astraljavaUrchlay: Oh okay, figured you'd be a ubuntu user, seeing the channel name. :)00:02
Urchlaynah, I'm trying to put together a -lowlatency for slackware (eventually it'll be part of the studioware project)00:03
astraljavaUrchlay: Ask me tomorrow (or at least in more than 9 hours), I'm falling asleep, and the machine that has it is not connected to the same subnet than this one.00:03
Urchlayfair enough00:04
astraljavaUrchlay: Or gimme an email address I can send it to.00:04
UrchlayPM ok?00:04
Urchlayhm. https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa/+files/linux-lowlatency_2.6.38-8.42~ppa2.tar.gz seems to contain the config (or anyway bits & pieces of it)00:06
astraljavaUrchlay: Yeah, that's really why I posted the link to it, as it should have it all. But I will still  post the config from the machine that runs it soon-ish.07:59
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astraljavaUrchlay: Problem, in my system, there doesn't seem to be /proc/config.gz12:23
gglitchAny of y'all have any idea why I can't ever get U.Studio installed? Always fails at software package installation. Last night I got exasperated (multiple attempts) and just skipped that step, but it wouldn't boot.12:38
gglitchHave tried from DVD and from Unetbootin, and have tried with and without a network connection.12:39
gglitchThis is 11.04 alternate install (side note: is there a non-alternate install?)12:39
astraljavagglitch: No, that's the only installer we have.12:43
astraljavagglitch: I have no idea without the details, I've installed at least a couple of time from 11.04 iso, and it always worked for me.12:43
astraljavagglitch: Perhaps you could alt + F4 when it fails, and see what's the offending package that fails? Also, have you verified that the .iso is proper? There are md5sums for that at the download site.12:44
gglitchNo, I haven't done that. I suppose that's the next step. So, from the installer, when it gives me the dreaded red screen, I can press alt-F4 and it'll give me a report? Thank you.12:45
gglitchChecksums match12:51
gglitchAll right, I'm logging out to try again with alt-F4. Thanks for the tip. I'll be back.13:02
gglitchWell, as I should have predicted, everything is for no particular reason going smoothly this time. Got through the software selection and everything is purring right along.13:44
gglitchSame disc, same computer, same partition, etc.13:44
gglitchMaybe I should give myself a different name :)13:44
astraljavagglitch: Hahaha! :D14:04
astraljavagglitch: It's the Murphy's law, feel no shame for that. :)14:04
gglitchastraljava: thanks :)14:04
astraljavaComputers are weird. But fortunately us humans are weirder, so we will outcome them, for some time still. :D14:05
Urchlayastraljava: bummer. See if you've got any /boot/config* files, maybe?18:17

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