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oSoMoNgood morning07:06
MacSlowhello there07:19
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mick_njpatel: Did you have time to look at the problems I had with unity and the spotify lens I wrote?11:09
njpatelmick_, damn, sorry, I just forgot :S11:18
njpatelmick_, let me try and take  a look tonight11:18
hichamno progress on upstreaming gtk menuproxy patch ?11:19
njpatelnot sure, not in charge of that :)11:19
mick_njpatel: No problem :) Do it when you have time. Im not in a hurry.11:19
APInjpatel, one question, it is still possible to build unity on natty11:20
APIIm trying to use this guide:11:20
hichamnjpatel: who is in charge ? kenvandine ?11:20
APIand your mail11:20
njpatelhicham, he does packaging, I believe tedg would be in charge11:20
APIbut Im having some problems11:20
njpatelAPI, I don't think it's possible at this point11:20
hichamnjpatel: thanks11:21
APInjpatel, ok, so I guess that I need to move to oneiric, right?11:21
njpatelAPI, we've all moved to Oneiric now, especially due to the gtk3/gnome3 stuff11:21
mhr3njpatel, how come you're not in #awn? :-o11:21
njpatelAPI, yeah :)11:21
APInjpatel, ok thanks11:21
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njpatelmhr3, new laptop, don't have all my favourite channels stored in :)11:21
mhr3ah, ok then :)11:21
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kim0seb128: Howdy o/12:39
kim0This is Ahmed, I'm working with Jorge on the community side12:40
kim0seb128: Could you please check out https://code.launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/+activereviews12:40
kim0it's been idling for quite some time .. thanks12:40
seb128hey kim012:41
kim0hey :)12:41
seb128you want to talk to dx people, i.e njpatel12:41
seb128desktop team (where I work) is doing packaging, not upstream code reviews12:41
seb128jcastro, ^12:41
kim0ok then, thanks12:41
kim0njpatel: Hey o/ Can someone please check on https://code.launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/+activereviews12:42
njpatelkim0, will do today12:46
kim0njpatel: Thanks a lot man12:49
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kenvandinejjardon, indicator-power uses upower directly right?13:51
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jjardonkenvandine: no, It uses the g-p-m dbus interface to get the data15:35
kenvandinejjardon, oh... ok... are you working on changing that to support g-s-d?15:36
kenvandinesince it is getting merged into gsd?15:36
jjardonkenvandine: yeah, Iḿ aware of that15:36
jjardonkenvandine: but the change is trivial, only a change in the dbus call15:40
jjardonkenvandine: anyway the code is still not in g-s-d, if you want to track the status: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64947015:43
ubot5Gnome bug 649470 in general "[uber-patch] port gnome-power-manager to gnome-settings-daemon" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:43
kenvandinejjardon, no worries, there will be a number of things broken by that :)15:43
kenvandineit is planned for 3.1.4 though15:43
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andyrockMacSlow, «The strings used for the notification need to be translated» Done! I don't know if that is the right way to show osd notifcation (my first time!)16:24
MacSlowandyrock, that just fine16:25
andyrockMacSlow, ok thx16:25
MacSlowandyrock, do you nkow about the _("") macro for make strings translateable to the gnome tool-set?16:25
MacSlowandyrock, btw... see my second comment on that particular bug16:26
andyrockMacSlow, i know _("")... but i am idiot and i forgot it :)16:26
MacSlowandyrock, I did two reviews of your proposed branches already... they are approved and by now merged to trunk... working on the fourth of your branches now16:28
andyrockMacSlow, i have just add the _("") macro...16:29
MacSlowandyrock, today is "all attention to Andrea"-day :)16:29
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andyrockMacSlow, ahahahahah... there is another big merge proposal... but njpatel is the reviewer and there is some problems :(16:30
andyrock*there are16:30
MacSlowandyrock, well by the end of the day, you should have at least four of your branches in unity trunk... better than nothing :)16:30
MacSlowandyrock, I like the mem-leak fix best16:31
andyrockMacSlow, my best record is three branch in just a day :)16:32
andyrockMacSlow, mem-leaks suck!16:32
MacSlowandyrock, this day we'll break that record :)16:33
MacSlowandyrock, ok... three branches in trunk now... atm looking at your fix-750311 branch16:49
andyrockMacSlow, the less secure than other... :)16:50
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MacSlowandyrock, lp:~andyrock/unity/fix-750311 doesn't work here... the trashcan does not pulse at all.17:06
andyrockMacSlow, it should pusle just once...17:06
MacSlowandyrock, it does not pulse at all here... not sure why that's the case... I need to run now... take a look at this again... tomorrow I'll revisit this, if you had time to look into it17:07
andyrockMacSlow, ok thx.... i will try again... :)17:08
MacSlowandyrock, see you tomorrow then17:09
njpatelandyrock, dude, I *never* see "Keep In Launcher" for devices....which ones are meant to show?17:21
njpatelshow it*17:21
andyrockwhith last commit it should be visible for all unremovable devices...17:21
andyrocki know that the design consider removable (usb, etc) devices too... but IMHO it has no sense...17:22
andyrocknjpatel, ^^^17:26
njpatelandyrock, okay, that makes sense, let me test again and then i think i can merge it :D17:28
* andyrock is crossing his fingers17:29
njpatelandyrock, give me a couple of mins, need to do a rebuild17:30
andyrocknjpatel, dont'worry... i can wait17:31
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