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spivHmm, babune does seem to show a bit of a speed increase in the test suite, yay (and also from the Branch.open improvement from Dublin)01:27
spivSince before Dublin looks like its down to ~21min from ~24min, even though the test count has increased a bit. :)01:28
poolie_hi spiv01:46
poolie_that is indeed pretty cool01:46
sidneihey poolie, how easy is it to split a branch while keeping history?02:18
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 501828 in Graphite 1.0 "Create separate branches for the webapp, carbon, and whisper" [Low,Triaged]02:20
lifelesspoolie_: btw, just doing an experiment02:25
lifelesspoolie_: bzr selftest --parallel=fork on my new desktop - looks like it will complete in ~ 3 minutes02:26
lifelesspoolie_: its causing writes to the disk of 1 and 2 MB/s which is a noticable amount (especially considering most things are expected to be deleted and never hit disk)02:27
spivlifeless: yeah, I've noticed that, haven't tracked it down yet02:27
spiv(I haven't really spent much time looking either)02:27
lifelesshmm, forgot --no-plugins02:27
lifeless3m8 seconds, 27172 tests02:28
spivThere was an issue where some tests would cause writes to ~/.bzr.log, but that's fixed02:28
spivlifeless: :)02:28
lifeless'failed to open trace file:[Errno 12] Permission denied: '/you-should-use-TestCaseInTempDir-if-you-need-a-log-file'02:31
lifelesstest stipple02:31
lifelessandhow, --no-plugins timing, 2m33s 23794 tests.02:31
spivYeah, that's fallout from said fix.02:31
spivlifeless: BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=-site is my usual, includes core plugins02:32
lifelesswant a run with that?02:32
spivWhy not, it won't take long ;)02:32
lifelessI wonder if gnome-terminal is becoming a limiting factor02:33
lifelessthose lazr.restfulclient errors are really annoying02:35
lifeless2m52s 26708 tests02:35
spivAh right, weave_fmt would be the bulk of the extra tests..02:36
spivlifeless: so 155 tests/second, not too bad.02:38
lifeless /8 to get tests-per-process-per-second02:38
lifeless19 or so02:39
lifeless2m54s in uxterm, and I was fiddling with things, - I remember we clamp our terminal IO now that I think about it :)02:39
poolie_lifeless, it's about 4 minutes on my laptop02:45
poolie_which lazr restfulclient errors?02:45
poolie_using a tmpfs will help more02:45
lifelessuserwarning: modjule test was already imported from <path.pyx> but <different path> is being added to sys.path02:45
poolie_i think some of it is that ext4 still flushes directory creation/deletion to disk02:45
poolie_even if it could be shortcircuited02:46
lifelesspoolie_: interestingly enough, I see near-full use of my 8 cores02:46
lifelesspoolie_: for you be 25% slower, but with 4 cores, raises some interesting questions02:46
lifelesspoolie_: 32 or 64 bit environment ?02:46
poolie_i haven't precisely measured it recently02:47
poolie_it's single digit minutes02:47
poolie_by contrast to about an hour on bellany :)02:47
lifelessnaive math would suggest 6 minutes (*2 for 1/2 the cores)02:47
lifelessdo you have an ssd?02:48
lifelessthat may be part of it, but we don't fsync so I wouldn't have expected it to block02:48
spivBut there certainly is a lot of disk IO for something that should do net I/O of approx 0 bytes...02:49
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poolielifeless, thanks for that mail review06:05
vilapoolie: standup ?06:05
vilahi all !06:05
poolievila, oh, now?06:06
pooliei'm confused06:06
vilano ?06:06
poolieit's only 0600utc, that seems too earl06:06
vilaghaa, I'm the one confused then >-/06:06
pooliei have it on my calendar for 2h from now06:07
vilaI won't be able to attend at 0800 UTC06:07
pooliespiv, what happens next with https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/launchpad/bmp-inline-diffs/+merge/6663406:07
vilawhich probably explains my confusion06:07
spivpoolie: the pre-req branch gets landed, in theory by the time I wake up tomorrow06:09
poolievila, well, i sent mail last week with that time06:10
pooliecan you reply with an alternative?06:10
spivpoolie: oh, and I guess I need to find the CSS class to use to address your tweak! :)06:11
pooliespiv, rockin, and then it's unblocked?06:11
pooliethat'd be good06:11
poolieand also the feature flag name, if you didn't already06:11
