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iktanyone happen to have a google plus invite?06:34
iktheya sagaci07:19
iktgot a google plus invite :D07:32
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benonsoftwarehead_victim: Hay09:36
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Evening too you09:40
head_victimGood to see some people filing in :)09:46
somethingintereshead_victim: thought I might've been late :)09:46
head_victimNope, 15 mins still by my count09:46
somethingintereshead_victim: awsome. Did a reminder make it out to twitter/facebook/identica? 09:48
jaddi27first meeting as chair for me09:48
head_victimI posted one during the week09:48
jaddi27somethinginteres: Yes, a message went to all of them09:48
somethinginteresjaddi27: cool, cool. 09:48
head_victimIs it the sort of thing that's monitored immediately? Should I send another out?09:48
jaddi27I put one of Facebook, and the event showed up on Facebook again09:49
somethingintereshead_victim: I don't think it would hurt to do another. A lot of people using twitter get instant updates.09:49
jaddi27head_victim: You could do one saying that the meeting is starting in a few minutes - It might get a few more people to remember it is on09:49
head_victimOk, I'm quite open to suggestions for tweets/dents to btw, I don't really know what I'm doing here but want to get on top of it all09:50
benonsoftwareHi all09:50
jaddi27head_victim: I think you are doing fine at the moment. Not much else that needs to have been said, I think09:51
somethinginteresjaddi27, head_victim: I agree09:51
head_victimThere's not a lot of people follwing yet but that should build09:51
head_victimTrying not to upset everyone with random crap :)09:52
jellywareevening everyone09:52
benonsoftwarejellyware, Evening09:53
benonsoftwareHow is everyone tonight?09:54
head_victimPretty cold up here in Brisbane, it's only 14 degrees :/09:55
jaddi27Fine, thanks. Just watching the netball grand final - a very intense game09:55
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Was watching that and Everybody Loves Rymond09:56
somethinginteresResting after being in Melbourne for the week. :)09:56
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: Where do you live?09:56
somethinginteresbenonsoftware: SA09:57
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: Ok09:57
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: Do you mind if I do this months reports and you do next?09:57
somethinginteresbenonsoftware: no worries at all.09:58
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: Thanks. It is just I can't come to the next meeting09:58
somethinginteresbenonsoftware: Ah, I see. No problem. If I was a better student I would be working on my research now but I'm not and I want to contribute like a boss.09:59
sagaciCan i delay my item til later in the meeting10:00
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: The reason I can't come to the next few meetings is because of school10:00
sagacion a dodgy connection atm10:00
jaddi27sagaci: Yes, that is fine. Just reorder the agenda on l.u.c so I know10:00
sagacican't do on this symbian browser :310:00
benonsoftwaresagaci: Isn't it a sub of my item10:01
head_victimThe browser was the real downside of symbian10:01
jaddi27Ok. I will just delay that until later10:01
benonsoftwaresagaci: Will that mean my item will get pushed too?10:01
sagaciNevermind, i'm here, just gotta login again10:02
benonsoftwareAnyone feel it's later than what it is here?10:03
head_victim2003 is what my clock says10:03
jaddi27head_victim: Is there a special way to do the item for mootbot for sub-items?10:03
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Same here10:03
gorillahead_victim: same here also.10:03
sagaciyeah, scrub mine for later10:03
head_victimjaddi27: not really, I think you ahve to do a separate item or include it in one10:03
jaddi27head_victim: Ok10:04
jaddi27Is everyone ready to start?10:04
benonsoftwareSure thing10:04
MootBotMeeting started at 05:04. The chair is jaddi27.10:04
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]10:04
jaddi27[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/111/detail/10:05
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/111/detail/ 10:05
jaddi27Agenda is at the above link10:05
benonsoftwareGot it10:05
jaddi27[TOPIC] Roll Call - Jared Norris10:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Roll Call - Jared Norris 10:05
head_victimGday all, wave your hands if you're here :)10:06
* benonsoftware waves10:06
* mrshr3d waves10:06
head_victimWhile we're waving I would just like to say that I'm still following up about the website renewal. I don't have any further details on a timeline though.10:06
* gorilla waves10:07
benonsoftwareand well done head_victim for submiting the bug report for approval10:07
head_victimAnd, the team reapproval was put in really early Saturday morning AEST time.10:07
head_victimI'm not sure on a timeline for hearing back about that other than it's been acknowledged as being received by the council at this stage. 10:07
fabricator4Sorry, I'm late...10:07
jellywarewhat do you mean by website renewal?  I'm lost already jared10:07
head_victimAs always, I will definitely keep everyone up to date the second I hear anything10:07
jaddi27head_victim: Thanks a lot for submitting that. Hopefully we will get good feedback (and hopefully will be resume official status)10:08
