default11:10
Mac-Rumoursikonia: the only thing not commented out is UUID11:11
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok - so it's referencing UUID - not device name, in another terminal do "sudo blkid" and get the uuid for /dev/sda211:11
ikoniaMac-Rumours:  if you want to be certain, run this command in a terminal "diff /etc/fstab /mnt/etc/fstab"11:12
Mac-Rumoursikonia: both sda1 and sda2 have the same UUID – I guess from cloning?11:13
ikoniaMac-Rumours: so that's why there is a problem,11:14
ikoniaMac-Rumours: change the uuid in /mnt/etc/fstab to be "/dev/sda2"11:14
monoooCan someone help me11:14
ikoniaMac-Rumours: that will force it to use sda211:14
ikoniamonooo: what is hte issue11:14
ikoniaMac-Rumours: what is the issue11:14
ikoniaMac-Rumours: sorry, not you11:14
monoooi installed cheese11:14
monoooand it gives an image11:14
monooobut when i try to record it failes11:14
ikoniamonooo: what did the URL ubottu gave you tell you to do ?11:15
monoooi cant really figure that out11:15
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
monoooikonia:  if possible i would not like to install a lot of software11:19
ikoniamonooo: what did the URL ubottu gave you tell you to do ?11:19
monoooi cant really catogorize my problem11:20
monoooso i dont exactly know what to do next11:20
Monotokohey guys...don't suppose you would know what would cause "uptime" to give the uptime wrong?11:20
kdawgi recently used ubuntu live cd to back up my laptop hard drive that was failing to copy under windows  but it worked with ubuntu live cd. now that i put the new drive in the laptop it won't boot11:20
ikoniaMonotoko: bad clock11:20
kdawgnow i am live cd on here11:20
Monotokoikonia, I thought of that...but my clock seems fine11:20
ikoniaMonotoko: show me the output of uptime please11:21
kdawgI've been readng this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-corrupted-windows-ntfs-filesystem-ubuntu/11:21
kdawgbut i am unable to get ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo /sbin/lilo11:21
kdawgFatal: Cannot open: /etc/lilo.conf11:21
kdawg this to work11:21
FloodBot1kdawg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
ikoniakdawg: I advise you to use windows to fix windows - not ubuntu11:22
Monotokomonotoko@KatieIV:~$ uptime11:22
Monotoko 12:19:37 up 765 days, 15:13,  4 users,  load average: 0.23, 0.11, 0.0711:22
kdawgi windows wont put how can windows fix it if it don't boot11:22
Monotokoit should be 300 days11:22
ikoniaMonotoko: that suggest to me your clock was wrong - but has not synced, reboot it and see if it corrects is'ts self11:23
kdawgcant i somehow fix the boot.ini or mbr in order for it to boot.11:23
zwamkat@kdawg I'm not sure you want to RUN sudo /sbin/lilo11:23
crackerjackzkdawg, when you try to boot into windows what is the error message you get? does it say you're missing any files like NTLDR for example..11:23
ikoniakdawg: use the windows install CD to fix it, the guys in ##windows can help11:23
kdawgSomething about unable to find a bootable drive press f1 to retry11:23
monoooi get the following error: codec negotiation failed: there was no intersection between the remote codecs and the local ones11:24
ikoniakdawg: use the windows install CD to fix it, the guys in the ##windows channel can help11:24
crackerjackzkdawg, go to ##windows so they don't get mad.. i'll meet you there i can help...11:24
kdawgyeah but i don't have a windows install cd thats current i think it would just mess with the install some more11:24
kdawgokay one sec11:25
yukos_hello folks11:25
kdawgby the way i love inux its just so hard11:25
yukos_need some help with my wi-fi driver, can anyone help pls?11:26
crackerjackzyukos_, pastebin me the output of lspci11:27
monoooi  get the following error: codec negotiation failed: there was no intersection between the remote codecs and the local ones? can someone help11:28
Monotokoikonia, ugh..the reason it has such a long uptime is because it's a pain in the ass to reboot >.>11:28
ikoniaMonotoko: I susupect you've just had clock drift at some point, and it's synced up, which creates the difference, used to be quite common in VM's11:28
yukos_hi guys, where i can get driver for my wi-fi card for my Sony Vaio VPCY211:29
crackerjackzyukos_, open up a terminal and type lspci then paste the output to http://pastebin.com and send me the link. also no private messages, please talk in the main chat so that we can all collectively help you.11:29
yukos_crackerjackz: ok11:30
Mac-Rumoursikonia: it wont boot now. problem mounting. :(11:30
ikoniaMac-Rumours: what's the exact error11:30
ikoniaMac-Rumours: we'll get further if you give me specific stuff rather than generic11:31
Monotokoikonia, I see...so if I just leave it running it shouldn't affect me too badly?11:31
ikoniaMonotoko: my opinion, it's not a problem at all, "uptime" stats are used for pretty much nothing11:31
yukos_crackerjackz: http://pastebin.com/hDymhcjF11:32
Monotokoikonia, thank you very much for your help :)11:32
mumameoanti aliased fonts have a red tinge in the terminal. I can't stand it.11:33
mumameousing a bitmap font like terminus solves it.11:33
crackerjackzyukos_, what version of ubuntu do you have installed?11:33
yukos_crackerjackz: 11.0411:34
crackerjackzyukos_, okay give me a minute.. reading11:35
dresdenQuestion, I added an external HD to fstab. I also see that the volume manager also added the same mount (different name) for the same hd. Any ideas how to make the volume manager stop adding this external hd?11:35
mumameocan someone help me get my colors right. Right now anti aliased fonts have a reddish tinge in the terminal.11:36
mumameoGoogle doesn't bring up anything relevant. I've tried playing with RGB order etc.11:36
mumameodoesn't help11:36
ikoniadresden: it's done through hal and dbus, it uses the volume label to mount it, there is documentation on how to stop auto mounting11:37
dresdenwhat would be a good keyword to search for ikonia?11:37
Mac-Rumoursikonia: the error is "An error occurred while mounting. Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery"11:37
ushiuhow can i check all the dates where a package was updated in the packages server?11:37
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok, I suggest you boot back into /dev/sda1 and again try to manually mount /dev/sda2 on /mnt to see if it can mount11:38
crackerjackzyukos_, so you're wireless doesn't work at all?11:38
yukos_yes, it's even not highlighlited in top bar internet menu11:39
crackerjackzyukos_, what does it say... firmware missing?11:39
yukos_cannot click "wireless networks"11:39
crackerjackzyukos_, underneath wireless networks does it say "firmware missing"11:40
yukos_crackerjackz: wireless is disabled by hardware switch11:41
Kaellanlol, removed 2x swap memmory partitions and so the one in use got changed name xD *running from live cd now* how do i change to use another swap ?11:41
ushiuor could you please tell me if lucid's tcpdump package has been updated somewhen11:41
yukos_crackerjackz: but the switch is actually on, I also have blutooth on the switch which is working11:41
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i really don't know which partition is which now. i've booted into the one which works.11:41
crackerjackzyukos_, yeah but when you go up to the system tray and tray to connect to the internet.. underneath of "wireless networks" does it say "firmware missing"?11:42
ikoniaMac-Rumours: again - mount will tell you what you are in11:42
yukos_crackerjackz: underneath of "wireless networks" it says "wireless is disabled by hardware switch"11:42
Mac-Rumoursikonia: mount says sda111:42
ikoniaMac-Rumours: that's where you are then11:42
oCeanyukos_: what does the command  rfkill list  output?11:43
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i've mounted /dev/sda2 and opened /mnt/etc/fstab11:44
yukos_oCean: http://pastebin.com/LfmtiKBU11:44
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok - in that situation we know that it "can" mount11:44
Mac-Rumoursikonia: what exactly should be on the last line?11:45
oCeanyukos_: did you use  "rfkill list"  (no quotes)11:45
ikoniaMac-Rumours: it should be exactly as it was before you changed it, but with /dev/sda2 instead of the block id11:45
Mac-Rumoursikonia: [thanks for your patient help BTW]11:45
yukos_oCean: sorry, http://pastebin.com/cFkSVLKZ11:45
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
oCeanyukos_: some are still blocked. Running   "sudo rfkill unblock all"  should, well.. unblock all11:47
Kaellani removed 2x swap partition named sda6 and sda7 becous it was the one named sda8 i was using buth wen i removed 6 and 7 nr 8 got named 6 after i was done. and now grub wont start >*11:47
