eejHello everyone00:12
eejI just installed kubuntu on a netbook00:12
eejbut the touchpad won't work00:13
eejit's not even recognized00:13
eejwhat should I do?00:13
KimLarouxeej, google "kubuntu _Insert_version_here_ _Insert_notebook_model_here_ touchpad"00:19
eejKimLaroux: no luck00:27
KimLarouxgive me more info00:28
KimLarouxwhat's the notebook, what kubuntu version00:28
KimLarouxhave you looked into Additional Drivers?00:28
eejKimLaroux: netbook. Coby, but can't find a model number. Kubuntu 10.10. I have no clue what drivers I ought to be looking for00:29
eejsynaptics ain't cuttin it00:29
KimLarouxgimme a sec00:30
KimLarouxMan, Coby makes laptops now? This compagny sucks, I hate it00:30
KimLarouxit's all cheap crap00:30
eejKimLaroux: yes it is.00:31
giantpunehi.  ithink i have just had my *gasp* first kernel panic.  im using kubuntu 10.04.  what are the steps to report it?00:33
KimLarouxthis is weird, neither lshw or lsusb lists the touchpad on my laptop... where do you find this thing00:33
eejKimLaroux: on your laptop?00:35
eejKimLaroux: anyway, china./00:36
KimLarouxeverything is made in china, even Dell00:36
eejgot it on ebay00:37
eejnew though00:37
KimLarouxwell, a used notebook would have been a better investment than a new Coby00:37
eejnot my purchase decision00:38
KimLarouxAh! found something00:41
KimLarouxtri #xinput list00:41
giantpuneKimLaroux, does it showup in synaptiks?00:41
KimLarouxgiantpune, it's eej who needs help... is synaptiks KDE's config tool for synaptics? I can't find it in the repos00:44
eejKimLaroux: beside my usb mouse, I see a virtual core xtest pointer.00:45
KimLaroux I see "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"00:46
giantpuneits in kde-config-touchpad00:46
KimLarouxso yeah... I guess you'll have to dig to find what sort of touchpad you have00:47
KimLarouxthanks giantpune, I'll check it out00:47
KimLarouxgiantpune, you mean it's built into the KDE system settings?00:49
eejKimLaroux: yeah, so XTEST virtual core isn't actually a touchpad00:49
giantpunetype "synaptiks" in the terminal.  either it will start, or tell you its not installed00:50
eejit's just a pointer manager I guess?00:50
eejAll that's recognized is my usb mouse00:50
KimLarouxthe command doesn't even exist00:50
giantpunethat package installs the program to /usr/bin/synaptiks00:50
KimLarouxthe package kde-config-touchpad doesn't exist00:52
giantpuneim using kubuntu 10.04 and its here on my system00:53
KimLarouxI have 10.10... maybe not available00:53
eejare we still talking about my touchpad here? or. . . ?00:54
KimLarouxI used to run 11.04 and I do remember having a config tool for synaptics, where I could enable "disable touchpad click while typing"00:54
giantpuneyes KimLaroux.  that is the program i used to disable that.00:54
eejthe kde touchpad module for me says no Device Found00:56
giantpuneare you sure that the hardware is connected and working?00:57
eejgiantpune: works in windows01:00
giantpunedid it work during the setup of kubuntu?01:02
eejgiantpune: it did not01:02
eejgiantpune: xev gives nothing when I use the mouspad either01:04
eejand the buttons do not work01:04
godofmischiefhow would you go about mounting an NTFS folder from the Host Drive to a folder in kubuntu?01:36
godofmischiefI want to mount a folder like C:\linuxswap into say /home/downloads/01:38
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: you could mount the c drive somewhere and then bind linuxswap to /home/downloads01:43
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  depends on what you mean by 'host drive'  are you talking about linux running under some kind of virutalisation?01:46
godofmischieffrogonwheels: I installed linux with wubi01:58
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: possibly you should have mentioned this in your initial message ? :)01:59
godofmischiefset a dedicated 20 GiB space for kubuntu, rather than dynamicly01:59
godofmischiefi apoligize.01:59
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: ah.. but it's not virutalised (not used wubi) , you boot into linux?02:00
godofmischiefyes, i boot into kubuntu.02:01
godofmischiefwindows isn't running at all.02:01
godofmischiefgrubs even installed.02:01
godofmischiefThe reason for this is by allowing windows to do it, the host drive's mbr and windows bootmanager are unaffected.  If i configure all that via linux me and grub manage to jack the bootrecord up to the point there's error now matter how you go about it.  Though it will boot to either OS with a few choice key presses.02:04
godofmischiefrelatively new to kubuntu. :)02:04
nomad111hi all, how do i make my proxy settings apply to the root user?02:29
nomad111do i need to hack up /etc/environment02:30
godofmischiefanyone know how to edit the fstab file for the layout i have?02:32
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: sorry - dealing with stuff. um  so if you  sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt    then that looks like your windows drive?02:56
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  I mean if you  then ls /mnt02:57
johannes_hi, I installed a ati 6850 next to my onboard amd 785g gpu, kubuntu natty wont recognize the 6850, what can I do now? are there any "rescan" options?03:00
godofmischiefits cool been doing some reading03:02
godofmischief the /mnt  << the mount point what would that be if i wanted to mount it under say david/Downloads/03:02
godofmischiefwhen i do sudo mount /dev/hda/linuxswap/ /mnt tells me /dev/hda/linuxswap/ does not exist03:05
godofmischiefthe drive is the only physical drive in the box.03:06
johannes_I can find the video card with lspci03:08
godofmischieffrogonwheels: mount: special device /dev/hda/linuxswap/ does not exist03:21
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: nah you can't do that03:22
godofmischiefmy physical drive loaction is wrong03:22
godofmischiefits the only HD in the box i thought it should be hda?03:22
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:   more likely to be sda103:23
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: did you try  mount /dev/sda1 /mnt   to see if that was the correct drive03:23