benonsoftwareand also too point out about 25 other times are applying for approval too10:08
head_victimjellyware: the last couple of meetings I've been keeping people up to date, I've submitted a request to Canonical to update the Drupal install for the website so we can install the newer looking Ubuntu themes to make it line up with the current branding.10:08
head_victimThe themes aren't available for the current version installed.10:08
jellywareoh.  cool.  thanks head_victim 10:08
OctatronHey everyone soz I'm late10:09
jaddi27Octatron: That is alright. just doing roll call10:09
head_victimCool, well that's all I had to update the team on and I think most people have indicated attendance. Over to you jaddi27 10:09
jaddi27[TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam - Benny10:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Global Jam - Benny 10:10
benonsoftware[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1011/detail/ Ubuntu Global Jam10:11
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1011/detail/ Ubuntu Global Jam 10:11
benonsoftwareI was just wondering what we are doing to do for the Jam?10:11
benonsoftwareAre we going to have it on IRC or any other ideas?10:12
jaddi27I think sagaci will be organising a translation jam for the oneiric cycle10:12
sagaciYeah, I'd be happy to send out an email10:12
benonsoftwarejaddi27: So that's one thing down in NSW10:13
jaddi27benonsoftware: I think it would actually be done online10:13
sagacitranslation jam will be aus wide10:13
benonsoftwareWell that would be a great thig.10:13
benonsoftwareAnyone here good at bugs. I want one of them. :)10:13
benonsoftwareIf someone teaches me how to do one online I would be happy to do a docs one.10:14
sagacian intro email and short description of progress and common strings to watch for, etc10:14
benonsoftwareWell I'm happy to do a Jam on Documentation10:15
jaddi27An online jam would be conducted here on IRC, where one person leads and everyone else can join in10:15
gorillathe problem with doing a face-to-face meeting is finding a venue which is affordable and has internet connection of some sort.10:15
benonsoftwaregorilla: I know about venues10:15
benonsoftwareSo anyone want a Documentation Jam?10:15
sagaciwriting and/or fixing documentation10:16
benonsoftwaresagaci: Yeah10:16
jaddi27[IDEA] benonsoftware to investigate holding a documentation jam and email the list with suggestions10:16
MootBotIDEA received:  benonsoftware to investigate holding a documentation jam and email the list with suggestions 10:16
Octatrongorilla: coffee shops? Zaraaffa's they have wifi10:17
mrshr3dSame with Maccas10:17
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Sure10:17
benonsoftwaremrshr3d: Maccas no power points10:17
mrshr3dah....good point10:17
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Should someone register our team for it?10:17
gorillaOctatron: you really need a separate corner or room.10:17
jaddi27the other problem is the distance that some would have to travel, because a lot of things that can be done as a jam can involve the entire team10:18
sagaci[ACTION] sagaci to email list in re: translation jam for 11.1010:18
sagacior is that a chair only thing... i guess so10:18
head_victimaction is chair only, idea is everyone.10:18
jaddi27[ACTION] sagaci to email list in re: translation jam for 11.1010:19
MootBotACTION received:  sagaci to email list in re: translation jam for 11.10 10:19
benonsoftwareSo any over ideas for Jams?10:19
jaddi27benonsoftware: I think we will register for the jam a bit later, after we have finalised more of the events we are going to hold10:19
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Sure thing10:19
sagacileads onto my point about an install jam10:19
benonsoftwaresagaci: Sounds fun10:20
head_victimsagaci: I like the idea of an install jam and would LOVE to combine it with SFD events around the country.10:20
jaddi27[TOPIC] Remote Installation Jam for Beta 1 - Joel Pickett 10:20
MootBotNew Topic:  Remote Installation Jam for Beta 1 - Joel Pickett  10:20
sagacihead_victim, are you referring to installfests or ubuntu-install looking-for-bugs jam10:21
* benonsoftware Will be a minute10:21
jaddi27just logging it to make it easier to find in the minutes10:21
head_victimsagaci: oh so you mean a testing install jam?10:21
gorillahead_victim: regarding SFD, LUV (Linux Users of Victoria) have a comittee meeting tomorrow to decide that Melbourne is doing for SFD.10:21
Octatronperhaps we need to take a different tack with this and all buy prepaid internet sticks for the location?10:22
sagacihead_victim, yep10:22
sagacionly need a couple to make it worthwhile10:22
* benonsoftware is back sorry10:22
head_victimgorilla: let me know if they want me to try for some CDs10:23
gorillahead_victim: will do.10:23
head_victim(or if you have spares from 10.10 still feel free to use them)10:23
sagaciit's probably something that need to go to the mailing list, since I'll be able to consult about availability and security for my machine :310:24
mrshr3dOctatron: For Brisbane I could probably organise to use a conference room with wi-fi access (would have to run it by Office Manager first), I work in the CBD.10:24
benonsoftwareQuestion: Should we choose a overall theme for the Jam?10:25
head_victimbenonsoftware: the overall theme is Ubuntu.10:25