spivpoolie: I think so, I'll certainly poke folks on #launchpad-dev to get it reviewed and hopefully landed06:12
vilapoolie: yes, sorry, dunno why I kept 0800 my time instead of UTC06:12
spivpoolie: hmm, the feature flag is already “code.ajax_revision_diffs.enabled”06:13
poolieoh great06:13
pooliemaybe i was out of date06:13
spivOh, maybe not, maybe I'm confusing the syntax?06:13
spivCertainly the last time I tested it I put code.ajax_revision_diffs.enabled into +feature-rules and it worked!06:14
poolieit's right in the tal but it's wrong in flags.py06:14
poolieso, you'll get a warning, and it won't be documented properly06:14
spivAh, yes, that'd be it.06:15
fullermdvila: Still campaigning for the Paris Meridian?   :p06:15
pooliewell, earlier is certainly fine with me, basically you need to fight it out with other people in europe06:16
vilafullermd: never resign !06:23
vilapoolie: yes :-}06:24
Riddellgood morning Bazaar07:03
jammorning all07:04
jamvila: aren't we doing the standup today?07:05
Riddellno poolie or spiv either?07:06
jamI see poolie was here 45min ago07:08
jamnot sure what happened07:08
Riddellwell I can go back to sleep for half an hour then :)07:09
oierI am not sure if I am on the correct channel, but I have problems using bzr builder (the recipes in launchpad to use dailys)07:13
oierthe problem is that I get translations exported automatically to a branch but I don't know how to merge it in the recipe07:14
oierif I use nest or nest-part it creates a po/po directory, which is useless07:14
spivoier: this channel and/or #launchpad are good channels.07:14
oierand merge doesn't work because the branches are unrelated07:14
spivoier: which branches?07:15
jamhey spiv, have you seen poolie around? I thought we switched the standup to 15min ago07:15
oierlp:indicator-bug and lp:~oier/indicator-bug/translations07:16
spivjam: based on chatter in this channel an hour or so ago I thought it was in 45min time!07:16
oierin trunk I have a po directory which contains the po file, the translations branch is a po directory with the translated po files07:16
jamspiv: yeah, looks like it, let me check the mail thread again07:17
spivoier: ah, hmm07:17
jamspiv: yeah, martin's last message was 8:00UTC Tuesdays07:17
jamI didn't pay enough attention to the actual post, vs what I felt was consensus. stupid timezones being confusing07:18
spivoier: I don't think build recipes can do that atm :(07:18
spivjam: agreed!07:18
jamso jr can sleep 40 more minutes07:19
oieri found a similar bug report where the status is fix released https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-builder/+bug/51573107:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 515731 in bzr-builder "Support merge of two branches that have no common ancestor" [High,Fix released]07:19
spivoier: as a workaround you could nest or nest-part the translations into a new directory and then make a branch of lp:indicator-bug that tweaks debian/rules to move the contents of that directory into po/ before doing anything else07:19
spivoier: yeah, that bug is what nest-part was added for, but it turns out not to address every case07:20
spivoier: like yours :/07:20
spivoier: probably best to file a new bug, reference that one07:21
spivoier: maybe it'll be marked as a dupe, but that's ok.07:21
oierbut isn't the fix for merging unrelated branches released?07:21
oierit should be working according to it, or? https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-builder/merge-unrelated/+merge/5142507:25
spivoier: hmm, I'm not sure that that fix would deal with the case where both sides add the same directory, like your case :(07:30
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jamRiddell: hey, we're starting to get together now08:01
spivpoolie: we were just talking about you :)08:02
spiv(on mumble)08:03
pooliehm :)08:03
pooliepulseaudio crashed!08:04
jampoolie: still down?08:08
pooliegoing to restart my session08:08
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=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control <http://bazaar.canonical.com> | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: Riddell and jam | UDD failures: 400
jamspiv: do you want to do PP on your last week ?08:31
spivjam: not sure!  I wouldn't be around to follow-up anything that lives beyond that week obviously.  I suspect I'll be hurrying to close off as much of my current work as possible first.08:32