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest8304
Mac-Rumoursikonia: so: /dev/sda2 / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 111:48
ikoniaMac-Rumours: looks ok11:48
crackerjackzyukos_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1101661211:48
Mac-Rumoursikonia: ok, i'd deleted too much before, but left it as comments :) trying again.11:48
yukos_oCean: now it says "device not ready"11:49
oCeanyukos_: where does it say that?11:50
yukos_oCean: under "wireless network" in system tray menu11:50
windmillanyone noticed that irc.freenode.net seem to be down today?11:51
oCeanyukos_: first try the "rfkill list" again to see if all options are no longer blocked11:51
oCeanwindmill: #freenode for that11:51
yukos_oCean: makes sens :) anyway software is still blocking?! iulian@ubuntu:~$ rfkill list 0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: yes Hard blocked: no 1: phy0: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no 2: sony-wifi: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no 3: sony-bluetooth: Bluetooth Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no 8: hci0: Bluetooth Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no11:52
Sidewinder1Hi BluesKaj11:52
BamBoolialoha .. i have a problem with the livecd .. what must i enter in the user and password field?11:52
yukos_oCean: http://pastebin.com/2Nz7fLfc11:52
windmilloCean, no problem11:52
morningusb flash drive problem: The drive was recognized by Ubuntu (Natty), all fine. But now, as reported by the disk utility,  Ubuntu recognizes the device but not  the file system. This has happened to me before, and when I thought, "All right. Reformat." that killed the drive. Any advice?11:52
BluesKajhey Sidewinder111:52
morningmorning: Clarification: I killed a previous drive. So now I'm dealing with another.11:53
Aisoni'm searching an address book software for buisness contacts11:54
BamBoolii am new .. where can i find the login for the livecd?11:54
Mac-Rumours ikonia: it boots again now. sudo blkid still gives sda1 and sd2 the same UUID11:54
yukos_oCean: shall I make a restart?11:54
oCeanyukos_: hm, indeed there's still a (soft)block, I don't know why. Try "sudo rfkill unblock 0" (seems redundant to me, but it's worth a try)11:54
oCeanyukos_: sure you can try, but I don't think it should be necessary11:55
morningAison: Evolution includes an address-book manager. May or may not suit your needs.11:55
yukos_oCean: sudo rfkill unlbock 0 didn't change anything11:55
Sidewinder1BamBooli, I didn't think a login was necessary on LiveCD11:56
oCeanyukos_: ok. Sorry, I'm not sure what to do then11:56
yukos_oCean: thx for your help11:56
crackerjackzyukos_, i'm stumped too11:56
Sidewinder1BamBooli, Either just hiy "enter", or perhaps "ubuntu". Without quotes, of course.11:56
Sidewinder1hit, even.11:57
erikaflusahi all11:57
oCeanyukos_: what's your ubuntu version?11:57
hurptrying to install ubuntu server, but i get stuck at "install ubuntu on hard drive" button when booting up from the usb :( when i press the option, my computer just makes a BEEP then nothing happens11:57
erikaflusai have question on dosemu11:57
erikaflusaanyone here11:59
oCeanerikaflusa: yes, many11:59
quidnunc!ask: erikaflusa11:59
quidnunc!ask > erikaflusa11:59
ubottuerikaflusa, please see my private message11:59
Sidewinder1erikaflusa, Perhaps this might help: http://dosemu.sourceforge.net/docs/HOWTO/11:59
quidnuncWhy can't I change my session from gdm?12:00
erikaflusahow do i find dosemu after u install it12:00
quidnuncerikaflusa: Console I would guess12:00
yukosoCean: what was again the command to unblock? look what i've got after restart :S http://pastebin.com/AmzqfFzu12:01
quidnuncerikaflusa: Do you know how to use the command line?12:01
crackerjackzerikaflusa, run it from the terminal.. i actually use medafen emulator though12:01
erikaflusais medafan better12:01
oCeanyukos: sudo rfkill unblock all12:01
crackerjackzerikaflusa, try something like dosemu /path/to/game.zip from the terminal12:01
oCeanyukos: according to this thread you should blacklist acer-wmi  (http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1677127.html)12:02
erikaflusaim still newbie on linux12:02
erikaflusaa novice i guess12:02
crackerjackzerikaflusa, i tried messing around with dosemu and couldn't get somethings to work right but i haven't had any problems out of mednafen12:02
crackerjackzsome things*12:02
hurpanyone have a clue about my problem D: ?12:02
=== arrrrcanum42 is now known as Guest17106
erikaflusamednafen is that correct spelling12:03
B_LizzardDoes anybody else have machines with broken boot that throws you in a busybox prompt?12:03
B_LizzardI have two people bringing me machines with the same exact problem, both running Ubuntu 10.10.12:03
crackerjackzerikaflusa, yes mednafen is the correct spelling12:04
B_LizzardI thought it was some hard-drive issue but it seems that some update broke everything12:04
quidnuncHow do I change the gdm theme?12:04
ikoniaMac-Rumours: it will give the same block id as they are identical12:04
ikoniaMac-Rumours: that's why I told you to change the fstab to NOT use the block id - but use the device name12:04
kiergeB_Lizzard, hard drives should go on sata 2 ports12:04
erikaflusai was gonna use a old desktop an put dos 6.22 on it12:05
B_LizzardI'm saying, two people had Ubuntu 10.10 working and brought their computers with the same exact problem within two days of each other.12:05
B_LizzardBoot fails and throws you into a busybox prompt12:06
david_I, I have problem to shutdown my computer with a new 11.04 x64 installation, xserver closes fine and a message in the terminal is shown but it do not shutdown. I only changed the configuration of fstab: http://pastebin.com/HaFbz8Tv What can I do?12:06
latagoreB_Lizzard: Hey12:06
B_LizzardI am asking if anyone has anything similar going on or maybe I should post some logs or something. :)12:06
oCeanB_Lizzard: if you think you hit a bug, search launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu12:06
BluesKajB_Lizzard, are the graphics the same mfgr12:06
latagoreB_Lizzard: Uhh, I've had that problem before, but all I did was reinstall lol12:07
dr_willistheres 100's of errors that could kick you into a busybox prompt.12:07
B_LizzardThe one is a desktop with Nvidia, I think, the other a laptop with integrated intel12:07
Sidewinder1B_Lizzard, Can't define exactly what caused the problem, but, you could always boot to LiveCD, back-up their /home directories, and reinstall 10.1012:07
dr_willisoften a reinstall of grub does the trick B_Lizzard12:07
B_LizzardI'll try though chroot and reinstall if nothing helps12:08
latagoreI want to map my keys using a GUI utility, does anyone have any suggestions?12:08
dr_willisB_Lizzard,  i often find it handy to have a backup grub installed on flash drive to boot syste4ms that break.12:09
B_LizzardMaybe it was a grub update that broke everything12:09
dr_willistheres 100's of errors that could kick you into a busybox prompt.12:10
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:10
crackerjackzahh i was thinking of desemu or something not dosemu12:10
B_LizzardOK, I just found it weird that two systems happened to have this simultaneously, maybe it was widespread or something.12:11
B_LizzardThanks again.12:11
Mac-Rumoursikonia: fstab is changed and it's booting now, but mount still says sda2 for both :?12:11
crackerjackzyou can't emulate dos programs with mednafen12:11
ikoniaMac-Rumours: you said it said sda1 for both earlier12:11
ikoniaMac-Rumours: how are you deciding which one you boot ?12:12
yukosoCean: how do I blocklist a device then?12:12
ikoniaMac-Rumours: as in where are you making that decision12:12
Mac-Rumoursikonia: from GRUB which is clearly wrong (says boot sda1)12:12
ikoniaMac-Rumours: what are the grub menu options (what do they say)12:13
bluecatssany body home12:14
ikoniabluecatss: you can obviously see people talking12:14
Sidewinder11389, last I checked.12:14
undeadhi everybody12:15
shipwreck_oh hai undead12:15
Mac-Rumoursikonia: 1] Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.38-8-generic ... 5] Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.38-8-generic (on dev/sda1)12:16
ikoniaMac-Rumours: can you hilight each one and press "e" make notes on what you see, are they the same, or different12:16
undeadI have configured squid for instructions on how to here http://forum.ubuntu.ru/index.php?topic=61887.012:18
undeadall well it works, but the site that spun on this server12:18