Octatronmrshr3d: sounds good, it's be good if somewhere could cater to us in return for advertising or the consistent purchase of food and drink10:25
head_victimMy suggestion is if people are volunteering to run jams to edit wiki pages in the /Projects section (reuse old ones if possible) and then mail the list.10:26
benonsoftwarehead_victim: I mean say a installation type theme so I could do a docs one with installing10:26
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Ok. (About /Projects)10:26
head_victimbenonsoftware: each jam is different, the translation jam is about translations, installation jams are about installations, bug jams are about bugs, etc.10:26
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Got it10:26
jaddi27seeing as we are getting into the meeting, is there anything else before I move to the next topic?10:26
mrshr3dOctatron: didn't think that thru.... weekends are access card entry only anyway10:27
benonsoftwareThat would be a good guide on how to run a Jam10:27
head_victimTis ok, I think public venues are better so that we can try and garner public interaction.10:27
* gorilla muses and propping open doors is a pain.. bad idea also.10:27
sagacihead_victim, install jams would be good too but I'd have to hold an ubuntu hour before that kind of commitment10:27
head_victimsagaci: yep, hence why I think trying to tie into SFD is a good way of cross promotion10:28
benonsoftwareIf my internet cuts out sorry.10:28
mrshr3dsorry to sound ignorant, what is SFD?10:28
OctatronSurely there are businesses that would find in their best interests to host us as a group every once in a while10:29
head_victimSoftware Freedom Day, sorry, I should have said that to start with.10:29
gorillamrshr3d: software freedome day.10:29
OctatronOther than that prepaid internet would at least mean we need a venue10:29
benonsoftwareOctatron: Local community centre's are a good place10:30
* sagaci is brb in 510:30
benonsoftwarePower points etc.10:30
head_victim[IDEA] Create a thread for each jam on the mailing list and organise them on the wiki10:30
MootBotIDEA received:  Create a thread for each jam on the mailing list and organise them on the wiki 10:30
gorillabenonsoftware: they can be booked out by regaulr groups.. and may cost.10:30
head_victimNext up?10:30
jaddi27I think we should aim to move on to the next topic now10:30
benonsoftwareNew users I think10:31
jaddi27[TOPIC] Induction for new members - Clinton Hunter10:31
MootBotNew Topic:  Induction for new members - Clinton Hunter 10:31
head_victimjaddi27: good idea, further conversation should go to the ML, there's a full roster of topics tonight.10:31
jellywarehang on.  what happened to Update of Local CD Mailout Service10:31
benonsoftwareIs mrshr3d here?10:31
jellywarepoint 310:31
mrshr3dYeah thought it would be good to have something formal around that, or is ad-hoc preferred?10:31
jaddi27jellyware: that is point 410:32
mrshr3die have a session on translating...I certainly have no idea how that works at present10:32
jellywarecool.  thanks10:32
head_victimmrshr3d: I think it's a good idea, but we're already halfway through the hour and no where near half way on the topic list, would new users be comfortable posting to the mailin glist?10:33
jaddi27mrshr3d: I guess we could formalise the structure a bit more10:33
head_victimOr do you mean in general?10:33
benonsoftwareWell I'm a 2 month old member.For me the list is easy10:33
head_victimBecause if you just want to formalise the process a bit more I'd suggest having a play with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Members/NewMembers and see what you come up with10:34
mrshr3dI've signed up for the mailing list but haven't posted on it.10:34
* blahdeblah waves hi - sorry i'm late10:35
jaddi27We might be able to improve the website to detail what is available to new members10:35
jaddi27Even if it is just a mimic of the wiki page10:35
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Good idea10:35
somethinginteresI'm wondering if there's a specific need for the site to be in its current form rather than just directing to the wiki? 10:36
head_victimjaddi27: we could add it to the contact us link or create a different join us link that just points to it.10:36
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: One word. Planet :)10:37
mrshr3dmaybe listing activities members can help out with and if they need to know how, ask in the mailing list or on IRC?10:37
head_victimsomethinginteres: the idea of the site is to post news and events. The idea of the wiki is to collaborate and organise.10:37
head_victimThe current issue with the website is the lack of contributed content (which btw, anyone can add to, just need to ping an admin to spellcheck and approve)10:37
jaddi27head_victim: I think we could make a new Join Us link on the header - nice and prominent10:37
blahdeblahhead_victim: Don't forget its other purposes: showing off our great web design skills and Canonical's speedy Drupal upgrade policy ;-)10:38
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah :/ It's being worked on still with no estimated time of completion yet.10:38
somethinginteresspeaking from just my personal experience it actually took me a long time to find the wiki. I think given the usefulness of the info it contains it could be more visable somehow.. just thinking aloud here.10:39