godofmischiefi thought i had, musta had a typo03:23
godofmischiefdid it that time and it worked03:23
frogonwheelsok. we should be able to construct a couple of entries for fstab to handle 1) mounting the whole drive somehwere and  2) binding your one directory03:24
godofmischieflooks like thats the recovery partition installed by the OS03:24
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: ok umount /mnt   and try  /dev/sda203:24
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  ls /dev/sda*   how many ?03:24
godofmischiefwont unmount says its busy lol03:26
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  cd out of it?03:28
godofmischiefyeah, no cds or dvds in03:28
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: cd /03:29
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  then  umount /mnt03:29
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  you can't unmount it while you have something viewing it.03:29
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  lsof /mnt03:30
frogonwheelsgodofmischief:  let's assume you find that /dev/sda2 is the drive you want (after checking of course), then something like this: http://pastebin.com/9uyahAcm  is what you want.  though may want to set uid gid and umask options03:31
godofmischiefnot my day the pastebin link says invalid id when i click it03:33
frogonwheelsworks for me:   /dev/sda2 /cdrive ntfs  utf8 0 2       and     /cdrive/linuxswap /home/downloads none bind 0 2           are the two lines in it.03:33
frogonwheelsgodofmischief: ^^^03:33
LINKSWORD2Hey, all. What's up?03:35
godofmischiefutf8 is that because you chose a CD format?03:39
LINKSWORD2UTF8 is an encoding format for text in documents such as webpages, word processing programs, etc.03:40
godofmischiefah that's right, good call.03:40
LINKSWORD2What can I help you with?03:41
godofmischieffrogonwheels: added the lines to my fstab file.03:41
godofmischiefrebooting going to see if it sticks.03:41
LINKSWORD2Hmm... Not sure.03:41
godofmischieffrogonwheels: drives mounting fine now to /mnt having some binding issues with getting it under /home/Downloads/03:47
supermetroid83this its big03:49
supermetroid83yo what up every body03:49
LINKSWORD2Metroid! :D03:50
LINKSWORD2xD. I'm a Nintendo nerd.03:50
LINKSWORD2Anyway... What's up?03:50
supermetroid83thats great me too03:51
supermetroid83so were ur from??03:51
LINKSWORD2Sorry. I keep my private information private, mate.03:53
supermetroid83im new user of kubuntu03:54
LINKSWORD2That's cool.03:55
supermetroid83in fact im new user of linux03:55
LINKSWORD2I'm still relatively new, but I know a few tricks.03:55
supermetroid83i have one week with this s.o03:56
LINKSWORD2A week? Why's that?03:56
supermetroid83lol im afraid  to install a new s.o03:57
LINKSWORD2The proper term is Operating System, or OS for short.03:58
LINKSWORD2What do you currently use?03:58
supermetroid83kubuntu 11.0403:58
LINKSWORD2Is it installed on your system's harddrive?03:59
supermetroid83first i took a look of ubuntu 11.04  unity03:59
LINKSWORD2You said you were afraid to install a new OS...04:00
supermetroid83i was using w ultimate 704:01
LINKSWORD2Heh. WS7 Ultimate. Nice.04:01
LINKSWORD2Is it also installed currently, or have you removed it?04:02
supermetroid83thats right but i was boring from the same   SO04:02
KimLarouxit's OS, not SO... SO is French04:03
supermetroid83is it also installed04:03
KimLarouxuhm, not even, in French it's SE04:03
supermetroid83im a latin04:03
LINKSWORD2If you don't mind, I'd like to open a one-on-one chat, supermetroid8304:03
LINKSWORD2Hmmm.... Is DarkwingDuck present... Or AFK?04:24
ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»04:30
LINKSWORD2D'oh! Messed that up.04:31
DarkwingDuckLINKSWORD2: I'm sorta here.05:16
LINKSWORD2DarkwingDuck:  Whoa! IT SPEAKS!!!! lol05:17
DarkwingDuckLINKSWORD2: Aye, at times.05:17
LINKSWORD2You got a couple minutes to chat?05:17
DarkwingDuckI might. :)05:18
LINKSWORD2Haha. /query ?05:19
LINKSWORD2I like individualism. I like one-on-one chats.05:20
LINKSWORD2I think I've forgotten how to rip CD audio in Kubuntu.05:21
frogonwheelsLINKSWORD2: k3b ?05:34
frogonwheelsLINKSWORD2: oh rip. sorry um.. just drag and drop from audiocd:05:34
LINKSWORD2K3B is pitching a hissing fit that I don't have a drive capable of burning disks.05:35
LINKSWORD2I don't want to burn disks. I just want to copy my own freaking music...05:35
frogonwheelsLINKSWORD2: you mean rip didn't you?  just  open  audiocd:/MP3  in file explorer  (or Ogg Vorbis)  and drage and drop05:36
LINKSWORD2I feel like grabbing the nearest pistol and putting 30 holes in the freaking DVD-ROM drive...05:40
LINKSWORD2The file indexes on this CD... SUCK!05:41
LINKSWORD2frogonwheels: I found out how to rip the tracks with K3B. But I need them to be in .mp3 format, rather than Ogg.05:47
LINKSWORD2I have an MP3 player that's really picky about what files get put on it... And it goes nuts when you don't use .MP3.05:47
frogonwheelsLINKSWORD2: did audiocd:/MP3  not work?05:52
LINKSWORD2Running it from the command box? (Ctrl-F2) ?05:53
LINKSWORD2Er... Whatever it is...05:54
LINKSWORD2Alt...  Not Ctrl. -_-05:54
LINKSWORD2The message I get is: The file or folder /MP3 does not exist.05:56
frogonwheelsLINKSWORD2: ok.  does  audiocd:   work?05:57
* LINKSWORD2 yawns.*06:07
LINKSWORD2I've gotta hit the sheets before I pass out....06:08
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naftilos76hi, i am on kubuntu 11.04 & latest kde 4.6.5. There is a very annoying bug, as it seems, which makes everything but the mouse pointer to freeze when suddenly my ISP has a problem and internet access is suspended. Has anybody experienced this?06:37
e_t_I think there are some missing/hidden steps in that problem. Internet connectivity shouldn't effect desktop operation.06:39
naftilos76e_t_: definitely but it seems that it does affect the Kdesktop06:47
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
naftilos76if i remove the ethernet cable from the switch that it is connected everything come back to life (sometimes) after a few seconds06:48