undeadit is available only if the proxy to register, without a proxy is not available, tell me how to fix12:18
ikoniaundead: what is the IP of the website that is not available12:18
phoqueI'm using "grep -rl width file | xargs sed -i -e 's/width/height/'" to replace "width" by "height" in a file12:19
phoquehowever that only replaces the first occurrance of the word in a line12:19
phoquedoes anybody know what to change in order to replace ALL words in a line12:19
arkanabarmy lappy has neither X nor network.  How can I enable my wireless from command line?12:20
entel_phoque: sed?12:20
ikoniaarkanabar: iwconfig12:20
phoqueentel_, I am using sed12:20
Mac-Rumoursikonia: one says: set root='(dev/sda,msdos1), the other with msdos212:20
entel_oh sorry phoque i misread12:20
ikoniaMac-Rumours: that looks right, but it's an unusual format12:21
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok - lets do a test here12:21
ikoniaMac-Rumours: boot into one of the options, and do "sudo touch /example.disk"12:21
Mac-Rumoursikonia: what does it mean? it should be formatted as ext412:21
ikoniaMac-Rumours: then boot into the other and do "ls -la /example.disk"12:22
ikoniaMac-Rumours: don't worry just run the test12:22
dr_willisphoque,  isent there some /g option for that.12:22
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Mac-Rumoursikonia: ok12:22
ikoniadr_willis: global - yes12:22
entel_phoque: can you add a 'g' after the 's' in the sed's argument12:22
exutuxphoque: sed -i s/width/height/g12:22
yukoshow to blacklist a device?12:22
entel_oh yea its at the end12:22
phoqueexutux, without the -e parameter?12:23
undeadikonia: undead.lan, it site in my network12:23
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »12:23
arkanabarok, how do I pass wireless encryption key to iwconfig?  man pages are pretty opaque.?12:23
exutuxphoque: i think that is the same for that simple expression12:23
ikoniaundead: ok - so that's why it can't b e used without a proxy12:24
exutuxphoque: try both12:24
hamedhi. is any reference about the commands in xubuntu ?12:24
ikoniahamed: in what respect?12:24
hamedsetxkbmap us dvp12:26
ikoniahamed: there are man pages for that sort of thing12:26
=== rudymogavero is now known as SevenSeas
hamedthis command convert qwerty but i must do it every time12:27
Mac-Rumoursikonia: after ls -la /example.disk output is: ls: cannot access /example.disk12:27
ikoniaMac-Rumours: ok - so that does show they are booting into two different partitions12:27
ikoniaMac-Rumours: boot back into the other one and run "ls -la /example.disk"12:27
undeadikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/640780/12:27
ikoniaMac-Rumours: this time you should get output12:27
phoqueexutux, entel_, thanks!12:28
ikoniaundead: why are you showing me that ?12:28
Mac-Rumoursikonia: yes, output this time12:30
Mac-Rumoursikonia: mount has gone back to saying both are sda1 :?12:30
hamedthank you very much ikonia12:31
ubuntufreak21morning everyone!12:32
PadgeDoes anyone here use Ubuntu Brainstorm?12:32
ubuntufreak21hey is usr13 on?12:32
ikoniaMac-Rumours: uid's got to be confusing it, it shouldn't but it is12:33
ikoniaPadge: yes12:33
PadgeDo the moderators tend to dismiss ideas they don't like summarily as "not an idea," or does the idea have to actually fail to meet come criteria?12:33
ikoniaMac-Rumours: the good news is, they are booting into two seperate partitions, the bad news is the uuid's are confusing it12:33
ikoniaPadge: I've found it to be very balanced12:33
aleprovencioHello everyone, is there a way of remapping the ctrl+(alt)pgUP/pgDown and alt+down shortcuts to another combination ?12:33
Mac-Rumoursikonia: my original idea was to have one partition for XBMC live only and another for Ubuntu 11.4, but the drivers on XBMC live do not support my GPU, so then I tried to install Ubuntu and spent about 4-5 hours getting wifi to work. so thought I'd clone drive (to make life easier!). is it a bad idea to have two copies of Ubuntu on different partitions (cloned or not)?12:34
Padgeikonia: I put in an idea, which I was pretty sure is an idea, and it was dismissed as not an idea.  I put the idea in again with less wordy, more direct language in the hopes that it won't get summarily dismissed again.12:34
exutuxMac-Rumours: you can change UUID after clonation12:35
Padgeikonia: Is there any reason that isn't an idea?12:35
ikoniaMac-Rumours: you've asked me a really bad question, so in theory, two different linux OS's (ubuntu or what ever) is  fine idea, but the way ubuntu uses grub2 and puts all the config in /etc on the local partition in my view makes it a broken configuration so a terrible idea12:35
dr_willistune2fs command can change uuid.12:35
exutuxMac-Rumours: so GRUB doesn't get confusion with same UUIDs12:35
ubuntufreak21hey can someone help me fix my usb connection problem/12:35
morningAleprovencio:  System settings ---> Personal ---> Keyboard shortcuts12:36
ikoniaPadge: you can launch multiple instances of applications, it already exists12:36
ikoniaexutux: it's nothing to do with grub12:36
PadgeFrom the launcher?12:36
ikoniaPadge: I believe so12:36
cool_codearkanabar, check http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl8_iwconfi.htm12:36
PadgeFrom the launcher's convenience icon?12:36
morningAleprovencio: From the "power" icon in the upper right of your screen.12:37
PadgeIs there some undocumented key I have to hold while clicking the button?12:37
ikoniaPadge: I don't have the specific details as I don't use it myself but I'm very aware of colleges having multiple terminals for example launched from the launcher12:37
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AFDI'm trying to export my passwords / wifi networks etc using the password keys gui but the export option is greyed out... any takers?12:37
ikoniaPadge: that's the method, hold the mouse click12:37
exutuxikonia: well I talking about fstab and mount partition12:37
PadgeWhen I hold the mouse it assumes I want to move it12:38
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i wanted to keep a clean XBMC install as this is for a living room HTPC, but wanted to learn Ubuntu so thought sanest way is to put it on another partition. So I suppose I can just have one installation that I don't mess with (or at least keep a backup of). What would you recommend?12:38
ubuntufreak21Can someone help me with usb configuration12:38
dawcrecki have a problem i installed ubuntu 11.04 64 bit but now i tried booting for the first time but al i get is a black screen with a blinking cursor can anyone help me please?12:38
ikoniaexutux: the issue is two fold, 1.) Mac-Rumours's actual issue which is identical block id's due to a clone of the partition confusing the mounts b.) grub in /etc makes managing dual boots rubbish in general12:38
PadgeTo make sure I have my terminology right, by 'launcher' I mean the vertical bar in Unity that appears on the left12:38
exutuxikonia: indeed...for this I said that can change UUID to cloned partition12:39
ikoniaMac-Rumours: this is not the best answer I'd like to give, but it is the most realistic, use a virtual machine, I hate to say that, as dual booting should be easy, however with ubuntu's grub2 layout, the truth is, it's not12:39
ikoniaPadge: yup12:39
aleprovenciomorning, thanks for the info. However I don't see any of these options there :/12:39
morningPadge: Click with Middle mouse button12:39
gartralhow can i get a load output from console?12:39
ikoniaexutux: I'd certainly be interested in how you suggest doing this, just re-generate the blikd it ?12:39
exutuxikonia: with to tune2fs12:40
morningAleprovencio: How far do you get?12:40
Mac-Rumoursikonia: None of the OSs out there play nice together. Last time I tried to install Ubuntu on a Mac (along with Windows) the whole disk got corrupted.12:40
Padgemorning: That would explain why I wasn't able to do it.  I had a two-button mouse.12:40
dob_is there any ipv6 capable mirror for ubuntu?12:40
rohypnolicdawcreck - i would use a gparted livecd and just unassign your partitions, then run the install cd after reboot12:40
exutuxikonia:  sudo tune2fs -U random /dev/sdxx12:40
ikoniaMac-Rumours: any other Linux distro will play fine, it's a limitation of ubuntu and how it works with grub212:40
vikhi guys gettin below error when i sudo12:40
gartralMac-Rumours: this is why we have VMs12:40
ikoniaexutux: ah, so you just suggest re-creating the uuids]12:40
vikjira123 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.12:41
ikoniaMac-Rumours: exutux is worth a go, although you'll still hit the same issue of maintaining grub for both OS'12:41
