jo-erlendare people aware that couchdb isn't syncing? I haven't seen any notices about it or any news.00:42
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jo-erlenddoes any sync of any couchdb work for any users?06:29
jo-erlendI keep seeing status updates like these: «    2011-07-08 Syncing of Firefox bookmarks is not working for some users due to a server issue. We are looking into this and trying to resolve it ASAP.» The dates seem to change, but nothing else. It's a little bit discouraging that the service can be down for weeks and weeks with no explanation or progress. It seems a little strange that is says "for some users". I haven't been able to tr06:32
jo-erlendack down anyone who's able to sync any couchdb.06:32
jo-erlendI really _need_ to get my contacts soon. Can someone dump them for me? They're fairly useless for me now.06:44
Ademanis it possible to rsync to ubuntu one?08:26
karniAdeman: No, it is not possible.08:26
karniAdeman: U1 uses custom binary protocol. Which is open source.08:27
Ademankarni: thanks, that's too bad08:27

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