naftilos76i was wondering if ubuntu suffers from that!06:49
e_t_Are you able to switch to a virtual terminal (CTRL+ALT+F{1 - 6}) when the desktop freezes?06:49
naftilos76but that doesn't help much06:49
naftilos76i can of course restart kdm but that will shut down everything06:50
e_t_You can run top to see if a process is using up your processor.06:50
naftilos76well yes i can. it is just that i am surprised how such a simple (apparently) eventy freeses KDE which is a huge evolution in Linux desktop!06:52
e_t_What programs do you have open when it freezes?06:52
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naftilos76usuall staff like dolphin, chrome06:53
naftilos76it definitely doesn't have to do his a specific app06:53
naftilos76it just freeses just because internet is not accessible for any reason!06:54
Tm_Thmmm, I wonder what does dmesg say on that part06:54
naftilos76i'll check that on next freeze!06:55
e_t_I'm on a laptop, so Internet goes in and out all the time for me. KDE hasn't frozen for me since version 4.4.06:55
gabriel_hello i have some questions with simple answers...06:55
gabriel_i cannot download certain programs using sudo apt-get install with ubuntu06:56
gabriel_i have updated my apt-get06:56
e_t_gabriel_, which programs?06:56
gabriel_things it should grab from the universe i would think06:57
gabriel_i opened the source.list andchecked all the options...06:57
gabriel_which allowed me to download rkhunter06:57
e_t_gabriel_, I believe that is in the package called "aircrack-ng" which contains several programs.06:58
gabriel_ahh yes06:58
gabriel_i have another question if you don't mind06:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:59
gabriel_i downloaded the intel wifi driver off the net and i do not know how to depackage it06:59
gabriel_or install it for that matter06:59
gabriel_ok ubottu thanks06:59
e_t_A source package? Does it have a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 extension?07:00
gabriel_it js appears to be a folder i got07:01
gabriel_with a .code07:01
gabriel_.ucode i mean07:01
e_t_were there instructions on the site from which you downloaded the file?07:02
gabriel_ya let me look at it and see if i can figure it out07:03
gabriel_didn't think of that thanks07:03
gabriel_how do i check to see what wifi driver is being used?07:03
e_t_gabriel_, "lsmod | grep iw"07:04
gabriel_ok there is 407:05
gabriel_is that ok?07:05
e_t_That's fine. There are repeats for certain reasons. What are the entries?07:05
gabriel_iwlagn                333500  007:05
gabriel_iwlcore               167503  1 iwlagn07:05
gabriel_mac80211              294370  2 iwlagn,iwlcore07:05
gabriel_cfg80211              178528  3 iwlagn,iwlcore,mac8021107:05
FloodBotK1gabriel_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:05
e_t_Don't worry about the flood warning.07:06
gabriel_ok cool07:06
e_t_Just don't do it too much ;)07:06
e_t_Is your wireless not working?07:06
gabriel_yes it is07:07
gabriel_but i want to do mon0 mode07:07
gabriel_and it won't start07:07
e_t_What is that?07:07
gabriel_monitor mode for airmon07:07
gabriel_i do believe it's called07:08
e_t_Most wireless chipsets won't let you do that, no matter what driver you use.07:08
gabriel_my broadcom would07:08
gabriel_i was hoping the driver from intel would too07:08
gabriel_i can't find the how to install this wifi driver07:09
gabriel_it's a .tgz folder07:09
e_t_I don't think so. I've wanted to set up an access point, but that's another rarely-supported feature.07:09
gabriel_darn my broadcom would set up honeypots as well07:09
gabriel_i'll haveta figure out how to intall this and see if it might do it07:10
gabriel_my b43-cutter driver for broadcom let me setup mon0 and honeypots07:10
e_t_The ucode file is a firmware for intel wifi cards, but an older version. It would be a step backwards for you to use that instead of the iwlagn driver built into the kernel.07:12
gabriel_ok but i still wish to learn how to command promt install things07:14
gabriel_after downloading from the net i mean07:14
gabriel_the apt-get install is easy but i'd wish to learn how to install myself07:15
e_t_For most things, the process is download, untar, ./configure, make, sudo make install.07:15
gabriel_so i would go start from the untared folder on the prompt and then type /configure "file"07:17
gabriel_".configer file"07:17
gabriel_i mean...07:17
gabriel_and then make "file"07:18
gabriel_then sudo make install?07:18
e_t_Just ./configure, with nothing after it. There is usually an executable file named "configure" in the untarred directory, which you execute with the ./ (dot slash) part.07:19
Shirakawasunagabriel_: `./configure` searches the environment for required stuff/figures out where things are.  `make` compiles the packages. `make install` installs it.  There are more options for each command, but those are the basics.07:19
gabriel_i figured out how to start mon0 mode07:23
gabriel_haveta do airmon-ng stop wlan0 (for me)07:24
gabriel_and then airmon-ng start wlan007:24
gabriel_and it puts it into mon0 ode07:24
e_t_I'm glad it worked for you.07:24
gabriel_and thanks for explaing the way the install works07:24
gabriel_i apprecaite the feedback alot07:24
gabriel_i'm sure i'll be back asking quetions... thanks et and sira07:27
gabriel_i appreciate it alot :) have a good night07:27
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Gilly_if you replace KDE with Gnome, does that turn the OS into Ubuntu or is there other packages that need to be removed?08:00
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MrGizmo757i am having audio input Problems. Can somebody Help?08:14
well_laid_lawnMrGizmo757: depends on the issue... tell us more about it08:15
well_laid_lawnlike what isn't happening like you want08:16
Tm_T!sound | also this (:08:16
ubottualso this (:: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:16
MrGizmo757Well this started when i upgraded from KDE 4.5 to 4.6   the input devices in Phonon will Not save. it keeps switching back to internal audio as soon as i exit08:16