morningPadge: There's some other way: Maybe clicking right and left buttons at the same time. Haven't tried it.12:41
ikoniaexutux: great id12:41
viktried thhis but failed jira123 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.12:41
exutuxMac-Rumours: partiton needs to be unmounted12:41
ikoniamorning: I thought it was holding down the left click12:41
AFD I'm trying to export my passwords / wifi networks etc using the password keys gui but the export option is greyed out... any takers?12:41
gartralMac-Rumours ikonia wouldn't lilo be better?12:41
ikoniavik: is that user a member of the "admin" group ?12:42
vikim the only user12:42
ikoniagartral: no as the other distros won't update lilo12:42
ikoniavik: show me the output of "uname -a" please12:42
ikoniagartral: I see where you are going though12:42
viki mean i have installed ubuntu jus now12:42
ikoniavik: show me the output of "uname -a" please12:42
exutuxikonia: I broke my brain for several time at work with this issue, because I use to clone more time for my servers12:42
gabrieleUpgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 was interrupted. Command "dpkg --configure -a" exits with error "dpkg error unable to access dpkg status area: read-only file system". How can I solve this without reinstalling ubuntu?12:42
aleprovenciomorning, i get to the keyboard shortcuts application, but i don't see options i want which are 'move to the next/previews tab' (ctrl+pgUP/DOWN) and 'display drop down list' (alt+DOWN)12:42
ubuntufreak21i think i installed too many packages from synaptic package manager12:42
vikLinux D-MAA-00398040 2.6.38-8-server #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:49:04 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:42
ikoniagabriele: how/why was it interupted12:43
ikoniavik: please show me the output of the command "id"12:43
gartralikonia: well, thinking of matinence... lilo would only need too be updated what... once every few weeks at the most?12:43
gabrieleikonia, upgrade manager froze12:43
vik gid=1001(jira123) groups=1001(jira123),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),25(floppy),26(tape),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),104(fuse),118(nopasswdlogin)12:43
exutuxikonia: solutions was or to use devices /dev/sdxx on fstab and grub, but isn't a good idea...better use UUIDS and create a new one after clone12:43
ikoniagartral: yes and no, the issue is OS1 - update lilo, great, how does OS2 know to update lilo - as it was installed and managed outside of it, that's not a problem with grub1 or grub2 on a non-ubuntu distro12:43
ubuntufreak21thats maybe why my usb isnt working12:43
morningIkonia: Middle click works for  me.12:43
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i want to try to keep things simple. sounds like one installation of Ubuntu will have to do.12:44
dawcreckcan anyone help me please?12:44
morningAleprovencio: I dropped out & may have missed your last message.12:44
vik@ikonia wat do i do12:44
aleprovenciomorning, ok12:44
ikoniavik: show me the output of the command "id" as I asked12:44
aleprovenciomorning, i get to the keyboard shortcuts application, but i don't see options i want which are 'move to the next/previews tab' (ctrl+pgUP/DOWN) and 'display drop down list' (alt+DOWN)12:44
BluesKajdawcreck, just ask your question12:44
vik gid=1001(jira123) groups=1001(jira123),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),25(floppy),26(tape),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),104(fuse),118(nopasswdlogin)12:45
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
gabrieleikonia, any hint?12:45
vikhere it is12:45
vik gid=1001(jira123) groups=1001(jira123),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),25(floppy),26(tape),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),104(fuse),118(nopasswdlogin)12:45
ubuntufreak21someone please help me with usb problem12:45
ikoniavik: ahh, I see. you're user is not in the "admin" group, you must have removed it12:45
gartralikonia: simple, OS2 won't need too be updated as often (Assuming OS1 is Linux, and OS2 is Mac) any Major kernal changes too OS2 can be force-updated from inside Linux.. unless i'm horribly misunderstanding the configuration12:45
ikoniagabriele: remount it read write12:45
ubuntufreak21there is enough of you on to help most of us12:45
ikoniagabriele: it will need to be maintained and updated12:45
ikoniagabriele: sorry that was for gartral12:46
Mac-Rumoursikonia: thanks for all your help and patience.12:46
BluesKajubuntufreak21, then tell us your problem12:46
ikoniaMac-Rumours: I'm sorry not to be more posative12:46
morningAleprovencio: There's an "Add" button to add another command. (But where to go from there is beyond my skill set.)12:46
gabrieleikonia, how can i remount it read-write? i'm in the manual recovery shell.12:46
vik@ikonia wat do i do12:46
ikoniagabriele: mount -o rw /dev/$disk /12:46
Mac-Rumoursikonia: i've learnt along the way.12:46
rohypnolicdawcreck - i would use a gparted livecd and just unassign your partitions, then run the install cd after reboot, ubu will take care of the mbr and make a new boot partition12:46
ikoniavik: how did you remove your user from the admin group12:47
gabrieleikonia, thanks i'll give it a try12:47
aleprovenciomorning, i see, going to make some tests. Thanks for your help !12:47
ubuntufreak21i insert usb in usb port and nothing pops up or it doesnt even do a single thing12:47
vikoh i created 2 user12:47
viki delted the primary user12:47
vikanyturn around for this12:47
ikoniagabriele: sorry, it's mount -o remount rw /dev/$disk /12:47
morningAleprovencio: Glad to serve.12:47
ikoniagabriele: brain fade for a moment then12:47
ubuntufreak21it blinks green diode but thats about it12:47
ikoniavik: that's the issue then,12:47
gabrieleikonia, ok thank you again :D12:47
ikoniavik: you need to boot into recovery mode, and add the user to the admin group12:48
vikas in12:48
magicjackworkguyz can someone help me getting magicjack to work on ubuntu??????12:48
vikim new to ubuntu can u enlighten me more on this12:48
vikhw to go about it12:48
ikoniavik: research the command "usermod" and add the group to the admin group12:48
Dulcin Hi, I'm wondering the part in the cli that shows in what folder you are, is that a package you can install? (i have a linux distro on my nas, but it only shows my username, and have to keep ls'ing to see my location)12:49
magicjackworkguyz can someone help me getting magicjack to work on ubuntu??????  -- plz12:49
ikoniaDulcin: we support ubuntu here12:49
oCeanubuntufreak21: no need for that. You can just go ahead and describe your issue/question12:49
Dulcinyeah just hoping someone knew this12:49
ikoniaDulcin: contact your free nas provider12:49
gartralmagicjackwork: getting the actual MagicJack too work in ubuntu is Impossible, but using the Account from it with Ekiga or another SIPphone application is easy enough, after you hack out the password12:49
ubuntufreak21in just did like twice12:50
Dulcinit it was a package i suppose its pre-installed on ubuntu12:50
Lordvedamagicjackwork: what do you mean?12:50
oCeanubuntufreak21: describe it (detailed) in single line, then sit back and have some patience12:50
ikoniaDulcin: packages are different in distros, hence why the ubuntu package will be different than your nas providers package12:50
magicjackworkgartral: what app will work with it12:50
gartralLordveda: magicjackwork wants to make a MagicJack work under Ubuntu, which is impossible, belive me, i've tried12:50
Dulcinikonia: well it's built on debian i believe12:50
ikoniaDulcin: but it's "not" actually debian, so it will differ, best to contact the providert12:51
Lordvedagartral: what is MagicJack?12:51
gartralmagicjackwork: again, the physical MagicJack hard will not work in Ubuntu, or any linux, period, end of story. but the account can be used..12:51
Dulcinbut what's the part called anyway? is there a name for it?12:51
compdoca kinda of low cost phone service12:51
ubuntufreak21i insert usb stick and nothing happens the green diode12:51
magicjackworklordveda: magicjack is VOIP service which is like a usb device that allows phones to get hooked up to it12:51
ikoniaDulcin: contact your nas provider12:52
gartralLordveda: it's a little dongle that has software that allows you too call people. it's by far the cheapest SIP-device/service available12:52
morningUbuntufreak21: One possible approach is to install autofs512:52
Dulcinnvm already got it, called bashprompt12:52
ubuntufreak21blinks a few times thats about it12:52
magicjackworkgartral: magicjack said they would add linux support yeeaarrs ago12:52
ubuntufreak21where do i get that?12:52