spivIt might still be a good idea though.08:33
jamspiv: how about you take next week08:33
jamseems like a lot of people are otherwise away08:33
spivOk, sure.08:33
* spiv -> gone for the night.08:33
jamspiv: have a good night08:33
jamspiv: I had the weeks mixed. vila is here next week, but not the 25th. so for now I have you on the 25th.08:35
jamWe can also swap that out if we need to.08:35
maxbspiv: On the UDD append-revisions-only issue, do you think it's worth backing out the change and manually unblocking the resulting failed imports, or is fixing it going to be easier than it seems?09:05
pooliehi maxb09:43
jammaxb: he's away for the night. I think he wants to try the 'simple' fix first, and if that doesn't work, then just back out the whole thing10:09
jamRiddell: you wanted to pair on some reviews10:09
jamlet me know when you want to do so10:09
Riddelljam: can do if you're doing them now10:09
Riddelljam: mumble?10:09
jamRiddell: I wasn't starting them, just thinking to plan it out. But I'm happy to get on mumble with you now10:10
jammaxb: I wanted to find out about your "check-up-to-date" stuff if you have it10:10
Riddelljam: well any time is good for me including now10:10
jammaxb: check if a udd packaging branch is up-to-date vs its deb packages10:11
jamjelmer had a branch10:11
jamwhich he said you improved by removing launchpadlib10:11
maxbOh, that was mainly the discovery of how to successfully call the lp api without launchpadlib10:11
maxbAt the time, it involved mocking up a fake OAuth header10:11
jammaxb: well, it was 'real' enough to get past launchpad, right?10:12
maxbNowadays, the squid has been fixed, and shouldn't even require that10:12
jammaxb: I'd like to make sure that stuff doesn't get lost10:12
jamso even if it is only a hint in the right direction, it would be nice to see10:12
maxbSo, if you safe that as a script, and run 'foo ubuntu/+archive/primary bzr' you'll get a familiar looking listing with only one http roundtrip10:14
jammaxb: so the issue with oauth... LP wants oauth for authenticated users, but for anonymous queries it shouldn't require it?10:15
maxband no launchpadlib in sight10:15
maxbCorrect - *shouldn't* - but at the time, anonymous API access was being partially broken by the squid10:15
maxbThat, however, has since been fixed10:16
jammaxb: yeah, you have the oath stuff commented out in your paste, and the bzr check worked fine for me10:26
jamand nicely fast, too10:27
maxbThe lazr.restful collections stuff will paginate the response at a default batch size of 75 items, I believe.10:28
jam[needsfixing] this is a change that is required10:28
jam[needsinfo] this is a change that you're asking for questions10:28
poolielp is a bit confused about whether it's readonly atm10:29
poolieshould be fixed soon10:29
maxbHowever, for the kinds of requests we need to make, we should be able to phrase the query parameters such that we are only expecting a collection of zero or one items, and thus avoid needing to reimplement any of lazr.restfulclient's paging navigation behaviour10:29
jampoolie: by not having a "readonly" mode, right?10:30
jam(just being down completely)10:30
poolieno, it seems to have lost people's sessions10:30
arnetheduckhi, I would like to replay a complete bzr history for a particular branch, running a script on the working tree for every commit (much like what git filter-branch) allows you to do...I haven't found any existing command that will do this in a simple way (I'd like to preseve commit authors, merges, renames etc), so I'm guessing I'll have to do a plugin myself - could anyone supply some useful pointers for where to look?10:38
pooliehi arnetheduck10:40
pooliejust the mainline or every single revision?10:40
poolieoh, you want to change the tree along the way?10:40
arnetheduckpoolie, every single revision and with a script applied for each one10:45
poolieprobably starting a plugin to do it would be good10:45
pooliesomething like branch.iter_merge_sorted_revisions()10:46
pooliethen for each10:46
arnetheduck(fixing line endings =)10:46
pooliethen, i guess, commit it to a separate branch10:47
poolieyou could perhaps look at adding this into the bzr-rewrite plugin10:47