MrGizmo757i have all the pulse audio control panels installed and still no Luck. it reading levels so the Mic is Working. but i cant get the system to select it as the input device. :-(08:18
well_laid_lawnyou've tried pavucontrol?08:19
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol08:20
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1 (natty), package size 118 kB, installed size 948 kB08:20
MrGizmo757i have alredy tried pavucontrol.  the only thing i was able to do with it was disable the internal audio.  witch left My mic as the next preferd device inline but still no Luck.08:21
MrGizmo757My Mic dose work though because in the pavucontrol under monitors its reading the input levels from the Mic. so it is working. i just cant get the system to set it as the default device08:22
MrGizmo757as soon as i set it and exit the menu it reverts back.08:23
MrGizmo757i saw this same problem in a launchpad forum but there was no solution provided there.08:24
well_laid_lawnmaybe something like   alsamixer -c 1    to check if it is muted08:25
MrGizmo757nope according to Terminal the Capture device is at 62%08:27
MrGizmo757Well maybe not.  i go into advanced devices in Terminal and i have one device Muted. let me try that and see.08:29
well_laid_lawnwith alsamixer -c 1 is the second card and -c 0 is the first08:30
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MrGizmo757let me see what is says08:30
szalwell_laid_lawn: just tried here, when preferring another capture device in Systemsettings -> Multimedia -> Phonon than the one that's listed on top, it will not stick08:32
MrGizmo757ok in alsa i have under My mic one option that says auto gain control.  its set to 00   wont let me change it08:32
MrGizmo757but the Mic is at 100%08:32
szala quick'n'dirty Google search seems to indicate that this problem is Natty-specific..  I have KDE 4.6.5 from kubuntu-ppa08:32
well_laid_lawnI'm outta ideas - tried the link Tm_T posted earlier?08:33
well_laid_lawnso it's a kde version specific thing? - then maybe #kde will know08:33
szalwell_laid_lawn: if it's in KDE 4.6.2 _and_ 4.6.5 for Natty, but not in 4.6.2 for Maverick, then it's *buntu-version-specific, not KDE-version-specific08:34
MrGizmo757i dot know it might be KDe because i just found a Post with this same problem in openSUSE08:35
MrGizmo757so it might Be KDE specific08:35
szalI think I saw something about openSUSE as well, but that was KDE 4.1 (long time ago)08:36
MrGizmo757Well the pist i jsut read was from 4.6.008:36
MrGizmo757i am using 4.6.5   so  it Must be a KDE thing08:36
MrGizmo757Well i am going to go check on #KDE    thanx guys :-)08:40
well_laid_lawnnp :) luck08:42
CammyHi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have never been able to write to SD cards in a USB card reader, but I can read from them. How can I get permission to write to them?08:44
szalCammy: what's the error when trying to write?08:45
CammyThere is no error, I just can't paste, the item is never highlighted08:45
CammyI have only tried copying & pasting files through the GUI08:46
szalCammy: well, Dolphin shows an error msg at the bottom of the file view section if something goes wrong08:47
szalCammy: so try dragging and dropping something on the card & see what it says08:47
CammyNothing goes wrong though, I can't do anything to go wrong08:47
CammyOh, okay08:47
szalif nothing went wrong, it would all work as expected08:48
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CammyIt just says "Could not write to /..." and the file path08:49
CammyIt treats all SD cards as write protected08:51
CammyI can write to them in Aros on the same PC08:51
CammyI can also write to USB sticvks and drives in Kubuntu, just not cards in a USB card reader08:52
CammyCan't delete files from them08:52
szalfull error msg please08:52
CammyStupid GUI can't leave the error message window in front while I copy what it says, so annoying08:53
Cammy"Could not write to /media/1C72-FF21/CrysisECS.anim."08:54
Cammy1C72-FF21 is the name of the SD card08:54
szalchecked whether the card is write-protected?08:55
CammyAre you mocking me?08:55
szalno, I'm trying to exclude user error08:55
CammyDoes anyone else know how to enable permission to write to certain removable media which won't let me write to it?08:56
Tm_Tdepending on why you cannot write on it08:57
CammyThe cards are not write protected08:57
Tm_TCammy: to be honest, szal has been helpful on trying to rule out different options08:57
szalCammy: 'ls -lA /media/' to pastebin please08:58
szalon the terminal, that is08:58
CammyWhat is that supposed to show?08:59
CammyBecause it does nothing08:59
szalthen you don't have the card plugged in, I guess09:00
Tm_Tmounted either09:00
szaliow, not a permissions problem09:03
CammyThe cards are write enabled and can be written to in several other OSs and digital cameras, but not in Ubuntu or Kubuntu09:04
szalwhile you're at it, try 'touch /media/1C72-FF21/whatever' (if the filename given doesn't exist, it should create a file of 0 bytes size)09:04
Cammytouch: cannot touch `/media/1C72-FF21/whatever': Read-only file system09:06
CammyThat error seems a little more useful09:06
romeushello :)09:11
romeusafter installing kubuntu, I decided to use gnome, but now I'm stuck with my browser and gnome-panel opening things in dolphin all the time, is there a way to fix it so that it defaults to nautilus again?09:12
CammyI wonder if using Nautilus would let me empty my trash can again09:13
CammyIt disappeared months ago09:13
CammyCame back once or twice, then was gone forever09:13
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nomad111hi all, i just finished installing kubuntu 11.04 on my machine and am noticing that my laptop fan is blowing at full speed even when the laptop is idling. any ideas about what i can do to debug/fix this issue?09:42
szalSystemsettings -> Power Management -> adjust power profile settings or create a new profile & assign which profile when to use in the general settings09:44
skidzoHI HO, I am Using the nouveau with kubuntu 11.04 (upgrade from 10.10) I had terrible probs to get this to work...09:46
nomad111szal: i dont see anything about fan controls when looking at the existing profiles09:46