head_victimOk mrshr3d so if we completed the detail on the wiki and made it more prominent that would suit?10:39
benonsoftwarehead_victim: To be honest I got lost when I wanted to join10:39
mrshr3dsounds good, the simpler the better I think :-)10:39
blahdeblahsomethinginteres: So at least two links in the header of the web site isn't enough?10:39
somethinginteresthe other thing is some people may not even understand what a wiki is10:39
somethinginteresblahdeblah: evidently not. When I first discovered the site I "got lost" as it were. I wasn't aware of what the wiki contained, wasn't aware that it was the meat of content for e.g.10:40
benonsoftwareAnything else?10:40
head_victimblahdeblah: I might rejig the description a tiny bit on the welcome bar of the website.10:41
jaddi27[ACTION] Website to be updated to have a link for new members10:41
MootBotACTION received:  Website to be updated to have a link for new members 10:41
jaddi27[TOPIC] Update of Local CD Mailout Service - jellyware10:41
MootBotNew Topic:  Update of Local CD Mailout Service - jellyware 10:41
jellywarethe aussie cd mailout is still ticking along.  $3/disc, posted anywhere in australia.  I have just updated ubuntu.net.au to wordpress10:42
benonsoftwareHas anyone ordered from this yet?10:42
blahdeblahsomethinginteres: Was http://www.ubuntu.org.au/node/11 there when you started looking? head_victim and i updated it a few months back to make it clearer10:42
benonsoftwarejellyware: Do you run it?10:42
jellywareI get an order every day or two...10:42
jellywarebenonsoftware, yes, I run this10:42
benonsoftwarejellyware: Well done!10:42
fabricator4Benonsoftware: I got Natty through the mailout10:43
benonsoftwarejellyware: Love that it is using WordPress10:43
fabricator4Great service10:43
jellywareits my contribution since I'm no good with the tech stuff10:43
somethinginteresblahdeblah: no I don't believe it was.10:43
head_victimjellyware: looks nice10:43
head_victimblahdeblah: it's there for me10:43
jellywareI need to clean up the working I know...10:43
jellywarethats all I wanted to say10:44
head_victimCool, keep up the great work 10:44
sagacijellyware, need any help?10:44
somethinginteresjellyware: what's the "open disc dvd"? 10:45
benonsoftwaresomethinginteres: I think it has free open source Windows software if I'm not mistaken10:45
jellywaresomethinginteres, you can google it.  its basically edubuntu with a bunch of open source apps for windows users so they can dip their toes10:45
head_victimsomethinginteres: good point though, maybe include a link to the homepage for the project as well?10:46
benonsoftwarejellyware: Weill that's great10:46
somethinginteresjellyware: ah, cool!10:46
jellywaresagaci, send me an email.  I think I'm ok at the moment but I can keep you in mind.  thanks10:46
head_victimsorry that was for jellyware 10:46
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah. I think that'd be a good idea 10:46
somethingintereshead_victim: woops :) 10:46
jellywarewill do head_victim 10:46
head_victimSweet, half way through the list :)10:47
* gorilla looks at clock and realise eek!10:47
sagacijellyware, i'd be more inclined to help for the 12.04 LTS cycle, due to demand, etc10:47
somethinginteresmaybe a link to the AU loco on there too? 10:47
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Knw the hard half10:47
jaddi27Ok. any further points relating to the CD mailout service?10:47
jellywaresure somethinginteres 10:47
jellywareI have to do some cleaning up10:47
jaddi27[TOPIC] Find more events to go to - Clinton Hunter10:48
MootBotNew Topic:  Find more events to go to - Clinton Hunter 10:48
mrshr3dBeing aware of the time happy to skip this until next month.10:48
mrshr3dplus I have already had one topic of mine discussed tonight don't want to be greedy.10:48
jaddi27Yes, that is a good idea.10:48
jaddi27[ACTION] Move these topics to the next meeting10:48
benonsoftwareI can skip mine10:48
MootBotACTION received:  Move these topics to the next meeting 10:48
head_victimmrshr3d: cool, also, feel free to ask on the mailing list10:49
jaddi27[TOPIC] Mission Statement - Chris10:49
MootBotNew Topic:  Mission Statement - Chris 10:49
jaddi27apologies for not using IRC nicks in topics - I am just copying them from l.u.c10:49
MootBotLINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/MissionStatement 10:49
gorillaIs there a point of having one? /devil advocat.10:49
benonsoftwarejaddi27: That's fine10:49
head_victimI like the idea of updating the mission statement.10:49
fabricator4I think it would be a good idea to update the mission statement10:50
head_victimI think we could probably include the next topic in the same discussion as I don't see formal goals working well but if we put general goals into the mission statement it would cover both bases.10:50
blahdeblahKeep up the good work, gorilla :-P10:50
fabricator4When I was looking at the loco originally it wasn't clear what the loco did or how it worked10:50
jaddi27head_victim: I agree with that10:50
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam 10:50
benonsoftwareHold on while I find the UF link10:50
head_victimTHe first paragraph of that page is what I call "the mission statement" now10:51
gorillablahdeblah: you can stop now. :-)10:51
head_victimI'm all for tweaking that to suit our needs better and including it on the website if that helps?10:51
benonsoftwarehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1787200 Ubuntu Forms Post10:51
MootBotLINK received:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1787200 Ubuntu Forms Post 10:51
fabricator4headvictim: I deliberately made them separate topics so as not to confuse the issue.  I didn't think the mission statement should get buried under discussions about team goals etc.10:52
head_victimfabricator4: ah ok, I just don't see how we can be accountable for goals and if we're not accountable how can we set them. 10:52
gorillahead_victim: Remove the first sentence as it doesn't really adding anything. we know is a home page10:52
head_victimgorilla: I think it's a copy/paste of the website heading as well10:53
gorillahead_victim: oh :-/10:53
head_victimMaybe by changing them to suit the medium they're on we can reduce confusion of what the wiki and website are for.10:53
head_victim[IDEA] Make the wiki welcome more wiki specific10:53
MootBotIDEA received:  Make the wiki welcome more wiki specific 10:53
jaddi27I second that idea. I think that will remove a lot of confusion that people experience10:54
fabricator4Is it possible to make the Mission statment heading part of the website menu.10:54
benonsoftwarefabricator4: I think it is10:54
head_victimfabricator4: our current "mission statement" already is there10:54
jaddi27fabricator4: Do you mean add a link to Mission Statement?10:55
head_victimSo it's more updating the current one if we feel the need.10:55
fabricator4head_victim: it's on the first page, but it's not part of the menu/header.  I think it should have it's own page.10:55
fabricator4jaddi27: yes I mean a link :-)10:55
jaddi27I think that there are a few things that should be made clearer on the website that will happen with the new template10:56
head_victimfabricator4: ah ok, well I think the length of it will determine that. If it's only a sentence or so it would seem odd on it's own page, but if it becomes a 2 paragraph affair I see your point10:56
jaddi27Can we work out what we would like to do with the mission statement?10:57
head_victimI don't recall, has it made the mailing list yet?10:57
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Yeah. Well I'm sure it has10:58
fabricator4I think kyphi had some good ideas which were posted to the discussion page.10:58
head_victimCool, well I personally prefer to keep it short enough to be a sentence or two so if I go through the wiki page, pull out the feedback from people and post to the list for objections would that be a good way to decide on it?10:59
jaddi27yes, I think that would be a good way to go10:59
fabricator4sure, if that's the way to do.  Do we have to decide tonight after all?10:59
benonsoftwarehttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-au/2011-June/007263.html Here is the mailing list subject10:59
benonsoftware[LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-au/2011-June/007263.html11:00
MootBotLINK received:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-au/2011-June/007263.html 11:00
fabricator4I'm happy to re-open this on the mailing list and pull a few things together...11:00
jaddi27[ACTION] head_victim to work out a mission statement based on feedback, and post to the mailing list11:00
MootBotACTION received:  head_victim to work out a mission statement based on feedback, and post to the mailing list 11:00
benonsoftwarefabricator4: Sure thing. Sounds good11:00
fabricator4Thanks :-)11:01
jaddi27Take that action to mean head_victim and fabricator4 as the people working on it then11:01
fabricator4Sure.  headvictim?11:02
jaddi27I would like to move on to the next topic now, to get finished11:02
jaddi27[TOPIC] Declaration of Goals - Chris11:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Declaration of Goals - Chris 11:02
fabricator4This one is not so clear to me11:02
fabricator4Setting goals it a good thing, and the idea came of the previous discussion11:02
benonsoftwareI think we should have say a 12 month goal.11:02
head_victimfabricator4: I'll collate the feedback from the wiki and post to the list :)11:02
fabricator4If we set goals they have to be achievable, but how at the goals decided on?  11:03
benonsoftwarefabricator4: Team?11:04
head_victimTo me the issue is if we set easy goals there is no challenge, if we set hard ones and don't reach them what happens then?11:04
jaddi27I think that it could be difficult to measure what we have achieved with the goals11:04
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Then we should break the goals gone11:04
head_victimI think if we freshen the mission statement and use that as our rolling goal that would work to a similar effect11:04
fabricator4If we set easy goals and achieve them, then we can set harder ones next time.11:05
mrshr3dI think it is hard to set "achievable"  goals...in that our goals are ongoing, (e.g.  promote Ubuntu and help new users with Ubuntu)11:05
fabricator4mrshr3d: shouldn't that be part of the mission statement?11:05
somethinginteresmrshr3d: I agree11:05
head_victimThe main issue we have is the team is voluntary and constantly changing with people's abilities fluctuating with other commitments. 11:05
jaddi27I can see why you would want a list of goals, but after reading some of the mission statements, they sort of include the goals11:06