arnetheduckyeah, I had a quick look at that one but it wasn't obvious how to record renames for example and how to assign (one or more) parent revisions to a commit etc10:48
arnetheduckI'm guessing iter_merge_sorted_revisions guarantees that all commits leading up to a particular revision have been visited?10:50
arnetheduckgetting a working tree looked simple enough so then the biggest problem would be to get the commit properties right10:51
pooliethe nice thing if you modify the working tree is that it should keep the same metadata for renames etc10:53
pooliei thought bzr rewrite did this though10:53
poolieif you come up with any kind of reusable patch that does this i'd really like to help merge it10:53
jampoolie: we have "bzr fast-import-filter"10:53
jamI don't think we have anything for rewrite yet10:53
poolieRiddell, thanks for the review10:54
jamarnetheduck: "bzr fast-export content.fi && cat content.fi | bzr fast-import-filter | bzr fast-import" I *think* works.10:54
arnetheduckjam, fast-import-filter only allows filtering the file list, not contents, afaict10:57
jamarnetheduck: probably10:57
jamthat is the only filtering that I'm currently aware of10:57
jamI think adding it to replay/rebase/whatever looks good10:57
jamarnetheduck: did you end up signing the contributor agreement? We'd like to land: https://code.launchpad.net/~arnetheduck/bzr/bzr-log-author/+merge/6375110:58
arnetheduckjam, yes I did (but I think I might have misspelled your email when cc:ing)...martin pool has a copy though.10:58
jamarnetheduck: no problems on my side, and martin may have already added you to the approved list. I just figured it was quickest to just ask you :)10:59
jamyes, martin has marked it as such11:00
jamI was just waiting for the script to finish running that verified it11:00
arnetheduckso, a) how do I add a rename to a commit (code-wise...it looked messy on my first perusal of bzr commit/bzr rename) and b) apart from properties (incidentally the ones searched by log-author=), is there anything else that should be recorded?11:01
pooliewt.rename ought to do it11:01
poolieif you don't want to add new renames to the tree, you shouldn't need to worry11:02
pooliethe other thing you may need to take care to preserve is the revision DAG11:02
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pooliein particluar if you're rewriting them you'll need to set the tree revision parents to the newly rewritte ones11:02
arnetheduckyeah, I'm guessing i should be committing to a separate branch essentially creating a copy (with different commit id's)11:03
arnetheduckand the list of renames is available on the branch object?11:04
jampoolie: I think arnetheduck is re-creating the ability to replay a diff11:05
jamarnetheduck: I think you should try to use rewrite's code that already does that11:06
arnetheduckalso - how close to this is the rewrite plugin? not that I put very much effort into it but I didn't immedeately understand what it did (code-wise) so I stopped reading...perhaps I should take a second look?11:06
jamarnetheduck: it should do 90% of the work for you, which is setting up a new tree that looks just like another tree but with a new source11:06
pooliejelmer will be back online tomorrow, i think, and could talk to you about it11:06
jamyou just need to add a hook/etc to call your code11:06
jamwith something that can mutate the tree content as well.11:06
jamfrom what I can tell "WorkingTreeRevisionRewriter" and "RebaseState1" are things to look at11:08
arnetheduckI think it was the references to "rebase" that scared me off...I've never quite understood why people would want to do that =)11:09
jamarnetheduck: it is essentially, create a revision with this diff applied to that revision11:09
jamwhich is pretty much what you are doing, with "this diff" being custom for your use case11:10
Riddelljam: lp:~jr/bzr/bzr-log-author11:10
Riddelljam: in bzrlib/log.py  at "searchRE ="11:12
arnetheduckI'll have another look then, thanks11:15
pooliegood night11:21
jammaxb: the other thing with your script, is that if it is fast enough we can easily put it in such that it happens whenever you access a given branch11:25
jamrather than having a separate command.11:25
maxbOr, at least whenever you branch/pull/update11:26
jammaxb: right. is there a way to filter by series?11:30
jamsince when you go to "ubuntu/..." you know you want the latest 'oneiric', or whatever11:30
