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knomedoes anybody know if it's safe to install maverick vbox packages by oracle in natty?00:32
charlie-tcasince I use development versions, I always have the previous version of VirtualBox in the release I am using00:37
charlie-tcaIt seldom causes issues, and when it does, just remove them00:38
knomeremove issues? :P00:39
knomeyou make that sound so easy...00:39
charlie-tcaremove vbox, usually a remove, restart, install fixes the issue00:39
knomesounds like i'm not going to update, since there aren't really any bugs that i haven't been able to workaround, or otherwise affect me00:45
gNewPowerHi friends.  I am running Xubuntu 11.04.  Each time I try to unmount a flashstick I get what looks like a kernel crash.  Is this a known issue?  thanks!00:52
epic_geekWhat's up?03:52
orngjce223You here to hang out, or for tech support?03:54
epic_geekhang out03:54
epic_geeki just recently rediscovered the awesomeness of xfce03:55
Unit193epic_geek: This is more of a support channel, but you can hangout with us in #xubuntu-offtopic03:55
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chain__I can't get my system to start up, base system runs, so do X, but after logging in I'm getting some errors in .xsession-errors (most notably repeating "Failed to load x11 FrontEnd module") and nothing but the wallpaper loads.07:51
chain__I checked filesystem and reinstalled xfce and x.org packages, but it didn't help.07:52
chain__I'm running Xubuntu 10.10 x86_6407:52
chain__please help me.08:06
cousin_mariodo you think it's possible to run the compiz screen magnifier under xubuntu?08:51
Sysicompiz works but you need some tricks to get window borders with it08:53
cousin_marioSysi: uhm, like what?08:53
SysiI don't quite know, gtk-window-decorator may work08:54
Sysiemerald is deprecated and broken08:54
Sysion 11.04 to be exact08:55
cousin_marioSysi: what screen magnifier would you recommend for stock xfce then?08:55
cousin_marioI miss being able to control it via the scrollwheel08:55
cousin_marioelros: it's installed, but I'm not sure how to launch it...08:58
elrosmy guess is alt-f2 and 'gnome-mag'08:59
cousin_marioelros: won't work09:00
Sysilooks quite old but maybe it still works..09:00
cousin_mariovery interesting, thanks09:01
elrosthe review is from 200609:01
elrosOpenOffice 2.0.209:02
cousin_mariouhm, gnopernicus is no longer in the repositories09:03
cousin_marioby the way, is it possible to change the xscreensaver login prompt with something more polished?09:03
elrosgnopernicus is available in dapper drake, get it while its hot09:04
cousin_marioelros: err, I believe it's a bit stale by now09:05
cousin_mariotrying my luck with orca09:05
cousin_marioand it looks like orca definitely won't help me09:16
Fudgecousin_mario  what do you need to do09:19
Fudgeoh for magnification try compiz09:20
cousin_marioFudge: will it work on xfce?09:30
cousin_marioFudge: and will it keep working in the next releases?09:30
Sysiif it works on *buntu it should work on any desktop, not sure how long09:30
Sysihard to say when gnome3 doesn't really support other window managers and unity's gonna change for gtk309:33
cousin_marioSysi: too spartan:/09:37
cousin_marioSysi: I was looking for something that could replace the compiz "left-windows-key and scrollwheel" thingie, without opening any extra window09:37
Sysimagnifiers seem to be quite 00s..09:38
cousin_marioSysi: I know, but tiny fonts and gadgets put a strain on my sight09:39
Sysiset bigger fonts/lower resolution?09:40
cousin_marioSysi: I did, but some apps aren't affected by that09:42
cousin_marioor websites anyway09:42
Sysictrl scroll works on browsers09:43
Sysiif gtk-window-decorator fails09:47
cousin_marioSysi: it won't affect the contents rendered by plugins09:47
cousin_mariolike flashplayer09:47
cousin_marioor when it does, it could destabilise them09:48
cousin_mariothe only way is a screen magnifier of sorts:/09:48