gorillaSetting goals could make it difficult to achive someting that is not aligned with the agreed goals.11:06
benonsoftwareJust to let you know I have to go soon11:06
gorillain that they can be used to reject an otherwise idea becuae it's not a goal for the next 12 months or whatever the period is.11:06
mrshr3dit kind of blurs the distinction for sure.  I guess it could be measured in some way - how many users have quit Windows and are Ubuntu through our efforts this year.11:07
head_victimI see our current goal as becoming reapproved, not for the sake of just being "official" again but reapproval in itself shows an improvement in team performance.11:07
head_victimmrshr3d: how do you measure that goal?11:07
fabricator4gorilla: I agree... kind of.  11:07
fabricator4h_v: if you get approval , then you achieved the goal?11:08
jaddi27I think that it would partially achieve the goal, because we have to continue to keep the status11:09
mrshr3dhead_victim: exactly, I think for a team like it is hard to set goals that are measurable11:09
head_victimmrshr3d: ah ok, sorry I thought you were suggesting an example goal.11:09
fabricator4Benonsoftware's idea of a yearly goal isn't so bad, lookinglike this...11:09
benonsoftwarefabricator4: well that's what we do in school :)11:10
jaddi27I think there are always mini-goals along the way11:10
head_victimThe problem is finding something measurable that is relevant.11:10
benonsoftwareI have to go in 5 minutes11:10
head_victimIf people can come up with something relevant and measurable I'm all ears.11:10
jaddi27eg. Translations should be completed by the end of the year, hopefully by oneiric release11:10
fabricator4head_victim: I agree, and it's the reason I had some misgivings about proposing it.11:10
benonsoftwarehead_victim: I just finished completing one templatie for translations. Maybe all of them by 12.0411:11
jaddi27my idea would be to fix up the mission statement to make it clearer what we are trying to achieve as a team, and then assess whether or not we will need further goals to keep us on track11:11
fabricator4jaddi27: agreed11:12
head_victimjaddi27: That's a good way to go I think. I'll collate the mission statement ideas, email the team and open it for discussion.11:12
gorillajaddi27: good idea.11:12
benonsoftwarejaddi27: I have to go now. Any other things I must be here for?11:12
head_victimbenonsoftware: you had the last topic11:12
jaddi27[TOPIC] Kubuntu - Benny11:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Kubuntu - Benny 11:12
jaddi27just quickly for benonsoftware 11:13
benonsoftwareBasicly I was wondering what is the support for Kubuntu in AU?11:13
head_victimJust quickly, I don't see this as a separate thing, we displayed Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu all together at LCA11:13
* gorilla confirms that one.11:13
mrshr3dIs the main difference just KDE rather than Gnome/Unity?11:13
benonsoftwareSorry have to go11:13
head_victimJust because we're "UbuntuAU" doesn't mean lots of people don't use Kubuntu11:13
gorillabenonsoftware: you can grab the transscipt later one.11:14
jaddi27maybe we can make that clearer on the wiki and website11:14
jaddi27well I think that will be all for the meeting11:14
gorillaperhaps a straw poll could be a good idea also.11:14
head_victimgorilla: feel free to start one on the ML :)11:14
jaddi27anything else that should be discussed now?11:14
head_victimgorilla: or forum11:15
jaddi27seems to be nothing else11:15
head_victimjaddi27: I'm out of ideas :) I think you've done a good job with the long list of topics we had to cover.11:15
gorillahead_victim: forum then :-)11:15
jaddi27Thanks everyone for attending the meeting. We have got a lot discussed in the time we had11:15
MootBotMeeting finished at 06:16.11:16
gorillajaddi27: well done on keeping the meeting moving :-)11:16
fabricator4Thanks all.11:16
head_victimNext one is 14/08, same time :)11:16
jaddi27gorilla: Thanks. It was certainly an interesting meeting to do for a first meeting as chair11:16
jaddi27I will update the wiki to have the next meeting date, and send an email out with the link to the new agenda11:17
head_victimjaddi27: nice work :)11:18
head_victimIt's been good to get the help from yourself and others with the team basics.11:18
jaddi27head_victim: I am happy to help out with that11:18
head_victimWhen you've emailed the list the meeting details I'll tweet/dent it.11:19
head_victimYou've bookmarked the "todolist" page?11:19
jaddi27I think I have it somewhere there11:19
head_victimCool, makes it easy to figure out what needs doing.  I'll take care of the topic when the next meeting info is posted to loco.u.c as well11:20
jaddi27head_victim: On the l.u.c page for ubuntu-au, have you had a look at the new timezone options?11:20
head_victimjaddi27: yeah, I'm not sure what to do with that. 11:20
jaddi27what options are there for the overall team settings?11:21
head_victimIt's all event/meeting specific I believe11:21
jaddi27Ok. I was not sure if was per team as well as per event/meeting11:21
head_victimJust confirming now.11:22
head_victimAhh I CAN set a default timezone11:22
head_victimBut I'm not sure I should change it from UTC?11:22
jaddi27I think it might be better changing it to AEST, seeing as we advertise the time in that timezone11:22
jaddi27and it does say on the meeting page what timezone the event/meeting is in now, so it is not as confusing11:23