jamI'm just noticing that the returned data seems oddly sorted11:30
jamso I'm wondering if we can be sure we have the latest11:30
jammaybe it is always the latest in each pocket/series/whatever?11:30
maxb            'distro_series': '/ubuntu/natty', for example11:32
Riddelljam: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary-wilson/bzr-loom/docs/+merge/66826 looks like it's ready for merging, does loom use pqm or direct merges?11:32
jamRiddell: direct merges11:32
Riddellok, I'll do that11:32
maxbjam: Given that we're filtering on the "Published" status, it will be the latest (except potentially you might get two if you hit the API at exactly the moment of a new publication, I think)11:33
jammaxb: but the "distro series" has to be a full URI...11:33
* maxb hugs undocumented features :-)11:33
maxbAlso, technically "/ubuntu/natty" is an URI11:34
jammaxb: I imagine it matches whatever comes back in "distro_series_link"11:34
jamah, I was just doing "natty"11:34
jamyeah, /ubuntu/natty11:34
jamand seems to be quite a bit faster11:34
maxbjam: However, we won't be able to make this work so well for Debian, I think, since LP never actually sets Debian publications to the Published state, they remain Pending forever11:34
jamwell, 2-300 ms faster11:34
maxbAs such, we have no way to conveniently get just the most recent one11:35
jamthere doesn't seem to be anything in "Pending" for bzr11:35
jambut that matches: https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/bzr11:36
maxbThere's nothing "Pending" in ubuntu, there is in debian11:36
maxbWell, I suppose we always have the option of just setting ws.size to 1 and trusting the sort order to do something sensible11:37
jammaxb: I did a query for "Pending" with no distro_series, and it came back empty11:37
jammaxb: trusting the sort order to do something sensible....11:37
maxbDid you also change the archive to debian/+archive/primary ?11:37
jamI don't have that kind of faith11:37
jammaxb: good point11:37
maxbhttps://launchpad.net/debian/+source/bzr/+publishinghistory for example11:37
jamthe sort order does seem to be reverse debian sort order11:39
jamhowever, that means it mixes distro_series groups11:39
jambut that might be ok if we start restricting by that11:39
maxbThere is also a pocket parameter on the API call11:40
maxbTakes a value like '"Backports"'11:40
jamso if you grab "ubuntu/natty-proposed" we have to split that into a distro-series and a pocket, right?11:41
maxb(or do a bunch more round trips to resolve that, which somewhat defeats the point)11:42
jamwell, something small is ok, but I do notice that getting the debian results is quite a bit slower11:43
jamI presume because it asks the db to sort and get everything to just return new stuff11:43
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jamugh, my home network just decided it wasn't going to route packets to the world anymore. So now I'm on "3g". but at least I'm online12:41
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indigoin my dev branch, "bzr status" is showing an uncommitted merge, but I don't remember from what branch I merged. Is there some way to find out?13:32
indigoi know if i commit the changes, then the branch nick will be displayed in the log, but i'd like to know without committing.13:32
maxbIf you have it, the GUI "bzr qlog" would be a simple way of seeing it13:36
indigogui? what's that? ;)13:36
fullermdIt's what you get when you spill coffee on your punch cards.13:37
indigoi thought it was a way to run more terminals at a higher resolution than supported on the console.13:37
fullermd'stat -v' will give you the full list of revs pending; that might point you in the right direction.13:38
fullermdAlso: "history | grep merge"   :p13:38
indigoyeah, stat -v gives me the log messages and dates of the pending revs, but not the branch nick13:38
indigoi found the branch manually, but still i'd like to know for the future13:39
fullermdI've often believed that --show-ids should make stat show the revids of pending merge revs (though space concerns make it not entirely obvious how).  That would let you point log at 'em.13:41
fullermdSome way to dump info about pending merges would be handy, to be sure.  Of course, the nick may or may not really tell you anything useful.13:41
indigogarbage in, garbage out applies for sure13:42
