ScottLastraljava, why do you think natty is the worst?  i've not had any problems myself01:09
holsteinits not the best though01:15
holsteinhardy still has my vote :)01:15
ScottLi don't think that natty is the best, just another release although a little leaner than others, but i don't think of it as the worst01:25
holsteinnah, its not bad at all01:26
holsteinwe needed that kernel01:26
holsteinthe -lowlatency01:26
holsteinthat sucked01:26
ScottLi should do my test this weekend, if it performs as expected i'll start packaging it, and hopefully persia can help get it into the repos01:57
ScottLgetting the xfce transition sorted i think is the most important at this point though01:58
holsteinwe need that kernel for at least a few more cycles02:01
holsteinScottL: im working on installing xubuntu 11.10 right now02:12
holsteinif i can test that kernel with firewire, let me know how02:12
ScottLholstein, oh yeah!  that would be awesome because i don't think it's been tested with firewire yet03:42
ScottLuse abagoni's /broken ppa and install the kernel03:43
holsteinim having issues already though03:44
holsteinwe'll see03:44
astraljavaScottL: Mostly because of GNOME. It's unstable.07:56
astraljavaScottL: Yeah, sorry I came out vague. Nothing from Studio's side made it worse. It's the foundations that suck.07:57
ScottLastraljava, really?  you are having problems with gnome in natty?12:06
ScottLi decided to resinstall ubuntustudio on my main machine and went to natty12:06
ScottLthe only issues that i have are sometimes individual applets will not load when logging in, sometimes the trash or the clock or the window list12:07
astraljavaYeah, applets are really lousy, both loading, and functioning. Also, launching apps won't often honour options (like gnome-terminal refuses to give the geometry I give it to, but rather decides something of its own).12:10
ScottLhmmmm, thta is crappy12:13
ScottLi wonder if any of this has to do with the transition to unity12:13
astraljavaScottL: No, cause I'm using Classic.12:15
jussiastraljava: are you this end of the country today?12:19
astraljavajussi: Nope, I'm in Jyväskylä now.12:20
jussiBBQ here today, hence I asked12:20
astraljavaYeah :( Damnit. I might be there next weekend, depending on the packing and moving. Thanks for the invite, though!12:21
astraljavaScottL: Also, the locale seems to be totally messed up in GNOME. I have every bit of language-support related thing set to en_US.UTF-8, only my keyboard layout is plain Finnish. Still every once in a while some dialog/window pops up with finnish texts.12:27
ScottLi'm getting very disappointed that cory hasn't responded to the email astraljava :(12:36
ScottLi'll try poking him in IRC later this morning and see if he's around, i don't think he logged in on friday, i tried to /query him and couldn't12:36
astraljavaScottL: He's sometimes very busy, let's give him some time. I'm doing some manual merging right now for the desktop file, and I will push to the branch when I get it done. You guys can pull then, and really start the discussion going (I will participate, of course :)12:42
ScottLastraljava, i seem to remember some discussion about the dekstop file with cory but i may be misremembering it because i didn't really understand it13:44
ScottLi asked cory if we should be updating the desktop file, his response was no, that doing the other seed would update the desktop seed13:45
ScottLit certainly seemed counter intuitive to me, however13:45
ScottLastraljava, it might be better if you and cory worked directly as it seems you are more knowledgeable than i13:46
ScottLi do have changes i want to make but would rather do them later after the xfce transition is complete13:46
astraljavaScottL: I don't understand how other seeds would update the desktop seed, but it's rather easy to revert to an earlier commit if mine turns out to blow the whole thing to hell.13:47
astraljavaScottL: But I am really not knowledgeable about the seeds at all.13:48
ScottLi already told cory that i expect it to blow up :P13:48
astraljavaScottL: I go by what seems intuitive.13:48
astraljavaScottL: It most likely will.13:48
astraljavaScottL: There are so many GNOME 2 dependant packages, I seriously don't understand how it could be left alone.13:49
astraljavaBut I'm done soon, and will then upload, so you can take a look.13:49
ScottLastraljava, i certainly think removing gnome-panel, etc, certainly seems to be the right move13:49