skidzoNow when I turn on the Monito in the morning it stays black...09:47
skidzoI can only log in from ssh...09:47
skidzowhat can I do09:47
James147nomad111: are you sure the laptop is idleing?09:47
skidzoI don't want to restart the machine everyday...09:47
skidzo02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GF100 [Quadro 4000] (rev a3) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])09:48
skidzo    Subsystem: nVidia Corporation Device 078009:48
skidzo    Control: I/O+ Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B- DisINTx-09:48
skidzo    Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR- INTx-09:48
FloodBotK1skidzo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:48
nomad111James147: cpu is currently under 5% utilisation09:50
nomad111core i509:50
nomad111in a lenovo x109:51
yofelskidzo: I have several problems with nouveau myself, file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-nouveau' (preferebly while it's broken over ssh) and install the nvidia driver from additional drivers09:55
skidzowith the additional it doesn't work at all09:55
skidzoactually tht's my problem09:55
yofelnomad111: could be bug 760131, which affects pretty much everyone09:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760131 in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Power consumption raised significantly in natty" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76013109:56
skidzoI need a step by step of switching from nouveau to nvidia-current09:56
yofelskidzo: manual way (as long as -current supports your GPU) is: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig09:56
yofelshould that even less you need to remove nvidia-current and delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf to be able to use nouveau again09:59
yofel*should that work even less09:59
nomad111yofel: i installed powertop to watch the CPU behaviour10:05
nomad111it seems my cpu is spending most of its time in state C4 which is the lowest step10:06
nomad111as i would expect when it is idling10:06
nomad111rarely enters turbomode10:06
yofelnomad111: the only workaround so far seems to be adding 'pcie_aspm=force' to the kernel command line, but at least for me that causes system freezes10:06
yofelmore informative than the bug report are the various posts on phoronix about this10:06
James147nomad111: I take it the temperature is low then?10:07
nomad11141 deg celsius10:08
nomad111more like 3810:08
nomad111i can confirm that most of the cpu wakeups are due to i91510:09
nomad111intel gfx i believe10:09
nomad111much like what has been said in the bug report10:10
nomad111let me ask this then, is kde 4.6 available in lucid? i do not mind downgrading if that is the case.10:10
James147nomad111: it isn't10:12
skidzoyofel I fear to go to nvidia-current, this seems to be a real problem10:14
skidzocapabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom10:14
skidzoconfiguration: driver=nouveau latency=010:15
skidzoii  nvidia-common                         0.2.30                                         Find obsolete NVIDIA drivers10:17
skidzorc  nvidia-current                        270.41.06-0ubuntu1                             NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library10:17
skidzonvidia-current-dev is p and nvidia-current is c10:19
yofelrc means removed/configuration exists. -> not installed10:22
yofelp = purged10:22
skidzoyofel so what do i do to remove nvidia-current?10:24
skidzoI would like to go to nvidia-current but would like to remove it first10:25
yofelskidzo: uh, it's not installed, so why remove it?10:26
yofelmore like there's nothing to remove10:26
skidzoyofel as you are using nouveau, what do you think? should I stay with nouveau10:32
yofelheh, asking me is a bad idea, as the only way for me to use nouveau is to forcefully disable opengl or I get GPU lockups. So I have the choice between nvidia driver and no hardware acceleration10:33
yofelI'm only on nouveau right now because this is my backup system10:34
* szal doesn't see a reason other than (imho questionable) ethics not to use the proprietary nVidia driver10:40
* yofel agrees with szal10:47
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BluesKajhey folks12:13
Mandrak73Void main(SEUS TROXA)12:50
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eksohey! quick question, is /tmp always /tmp in all distros?13:56
eksoand if not, how to find where tmp is? (with python)13:56
James147ekso: practically...13:56
James147though python might have a way of accessing the tmp location ^^ since it will differ on windows13:57
Piciekso: #python would be a better place to ask (and I'd expect to see it somewhere in sys myself)13:57
eksoon winblowze is just os.environ([TMP]), but there's no such environment variable on my kubuntu...13:57
eksommmm... ok13:57
Piciekso: you'll need to be registered to ask there so...13:58
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:58
eksopici: oki! tks!13:58
howlymowlyhi poeple..  short question: I am using kubuntu 11.04 how do I find out whether I am already using the new KDE pim?13:59
James147howlymowly: any kde application > help > about kde  to find the kde version you are running13:59
James147howlymowly: or via konsole "kde4-config --version"14:00
howlymowlyJames147: yeah  I am runnign 4.6.5  I just upgraded to that version...  but I am still sceptic about the PIM Version. because I didn#t notice any changes in kmail and akonadi & kontact  etc...14:00
Ddpbfhowlymowly: errr 4.6.5 is just point release14:01
Ddpbfie bugfixes and such things14:01
howlymowlyDdpbf: right, so  PIM is not included, yet?14:01
Ddpbfthere is new kdepim14:02
Ddpbfbut there is no any significant changes14:02
howlymowlyDdpbf: so..  why allt that heck-meck in the media for like 2 years about the new pim if there are no significant changes?14:03
Ddpbfcause it is kdepim 4.4.1014:03
szalhowlymowly: KDEPim 4.6 is released, but nowhere to be found for *buntu, it's still considered beta quality at best14:04
howlymowlyszal: soo..  that's the answer I  was looking for, thx :)  (although disappointing)14:05