fullermdMaybe WT_FORMAT++ should include a placeholder for "URL of pending merge"...13:43
indigomaybe, but i'd think if information would be available in a log after a commit (like the branch nick) there should be a way to get that information without committing13:44
fullermdWell, since the rev is in your local repo, you can show it with log.13:45
indigohow do i show it without committing it?13:45
fullermdJust a matter of finding the revid, which the CLI doesn't expose anywhere I know of.13:45
indigoi would say just changing stat -v to put the branch nick in the list of pending merges would be a good solution13:46
fullermd(which is why qlog can do it; it just looks at the revid in the internal WT structure and shows from it)13:46
indigothat's where i'd think to look for the information i want, anyway13:46
fullermdIWBNI(tm) the full complement of 'log' options were available for that list of pending merges.  Alternately, a revspec/option for log to look directly at them from there.13:47
fullermd('course, that also ties into the "standardize log-like options" pile too.  Whee.)13:47
indigoit would, but i never would have thought to use "log" to look at things i haven't committed.13:48
indigoi always thought of "status" as a sort of "log" for uncomitted things.13:48
fullermdAnyway.  I have to go yell at a client for screwing up their data.  Again.13:48
indigoput those clients in their place13:49
fullermdI DO have a shovel just lying around...13:49
* fullermd didn't say that out loud.13:49
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vilamaxb: I'm about to announce 2.4b5, did you have troubles upgrading the ppas or is it just lack of time ?16:13
vilamaxb: or may be you're waiting for sid ?16:15
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maxbvila: Oh, whoops. I just failed to notice a release going on :-/17:01
maxbI'd normally wait for sid, but do work to make sid happen faster17:01
maxbI suggest announcing, and barring unexpected problems, I'll sort the PPA tonight17:04
jamdahlI've got a storage efficiency question17:06
jamdahlI'm working on a plugin for Excel that does version control for workbooks and VBA code using bazaar17:07
jamdahlthe code is exported to text files for easy diff-ing, but the excel files themselves are zipped17:07
jamdahllooking at the size of my repos, it looks like bazaar is can't handle file deltas for zip files and instead ends up storing the equivalent of a whole new copy of the excel file with each commit17:08
jamdahlif I switch to a non-binary excel format, like xml, am I going to get more efficient storage?17:09
jamdahleven though each each individual xml excel file will be bigger than xlsm/xlsx17:10
maxbHmm, it's looking like oneiric's python has broken bzr test stuff17:36
maxbA number of failures in the daily PPA17:36
dobeyhey all. i have some questions about locking branches inside a process using bzrlib. is there a way to lock a branch, do everything i want with it, and then unlock it, with bzrlib, or do i *have* to unlock/lock around certain actions like merge and commit?17:39
indigojamdahl: if the diffs are small, i believe the answer is "yes"18:02
indigojamdahl: actually, maybe bzr does do binary deltas, but if you are zipping your files, then you will never get small diffs18:04
indigojamdahl: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2006q4/019182.html18:05
jamdahlTo be clear, I'm not zipping the files, excel format from 2007 on is a zip file. :P18:14
jamdahlreally what I'm considering is unzipping stuff before I pass it to Bazaar18:14
jamdahlRunning an expirment with that now, but unforunately the tons of xml files are completely choking the diff even with small changes :(18:15
dobeyjamdahl: i'm guessing that the xml bits of msoffice/openoffice documents are not particularly well formatted18:20
jamdahlOpened up one of the changed files.  It's all on one line...18:21
jamdahl137kb of xml on one line18:22
ZyX-IHello. All links for 2.4 beta release on http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/WindowsDownloads are broken.18:24
ZyX-IIs there a msi installer for bzr somewhere or something other that does not require user interaction?18:27
jamdahlunzipping the excel files is definitely not going to work with the lousy xml formatting.  Any ideas on how to avoid the storage problem?18:45