morningU'freak: From the repository. You can use Synaptic Package Manager.12:53
gartralmagicjackwork: yea, and Microsoft said they would bring real Silverlight too linux around the same time.. One thing too remember about corporations: They REARLY do what they say without a Lawsuit12:53
ubuntufreak21duh lol thx12:53
magicjackworkgartral:will wine work with it though?12:53
gartralmagicjackwork: no.12:54
ubuntufreak21dummy me lol12:54
Lordvedagartral: Is it a kernel driver issue?12:54
gartralmagicjackwork: the simple answer: Wine doesn't know how to address the device. therefore it will never associate with it12:54
morningU'freak: :)12:54
gartralLordveda: no, it's more a compatability layer issue.. the MJ has a proprietary protocol between the Device and the Driver12:55
LordvedaSeems to me like the Old winmodem problem12:55
Lordvedagartral: ok12:55
gartralLordveda: yes. kinda, except with better encryption and even MORE obfuscation..12:56
gartralmagicjackwork: in short, your best option is a WinPE VM running in the backgroud...12:57
Lordvedagartral: I meant I have understood that the problem with this MagicJack was the driver not the protocol as you pinpointed12:57
magicjackworkgartral: I cant do that but..theres a mac version of magic jack on their website..will that work native kinda?12:57
gartralLordveda: I don't have access too the memory/kernel dump ATM, but the driver works, and so does the device, but Wine has NO idea how to interperate the protocol (as far as i can tell)12:58
cousin_mariothe user-switch applet has seemingly disappeared for some reason: what package does it belong to in natty?12:58
gartralmagicjackwork: not in linux, though, i've heard of some success with porting it too BSD12:58
mastroDaniHi everybody. How is it the support for multi-touch touchpad on Linux?12:59
mastroDaniLike the Dell Fingerprint Reader Dual Point or Dual Point Touchpad Trackstick13:00
gartralmastroDani: how is the support for multitouch in linux? depends on the touchpad13:00
mastroDanigartral, ok.. what about those two?13:00
mastroDanigartral, you can see them in latitude-e552013:00
gartralmastroDani: never seen them, i have no idea13:00
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ubuntufreak21how do i get to my usb drive on computer?13:01
gartralubuntufreak21: huh?13:01
ubuntufreak21how do i get to my computer in folder13:02
gartralubuntufreak21: what exactly are you trying to acomplish?13:03
morningmastroDani: Not the last word, but http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/Dell/laptops looks hopeful13:03
ubuntufreak21to open usb drive13:03
ubuntufreak21im trying to see if autofs5 worked13:03
amarcolinoHi, is their a way to update/work on the same file found on every machine on my network other than ssh to every machine?13:04
ubuntufreak21cause nothing happened13:04
gartralamarcolino: there's one way, but it requires a bit of setup, rsync13:04
furqanHi, How to open Grub 2 menu at startup? i used "Shift" key but nothing appeared.13:05
tarohi all, how can I clean the cache of my fonts. I did the "sudo fc-cache -fv" but it took me all the fonts in my disk, not only the ones in the .fonts folder13:05
ubuntufreak21im trying to look for usb drive13:05
amarcolinogartral: do explain...13:05
gartralubuntufreak21: what kind of flash drive?13:05
morningU'freak:  When recognized, it should show up on your desktop.13:05
BluesKajfurqan, you have to hold it down from the bios scrn till grub appears13:06
ubuntufreak21kingston flash drive13:06
gartralamarcolino: setup a cronjob on each client machine too check the file in need of update with rsync from a server, and make your edit on the server's file, then... wait13:06
gartralubuntufreak21: open a terminal (ctrl-t) and type lsusb13:07
gartralubuntufreak21: does the word "Kingston" show up in any of the lines?13:07
furqanBluesKaj, do we need to change grub config to enable this ? i've changed GRUB timeout and grub quiet13:07
BluesKajfurqan, o13:08
gartralamarcolino: it's not at all ideal, but it does work.13:08
ubuntufreak21yes it does13:08
gartralubuntufreak21: is there anything on the flashdrive that you care about?13:08
ubuntufreak21i just need to find it on my computer thats all13:08
minimecubuntufreak21: So you have a USB flash drive... OK. What happens, when you plug that drive? Would it show up in the file manager or on the desktop? If not, open a console and type... dmesg tail13:09
amarcolinogartral, actually that would work thanks13:09
furqanBluesKaj, thankyou13:09
ubuntufreak21yes there is13:09
gartralubuntufreak21: it shoud just appear in your places or on your desktop.13:09
ubuntufreak21what are yoiu trying to say?13:10
gartralubuntufreak21: what's it formatted with?13:10
amarcolinogartral, these files would have the same settings so rsync would work13:10
gartralubuntufreak21: i'm trying too figure out if you'll have too manually mount it13:10
gartralamarcolino: you're welcome13:10
minimecubuntufreak21: So you want to know, how it is mounted in the system? dmesg tail will tell you that. should be something like /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1 ...13:11
bnanahi men13:12
furqanBluesKaj, nothing appeared13:12
bnanai was wondering if ther's a way to decompress files archived in that awfult RAR format, with a free program13:13
tightworkanyone know anything about anything?13:13
gartralbnana: yes there is, there is unrar and unrar-nonfree13:13
ubuntufreak21this my be my problem <  6.720824] EXT4-fs (sda1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro13:14
ubuntufreak21[    6.721541] <30>udev[264]: starting version 16713:14
ubuntufreak21[    7.777160] lp: driver loaded but no devices found13:14
ubuntufreak21[    8.475240] cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain13:14
ubuntufreak21[    8.481007] acer-wmi: Acer Laptop ACPI-WMI Extras13:14
FloodBot1ubuntufreak21: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:14
ubuntufreak21[    8.567254] Linux video capture interface: v2.0013:14
bnanawell, I tried unrar-free (aliased unrar in debian) , but that bugs13:14
gartralbnana: once either is installed, the archive manager in ubuntu will be able too extract most RAR files13:14
minimecubuntufreak21: can you paste.ubuntu.com that output. Do not paste long outputs in the channel.13:15
bnanathe free unrar doesn't extract , while back in time, having the same problem, only unrar-nonfree proved able to extract13:16
bnanabut obviously, i cant use the unfree13:16
furqanHow can we view Grub 2 Menu ? SHIFT key is not working...13:17
minimecfurqan: You press (and hold) the left <shift> key?13:17
furqanminimec, yes, i did.13:18
furqanminimec, i'm using 10.0413:18
coz_furqan,  is this a laptop?13:18
furqancoz_, no! Desktop13:18
coz_furqan,  oo  ,, is the shift key working within the system normally?13:19
furqancoz_, yes it is13:19
gartralfurqan: you might be facing wierd BIOS/Hardware that prevents the keyboard from actually doing much before a kernel loads... im not sure on your hardware13:19
minimecfurqan: ok.Do it a little bit earlier. Just after the BIOS screen.13:19
amarcolinodoesn't ubuntu add users to the 'users' group by default? I've just looked at /etc/group and 'users' doesn't have any of the system users.13:20
coz_furqan,  and you said you rebooted,, held down the s hift  key during the entire boot processs?..yes?13:20
Nobgul-bncIf the shift key was pressed to early it would disable key input13:20
furqanminimec, yeah! i pressed shift from BIOS menu to whole booting process13:21
BluesKajthe shift should be held down at the bios scrn til grub appears13:21
furqanminimec, yeah! i pressed shift from BIOS to whole booting process13:21
minimecfurqan: I would do it right after...13:21
coz_furqan,  try it again after the bios13:21
furqancoz_, okay... give me some minutes13:22
minimecfurqan: On my system the BIOS options would be present for about 5 seconds. Then the screen turns black and I press shift immediately.13:23
bnanaahh! now i got it: RAR algorithm license ristrict the re-engineering of a compression tool, but doesnt restrict the decompression.13:23
* BluesKaj doesn't think that makes ay dff , but there's always omething new to learn13:23
gartralcoz_: hehe, im on wierd hardware that doesn't use grub or any normal bootloader, it uses GPT tables that are edited by hard (or script)!13:23
bnanathat's why unrar-free is only a de-archiver tool13:23
BluesKajdamn kb13:23
coz_gardar,  interesting:)13:23
gartralcoz_: i'm not gardar!13:24
coz_gartral,  sorry13:24
coz_gardar,  wrong nick guy13:24
gartralgardar: it's ok, gardar gets upset when people misdirect! lol13:25