astraljavaScottL: That's an absolute must, and I believe many of them are, after all, GNOME 2 is removed from the archives, so how _could_ we depend on them? But granted, I have little knowhow about this migration from 2 -> 3.13:52
astraljavaAlright gang, revision 1268 of ubuntustudio.oneiric is up in LP. Go fetch, and discuss/modify/publish/whatever. :D I'll be on spuriously from now, will probably head downtown for dinner and some other action. :D14:03
astraljavaehh... of course meant sporadically, not spuriously. :D14:09
astraljavaSurprisingly recalled to comment out lashd, as it breaks the installation nowadays. Of course it's not enough, as we have no ladish packages in the audio seed, but it should work now, unless some packages depend on it.14:20
astraljavaOh, and yeah if you want to make more out of the files, look for my nick in the comments, that should give you a better idea of what was changed and why.14:21
astraljavaThat is if you're not used to diff and other development-related tools. I'll of course rip my nick out of there when they're not necessary anymore.14:21
ScottLif anyone is interested in testing mudita24 (the improved version of envy24control) i have it built in my /build ppa14:39
holsteinim having a challenge getting a stable 11.10 install14:41
astraljavaholstein: That should surprise us... exactly how? :D14:58
holsteinwell, im trying to update15:00
holsteini have some issues getting the broadcom wifi up15:01
holsteinfigured id just upgrade before troubleshooting15:01
holsteinit takes a *long* time to just apt-get update15:01
ScottLoh, i should clarify, mudita24 is built for natty15:01
ScottLand it didn't have a .desktop file for it, i made one locally15:02
holsteini wiped the natty and maverick installs15:02
ScottLholstein, you might start with xbuntu 11.10 first15:02
holsteinyeah... thats what im working with15:03
astraljavaScottL: The source doesn't have one? Crap, it needs to be added to oneiric as well.15:12
holsteinScottL: do you have any of the GUI settings applied?15:12
astraljavaholstein: What did you use as the base for?15:13
holsteinthe xubuntu alpha i know was good15:14
holsteinthe install was fine15:14
holsteini dont know why we got rid of the advanced tab in the installer15:14
holsteinwhere you get to choose where/if you want GRUB15:15
astraljavaNo idea. I always use the alternate installer, unless I'm doing tests.15:19
holsteinme too, but i wanted to install from USB, and see it run live before in installed15:20
charlie-tcalive sessions are broken, aren't they?15:22
holsteincharlie-tca: i have an early alpha image, and the live session worked15:22
holsteinim not sure whats going on now though...15:23
charlie-tcadesktop image removed most of the advanced options in natty15:23
holsteinis there a bug for that?15:23
holsteina wishlist bug?15:23
charlie-tcaThe only way to get them now is using the alternate image, as far as I know15:23
astraljavaholstein: You can boot the alternate from USB, too. It makes no difference.15:23
astraljavaAhh... sorry, didn't read the rest of the line.15:23
astraljavaSilly me. :D15:23
holsteinastraljava: last time i tried, it didnt work15:23
astraljavaholstein: Huh? Really? Never failed on me.15:24
holsteinastraljava: an alternate installer from USB ?15:24
charlie-tcaThere might be a bunch of wishlist bugs for those things, but I think most were closed as invalid.15:24
astraljavaholstein: Yes.15:24
holsteinin 10.04, it failed searching for the install media15:24
charlie-tcaThe standard response is to use the alternate image to have more control15:24
holsteinastraljava: that was with unet, or the buntu tool15:24
holsteinwhat did you use?15:24
astraljavacharlie-tca: Most of the wishlist bugs are being closed as invalid. :D15:24
astraljavaholstein: I've used both with considerable success.15:25
holsteinastraljava: since when?15:25
holsteinpost 10.04?15:25
astraljavaholstein: Yes.15:25
holsteini'll try it again then15:25
holsteinthis update is brutal20:30
holsteinim getting23:49
holsteinThe following packages have unmet dependencies: ubuntustudio-audio : Depends: ubuntustudio-generation but it is not going to be installed23:49
holsteinE: Broken packages23:49
holsteinmaybe im just late to the party23:51
holsteinim just going to grab jack and ardour so i can test some things23:54

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