dobeyjamdahl: i must have missed it; what is your problem exactly?18:45
jamdahlI've written a plugin to do version control for excel spreadsheets + the VBA inside them18:49
jamdahlthe VBA code exports to text files that bazaar plays nice with18:49
jamdahlbut every time the sheet changes, the whole new excel file (or close to it) gets stored because its a zip file18:50
jamdahlso every time I do a new commit, the repo increases in size pretty close to whatever the size of the spreadsheet is... Not particularly good18:50
dobeyunfortunately, i think the only solutions to that are "don't use msoffice" or "don't store msoffice files in bzr" :/18:52
dobeyunless maybe you can also write a filter or something, so that when the office file gets saved, you format the XML nicely, so you don't get this problem18:52
jamdahlunfortunately, it would be a pain in the ass to go into 20+ xml files for each excel document and reformat that every time after they are changed :(18:54
dobeyjamdahl: by "filter or something" i meant "extension to excel, such that it happens when the file is saved"18:57
fullermdThere is theoretically infrastructure in bzr to allow writing a plugin that does that for you.  There's occasional talk about how to do so.18:57
dobeyor you could do it with a bzr plug-in probably18:58
jamdahldevelopment of a bzr plugin is beyond my current coding capabilities19:02
jamdahlI'm not terribly experienced in anything but VBA right now19:02
jamdahlhmmm, expirimenting with the older excel format19:05
jamdahlI don't think the older ones are zipped19:05
jamdahlgah, older format breaks too much functionality19:07
dobeythe older format is a binary19:16
dobeya funky majestic binary19:16
dobeyof course, a lot of the new format is just <xmltag>streamofbinary</xmltag>19:16
dobeylovely insanity, that19:16
* dobey wonders who to talk to about bzrlib.branch.Branch locking, though19:18
jamdahlbinary isn't as bad as zipped :P19:19
dobeyzip files are binaries19:20
jamdahlZip files are a particularly kind of binaries that suck for deltas due to compression algorithms19:21
jamdahlBut the truth is, (most?, many?) binary files don't binary diff that well anyway. Frequently they are compressed, which means a modification near the beginning tends to have a chain reaction over a large distance (possibly the whole rest of the file).19:22
jamdahlthat's a quote from the page indigo linked19:22
jamdahlso a non-compressed binary is less-than-ideal, but better than a compressed one19:22
dobeywell often, there's a header, and then the compressed content19:22
dobeyand if anything changes in the content, it gets recompressed, so the whole block changes19:23
jamdahlRight now what I'm trying is the new binary excel format which is zipped binaries19:24
jamdahlI don't think the binaries that are zipped are themselves compressed19:24
dobeywell, a lot of the data in them is probably compressed19:24
jamdahlDoesn't make much sense to double-compress19:26
jamdahlIt wouldn't speak well of zip compression if that actually saved any space19:26
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maxbHrm. The armel-cross-toolchain-base UDD import really is interestingly broken19:39
maxbThe importer has reimported several package versions multiple times onto the maverick branch19:40
pooliehi all21:48
Riddellg'day poolie22:43
maxbRiddell: Hi. I think I've found a problem with the new signature checking changes to log - I've had bzr qlog crashing on me because RemoteRepository doesn't implement verify_revision23:04
maxbI need to file a proper bug still - but since you're around :-)23:04
maxbor not23:04
spivmaxb: hmm, that suggests that a) we're missing per_repo tests for verify_revision, and b) that a quick _ensure_real shim would deal with the problem for now.23:13
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mgz...how do I make hg give me something I can attach to a bug? their bundles aren't very friendly.23:52
mgzI'm trying to get an upstream fix for bug 809048 accepted.23:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 809048 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with AttributeError in stopTest(): '_TypeEqualityDict' object has no attribute 'clear'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80904823:55
lifelessmgz: hg diff23:59

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