dawcrecki installed ubuntu but when i restart i  get a black screen and blinking cursor but doesn't change can anyone help please?13:25
cousin_mariothe user-switch applet has seemingly disappeared for some reason: what package does it belong to in natty?13:25
gartraldawcreck: did you install grub in sda or sda1?13:25
coz_!nomodeset | dawcreck13:25
ubottudawcreck: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:25
Milosshhey, what's `-rw-r--r--+` in numbers?13:26
Milosshpermissions, fwiw13:26
BluesKaj!nomodeset | dawcreck13:26
ubottudawcreck: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:26
gabrieleikonia, mount -o remount rw doesn't seem to have solved the promlem13:26
Psydollcan someone tell me what they use "text editors" for in linux? Thats like a fancy word processor a simple word processorA?13:26
trijntjeHi all, ubuntu tells me that /etc/init.d/networking restart is depricated, but it doesnt tell me what to use instead. who can tell me?13:26
minimecdawcreck: WOuld that blinking cursor be at the beginning of the boot process or at the end. Would you be able to use <ctrl><alt><F1>?13:26
BluesKajoops ..13:26
oCeanMilossh: 64413:27
entel_Milossh: 64413:27
entel_aw boo oC13:27
gartralMilossh: if i'm not mistaken, it's 744 or 75513:27
ubuntufreak21hey it works waaa hoooo!!13:27
dnivratrijntje: run "service networking restart" instead :)13:27
entel_choo choo last train rolling in13:27
ikoniagabriele: what does "mount" show13:27
cousin_marionevermind, found it13:27
ubuntufreak21all i had to do was reboot computer the usb works!13:27
entel_the old windows method13:27
trijntjednivra, thanks a lot! When I googled it I only got posts saying 'use /etc/init.d restart' ;)13:28
gartralfurqan: everything work?13:28
tarolol, updating the font cache the fc-cache scans all the home folder and install 1000 fonts13:28
gabrieleikona, well that's hard to tell because i don't have the machine on sight. Actually i'm trying to guide my gf ^^"13:28
tarohaow can I solve the problem?13:28
ikoniagabriele: that makes it even harder for me13:29
gabrieleikoni, btw mount says that /dev/sda5 is rw13:29
furqangartral, yea ...thank you very much13:29
gabriele*ikonia sorry13:29
gartralfurqan: yw13:29
coz_taro,  you want to remove fonts or control them ...yes?13:29
furqangartral, actually i was holding it too early13:29
ubuntufreak21hey you guys are da bomb thx for your help13:29
coz_furqan,  cool it works13:29
tarocoz_: I want that fc-cache scans only the folder .fonts in my home, not all the home folder13:30
entel_gabriele: can you ssh to it?13:30
tarocoz_: obviously I have other fonts in the home folder, but I don't want to install them13:30
furqancoz_, thank you .. and grub Leg is better than grub 213:30
gabrieleentel_, she's behind a router and I hardly believe that she's gonna forward the ssh port to her ip13:30
coz_furqan,  excellent13:30
coz_taro,  mm  I have not had this issue with regenerating font cache13:31
entel_gabriele: just a thought13:31
tarocoz_: It's the first time for me also13:31
coz_taro,   are you doing  suod fc-cache -fv13:31
entel_guesss she's not the port forwarding type :\13:31
gabrielenope XD13:31
gabrieleif she were she wouldn't need this assistance now13:32
ubuntufreak21hey does anyone now how to run an executable file on ubuntu?13:32
pRoV7x I don't know why this happen, once I was in a Cafe and tried to connect to thier WiFi using Ubuntu, many times but, times it doesn't show the network, and times it shows the network but it doesn't connect to it, though I used Win7 before to connect to thier WiiFi and it always work?13:32
gabrieleikonia, how can i boot linux from grub?13:32
coz_taro,  you could try  sudo fc-cache (nameof directory)13:32
ubuntufreak21i want to run linux usb/dvd multiboot installer13:33
tarocoz_: I did sudo fc-cache -fv and had the problem, than sudo fc-cache -r (rescan)13:33
dawcreckthanks i'l try it13:33
ikoniagabriele: same was as normal13:33
gabrielei just need to circumvent this read-only stuff13:33
coz_taro,  try nameing the directory only with that...also there is a perfect application named  font-manager,, that deals with fonts nicely makeing it possible to disable fonts on the fly13:34
ikoniagabriele: the mount -o remount rw should have done it - if not there is more of a problem there13:34
ikoniagabriele: you need to look at the output of the command "mount" and see if it's mounted read only, or read-write13:34
minimecubuntufreak21: chmod +x yourfile, then ./yourfile13:34
coz_taro,  man fc-cache doesn't have a whole lot of info associated with this however13:35
oCeangabriele: ikonia, it's mount -o remount,rw I think (comma separated)13:35
gabrieleikonia, mount says that /dev/sda5 is mounted rw on /13:35
ubuntufreak21speak english please313:35
ikoniagabriele: ok, so do a test and touch a file as a test13:35
minimecubuntufreak21: Make fie executable; run file13:35
gartralubuntufreak21: that is english13:35
tarocoz_: it's very stange anyway13:35
tarocoz_: I've installed font so many times and never had similar issues13:35
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|afk
coz_taro,  yes it sounds so... as I said ,, I have not had this issue  ,, ,I deal with fonts all the time,,13:36
aimtrainerHey everybody. I have a wpa key stored in my ubuntu network manager and want to use it under win7. But somehoe it doesn't work. Is there anything I need to change / reformat about the key? When I have Networkmanger display it it reads 398515051146478213:36
coz_taro,  it is odd13:36
gabrieleikonia, does the possibility of mounting an usb drive and writing on it do constitute a proof?13:36
coz_taro,  unless the fc-cache "name of directory" command would be helpful13:36
pRoV7x I don't know why this happen, once I was in a Cafe and tried to connect to thier WiFi using Ubuntu, many times but, times it doesn't show the network, and times it shows the network but it doesn't connect to it, though I used Win7 before to connect to thier WiiFi and it always work?13:36
NorthernenHow can one determine the ATI driver version currently installed on one's system? (11.04.)13:36
ikoniagabriele: no - as that's not / - the issue is you can't write to / so touch a file in /13:36
tarocoz_: I used the command and it effectively loaded only that folder13:37
tarocoz_: but I cannot manage to reset my actual cache13:37
coz_taro,  well that's a start :)13:37
coz_taro,  mmm13:37
ubuntufreak21never i dont need to do that13:38
minimecNorthernen: Version of package installed, or /var/log/xorg.0.log13:38
tarocoz_: I'll try the ultimate resource... rebooting13:38
tarocoz_: it works more than expected13:38
ubuntufreak21i have it already on usb how  do i use yumi for windows 7 iso?13:38
coz_taro,  i believe the clear font cache command is   fc-cache -rv13:38
gabrieleikonia, cannot touch13:39
ubuntufreak21do i just put it in the iso folder?13:39
ikoniagabriele: ok so it is mounted read only13:40
ikoniagabriele: I assume you're using sudo13:40
Northernenminimec, I don't know the name of the package.13:40
gabrieleikonia, i'm using sudo and mount says /dev/sda5 is rw13:41
ikoniagabriele: I mean to touch the file you're using sudo13:41
gabrieleikonia, yes i'm using sudo for basically everything at the moment13:41
minimecNorthernen: something radeon for opensource driver; something fglrx for catalyst13:43
=== canu-qumm is now known as canu-m
ikoniagabriele: so are you %100 sure that /dev/sda5 is actually mounted on /13:43
ubuntufreak21do i just put windows 7 iso in the iso folder?13:44
coz_Northernen,  you might want to try the #radeon channel,, they may have more info13:44
gabrieleoCean, remount,rw seems to work13:44
gartralgabriele: can you pastebin the output of mount for us?13:44
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
gabrielegardar, i can't 'cause the pc is km away from where I stand13:44
ikoniagabriele: you said remount works ?13:44
bsdbandithello everyone13:45
ubuntufreak21Can i put the windows 7 iso in the iso folder?13:45
gabrieleikonia, with remount,rw seems to work13:45
gartralgabriele: are you SSHing into it?13:45
gabrieletouch works without sudo13:45
gabrieleand dpkg is running13:45
oCeangabriele: sounds good13:45
gabrieleoCean, thank you!13:45
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
ikoniagabriele: apologies, I thought you said it didn't work13:45
NorthernenThank you, minimec and coz_13:46
gabrieleikonia, thank you too!13:46
BluesKajNorthernen, alt+f2 type in gksudo amdcccle13:46
ubuntufreak21we the people hoowaahhh!13:46