howlymowly szal: are there any experimental packages or something similar?14:05
Ddpbfhowlymowly: believe me kmail 4.6.1 is not soething you want to tray14:06
Ddpbfit simply does not work14:06
Tm_TJames147: kde version is not necessarily kdepim version14:06
Tm_TDdpbf: at all, for noone?14:06
DdpbfTm_T: on arch i am using thunderbird14:07
Tm_Tthat doesn't answer my question14:07
Ddpbfkmail does not work at all14:07
Tm_TDdpbf: at all, for noone?14:08
Ddpbfi am using gmail14:08
howlymowlyDdpbf: I do not rely on the KDE pim at all  right now . but as a KDE-fan I just wanted to check it out once more. (I am planing to move to the KDE PIM, if I like it :))14:08
Ddpbfhowlymowly: you have some parts of kdepim 4.6.x14:08
Tm_Thowlymowly: generally speaking, kdepim 4.4 should be the safe bet, 4.6 does have some rough edges but should work most of the time14:08
Ddpbfin kubuntu updates ppa14:09
Tm_TDdpbf: if you mean kdepimlibs, it's not part of kdepim14:09
DdpbfTm_T: some of akonadi libs14:09
Ddpbfar in kubuntu updates14:09
Tm_TDdpbf: those are neither part of kdepim (:14:10
Ddpbfaha thanks for clarifications14:10
szalDdpbf: there is no KMail 4.6.1 anyway; the KMail version currently shipping w/ KDE 4.6.5 is 1.13.614:10
Ddpbfit is obviously pimlibs14:10
Ddpbfszal: i saw that14:10
howlymowlyyeah, thx Tm_T szal  that's what I was takling about... :)14:10
howlymowlyso where do I get the new PIM then :)?14:11
Tm_Thowlymowly: it's in experimental ppa14:11
howlymowlyTm_T: thx14:11
Ddpbfszal: on arch linux there is package kdepim-kmail 4.6.114:11
Ddpbfon kubuntu 4.4.1014:12
Tm_TDdpbf: arch linux is not relevant on this channel14:12
Ddpbfwich of them is i 1.3.1614:12
DdpbfTm_T: i know14:12
howlymowlyTm_T: so  in experimental ppa do i explicetly have to install the packages on my system so experimental ppa only overwrites the pim and not other packages?14:12
Ddpbfi am asking for comparation14:12
Ddpbfnot for prozelitinng14:12
yofelhowlymowly: currently the only thing in the experimental PPA is kdepim, so you can upgrade, but disable the PPA again after that14:13
howlymowlyyofel: kk  thx for info14:14
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Tm_Texperimental ppa description: Testing ground for unfinished Kubuntu packages.14:15
yofelthe packages are there because we didn't find one person for whom kdepim 4.6 worked with at least less issues than 4.4. Testing feedback welcome14:17
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NicoPazThis is my first time in this chat. I don't know it's.15:31
NicoPazI need a manual.15:31
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines15:32
Tm_TNicoPaz: and welcome15:37
soeeany idea why ark cant unpack rar files ?15:46
BluesKajsoee, use unp , it's does them all15:48
soeeBluesKaj, its app name ?15:48
BluesKaj!info unp | soee15:48
ubottusoee: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre5 (natty), package size 14 kB, installed size 120 kB15:48
soeeBluesKaj, some gui for it /15:49
BluesKajnope it's a cli app15:49
soeeah ok15:49
BluesKajjust , unp /path/to/filename15:50
soeeBluesKaj, ok ill try15:50
soeethank you15:50
BluesKajit will put a folder in yoiur /home dir15:51
soeeah and i will share: just found cool app: AutoKey :D15:52
James147soee: make sure you have unrar installed for ark to bable to unpack rars15:52
alceualgué pode me ajudar15:55
alceuinstalei u Kubuntu15:55
alceue queria personalizar-lo mas estou encontrando dificuldades15:56
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kyubutsu!br | alceu15:59
ubottualceu: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:59
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Ddpbfwho asked way ark cant unrar arcihves?16:21
Ddpbfwhoever would it be he need to install unrar package before any archive manager could unrar such archive :)16:24
mfraz74Upgraded to KDE 4.6.5 yesterday and now every time Choqok starts I get a warning from opendesktop.org16:36
mfraz74get the same warning if I use test login under system settings > account details > social desktop16:37
Ddpbfmfraz74: could you paste somewhere that worning16:37
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Ddpbfstart choqok from konsole16:38
Ddpbfand paste output n paste.kde.org16:38
mfraz74I get it in Choqok as I've added Social Desktop Activities16:39
Ddpbfit says you dont need password to16:40
Ddpbfaccess opendesktop.org16:40
Ddpbf(ie kde-look.org, kde-apps.org etc)16:40
mfraz74I get it if I remove the password16:41
Ddpbfwhen you removed password it strated to warning you that you dont need password?16:42
mfraz74Ddpbf: yes16:42
Ddpbfstrange indid16:42
mfraz74It only started happening after the updates yesterday to KDE 4.6.516:42
Ddpbfyou could rename your chokoqrc to see what would happen16:44
mfraz74Ddpbf: I don't think it is just Choqok16:45
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Ddpbfhow you get that module in system settings?16:46
Ddpbfsocial desktop16:46
DdpbfI do not have it16:46
mfraz74It is under account details16:46
Ddpbfi see now16:47
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mfraz74is it working ok for you?16:58
Ddpbfyes it works but i do not have choqok :(17:01
Ddpbfwait till somebod who use it shows up17:01
mfraz74So if you use the login button it doesn't show an error?17:04
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Graf_WesterholtKonversation ist schon echt buggy. :(17:33
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:33
Picinevermind ;)17:33
Graf_WesterholtPici, I know. I mixed up the chans.17:34
PiciGraf_Westerholt: Which is why I said 'nevermind' afterwards, I saw your 'ups' too late.17:34
Graf_WesterholtAh ok :)17:34
marcusdavidusfuck ubuntu  i love kubuntu pff17:46
jimmy51_hello, how can i perform the equivalent of ipconfig /flushdns in kubuntu?17:48
jimmy51_better question, how can i add a dns server?17:56
jimmy51_(i mean, have my workstation use a DNS server that wasn't provided by the DHCP server)17:57
Ddpbfjimmy51_: system settings18:03
Ddpbfsystem settings->network settings18:04
Ddpbfand then click on edit connection18:04
Ddpbfyou could set dns there18:04