Sysiyou could first check that; install compiz and ccsm, set it to use gtk-window-decorator (see if you need to install that separately) ans then alt+F2 "compiz --replace"09:48
Sysiif it fails, alt+F2 "xfwm4 --replace"09:49
cousin_mariothanks, trying that now09:50
Sysikmag is as old as gnome-mag but could work too09:50
cousin_marioSysi: great, it worked!09:53
Sysirm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/ and check "Save session" when you logout/shutdown09:54
cousin_marioSysi: good, I'm saving this for 11.10:)09:55
Arpad2I can't remove one folder from the Trash even as a root10:17
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abraHow to bind shortcut "Win + D" to "Show desktop" button?13:42
Sysiwindow manager settings → keyboard-tab, double click on "show desktop"13:43
abraSysi, tnx!13:56
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derptartXfce is not working properly. Logfile here http://pastebin.com/EF8nm3NB. Symptoms, no transparency/compositing on bottom dock and no window borders or edges on windows. All terminal Emulators are unresponsive also.15:58
derptartive looked around and this seems to be a bug related to xorg 1.10.0, but i could not find a solution yet15:59
derptartIt started yesterday after I unpacked and played redeclipse using the binary located inside redeclipse_1.0_linux.tar.bz2 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/redeclipse_1.0/) so I assume it is related.16:02
Sysiderptart: alt+F2 "xfwm4 --replace" ?16:04
derptart(xfwm4:2845): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:16:06
derptartis the error that gives me16:06
eebrahHi Everyone!16:24
eebrahTrying to convert to and play webM files on my XUbuntu 10.04 system and running into problems....16:25
elroswhat are webM files?16:25
eebrahthe ffmpeg, gstreamer and VLC in the repo's don't do webM media files16:26
eebrahelros: Googles VP8 codec16:26
eebrahelros video files encoded with googles vp8 for video and theora for audio16:26
eebrahyour more likey to hear about it in debates about HTML5 and openweb16:27
eebrahelros: Can you help?16:28
elrosI have a hunch that handbrake could do it16:28
eebrahIs there a PPA with more up to date ffmpeg, gstreamer and VLC?16:29
elroslucidbleed could help16:29
eebrahcan't upgrade my system to 10.10 or 11.04, specs dont allow16:29
eebrahelros: luccidbleed?16:30
elrosbut try first handbrake if it could convert webm16:30
eebrahelros: handbrake works on GNU/Linux?16:30
eebrahelros: thanks!!16:30
rbakerhow would one install Flash Player 10 into Firefox on xubuntu18:00
elroshave partner repos enabled and install adobe-flashplugin18:03
ChainerI also got an extension for firefox called "flash-aid", which fixed some issues i was having with adobe flash player... in case you have issues with it too18:32
Chainerit might even be enough to install that extension, so you wouldn't have to install adobe-flashplugin18:32
jarnosIs there any command line tool to get a proper filename extension for a video file that has no filename extension?18:46
GridCubethat wont matter18:51
GridCubelinux systems do not depend on filenames18:52
GridCubebut if you really want to do so, jarnos, http://liquidat.wordpress.com/2007/09/29/short-tip-get-file-extension-in-shell-script/18:53
jarnosWell that does not give the extension, if it is not in the original filename.19:08
jarnosI need the extension for a hardware video player that does not recoginize file type without an extension.19:11
jcfpjarnos: you might be able to use the output of the "file" command, although it won't give you an extension directly19:27
ReinDeerHey all! Could anybody tell me what's minimal system requirements for Xubuntu 11.04?20:22
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ballIf I have a Xubuntu disc, is there a file on it somewhere that tells me what version it is?23:28
ballNever mind.  It's a CD-R/W, so I'll just erase it and try Xubuntu 10.1123:41
Unit19310.11? 11.10?23:48

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