pRoV7x I don't know why this happen, once I was in a Cafe and tried to connect to thier WiFi using Ubuntu, many times but, times it doesn't show the network, and times it shows the network but it doesn't connect to it, though I used Win7 before to connect to thier WiiFi and it always work?13:47
NorthernenBluesKaj, ah brilliant.13:47
bz-honhello, i currently have win 7 but i want to install it again and also install ubuntu as my main os. i've a lot of files and don't know how to begin. can you help?13:47
BluesKajNorthernen, I used to have ati/amd as wel13:48
gabrieledpkg is running fine for the moment13:48
gabrielegartral, i can't ssh to that pc 'cause it beyond a firewall and the port is not forwarded :(13:49
ikoniagabriele: ask her to install pastebinit13:49
gabrieleikonia, if dpkg doesn't work as expected i'll tell her to install it13:51
gabrielei hope she could manage to get her pc connected to the net though ^^"13:51
gabriele'cause iwconfing doesn't show the wlan device13:52
gartralgabriele: you might have to walk her through setting up wpa_supplicant13:53
chrisvjhello. I have a python program I need to run at startup. I have it set up in root's crontab, but when I restart and login, a terminal opened saying permission was denied. I have tried making a shell script that runs it and having crontab run that, but got the same results.13:53
=== ubuntufreak21 is now known as TechFreak21
gabrielegartral, i hope she could use a cabled connection through eth013:54
hceasy求证 xx民 挂了?13:54
hceasy求证 xx民  ???13:55
Northernenchrisvj, think you will have to enable UID.13:55
gabrieletong ??? men hao13:55
hceasy求证 xx民  ??13:55
hceasy求证 xx民  ?13:55
dr_willischrisvj,   what does the script do?13:55
chrisvjNorthernen: ok, whats it do and how do i do that?13:55
TechFreak21hey is anybody good with grub?13:55
compdocluckily, I havent had to work much with grub13:56
Northernenchrisvj, UID is a special permission which makes the script run as the owner of the script, regardless of who actually runs it.13:56
OsmodivsHello, In Acetone, how do you install 2 ISO's ? I mounted ISO 1, and installed, and then it asked me for ISO 2, but there is no way to choose ISO 213:56
chrisvjdr_willis: it is a game server. It doesn't normally require to be ran with root13:56
Northernenchrisvj, set it with chmod u+s file, and make sure it's executable.13:57
TechFreak21ok this is what i want to do:13:57
TechFreak211. download windows 7 ultimate iso.13:57
TechFreak212. put it in the yumi muliboot iso folder13:58
chrisvjNorthernen: I have another script that fixes the display (normally classic theme) and that is run with crontab, it works.13:58
TechFreak213. run yumi at boot setup13:58
TechFreak21is this correct/13:58
TechFreak21or do i have to have the right software?13:59
dr_willischrisvj,  you could run it from rc.local that will run once at boot time13:59
chrisvjNorthernen: ok, i did that, im going to restart and see if it works now13:59
chrisvjdr_willis: if this doesnt work, i will13:59
xsinickI got a good question f13:59
xsinickfor anyone willing to answer14:00
th0rOsmodivs: in acetoneiso, File-Options-Database, read the help file14:00
* dr_willis waits for the actual question... the suspence is killing me..!14:00
TechFreak21im started to get upset this shouldnt take this long to respond14:00
ikoniaxsinick: you have to ask the question before we know if we can answer it14:00
TechFreak21im starting to feel like no one cares14:00
minimecxsinick: Good questions have always been asked before... ;)14:01
oCeanTechFreak21: calm down14:01
dr_willisTechFreak21,  We dont make yumi,. ive used it befor.. but i would have to try it and double check its docs.. ive no idea if theres other steps14:01
ikoniaTechFreak21: your question isnothing to do with ubuntu14:01
ikoniaTechFreak21: thats why no-one is answering14:01
dr_willisTechFreak21,  i recall you CAN dd the windows iso file to a flash and have it boot.. go ask in #windoqws14:01
TechFreak21ok i will look for yumi chat then lol14:01
lewis1711is there a way to download .deb files to a particularly directory with apt-get? I have limited internet but a couple of computers with ubuntu14:02
xsinickis there a way to make an application list or script that can be ran on a fresh install to install that apps you like14:02
Osmodivsth0r: There is no info on my issue there...14:02
xsinickwith out doing them one by one?14:02
ikoniaxsinick: yes, just write a shell script14:02
xsinickI think the software center should have this feature14:03
minimeclewis1711: Choose download only and clear the package cache before. Your files will be in /var/cache/apt/archives14:03
dr_willisTechFreak21,  you did read the homepage at  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/14:03
nightrid3rlewis1711 you can setup a local update repo and point your other machines to it so they don't use net connection for updates14:03
minimeclewis1711: All done in synaptics package software.14:03
ikoniaxsinick: it's not, so you need to write a shell script14:03
dr_willisxsinick,  you an make a simple bash script that does a 'sudo apt-get install whateveryou want toinstall'14:03
dr_willisxsinick,  i do it all the time.14:03
lewis1711minimec: ah I see it here in man apt-get14:03
dr_willis!clone | xsinick14:04
ubottuxsinick: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:04
lewis1711nightrid3r: will look into that14:04
xsinickso i guess it's time to learn linux bash scripting14:04
dr_willisxsinick,  the above commands can read pacakges from a text file..14:04
dr_willisbash is on more then just linux. :)14:04
minimeclewis1711: ok. Nice to use 'man'... ;)14:04
gartraldr_willis: true, but linux has some specific bash commands, so his comment is still valid14:05
dr_willisxsinick,  the way i do it.. is just a file with row after row of 'sudo apt-get install vim xchat geany'   sort of lines..14:05
xsinickdr_willis: thanks alot14:05
dr_willisgartral,  well theres specific programs in linux. :) but thats splitting hairs..14:05
xsinickubottu: thanks alot14:06
PinHi, Im in ubuntu 11.04 How do I tell the Ubuntu Software Center to install all the games in the games list?14:06
xsinickok that's the bot14:06
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
xsinickikonia: thanks alot14:06
gartralPin: *ALL* the games? Why? you know that's easily a terabyte or more of software14:07
PinI want all of them14:07
dr_willisget clicking then!14:07
gartralPin: something tells me your going to run into problems with that plan14:08
ushiuhow do i install an old version of a package?14:09
dr_willis!pin | ushiu14:09
ubottuushiu: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto14:09
dr_willis525 games..  not a bad # :)14:10
gartralPin: many of those games are project dulicates, or similar games, you should really use more disression that "All the games"14:10
Pin1I want all the games14:10
dr_williseven ....   You play Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit. You're in a garden with yummy veggies and a farmer who's not keen on you eating them.14:11
Pin1How do i install all the games, without having to install one by one?14:11
jinkWhat debian/ubuntu package do I need to install to get jre/lib/endorsed/webservices-api.jar, jre/lib/endorsed/webservices-rt.jar, jre/lib/endorsed/webservices-tools.jar ?14:11
ikoniajink: I'm guessintg - it's part of software called endorsed"14:12
Osmodivshttp://www.pasteall.org/pic/14746 Ok, this is where I get stuck, how am I suppose to insert disk 2 if I am using Acetone? Does Acetone has an option to install programs with 2 ISO CD's?14:12
Pin1Hi im using Ubuntu 11.04 . How do I install all the games in the Ubuntu Software Center without having to install one at a time?14:12
nightrid3rPin1 you cant, you'll just have to select the games you want14:13
nightrid3ror write some nice bash script to do it for you14:13
HackNewtonPin1 you cant do that14:13
ushiudr_willis i was hoping for a simpler solution :(14:13
jinkikonia: ...14:14
ushiui just need the tcpdump package that was substituted in march14:14
chrisvjNorthernen: that didnt work. dr_willis what was your solution?14:14
OsmodivsPin1: You can start by installing Gnome-Games in synaptic14:14
mrdebcan you download firefox 5 for ubuntu 1004 and run it14:15
Northernenchrisvj, is the problem not being able to run the file, or the fact that it's not run at boot?14:15
Northernenmrdeb, yes.14:15
HackNewtonyes mrdeb you can download it14:15
mrdebshould i do that or use ff 3.614:15
HackNewtonwell new ff have many new features14:16
HackNewtonits depends on you14:16
HackNewtoni personally like new look of ff14:16
mangodI have installed 11.04 to a usb stick, i.e. booted fomr  alive usb and run the installer with usb as the target, but it wont boot. It doesnt seem to have the usb-storage facility available early enough to load rootfs from usb.14:16