jimmy51_Ddpbf: my network connections list under that is always blank18:04
jimmy51_Ddpbf: even though networking works18:04
Ddpbfdid you changed from automatic to mannual under18:05
Ddpbftab ip adress18:06
Ddpbfof course you always could edit it mannualy18:07
Ddpbfediting system configuration files18:07
Ddpbfkdesudo kate /etc/resolv.conf18:08
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dmattHello, does Kubuntu 11.10 alpha 2 exist?18:44
Unit193dmatt: They did not go for an Alpha 2 image this round18:45
dmattUnit193: because of 4.7 packaging?18:46
Unit193dmatt: I don't know the one major reason it didn't work, but I know it wasn't an easy release18:50
dmattUnit193: alpha 1 did not work for me so I wanted to try this with beta... nevermind, thanx18:54
Ddpbfdmatt: in oneiric repositories is kde 4.6.9018:55
Ddpbfie 4.7.rc218:56
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Roeyhey all19:02
Graf_WesterholtHi, Roey.19:02
RoeyI have a Plantronics USB headphone set.  I plug it in, I hear nothing.  The Mixer shows a few streams19:02
Roeya few volume controls for the Plantronics device's channels19:02
Roeybut I don't hear anything.19:02
RoeyI tried 'test' in System Settings and that worked though19:02
Roeyto try and play a sound.19:02
Roeywhy can't I hear stuff?19:02
Roeyis it PulseAudio??19:02
FloodBotK1Roey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:02
Roeyhey Graf_Westerholt19:02
Roey(shouldn't headphones just work?)19:02
Graf_WesterholtI have no idea, Roey.19:03
RoeyAnyone else know?19:03
BluesKajRoey, if it's pulseaudio then try the pavucontrol for it , if that doesn't help , remove pulseaudio and try to set it up with alsamixer19:04
RoeyBluesKaj:  I issue "pavucontrol" and a dialog box pops saying "Connection failed: Connection refused"19:06
RoeyBluesKaj:  and I've tried setting the volumes to 100% in Alsamixer after killing the pulseaudio process, still no go.19:07
BluesKajRoey, pavucontrol is a gui for pulseaudio19:09
BluesKajyou need to re-enable PA19:09
RoeyI'm saying that upon opening it, I get that dialog box that shuts down the app once I click 'ok' on it.19:09
RoeyI had issued /etc/rc1.d/S15PulseAudio start19:09
Roeyand saw that it is running in the background19:09
RoeyBluesKaj:  is there a way through KDE to re-enable PA?19:10
RoeyBluesKaj:  20110712 15:10:33 roey@core:~$ start-pulseaudio-kde19:11
RoeyConnection failure: Connection refused19:11
BluesKajyou can sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio19:12
Roeytrue, one moment19:12
RoeyI still get that.19:13
RoeyBluesKaj:  I did that and I still get that error when trying to start pavcontrol19:13
BluesKajreboot maybe19:13
Roeysigh I wish19:13
BluesKajor you remove pulseaudio altogether and just try with alsamixer19:14
andrewxCan someone please help with trying to get a printer to work please/19:15
* BluesKaj is a PA fab , it's just a another digital process screwuing up the audio quality IMO ...it works ok with pci soundcards , but there are better options out there for those as well19:16
BluesKajnot a PA fan19:16
BluesKajandrewx, printer make and model19:17
andrewxit is an HP USB 362019:17
andrewxhp deskjet19:18
andrewxapparently setup does see it...19:18
andrewxsystem settings, I mean.19:18
andrewxbut I'm new to getting this set up19:18
BluesKajsystem settings >printer confihuration>new printer and go from there19:19
andrewxprint test page... here goes nothing :-)19:20
BluesKajfrankly i haven't had much luck with my 4200 series HP ,, but I think it's HW related19:20
BluesKajok , but don't click on ok , til it finishes19:20
BluesKajin the test print dalog19:21
andrewx"test print submitted as job 1", it sucked in paper, appears to be doing something on it ;-)19:21
andrewxman! this is impressive!19:22
andrewxI wonder if I can print a few pdf's now!19:22
BluesKajok, you should be setup , click ok ojn the testbox dialog19:22
andrewxtest page is a wicked 8-line color chart!19:23
* andrewx tries printing an 18pg pdf...19:32
andrewxis there anything kubuntu can't do ;-)19:33
andrewxI bet this even gets the fonts right! unlike winblows which doesn't alot!19:34
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BluesKajandrewx, well, it doesn't work with my hp 4270 , which wokls on mac and windows19:44
BluesKajerr works19:44
andrewxSee if you can't obtain a 3600-series from ebay! I swear this is working great19:44
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BluesKajwell, I just transfer the file to wife's W7 pc , her lexmark does the job , even tho it doesn't work on linux either:)19:46
andrewxthis sure beats wasting time installing tons of useless hp crap too!19:46
* andrewx is loving this!19:46
andrewxI am curious about 1 thing: how this willuse ink, compared to winblows... shouldn't be different, eh19:47
BluesKajandrewx, depends on your settings19:48
andrewxI specifically instructed use black cartridge for this.19:48
andrewxI'll be exploring it as I go along... will try photos, etc.19:48
andrewxMission! Accomplished!19:53
andrewxI wonder if theres anyway of knowing if it sent it to printer as individual images of each page, or actually handled all these funky characters individually!19:54
andrewxas long as it works. thanks. bye19:54
BluesKajheh andrewx , I just put the old HP3520 into the mix...works as advertised :)19:55
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PsychohHey guys20:16
PsychohI'm having a little problem with Kubuntu 10.04 and I was hoping that someone could help me out20:17
PsychohI've build a new desktop computer and installed a Nvidia GTX560 Ti (asus) however the hardware driver center(restricted drivers)20:18
Psychohdo not recognize my graphics card. So I manually downloaded the drivers for linux from nvidia's website but I cannot seem to login to a console20:18
PsychohMy only session options are : Default ,  KDE , Failsafe. Could someone please tell me a way on how to install my video card driver?20:19
KimLarouxPsychoh, you can use a console from within X20:21
drbobbhi, the keyboard auto-repeat delay is too small for my typing style, I'm typing multiple copies of characters all the time -- but I can't find a way to change it in system settings, I'm quite sure there was a KDE setting for this at one time..20:21