head_victimOk, anyone here from the western half of AU to make sure we wont offend you doing that?11:23
head_victimgorilla: from memory you're in SA?11:24
gorillahead_victim: nope. Melbourne.11:24
head_victimHm, sorry, probably just offended you with that :P11:24
gorillaI was in SA for a number of years but wasn't from there originally either.11:24
gorillayou were partly right ;-)11:25
head_victimAh, maybe it was somethinginteres 11:25
somethingintereshead_victim: yep :D11:25
gorillago ahead.. see who becomes offended :-D11:25
head_victimAs a SA'er would you be overly offended if we advertised team events in UTC+10 ?11:25
head_victimOr is it something you're used to?11:25
somethingintereshead_victim: I am used to converting timezones, so that's no worries, as long as the timezone is indicated it's no problem.11:26
head_victimsomethinginteres: ok, just don't want people feeling left out11:26
head_victimAnd always living in Brisbane I'm not sure what the TZ issue is like for others.11:27
jaddi27somethinginteres: Are you on Facebook, and if yes, are you a member of the Ubuntu Australia group?11:27
head_victimSo, next question, UTC+10 or Sydney/Melbourne time?11:27
somethinginteresjaddi27: yes and yes11:27
head_victimAs there is a slight difference, in daylight savings.11:27
jaddi27What time does it list for the meeting tonight on your browser?11:27
jaddi27on facebook11:27
jaddi27head_victim: UTC+1011:29
head_victimjaddi27: done11:29
mrshr3dIf you write it as AEST (UTC+10)   and  AEDST (UTC+11) in summer it would avoid any confusion11:29
head_victimIt's set at UTC+10, it's an issue every year when daylight savings rolls around :/11:30
jaddi27mrshr3d: from memory, in the past we have used AEST for meeting times during the daylight saving time11:30
gorillajaddi27: that's my recollection also.11:30
head_victimjaddi27: can you double check the August meeting on the loco.u.c now as playing with the settings may have changed it11:30
* gorilla thinks AU has too many timezones!11:31
head_victimI think we've actually done both.11:31
head_victimgorilla: I concur. We should all move to BRISBANE time :)11:31
gorillahead_victim: better idea than everyone moving to Brisbane :-P11:31
* mrshr3d thinks Daylight Savings is a hack for something that isn't broken :-)11:31
fabricator4h_v: Brisbane time is the only correct time :-)11:31
head_victimgorilla: yeah, you can stay there, just follow our rules :P11:32
jaddi27The new timezone data is set now11:33
gorillahead_victim: like defending the merits of drinking XXXX?11:33
jaddi27I think it looks alright11:33
head_victimjaddi27: yeah no idea what the -1000 on the end is 11:33
gorillahead_victim: offset without the :11:34
head_victimBut looks ok11:34
jaddi27the 1000 means 10 hours11:34
fabricator4Yeah, why does it say : GMT+10 (-1000) 11:34
jaddi27but I can't remember why the '-' is there11:34
fabricator4Should be +1000 then11:34
head_victimNo idea, as long as it works.11:34
gorillayeah.. I reckon that someone has stuffed up :-)11:35
jaddi27That would make sense, but I am fairly sure I have seen it like that before. I will look into it11:35
head_victimNow I just need to assimilate the calendar to my google account and I'm set11:35
fabricator4gorilla: someone on the other side of the world has stuffed up.11:35
gorillafabricator4: usually the case ;-)11:36
head_victimIs http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au/ical the best link to get meetings AND events?11:36
head_victim(I just right clicked ont he ical feed and selected copy link)11:36
mrshr3dor is it saying to convert it  back to GMT,  subtract 10 hours?11:37
jaddi27I think it might be something like that. I will look through the code to find what they are doing11:37
jaddi27head_victim: Yes, I am fairly sure that is the right one11:38
fabricator4mrshr3e; seems redudant11:38
gorillafabricator4: perhaps it's to cater for the maths challenged :-P11:38
head_victimjaddi27: when I add it to google it thinks it's UTC time not _10 11:39
jaddi27That means they have not added in the proper data for ical creation with their timezone update11:39
jaddi27I will look at it again and try to get them to fix i11:39
head_victimGoogle or loco.u?11:40
gorillagoogle calendar is showing that the meeting will be at 4PM tomorrow. 11:43
jaddi27head_victim: loco.u might have to be fixed11:43
jaddi27still looking at the code11:44
head_victimjaddi27: cool, they just pushed a new version so I'm sure patches welcome ;)11:47
head_victimNot that I could ever patch anything 11:48
head_victimIf you're ever looking for them they hang in -community and -website11:52
head_victimjaddi27: could just take some time to update and refresh since I've only jsut changed it from UTC ?11:54
jaddi27I guess it could11:54
jaddi27the main issue could be in their code11:54
jaddi27if it is setting the ical feed to be UTC, and the event times do not have timezone data with them, then the ical feed will not be correct11:55
head_victimAnd I can't adjust the TZ in the google calendar after adding it either.11:55
jaddi27i am just trying to find out if they are including timezone data in the start and end times for the ical11:55
jaddi27no, that is one annoying feature of google calendar11:56
jaddi27however, i can't do that in thunderbird either, so it is not just google11:56
head_victimMaybe it's more complex then we think11:56
