jarnosWhich is preferred way to download xubuntu from http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/current/? zsync or jigdo?06:05
* jarnos is running jigdo-lite07:33
Unit193It's quite early/late for some (For me it's 3:30am)07:34
jarnosUnit193, isn't it good that not everybody is downloading at the same time!07:38
Unit193I'm waiting for todays to be built first (Guessing there will be some)07:39
charlie-tcaNo desktop images yet; alternate images are failing for me in VBox14:14
charlie-tcaAnyone try the alternate images yesterday?14:14
astraljavacharlie-tca: Can't, still on mobile bb, so data is too much for me right now.14:25
astraljavacharlie-tca: Unless you use zsync, and tell me the change is very little.14:26
charlie-tcaI am trying on hardware now, changes are big14:26
astraljavaOkay, will not download then.14:26
charlie-tcaDon't do it with limited data, it is a big change14:26
charlie-tcaI suspect it is a valid fail here, but will verify on hardware before reporting a bug14:27
astraljavacharlie-tca: Btw. I pushed the updated studio seeds, so as soon as we get a new germinate run, we should have working images.14:27
charlie-tcaWon't be until monday or tuesday, but that's progress14:27
astraljavacharlie-tca: True. But we got plenty of time for tweaks until Alpha-314:28
charlie-tcaI wouldn't count on it, sometimes we go a week at time without an image14:28
charlie-tcaThat only gives 4 chances to get it right14:29
charlie-tcaexample, we haven't had a new image that worked since july 514:29
charlie-tcaand won't now, until tuesday at the earliest14:29
charlie-tcaThat already takes out 1 of the 4 weeks until alpha314:30
astraljavaOh. :-/14:31
charlie-tcaI hate to say it that way, but it might help avoid surprises14:32
astraljavaBut germinate seems to be in the repos, so I can test-run it by myself?14:32
charlie-tcayes, I think so14:32
astraljavaThat's cool. Will fiddle with that tomorrow, or during next week.14:32
charlie-tcaIt is just getting the images from Canonical that hurts14:32
astraljavaBut that way you can see whether some dependencies have problems before counting on the Big C.14:33
charlie-tcaToday's images broken; verified on hardware - 14:48
charlie-tcalibindicator6 : Breaks: libindicator3 (<= 0.3.90-0ubuntu1) but 0.3.22-0ubuntu2 is to be installed14:48
charlie-tcabug 808009 for Xubuntu alternate images failing to install today15:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 808009 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "libindicator6 : Breaks: libindicator3 (<= 0.3.90-0ubuntu1) but 0.3.22-0ubuntu2 is to be installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80800915:03
charlie-tcaGridCube: did you get a chance to run any tests yesterday?15:07
GridCubei did not, sorry15:08
charlie-tcaeverything is broken today15:08
GridCubeoh... thats bad15:09
charlie-tcayeah, but at least Ubuntu desktop images are broken for the same thing ours are broken for.15:09
charlie-tcaWith that, I am taking a weekend off. 15:30
charlie-tcaSee all of you on Monday. Have a great weekend. :)15:31

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