bachi gary_poster, do you want help today with bug 341927 ?12:20
_mup_Bug #341927: launchpad needs bounce handling of email <canonical-losa-lp> <escalated-is> <lp-foundations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by gary> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/341927 >12:20
gary_posterhi bac.12:21
gary_postermm, next steps would be mockups (balsamiq or similar)12:22
gary_posterI suspect that's not particularly exciting :-P12:22
gary_posterand I'm not quite ready with much after that12:22
bacgary_poster: exciting or not, i'll do that if you want.  i need to come up to speed on your proposal, though.12:23
gary_posterbac, hm.  actually, let's talk after call12:23
bacsounds good12:23
gary_posterbac, ok cool!12:23
benjigary_poster: I have three (or four) things on my plate right now; one I want to forget I know anything about <wink> (bug 494219), the translations bug from before Dublin, and the two DWIM re. bug/branch linking cards (now on the board)12:26
_mup_Bug #494219: Trying to assign a task to a user when not logged results in an Unauthorized error <bug-page> <dublin> <easy> <javascript> <lp-bugs> <ui> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by benji> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/494219 >12:26
benjiI tentatively put the first DWIM card in active, but that's subject to change if you think I should finish up the translation one first.12:27
benji(I forgot about the translation card, apparently it's one of the cards lp2kanban whisked off to never-never land).)12:27
gary_posterbenji, I know you don't want to hear it, but the translations one is what we should really make progress12:27
benjithat's cool12:28
gary_posterok thanks12:28
* benji tries to find the part of his brain that had translations in it.12:28
benjiooh, I hope I pushed that branch before my SSD died; I think I did12:30
gary_posterbenji, the other two things are WIP from thunderdome?12:30
gary_posterbenji, let's make bugs for those12:30
benjiwell, one is, the other was of the "the opposite would be good too (and easy)"12:31
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb skype12:31
bacbenji: your ssd died?  yikes12:31
benjibac: very much so; Tuesday or Wednesday of Dublin12:32
benjigrrr; I lost my bug 734765 branch in my SSD crash; I also lost my notes about it12:50
_mup_Bug #734765: Show linked upstream projects to the translatable templates in the +templates page <escalated> <not-pie-critical> <upstream-translations-sharing> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by benji> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/734765 >12:50
* benji goes to make some coffee.12:50
bacgary_poster: i'm ready whenever you are13:14
bacwell, after i get some tea13:14
gary_postercool bac, I'll plan to call in about 513:14
gary_posterbac http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/642629/13:25
=== danilo_ is now known as danilos
* gary_poster lunches16:13
* gary_poster realizes he forgot to do CHR16:14
* gary_poster does not look forward to it but will put in his hour after lunch16:14
gmbgary_poster: Just a heads-up: I've submitted a request for a swap day - next Thursday (21st) for the coming Saturday or Sunday.17:15
gary_postergmb, I have no documents awaiting sign off :-/17:18
gary_poster(in canonicaladmin)17:18
* gmb checks CA.17:18
gmbgary_poster: Don't know if this will help: https://www.canonicaladmin.com/canonical/intramaster.nsf/0/9569997B9E24448A802578CB004E1168?opendocument17:18
gary_postergmb, WEIRD!!!  I can see it, and it is Awaiting Sign Off, but I can't approve it (and it still does not appear in my document list).  I'll ask HR...17:20
gary_postergmb, #hr is silent.  I'll send Sarah a note and cc you.17:30
gary_posterbut don't think this is a nice way to procrastinate from doing CHR.  Noooooo, bit at all...17:30
gmbgary_poster: Thanks. I'll talk to Sarah tomorrow and make sure it gets sorted.17:30
gmbgary_poster: Yeah. I've already done one CHR run today; lots of spam in the RT queue again :/17:31
gary_poster:-/  at least that is easier to deal with than the poor people whose accounts are being used to spam, and we have no defense against spoofing.  They can't do anything at all, AFAIK!17:32
gary_posteranything about it I mean17:32
gmbI know :/17:33
bacgary_poster: i'm not feeling well and am going to lie down so i'll be afk for a while18:16
gary_posterbac, ok, take it easy & feel better18:16
* gary_poster emerges from other side of CHR, only mildly scathed.18:31
gary_posterbenji, hey.  for your two thunderdome in-progress tasks, please (ideally within next hour, but at least sometime today or tomorrow) create bugs for these, add "thunderdome" tag, and mark them as in-progress.18:58
gary_poster(and link your cards to the bugs)18:58
benjiOnce more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our Launchpad dead.19:01
benjiIn feature work there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility:19:02
benjiBut when the blast of CHR blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger;19:02
gary_posterlol, very nice19:02
benjigary_poster: what priority or these?  Low?19:14
gary_posterbenji, AIUI, high because you are planning on doing them in the next 6 mos :-)19:14
benjigary_poster: ok.  Don't go all unpayed-overtime on me, but I'm implementing them one way or the other, even if I have to do it on my own time :)19:15
gary_posterbenji, heh, they are WIP, so I intend for you to get them off the board successfully. So, no worries.  :-)19:16
benjiok, I've done my time; enough CHR for me20:00
benjigary_poster: thanks for setting the assignee/status of those bugs for me20:18
gary_posterbac, sorry for the bait & ...drop, but I sketched the work necessary for the bounce bug, and Francis decided it was too much to do without scheduling20:37
gary_posterso, I think the LEP is still valuable20:37
gary_posterbut we should look elsewhere20:37
gary_posterfor bugs20:37

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