mrdebyou need to install grub to /dev/sdb14:16
mangodits s slightly different situation to normal install in that the laptop doesn't have an hdd, as its broke, i took it out.14:17
mangodi have grub on it, that not the problem14:17
mrdebit should boot14:17
mangodthe kernl panics trying to load rootfs14:17
HackNewtonwell in that situation14:17
mrdebwhat is the size of the usb14:17
mangodi have chnage it to look at /dev/sda14:17
HackNewtonyou have to manaul switch to usb14:17
mangodas that is what it is with no hdd present14:17
HackNewtonusing your boot loader program14:17
chrisvjNorthernen: It says there was creating the child process for this terminal. failed to execute child process "/home/server.bat"(Permission denied)14:17
nightrid3rmangod have a look at unetbootin14:18
mrdebget sd card14:18
TechFreak21how do i use grub to launch iso?14:18
mrdebso it wont stick out14:18
mangodbut it doesnt show theusual stuff about finding the usb partitions - i have also added rootdelay=30 - it never sees the usb partitions14:18
mangodnightrid3r, I used netbootin to make th einitial live usb key14:18
mangodim trying to install to a live usb key, not just make a live usb key14:19
mangodi have a wokring live usb key already14:19
nightrid3roh ok14:19
mrdebwell i installed it14:19
mrdeband i just did one partition and then installed grub through advanced to /dev/sdb114:19
mrdebthat works14:19
milen8204any one can help I unistaled my Wine and I have one folder in Applications and cant Delete it....any ideas ???14:20
chrisvjmilen8204: sudo apt-get --purge Wine14:20
mangodthe grub part has worked, it loads the kernel, it just fails to find rootfs, and when i oot in recovery mode i can see that it never see the usb-storage device - as if the usb-storage is built as a modeul, not into kernel - and that it is not present if initrd (if initrd is indeed used)14:20
chrisvji "think" that "should" work14:20
milen8204chrisvj, what does that ?14:20
minimecmangod: Lazy as I am, I simply boot the Live CD.iso file in virtualbox, mount the stick and install. You can also burn a CD-Rom and load that...14:21
minimecmangod: Just be carefull to take the manual partition options ;)14:21
mrdebso its the bios maybe14:21
chrisvjmilen8204: --purge removes all files having to do with the program14:21
milen8204chrisvj, E: Invalid operation Wine14:21
mangodno, is nothing to do with the bios14:21
chrisvjhuh? one second14:22
milen8204chrisvj, should i install wine again ?14:22
HackNewtoncan i make my ubuntu desktop to server without formatting my present UBUNTU ?14:22
chrisvjok milen8204, open terminal14:22
dr_willisHackNewton,  is your /home/ on its own partition? if so you can reformat / and keep /home/ safe14:22
milen8204chrisvj, I have done that14:22
Osmodivshttp://www.pasteall.org/pic/14746 Ok, this is where I get stuck, how am I suppose to insert disk 2 if I am using Acetone? Does Acetone has an option to install programs with 2 ISO CD's?14:23
dr_willismilen8204,  what exactly are you trying to delete..14:23
mangodjudging by the size of the kernel imiage it has innitrd built into it14:23
mangodbut i suspect that usb-storage module is missing14:23
chrisvjok, type cd path/to/folder but dont actually type the name of the file14:23
milen8204dr_willis, in programs I have few files14:23
dr_willisOsmodivs,  copy contents of both disks to a single directory is somthing ive done in the past..14:23
mangodi just wondered if anybody knew of an easy way to add it14:23
dr_willismilen8204,  you mean in the MENU items?14:23
milen8204dr_willis, I had unistal wine and now I have some programs which are not unistaled14:24
Osmodivsdr_willis: Thank you, I'll try that, I just downloaded Alcohol120 for Windows, I was about to reboot to Windows...14:24
HackNewtondr_willis, no it dont have its own partition14:24
milen8204dr_willis, and cant remove them14:24
dr_willismilen8204,  look in ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs14:24
milen8204dr_willis, i will try14:24
dr_willisHackNewton,  i suggest backing up your /home/ doing a new install and copy home files back14:24
dr_willisOsmodivs,  you can easially mount a dozen+ iso files using the loop feature of mount.14:25
HackNewtonin short reformat it :(14:25
dr_willisHackNewton,   im not even clear on what you are doing.14:25
chrisvjdr_willis: what was your solution for terminal saying permissions denied when i try to run a script at startup?14:25
dr_willischrisvj,  depends on who/what/when/why14:26
HackNewtonchrisvj, it means you have to be root for running that script14:26
dr_willischrisvj,  startup meaning.. system boot.. or user login...14:26
dr_willisscript doing what exactly? Gui app? system service?14:26
HackNewtondr_willis, i simply want to convert my desktop machine to server machine14:27
milen8204dr_willis,  If I delete them averething gona be ok ?14:27
chrisvjHackNewton:  it is in root's crontab file14:27
chrisvjdr_willis: startup being before login14:27
dr_willisHackNewton,  you can easially install services on a desktop install.. im not sure what you are 'converting'14:27
chrisvjso system boot14:27
dr_willischrisvj,  simple tools, in /etc/rc.local14:27
=== magu_ is now known as MagoPancione
dr_willisHackNewton,  if you dont want X to startup - disable it. via the text option, or diasable the gdm service.14:28
gabrielegartral, ikonia, oCean, thank you guys! she was able to fix everything and now she has a perfectly working natty14:28
HackNewtondr_willis, thanks i got answer :D14:28
HackNewtonhi pc0214:28
dr_willisHackNewton,  im not even sure what the question really was. :)14:29
pc02Aq Slah Nulis Nick Name,,,BT..14:29
oCeangabriele: yay!14:29
HackNewtondr_willis, no problem at all i got brainstorm :D14:29
dr_willisHackNewton,  better then a brain freeze i guess...14:29
amarcolinohow do I give ownership of a folder to group only?14:29
HackNewtonha ha14:29
HackNewtonnice one :D14:29
HackNewtonBTW any one knows good IDE for java ?14:30
HackNewtonplease dont say NetBeans14:30
HackNewtonamrcolino, use chmod command14:31
HackNewtonamarcolino, use chmod command14:31
Osmodivsdr_willis: I put the 2 ISOS in one folder, but still asks me for the "disk 2", and I can't find that LOOP otion in mount...14:31
MyrttiHackNewton: eclipse?14:32
dr_willisOsmodivs,  put the contents of both iso files in a single directory.. mount them both, copy file sover14:32
amarcolinoHackNewton, :), I know what I am wondering if I wanted to give permission only to group would the syntax be chmod -R .[groupname] [path]14:32
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.14:32
HackNewtonMyrtti, its very much same as NetBeans but thanks any way14:32
dr_willis « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> »14:32
Osmodivsdr_willis: Err... the mount point would be...14:34
pc02I Alone Here.....14:34
spacebug-hi pc0214:34
chrisvjdr_willis: when i try to edit local.sh, it says its read only and asks if i want to overwrite it. i tried changing permissions with root, that didnt do anything14:34
HackNewtonhi pc0214:34
pc02hi too...14:34
oCeanpc02: do you have a support question? Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic14:35
pc02No...I Dont Know,,,About It...14:36
HackNewtonamarcolino, no that will not work14:36
acodderhey guys14:36
acoddergotta sort of a problem here14:36
HackNewtonhi acodder14:36
pc02hey too...14:36
acodderhey :)14:36
HackNewtongo on acodder14:36
acoddermy sound is kind low14:36
amarcolinoHackNewton, ok would you be able to type the correct syntax or how would I go about achieving this?14:36
acodderI fixed doing alsamixer and turning on 'front'14:37
acodderits fine14:37
acodderbut it didn't store the settings (gotta do everytime I boot up)14:37
acoddertried alsactl store didn't work :/14:37
acodderand i'm kinda newb @ this :p14:37
HackNewtonamarcolino, simply use chmod g+wxr [yourpath]14:38
acodderanyone know how to really change/or save alsa settings?14:38
apshackhi i  installed ubuntu 11.10 but no works ubuntu session .ideas?14:39
dr_willisOsmodivs,  pick a name...14:39
dr_willisOsmodivs,  make a directory. thats the mountpoint..14:39
dr_willis!mount | Osmodivs14:39
ubottuOsmodivs: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:39
usr13apshack: What is your native language?14:39
HackNewtonamarcolino, or chmod 070 [your file]14:40
Osmodivsdr_willis:  osmodivs@Djiin:~/Desktop/SC4/ISOS$  sudo mount -o loop SC4DELUXE1.iso14:40
Osmodivsmount: can't find SC4DELUXE1.iso in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab14:40
pc02can you spek Indonesia.................????????????//14:40