head_victimWhat about we do set it to UTC then so that everyone's calendars auto update to reflect whatever their local is set to?11:57
jaddi27yes and no. i think if the ical feed is fixed up a bit, it should work better, but i just have to work out what they have in their code11:57
head_victimOk I'll stop pestering, let me know if I can be useful in the process11:57
jaddi27maybe at the moment that would be easiest. i just need more time than tonight to work out how to fix it11:57
jaddi27you are not pestering - those questions are perfectly fine11:58
head_victimOk so I'm setting back to UTC for now?11:58
* gorilla goes off to check the calendar on his web site.11:59
sagacihow'd the end of the meeting go12:00
gorillahey, wb sagaci. the meeting went well.12:01
head_victimsagaci: pretty good12:01
jaddi27yes, set it back to UTC12:02
head_victimjaddi27: done :)12:02
head_victimHah it's still wrong12:03
head_victimMaybe it just takes a while to update the settings12:03
jaddi27it might have to be imported again12:04
head_victimNah I removed it and readded it12:04
fabricator406:00 - 07:15 UTC (+0000)  Isn't that 4PM?12:04
head_victimIt was showing up for me as 1600 in both occasions a day late12:05
jaddi27i just have to change it again12:06
jaddi27i wonder if it was set to GMT-10?12:06
head_victimThat would be right then and the -1000 would make sense?12:06
gorillaa lot of systems will cache ical files.12:06
head_victimBut we've never ahd it set to -10 as far as I know12:07
* gorilla goes off to get dinner.12:08
jaddi27no, i didn't think so12:08
gorillaNight All12:08
head_victimNight gorilla 12:08
jaddi27night gorilla 12:08
head_victimjaddi27: how about +10 and we leave it a day to settle?12:08
jaddi27I think leave it on UTC, and I will look through the code to find what is happening12:08
head_victimNo worries12:09
jaddi27head_victim: when will the meeting log come up on http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/?12:10
jaddi27I thought it was fairly quick last time12:10
head_victimI think it's a cron script so could be an hour or two12:11
jaddi27the translations are going well - we are down to 113781 strings in natty now12:12
head_victimYeah you and sagaci  are really leading the charge12:12
jaddi27I didn't know anything about how to do it until a couple of weeks ago12:13
jaddi27a lot easier than I thought it would be12:14
head_victimHah nice, yeah it's not hard at all if you use rosetta12:14
sagacithere will be bugs12:15
head_victimsagaci: yep but it seems you've worked out how to fix them already12:15
jaddi27bugs in the translations?12:16
jaddi27and how do you fix them?12:16
head_victimWell I'm off for a while, thanks for chairing tonigiht jaddi27 and good to see you and sagaci working well together :)12:17
sagacijaddi27, like if the original string has a typo, etc12:17
jaddi27That's fine. It is looking like the team is getting more on track now12:17
sagacihead_victim, just quickly, any news on the reapproval12:18
sagaciobv not and any news would be on the mailing list already, i think12:20
jaddi27sagaci: Have you ever got the message 'There are 2 errors in the translations you provided. Please correct them before continuing.'? Do you know what it means?12:22
jaddi27I cannot see anything that I have to do, so it is a bit odd12:24
jaddi27I think we are doing the same package12:25
jaddi27that must be where the error came from12:25
sagacioneiric is at 16100012:26
sagacibut that will drop once the focus is shifted to oneiric12:26
sagacistill probably +20,000 strings or so12:26
sagacii'd like it done by 12.04, which is still a long way to go but the more we do sooner, means we don't have to jam it in later12:27
sagaciexcuse the pun12:27
jaddi27i plan on keeping on working on it, but might do not as much during uni12:29
sagaciyou're on sem break?12:30
jaddi27yes, at the moment12:31
jaddi27go back on july 2512:31
sagacitwo weeks12:32
sagaciah well, at least most of the main packages ordinary users would use are done12:34
jaddi27yes, that is good12:35
jaddi27where are firefox and chromium translated?12:35
sagacifirefox has been done12:35
jaddi27i just thought i read somewhere saying that firefox and thunderbird are not translated through rosetta12:36
jaddi27is that right, or am i mixed up a bit?12:36
head_victimsagaci: no news, the only thing I've had is an acknowledgement that it's been logged12:38
* head_victim disappears again12:38
* sagaci sees the magic smoke12:38
sagacinot 100% sure about chromium-browser12:40
sagacii need to shoot an email to get lp-en_AU registered as a proper team12:40
jaddi27it is not a proper team at the moment?12:44
sagacinot the lp translators team for en_AU, might be getting confused with the ubuntu-au translation team12:45
sagacii know, confusing12:45
jaddi27i thought there were two teams12:47
jaddi27makes sense now12:47
jaddi27i will be off now12:52
ikthow did the meeting go?13:27
iktsagaci, you there?13:54
iktor even head_victim ?13:55
head_victimikt: yeah I"m here now. Went well, there should be an email on the list about it soonish14:41
iktdid you want a google plus invite?14:44
iktdoesn't matter, just tried to share an invite with your gmail address14:45
iktlaters :)14:45
head_victimHeh no worries, just add me mate14:46
head_victimI gotta jet myself, hopefully the email should be tthere in the next day or so14:46

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