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KimLarouxPsychoh, in Kickoff, there should be an app named Terminal (aka Konsole) under System or Utilities20:22
PsychohI know but the drivers cannot be installed from a running x session20:22
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PsychohAnd if I ctrl+alt+F1 into another tty and I then try to run the driver install package from nvidia it says that a active X session is running :/20:24
drbobbPsychoh: from the tty, type `stop kdm' to turn off the X session. You might need to log out from kde first, I'm not sure20:26
PsychohThank you! I will try that20:26
BluesKajPsychoh, kmenu>system>additional drivers, choose the recommended driver20:26
PsychohHowever one more little question if it asks for a linux kernel api how do I get it for my corresponding kernel version?20:26
drbobb(you can restart X with `start kdm', pretty logical)20:27
PsychohThats the problem! :D The additional drivers say absolutely nothing20:27
Psychohno list of drivers or whatsoever20:27
Psychohits a brand new gtx560ti And I think that it is not yet added to the repository20:27
BluesKajwhich nvidia card , Psychoh?20:27
PsychohGTX560 TI (from asus) 1gb model20:28
BluesKajnvidai chip tho?20:28
BluesKajso have you dl'd the driver fro nvidia ?20:30
BluesKajdon't think that was the correct model20:33
drbobbanything about the keyboard auto-repeat issue? can it be configured from ke?21:04
LINKSWORD2drbobb: What kind of auto-repeat?21:05
LINKSWORD2Kubuntu's keyboard manager supports "Sticky Keys" and a few other functions.21:05
drbobbLINKSWORD2: auto-repeat when you hold a key pressed21:06
drbobbI can't find any place to configure the delay and repeat rate21:06
LINKSWORD2Settings -> Input Devices [Keyboard]21:07
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drbobbnot there21:07
drbobbor I am blind21:07
amichair!find java21:07
ubottuFound: ca-certificates-java, default-jdk, default-jre, default-jre-headless, ecj-gcj, gcj-4.4-jdk, gcj-4.4-jre, gcj-4.4-jre-headless, gcj-4.5-jdk, gcj-4.5-jre (and 1004 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=java&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all21:08
amichairfind java partner21:08
amichair!find java partner21:08
ubottuFound: sun-java6-source, sun-java6-plugin, sun-java6-jre, sun-java6-jdk, sun-java6-javadb21:08
amichair!info sun-java6-jre21:08
ubottuPackage sun-java6-jre does not exist in natty21:08
LINKSWORD2drbobb: May I query with you?21:08
drbobbgo ahead21:08
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godofmischiefgetting kinda aggrivated with xserver crashing on me, reminds me of windows.  Course the one good thing is processes still continue to run.22:28
godofmischief ps -A gives me a list of current processes running on the box.22:30
godofmischiefis there a way to search them to output ones that provide a specific string?22:31
godofmischiefboth rekonq and Dolphin close as soon as i run them.22:32
godofmischiefsmall gui flash from there location and poooof!22:33
todulchaosso any clues as to why i can't get dolphin or rekonq to open up?22:46
todulchaosawesome now firefox won't open either.22:48
shane2perutodulchaos: run it from a terminal to see if there are any errors, that is odd.22:51
todulchaosavid@ubuntu:~$ dolphin22:51
todulchaosno error just disappears after it opens22:52
todulchaosrekonq says its already running22:52
shane2perutodulchaos: df -h  do you have any space on home?22:52
todulchaosit did over fill last night.  have 5 gigs free now.22:52
shane2perutodulchaos: you may need to reboot, how did it overfill?22:53
todulchaoswell technically didn't over fill it stopped with 3 mb free.22:53
shane2perutodulchaos: right, that is usually the way it is.  lottanzb???  hm, try a reboot and see if that fixes things, I filled mine too, and had strange behavior, rebooting fixed all that.22:54
todulchaosits an nzb handler that extracts, repairs using par files22:55
todulchaosill reboot after i move the rest of the downloads lol22:55
todulchaoshave as much free room as possible.22:55
shane2peruok, that was over my head, but none the less, odd things happen when the /home gets filled to capacity, and rebooting fixes that for some odd reason22:55
shane2perulogging out and back in may work too, not sure.22:56
todulchaosive done that, it caused the xserver to crash22:56
shane2peruok, somehow apparently tmp files play into all that, and the system is alerted that /home is full and somehow all that needs reset.22:57
shane2peruok, hope that fixes it for you, gotta run.22:57
todulchaosthanks for your time.22:57
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Guest64847hey all23:33
Guest64847i'm having a weird flash issue in chrome using kubuntu 11.04 and wondering if anyone knows what might be the issue? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08yTBZuCHm8  using latest flash in ubuntu repos, drivers all updated and so is chrome.  i'm running in a dual monitor23:34
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areichmanhello, I have a problem I'm hoping you guys can help me with23:42
areichmanI'm in a dodgeball league that just had picture day and we need to get all the pictures onto a website23:42
areichmanI've got 240 jpgs that I need resized and/or rotated and then put into a template for each team23:42
areichmanany recommendations on the most efficient way to do this?23:42
shane2peruphatch is great for resizing and tweaking all pictures the same way, it won't automatically know what to rotate and not rotate areichman23:52
shane2peruusage isn't real straight forward, practice on a few pictures before commiting, and don't overwrite the pictures.23:53
areichmanshane2peru: I'm downloading it now, thanks23:55
areichmanshane2peru: can I not tell it to output different photos than the originals?23:56
areichmanor it has to work on the originals?23:56
shane2peruareichman: yes, that is the option, you need to make sure that is checked.23:56

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